Specalog for D7G Series 2 Track-Type Tractor, AEHQ5716


Specalog for D7G Series 2 Track-Type Tractor, AEHQ5716

D7GSeries 2Track-Type Tractor®EngineEngine ModelCat ® 3306 DITANet Power – Caterpillar 150 kW 202 hp• Engine ratings at 2,000 rpm• Net flywheel power is the power available at the flywheelwhen the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, waterpump and alternator.• No altitude deration is required below 4100 m (13,450 ft).WeightsOperating Weight 20 580 kg 45,381 lb• Operating weight includes: lubricants, coolant, 2-valvehydraulics, 560 mm (22 in) shoes, 7S bulldozer blade,Non-ROPS cab, air conditioning, full fuel tank and 80 kg(176 lb) operator.

D7G Series 2 Track-Type TractorEngineThe Cat ® 3306 DITA uses directinjection to control fuel consumptionand allows lower engine speeds forreduced stresses and increased life.pg. 4Power TrainWith a power train that is designed andbuilt by Caterpillar, the D7G Series 2ensures compatibility, maximumperformance and reliability. pg. 5UndercarriageThe Caterpillar ® undercarriage isdesigned for optimized machine balanceand best possible performance andcomponent life. pg. 6Engineered for demanding work.The D7G Series 2 is designed to beproductive in a variety of applications.It keeps material moving with thereliability and low operating costsyou expect from Cat ® machines.2

Work ToolsWork Tools and Ground EngagingTools provide the flexibility to matchthe machine to the job, maximizingperformance. pg. 7Operator Station✔ The operator station is designed withoptimum comfort and maximumproductivity in mind. pg. 8Serviceability and TotalCustomer SupportThe most serviceable machines from themost committed dealers. World-classproduct support. The Cat ® DealerNetwork trained experts keep yourfleet up and running, maximizing yourequipment investments. pg. 10✔ New Feature3

EngineThe Cat ® 3306 DITA uses direct injection to control fuel consumption and allows lowerengine speeds for reduced stresses and increased life.Aluminum Pistons. The 3306 featurescam-ground three-ring cast taperedaluminum alloy pistons used to reducefriction, decrease heat build-up andprovide excellent oil control. Crankcasejournals are hardened and aluminumbearings are steel-backed. The highfatigue aluminum alloy-bearings surfacenot only has the capability to withstandheavy shock loads during crankshaftrotation, it is also soft enough to allownormal wear of the crankshaft journals.Valves. Valves are stellite face hardenedwith hard alloy steel seats for hardnessthat contributes to long service life.Rebuildability. The 3306 has the abilityto be rebuilt to provide long life.3306 Diesel Engine. The Caterpillar ® 3306is a six-cylinder, four stroke diesel.The large displacement allows lowerengine speeds for reduced stresses andincreased engine life.Direct Injection. The 3306 maintainsgood productivity per unit of fuel burnedby using direct injection to control fuelconsumption. Optimum weight-tohorsepowerratios minimize cycle times,allow larger blade loads and shorterload times.Injector nozzles are non-clogging andadjustment free.4

Power TrainWith a power train that is designed and built by Caterpillar, the D7G Series 2 ensurescompatibility, maximum performance and reliability.Torque Divider. The torque dividerarrangement is a Caterpillar exclusivethat provides high torque multiplicationwhen under load with direct driveefficiency when completing lowerengine load functions such as backfillingtrenches or spreading material.Power Shift Transmission. Three speedsforward and three speeds reverse,utilizing large diameter, high capacity,oil-cooled clutches.• Modulation system permits fastspeed and direction changes.• Oil-to-water cooler for maximumcooling capacity.• Forced oil flow lubricates and coolsclutch packs to provide maximumclutch life.5

UndercarriageThe Caterpillar undercarriage is designed for optimized machine balance and best possibleperformance and component life.Roller Frames. The track roller frameis a reinforced box section constructionwith six lifetime lubricated track rollersper side and outside mounted carrierrollers, two per side.Rollers and Idlers. Feature symmetricDuo-Cone seals for long sealing life toprevent oil loss and dirt entry. Toric ringsmaintain performance over a wide rangeof temperatures. Rollers and idlers areserviceable and rebuildable to providevalue. Abutment-style caps securelyattach rollers and idlers to the bogies.All idlers, track and carrier rollers arelife-time lubricated and require noperiodic maintenance intervals.Track Shoes. Track shoes are availablein sizes to match the working conditions.Guards. Front and rear guiding guardsare standard.Sealed and Lubricated Track.Minimizes internal bushing wear withthe pin by a thin film of lubricantand retained by a polyurethane seal.This extends the service life of theundercarriage as a system.6

