A Comprehensive Guide - UW-Milwaukee

A Comprehensive Guide - UW-Milwaukee

A Comprehensive Guide - UW-Milwaukee

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universityhousing.uwm.eduUniversity Admission: refers to the initial acceptance into <strong>UW</strong>M.Contract: a binding, legal agreement to live in University Housing for the specified time frame.Cancellation of Contract: refers to the dissolution of the University Housing contract before entryor assigned date of entry into the resident’s academic year room.Termination of Contract: refers to the dissolution of the contract after assigned date of entry intoacademic year room or once a resident accepts the key to a university managed residence hallroom.Semester I: defined as the Fall Semester, August-December.<strong>UW</strong>interiM: defined as the optional three week January session between semesters.Semester II: defined as the Spring Semester, January-May.University ID: also known as the Panther Card, serves as campus-wide identification and is usedto gain access the residence halls and used to purchase food and other items.{ UNIVERSITY AGREES }IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual covenants by the Board of Regents of the University ofWisconsin System acting on behalf of <strong>UW</strong>M (including both <strong>UW</strong>M University Housing and<strong>UW</strong>M Restaurant Operations), the <strong>UW</strong>M Real Estate Foundation, Inc., and you, the Resident(the individual signing the contract), University Housing hereby grants to you, the Resident, alimited license to occupy University Housing facilities under the terms which follow.{ RESIDENT AGREES }You agree to make payment of all housing and dining fees established by the Board of Regentsaccording to the 2013–14 payment schedule, to observe all Rules and Regulations of UniversityHousing and the University of Wisconsin–<strong>Milwaukee</strong>, which are by reference incorporated aspart of this contract; and to honor the terms and conditions stated in this contract. University ofWisconsin-<strong>Milwaukee</strong> and University Housing regulations can be found on thewww.<strong>UW</strong>M.edu website.You agree that there will be no modification of this contract without the written consent ofUniversity Housing. Any request for modification of the contract (i.e. cancellation of contractprior to assigned date of entry, termination of contract on or after assigned date of entry, mealplan change, room change, etc.) must be requested in writing or via the myHousing portal andsubmitted to the University Housing office for approval. Verbal and/or pending requests do notconstitute a change in the conditions of the contract. You may not assign or allow others to usethe space covered by this contract.University Housing provides use of housing accommodations to eligible <strong>UW</strong>M students accordingto the dates listed here and on the University Housing Web Page. University Housing reservesall rights concerning room and building assignments, contract changes, and meal cardprivileges. The Department of Restaurant Operations provides meals as detailed in this contract.You understand and agree that your contract is for a space/room assignment determined byUniversity Housing, not for a particular room or residence hall. Failure to grant your assignmentpreference will not void the contract. University Housing does not discriminate in assignmentsto the residence halls on the basis of age, ancestry, arrest or conviction record, color, disability,gender identity/expression, veteran status, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, politicalaffiliation, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.5

universityhousing.uwm.edu3. If neither action is taken by you, a hold will be placed on your university records and youwill be unable to register for New Student Orientation (NSO), classes, etc. until one of thetwo actions have been completed.If your exemption request is not granted, you are required to live on campus.If you have submitted a contract and later decide to file for an exemption, you are required tosubmit the Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Request form along with your Exemption Requestform and supporting documentation. Refer to Section II (L.1)-CANCELLATION BY YOU THERESIDENT for policy and cancellation fees.Requests for Exemption to the Freshmen Residency Requirement submitted on or after thestart of your contract or assigned date of entry (whichever comes first) will not be granted andending your contract after this date will be considered a termination. Refer to Section II (M.1)-TERMINATION OF CONTRACT for the termination policy and termination fees.If you withdraw or are academically dismissed and later re-enroll or are reinstated during thesame academic year, this contract will remain in effect and you are responsible for all chargesassociated with this contract.D. CONTRACT PERIODThis contract is for the academic year and cannot be terminated except under the conditionsstated under Section II (L) - TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: AFTER ASSIGNED DATE OF ENTRY INTOYOUR ACADEMIC YEAR ROOM and Section II (P) – VACATING. Occupancy periods will be limitedfrom August 28, 2013 (or your assigned date of entry into your academic year room, whicheverdate is earlier), through May 17, 2014, with the exception to continuing contract holders whoseoccupancy starts on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Occupancy periods for Spring 2014 term will belimited from January 19, 2014 through May 17, 2014. If entered into after August 28, 2013, thiscontract applies only to the balance of Academic Year 2013–14.E. EARLY ENTRYResidents with accepted contracts (who do not have summer contracts) who are required to beon campus prior to August 28, 2013 (Fall) or January 19, 2014 (Spring), may request early arrivalfor no earlier than August 15/January 15 with the understanding that:1. A written request stating the reason and the specific entry date, must reach UniversityHousing by August 1/January 1. Additional documentation may be requested/required.a. Early Arrival Requests submitted after the posted deadline will not be approved.2. A charge of $35 per night will be assessed for early entry for residents who are notstudent-employees or student-athletes. (Student-employees and student-athletes requiredon campus early will be assessed a charge of $15 per night provided the employer orathletic department verifies that early entry is required. In some cases that charge will bepaid for by the employer or athletic department.)3. University Housing reserves the right to verify the need for early arrival and/or deny therequest.4. A temporary room will be assigned if the permanent room is not available.5. If you cancel your early arrival request after the early arrival request has been approvedbut have not yet moved in, you will be charged the early entry charge for each night yourequested early entry.6. If you cancel your contract before your assigned date of entry into your academic yearroom or terminate your contract after or during the early entry period, standardcancellation or termination charges plus the assessed early entry charges from the date ofentry through your vacate date will be assessed.7

