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LEADING LIFE SAFETY SOLUTIONSFOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTThe need for advanced fire and life safety systems has never been greater. In today'shigh stakes environment, a proven leader in life safety and building protection isessential. From retrofits to new construction, NOTIFIER has the technology,products and experience to maximize property protection and buildingoccupant safety for federal facilities.NOTIFIER, with its state-of-the art engineering and manufacturing centerin Connecticut, is one the world's largest and most trusted manufacturersof fire protection solutions for critical facilities.NOTIFIER's team of knowledgeable GSA Integrator specialistsare experts in the unique requirements faced by federalfacilities including fire system design, commissioning,code compliance advice, and testing.NOTIFIER’s broad offering of fire and life safety products is available through theGSA's Federal Supply Schedule program. NOTIFIER products can be purchasedon, and we accept the GSA credit card.GSA Schedule Contract # GS-07F-0097WFor more information, please contact us at:NOTIFIER12 Clintonville RoadNorthford, CT 06472Tel: 800-289-3473Email:

THE ONYX ® SERIES- FLEXIBLE.- SCALABLE.- POWERFUL.Whether it's protecting the town post office or United States embassies acrossthe globe, NOTIFIER's ONYX Series fire alarm control panels provide the utmostin fire protection, with the flexibility to meet your growing and ever-changing needs.NOTIFIER's industry-leading technologies for smoke sensing, digital voice evacuation,and fire alarm system networking and integration make the ONYX Series the premierchoice in fire and life safety systems.ADVANCED SMOKE SENSINGFOR SPEED, STABILITY,AND RELIABILITYWith leading edge sensing and control technologies,NOTIFIER systems offer stability and early warningcapability unmatched in the fire protection industry.ONYX Intelligent Sensing is an advanced set of softwarealgorithms in NOTIFIER fire panels that offers featureslike sensor self-optimization and cooperative sensingfor critical environments.NOTIFIER Cooperative Sensing AlgorithmsTHE RIGHT INFORMATIONTO THE RIGHT PEOPLEAT THE RIGHT TIMEONYX Digital Voice Command will simultaneously broadcast multiple, distinct messages throughout your entire facility duringany emergency - fire, security breach, chemical spill, tornado, or flood. With true digital audio for unparalleled clarity, ONYXDigital Voice Command features eight channels of audio, five channels of firefighter's telephone and live emergency paging.

UNITE MULTIPLESYSTEMSINTO ONEWITHONYXWORKS TMWhether you need to monitora single building, office, campus,city, state or worldwide enterprise,ONYXWorks brings system integrationand control to a new level. ONYXWorks,a single-point-of-control graphic workstation,can monitor and control security,CCTV and competitors' fire alarm controlpanels over a single network.ENHANCED SYSTEM SURVIVABILITY AND EXPANDABILITYNetwork multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels together as one through NOTI•FIRE•NET TM . Each panel on thenetwork operates independently, yet cohesively, as part of a unified network to prevent the loss of a single node from compromisingother panels. NOTI•FIRE•NET is backward compatible, allowing you to expand the network to keep pace with yourneeds, without having to replace your existing system. Using NOTI•FIRE•NET Web Server, authorized personnel can view firealarm network status from virtually anywhere via the Internet, and receive text message or email notification of a trouble oremergency event.SPEAK LOCALLY, ACT GLOBALLYWITH NOTIFY-IP TMWhen responding to a fire, security or other emergency event,a coordinated global response can preserve life and property.NOTIFY-IP broadcasts real-time voice instructions throughouta large facility or campus, as well as across multiplefacilities worldwide using a secured IP network connectionfor assured system integrity.

IMPROVING LIFE SAFETY THROUGH INNOVATIONRAPID SCENE ASSESSMENTWHEN SECONDS COUNTONYX FirstVision TM is an intuitive touch screen for firefighters thatsimplifies emergency scene assessment by pinpointing the originand migration of a fire. With ONYX FirstVision, emergency respondershave the ability to perform a fast, accurate emergency scene size-up,and develop a safer, more effective response plan that can reduce theloss of life and property.CAN REDUCE EVACUATION TIMES UP TO75%ONYX ExitPoint acts as an audible exit sign that helps building occupants pinpoint thenearest exit location and guides them to this exit quickly, reliably and safely - even whenvisibility is impaired. Using innovative directional sound technology, ExitPoint can preventinjuries and save lives.

NOTIFIER WORLD HEADQUARTERS12 Clintonville RoadNorthford, CT 06472United States of AmericaTel: 203-484-7161Fax: 203-484-7118www.notifier.comFor information on regional office locations throughout the world, please visit AlarmControl PanelsFire AlarmNetworksEmergencyCommunicationSystemsAdvanced Fire &Smoke DetectionFire, Security,CCTV IntegrationGas DetectionFor over 60 years, NOTIFIER has been a leader in the fire alarm industry. Today, we arethe largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 distributorsworldwide, and regional support operations on every continent for the flexibility andoptions your business needs.NOTIFIER - Leaders in Life. Safety. Technology.M-B-GSA 2K 5/10

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