Work ToolsWork Tools and Ground Engaging Tools provide the flexibility to match the machineto the job, maximizing performance.Bulldozers. All blades feature astrongbox-section design that resiststwisting and cracking. Blades are madeof Cat DH-2 steel that has high tensilestrength and stands up to the mostsevere applications. Heavy moldboardconstruction and hardened bolt-oncutting edges and end bits add strengthand durability.Straight Blade. The straight bladecan handle a wide variety of materialsincluding heavy material. With the highkW per meter (hp/ft) of cutting edge,aggressive penetration is achieved.Angle Blade. The angle blade can bepositioned straight or angled 25 degreesto either side making this blade aversatile option.Semi-Universal Blade. The Semi-Universal blade is built for toughapplications where penetration is moreimportant than capacity. The bladewings are designed for superior loadretention and penetration in tightlypacked materials and for finishingapplications.Multi-Shank Ripper. Multi-shankrippers are made to penetrate toughmaterial fast and rip thoroughly for usein a variety of materials.Cutting Edges and End Bits. Cutting edgesare made of DH-2 steel. End bits aremade of DH-3 steel to providemaximum service life in tough materials.7

Operator StationThe operator station is designed with optimum comfort and maximum productivity in mind.8

Walk Through Operator Area.The operator area has a walk throughdesign providing a comfortable operatingenvironment with the controls withineasy reach.Monitoring System. A machinemonitoring system lets you track thefollowing machine systems:• Fuel level• Coolant temperature• Transmission/torque convertertemperature• Service hour meter• Air cleaner service indicator• Engine oil pressure and alternatorare monitored by a warning lampand audible alarm system.Directional Controls. Steering andtransmission controls are locatedconveniently to the operator’s leftfor comfortable operation.Dozer Blade Controls. The dozercontrols are located on the operator’sright hand side.Seat. A comfortable suspension seat isable to be adjusted fore and aft for greateroperator comfort. Arm rests also helpprovide comfort for all day operation.Wide 76 mm (3 in) seat belt is standard.Brake Pedal. A single brake pedalactuates both tracks to makeoperation easier.Air Conditioner. An optional airconditioner with strategic vents providea comfortable environment in a varietyof weather conditions.Cab. The optional cab is pressurizedto keep dust out. A 3 speed blower fanis standard.9

Serviceability and Total Customer SupportThe most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers. World-class productsupport. The Cat Dealer Network trained experts keep your fleet up and running,maximizing your equipment investments.Serviceability. Minimizes maintenanceand repair downtime. Large openingson either side of the machine makemajor service points easily accessible.Machine Selection. Make detailedcomparisons of the machines you areconsidering before you buy. How longdo components last? What is the costof preventive maintenance? What is thetrue cost of lost production? Your CatDealer can give you answers to thesevery important questions.Purchase. Consider the financingoptions available as well as day-to-dayoperating costs. This is also the timeto look at dealer services that can beincluded in the cost of the machine toyield lower equipment owning andoperating costs over the long run.Product Support. Plan for effectivemaintenance before buying equipment.Choose from your dealer’s wide rangeof maintenance services at the time youpurchase your machine. Programs suchas Custom Track Service (CTS),S•O•S analysis, Technical Analysisand guaranteed maintenance contractsgive peak life and performance toyour machine.Parts Program. You will find nearlyall parts at your dealer parts counter.Cat Dealers use a world-wide computernetwork to find in-stock parts to minimizemachine downtime. Ask about your CatDealer’s exchange program for majorcomponents. This can shorten repairtime and lower costs.Remanufactured Components. GenuineCat Remanufactured parts save youmoney. You receive the same warrantyand reliability as new products at costsavings of 40 to 70 percent. Componentsare available for the drive train, engine,and hydraulics.Operation. Improving operatingtechniques can boost your profits.Your Cat Dealer has training videotapes,literature, and other ideas to help youincrease productivity.10

EngineEngine ModelCat ® 3306 DITAFlywheel Power 150 kW 202 hpMaximum Flywheel Power 164 kW 220 hpNet Power – Caterpillar 150 kW 202 hpNet Power – ISO 9249 150 kW 202 hpNet Power – SAE J1349 150 kW 202 hpNet Power – EU 80/1269 150 kW 202 hpBore 121 mm 4.75 inStroke 152 mm 6 inDisplacement 10.5 L 638 in 3• Engine ratings at 2,000 rpm• Net flywheel power is the power available at the flywheelwhen the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, waterpump and alternator.• No altitude deration is required below 4100 m (13,450 ft).Transmission1.0 Forward 3.9 km/h 2.3 mph2.0 Forward 6.4 km/h 4 mph3.0 Forward 9.9 km/h 6.2 mph1.0 Reverse 4.5 km/h 2.8 mph2.0 Reverse 7.8 km/h 4.9 mph3.0 Reverse 12.7 km/h 7.9 mphService Refill CapacitiesFuel Tank 415 L 110 galCooling System 45.4 L 11.2 galEngine Crankcase 27 L 7.3 galFinal Drives (each) 34 L 9 galHydraulic Tank 102 L 27 galTransmission, bevel gear and 70 L 18.5 galsteering clutch compartments,torque converterWeightsOperating Weight 20 580 kg 45,381 lbShipping Weight 15 650 kg 34,510 lb• Operating weight includes: lubricants, coolant, 2-valvehydraulics, 560 mm (22 in) shoes, 7S bulldozer blade,Non-ROPS cab, air conditioning, full fuel tank and 80 kg(176 lb) operator.• Shipping weight includes: lubricants, coolant, 1 valvehydraulics, 560 mm (22 in) shoes and 5% fuel.UndercarriageShoe TypeModerate Service(Single Grouser)Width of Shoe 560 mm 22 inWidth of Shoe – Optional 510 mm 20 inShoes/Side 38Grouser Height 70 mm 2.7 inTrack on Ground 2720 mm 107 inGround Contact Area 3.05 m 2 4,708 in 2BladesSU-Blade Capacity 5.75 m 3 7.53 yd 3S-Blade Capacity 4.2 m 3 5.5 yd 3A-Blade Capacity 2.9 m 3 3.8 yd 3RipperTypeFixed ParallelogramNumber of Pockets 3Overall Beam Width 2210 mm 87 inMaximum Clearance Raised 490 mm 19 in(under tip, pinned in bottom hole)Maximum Penetration 510 mm 20 inD7G Series 2 Track-Type Tractor specifications11