contract guide bookF. RECESSESOccupancy during official University recesses is permitted only with the approval of UniversityHousing and in locations specified. Special rules may be in effect. Residents continuing in thesame room from the fall to spring semester are not required to remove belongings. Services(e.g. housekeeping and meals) may be reduced or suspended during recess periods. Residentsassigned to RiverView who wish to stay in the residence halls during <strong>UW</strong>interiM must move temporarilyto a vacant space in other halls as RiverView is closed during <strong>UW</strong>interiM.G. PAYMENTS & OBLIGATIONSYou agree to pay University Housing the rates for the type of room accommodation and mealplan assigned in accordance with the official rates and payment schedule. The room rates printedhere are the rates for the 2012-2013 academic year. Meal plan rates can be found under SectionII (U). Students should be prepared for a 3-5% increase from the 2012-2013 rates. Final Roomand Meal Plan rates are subject to approval by the Chancellor and the <strong>UW</strong> System Board ofRegents in the summer of 2013. Final official rates for the 2013-2014 Academic Year will be publishedon the University Housing web page once approved by the Board of Regents.You agree to pay for any damages to the building, including fire damage, and for damaged ormissing furniture, lost property, or service costs caused by you to <strong>UW</strong>M Residence Halls becauseof your negligent or intentional actions. Where two or more residents occupy the same room/suite and responsibility for damage or loss in the room/suite cannot be ascertained by theUniversity Housing, the cost of damage or loss will be divided and assessed equally between oramong the residents of the room/suite. University Housing reserves the right to assess commonarea damage between residents of the community and/or hall.Rate/Fee ScheduleUniversity Housing 2012-2013*(2013-2014 Rates will not be known until Summer 2013)See p. 14 for Meal Plan RatesRate Type Semester 1 Semester 2 TotalSecurity Deposit N/A N/A $250.00SHAC Fee $20.00 $20.00 $40.008Cambridge CommonsDouble $3,085.00 $3,085.00 $6,170.00Double Upgrade $3,600.00 $3,600.00 $7,200.00Purin HallSingle $3,280.00 $3,280.00 $6,560.00Double $2,620.00 $2,620.00 $5,240.00RiverViewDouble $2,935.00 $2,935.00 $5,870.00Sandburg HallsNorth, South, WestSingle $2,940.00 $2,940.00 $5,880.00Double $2,492.00 $2,491.00 $4,983.00Triple $2,215.00 $2,215.00 $4,430.00EastSingle $3,670.00 $3,670.00 $7,340.00Double $2,805.00 $2,805.00 $5,610.00

