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Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 2CARIBBEAN ROUNDUPBARBADOSThe U.S.-based internationalrating agency Standard & Poorsrecently said it had lowered itslong-term foreign-and-local-currencysovereign credit ratings onBarbados to “BB+” from “BBB-.”“The downgrade reflects ouropinion that Barbados’ economicfundamental continue to weaken,”said Standard & Poors’ credit analystOlga Kalamina.Standard andPoors said it hadalso lowered theshort-term ratingsfrom “B”from “A-3 and that the outlookis stable. In addition, Standard&Poors assigned to Barbados’ foreign-currencydebt recovery ratingof “3” and it has advised thetransfer and convertibility assessmentto “BBB-“ from “BBB”.The US-Based rating agencysaid that in the short to mediumterms, the difficult external environmentwill hamper the economicand investment outlooks.“The resulting lower economicgrowth will hurt Barbados’ fiscaland external accounts and willlikely lead to further debt accumulation.Recently, another U.S.-basedWashington international agency,Moody Investors Service, gaveBarbados a negative rating outlookincluding that the island’sfiscal deficits would remain highfor the next few years.BARBADOSUnemployment in Barbados hasjumped to nearly 12 percent inthe first quarterof 2012, the Ministryof Financeand EconomicAffairs said,pushing past the 10 percent markrecorded in the previous quarterlast year.The research unit in the Ministryof Finance and EconomicAffairs said unemployment fromJanuary to March reached 11.8percent.The jobless rate had reached10.2 percent for the fourth quarterof last year, according to the BarbadosStatistical Service.‘Statistics derived from the ContinuousHousehold Survey indicatedthat the rate of unemploymentfor the first quarter (January toMarch 2012) stood at a provisional11.8 percent,” the statement said.“The unemployment rate amongmales stood at 10.5 percent and13.1 among females.DOMINICARetired public servant EulidTHE NEWS FROM BACK HOMEJamaica at the OlympicsJamaica’s Usain Bolt carries his country’s flag during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012Olympic Summer Games at the Olympic Stadium in London, Friday, July 27, 2012.AP Photo/Toby Melville, PoolWilliams is tipped to be Dominica’snext president. If confirmed,Williams will take over from ailingPresident Nicholas Liverpoolwho is expectedto step down inAugust.Leader of theOpposition HectorJohn said he has not been consultedon the new appointment.Williams, a trained accountant,served as a permanent secretarybetween l987 and 2004. From2004-2008 he served as managingdirector of the Eastern CaribbeanTelecommunications Authoritybased in St. Lucia. In 2009, he wasawarded Dominica’s second highestnational award the SisserouBeen In An Accident?FREEConsultationNO FEEUnless SuccessfulCall Ross & Hill, Esqs. at 718-855-232416 Court Street, 35th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11241*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome - expenses payable at conclusion of caseAward during the annual NationalDay parade.HAITIFormer United States PresidentBill Clinton recently visited Haitito promote the impoverished Caribbeannation’s long-defunct tourismeconomy.Clinton visitedan island resortand a cinemaschool along thesouthern coast. He also took awalk through the French Quarterlikeseaside city of Jacmel.He later traveled to the northand visited a historic fortress, aninternational airport and a portfor cruise ship passengers.James RossWilliam C. ThompsonHaiti is still trying to recoverfrom the 2010 earthquake and thegovernment of President MichelMartelly hopes it can revive theeconomy by wooing first-time visitors.Traditional tourists have avoidedHaiti for several decades becauseof political instability and almostunmatched levels of poverty.JAMAICATwo elected Jamaican officialshave been accused of participatingin a multi-million dollar lotteryscam that has targeted elderlyAmericans.Police SuperintendentLeonClunis said officersarrestedKingston Deputy Mayor MichaelTroupe and St. James CouncilorSylvan Reid.Clunis said that Troupe’s twosons also were arrested recently ina raid at the men’s homes wherepolice seized more than US$13,000and two guns.The men have not yet beencharged. Officials estimated thatthe lottery scam generate aboutUS$300 million year, up fromabout US$30 million three yearsago.ST. KITTSPrime Minister Dr. DenzilDouglas said he has been informedby the British government thathis request for debt restructuringfor St. Kitts andNevis has beengranted.It comes lessthan two monthsafter going to the Paris Club seekingsupport for his government’sbold economic transformationthrough the restructuring ofdebts owed by the government tothe UK.Confirmation came from Brit-Continued on Page 31Arthur Hill

50 YEARS OF SELF RULEBy Vinette K. Pryceern hemisphere to become aJamaica, regarded the Jamaica (1962-2012): Significant Events commercial jet airline pilotthird “most populous Anglophonecountry” in NorthAmerica (behind the USAand Canada) was the first ofthe English-speaking nationsto gain independence fromGreat Britain. That was halfa century ago. From thathistoric precedence, Jamaicahas distinguished itself as asignificant, Caribbean location.Whether named as acontender in tourism, sports,finance, music, culture, fashion,cuisine, politics, etc thenation represented by a bannermarked by its goldenX bounded between greenand black, Jamaica andwhen she was hired by AirJamaica as a second officer.1980: Edward Seaga inlandslide victory is electedJamaica’s fifth prime Minister.1981: Montego Bay isnamed a city. On May 11,the nation grieves afterhearing news of the deathof the king of reggae, RobertNesta Marley.1982: President RonaldReagan visits.1984: Queen Elizabeth IIand the Duke of Edinburghvisit the nation.1985: Black Uhuru winsthe first Grammy dedicatedJamaicans have never beento Jamaica’s home-honed,known as an island/people toSir William Alexander Bustamante.AP Photo Portia Simpson Miller.AP Photo/Collin Reid reggae musicmerely bear witness. Insteadits brand is associated with er Company as its national ca and buried at Kingston’s 1968: Air Jamaica is leader of the people’sgenre.1986: India’s spiritualexemplary contribution and dance company.National Heroes Park. established the island’s National Party is elected shepherd Mother Theresamore often than not leaders, Ian Fleming’s “Dr. No,” 1965: Deputy Prime national minister.visits Jamaica.trendsetters and an envieddestination for travel.1962: On Aug 6, Jamaicabecomes the first British colonyin the Caribbean to winIndependence from Britain.Sir Alexander Bustamante isthe first James Bond moviedebuts. The 007 spy filmwas shot in Jamaica.The new nation alsohosted the British Empire &Commonwealth Games.1963: Jamaica’s CarolMinister Donald Sangsterbecomes leader after Bustamantewithdraws from publicduty. Dr. Martin LutherKing delivers valedictoryspeech at University of theWest Indies.1969: April 1, 1968, AirJamaica takes flight to landin New York and Miami. SirAlexander Bustamante is proclaimedfirst living nationalhero. Premier NormanManley along with Marcus1976: Cindy Brakespearewins Miss World. A state ofemergency is declared byPM Manley when violenceflares.1977: Sir Alexander Bustamante,Jamaica’s first1988: Jamaica’s four-manbobsled team steals the spotlightat the Winter OlympicGames in Calgary, Canada.That same year HurricaneGilbert wreaked havoc onthe island.named the first prime ministerJoan Crawford is crowned 1966: Emperor Haile Mosiah Garvey, Paul Bogle Prime minister dies on Aug. 1989: Three quarters ofof the nation. PrincessMargaret represents her sisterHRH Queen Elizabeth IIat gala celebrations at theMiss World. She is the firstfrom the Caribbean regionto win the coveted pageant.1964: The remains ofSelassie I visits the nationto tumultuous greeting andoutpouring from members ofthe Rastafarian community.and George William Gordon-- leaders of the Morant BayRebellion -- are also namedposthumous heroes. Trading6, Independence Day.1978: Reggae Sunsplash,a summer, music, festivalpremieres in Montego Bay.Jamaica’s registered voterselected the People’s NationalParty to leadership. MichaelManley wins over EdwardNational Stadium in Kingston.Jamaican Pan-African 1967: Hugh Shearer begins on the Jamaica Stock 1979: Jamaican, Maria Seaga.The island establishesthe National Dance Theat-spokesman Marcus Garveywas brought back to Jamai-is elected Jamaica’s thirdprime minister.Exchange.1972: Michael Manley,Ziadie, became one of thefirst women in the West-1991: Nelson MandelaContinued on page 5Page 3 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012U.S. names Jamaican as Champion of ChangeBy Nelson A. KingThe White House, along withthe U.S. State Department andU.S. AID, on July 27 honoredJamaican-born Dr. Claire Nelson,founder and president of the Washington-basedInstitute of CaribbeanStudies (ICS) as a Championof Change.Champions of Change are leaderswho have exemplified extraordinarysuccesses and effortstoward the development of - anddiplomacy with - their countriesor communities of origin.“The nine Champions ofChange we honor today highlightthe power of proximity,”said Assistant Secretary of Statefor Western Hemisphere AffairsDr. Claire Nelson.Roberta Jacobson.“These members of the LatinAmerican Diaspora remind usthat geography matters, thatbeing a good neighbor is bothgood manners and a good investment,”she added.“The Champions that we recognizetoday have helped theircountries and communities oforigin; and, in doing so, have betteredour region as a whole,” shecontinued.“These exceptional individuals,with their work in sports andcommunity development, in educationand financial inclusion,inspire others by their example,”Jacobson said. “In a regionwith such profound human linksbetween our societies, ideas andinspiration spread quickly to thebenefit of people all over theAmericas and the Caribbean.”Dr. Nelson was recognizedfor her work with the CaribbeanAmerican Diaspora and, amongother things, advancing exchangesand partnerships with both theUS public and private sector.ICS has planned forums andconferences, mentored CaribbeanAmerican leaders and organizationsaround the country andserved as a National Profile Partnerfor Census 2010.Nelson has also been instrumentalin encouraging CaribbeanAmerican civic engagement andpromoting the engagement of theCaribbean Diaspora in the developmentagenda of the Caribbeanregion.An international developmentexpert with over 30 years of experience,Nelson has used her passionand acumen to open doorsfor the disadvantaged and excludedacross the Americas.She is also an accomplishedplaywright and Caribbean folkloricperformer.Nelson holds a bachelor’s andmaster’s degree in industrialengineering from the SUNY atBuffalo and Purdue University,respectively, and a doctorate inengineering management fromGeorge Washington University inWashington, D.C.

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 4A Nation on a MissionBy Vinette K. PryceIn only six months of leadership,Prime Minister PortiaLucretia Simpson-Millerof Jamaica has elevated theisland’s profile by attractingpositive world attention andin the process gleaned accoladesfor the Caribbean.The nation’s first femalehead of state distinguishedher governance soon afterthe January inaugurationby meeting with CARICOMleaders and US PresidentBarack Obama to discuss theway forward.Simpson-Miller becamethe first head of governmentin Jamaican history to formallyendorse civil rightsfor lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgender citizens.She made the commitmentduring the electioncampaign.“I have no problem givingcertain positions of authorityto a homosexual as long asthey show the necessary levelof competence for the post.”She confronted the controversialissue many beforeher had either side-steppedor denounced.The latter position resonatedas bigotry towards asegment of the society andmay have fomented intoleranceand discriminationagainst the minority population.Her statement was indirect opposition to her predecessor’sPM Bruce Goldingwho told a BBC reporter hewould never allow gays to sitin his cabinet.“I make no apology in sayingdecisively and emphaticallythat the government ofJamaica remains irrevocablyopposed to the recognition,legitimization or acceptanceof same-sex marriages orsame-sex unions.”Simpson-Miller also took abold and controversial stancewhen she endorsed replacingthe position of the Britishmonarchy with an electedhead of state.She is the second headof government to openlyendorse republicanism afterPM Percival J. Patterson.Simpson-Miller has reportedlypledged to transformJamaica into a Republic aspart of the fiftieth anniversaryof the island’s independence.Reportedly, she believesJamaica should become arepublic, in keeping with themandate of independence.However, she pleasedcrown and country in April,welcoming Prince Harry tothe Commonwealth nation.In commemoration of QueenElizabeth II’s 60th reign onthe throne of England, hergrandson visited Jamaica andwas graciously received.Now in the sixth month ofher affiliated People’s NationalParty rule, the 10th primeminister of the island isimmersed in fulfilling campaignpromises regardingdomestic demands.She recently appeasedDiasporan residents of NewYork visiting Brooklyn, hometo the largest immigrantcommunity from her country.While here, Simpson-Milleraccepted the oldest suspensionbridge in the UnitedStates, generously gifted byBorough President MartyMarkowitz, who chose theBrooklyn Bridge as a significantkeepsake for her firsttimevisit since her inauguration.She accepted the miniaturereplica of the 129-year-old, steel suspensionand national monument at achurch in the Crown Heightssection of Brooklyn.In addition, Markowitzsigned a proclamation declaringApril 25, 2012, “Jamaica50 Day in NYC.”Jamaicans showed up innumbers to greet their leader.While here the PM alsointroduced the new consulgeneral to the tri-state area.She endorsed the appointmentof Herman G. Lamont,saying “inclusiveness” is theaim of the new consul.“He will work with allJamaicans,” and maintainan “open door policy, one ofinclusiveness.”Portia Simpson-Miller receives Prince Harry, grandsonof the British monarch.AP Photo/Collin Reid

50 YEARS OF SELF RULEContinued from page 3visits Kingston.1992: Pope John Paul IIvisits. PM Manley resignsdue to ill health. Percival J.Paterson becomes leader.1993: Reggae Sumfestpremieres at Catherine Hall,Montego Bay and replacesthe popular Reggae Sunsplash,the first, successful,music festival.In South Africa, LisaHanna becomes the thirdJamaican to win the MissWorld pageant. She is currentlythe Minister of Culture.1997: Air Jamaica’s firstall female flight soars inDecember. Reportedly, it isthe second such flight inthe world and the first inthe Western hemisphere.1998: Jamaica’s ReggaeBoyz, the first soccer teamfrom the English-speakingCaribbean to qualify forWorld Cup competition.Twelve-year-old Jody AnnMaxwell becomes the firstcontestant from outside theUnited States to win thenational Scripps HowardMichael Manley.Spelling Bee competition.2006: Jamaica’s rulingPeople’s National Partynames Portia Simpson Millerits first female leader. Laterthat year she is tasked toreplace retiring PM Patersonand becomes the nation’sfirst female head of state.2007: Jamaica LabourParty wins the national electionswith Bruce Golding atthe helm. Twenty-three-yearold,Jamaican BarringtonIrving becomes first Blackand youngest pilot to fly soloAP Photoaround the world.2008: Jamaica rulestrack and field at the BeijingOlympics. The tiny islandruns away with six gold,three silver and two bronzemedals. Usain Bolt, 21,emerges the world’s fastesthuman. He stacks up threegold medals winning the100 metres, 200 and 4x100relay. He is also championedfor breaking world recordsin every win.2009: Mark AnthonyContinued on page 26McManusFUNERAL HOMEOUR SUMMER 2012 INTERIOR RENOVATION IS COMPLETEBefore choosing a funeral homeWe invite you to visit our newly decorated chapelsAnd compare our affordable pricing and dedicated service718-377-52004601 Ave. N (at E. 46 St.)1 Block off of Flatbush Ave.Page 5 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 20126 Months LoansRewardsAll new customers will beenrolled in our FREEmembership rewards program!Includes: paymentsBonuses & Discountsof up to 15% U-Pawn“Brooklyn’s Premier Pawnshop”744 Utica Ave(Between Lenox Ave and Linden Blvd)Looking for Sharon, Brooklyn’s #1 pawnbroker?Well now you found her at her new home at U-Pawn!Give-A-WaysEach loan you makeenters you for achance to win2 Tickets to a localsporting event!MLB, NBA, NFL,NHL, etc.Give-A-Wayswill take place eachand every month!Open Monday–Saturday8 AM – 6:30 PM B46 Easy Access

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 6Maroons hope tourism can save Jamaican cultureBy David McfaddenCHARLES TOWN, Jamaica(AP) — In a backwoodstown along a river cuttingbetween green mountains,quick-footed men and womenspin and stomp to the beat ofdrums. One dancer waving aknife is wrapped head-to-footin leafy branches, his flashingeyes barely visible throughthe camouflage.This traditional dance reenactsthe Jamaican Maroons’specialty: the ambush. It wasonce a secret ritual of thefierce bands of escaped slaveswho won freedom by launchingraids on planters’ estatesand repelling invasions oftheir forest havens with amastery of guerrilla warfare.But on this day, descendantsof those 18th centuryfugitives are performing fortourists, academics, filmmakersand other curious outsidersin a fenced “Asafu” dancingyard in Charles Town, aonce-moribund Maroon settlementin eastern Jamaicathat seemed destined to loseits traditions until revivalistsgradually brought it back.In this July 5, 2012 picture, Jamaican Maroon Colonel Noel Prehay pose for a photooutside his home in the rural community of Scott’s Hall, Jamaica.AP Photo/David McFaddenMaroons in the Caribbeanare increasingly showcasingtheir unique culture forvisitors in hopes that heritagetourism will guaranteejobs for the young generationand preserve what remains oftheir centuries-old practicesin mostly remote settlements.The basic idea has been triedaround the world, from theGusii people of Kenya to theartisans of the Blue RidgeMountains of North Carolina.“If we don’t follow in thefootsteps of our foreparentswe will find ourselves on theheap of history,” said WallaceSterling, the “colonel” ofthe Windward Maroon communityof Moore Town. It isone of Jamaica’s four semiautonomousMaroon tracts,each governed by an electedcolonel, a title bestowed onMaroon leaders since theirbattles with the British army,and a council appointed bythe leader.Trying to counter the endlesstide of migration andassimilation, long secretiveMaroons are more and moregoing public with the oldways — singing sacred songs,drumming, making herbalmedicine, talking to ancestralspirits, woodcarving, huntingand “jerking” wild pigs.Maroons are credited withinventing Jamaica’s “jerk”style of cooking, in whicharomatic spices are rubbed orstuffed into meat before it isroasted on an open fire.The turn to small-scaletourism for income can safeguardthe Maroons’ futureand their cultural identity,leaders say. They say it hasboosted pride among youngerMaroons and encouragedsome to stay in their ruralhometowns. Other moneymakingopportunities arescarce in the communities ofmodest cement-block homesand tiny shops selling colddrinks and snacks.“For a long time, it’s beenvery difficult to keep theyoung people because theytend to leave for the citiesto seek work. But now wecan train tour guides and ourpeople can sell their crafts,their banana and coconuts,”said Fearon Williams, thecolonel of Accompong. Anannual Jan. 6 celebrationdraws thousands of visitors tothe isolated town, which sitsamong rocky cliffs and limestonetowers in northwesternJamaica. “Tourism is makingus stronger.”A tour bus now comesweekly to Charles Town, avillage whose colonel, FrankLumsden, worked as a commoditiestrader in Chicagobefore returning to Jamaicain the late 1990s to focus onhis ancestral roots.There are also Maroonsin Suriname, on the SouthAmerican mainland, whereescaped slaves over the centuriesbuilt their own Africancenteredsocieties in sparselypopulated Amazonian forests.Suriname’s Maroons also saya broadening emphasis onecotourism is helping fightcultural disintegration.MEDICAL, COSMETIC & SURGICAL DERMATOLOGYAlan Kling, MD (Board-Certified Dermatologist)AcneCystsWartsMolesScalp conditionsRashesPsoriasisHPV infectionsHair lossSpider veinsGenital wartsNail problemsKeloidsComplexion problemsEczemaSkin allergiesBlemishesWhite & dark spotsSTD’sHerpesFungal conditionsBotox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Fillers, Laser Hair & Vein Removal,Xtrac Laser for Psoriasis and Vitiligo, Chemical Peels, CosmeticSkin Treatments, Contact Allergy Testing718-636-042527 8th Avenue(One block from Prospect Park)Brooklyn, NY 11217212-288-13001000 Park Avenue(At 84th Street)New York, NY 10028MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED (FOR MEDICAL SERVICES)SATURDAY HOURS AVAILABLE

