Dance 370-801 Syllabus - UW-Milwaukee

Dance 370-801 Syllabus - UW-Milwaukee

Dance 370-801 Syllabus - UW-Milwaukee


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HISTORY AND PRACTICE OF IRISH DANCE<strong>Dance</strong> <strong>370</strong>-<strong>801</strong>Dept. of <strong>Dance</strong>University of Wisconsin-<strong>Milwaukee</strong>Spring 2013Lab <strong>801</strong> (Beginner): M 2:30-3:45, MIT 335Lecture: M 4-5:15, MIT 341Lecturer: Dr. David Meyer, TCRGOffice Hours: Immediately before or after class.Email: Meyer273@uwm.eduSYLLABUSCOURSE DESCRIPTION In this class we will be focusing on Irish <strong>Dance</strong> fromhistorical and theoretical aspects combined with practical application in the studio.We will study the early history of Irish <strong>Dance</strong> and its transformation under theinfluences of Irish nationalism into the modern competitive form practiced today. Wewill look at local histories of Irish <strong>Dance</strong> in Chicago and <strong>Milwaukee</strong> and correlatethese with developments in Ireland. And we will look at Irish <strong>Dance</strong> as a global,transnational art form and its relationship to such theatrical revues as Riverdance andthe work of contemporary choreographers. Besides the history and development ofIrish <strong>Dance</strong> we will investigate theoretical aspects of the form such as posture and itsimpact on the choreographic logic of the dance form. We will also be studying thebasics of Irish traditional music theory to which Irish <strong>Dance</strong> is usually performed.In its performance practice, this course will offer beginning in Irish <strong>Dance</strong>. Wewill be learning a combination of techniques for both Irish solo and ensemble dances.REQUIRED TEXTS:Hall, Frank. Competitive Irish <strong>Dance</strong>: Art, Sport, Duty. Madison: Macater, 2008.Ní Bhriain, Orfhlaith. The Terminology of Irish <strong>Dance</strong>. Madison: Macater, 2008.Irish dance rehearsal music CD.Note: Both books and CD will be made available in class by special arrangement withthe publisher.COURSE GOALS:Goal #1: Students will acquire basic Irish dancing skills and techniques at theBeginning level..Goal #2: An important component of learning a dance form of another culture isto acquire a basic understanding of that dance form’s history and evolution, it’s basicprinciples of choreography, and to become familiar with the structure of it’s music.Goal #3: Students will view video/DVD as well as live performances. Theywill communicate in discussion and written form their responses to what they haveseen.Goal #4: Students will be introduced to the concept of “globalism” in dance,and learn to situate dance forms within specific cultural contexts each of whichdemands a different set of aesthetic valuations.

and challenging.1.) Warm-up.2.) Locomotors: transition to the center using traditional traveling steps, weavingpatterns, and partnering.3.) Technique: practice of individual movements and aerial work.4.) Solo Choreography: solo Irish dances5.) Hard Shoe Technique: hard shoe (tapping) technique is taught from day one, eventhough we will not be using hard shoes in the first semester.Because Irish dancing is not a folk dance but a choreographed art form, there is noend to instruction. We will proceed as fast and as far as students are capable. Thereis an expectation that students will learn 3 solo beginner dances at the minimum, withan aspiration of also learning 3 intermediate solo dances.

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