universityhousing.uwm.eduH. PRE-PAYMENT/DEPOSITYour pre-payment/deposit submitted with completion of your online contract will be credited toyour second semester bill, less $50, unless it becomes necessary to withhold the credit to coverother obligations incurred by you or arising under the terms of this contract. (See also: SectionII(G) - PAYMENTS & OBLIGATIONS; Section II(L) - RELEASE, REFUND AND FORFEITURE POLICIES;Section II(M) - TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: AFTER ASSIGNED DATE OF ENTRY INTO YOUR ACA-DEMIC YEAR ROOM)For new and transfer students: Your $300 pre-payment/deposit must be paid prior to registeringfor New Student Orientation.I. INDEBTEDNESSFailure to satisfy in a timely manner the financial obligations accrued under this contract mayresult in some or all of the following: the denial of issuance/transfer of grade transcripts; denialof enrollment; denial of reassignment; and/or eviction, pursuant to University rules and regulationsgoverning the imposition of these sanctions.J. CONTRACT PAYMENTS, CHARGES AND ASSESSMENTSAugust 1, 2013: 60% of Fall University Housing charges are dueAugust 27, 2013: 100% of Fall Tuition charges and remaining 40% of University Housing charges are dueJanuary 15, 2014: 100% of Spring Tuition and 100% of Spring University Housing charges are dueAn online Statement of Account is available on your PAWS account. You will not receive a papermonthly billing statement in the mail.To view your statement, navigate to the Finance Section on your Student Center page in PAWS.Click the link “View Billing Statement” to display your statement in PDF format. You may needto temporarily allow pop-ups in order for the statement to appear. Also, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 orhigher is needed. (A link for a free download of Adobe Acrobat will display after clicking onView Billing Statement.) You can print this statement or save it as a file on your computer. If youplan to mail a payment to the University, you must print the statement and include the paymentcoupon from the statement with your payment.Your online Statement of Account will be produced upon request and will always contain themost current information available (subject to processing times for recently submitted payments).If you have any problems accessing the online billing statement, please complete the PAWS HelpForm by either clicking on the “Help” link located in the PAWS banner at the top of the PAWSsign on page or click on the “Need Other Help?” link located in the center of that page.Questions regarding your account may be directed to the Bursar Office by phone at (414) 229-4914 or via email bursar@uwm.edu.Departmental services may be withdrawn and “HOLDS” may be placed on the registration andrecords of individuals who fail to make payments on time.K. FINANCIAL APPEALSIf you believe that you were assessed an inappropriate charge, you should contact the UniversityHousing Office to discuss the matter. If the initiator of the charge believes the charge is valid, theresident may file an appeal with the Financial Appeals Committee. Appeals may be sent via emailto the committee at university-housing@uwm.edu. The Financial Appeals Committee will reviewyour Financial Aid award and status in making a determination on your appeal for financial reasonsor inability to meet the expense of your room and board charges. Appeals for charges olderthan one academic year will not be reviewed.9

10contract guide bookL. RELEASE, REFUND AND FORFEITURE POLICIES1. CANCELLATION BY YOU, THE RESIDENT: PRIOR TO CONTRACT START DATEOR ASSIGNED DATE OF ENTRY INTO ACADEMIC YEAR ROOM, WHICHEVERCOMES FIRSTa. Written notification of cancellation must be received by University Housing nofewer than 24 hours before the contract start date of 8/25/13 for continuingcontract holders or 8/28/13 for new contract holder or assigned date/time ofentry into your academic year room, whichever comes first, or you will beconsidered to have terminated (See section II (M) (3) TERMINATION BYRESIDENT: DURING CONTRACT PERIOD (AFTER CONTRACT STARTDATE/ASSIGNED DATE OF ENTRY TO ACADEMIC YEAR SPACE)b. New Freshmen Only: If you have previously submitted a contract and laterdecided to Request an Exemption to the Freshman Residency Requirement, youmust submit the Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Request form at the timeyou submit your exemption form and documentation. Cancellation fees, as listedabove, will be effective on the date received by University Housing. If yourexemption is not granted, your cancellation request will be rescinded as you arerequired to live on campus.c. Cancellation fees for Fall contracts (deducted from your pre-payment/deposit)will be assessed based on receipt of written notification as follows:i. Prior to May 1: forfeit $50 of the pre-payment/deposit ($250 returned)a. Fall contracts received after May 1 will be subject to the samepenalty deadlines.ii. Between May 1 and June 30: forfeit $150 of the pre-payment/depositiii.($150 returned)Between July 1 and August 27: forfeit $250 of the pre-payment/deposit($50 returned)d. Cancellation fees for Spring-only contracts (deducted from your pre-payment/deposit) will be assessed based on receipt of written notification as follows:i. Prior to December 1: forfeit $150 of the pre-payment/deposit($150 returned)a. Spring contracts received after December 1 will be subject to thesame penalty deadlines.ii.Between December 1 and January 18: forfeit $250 of the pre-payment/deposit ($50 returned)e. If a balance is posted to the student’s PAWS account upon receipt of the student’scontract that balance will be adjusted according to the cancellation fees in section1.b above in the event of cancellation by the student.2. CANCELLATION BY YOU, THE RESIDENT: SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCESa. If you have completed the requirements for admission and are denied admissionto the University, you will be eligible for cancellation without penalty (except for$50 of the pre-payment/deposit) prior to assigned date of entry if you provideprompt notice to University Housing.b. If you are not able to attend school due to personal illness, family illness, militaryobligations or serious emergency which prevents your attendance, you may beeligible for cancellation without penalty (except for $50 of the pre-payment/deposit). You must provide proof of special circumstances.c. Written notification of cancellation must be received by University Housing nofewer than 24 hours before the contract start date of 8/25/13 for continuingcontract holders or 8/28/13 for new contract holder or assigned date/time of