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Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 8Rex: Jamaica’s royal intellectual choreographerBy Vinette K. Pryce“The heights by greatmen reached and kept werenot attained by suddenflight, but they, while theircompanions slept, were toilingupward in the night.”—Henry WadsworthLongfellowOne month after theisland declared independencefrom Britain, Rex Nettlefordlaunched a national, performing,arts group he named TheNational Dance Theater Companyof Jamaica.It was no accident thatthe same year Jamaica freeditself from colonial bondagenationals also danced to anew rhythm.Perhaps driven by a desireto exercise creative freedom,Nettleford and his colleagueEddy Thomas birthed theentity that some might considera manifestation declaring“out with the queen, inwith the king.”Dubbed “King of Kumina”Nettleford was nicknamedRex longer thanmany can recall.Dance enthusiasts reveredhim for glorifying “Kuminaand Pocomania,” – revivalistreligious ritual whichbeckons African ancestralspirits using drums duringtraditional ceremonies.While Quadrille exaltedEuropeans in dance, Kuminailluminated the Africantradition.Born in rural Jamaica, onFeb. 3, 1933, Ralston MiltonNettleford spent his earlyyears in Bunkers Hill, Trelawnyin the parish of Falmouth.The boy nicknamed theLatin word for king showedearly signs of genius andperhaps an ambition akinto royalty.The teenaged youth studiedat Cornwall College thenfurthered his education atKingston’s University Collegeof the West Indiesfocusing on history. Afterattaining a bachelor’s degreethere, in 1957, he earned aRhodes scholarship to studypolitical science at OxfordUniversity.After graduation, hereturned home and seizedRex Nettlefordevery opportunity to aid inthe growth of his country.“The power to create andinnovate remains the greatestguarantee of respect andrecognition,” Nettlefordsaid.“The jailers and the jailedare after all both in jail.”His voice emerged one tolisten and learn from.Photo credit University of the West IndiesThe entire Caribbean listenedwhen he verbalizedhis hope for the region.His dream was for developmentof a “sense of selfworth, that self esteemwhich bolsters confidencein self to further forge inthe crucible of a heritage aviable plural society wherepeople live not just side byside, but together.”In his first book, hefocused on self esteem andidentity.“One unifying force inthe Caribbean heritage isundoubtedly the AfricanPresence. We may as welladmit to ourselves the greatmoral strength that wouldaccrue to Caribbean civilizationwere we to eschew onceand for all the lingering plantationand colonial assumptionsabout the natural inferiorityof those of its inhabitantswho carry the ‘stain’ ofAfrica in their blood.”Published, 1970, “Mirror,Mirror – Identity, Race& Protest in Jamaica,” heexamined racial and socialissues in Jamaica.His essays on “The RastafariMovement in Kingston,”and “Manley & The NewJamaica” distinguished animportant intellectual contributor.Nettleford wrote and editedspeeches for foundingfather and Premier NormanWashington Manley.In an effort to narrowthe divide he identifiedbetween Jamaicans of Africandescent and others hesaid:“The hidden history ofJamaica is here seen as thehistory of the struggle ofthe African component toemerge from the subterraneancaverns into which ithas been forced.”He was named vice chancellorof the University ofthe West Indies and in 1975the nation honored himwith the Order of Merit, thethird highest distinguishedaward.In 2008, Nettleford wasawarded the Caribbeanregion’s highest honor, theOrder of the CaribbeanCommunity (OCC) for hisyears of dedicated service asa regional ambassador. Thisaward cemented Nettlefordas the quintessential Caribbeancitizen and internationalcultural icon.The intellectual was afrequent visitor to Harlem’sSchomburg Center for Culturefor Research in BlackCulture.VISIT OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITYHEALTHQUEST stands at the forefront in providingquality healthcare services tailor-made for patientsto restore and maintain their health, performanceskills, and levels of function.TREATMENTS OFFERED:“When Life Really Matters”3500 Nostrand Ave.(between Ave. U & Ave. V)

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 10Call for a raise tothe minimum wageBy Margot DorfmanThe U.S. Women’s Chamberof Commerce supportedthe last increase in the federalminimum wage on July 2009and we believe another raise isoverdue. The business owners Italk with every day say that, farfrom hurting their businesses,raising the minimum wage infact helps small businesses andthe broader economy.The number one problemfor our member businessesis weak customer demand.Too many people forget thatworkers are also consumers.Consumer spending drives 70percent of our economy, andwe must repower consumerspending – backed by adequatewages rather than unaffordabledebt – if we are going torepower our economy, createjobs and rebuild our middleclass.Raising the minimum wageputs dollars in the pockets ofworkers who are by necessitymost likely to spend themimmediately at the grocerystore, the pharmacy, the autorepairshop and other localbusinesses. Raising the minimumwage boosts the economyfrom the bottom up, whichis exactly what we need.The U.S. Women’s Chamberof Commerce has over 500,000members across the nation.Women are more likely to ownbusinesses in the services sector– such as in retail, healthcare,education and personalservices. Raising the minimumwage reinforces their businessstrategies.Many of the women businessowners who belong tothe U.S. Women’s Chamber leftthe workforce to start theirown businesses because theyfelt they were not being fairlypaid. The migration of womenfrom the workforce into businessownership has been oneof the great economic achievementsof the American dream.Women now own over 30 percentof American firms andare using their decision-makingauthority to effect positivechanges in the workplace.Women business ownersunderstand and value securityfor families. And they knowthat when businesses invest intheir workforces with decentcompensation, they enjoy thebenefits of a dedicated workforcewith less turnover, higherproductivity and better customerservice.Our members know that thetypical low-wage worker is anadult woman. Think of yourwaitress at Applebee’s or thecashier who rings you up atWalmart or the health aidewho helps your mother orgrandfather.Our members know that thefederal minimum wage of $7.25an hour – just $15,080 for fulltime,year-round work – is toolow. They know that keepingthe minimum wage low, keepswomen and families down.Founded 1990 • Published by Community Newspaper GroupCorporate Headquarters: One Metrotech Center North, Suite 1001, Brooklyn, NY 11201PUBLISHER: Clifford LusterASSOCIATE PUBLISHER: Ralph D’OnofrioEDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Kenton KirbyASSOCIATE EDITOR: Kevin WilliamsOP-EDSAvoiding the mistakes of our pastBy Claire A. NelsonHow good and how pleasant itis for us to be gathered togetherin unity as we celebrate the Commemorationof June as NationalCaribbean American HeritageMonth. But what does it all mean?What is our cause? Is there such athing as Caribbean American Historyor Herstory? Marcus Garveysaid a people without knowledge oftheir history is like a tree withoutroots. It is also said that people whofail to learn from history are likelyto repeat the mistakes of the past.And so, it is critical that as we seekto cultivate community and growa prosperous future, that we learnand respect our past.I am grateful that I have beengifted once more with the opportunityto shepherd in the commemorationof June as NationalCaribbean American HeritageMonth; for I am proud to be Caribbeanwith my birthplace in theland where reggae comes from.But pride in the face of prevailingtrends gives me pause. And it is inthis sense that I am mindful thatthere is need for us to make CaribbeanAmerican Heritage Montha meaningful exercise in the constructionof common cause andcultivation of community in theAge of Obama.Caribbean American Heritagemonth must therefore awakenCaribbean Americans to theunderstanding that learning ourhistory is only meaningful if wecan use what we learn to creatingtomorrow’s history. We mustensure all of America understandsbetter rich diversity of the Americanexperience as we learn andpass on the stories of our heroesand sheroes. Caribbean AmericanHeritage Month is not justabout reading nice stories aboutAlexander Hamilton and ShirleyChisholm and Colin Powell –sothat we may all have McHistoryMoments in a Drive-Throughminute. Caribbean AmericanHeritage Month is a time for educatingand re-educating ourselvesabout the principles of democracyand civic responsibility. Why? CaribbeanAmerican Heritage Monthis necessary… To give visibility…‘We need a voiceto have agency orpower’To give voice… To give Agency/power.Caribbean people have beencoming here for a long time. Sincethe time of slavery - when BridgetownBarbados and Charlestown,South Carolina traded in humancargo.From founding father, AlexanderHamilton to newspaperpioneer John Russworm, to poetJames Weldon Johnson, Caribbean-Americanshave played ahistoric role in shaping the idealsand values of this nation. TodayCaribbean-Americans are everywhere.Hot in pursuit of the racefor success, innovating new technologiesin optics , setting newtargets in sports; and breakingnew moves in the dance halls.It might be strange to say togive CAHM is to promote visibility,when the street of Brooklynare paved with patty and rotishops and there is hardly a city,town or hamlet in America wherethe music of Bob Marley is notrevered. But the fact remains thatin the decision-making halls ofAmerica, the Caribbean Americanis largely invisible. We are theinvisible elephant in the room. Itwould seem that we have comeand become so much a part of thefabric of American society thatwe have lost the fire that madeus so much in the vanguard ofAmerica’s intellectual thought ---Hubert Harrison, W.E.B. DuBois,Arturo Schomburg all shared theblood of the West Indian.Caribbean American HeritageMonth exists to give visbility tothe truth that immigrants fromthe Caribbean have been an intimatepart of American History.Caribbean American HeritageMonth is About giving VISIBIL-ITY to the reality of our presencehere in AMERICA as part of theIMMIGRANT GENE pool. It isabout giving VOICE to our CON-TRIBUTIONS to this nation ofimmigrants so that it is understoodthat like the Mayflowerarrivals, we too Build AMERICA.Invisibility is the cause for marginalization.And marginal youare when nobody wants to countyou, or ask your opinion evenwhen they make millions of dollarson the money to spend tosend money back home and such.Visibility is necessary to give voiceto the intimate historical relationsthat exist between the islands ofthe Antilles formerly known asthe West Indies.We need voice for a Democracyis only as good as it citizens.Note I did not say leaders. It isimportant that we as a communityunderstand more fully theprivileges and responsibilities thatcome with living in one of themost successful experiments innational-shaping – this Americandemocracy. Voice is a necessaryprerequisite to having agency orpower. We were taught voice bypeople like Stokely Carmichael;who as a Student immigrant fromTrinidad at Howard University inthe 60s saw that he could not sit tostudy while others could not sit atthe lunch counters. And MalcolmX whose Grenadian Mother helpedto teach him the meaning of selfreliance.CAHM is viewed as partof the process of creating VOICE.Voice necessary to give a sense ofplace and historicity to Caribbeanimmigrants in America.IF we as a community do thisthe right way, 100 years from nowwhat we create today will be thestuff of which new legends aremade. We live in the shadows ofgiants like Charles Pettioni andClaude McKay. In generating thisorganism called the CaribbeanAmerican community, in stakingground on the month of June weare planting the seeds to bring intobeing a new genus in the Americandemocracy. To have Agencyis not just to be counted. It isto have the power to determinewhat rules for counting will beused. We can learn agency frompeople like Shirley Chisholm, bornof Barbadian parents who remainunbossed and unbought and pavedthe way for Obama to hold court inAmerica’s mainstream.Contributing Writers: Azad Ali, Roderick J. Broome, Fabian Burrell, Tangerine Clarke,Robert Elkin, Patrick Horne, Nelson King, Donna Lamb, Tequila Minsky, Vinette K. Pryce,George H. Whyte, Bert Wilkinson, Lloyd Kam WilliamsGENERAL INFORMATION (718) 260-2500This newspaper is not responsible for typographical errors in ads beyond the cost of the space occupied bythe error. All rights reserved. Copyright© 2012 by Courier-Life, Inc., publishers. Caribbean Life is protectedby Federal copyright law. Each issue of Caribbean Life is registered with the Library of Congress, Washington,D.C. The Caribbean Life, its advertisements, articles and photographs, may not be reproduced, either in wholeor part, without permission in writing from the publisher except brief portions for purposes of review or commentaryconsistent with the law.LETTERS TO THE EDITOR are welcome from all readers. They should be addressed care of this newspaper to Kenton Kirby, Editor,Caribbean-Life Publications, 1 MetroTech Center North, Brooklyn, New York 11201, or sent via e-mail to caribbeanlife@cnglocal.comAll letters, including those submitted via e-mail, MUST be signed and the individual’s verifiable address and telephonenumber included. Note that the address and telephone number will NOT be published and the name will be published or withheldon request. No unsigned letters can be accepted for publication. The editor reserves the right to edit all submissions.

Bring on the ‘well (un)regulated militia!’We can probably assumethat we’re on the wayto inmate running theasylum, based on notone isolated nut case but inputfrom multiple sources about howbest that awful business in Coloradothe other day could have beenthwarted or minimized. The suggestionwas advanced a few timesby gun rights advocates that hadthe Aurora citizenry gathered inthat ill-fated cinema been packingheat, an early takedown of theshooter would have likely sparedthe nation another episode of thisgunfire- eruption grief it has sooften had to endure .When there’s sentiment in morethan one quarter for arming membersof the public as the most effectivemeans of maintaining order,keeping aberrant behavior at bay,that sounds like cause for alarm.It starkly brings home how muchthose who favor an even greaterproliferation of firearms than nowexists, have controlled this debate.It reinforces why the Assault WeaponsBan passed during the Clintonadministration got to its sunsetdate in 2004, only to make itsexit, with nary a whimper aboutrenewal. And it perhaps makes usreluctant believers of those pollswhich indicate, incredulously tomany of us, that majority opinionin the U.S has turned against theneed to tighten gun ownership lawsand in favor of those who parrot theNRA line.Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to hiscredit, was all over the shamefulnessof the political mainstream’snon-presence on the matter of guncontrol, calling out both PresidentObama and his Republican rival anddemanding that they both declarewhere they stand. The mayor correctlydescribed Obama as havingdodged the issue thus far.The president, for his part, did dosomewhat of a minimalist acknowledgmentof this radioactive area ata campaign event a few days afterthe massacre, declaring that “wecan all agree” AK47 rifles belongedonly in the hands of the military.The comment was in a way reminiscentof the left-handed salute hemade to candidate William Thompsonat a Manhattan dinner in 2009during the mayoral contest, Obamaoffering only a fleeting reference tofellow Democrat Thompson being“in the house.”Bloomberg, of course, couldafford the high road, a-politicalViewpointBy Les Slaterstand on the gun problem in hisposition of not running again (asfar as we know) for mayor of NewYork or any other office. Indeed themayoralty of New York, we NewYorkers can proudly boast, figuresto be one of the dwindling electiveoffices in the country wherechampioning strict gun laws servesas boost rather than badge of dishonor.At any rate, Bloomberg isseen as one of the few voices insistenton hammering away at lax lawsthat allow guns to be possessed byfolks who clearly shouldn’t ownthem. Predictably, he characterizedas “one of the dumbest” ideas thebone-headed notion that allowingcitizens unrestricted access to firearmsis the solution of choice forpreventing these periodic bouts oftrigger-happy madness.An altogether different scenariofor Obama. Not that he neededanother wedge issue around whichhis opponents could rally, but werehe to go all principled about this gundebate, talk about maybe introducingproposals to prevent guns fromwinding up in the wrong hands,the NRA would assuredly committo appreciably more resources thanit’s already contributing to help endObama’s White House occupancy.They would no doubt redouble theirefforts to influence congressionalraces involving anyone likely to besupportive of anti-gun ownershippolicy. The NRA likes lording it overadvocates of sanity in the nationalcommunity, making the latter thebad guys in a warped interpretationof the American ideal.“A well regulated militia beingnecessary to the security of a freestate, the right of the people tokeep and bear arms shall not beinfringed.” So says the SecondAmendment. It is perhaps one ofthe great puzzlements of Americanjurisprudence that the Amendmenthas sailed along these manyyears, successfully maintaining itsposition as gun rights advocates’stamp of legitimacy. Given the preciselanguage in which it is couched,though, it is difficult to avoid theconclusion that justices who overthe years have let stand the claimthat the Amendment gives licensefor keeping and bearing arms inmodern American society, have beeninfluenced more by political thanletter-of-the-law considerations.How the now long obsolete “wellregulated militia” could be read asother than the sole premise of theAmendment boggles the mind.So now comes the beyondridiculous idea originating fromwackos evidently anxious to haveus embrace the militia concept,or some facsimile of it, yet again.Aurora wasn’t the first such happeningto generate this particularbrand of lunacy. After the VirginiaTech. massacre in 2007, for example,there was talk that guns shouldbe allowed on campus among thestudent population, and how muchthis could have positively impactedthat situation. It’s unreal; going tosuch extremes -- anything to avoidlooking dead center at where theproblem exists.Or maybe these proponents ofwild west vigilantism just wantto get ahead of the curve. Maybethere’s some sense of foreboding inthat camp of the Supreme Courtbrethren one day having the courageto engage that “well regulatedmilitia” language with greater honestythan some of them have beenwont to do.Page 11 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012NYLOTTERY.ORG©2012 NEW YORK LOTTERY. Please Play Responsibly.You must be 18 years or older to purchase a Lottery ticket.