DimensionsAll dimensions are approximate.92435111087161 Overall length 4198 mm 165.3 in2 Height to top of non-ROPS cab 3294 mm 129.7 in3 Height to top of fuel tank 2334 mm 91.9 in4 Height to top of exhaust 2942 mm 115.8 in5 Height to top of radiator 2120 mm 83.5 in6 Height to bulldozer trunnion 481 mm 18.9 in7 Distance from sprocket to bulldozer trunnion 1124 mm 44.2 in8 Distance from sprocket to rear of tractor 575 mm 22.6 in9 Overall width with 560 mm (22 in) standard shoes 2560 mm 100.8 in10 Ground clearance (SAE J894) 349 mm 13.7 in11 Track gauge 1981 mm 78.0 inTo overall length (1), add the following dimension for respective attachments:Angle bulldozer 1300 mm 51.2 inStraight bulldozer with tilt 1090 mm 42.9 inNo. 7 ripper 1650 mm 65.0 inPA57G winch 973 mm 38.3 inSU Bulldozer 1270 mm 50.0 in12 D7G Series 2 Track-Type Tractor specifications

Standard EquipmentStandard equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for details.ELECTRICAL35 amp alternatorBattery (2), high CCA-Heavy DutyHour meterHornOPERATOR ENVIRONMENTDeceleratorGaugesFuel levelTransmission/torque converter oil temperatureEngine coolant temperatureAmmeter (lamp)Engine oil pressure, (lamp and audible)Hand throttleSuspension seat – vinylSeat beltBrake pedal – singlePOWER TRAINDouble Reduction Final DrivesCat ® 3306 DITA with 24-volt starterFuel priming pump – manualFuel/Water separatorAir cleaner with pre-cleanerBlower fanMuffler (curved tip)Power-shift transmission (3F-3R)UNDERCARRIAGETrack End Guiding Guards6-Roller Track Frame560 mm (22 in) Single Grouser Sealed and Lubricated TrackHydraulic Track AdjustersRestrained Equalizer BarSegmented SprocketOTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENTCrankcase GuardHinged Radiator Guard415 L (110 gal) Fuel TankFront Pull Devise and retrieval hitchCap Locks (Fuel, Hydraulic, Fuel Drain Cover, Seat Support)D7G Series 2 Track-Type Tractor specifications13

Optional EquipmentOptional equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for details.Lighting PackageForward facing (2)Rear facing (2)Alarm, backupHeavy duty radiator guard, punched holeEngine enclosure, normal dutyEngine enclosure, heavy dutyGuardsVandal, instrument panel (for canopy)Track guiding (center)Full length track roller frameCrank case, extreme serviceFuel TankHydraulic TankHinged, heavy-duty radiatorNon-ROPS canopyNon-ROPS cabPre-cleaner with pre-screener610 mm (24 in) single grouser sealed and lubricated trackAngle bulldozer bladeStraight bulldozer blade with tilt cylinderSemi-universal bulldozer blade with tilt cylinderHydraulicsOne valveTwo valveThree valveMulti-shank ripperDrawbar – rigidHeaterAir ConditioningEther startStart Motor, heavy duty14 D7G Series 2 Track-Type Tractor specifications

NotesD7G Series 2 Track-Type Tractor specifications 15

D7G Series 2 Track-Type TractorFor more complete information on Cat products, dealer services,and industry solutions, visit us on the web at www.cat.com© 2006 CaterpillarAll Rights ReservedPrinted in U.S.A.Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.Featured machines in photos may include additional equipment.See your Caterpillar dealer for available options.AEHQ5716 (8-06)CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos and “Caterpillar Yellow,”as well as corporate and product identity used herein,are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.R

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