universityhousing.uwm.eduentry into your academic year room, whichever comes first, or you will beconsidered to have terminated (See section II (M) (3) TERMINATION BYRESIDENT: DURING CONTRACT PERIOD (AFTER CONTRACT STARTDATE/ASSIGNED DATE OF ENTRY TO ACADEMIC YEAR SPACE)d. New Freshmen Only: If you have previously submitted a contract and laterdecided to Request an Exemption to the Freshman Residency Requirement, youmust submit the Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Request form at the timeyou submit your exemption form and documentation. Cancellation fees, as listedabove, will be effective on the date received by University Housing. If yourexemption is not granted, your cancellation request will be rescinded as you arerequired to live on campus.3. CANCELLATION BY UNIVERSITY HOUSING: PRIOR TO CONTRACT STARTDATE/ASSIGNED DATE OF ENTRY INTO ACADEMIC YEAR ROOMa. This contract may be canceled by University Housing without advance notice ifyou:i. have a currently overdue debt to University Housing;ii. have a record of past failure to meet financial obligations to UniversityHousing in a timely manner;iii. have failed to complete the contract properly or failed to meet the requiredpayment schedule;iv. have demonstrated by past behavior an unwillingness or inability to fulfillthe conditions of the contract; or,v. have demonstrated by past behavior that your presence in the ResidenceHalls may provide an unreasonable risk to yourself or to other residentsand their guests.b. Cancellation fees will be assessed as described in Section II. (L)(1) CANCELLATIONBY YOU, THE RESIDENT: PRIOR CONTRACT START DATE OR ASSIGNED DATE OFENTRY INTO ACADEMIC YEAR ROOM, WHICHEVER COMES FIRSTM. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: AFTER CONTRACT START DATE/ASSIGNED DATEOF ENTRY INTO YOUR ACADEMIC YEAR ROOMYou must apply in writing for termination. Termination is granted at the discretion of UniversityHousing, and you may incur substantial penalties. University Housing may terminate the contractunder conditions stated below.1. GENERAL CONDITIONS AND DEFINITIONSa. Terminations are not automatic and are granted at the discretion of UniversityHousing. You must apply in writing for contract release.b. APPROVED reasons for termination may include, but are not limited to:i. graduation;ii. personal illness, family illness, or serious emergency which prevents theresident’s attendance;iii. assignment to a University-sponsored internship or other program whichrequires living outside of <strong>Milwaukee</strong> County; oriv. withdrawal, transfer, or being dismissed by the University.v. called to active military duty (specifically, students subjected toinvoluntary Federal Title 10 activations or transfers--more specificinformation about university policies regarding students and active militaryduty can be found at www.uwm.edu/academics/military.cfmc. You are responsible for providing proof of special circumstances. Refunds will notbe processed until sufficient proof is received.11