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 12By Jim HouserThe U.S. House of Representativeswill vote thisweek on proposals for dealingwith the Bush-era taxcuts. This includes a proposalthat passed the U.S.Senate last Wednesday[July 26] that will extendBush-era income tax cutsfor every American, but endextra breaks for the richesttwo percent (on take-homeincome beyond the first$250,000). As a small businessowner – my wife andI own and operate an autorepair shop with a dozenemployees – I’m all for this.Especially the part aboutending extra breaks for thetop two percent.Surprised to hear that?If so, I couldn’t blame you,not after the debate aboutthe Bush tax cuts has beenso thoroughly confused byclaims about the possibleimpact on small businesses.House Speaker John Boeh-OP-EDEnd Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthyner and other defenders ofthe tax cuts for the top rwopercent have repeated overand over again the assertionthat ending special breaksat the top would harm smallbusinesses. Unfortunatelyfor Speaker Boehner’sargument, repeating a falseclaim over and over againdoesn’t make it true.Let’s look at some basicfacts.In reality, only a tinyfraction – roughly threepercent – of taxpayers whoreport any form of businessincome on their taxreturns earn enough to beimpacted by the tax ratesfor take-home income over$250,000. What’s more,this small fraction includeshedge fund managers, corporatelawyers, and K Streetlobbyists – not who mostAmericans think of as smallbusinesses. So the numberof real small businessestaking home more than$250,000 is even fewer.Furthermore, the “trickledown” theory used to justifyextra tax cuts at the topsimply doesn’t work. Whenthe Congressional BudgetOffice examined close toa dozen options to jumpstarteconomic activity andjob creation in early 2010,including tax cuts for everyone,it found that extendingspecial tax breaks forthe richest Americans wasthe least effective of all 11options for creating jobsand boosting the economy.Finally, claims about howending these special taxcuts will impact job creationignore the most basicfact about what drives smallbusiness hiring. Customerdemand is what drives myhiring decisions, not taxcuts. We hire when we seean opportunity, when we’vegot more customers walkingin the door asking usto fix their cars than wecan serve with our currentworkforce. It has nothing todo with the tax rate on ourtake-home income.And here’s another thing:small business owners paypersonal income taxes onlyon the net income we takeout of our businesses – afterdeducting payroll and otherbusiness expenses. So if wetake operating income andplow it back into hiring,we don’t pay taxes on thatmoney either way. The marginaltax rate on our takehomeincome doesn’t evenfactor into that equation.So if politicians reallywant to help small businesses,they should focuson how to bring more customersin our doors andstop wasting time defendingextra tax cuts for the richestAmericans. How do we getmore customers? Rebuildour crumbling roads andbridges, stop cutting education,quit laying off teachersand first responders,and extend the Bush taxcut for 98 percent of Americans– that’s the way tobring more customers intoour businesses. But if wetake the nearly $1 trillionwe would raise from endingthe extra Bush tax cuts forincome over $250,000 andhand it right back to thetop 2 percent, we won’t havethe resources to do thesethings.Here’s the bottom line:the Bush tax breaks for thetop two percent are not helpingAmerica’s small businessesand they’re not helpingour economy – they’rejust another giveaway at thetop. When politicians stealthe good name of smallbusiness to advance a specialinterest agenda that’snot really about us at all,that’s a form of theft – politicalidentity theft. Smallbusiness owners have anobligation to set the recordstraight.It’s time to stand up forthe good name of smallbusiness. The Senate hasalready done the rightthing. Now the question forevery member of the Houseof Representatives is, willyou stand with real smallbusinesses and vote to endthe extra Bush tax cutsfor the top two percent, orwill you use us as a humanshield to defend wasteful taxbreaks for Wall Street hedgefund managers, corporatelawyers, and high-poweredlobbyists? It’s time to showwhich side you’re on.Jim Houser and his wifeLiz Dally own HawthorneAuto Clinic in Portland,Oregon. He serves on theexecutive committee ofthe Main Street Alliance,a network of 10,000 local,independent small businessowners across the country.American Forum 7/12Introducing!A social network for lesbian,gay, bisexual and transgenderpeople of Caribbean heritageor interest.www.islandlgbt.comSIGN UP TODAY!

SALUTING THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OFTHE INDEPENENCE OF JAMAICAPage 13 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 14K I N G S B O R O U G HC O M M U N I T Y CO L L E G EFREE!Unemployed?Jobs To Build On (JTBO) Training Program*Authorized to work in the USA?Are you 18 years or older?Are you a New York City resident?Serious about looking for a job after your training?If you answered YES to the above questions, then you may be eligiblefor one of the following FREE training programs.rtified Nursood & Beverage ServA placement test and interview will be given to all applicants.All interested applicants must respond by August 17, 2012*Past JTBO students are not eligible**High School Diploma or GED required for Food & Beverage Service ProgramFor more information and program schedule call:718-368-4849 or 5051CONTINUING EDUCATION at KINGSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE2001 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11235 .kingsborough.eduCONTINUINGEDUCATIONJobs to Build On is a project of the Consortium for Worker Education with funding provided by theNew York City Council and administered by the City University of New York.$1,000$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000LOANS AVAILABLEReplace Your CarExpand a BusinessBuy MerchandiseEducate a ChildImprove a StoreFurnish a HomeBuild a FutureHelp a Relativewww.brfcu.org9000 4th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11209Tel: 718-680-21211609 Avenue Z | Brooklyn, NY 11235Tel: 718-934-6809 Sheepshead Bay BranchOpen Saturdays 9am–1pmServing the community since 1934Braata scores big at Choir GamesThe acclaimed BraataFolk Singers of New Yorkhanded Jamaica an earlyGolden Jubilee gift by walkingaway with three medalsat the seventh InternationalWorld Choir Games held inCincinnati, Ohio from July4 - 14.The 12-member ensemble,under the direction ofFounder and Artistic DirectorAndrew Clarke, earnedtwo silver medals and onebronze medal- hence takingsilverware in all three competitivecategories in whichthey participated as Jamaica’srepresentatives.Braata’s two silver medalswere in the categories of‘Scenic Folklore’ and ‘Musicof The Religions,’ while thebronze accolade came in thecategory of ‘Mixed ChamberMusic.’The 10 day event saw participationfrom hundreds ofchoirs representing someseventy countries fromacross the globe.The medal table wastopped by host country theUSA with 76 medals (23gold, 46 silver and 7 bronze)followed by China with 43medals (21 gold, 17 silverand 5 bronze).Jamaica’s medal haul ofthree, tied the nation withworld superpowers GreatBritain and Germany, as wellas Caribbean neighbors, theBahamas, and despite beingthe second smallest choir atFounder and Artistic DirectorAndrew Clarkeaccepts the silver medalfor Music of the Religionscategory at the WorldChoir Games.Courtesy of Braata Folk Singersthe games, Braata emergedas overwhelming favoritesamong the fans as well asthe other groups in contention.Returning with theensemble to New York onSunday, Artistic DirectorClarke was “Over the moon”with pride and joy at theaccomplishment of his threeyear old group.“To know that we havecome so far so fast, andthat within three years ofour existence we could takethe stage at this prestigiousevent, representing Jamaica-and walk away with thesame number of medals asBritain and Germany - isjust an incredible feeling.”The Braata Folk SingersFAMILY DENTAL CARE“Professional, Painless, AffordableAnd Efficient Dental Provider”Children WelcomeServices Provided: (White Only) PAINLESSGuaranteedSterile EnvironmentDr. Irina Yesina FAMILY DENTAL CARE711 Nostrand Ave. (Between Park Place & Sterling Place) Brooklyn, NY 11216 now joins an elite corps ofJamaican choirs who haveearned medals at the internationallyrenowned event,including the Nexus PerformingArts Company andthe Cari Folk Singers.Of the three medalswon, Clarke states that thebronze in the category of‘Mixed Chamber Music’ wasperhaps the sweetest of all.‘That category is reallyfor classically trainedchoirs which we are not,”he says.”We were requiredto do a 15 minute suite . inwhich we performed renditionsof Freedom Song byNoel Dexter, Jammin by BobMarley and Saloh- a Jamaicanfolk song- all sung witha classical bend. We took abig risk entering that categorybecause it’s not a styleto which we are accustomed,but under the batonof Musical Director GarnettMowatt, the members reallydelivered and the judgeswere extremely impressed.”For their silver medalwinning performances inthe ‘Scenic Folklore’ and‘Music of The Religions’ categories,Braata performedtwo suites of well knownJamaican and secular selections.Their folk repertoireincluded “Evening Time,”“It Was Under the CoconutTree” and “Dawg War,” whilehighlights of the religioussuite included “Dip DemBedward,” “Bright Soul”and “Weeping Eyes.”According to Clarke, “Thesilvers in these categorieswere also rewarding as folkand religious music is moreof our specialty. But justto know that we medaledin all three categories inwhich we participated- andthat we could give Jamaicathis pre-independence giftin our Golden Jubilee yearisextremely gratifying.”The group will have littletime to bask in the gloryof their accomplishments,with a slate of performancesscheduled throughout theNew York and tri -state arealeading up to Jamaica’s 50thbirthday in August.And although Clarke indicatesthat the group still hasbills to pay relating to thetrip to Cincinnati, Braatais already looking even furtherahead - to the next editionof the games in Latvia,2014.

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Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 16Call For Pricing & InfoNow CarryingErnest HemingwayVintage InspiredEyewearEvening of Jamaican CultureCollege showcase of dance, theater, songBy Chudi ChukwudiThe Jamaican ConsulateGeneral in New York, willhost an evening of cultureon Monday, August 6, 2012,at the Medgar Evers Collegein Brooklyn.The program will start at6:00 p.m. in the theatre atthe Bedford Avenue CollegeCampus.Billed as “An Eveningof Culture...Jamaica 50”to mark the celebration ofJamaica attaining 50 yearsas an independent country,the program will trace thedevelopment of the variousforms of culture in Jamaicaover the years.Jamaica’s Consul Generalto New York, Mr. HermanLaMont, notes that he ispleased to be hosting anevent, which will showcasethe many talents of Jamaicans.Jamaica has, over theyears, produced some of themost talented performerswho have impacted not onlyJamaica, but the world as awhole and this evening ofJamaica’s Consul GeneralHerman Lamont.Photo by Leonard McKenzieculture will place on exhibitionthose talents.There will be dance performancesranging fromKumina, Quadrille, to Skato today’s dancehall. Therewill also be tributes to manyicons of the Jamaican theatre,notably the late ProfessorRex Nettkleford who ledthe National Dance Companyof Jamaica for manyyears, the Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley,Randolph“Mass Ran” Williams andTrevor Rhone, among others.Jamaican performers andvisual artistes, who are someof New York’s best secrets,will showcase their talentsat this event of culture.The public is invited toattend wearing their black,green and gold or “bandana”,to what promises tobe a memorable evening offun.For further informationcontact: Jamaican Consulate(212) 935-9000 extensions#121UROLOGYMonday-Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 10am-5pm; Closed SundaySMPATIENTS’CHOICERATED & AWARDED BY PATIENTS

The11thAnnualLiberty MedalAwardsOur secretSamaritansTHE Olympics will consecutive years.decide the world’s finestathletes, but when year’s great stories from the“I’ll be there for thisit comes to hometown people in this city who haveheroes, there’s no competition:New York has the beston the planet.It’s again time to salutedone something to makeyou feel good about NewYork,” said Philbin. “Thereare so many things like thatour superstar neighbors going on in this town. If youwith the 11th annual NewYork Post Liberty Medalawards, and we’re invitingyou, our readers, totell us about those amongus whose compassion andcourage make this the mostwonderful city on earth.The Post is partneringwith Fox 5 and getting anknow somebody who doesgood things, let us know; wewant to say thanks and tellthem how important theyare to all of us.”You’ll find it easy to nominatesomeone. Just log on submit nominations inthe eight categories outlinedexuberant assist from quintessentialbelow: Leadership, Courage,New Yorker RegisPhilbin, who has emceedthe award ceremony for nineLifetime Achievement,Young Heart, Freedom andone each for the city’s teachers,cops and dfirefighters.Just tell us in 100 wordsor less why your nomineedeserves to be the toast ofthe town. You may nominateonly living people. Andplease nominate as manyheroes as you like.A panel of notable NewYorkers, including NYPDCommissioner Ray Kelly,FDNY Commissioner SalvatoreCassano and Lew Leone,vice president and generalmanager of WNYW-Fox5 andWWOR-My 9, will choosefrom among the nominees ineach category to determinethe winners, who will be honoredby The Post on Oct. 17.Each winner will receivea medal engraved with LadyLiberty’s torch and speciallydesigned for The Post byNew York graphic artist MiltonGlaser, who created theiconic “I New York” logo.InpartnershipwithTM2012 LIBERTY MEDAL CATEGORIES Leadership MedalFor a compassionate,disciplined personwhose activities duringthe past year mostimproved the qualityof life in a borough orneighborhood. Freedom MedalFor an immigrantNew Yorker who bestembodies the valuesof honesty, industriousnessand hardearnedsuccess,ora New Yorker whoreflects the finestqualities of New Yorkto the world. New York’sBravest MedalFor the firefighteror EMS technicianwhose performancein the line of dutybest exemplifiesthe department’sunflinching heroism;to be selected inconsultation with theFDNY. New York’sFinest MedalFor the police officerwhose on-the-job performancereflects thedepartment’s honorand selflessness; tobe selected in consultationwith the NYPDand the Port AuthorityPolice Department. Courage MedalFor a notable act ofbravery by a civilianthat contributed tosaving human life. Educator MedalFor an administratoror teacher who excelsat preparing the nextgeneration of NewYorkers for their futurechallenges. Young HeartMedalFor the youth under17 who most impressivelydisplayedadult resolve — notfor a physical featbut for behavior thatdemonstrates moralcharacter or maturejudgment — in thepast year. LifetimeAchievement MedalFor the individualwhose accomplishmentsreflect the verybest of our city.How to Nominate Your Hero for ®Go to Fill out a nomination 2 Or mail your essay with the fullyform and tell us in 100 wordsor less about an outstandingcompleted printed nomination formlocated at to:New Yorker who you feelNew York Post 2012 Liberty Medalsdeserves to be recognized.Nomination CategoryBefore submitting your1211 Sixth Avenue, Promotions Department,nomination, please identifyNew York, NY 10036-8790the category for which yourcandidate is nominated. For nomination rules, go to and online entries must be received by 5 p.m. E.D.T. on 9/14/12. Mailed entries must bepostmarked by 9/14/12 and received by 9/18/12. Incomplete forms/entries will be disqualified.3 Or faxyourcompletednominationform to:(212)997-9272Page 17 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012ATTORNEYACCIDENT VICTIMS Home, Office or Hospital Visits Available PERSONAL INJURYA Se habla español2352 80th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214Tel: 718-996-5600 Fax: 718-996-5800

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 18Guyana’s opposition elects new leaderBy Bert WilkinsonA former army commanderwhose multipartycoalition group narrowlylost last November’s generalelections, was earlyMonday elected to lead thecountry’s main oppositionparty officials said.Brig. Gen. David ArthurGranger, 66, defeatedformer Finance MinisterCarl Greenidge by 508to 175 votes at the endof the three-day biennialmeeting of the People’sNational Congress(PNC), the party that istraditionally supportedmostly by Guyanese ofKANGEN WATER & ARDYSSLIFE CELEBRATESCaribbean-American Opportunities Available:Bibi5402ansel@Optonline.NetTel: 917-754-2731African origin. Voting forthe party leadership wentlate into Sunday nightending with victory forGranger after 2:00 a.m.on Monday.The PNC is the largestplayer in A PartnershipFor National Unity(APNU) that Granger alsoheads and holds 26 of the65 seats in parliament.Granger who qualified as ahistorian after leaving themilitary in the mid 90s,is the leader of the oppositionin Parliament andnow holds all of the topthree jobs in the oppositioncommunity.Greenidge, who spentseveral years as a top officialof the Barbados-basedumbrella regional negotiatingmachinery of theCaribbean trade bloc, wasbidding to become leaderof the PNC as many wereof the view that Grangermight suffer from workoverload by holding downall three jobs.Following his win,Granger will now immediatelyhave to deal witha near two-week standoffbetween the military,police and the Afro-dominatedbauxite mining townof Linden where police shotand killed three people andinjured more than 20 duringstreet demonstrationsagainst steep hikes in electricityrates on July 18. Thetown is 65 miles southwestof the city.Angered by the shooting,thousands of residentshave locked down thetown of 30,000, blockedall entrances and exists toit and sealed off a crucialriver bridge that providesthe main access to theroad to Brazil and gold,diamond and timber concessionsowned by foreignand local interests. Burialof the three killed is scheduledon the river bridge onWednesday, African EmancipationDay.The continuing unrestforced President DonaldRamotar to cancel a visitBrig. Gen. David Arthur the town last Saturdayafter residents replacedhuge logs and other debrison roadways and after soldiersand police refused toexert strong arm tacticsfollowing the recent deathsand injuries to othersThe standoff has pushedup food and fuel prices ininterior areas that dependon a road supply systemthrough the oppositionstronghold of Linden.ASK US how your insurance can cover all your medical and incontinence productsPick up prescriptions & medicine delivery in Five Boroughs DAILY at no extra chargeAsk your doctor to prescribe medical equipment and incontinence products (liners, diapers, etc.), and call us with your order!WE ACCEPT MEDICARE, MEDICAID AND ALL MAJOR INSURANCESATTENTIONALLPOWER MOBILITYUSERS!BORBAS PHARMACYREPAIRS MOBILITY AIDS INALL BOROUGHS OF NYC! AMBULATORY AIDS /HOSPITAL BEDS /AIR & GEL MATTRESSESRESPIRATORY CARE /DIABETIC SUPPLY: BATHROOMSAFETYPAIN MANAGEMENT: COMPLETE LINE OF SURGICAL, MEDICAL, AND RESPIRATORY EQUIPMENTto place an order call: 888.233.9039WWW.BORBASSUPPLY.COM

