Harris County Department of Education Scholastic Art Awards

Harris County Department of Education Scholastic Art Awards

Harris County Department of Education Scholastic Art Awards


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<strong>Scholastic</strong> <strong>Art</strong> <strong>Awards</strong>2012-2013

Each fall, area schools and districts submit students’ best artworkand writing through www.artandwriting.org to compete at theregional level. These entries are judged by panels <strong>of</strong> highlyqualified pr<strong>of</strong>essionals who select Gold Key, Silver Key andHonorable Mention recipients.

Gold Key Winners

THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS WON GOLD KEYS:Erica Ables Kleb Intermediate Vivian Fridley-HerefordGina Frey Kleb Intermediate Vivian Fridley-HerefordKulsoom Syeda Kleb Intermediate Vivian Fridley-HerefordJennifer Padilla Klein Collins High School Mike HallJeremy Hsu Klein Collins High School Ramona BrittJulia Gregory Klein High School Dee BurgessTheresa Tran Klein Oak High School Melanie LeslieHaylee Duke Strack Intermediate Melinda JahnReshmi Joseph Strack Intermediate Melinda JahnBritney Reynolds Ulrich Intermediate Margo DeHoyos

Erica Ables, Sea Oats

Gina Frey, Snowy Afternoon In The Park

Syeda Kulsoom, Close-up Of My Tree

Jennifer Padilla, Silence

Jennifer Padilla, Forget To Regret

Jeremy Hsu, Solitude

Julia Gregory, Changing Gears

Theresa Tran, Anna Rexy

Haylee Duke, Hollywood Dreams

Reshmi Joseph, Fortissimo

Britney Reynolds, Scream

Silver Key Winners

THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS WON SILVER KEYS:Megan Pham Doerre Intermediate Lorraine MillicanRyan Seto Kleb Intermediate Vivian Fridley-HerefordQuratulain Shekoh Kleb Intermediate Vivian Fridley-HerefordMcKenna Pouwer Kleb Intermediate Susan McDanielJennifer Padilla Klein Collins High School Mike HallJaylind Hamilton Klein Collins High School Chad HardinLogan Wudi Klein Collins High School Mike HallLynna Luu Klein Forest High School Cynthia GriffinVictoria Othold Klein High School Chau NguyenJordan Anderson Klein High School Dee BurgessArbee Arceo Klein High School Dee BurgessKatri Clay Klein High School Dee BurgessSamah Khan Klein High School Dee BurgessJessica Dennison Klein High School Dee BurgessMaggie Shirley Klein Oak High School Jennifer SchiebelAtrayia Montgomery Strack Intermediate Jessica BaustMeliya Leavitt Strack Intermediate Melinda Jahn

Megan Pham, A Brass Quintet

Ryan Seto, A Close-up With My Tree

Quratulain Shekoh, An Eerie Walk

McKenna Pouwer, Delicate Veins

Jennifer Padilla, <strong>Art</strong> Portfolio

Jennifer Padilla, <strong>Art</strong> Portfolio

Jennifer Padilla, <strong>Art</strong> Portfolio

Jennifer Padilla, <strong>Art</strong> Portfolio

Jennifer Padilla, <strong>Art</strong> Portfolio

Jaylind Hamilton, The Man With The Owl And Tattoos

Logan Wudi, Lemons

Lynna Luu, Exit

Victoria Othold, Hitchcock Redesign

Jordan Anderson, Bicycle

Arbee Arceo, Bottles in the Dark

Katri Clay, Transparent

Samah Khan, Summer Reflections

Jessica Dennison, Myself

Maggie Shirley, The Looking Glass

Atrayia Montgomery, Dream Weaver

Meliya Leavitt, Kiss Me Goodbye

The Silver Key art exhibit will be available for viewing during business hours, Thursday,January 24 - Thursday, February 14, 2013 at Texas <strong>Art</strong> Supply. The Gold Key art exhibit willbe Thursday, January 24 - Thursday, February 14 at The Glassell Junior School <strong>of</strong> <strong>Art</strong>.Gold Key works are included in national-level judging. Gold Key works are automaticallyentered into the National Judging. In New York City, panels <strong>of</strong> nationally renowned artists, artpr<strong>of</strong>essionals, and arts educators review Gold Key works from across the country. The artworkis judged in the digital format. Jurors select work for national recognition based on threecriteria, originality, technique, and emergence <strong>of</strong> a Personal Vision.The <strong>Harris</strong> <strong>County</strong> <strong>Department</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Education</strong> (HCDE) has served as a regional sponsor for The<strong>Scholastic</strong> <strong>Art</strong> & Writing <strong>Awards</strong> since 1993. Established by Maurice Robinson, founder <strong>of</strong><strong>Scholastic</strong> Books Inc., it is the largest and most prestigious recognition program and source <strong>of</strong>scholarships for creative teens in the U.S.

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