12contract guide bookd. The effective date of termination is the date the key(s) are returned and theresident has vacated. If the resident never retrieves the room key, but did notcancel prior to the start of the contract/assigned date of entry, the effectivedate of termination is when written notification is received by University Housing.e. Any effective date of termination after November 27 for Semester I or April 23 forSemester II will be considered End of Semester Terminations.2. FAILURE TO USE SPACE ASSIGNMENT (AFTER ASSIGNED DATE OF ENTRY TOACADEMIC YEAR SPACE)a. You retain occupancy of a room and are liable for charges from your assigneddate of entry or until you officially notify University Housing of your intent toterminate your contract, whether or not you are actually in residence. Failure touse a space does not constitute a change in contract status or alter your financialobligations in any way.3. TERMINATION BY RESIDENT: DURING CONTRACT PERIOD (AFTER ASSIGNEDDATE OF ENTRY TO ACADEMIC YEAR SPACE)a. If termination IS APPROVED by University Housing, your charges will beprorated to the date the key is returned. Fees include the loss of:i. the $300 pre-payment/deposit;ii. the Residence Hall Student Activity fee for the current semester;iii.iv.prorated charges of room type assigned; andmeal plan charges, if applicable, for the current semester. This includes aprorated portion of the administrative fee, all used points, and a processingfee of $10.b. If termination IS NOT APPROVED by University Housing, the resident will becharged as follows:i. 100% for the time you resided in University Housing plus 85% of thecharges for the type of room assigned for the duration of the contract;ii.iii.The Residence Hall Student Activity fee for the current semester;Meal plan charges for the current semester. This includes 85% of theadministrative fee charges for the duration of the contract, all used points,and a processing fee of $10.00.iv. the $300 pre-payment/deposit4. TERMINATION BY UNIVERSITY HOUSING: AFTER ENTRYa. The termination of your contract due to inappropriate actions and/or behaviorwill be considered voluntary and charges will apply as detailed in Section II (M)(3)(b). “Termination By Resident: During Contract Period (After Assigned Date ofEntry to Academic Year Space).” Some examples include:i. ceases to be a student in good standing at <strong>UW</strong>M;ii.iii.iv.fails or refuses to pay for room and meal plan charges, Residence HallStudent Activity fees, or assessments for which the resident has been givennotice;habitually fails or refuses to maintain the room space assigned;fails to comply with the Rules and Regulations governing the conduct ofresidents in the residence halls (the Rules and Regulations of the residencehalls are subject to change upon the approval of the Chancellor andpublication of those Rules); or, engages in actions outside of the residencehalls which would result in the conclusion that his/her presence in theresidence halls might result in an unreasonable risk to himself/herself orto residents and their guests.b. You must vacate the residence halls by the date provided on the notification oftermination by University Housing. In the case of a Serious Rule violation, or a

universityhousing.uwm.edureasonable belief that a threat exists, you may be required to vacate within 24hours. You may file an appeal, but must vacate by the date and time statedwhether or not you choose to appeal. Notice of the appeal procedure will be givento you at the time of contract termination.N. SUSPENSION OF CONTRACT1. SUSPENSION OF CONTRACT: SPECIAL MEDICAL CONDITIONSa. After your contract start date or assigned date of entry (whichever comes first),you are considered a resident of a room until the end date of the contract.Reductions in rate will not be available for absences due to extended leaves (e.g.hospital stay, vacations).b. If you enter the Contract with an existing medical condition, and subsequently areabsent for an extended period of time due to that medical condition, you will beresponsible for the lowest meal plan if applicable.c. If you fail to use the Panther Card for an extended time because of serious illness,the plan may be adjusted to a plan of lesser value by submitting the ContractPreference Change form.d. A doctor’s written explanation must be presented and application of this provisionis subject to the approval of University Housing.2. CONTRACT SUSPENSION BY UNIVERSITY HOUSINGa. University Housing reserves the right to temporarily suspend this agreementwithout notice in the event of an emergency which would render the continuedoperation of the residence halls unsafe to persons or property. If such an eventlasts more than three days, the unused room payments will be refunded for theperiod that occupancy is denied.i. University Housing reserves the right to temporarily suspend thisagreement without notice in the event you violate a University Housingpolicy in which there would be a perceived threat of safety for otherresidents within the community. If found responsible of violatingUniversity Housing policy, you would remain liable for the unused roompayments for the period that occupancy was denied.b. You agree that the <strong>UW</strong>M Restaurant Operations may suspend operations orchange the location of Restaurant Operations as a result of an emergency orduring any recess period.O. ASSIGNMENT POLICYUniversity Housing reserves the right to change room or hall assignments, to assign roommates,or to consolidate vacancies by requiring you to move from single occupancy of a double room todouble occupancy of a double room in the same hall.Students with a documented disability or a medical condition which requires special accommodationsor modifications to a residence hall space (accessible shower stall, larger doorways,doorbells with light flashers, Braille signs, etc.) must notify University Housing by submittingthe Medical Accommodation Request form. Medical documentation should be included whensubmitting this request. In addition students are required to complete “My Emergency Contacts”as well as the Health & Chronic Illness form via their MyHousing account prior to theirassigned move in date.P. ROOM CHANGESUniversity Housing reserves the sole right to assign or reassign rooms and does not discriminatein such room assignments based on age, ancestry, arrest or conviction record, color, disability,gender identity/expression, veteran status, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, politicalaffiliation, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.13