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Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 20FOCUS ONA pool can provide awelcome respite from theheat and humidity. Takinga daily dip in a pool is greatcardiovascular exerciseand can help relieve stress.However, the chemicalsused to keep pool waterfresh and clean may wreakhavoc on hair and skin.Chlorine is one of themost widely used substancesfor water purification.It is often addedto public water suppliesto kill off pathogens thathave the potential to causeillness. Variations of chlorineare used in pool filtrationto ensure the water isclean and safe for swimmingbecause it reducesbacteria and other contaminants,and may alsohelp keep algae growthunder control.Although chlorine isvery good at purifying thewater people drink andHealthHow to protect hair and skin from pool chemicalsbathe in, too much of agood thing can prove troublesome.Oftentimes, chlorine— especially in highamounts — can affect thehair and skin of peoplewho regularly use pools.HairChlorinated water thatis also high in copper mayform a chemical reactionthat turns hair green. Thechlorine reacts with thecopper to form a compoundthat is green inhue. This can attach tothe porous hair shaft andgive hair a green tinge.The green is especiallyobvious in light-coloredhair.Chlorine is harsh andcaustic, while hair isporous. Dry hair thatbecomes saturated withchlorine-treated water caneventually have salt crystalslocked inside, whichleads to breakage. WashingKINGSBROOKJEWISH MEDICAL CENTER“On The Move!”hair directly after swimmingmay help rinse offexternal chlorine, but itwill not adequately removechlorine locked inside follicles.Hair may need to besoaked for several minutesin fresh water. Hair thatis prone to dryness maybecome more dry fromchlorine.Swimmers can wear awaterproof swimming capto prevent against chlorinedamage. If this optionisn’t available, soakinghair in fresh water to saturatehair shafts and thenapplying a barrier, suchas conditioner combedthrough the hair, can helprepel some of the chlorinatedwater and protectagainst damage.Hair that has turnedgreen from pool water mayneed to be treated with specialshampoos or strippersto remove the chlorinecoppercompounds. Cuttingoff the green areasmay be an easier solution.SkinChlorine is caustic, andhigh concentrations canburn the skin. Individualswith sensitive skin maybe even more susceptibleto rashes and burns fromchlorinated pools.To prevent skin irritation,keep chlorine levelsin pool water as low aspossible. Applying a waterproofsunscreen or lotionto the skin prior to swimmingmay also serve as anadditional line of defense.There are commerciallymade products that aredesigned specifically forapplication prior to gettingin the pool. Because theyare waterproof, they willnot wash off in the pool orfoul up water.Public pools with a highvolume of swimmers tendto have more chlorine inthem than backyard poolsat private residences. This isevidenced by the strong andoften overwhelming aromaof chlorine in the vicinity ofthe public pool. The effectsof chlorine can be seen bythe bleaching and wearingaway of rope barriers andfloats that are constantlyin the pool. If this is whatis occurring to plastic andvinyl, imagine what is beingdone to skin and hair. Coveringup as much as possiblecan help protect the skinfrom the harmful effects ofchlorine.Making Stridesin Quality!585 Schenectady Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11203 |“Kingsbrook’s nurses arethe best in Brooklyn fortheir ability to connectwith patients, build trustingrelationships & identifywith patient needs.”*That’s QualityThat’s Kingsbrook!*2Q2009-1Q2010 HCAHPS patient satisfactionsurvey rates Kingsbrook’s nurses the highest inBrooklyn for communicating well with patients.Kingsbrook Medical Centerreceives top safety rankingKingsbrook Jewish MedicalCenter received thehighly regarded “A” ratingfor patient safety from theLeapFrog Group, a trusted,transparent, and evidencebasednational survey ofmore than 1,100 hospitalswho voluntarily participatefree of charge.The Leapfrog Groupaims to educate and toencourage consumersto consider safety whenselecting a hospital forthemselves or their families.In addition, the scorewill foster strong marketincentives for hospitals tomake safety a priority.“LeapFrog Group’s highestranking, this grade ‘A’recognition, speaks volumesto our on-going commitmentto patient safetyand quality advancement,”states Kurt Kodroff, MD,vice president of QualityManagement at Kingsbrook.“We take great pridein this achievement, as itgreatly impacts our patientsatisfaction and our overallquality of care.”Kingsbrook Jewish MedicalCenter, celebrating its87th year, is an 864-bedteaching medical center.Centers of ExcellenceInclude: Kingsbrook RehabilitationInstitute offeringphysical and rehabilitativemedicine, including Brooklyn’sonly New York StateapprovedTraumatic BrainInjury and Coma RecoveryUnit; an Inpatient GeriatricPsychiatry Program;pharmacy; radiology; theWound Healing and HyperbaricCenter; orthopedicsurgery; and a Women’sWellness Center.For more informationon The Leapfrog HospitalSurvey visit

Page 21 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 22THE CARIBBEAN BUSINESS REPORTA career where food is love and an artBy Tequila MinskyElle Phillipe had manyjobs as an office managerafter she emigrated fromHaiti, more than two decadesago.When she saw a sign“cooking class” in the windowof the Greenwich Villagebistro Tartine, EllePhillipe went in and registered.“I remember, thefirst class was veal,” Ellesays of the three-hour, everyThursday from 5:00-8:00p.m., cooking classes Elletook for a year that ultimatelychanged the directionof her life.Since she was eightyears-old,she remembersvisiting her grandparents inLeogane, Haiti where theygrew food. She always wasattracted to food. The classespropelled her onto hercurrent path.“It was so much fun, allof us from all walks of life,in the kitchen pealing potatoesand talking,” she reminisces.Three years later, Ellestudied at the French CulinaryInstitute, receiving acertificate, and began tocater parties at the AustralianConsulate. Two yearslater, continuing to work asan office manager by day,she went to the New Schoolat night earning a certificatein catering and foodlaws.Now, after 12 years ofworking as a personal chef,she is segueing into a businessof event catering andpersonal dining at yourIn her chef whites, Elle Phillipe discusses the finer points of eating well.Photo by Tequila Minskyplace or in her “apartmentbistro.”“I love entertaining, Idon’t just want to cook, Iwant to set the stage,” shesays of her vision. “You sit,you stay for hours and enjoythe creative meal I preparefor you.”What this means is thatclients pick from a menuconsidering their taste andbudget. Elle will set anelegant table, prepare andserve the meal in her UpperEast Side apartment or yourhome. Her specialties areFrench, Italian, Americanand Haitian cuisine.A sample Haitian cuisine-personaldining menuincludes in-season farmersmarket salad with fresh goatcheese and roasted beets–“so versatile,” she says,green pea puree (sauce pois)and white rice, vegetableswith conch (legumes), androasted chicken. Dessert isbeignet (fritter) with Englishcream and raspberrysauce garnish.Higher price menusinclude different vegetables,entrées, amount of courses,and desserts. “Everything isfresh, I never open a can!”she boasts. “My philosophyis keep it fresh, keep it real,and keep it simple.”One of her catering clientsis the Lycee Francaisde New York where hervaried buffet menu fed 200people. It takes four days,employing three helpers, towork on this scale.In her “apartment bistro,”Elle recently prepareda birthday dinner for a Haitiancelebrity singer and 12Elle Phillipe setting down the terrine filled with traditionalHaitian soup at an elegantly set table.Photo by Tequila Minskyof her friends. “I feel likea queen!” said the guest ofhonor, gushing, “I’ve neverexperienced anything likethis.”“I’m working on mywebsite, now,” she says,but people can email meat metropolis2@verizon.netand we can discuss diningand entertaining needs.Through the years andwith a boundless curiosity,Elle has taken masterclasses with highly regardedchefs.Come fall, Elle willbegin teaching her owncooking classes. “Show upwith enthusiasm, a smile,and open to learn” are therequirements for her sixsessionseries that will takeplace on Saturdays between10:00-2:00 p.m. The classwill then eat what they prepare.“We will also work onmenu development,” shesays.After the class series andfrom the menu they’ve created,the class puts togethera dinner party, each personinviting one guest. Ellesays, “They have to be ableto prepare the meal on aprescribed (about $25) perperson budget.”With her chef services,Elle’s philosophy is, “Iwant people to enjoy food.It gives me joy.” And, it’sobvious that her classeswill include the same passionateapproach to diningwith great attentionto fine details that makeeating food touched fromher hands an unforgettableexperience.”Networking in the ‘Hub’ draws business owners, professionalsFrom left, Gail Lewis, Phil Andrews, Leone Baum(Honoree), Don Durant (Honoree), Max Rodriquez(Honoree), Elseah Cheah and Fran Becker.Long Island has been longconsidered the Hub or epicenterof business. Recognizingthis fact, small businessowners around the regionconverged on Hempstead onTuesday, July 24 in an effort tonetwork and to develop strategiesthat would help themstimulate their own personaleconomic success.Dubbed “NetworkingTuesdays in the HUB,” theevent brought small businessowners, community andcivic leaders together to shareinformation and support eachother in these tough economictimes, giving these professionalsthe opportunity tomeet and talk with others inbusiness and get results forwhat they want to do. Eachparticipant will also get achance to introduce and/orpromote his or her business.Phil Andrews, CEO PublicRelations Company/President100 Black men of Long Island,Inc. spoke on the topic “Howto Master the art of Networkingto Increase Your BottomLine” while Gail Lewis, toastmastertalked about “Masteringthe art of a Great ElevatorSpeech.”Deputy County ExecutiveDr. Phillip Elliot, Mayor WayneHal and Mark Bonilla, HempsteadTown Clerk were amongthe dignitaries who attendedto honor Leone Baum,former president, HempsteadChamber of Commerce, DonDurant, former owner of CopyMan Copy Centre/author ofnine award winning books,Max Rodriquez, former trusteeVillage of Hempstead/president,Hempstead Cuban CivicAssociation, Ray Thomas Representativefor Nassau CountyExecutive Ed Mangano, andFran Becker, Legislator, NassauCounty Legislative District6.

Have You Been In AnAccident? Construction Accidents Page 23 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012You May Be Entitled To Money Damages$We have Recovered Millions$of Dollars for Our Clients*James RossFREEConsultationWilliam C. ThompsonRet. Justice Supreme CourtAppellate Division Of CounselTo the FirmArthur HillNO FEEUnless SuccessfulRoss & Hill, Esqs.16 Court Street, 35th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11241(1-718-855-2324)*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome - expenses payable at conclusion of case

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 24New York Thanksgiving Service for Jamaica’s 50thNew York, NY (July 29,2012) – Thousands gatheredinto the majestic naveof the Riverside Church inMorningside Heights, NewYork City, for the annualService of Thanksgivingcelebrating the nation ofJamaica’s 50th Anniversaryof Independence on SundayJuly 29, 2012.In the dedication ofJamaica’s 50th year of Independence,the Right ReverendHoward Gregory, AnglicanBishop of Jamaica andthe Cayman Islands, deliveredthe sermon with reflectionsfrom one of the lesserprophets, Haggai. Ironically,he spoke of the neglectof the lesser of these, thepoor and humble, and thegreat divide of the rich andpoor from 1962, the yearof Jamaica’s Independencefrom Britain.Bishop Gregory made thecorrelation of the corrosionof citizens’ social responsibilityto that of their neglectof God’s temple: “The God ofthe Judean Christian traditionshould be in the midstGuest Preacher, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Howard Gregory.Photo by Lin-Jay Harry-Voglezonof our lives as individualsand as a community. Wemust have a keen sense ofpriority, accountability, andstewardship accompaniedby justice, courage, whichreflects the very holisticnature of God.” He cited theexponential growth of murdercrimes from 1962 to thevery present time, whereinthe numbers speaks to theneglect and decay of thecommunity of God’s peopleThe Jamaican congregation at Riverside Church.Photo by Lin-Jay Harry-Voglezonand the temple of God asa direct correlation to themoral and social decadence.As a post-colonial nationhe rhetorically asked: “Whatis it that we are seekingto celebrate?” ‘Emancipendence’,a termed recentlycoined by the late Professorthe Honourable Rex Nettleford,as he quotes fromJamaica’s iconic singer,Robert (Bob) Nesta Marleywho used words from theRt. Excellent Marcus MosiahGarvey; “Emancipate yourselvesfrom mental slavery,none but ourselves can freeour minds.” He noted fromrecent international study,that racial discrimination ispersistent in the Caribbean,its existence is so covert andsubtle; that only astutenessand sensitivity to its subtletiesallow for consciousnessof its very existence.“Emancipate yourselvesfrom mental slavery, nonebut ourselves can free ourminds, “he quotes from BobMarley. The very good newsis that “God has enabled ourliberation.” He implores,that Jamaicans must keephope alive, and that “thefuture always contains thebest that is yet to come”although slavery in variedforms continues to loom.There was commonalitywith Bishop Gregory’sreflections to that of theIndependence Messageof the Prime Minister ofJamaica, the Most HonorablePortia Simpson Miller.Consul General of Jamaicain New York, Herman G.LaMont, quotes from theHon. Prime Minister: “Aswe celebrate the notableachievements and successeswe have made as a nationand a people, I also call oneveryone to make this timea time of renewal of commitment;a time to forgeand strengthen relationsand help build our belovedcountry into becoming theplace we all want it to be– the country to live, workraise families, do businessand retire.”The Prime Minister callson all Jamaicans “to buildon our great legacy so thatfuture generations can beproud of Jamaica.”Introducing OurCUPCAKE COLLECTIONNEWMake life a little sweeter. GRAND CONFETTI FRUIT CUPCAKE With cupcake-shaped pineapple dippedin gourmet chocolate with sprinkles1557 Ralph Ave.Brooklyn, New York 11236718-451-3344158-18 B Cross Bay Blvd.Howard Beach, Queens 11414718-848-3344*Offer valid at participating locations. Valid on arrangements and dipped fruit boxes. Cannot be combined with any other offers.Containers may vary. Arrangements available in a variety of sizes. Delivery not available in all areas. EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS &Design® and all other marks noted are trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. ©2012 Edible Arrangements, LLC.All rights reserved. Franchises available; call 1-888-727-4258 or visit

Dr. Steven C. Tawil: Colon Cancer Screening & PreventionBy Camille SperrazzaStop postponing yourcolonoscopy.Everyone age 50 andover needs one, but African-Americans are at an especiallyhigh risk of developingcolon cancer, says Dr. StevenC. Tawil, gastroenterologistand internist.“It is recommended thatthey be screened for coloncancer at age 45,” says thedoctor.The reasons the mortalityrate is higher for African-Americans is not known, saysDr. Tawil, but the good newsis that having this simpleprocedure “can improve thenumbers.”It has never been easier ormore convenient to undergothis procedure. It can be doneright in Dr. Tawil’s BrightonBeach office, with an anesthesiologistpresent.“This means it is an 100percent painless procedure,”says the doctor.The administration ofthe anesthesia is quick, sopatients feel no pain, heassures. The presence of theanesthesiologist also meansthat a patient’s vital signs areconstantly being monitored.“It’s another pair of handsin the room, another doctorchecking oxygen, heartrhythms, and pulse,” saysDr. Tawil. “It’s all about thecomfort and safety of thepatient.”Dr. Tawil’s office is recognizedby the AmericanAssociation for Accreditationof Ambulatory Surgery.Facilities accredited by thisorganization must meet rigorousstandards of cleanlinessand other criteria that assuresthe highest standards, saysthe doctor. This feat is notan easy achievement, and hetakes pride that his practice isheld in such high esteem.The Brighton BeachAvenue facility, at the samelocation since 1991, recentlymoved from the second floorto the third floor, securing anew 6,000 square foot office.Among the highlights is anendoscopy suite with a privatechanging room, a recoveryroom, and a private bathroomin the recovery room. Such aset-up makes screening easyfor the patient, as there’s norunning down a hall to finda toilet. Everything is convenientand private.Make an appointment tosee him if you have rectalbleeding. This could be a signof colon cancer, and shouldnever be ignored, says thedoctor. A change in bowelhabits or unexplained weightloss are other reasons toundergo an exam. If there is ahistory of polyps in the family,being screened is a must,he says. Polyps are smallgrowths that occur on thewall of the colon, and if theyare not removed, some mayeventually turn into cancer,says Dr. Tawil. The removalof polyps can be done rightafter the colonoscopy is performed,while the patient isstill under anesthesia. Thatway, patients don’t have toreturn to get another procedure.Patients can also come tohim to get their blood pressurechecked and their sugarlevels monitored. He alsotreats heartburn, ulcers, constipation,liver issues, andstomach ailments. He specializesin the treatment ofhepatitis, particularly hepatitisC.“We have the latest treatment,available right in theoffice,” he says.Dr. Tawil’s credentialsare impeccable. He is boardcertifiedin internal medicineand gastroenterology, whichmeans a “double certification,”he notes. In addition,he is re-certified every 10years, which involves undergoinga seven-hour test. Itall proves he is at the top ofhis game, aware of the mostrecent developments in thefield.A graduate of SyracuseUniversity, Dr. Tawil trainedat the Albert Einstein Collegeof Medicine for five years.He is on staff at the NewYork Methodist Hospital, andis a member of the AmericanCollege of Physicians; theNew York State MedicalSociety; the AmericanMedical Association; andthe American College ofGastroenterology.The office accepts mostmajor health plans, includingMedicare and Medicaid. Forthe convenience of his hardworkingpatients, the officeis now open on Sundays. It ishandicapped accessible, andconvenient to bus and trains.The doctor sees patients byappointment.Dr. Tawil [130 BrightonBeach Ave. between OceanParkway and Coney IslandAvenue in Brighton Beach,(718) 946-7557]. OpenSundays, 9 am to 1 pm;Mondays, 9 am to 4:30 pm;and Wednesdays, 9 am to 6:30pm. Procedures are performedon Tuesdays and Thursdays.Dr. Steven C. TawilBoard-certified stomach specialisthas the latest PAINLESS techniquesto diagnose and cure:FREETransportationAvailableADVERTISEMENTColon Cancer ScreeningsHeartburnDr. TawilSpeaksSpanish &Stomach PainsFrenchAll testing at one office(blood work, x-ray,sonogram, endoscopy).Sunday hours available. DR. STEVEN C. TAWIL718-946-7557By Appointment Only130 Brighton Beach Ave.(Corner of Ocean Pkwy. & Brighton Beach Ave.)Brooklyn, NY 11235Dr. Steven C. Tawil, BS,Brandeis University, MD, Syracuse University,Board Certified In Internal MedicineAnd Gastroenterology,Albert Einstein College Of Medicine MedicareAnd Most OtherInsurance AssignmentsAcceptedSUNDAY OFFICE HOURS AVAILABLEPage 25 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 26Vincy picnic gets bigger, betterPicknic crowd bursting at its seamsPhoto by Nelson A. KingBy Nelson A. KingThe annual Vincy UnityPicnic at Brown’s Bay ProvincialPark in the 1,000Islands area in easternOntario, Canada, continuesto burst at its seams,as thousands of nationalsdescended on the picturesquesite on Saturday, July21 for the massive extravaganza.More than 20,000 nationalstrekked from majorcities in North America –including Toronto, Montreal,Ottawa, New York,Philadelphia and Boston –throughout the Caribbeanand the Diaspora, and evenfrom home to participate inthe spectacle.In picture-perfect weather,they dined, drank, chilled,“ole-talked,” gyrated to hypnoticsoca vibes, and just hadplain fun at the expansivepark bordering the St. LawrenceRiver.Amid the gaiety, nationalsdevoted time in expressingtheir sentiments to CaribbeanLife, proclaiminggenerally and unapologeticallythat they were havinga time of their life.“It’s very inspiring,” saidClem Hewitt, who drovefrom the Bedford-Stuyvesantsection of Brooklyn,with his son Nigel.“I love the atmosphere,”added Hewitt, enjoying hisfourth 1,000 Is. picnic. “Iget to see a lot of people Ihave not seen in years. It’svery heart-warming.”Sisters Annie, Maude andLena Kidd, said the picnicprovides a great opportunityto unwind from thehustle and bustle of dailyliving.“It’s my first time coming,but it wouldn’t be thelast one – while I’m alive,”said Annie, who, with hersiblings, was among fourbusloads of compatriots,who undertook the 10-hourjourney from Brooklyn,organized by the umbrellaVincentian group Councilof St. Vincent and theGrenadines Organizations,U.S.A., Inc. (COSAGO).“I kept hearing about it(picnic), but I never knewthe culture behind it,”chimed in Lena. “I’ll beback next year.”A busload of nationalsfrom Pennsylvania hadalso undertaken the trek,organized by the St. Vincentand the GrenadinesOrganization of Pennsylvania(SVOP).For the second successiveyear, COSAGO and SVOPcollaborated in providingmeals, hotel accommodationand other activities forpicnic-goers.The groups also used theoccasion to raise funds forthe nation’s participationnext spring in the annualPenn Relays in Philadelphiaby raffling a largeflat-screen TV, among otherprizes.“I always look forward tomeeting all these Vincentians,”said Brooklyn residentSonia Thompson, whobrought along her son Alex,for the fourth time, on theCOSAGO-SVOP excursion.“This is a cultural thing.”50 YEARS OFSELF RULEContinued from page 5Myrie AKA Buju Banton, apopular, dancehall reggaeartist arrested by federalofficers on drug-relatedcharges.2010: Air Jamaica ceasesto operate under Jamaicanownership.The name Christopher“Dudus” Coke indeliblyinscribes cause for PMGolding’s declaration ofstate of emergency whencrime and violence marsthe year. Reportedly, 73Jamaicans are killed in thequest to smoke out the USsought-after crime figurefrom his Kingston communityknown as TivoliGardens. Coke was notcaptured there but in acar allegedly headed to thecapital city of Kingston.Dressed in women’s clothing,he was seized, handedover to federal authoritiesand extradited to the USA.2011: Prime MinisterGolding steps down andalleges he will no longerseek elective governance.He is replaced by AndrewHolness. Later that sameyear, Portia-Simpson Millerwins in landslide elections.Popular reggae dancehallpersonality Buju Banton issentenced to 10 years.2012: Simpson Millertakes oath of office andinaugurated prime minister,the first female everto take the oath of office.Dudus pleads guilty andis given 23 years. PrinceHarry represents hisgrand mother QueenEliza beth II who is celebratingher golden jubileesimultaneously with theisland’s milestone achievement.Ironically, duringthis same year as in 1962(Empire & Commonwealthgames) — Jamaicanathletes are vying fortop track and field medalsat the Olympic Games.onThe Company You Can Trust • Est. 190950” CLASS LED 1080p HDTV66 SHOWROOMS SERVING NY, NJ, CT, PAfor The GamesLOCATEOUR 66SHOWROOMSOUR LOWESTADVERTISEDPRICE EVER34% OFF 1.800.696.2000OR VISITPCRICHARD.COMDEBT PROBLEMS?Get a Fresh Start!Bankruptcy Law Center New York(718) 625-1888Former Judicial Law Clerk to Bankruptcy Judge25 years of bankruptcy law experienceClover Barrett & Associates, P.C. Stop foreclosure& keep your home! FREE Consultation

If you are married to a US Citizen or green card holder who is abusiveor has abandoned you, you may be entitled to work permit and green cardeven if you are divorced or have certain criminal record.You do not need your spouse to file for you or sponsor you or attendthe interview with you. This relief is also applicable to child (includingstep child), fiancée and parent of US citizens or green card. Are you a parent of a US Citizen Child? You may be entitled to relief! You may still get work permit and green card. If you arrived in the US at least 4 years ago, you arrived whenyou were less than 16 years and you are currently less than 35 years,you need to talk to us! If you are convicted or pled guilty to a crime in the past, you may need pardon or waivers.New York Governor has set up a pardon panel. Call for help! We can help remove conditions on your greencard, even if your spouse is not filing with you and even ifyou have been denied and placed in removal proceeding. You need not wait for 2 years if you are abusedby your spouse or if your spouse died.7. If you are a child living with a guardian or someone else other than your parent,you may be entitled to work permit and or green card. Your deportation may be suspended and get work permit & green card.Page 27 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012Call Now:Salis and Associates PC,42 Broadway Suite 1133, New York, NY 10004(By Bowling Green) 4 or 5 Train to Wall Street.Tel: 1-212-655-5749, 212-542-0214Fax: 212-742-0549 Email:

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CARIBBEAN ROUNDUPContinued from page 2ain’s Minister of State for InternationalDevelopment, Alan Duncan who said he waspleased to announce the full cancelation ofall of St. Kitts and Nevis debts to the Departmentfor International Development.Duncan informed the St. Kitts and Nevisprime minister that the case for debt reliefwas assessed under three criteria “soundmanagement, good governance and commitmentto poverty eradication.The British minister of state hoped thatthe writing hoped that the writing-off debtsto the Department for International Development“will help boost the chances ofsuccess and help free up resources to helpprotect the poorest and most vulnerablecitizens of St Kitts and Nevis during thechallenging time.”The Law Offices OfGeorgia E. McCarthyST. LUCIAShootings marred St. Lucia Carnivalas rival gangs traded gunshots leaving a27-year-old man dead.The violence forced police to bring a prematureend to carnival celebrations recently.Police said that Levy Wilson was shotin the chest and died onthe spot while a 20-yearoldYannick Sylvester sustainedgunshot wounds tohis right arm.Police say both men were innocentbystanders watching the carnival celebrationsinthe capital when the gunshotsrang out forcing law enforcement officialsto redirect carnival bands away from thearea.Wilson’s death was one of three whichoccurred over the long carnival weekend.TRINIDADNewly-appointed National Security MinisterJack Warner announced that the governmentis moving to introduce technologywhich could help pinpoint the location ofgunshots.The technology would permit greaterflexibility for the Trinidad and TobagoPolice Service as it seeksto interface and interconnectwith other prospectiveservices systems inplace thereby ensuring anoptimal response from first responders topublic safety issues. The “system’ wouldapparently link-up with infrastructure frommany different law enforcement agencies.Warner said when a shot is fired from agun “you would know where it came fromand know the area, you can pinpoint thehouse and if they have the squad cars in thearea, as there will be, it will be a matter ofseconds.”Police recorded 35 killings in one weekin July, pushing the murder rate to 228 sofar for the year.Continued on page 32902 East 86 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236CONTESTED/UNCONTESTED DIVORCESAggressive Representation In Supreme CourtAnd Family Court VISITATION AND CHILD ABUSEProtect Your Parental Rights In Family CourtREAL ESTATEContracts & Closings, Foreclosures, Basement EjectionsCRIMINAL MATTERSLANDLORD & TENANT ALL CIVIL MATTERSServing the Community with DignityCaribe Funeral Home offers professional direction ofFuneral Services, whether to be held at Caribe FuneralHome, Churches, Temples, Cemeteries, Crematories or aPrivate home. Caribe Funeral Home specializes in funeralservices for the Caribbean and Hispanic communities withmultilingual world-class customer service representativeswho speak Spanish and Creole. Caribe also proudly offersaffordable prices, life-centered innovations for grievingfamilies. The tranquil state-of-the-art building offerscomplimentary valet parking for up to 100 cars and fivechapels with seating for up to 650 people.1922 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234 www.caribefuneralhome.comPage 31 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012CALL: By Appointment Only

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Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 34Jamaicans bolt to Olympics for gold and gloryJamaicans led by PrimeMinister Portia Simpson-Millerjoined delegationsrepresentingathletes from 205 countriesacross the world to attendopening ceremonies of the30th Olympiad in London,England.The leader – who is alsominister of sports – madethe four-day visit to theinternational, sports meccawhere thousands of athletesfrom around the globe willcompete in 36 sports untilAug. 12.Although her visit endsone week before Usain Boltraces to face challenge forOlympic gold and dominancein track and field, theprime minister said she hadconfidence in team Jamaicaand urged nationals to cheeron all the athletes who representthe island.“Once again, all roadslead to London and I amexpecting the Jamaicanteam to perform to the bestof its ability and it is onlyfitting that we give them allthe necessary support duringthe Games,” SimpsonMiller said.Jamaicans hold highhopes for a repeat sweep inboth the men’s and women’sraces they compete – akin totheir victory in 2008 at theBeijing, China Olympics –shutting out any aspirationsfor competition to medalgold, silver or bronze.While all athletes aspireto Olympic glory, Jamaicansare forcefully going for thegold that also celebratestheir golden anniversary ofindependence.The prime minister saidthere was much significancein the Games in this 50thyear of Jamaica’s Independenceand 64 years after OlympiansHerb McKenley, ArthurWint and others “blazed atrail of glory at our first participationin the Olympics inLondon in 1948.”Inside LifeBy Vinette K. PrycePrior to the openingceremonies on Friday, sheparticipated in a welcomeflag-raising ceremony at theOlympic Village and metwith the Jamaican athletes.Meanwhile, Jamaicannationals who reside outsideof England are flockingto the city to supporttheir “Golden Boy” and fellowathletes as they competeon the internationalathletic stage.‘Cool Running’again for Jamaicansat OlympicsAside from track andfield, Jamaican athletes arecontenders in a number ofevents that may be regardedas out of their realm. Determinedto improve on theirability and perhaps qualifyto compete against the bestof the best, an equestrian,Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller wavesas she arrives at Buckingham Palace in London for areception hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.AP Photo/Sang Tanswimmer and Tae-Kwan-Dochampion are representingthe Caribbean island at theLondon Olympics.Unlike, the 1988 WinterOlympics in Calgary, Canadawhere Team Jamaica’sbob sled entry was regardedas a novelty and dubbedin news reports for their“Cool Runnings,” the summergames promise recordbreakingopportunities andspotlight for more than afew individuals representingthe nation.With more than a fewhurdlers, sprint, relay andlong distance runners baskingin the spotlight TeamJamaica comprise 100metres swimmer Alia Atkinson,discus throwers TravisSmikle, Allison Randall andJason Morgan; long jumper,Damar Forbes; shot putterDorian Scott; Tae-kwandocompetitor KennethEdwards; triple jumpers TreciaSmith and Kimberly Williams;equestrian SamanthaAlbert; Korene Hinds, steeplechase; decathlon runner,Maurice Smith; and othersto carry the black, greenand gold banner.And while lightning Boltwill likely strike again, thefour-time, Olympic goldmedal winner who carriedthe flag during the openingceremony might be joinedin the winner’s circle afterperformances by Yohan“The Beast” Blake, AsafaPowell, Shelly-Ann FraserPryce, Veronica CampbellBrown, Sherone Simpson,Sherica Williams, NickieshaWilson and Melanie Walker.Since arriving at their trainingcamp at the Universityof Birmingham, media andfans have been campingout to get a glimpse of the54-member JA team.Catch You On TheInside!

ENTERTAINMENTFOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT, GO TO CARIBBEANLIFENEWS.COM/ENTERTAINMENTDiaspora Vibe 2.0By Chudi ChukwudiJamaican artist MichaelEscoffery opened his portfolioof artwork recently witha colorful presentation nowon display at the JamaicaConsulate.The iconic event attracteda large, after-work crowdof excited art lovers fromacross the New York, NewJersey, Connecticut tri-State area to help celebrateJamaica’s 50 years of independence.From oil to canvas, frompaper and pencil to sculpture,Escoffery’s worksdepict the true brillianceand richness of his skillsthrough relationshipsbetween colors.Edouard Duval-Carri√©,Erzulie-Dantor, 1999.By Kingsley DoyleThe Southampton CulturalCenter will host“Diaspora Vibe 2.0,” the16th annual CaribbeanCrossroads Series Exhibitionon Saturday, Aug. 11,from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.The exhibit which runsfrom Aug.11 to 26 willprovide a dazzling displayof provocative, contemporaryfine art by morethan 30 artists from theLatin American and CaribbeanDiaspora. The eventlaunches with an artist-interactivefund-raising galahonoring artist advocateGrace Y. Ingelton.Ingelton will receive the365 Art for Change Awardat the gala for having supported,mentored andpresented several generationsof outstanding artiststhrough the organizationshe helped found, the Dedicators,including RomareBearden, Lois Mailou Jones,Benny Andrews, and RoyDeCarava. The Panamaniannative was honored bythe Smithsonian Institution’sLatino Center in 2010for her significant impacton American culture. Theevent will feature an “ArtBurst,” a brief theatricalperformance, and opportunitiesfor attendees to interactwith regional artists.The Caribbean CrossroadsSeries surveys thedynamic images of Caribbeanartists with a gaze onAfro-Cuban and Afro-LatinoCaribbean artists. WorksContinued on Page 36Jamaican art exhibitionMichael Escoffery (right)receiving proclamationfrom Victor Hall.Photo by Leonard McKenzieEscoffery, who resides inWestchester County, wasalso honored with a proclamationby Victor Allen onContinued on Page 36HAITI COMETOGETHER!Oneza Lafontant of the Kongo-Haitian Roots Music is on the Aug. 5, Heritage Sunday AYITI RASANBLE!program.Photo by Tequila MinskyAn afternoon of Haitian entertainmentBy Tequila MinskyFrom July 25 through Aug. 12,all kinds of performances and otherfamily entertainment will take placeat one of the many plazas of LincolnCenter, Manhattan as part of its Outof Doors series.Among the series’ different musicalofferings are Turkish funk androck, Irish, Israeli, Puerto Rican, inaddition to an American Roots Festivalmusic weekend – Aug. 11 & 12from 1:00 p.m.On Aug. 5, Heritage SundayAYITI RASANBLE! (Haiti ComeTogether!) devotes a full afternoon,from 1:00-6:00 p.m., to Haiti. Thestage at Lincoln Center Hearst Plazanear 65th between Columbus andAmsterdam will showcase the Hai-Continued on Page 36Page 35 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 36TOP 10SINGLES12345678910TOP 10ALBUMS12345678910PayphoneMaroon 5 Fea.t Wiz KhalifaWhere Have You BeenRihannaCall Me MaybeCarly Rae JepsenWide AwakeKaty PerrySomebody That I Used to KnowGotye Feat. KimbraLightsEllie GouldingScreamUsherTitaniumDavid Guetta Feat. SiaLet’s GoNewsWhat Makes You BeautifulOne DirectionLife Is GoodNas...HitsPhil CollinsChannel OrangeFrank OceanUncagedZac Brown BandDoo-Wops & HooligansBruno MarsDark Knight RisesSoundtrackSpark SeekerMatisyahuBelieveJustin BieberUp All NightOne DirectionThe LumineersThe LumineersHaiti come togetherContinued from page 35tian performances.Haitian dance troupes Feet ofRhythm, Kongo – featuring PenielGuerrier, and La Troupe Makandalwill perform to the percussionand melodies of authentic Haitiantraditional music. The ra-ra groupRaram will also perform.Three of these dance groupscollaborated in a recently completedthree-part series with Centerfor Traditional Music and Dance(CTMD) as part of a five-year CommunityCultural Initiative withthe Haitian performing arts community,funded by the NationalEndowment for the Arts. About10 Haitian cultural workers andactivists, now calling themselvesAyiti Fasafas, Haiti face-to-face,have been meeting with CTMD,since last fall, to organize theseries.A memorial evening, June 30,paying tribute to the great masterdrummer and Brooklyn-residentFrisner Augustin who died of astroke in Haiti in February of thisyear was the second in the series.CTMD and Ayiti Fasafas assembledthe most talented top musiciansand dancers from the traditionalarts community who volunteeredtheir talents for the free tribute.Haiti Cultural Exchange providedrefreshments.Ninaj Raoul of Kongo said,“There’s a lot of love here,” referringto warmth in the packedRoulette theater on Atlantic Ave.,the engagement between performersand audience, and the sense ofremembering Frisner’s immensetalent and joyfulness.Jazz guitarist Ti-Pascal (AlexPascal), who isn’t usually associatedwith the “traditional” musicscene, performed with Avant-gardedrummer Andrew Cyrille who collaboratedwith Frisner on the CDRoute De Frères, released lastyear. Cyrille was planning theirnext collaboration at the time ofAugustin’s passing.Ase Dance Theatre (modern andvernacular movement), BrotherHigh Full Tempo, (ra-ra) GranChimen (troubadour), and Pat HallDancers were among those whochanneled the spirit of Frisner.Frisner’s own drummers from LaTroupe Makandal were an integralcomponent of the evening, whichalso included student drummersfrom the Makandal Haitian DrumWorkshop, classes Frisner taughtat Hunter College since 1983 andwill continue with others fromMakandal.The third program in CTMD’sseries highlighted dance. Held atEl Museo del Barrio on July 14,this event honored master dancerJean-Léon Destiné.Among his many noteworthymilestones, Destiné performedat the National Folklife FestivalMichael explains the details of his craft to Sharon and Normafrom Connecticut.Photo by Leonard McKenzieArt exhibition at consulateContinued from page 35behalf of the Westchester CountyBoard of Legislators declaring Friday,July 13, 2012 “Michael EscofferyDay” in the County.The talented, outspoken andsensitive artist, whose work spansmore than three decades acrossthe globe, was filled with enthusiasmas the afternoon gatheringremained enthralled with his masterpieces.He talked of the acceptance ofhis craft as a way of helping topave the way for other Caribbeanartists to have their work acceptedand displayed in the United States.He also thanked Loris Crawford,his long time friend, who helpedput the evening’s event eventtogether.Jean-L√©on Destin√© (right) delights the audience as he joinsthe talented Peniel in some dance moves. Photo by Tequila Minskyin Washington DC in 1941, anddanced with Katherine Dunham’sBroadway production and touringcompany of Bal Negre. Hestarted his own dance companythat played theaters, concert halls,and venues coast to coast and hasa long list of honors and awards forexcellence in the dance.During the tribute, dancer Peniel,garbed in shiny red, presentedDestiné, seated in the audiencewith an asson and bell–instrumentsintegral with vodou rituals.Destiné later came on stage andthrilled the crowd when he joinedPeniel for some dance movementsbefore he told the audience abouthis trajectory as a dancer.Five performing troupes, fromContinued from page 35express the daily struggles, triumphsand spiritual journeysof many of the artists exhibited;featured pieces will includepainting, photography, installation,mixed media, metal works,wood carvings, printmaking,textile and handmade paperminiature drawings. Participatingartists include EdouardDuval-Carrié, Yasser Castellanos,Juan Erman Gonzalez,Hugo Moro, Rosa Garmendia,Carol Jaime, Patrick DeCastro,Selina Roman, Elaine Bradford,Sarah Krupp, Patricia Roldan,Grettel Arrate, Erin Nutsugah,Flor Bosco, Agusteen JiménezChacos, and Magdalena Goudie,among others.A celebration of artists andart-making, “Diaspora Vibe 2.0”will provide opportunities foraudiences of all ages to meet,learn about art, and make artwith international, regional, andlocal artists through group andprivate gallery tours, one-to-onethose deeply embedded in the traditionalto those blending contemporarywith the traditional–allaccompanied by the talent of localdrummers, filled the evening.Ethnomusicologist Lois Wilckensaid of the three-part series,“With CTMD’s collaboration withAyiti Fasafas, the Haitian culturalcommunity has brought togetherartists from their own corners.We’ve come to know each other ona deeper level and we enjoy workingtogether. Our task, now, is tocarrying this understanding intoour respective established communities.”Full Lincoln Center Out ofDoors schedule: www.lcoutofdoors.orgA celebration of artistsconversations, and artist-leddemonstrations and workshopsto be held in venues throughoutSouthampton and the East Endof Long Island. The two-weekexhibition will include a livelyArtist Marketplace—to be heldeach weekend during the exhibition,at the Southampton Inn—offering high-quality fine art,photography, jewelry, ceramics,glass and fiber arts, and otherhandcrafted items for sale bynational and regional artists.The event is co-presented byGlobal Arts/Media, a Glen Cove,New York cultural planningfirm, and Diaspora Vibe CulturalArts Incubator, a Miamibasednonprofit arts organization.Regional sponsors andcollaborators include the 21stCentury Foundation poweredby Tides (based in New YorkCity), the Southampton CulturalCenter, the Southampton Innand East End Arts, the regionalarts council headquartered inRiverhead, New York.