contract guide bookRoom assignments will be based upon room availability at the time assignments are processedand all new residents are assigned as part of a randomized assignment process which factors inyour preferences. Application to a Living Learning Community (LLC) is considered a primarypreference and supersedes all other preferences. University Housing reserves the right to assignstudents as needed to ensure required occupancy levels within the buildings. The inability ofUniversity Housing to honor assignment preferences DOES NOT void the Contract.At the discretion of University Housing, some rooms may be assigned over their stated occupancy.University Housing reserves the right to consolidate room assignments based on vacancies.Roommate preferences must be mutual requests, must have identical room choices (includingLLC), and must be submitted to University Housing by June 10 for Semester I and by January 2for Semester II. Requests after those dates may not be honored.Failure to rate any preferences will result in a room assignment based on availability.You are expected to abide by the rules of the facility to which you are assigned, regardless of youroriginal request. Failure to abide by these polices may result in contract or behavioral action.The room assignment process begins in May and continues through August for Fall Semesterand December through January for Spring Semester. Information will be available on the My-Housing website as assignments are processed.Room changes are permitted, subject to approval of University Housing Staff and the availabilityof space. Room changes may occur throughout the semester except during the following times:1. First three weeks of the fall semester2. First two weeks of the spring semesterYou may change rooms only with prior written authorization from the University Housing office.Unauthorized room changes or failure to move out of a room at a designated time may resultin being required to move back to your authorized assignment, a service charge of $75, and/ordisciplinary action. Changes between residence halls are granted only in limited/special circumstancesand are at the discretion of the Assistant Director for Business Administration.Q. VACATINGYou will vacate the premises within 24 hours after termination of this contract, discontinuanceas a student, or your last summary instructional period of the semester, whichever occurs earliest.If you are graduating from the University, you may remain in your room until 12:00pm onCommencement Day but are required to notify University Housing staff of your late departure.Under no circumstances may you remain in your room later than building closing time on thelast day of the contract term.R. CHECK-OUTWhen vacating the room, you must follow written instructions provided to you during the ContractTermination process (if you are moving out during the semester), or if you are leaving at theend of the semester, follow the written instructions provided to you by your Resident Assistant(RA). This includes returning your keys to the designated staff member, removing personallyowned or rented furniture and equipment, waste and debris, and leaving the room in an acceptable,clean condition with all furnishings (including loft materials) intact. A room inspection byUniversity Housing staff will serve as the basis for check-out charges or refunds. Should extracleaning by Department personnel be required because of poor housekeeping by you and/orabandoned property require storage until disposal, a service charge will be assessed.14