Batman battles terrorist in trilogy finale“The Dark KnightRises”Rated PG-13 for sensuality,profanity andintense violence.Running time: 165minutesDistributor: WarnerBrothersBy Kam WilliamsThe Dark Knight Risesbrings down the curtain onthe brilliant Batman trilogydirected by ChristopherNolan and starring ChristianBale as the Caped Crusader.Each of the earlierepisodes, Batman Begins(2005) and The Dark Knight(2008), earned a spot on thiscritic’s annual Top Ten List,#s 9 and 1, respectively.Given how the late HeathLedger played The Joker toperfection, delivering aninspired, Oscar-winning,career performance in theprevious installment, youknew it would be hard forNolan to find as compellinga character for his highlyanticipatedfinale. And ifThe Dark Knight Rises doeshave a weakness, it lies inthe fact that its primary villainpales in comparison.Otherwise, the movie measuresup to franchise expectations,though its convolutedplot and 2¾ hoursrunning time is likely tohave younger kids squirmingin their seats.The picture’s point ofdeparture is eight yearsafter the end of the lastadventure, when Batmanselflessly accepted the blameChristian Bale as the Caped Crusader battles Bane(Tom Hardy), a card-carrying member of the associationof assassins known as The League of Shadows.for the untimely demise ofDistrict Attorney HarveyDent (Aaron Eckhart). Thebroken, embittered vigilantehas apparently kept a lowprofile over the interveningyears, allowing the GothamPolice Department to fightcrime on its own.But that’s only until thearrival in town of Bane(Tom Hardy), a card-carryingmember of the associationof assassins knownas The League of Shadows.Although his speech is prettymuch muffled by a HannibalLecter-like contraptionaffixed to his face, youdon’t need to understand hisunintelligible mumblings toknow that he’s a maniacalmenace. The masked terroristis hell-bent on blowingup the city with a nucleardevice and of course itisn’t long before CommissionerGordon (Gary Oldman)needs help handlingthe mayhem.Meanwhile, Batman’salter-ego Bruce Waynealready has his hands fullwith Selina Kyle (AnneHathaway), a cat burglar hecatches snooping aroundhis mansion. Fortunately,Wayne still has loyal assistantsin his butler Alfred(Michael Caine) and weapons/vehicle/gadgetryspecialistLucius Fox (MorganFreeman). Plus, he forgesa new friendship with JohnBlake (Joseph-Gordon-Levitt),an idealist cop withexcellent instincts whomight be sidekick Robinshould the series be spunoff.Outfitted with a state-ofthe-artmotorcycle and hovercraft,a revivified Batmanengages his evil adversarywith an unbridled enthusiasm.And between puristNolan’s loyalty to 35mmfilm and live action stunts,what’s served up onscreenproves to be nothing shortof spectacular.A tip of the cap, or shouldI say of the cape, to a terrifictrilogy for the ages!Very Good (3 stars)Page 37 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012Independent & Foreign Films360 (R for sexuality,nudity and profanity)Screen adaptation of LaRonde, Arthur Schnitzler’sclass-conscious play exploringthe sexual mores of aperipatetic jet set spreadout over Vienna, Paris, London,Denver, Phoenix, Riode Janeiro and Bratislava.Ensemble includes AnthonyHopkins, Ben Foster, JudeLaw and Rachel Weisz.Assassin’s Bullet (Rfor violence) Internationalthriller about a U.S. Ambassadorstationed in Europe(Donald Sutherland) whoenlists the assistance of aformer FBI Agent (ChristianSlater) in order to trackdown the vigilante killingterrorists on America’s 10Most Wanted list. With ElikaPortnoy, Timothy Spall andMarian Valev.The Babymakers (Unrated)Biological clock comedyabout a sterile, wannabedaddy (Paul Schneider) whorecruits his buddies and anEast Indian mobster (JayChandrasekhar) to steal thesperm he sold to a fertilityclinic years ago so thathe might still impregnatehis miserably-childless wife(Olivia Munn). With AishaTyler, Wood Harris andNoureen DeWulf.Kam’s KapsulesBy Kam WilliamsCeleste and Jesse Forever(R for profanity, sexualityand drug use) Onthe rocks dramedy revolvingaround the effort ofan almost-divorced couple(Rashida Jones and AndySamberg) to remain friendswhile simultaneously pursuingnew relationships.Cast includes Elijah Wood,Emma Roberts, Ari Graynorand Eric Christian Olsen.Craigslist Joe (Unrated)My brother’s keeperdocumentary chronicling29-year-old Joseph Garner’sattempt to survive for amonth relying on the kindnessof strangers he meton the internet for food,shelter, transportation andcompanionship.Dreams of a Life (Unrated)Maudlin post mortemrevisiting the unnoticeddemise of Joyce Vincent(Zawe Ashton), a Britishwoman of Caribbean extractionwhose body wasn’t discovereduntil several yearsafter she passed away ofnatural causes while ironicallywrapping Christmaspresents for family andfriends. With Neelam Bakshi,Jonathan Harden andLee Colley.Mosquita y Mari (Unrated)Coming-of-age drama,set in Southern California,about a 15-year-old Latina(Fenessa Pineda) who bondswith a new neighbor (VeneciaTroncoso) her age onlyto be surprised when theirfriendship blossoms into alesbian relationship. Supportcast includes JoaquinGarrido, Laura Patalanoand Dulce Maria Solis. (InSpanish and English withsubtitles)Soldiers of Fortune (Rfor profanity and violence)Action adventure aboutwealthy thrill seekers whoencounter a lot more thanthey bargained for after payingto tag along on a militarymission led by a formerU.S. Special Forces soldier(Christian Slater). StarringVing Rhames, JamesCromwell, Freddy Rodriguezand Colm Meaney.UNIVERSAL PICTURES PRESENTS IN ASSOCIATION WITH RELATIVITY MEDIA A KENNEDY/MARSHALL PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH CAPTIVATE ENTERTAINMENT “THE BOURNE LEGACY” JEREMY RENNER RACHEL WEISZ EDWARD NORTON STACY KEACHTHIS FILM CONTAINS DEPICTIONS SOUNDTRACK ON BACK LOT MUSICMUSICEXECUTIVEINSPIRED BY THE BOURNE SERIESOF TOBACCO CONSUMPTIONAND VARÈSE SARABANDE OSCAR ISAAC JOAN ALLEN ALBERT FINNEY DAVID STRATHAIRN SCOTT GLENN BY JAMES NEWTON HOWARD PRODUCERS HENRY MORRISON JENNIFER FOX CREATED BY ROBERT LUDLUMPRODUCEDSTORYBY FRANK MARSHALL PATRICK CROWLEY JEFFREY M. WEINER BEN SMITH BY TONY GILROY SCREENPLAY BY TONY GILROY & DAN GILROY DIRECTED BY TONY GILROY A UNIVERSAL PICTURE© 2012 UNIVERSAL STUDIOSSTARTS FRIDAY, AUGUST 10CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR THEATERS AND SHOWTIMESGo to for the latest in Caribbean news,entertainment, sports, business, viewpoints and more.

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 38TUESDAY, AUGUST 7NATIONAL NIGHT OUT: The 8th Precinctand Community and Youth Council presentNational Night Out Against Crime 2012,1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Fort Greene Park,corner of Dekalb Ave. and Washington Park,Brooklyn. Meet and greet your neighbors,police officers, local elected officials andenjoy free rides, food and information. Formore information, call Dee at (917) 217-9802or PO Sergeant or PO Braithwaite at (718)636-6526.WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8HERITAGE NIGHT: The NY Mets and CACCIis sponsoring the Second Annual CaribbeanHeritage Night at Citi Field Stadium, Queens,6:00 p.m., featuring Spirit Awards, musicalentertainment and celebration of Caribbeanculture and the Mets home game againstthe Marlins. For group sales contact CACCIat (718) 834-4544. To purchase individualtickets for the Promenade Reserved Seatingand Big Apple Reserved Seating go to MAKING: The NY Public Library andSouleo Enterprises presents a juice-makingworkshop with expert mixologist BrandiKowalski where patrons will learn how tomake healthy drinks, 5:30 p.m. at the HamiltonGrange Library, 503 West 145 St., N.Y.Samples of the drinks are availble on a firstcome-first served basis. For information,visit or, AUGUST 9FREE MUSIC AT BAM: BAM presents itscontinuing R&B Festival featuring AloeBlacc, a multi-instrumentalist and singerfeaturing neo-soul and mournful blues, 12noon at Metrotech concert stage locatedon the lawn at MetroTech Commons inDowntown Brooklyn between Jay St. andFlatbush Ave. where Myrtle Ave. ends. Forinformation, visit orcall (718) 636-4100.FRIDAY, AUGUST 10FUNDRAISING CONCERT: The RiversideChurch, 91 Claremont Ave., between 121and 122 streets, Harlem, N.Y. is hostingthe Jazz-By-Riverside Concert, “A call fromMama Africa...”, raising funds for SisterNana Zakia’s Village in Assin Kruwa inGhana, West Africa, in the 10th Floor Tower,Overlook Terrace, 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Fortickets, call Ms. Tucker at (917) 402-6925 orSister Zakia at (347) 737-2908.SATURDAY, AUGUST 11SUN KULCHACOMMUNITY EVENTSSTAY FIT, HAVE FUN: Eastern Queens Allianceis offering free fitness classes at IdlewildCricket Field in Idlewild Park Preserve, 223St. and 148 Ave., Springfield Gardens, N.Y.FINANCIAL COACHING: The NHS ofEast Flatbush is offering The FinancialCapabilities and Coaching Programfocusing on helping you reach yourgoals such as paying off bills, saving fora home, improving credit scores andmore. For more information, call (718)469-4679.FOOD STAMP OUTREACH: Find outif you are eligible to receive Food Stampbenefits! A representative from the NYCHuman Resources Administration will beavailable to assist you with eligibility prescreeningand to answer any questionsevery Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. at Community Board 12, 4101White Plains Road at 229 St., Bronx. Formore information, call (718) 881-4455.featuring Danceyogalates with insturctorBeverley A. Brown leading attendees throughstretching and toning exercises from yogaand pilates as well as light aerobic dancemovements, 9:15 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. No experiencenecessary. Wear loose, comfortableclothing and bring a mat or beach towel. Forinformation and directions, call (347) 824-2301.ONGOINGQUEENS SICKLE CELL: The Queens SickleCell Advocacy Network, 207-08 Hollis Ave.,Queens Village, N.Y., presents a Parent toParent Support Group meeting every firstMonday of every month, 7:00 p.m. For directionsand registration, call (718) 712-0873 oremail PROGRAM: Applications arenow being accepted for the Norman ColeCommunity Internship Program for inschool youth 10 - 12 years with good gradesand good manners and will offer developmentworkshops, field trips, stipends, summeremployment, scholarships, weekend retreats,volunteer experiences and more. Space islimited. For more details and/or to obtain aCIP application, contact Mr.TAI CHI: Stop. Breath. Relax. Join TaiChi Easy, a wellness practice combiningTai-chi, Qigong, meditation and Chinesehealing, taught by Daniel Weicher, certifiedteacher in Integral Qigong and TaiChi, every Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 the Moore Street Market, 110 MooreSt., entrance on Humbolt St., Brooklyn.Donations are appreciated. Call (914) 673-6016 for information.Cole at (212) 714-4531.LC OUT OF DOORS: Lincoln Center Outof Doors begins its 42nd season with freeperformances and events on the plazas ofLincoln Center, 7/25 - 8/12. All events arefree; no tickets required. Visit for complete schedule or call (212) 875-5766 to request a brochure.PASSPORT FRIDAYS: Leave your baggageat home and bring a picnic blanket out toFlushing Meadows Corona Park for TargetPassport Fridays at the Queens Musuem ofArt for free weekly outdoor festivities featuringa different live dance performance, concert,and/or film screening from Cuba, Egypt,West Indies, Taiwan, Dominican Republicand Puerto Rico, every Friday evenings thru8/24, dance/music begins at 6:30 p.m., filmsat 8:00 p.m. at the Queens Museum of Art,New York City Bldg., Flushing MeadowsCorona Park. For information, email, call (718) 592-9700 orvisit FARMHOUSE: Visit The WyckoffFarmhouse Museum, 5816 Clarendon Rd., atRalph Ave., Brooklyn, featuring yoga, handsonart, story workshops, summer farm andgarden camp, guided tours and more. Forindividual events, summer hours, museumadmission and general information call, (718)629-5400 or visit COURSE: NAMI EastFlatbush is offering a Peer-to-Peer, 10-weekprogram for people living with any seriousmental illness who wish to establish andmaintain their wellness and recovery, taughtby trained mentors and including topics onunderstanding psychiatric disorders andmedication; addressing stigma, discrimination,relationship issues, relapse preventionplan, survival skills and more, 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. starting Wed., Sept. 26, 2012 atKings County Hospital, 451 Clarkson Ave., RBldg., Room 3022, Brooklyn. Space is limited(class capacity 15). Register now with NAMIEast Flatbush at (718) 512-5269 or MARKET SHUTTLE: FairwayMarket is now offering a free group shuttlebus to its Red Hook, Brooklyn store at 480-500 Van Brunt St., Mondays thru Wednesdaysfrom 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. For pick-upreservations for groups of 10 or more, withina five-mile radius of the store, call Viola Williamsor Marcy Rosenblum at (347) 750-1251.There will also be pickups on Wednesdaysat 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at 589 ProspectAve., between 11 and 10 avenues. All seniorsget a five percent discount in the store. Eachgroup will have an hour and a half to shopand/or enjoy a bite to eat in the picturesquecafe by the waterfront.FARMERS MARKET: Seeds in the Middleis sponsoring The Crown Heights FarmersMarket, offering fresh fruits and vegetables,including calaloo and Caribbean favoritesand accepting EBT, WIC, Snap, FMNP,Health Bucks and Fresh Connect. The marketwill be operating every Thursday from 12noon to 7:00 p.m. at Hamilton Metz Park atAlbany and Leffers avenues, Brooklyn. Formore information, visit TRAINING: Mount CarmelWorship and Outreach Center is holdingadult and children computer training programs,10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. or 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Call (917) 609-0909for registration details.SUMMER REPAIRS: Warmer weather ishome repair weather. Do you need majorrepairs done but lack the finances? NHSof East Flatbush can assist you. For moreinformation on our Home Improvement Programs,call (718) 469-4679.FORECLOSURE SERVICES: Are youbehind in your mortgage or seeking a modification?The Flatbush Development VCorp.,NHS of East Flatbush and the Center forN.Y.C. Neighborhoods are offering free servicesand assistance. Referrals for free legalassistance are also available. To schedule anappointment, call (718) 469-4679.COMPILED BY IDA EISENSTEIN

ImaniWeddingPage 39 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012DIRECTORY / GUIDEBRIDAL STYLESBOUTIQUEOver 400 styles on displayExquisite Headpieces, veils and jewelry905 Ave. U, Brooklyn718-339-3222www.bridalstylesboutique.comBON SOIR CATERERSFull service caterers servicing theTri-State area for over 35 years.Call 718-763-9420BROWN SOUNDSDJ ENTERTAINMENTCall us to make your event acelebrationWEDDING PACKAGESSTART AT $600Call 631-424-2290www.thebrownsounds.comCOSMOPOLITAN COACHLIMOUSINESWedding Special: 10 PSGR $295 10 PSGR $3509307 3rd Avenue718-345-3443www.cosmopolitancoach.comCOURTS CARIBBEAN Thank you for your loyalty877-852-6878www.shopcourts.comELEYZE ELEGANTCOVER UPSFine Linen Rental for your wedding We specialize in beautifultable & chair linens718-421-0841www.eeclinens.vpweb.comFANTASYPHOTOGRAPHY, LTDPhotography & Videofor all occasions Call 718-998-0949FLORAL FANTASYFlorist & Decorations with Fantasywedding specials $349Call for more details. Call 718-998-70601-800-566-8380www.floralfantasy.comGLEN TERRACEDistinctive Catering Weddings& Social Functions5313 Ave N, BrooklynCall 718-252-4614HENRY’S FLORISTThe finest in floral designs that willadd an extra touch of flair to makeyour special day more memorable! 8103 5th Ave, Brooklyn800-543-6797www.Henrysfloristweddingevents.comIL FORNETTOITALIAN RESTAURANTFOR THE INTIMATE AFFAIR2902 Emmons Ave., Brooklyn718-332-8494www.weddingretailer.comLUXOR LIMOWe serve all 5 boroughsMention this ad and receive plus runner with a Call 718-998-4111MILA LIMOWedding specialistHollywood service in NYCall 718-232-8973OMNI DENTALCall for a complimentaryin-dept cosmetic consultation andsmile analyis with Dr. Borshch. Wear aperfect smile on your Wedding DayCall 718-376-8656PARTY SHACK Call 718-527-7353917-544-8241www.nycpartyshack.comTHE RIVERSIDECHURCH490 Riverside DriveNew York, NY 10027212-870-6762www.theriversidechurchny.orgWEDDING PHOTOCONNECTION pricing from $

ADVERTISEMENTAre You Suffering With Severe Constant Pain?New Laser Light Breakthrough TreatmentMay Reduce Or Even Eliminate PainOf The Worst Kind In Just MinutesIf you are suffering with severe pain despite all the treatments, that may have failed youin the past, you may now have some hope of reducing or even eliminating your painwith a new non-surgical, painless laser treatment now available in Brooklyn.Page 41 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012Deep Tissue Laser Treatment is an innovative, scientificallybased, therapeutic modality. This new technologyoffers advanced pain relief and expedited healing timesthrough a process known as photobiostimulation.Deep Tissue Laser Treatment delivers, deep,penetrating, photonic (light) energy to bring aboutprofound physiological changes. ATP (Adenosinetriphosphate)production is increased, inflammationand pain reduced and circulation increased at the site ofpain. These changes in cellular chemistry are triggered bythe deep tissue laser making it a true healing modality.Deep Tissue Laser Therapy does not require the useof drugs or surgery, and there are no known side effectsor risks that may occur with other forms of treatment.In addition, it can often achieve results faster than othertreatment modalities. During the treatment the patientwill feel a deep soothing warmth. This pleasant sensationreassures the patient that the laser is stimulating cellularactivity.Lasers have made a remarkable contribution towardhealthcare, allowing practitioners to treat a variety ofconditions with the speed of light. As a non-invasivetool, the laser is particularly effective for the efficienttreatment of soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains, anda variety of other ailments and pain.Low Level Laser enhances metabolic activity at thecellular level, without generating tissue-damaging heat.Some of the benefits of laser treatment include:• Fast reduction of pain• Improvement of nerve function• Reduction of muscle spasms.• Speeding of tissue repair• Development of muscle tissue and collagenand scar tissue formation• Pain reduction immediatelyThe Class IV laser, approved by the FDA in 2006,packs a punch while remaining non-invasive. The ClassIV laser is capable of reaching depths of 6 to 9 inches,with a treatment beam of up to 3 inches.Because the Class IV laser reaches deep into thetissues, it is ideal for treating sprains and strains, arthritis,calcified muscles and fibrotic adhesions, as well as intraarticulartissues inside of the joints. Its far-reachingcapabilities also allow the Class IV to achieve resultsin less time than most cold lasers currently used today.With treatment times of as little as 5 to 15 minutes, theClass IV laser allows many conditions to vastly improvewithin a few visits. Oftentimes, patients find immediate,soothing relief that improves with each treatment.A partial list of the kind of conditions that can behelped…• Bulging, Slipped Discs• Spinal Fusion• Neck Pain• Sciatica Pain• Migraine Headaches• Back Pain & Spinal Conditions• Tennis Elbow• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome• Neuropathy Pain• Bell’s Palsy• Plantar Fasciitis• Sports Injuries• Sprains & Strains• Knee Pain• Hamstring Tears• Arthritic PainIf you are tired of living with pain and would liketo see if you qualify for deep tissue laser treatment call718-559-6992 for a FREE CONSULTATION rightnow. Dr. Keller has seen such dramatic fast pain reliefwith Deep Tissue Laser Treatment, that she offers oneFREE treatment to see if you respond and if you are acandidate for this revolutionary new non surgical painrelieving treatment. Due to the overwhelming responseto this type of offer, this offer will be good for the first25 callers. If the lines are busy, keep trying.Listen to what patients are saying:“I had been suffering from knee pain for manymonths before I tried laser treatments using DeepTissue Laser. After just a couple treatments, my kneepain was reduced to the point where I can finallylive a more normal life again. These treatments aresimply remarkable!”- Jennifer C.“I started treatments with Deep Tissue Laserafter I had injured my neck in a car accident. Thetreatments allowed me to return to work much morequickly than anyone had expected, considering thepain I was in. During the treatments, all I felt was awarming sensation as the laser was moved across theinjured area where all my pain was. After just threeshort treatments, my pain was almost totally gone.Thanks, Doctor!”- Jason B.“The Deep Tissue Laser treatments I receiveddramatically helped my recovery from a broken leg.Not only did it help reduce the swelling, the painrelief I experienced was nothing short of miraculous.My orthopedic doctor was amazed with the results.”- John M.Brooklyn Spine CenterDr. Melinda Keller1117 57th StreetBrooklyn, NY 11219www.brooklynspinecenter.com718.559.6992Does not apply to federal beneficiariesCopyright © 2009 Martin

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 42

Up close with Khalilah RoseBy Chudi ChukwudiThis Saturday inBrooklyn, fans who weredeprived of the opportunityto see Khalilah Roselast month in Bed-Stuyare being compensatedwith a $5 bonus concertat Delroy’s Cafe on DuryeaPlace (off FlatbushAvenue, between BeverlyRd and Albemarle Rd)in Brooklyn on Mondaynight, August 6, wherethe singer will be appearinglive and available fora mix and mingle. Theevent, hosted by RasAtiba, also features DJGringo and selectressAfrican Violet spinningstrictly roots and culturemusic. Doors open at8:00 p.m. Showtime is11:00 p.m.“It’s all about peaceand unity,” says Ras Atiba,the host. “This show isnot to be missed.”There will be a CDgiveaway and vegan foodwill be served.Call 917.288.1164 formore details.Khalilah RosePhoto Credit:Jay WilliamAnnouncing A New, Exciting SchoolIn Canarsie That Will Help YouGraduate HS Faster!Brooklyn Bridge Academy, 6565 Flatlands Ave. (Off Ralph Avenue)Walk in to enroll!!!!Dates/Time: August 6 – 9 th 9am - 6:15pm August 10 th 8:30am - 3pmDocuments Needed:(Lease Or Utility Bill)(If Applicable)Requirements:Benefits:Contact: Program Director - Ayesha George (917) 921-0226(718) 968-1689 Ext: 3771 or Ageorge@Fegs.Org RD Fl. (South Shore Educational Complex)Page 43 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9,❑ Personal Loans❑ Student Loans❑ Mortgages❑ Business Loans❑ Auto Loans❑ Refinance Loans❑ Credit Card Loans1 State Street PlazaNew YorkNew York 10004Telephone:1-800-689-3510Fax:1-800-725-9840

Tennis academyseeks youngstersBy Robert ElkinSportimes owns several tennis centersin the metropolitan area, including one atRandalls Island. The center is also the homeof New York Sportimes, one of eight franchisesin the World Team Tennis Leaguewith four teams right from the northeastand east. It is also the venue of the JohnMcEnroe Tennis Academy in the third yearof existence.Eight ‘future’ outstanding tennis playersin their age category recently were recipientsand earned scholarships of the JohnMcEnroe Tennis Academy. They includeCameron Daniels of Oakland Gardens,Diane McCready of Brooklyn, Natalie Eordekianof Woodside, and Palmer Clare ofNorth Bellmore, all from the New York Cityarea, and Leonte Wilder of Plainfield, NewJersey, Yorktown Heights’ Sean Wei, TomasKopczynski of Sleepy Hollow and Chesterfield,Michigan’s Arthur O’Dell.Most of the winners were on hand duringthe final home event of the WTT scheduleagainst undefeated Washington. In addition,the hard workers of the John McEnroeTennis Academy which helps the verybeginner through the advanced youngsterswere in attendance to help make leagueplay possible by doing different chores onContinued on Page 46Gayle shines againBy Azad AliWest Indies batsman Chris Gayleregained his place as the team’s top ratedbatsman in ODIs after his string of goodscores, which carried him up to ll placesto 21st in the latest ICC Rankings.Gayle, who endured a 14-month absencefrom international cricket, has scored 252runs in four innings (Average: 84.0) sincereturning against England.Meanwhile, Marlon Samuels leapedfroged 15 batsmen to go to 67th positionfollowing scores of l0l not out, 11 and 42in the recent series against New Zealandand Andre Russell, who hit an unbeaten 42and 59 not out in his two innings, jumpedfrom 63rd to 54th.Keiron Pollard (34th), Lendl Simmons(69th) and Dwayne Bravo (82nd) are theother active batsmen in the top l00.At the top of the list are South AfricansContinued on Page 46SPORTSFOR MORE SPORTS, GO TO CARIBBEANLIFENEWS.COM/SPORTSLACKLUSTERGAMETottenham Hotspur’s Michael Dawson (20) battles New York Red Bulls’ Tim Cahill (17) for a header in the first halfduring a friendly soccer match at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, N.J., Tuesday, July 31, 2012.AP Photo/Rich SchultzTottenham defeats Red Bulls 2-1By Patrick HorneThe New York/New Jersey area welcomedanother foreign club to our shores,this time English Premier League clubTottenham Hotspurs was the guest of theNew York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena inHarrison (NJ) Tuesday night for the annualBarclays New York Cup Powered by UnderArmour. Unfortunately, this game wasn’tpowered by anything! Despite Tottenham’s2-1 win, the game paled in comparisonto the recent highly technical and tacticaldisplay at Yankee Stadium on Sunday,July 22 between two other foreign teams:the 1-1 duel between France’s Paris SaintGermain and Chelsea FC of the EnglishPremier League.The exciting moments Tuesday nightwere few and far between. Two of the threegoals scored came from set plays: KennyContinued on Page 46Page 45 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 46Gayle shinesContinued from page 45Hasim Amla (871 points)and AB De Villiers (851),Indian Virat Kholi andSri Lanka Sangakkaran(757).In the Test rankings,West Indies left-handedmiddle order batsmanShivnarine Chanderpaulhas moved off the top ofthe ICC ‘s Test rankings.He has been replacedby Sri Lankan KumarSangakkara. He creptahead of Chanderpaulto move to 892 ratingpoints. Chanderpaul is36 points adrift in second,with South AfricanAB De Villiers in third on821 points.Sangakkara struck asuperb 192 in the recentlydrawn Test againstPakistan in Colombo toearn 42 points.Chris Gayle.AP Photo/Lynne SladkyTottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes (1) makes a save as Jan Vertonghen (5) trips New York RedBulls’ Tim Cahill (17) in the goal box resulting in a penalty kick awarded to Red Bulls’ Kenny Cooper (33) for agoal in the first half.AP Photo/Rich SchultzLackluster game at Red Bull ArenaContinued from page 45Cooper’s penalty in theeighth minute for the RedBulls and Gareth Bale’s headerin the 59th minute from aGylfi Sigurdsson corner kickto tie the game for Tottenham.Sigurdsson’s winnerin the 64th minute caused astir among the 21, 701 fanswhen he dribbled toward thepenalty box and unleasheda shot from eighteen yardsthat shook the inside rightcorner of the net. Neitherteam developed any passingrhythm; hardly any combinationplay was evident; andthe game, especially after aslew of second half substitutionson both sides, was notaesthetically pleasing.If there was an outstandingperformer in the game,it would have to be NewYork Red Bulls goal keeperBill Gaudette, who pulledoff two outstanding saves,one in each half. In the 20thminute, Gaudette leaped tonudge Bale’s free kick justover the crossbar to bringthe crowd to its feet; herepeated the save midway inthe second half when AaronLennon let loose a blisteringshot from close range thatthe goal keeper parried out ofbounds to save the Red Bullsfurther embarrassment. Thefans saw the Red Bulls’ latestsignee Tim Cahill in action.The night wasn’t totallylost; New Red Bulls seasonticket holders got a chanceto play 12th man as fans’names were woven into thefabric of the jersey to createthe numbers on the jerseysworn by Red Bulls players; fortheir cooperation, the 600 orso subscribers got a chanceto win an autographed jerseyworn by one of the players.The promotion was but oneof several put on at the gameby the hosts. The Red Bullsplay at Houston Dynamo onFriday night, 8:00 p.m.OLYMPICSCONCACAF teams aredoing well at the LondonOlympics. The USA women’steam won its groupwith a 3-0 record in groupgames to capture first inthe group; the Americansdefeated France (4-2),Colombia (3-0) and NorthKorea (1-0) and was scheduledto play New Zealandlast Thursday in a quarterfinalgame. Canada’s women’steam also advanced tothe quarterfinals.Honduras and Mexicomen’s teams advanced tothe quarterfinals. Hondurasknocked off Spain, 1-0, andeliminated it from the tournamentin an upset; threeMLS players helped Hondurasprevail. Scorer Jerry Bengston,who scored his thirdgoal of the Olympics, playsfor the New England Revolution,and Kansas City’s RogerEspinoza and D.C. United’sAndy Najar combined for theassist.MLSThe New York RedBulls (11-6-5), still leadingthe Eastern Conference,lost 3-1 at Montrealon Saturday. The teamalso announced that ithas signed 25-year-olddefender Babajide Ogunbiyifrom Danish First Divisionclub Viborg FF, wherehe played since 2010; thedefender was a Red Bulls2009 MLS SuperDraft inthe second round. Theteam also announced thatit acquired a 2013 internationalspot and a 2013 conditionaldraft pick fromthe San Jose Earthquakesfor midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy.In other MLS results lastweekend, Real Salt Lakebeat Vancouver Whitecaps,2-1; Houston Dynamodumped Toronto FC, 2-0;Los Angeles Galaxy toppedFC Dallas, 1-0; ColumbusCrew got past SportingKansas City, 1-2; SeattleSounders over Colorado,2-1; San Jose Earthquakesand Chivas USA played to a1-1 draw; and Philadelphiabeat New England, 2-1.Academy seeks youngstersContinued from page 45the court.Some 200 kids came forthe tryouts and the staffwas very much impressedwith their play at Sportime-RandallsIsland. Theimportant thing is to raisemoney for the academyand try to develop theyoungsters into the ‘starsof tomorrow.’“Youngsters who comehere love tennis and lovewhat they are doing,” saidJaime Moore, who hasbeen working at the academyfor two years. “Wetake special interests withthe kids. I was interestedin working here at theAcademy, applied for a job,and got it.”A tennis player himself,Moore attended HamptonUniversity and then playedon a circuit.It was with the latterthat he really picked uphis game.“That’s what I reallywanted to do,” he said,before the last homematch of the season. “Onegets maturity and educationand gets to travelwhile on the circuit. Andone gets to learn aboutthe cultures of people andabout himself, as well.”Moore doubles as acoach and communityoutreach director at theJohn McEnroe TennisAcademy, named after aninternational outstandingtennis player, top rankingsingles player at one time,and winner of so manytitles, including the USOpen, and now is a televisioncommentator. Mooreis assistant director oftournaments conducted atSportime.“My goal in tennis isto teach all kids, continuewhat I am doing,” said theresident of Manhattan.“It is awesome to workunder Hall of Famer JohnMcEnroe,” Moore added. “Ilove it here.”Moore said that about80 kids work at Sportimeon a given night whenthe venue hosts the WorldTeam Tennis matches.“We want to get as manykids involved on the court(as possible),” said McEnroe,who is trying to put inas much time as possiblewith the Academy.“The program is a greatopportunity as it is possibleto stay connectedwith the sport,” said AndreAgassi, who played forthe Boston Lobsters in theWTT. Agassi faced McEnroein one World TeamTennis League match andfour times on the tour.

Gayle’s exemplary batting really countsWest Indies former captainand present opening batsmanChris Gayle has been showinghis unique qualities as abatsman since his return tothe squad in England for thelimited overs. Gayle boostedthe two West Indies victoriesin Florida against NewZealand in the Twenty20games. He scored heavily inthe One-Day Internationals,which included a century atSabina Park in Jamaica. Atthe Vivian Richards Groundin Antigua, he scored 150 inthe first Test match in thefirst innings and returned inthe second innings scoring64 not out from 49 balls. WestIndies won by nine wickets.Gayle’s return and KieronPowell’s score of 134 in thefirst innings illustrate the talentthat is in the West Indiesteam. This demonstration byGayle is a form of coachingthat would lead the players inthe right direction. There isno need to put too much pressureon young players duringcoaching and influencingthem to change their overalltechniques.GAYLE LEADS FROMTHE FRONTThe younger players andthe less experienced in theWest Indies team are gettingsome valuable lessonsfrom Mr. Gayle’s patience andapproach. The manner inwhich he plays each ball on itsmerit is a good lesson to theother players in the team.NARINE AND ROACHSTRUCK FIVESpinner Sunil Narineand West Indies pacer KemarRoach performed very well inthe first Test match in Antigua.Narine picked up 5 wicketsfor 132 runs from 43 oversin the first innings. In thesecond innings, he picked up3 wickets for 91 runs from42 overs. Roach picked up2 wickets for 55 runs in thefirst innings and returned inEyes on CricketBy George H. Whytethe second innings and took5 wickets for 60 runs from23.2 overs.SUNIL NARINE WASTOO PRESSUREDCaptain Darren Sammyput too much pressure onNarine by allowing him tobowl 85 overs in the firstTest match. In spite of Narinebowling well and pickingup wickets, other specialistbowlers must step up and dotheir share of the bowling.The captain must ensure thatall bowlers step up and participatesignificantly. Narine,Rampaul and Roach did thesignificant roles in the bowlingdepartment thus showingthat the West Indies isone specialist bowler short.Sammy is no specialist bowlernor a specialist batsman inTest cricket and to have himbowl first in a Test match is aWest Indies’ Chris Gayle, left, bats as New Zealand’s wicket keeper Tom Latham,right, looks on during a Twenty20 cricket match, Saturday, June 30, 2012, in Lauderhill,Fla.AP Photo/Lynne Sladkydisgrace to West Indies cricket.Sammy takes up the positionof a specialist bowler andwhen the West Indies playsagainst the better performingICC teams, another bowlerwill have to be included in theTest squad.Gayle, Narsingh Deonarineand Marlon Samuels oughtnot be exposed to too muchbowling because they have toconcentrate on their batting.Another pacer is requiredin the Test team. The WestIndies selectors should actnow and prepare for teamswith greater opposition. Bowlersmust be prepared as a unitof four to counter attack andremove any top batsman orbatsmen on the opposition.Narine, Rampaul and Roachhave already signaled theirpreparedness. One specialistbowler short and the rumblinggoes on.Page 47 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012TESTOSTERONEAre any of these problems or diseases part of your life?❖ Fatigue?❖ Anxiety?❖ Depression?❖ Type II Diabetes?❖ Vascular Diseases?❖ Weight Gain?❖ Confusion?❖ Weakness?❖ Osteoporosis?❖ Shortness Of Breath?In both men and women these conditions are caused by, or worsened by, the lack of sufficient testosterone, andall are almost always significantly helped or eliminated by testosterone replacement. Testosterone has been availableby prescription for fifty-seven years. Testosterone replacement is safe and effective in both men and women.Testosterone deficiency treatmentis covered by most insurances.Get your testosterone level checked!!!❖ Lost Interest In Sex?❖ Lack Of Self-Esteem?❖ Lack Of Motivation?❖ Poor Self-Confi dence❖ Coronary Disease?❖ Erectile Dysfunction?❖ Sexual Discomfort?❖ Lost Sexual Feelings?❖ Heart Failure?❖ Menstrual Cramps?Martin Slavin, MD 718-444-7040

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 48Clones win three-game series in OhioSCRAPPERS 3CYCLONES 2July 28 at Eastwood FieldAn eighth-inning throwingerror from Clones firstbaseman Jayce Boyd set thestage for a two-run homerthat erased Brooklyn’s onerunlead over the MahoningValley Scrappers.The Cyclones got on theboard in the first inning of theback-and-forth bout in theBuckeye State when centerfielder Brandon Nimmo hita leadoff single and crossedthe plate on catcher KevinPlawecki’s line-drive doubleto right field.But the Scrappers scrapedup a run in the second asBrooklyn starter Hansel Roblesgave up a double to catcherRichard Stock, followed bya single to designated hitterLogan Vick. Scrapper rightfielder Andrew Campbellthen singled on a line driveout to left field, driving Stockhome.The Clones recaptured thelead in the next inning, withright fielder Eudy Pina choppinga grounder to Scrappershortstop Jairo Kelly fora single and taking secondon ground out by Brooklynshortstop Phillip Evans. Pinathen ran home on a linedrivesingle by first basemanJayce Boyd.But everything fell apartin the eighth. With two outson the board, Scrapper secondbaseman Joseph Wendlereached first on Boyd’s throwingerror — giving thirdbaseman Joe Sever anotherrunner to bring home whenhe crushed a homer out overleft field off a pitch fromstruggling Cyclones relieverDavid Wynn.CYCLONES 10SCRAPPERS 5July 29 at Eastwood FieldBrooklyn’s line-up camealive as the team hammeredthe Mahoning Valley Scrappers’pitching staff in theirsecond night in Ohio.Cyclones center fielderBrandon Nimmo opened thegame with a leadoff singleoff hurler Ryan Merritt—just a preview of what wasto come for the first-rounddraft pick from Wyoming.Second baseman Jeff Reynoldsdrew a walk to bringup shortstop Philip Evans,who crushed a three-rundinger to left. Catcher KevinPlawecki grounded out andfirst baseman Jayce Boydflied out, but the amountof contact the Clones weremaking worried Scrappersskipper Ted Kubiak enoughthat he yanked Merritt forreliever Josh Martin. Thenew pitcher managed to endthe inning, but he wouldn’tsucceed in keeping Brooklyn’sbats quiet — the mini-Mets posted two more runsin the second frame, withback-to-back homers fromNimmo and right fielderJulio Concepcion.The Scrappers managedto get on the board in thebottom of the second andpicked up another run inthe third thanks to an RBIsingle from first basemanEvan Frazar. But Martinpitched himself into a jam inthe fifth, giving up back-tobacksingles to Reynolds andEvans and walking Plaweckiwith no outs. Boyd then hita sac fly that brought Reynoldshome. The Scrapperswent to the bullpen again,this time for hurler JamesStokes. After striking outSabol, Stokes let Clones thirdbaseman Alexander Sanchezrope one to center field, drivingin Evans.And Brooklyn’s batters stillhad more in the tank: theteam put up two more runsin the sixth, with singles byConcepcion, Nimmo — whowent four for six on the night— Reynolds and Evans. Inthe eighth, Reynolds singledagain and scored. The Scrappersattempted to rally in thebottom half of the frame, butfell short after an RBI singleby right fielder AndrewCampbell and a two-rundouble off the bat of centerfielder Tyler Naquin.Captin Nimmo: Outfielder Brandon Nimmo broughthis bat to Ohio.Photo by Steve SolomonsonCYCLONES 5SCRAPPERS 1July 30 at Eastwood FieldMini-Mets center fielderBrandon Nimmo led theCyclones to victory overthe Mahoning Valley Scrappers— but this time he hadsome help from hurler RainyLara.The last match-up of a sixgameClones road trip gotoff to a rough start whenthe Scrappers put one onthe board in the first afterLara gave up a double tocenter fielder Tyler Naquin,and catcher Charlie Valeriochopped an RBI grounder upthe middle to drive Naquinhome. But after that, Larawas dominant the rest of thegame, sending the Scrappersdown in order the next fourinnings, allowing no additionalruns, and striking outa total of 10 batters in seveninnings of work.Meanwhile, the Cyclonesoffense surged, bringinghome two runners in thethird, two in the fifth anda final run by right fielderEudy Pina on a line driveblast from Nimmo, whonow boasts 24 RBIs on theseason and a batting averageof .286 over the last 10games.“MY CITY,MY MCU.”John Franco,Former Major League PitcherJoin today!Visit orcall 1-866-JOIN-MCU.▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲CheckingMoney MarketCDsIRAsOnline Banking▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲Auto LoansCredit CardsMortgagesPersonal LoansConvenient ATMsFederally insured by NCUA

CROSSWORD BY STATEPOINT MEDIA, INC.Across1. Like smell of burning rubber, e.g.6. Known for its brown trucks9. *Given name of Russian Gymnast whocompeted in 1970s13. “The Red Badge of Courage” author14. Cul de ___15. Landowner16. It fits into a mortise17. Ostrich-like bird18. “Or else” in music19. *”_______, Higher, Stronger”21. *Boxing weight class23. A great distance24. Suite cleaner25. Comes from pine tree28. Italian currency, pl.30. Type of deodorant35. William Simmons was a founder of thisinfamous group37. Piece of metal covered by leather andused for hitting39. Not a soul40. Hipbones41. On a cruise43. Dante’s Beatrice, e.g.44. A mood disorder46. *Sprinting and long jumping great47. Spawned48. *Most-decorated gold medalist50. Thick, messy substances52. Wilbur’s home53. Connecting point55. ___-been57. *Ancient Olympia site60. *Decathlon event64. One of Indian languages65. Pigeon call67. Fully informed68. “Dressed to the _____”69. Pooh’s wise friend70. *Medal holders71. Short for engineer72. Soak a fiber, e.g.73. RendezvousDOWN1. Parts of play2. *a.k.a. rowing3. Hindu princess4. __ and out; on and ___5. Relating to teeth6. Substance abuser7. * ___ Shriver, gold medalist tennis star8. Aqua-lung9. Kiln for drying hops10. *Gold medalist and WNBA star, ____Leslie11. Sinister12. Dental group15. *2012 Olympics site20. “Fear of Flying” author Jong22. On ___24. Stuffed in a bottle?25. Pinch to save26. Muslim God27. Founding Father Thomas29. Officer training program31. Bausch’s partner32. Glowers or frowns33. Beginning of illness34. Always demanding attention36. Victim of nervous biting38. Villain’s rival42. Central Pacific greeting45. Pause in breathing, pl.49. Socialist, abbr.51. Idiot ______54. Interior designer’s concern56. Waste water pipe57. Smiley face58. *It represents a continent59. Looker or ogler60. Sudden impact61. Like a tatting product62. Irritates63. No kids or empty ____64. *Bermuda and Iraq each previously wonthis many Olympic medals66. Be in debtAnswers in Classified SectionPage 49 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Aug. 3–9, 2012Save jobs at SUNY Downstate Medical CenterA restructuring plan for SUNY Downstate Medical Center could leave thousands of Brooklyn residents without access to vitalhealth care services. Hundreds of workers could lose their jobs. The local economy would be devastated. Training for hundredsof future doctors would be disrupted. Don’t let this happen!Protect vital servicesSave local jobsPreserve medical education Ask Governor Cuomo (518-474-8390) and SUNY Board Chair H. Carl McCall (518-320-1157) to help. Keep SUNY Downstate Medical Center fully operating for ALL of Brooklyn.Go to savejobsatSUNYDownstate.orgWWW.NYSUT.ORG

Aug. 3–9, 2012 • Caribbean LifeBrooklyn/Staten Island • Page 50The Best of Caribbean Life…email: caribbeanlife@cnglocal.com16Pages ofClassifiedsBrooklyn/Staten Island EditionFREE Special reader bonus12 pages of couponsto save you cashJamaicacomplainsabout U.S.pressureBy David McfaddenKINGSTON, Jamaica(AP) — Jamaican PrimeMinister Bruce Goldingsaid Thursday that U.S.Embassy officials displayeda “belligerent attitude”toward his governmentafter Washington soughtthe extradition of a reputedcrime boss with ties to hispolitical party.Golding said the U.S.Embassy’s charge d’affairespressured his justiceminister to quickly handover alleged drug kingpinChristoper “Dudus” Cokeduring at least two phonecalls within days of hisgovernment receiving theAugust 2009 extraditionSection startson page 43FIT TO BE TIEDUnions fight back againststate, city budget cutsBy Donna Lamb & Kenton KirbyThe announcement MondayCheck out our new website at www.caribbeanlifenews.comthat key legislative leaders, underthreat of a government shutdown,had agreed to go along with Gov.Andrew Cuomo’s do-or-die budgetproposal, does not go over well withthousands of city and state employeeswho turned out Thursday,March 24, to make their voicesheard.“I’m fit to be tied,” John Quesnoe,a Brooklyn barber,” complained toa Caribbean Life reporter. “Whyshould we have to bear the burden,while the rich get off scotch free.”Qesnoe was among the severalthousand union members, studentsand community activists, membersof District Council 37 -- thelargest labor union in New YorkCity, rallied outside City Hall andmarched through the financial districtwith a clear message: “Stopthreatened budget cuts that wouldcause schools to close, tuition torise, severely cut social servicesand force thousands more layoffs ofmunicipal workers.”Their anger was with the rich,who they insisted must pay theirfair share of city and state taxes, sothat the rest of society is not forcedto carry a disproportionate amountof the New York financial burden.Days before a compromise wasreached between Senate leaderAt workers’rally, studentmounts chargingbull to symbolizedefeatof Wall Streetvalues.Continued on page 4 Continued on page 5Photo byDonna LambCARPET – 3 RoomsFREESHOPATHOME 1-800-RUGS-R-USFREE PADDING! FREE INSTALLATION!$299(up to 288 sq ft)www.1800RugsRUs.netLAMINATESAny Room$699(up to 108 sq ft)email: caribbeanlife@cnglocal.comBrooklyn/Staten Island EditionFREE 011Special reader bonusPages ofClassifieds12 pages of coupons16Section startsto save you cashon page 43Scrambleto locateCaribs OPENabroadSKIESBy Bert WilkinsonFor the second time thismonth, Caribbean governmentshave been forced togo into emergency modeto check on the well-beingof, or arrange for the hastydeparture of citizens fromfar-away countries plaguedby civil unrest or naturaldisaster, with the latestrelating to the plight ofnationals living in Japan, asthe country reels from lastweek’s devastating earthquake,tsunami and fears ofa nuclear meltdown.A month ago, diplomatsat foreign ministries acrossthe region were workingfeverishly to make contactaccess to Havanawith and arrange flightsfor Caribbean citizens whoBy Nelson A. KingDallas/Fort Worth, New Orleans,wanted to abandon mostlyThe United States has approved Pittsburgh, Tampa and San Juan,Islamic study stints, tourismand petroleum indus-flights to and from Cuba, permit-Prior to the March 9 decision,eight more airports for charter Puerto Rico.try jobs as civil unrestting more people to travel to the flights to Cuba were only allowedboiled in Egypt and later inSpanish-speaking Caribbean country.York.from Los Angeles, Miami, and Newneighboring Libya.All O’ That Is Mas!Hours after the 8.9Obama administration officials The expanded flights are inmagnitude quake struck Trinidad and Tobago celebrated one of the best carnivals in said the airports include Atlanta’s keeping with Obama’s decision,Japan, calls were placed by recent memory, culminating on March 15 with the grand Mardi Hartsfield-Jackson, the world’s announced earlier this year, toCaribbean governments to Gras competition at Queens Park Savannah in Port of Spain. busiest, and Chicago’s O’Hare further reach out to the CubanTokyo and other Japanese This Yuma masquerader, was a delight to onlookers as she International Airport.people.cities where nationals from waded across the stage. See Page 27. Photo by Coral King The other airports approved “As Hartsfield-Jackson is theContinued on page 5 include those in Baltimore,Continued on page 4TO CUBAU.S. creates easierCheck out our new website at www.caribbeanlifenews.comemail: caribbeanlife@cnglocal.comFREE 011Special reader bonus8 pages of couponsto save you cashFull-scaletsunamidrillsBy Nelson A. KingThe United Nations saidon Mar. 17 that 33 countrieswill participate this week inthe Caribbean region’s firstfull-scale tsunami warningexercise as part of its effortsto test and strengthen theregion’s defenses againstsuch disasters.The U.N. said the exercise,dubbed “Caribe Wave 11,”aims to test the early warningsystem for tsunamisand other coastal hazardsset up in the region in 2005by the IntergovernmentalOceanographic Commission(IOC), established under theU.N. Educational, Scientificand Cultural Organization(UNESCO).The exercise will bebased on a fictional earthquakemeasuring 7.6 on the16Pages ofClassifiedsSection startson page 43By Ben Fox and Trenton DanielPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP)— Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand “Titid” Aristide returnedhome from seven years in exile to a Mildred, wept.celebrity welcome Friday, mobbedby close allies and journalists outsidehis private plane before beinghustled into an airport VIP loungeas crowds of supporters rallied inthe streets outside the terminal.Aristide waved and blew a kissCheck out our new website at www.caribbeanlifenews.comBrooklyn/Staten Island EditionTITID’SBACKAristide returns to Haitito the small crowd at the runway,then began to deliver a speechin which he thanked his chanting,jubilant supporters. His wife,Haiti’s former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide gestures to supportersfrom the plane as his wife Mildred stands behind him as they arrive tothe airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Friday March 18, 2011.Continued on page 5 Continued on page 5AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini“This man is our father, withouthim we haven’t lived,” said31-year-old Sainvil Petit-Frere,one of about 3,000 cheering andchanting supporters in a quicklygrowing crowd. “This is the doctorWIN $15,000 TO MAKE YOURBUSINESS IDEA REAL. See page 4is just a click away.Go to www.CaribbeanLifeNews.comfor the latest in Caribbean news,entertainment, sports, business, viewpoints and moreUpdated every weekday!North America’s Largest Caribbean Newspaper

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