universityhousing.uwm.eduS. ABANDONED PROPERTYAny property left at the end of this contract term shall be removed from the room by UniversityHousing staff. If not claimed within 15 days, it will be considered abandoned and will bedisposed of accordingly. During such 15-day period, <strong>UW</strong>-<strong>Milwaukee</strong>, its officers, employees andagents will not be responsible for damage to or theft of the property.T. ROOM ENTRYAuthorized personnel may enter your room for serious life- or health-threatening emergencies atany time including over break periods. Authorized personnel may enter your room to performrequested, preventive, prescheduled, or emergency maintenance, to assess for any damages afterresident has vacated, or, in the absence of occupants of the room, to silence a disruptive noise.When possible, advance notice of room entry will be given. University Housing employees are requiredto report any violations of the terms of this contract they may observe when in your room.Property can be seized and removed from your room when it constitutes an imminent dangeror law violation, when it is University-owned property, or when staff have evidence that an unauthorizedpet is in the room.U. DINING SERVICEEvery resident living in University Housing is required to participate in the meal program withthe exception of residents in Purin Hall, Cambridge Commons upgraded suites, and Sandburg’sEast Tower. If you question whether the various menus can meet any specialized dietary needs,contact Restaurant Operations staff (RiverView or Cambridge residents, email Thea Wells,tcwells@uwm.edu. Sandburg or Purin residents, email Matt Powers, powers2@uwm.edu.)Any resident not required to participate in a meal plan may still choose to do so. CambridgeCommons upgraded suite and East Tower residents are required to pay an administrative fee tocover facility use regardless of whether they have a meal plan.1. HOW DOES THE PLAN WORK?The Resident Account includes an administrative fee to cover basic costs such as rent,utilities, basic staff levels, and services required to provide a full cafeteria operation inCambridge Commons, RiverView, and Sandburg. Every dollar above that amount isadded to the resident’s Panther Card to be spent at Restaurant Operations units acrosscampus. You will realize the greatest value from account dollars when eating in ResidenceHalls Dining Units. You are entitled to purchase as much as you wish at those units at a50% discount from cash or gold card prices (due to food cost variability, selected itemson the menu may not be priced at the 50% discount).Meals are a la carte and you may purchase as much or as little as you wish, paying only forthe items you select at each meal. Points on your card may be used at other campusRestaurant Operations locations at regular prices. As a Resident Account card holder, youdo not pay sales tax on your purchases.2. UNUSED POINTSWhen you select your level of participation at the beginning of the year, you areselecting for the entire academic year. Your account will be credited half of the annualamount each semester. This helps most residents budget their meal plan dollars. Anypoints not used Semester I will automatically be carried over to Semester II. Residentsmay monitor their usage by logging on to www.ManageMyID.com. If you feel this higheramount is too much for you to use, you may reduce plans by submitting a ContractPreference Change form.15

contract guide bookMeal Plan Rates 2012-2013*(2013-2014 Rates will not be known until Summer 2013)Level Annual Cost Semester Cost Cost BreakdownMeal Plan 1 $2,952.00 $1,476.00 $738.00 meal plan points + $738.00 administrative feeMeal Plan 2* $3,571.00 $1,786.00 $1,047.00 meal plan points + $738.00 administrative feeMeal Plan 3 $4,204.00 $2,102.00 $1364.00 meal plan points + $738.00 administrative fee* = default plan, if no plan is chosen in contract processLIGHT MEDIUM HEAVYBreakfast: Fresh Donut (.75) +Fresh Strawberries & Blueberries(1.60) + Hardboiled Egg(.25) Coffee (.80) = $3.40Breakfast: Two Fresh BakedBiscuits & Country Gravy (1.70)+ Fresh Red Bartlett Pear (.50)+ Fresh Scrambled Bacon andCheese Eggs (1.25) + Green Tea(.50) = $3.95Breakfast: Made to order Omeletw/ Ham, Peppers & Sausage(2.75) OR HomemadeBelgium Waffle w/ Fresh Berriesand Cream + ApplewoodSmoked Bacon (.99) + FriedHashbrowns (.97) + Milk (1.28)= $5.99Lunch: Roast Beef and CheddarCiabatta Sandwich w/ HouseChipotle Sauce, Spinach, RedOnion, and Fresh Tomato(3.12) + Grape fruit (.50) + Water= $3.62Dinner: Custom Made 1/3#Salad(1.94) + 12oz Bowl ofHomemade Shrimp Tortillasoup & Crackers(1.55) + EarlGrey Tea (.50) = $3.99Lunch: Made to order ¼#Fresh Bistro Burger w/ Provolone,fried mushrooms, caramelizedonions, and all the fixings(2.99) + Curly Fries (1.50) +Fountain Soda (.80) = $5.29Dinner: Create Your Own Pizza(2.99) + Garlic Breadstick (.89)+ Homemade Caesar Salad¼#(1.44) + Water = $5.32Lunch: Custom Made Stir Fry 1½# Bowl w/ Egg Roll (4.25) +Fresh Fruit Salad (Kiwi, Strawberry,& Pinneapple) (1.60) +Soy Milk (1.34) = $7.19Dinner: Carved Tri Tip Beefw/ Bordelaise Sauce(2.75) +Homemade Yukon Gold Puree(.99) + Fresh Green Beans (.85)+ Fresh Salad ¼#(1.44) + StrawberryKiwi Juice (1.45) = $7.48V. GOLD ACCOUNTThe Gold Account is a separate account attached to your Panther Card that can be used for nondiningservice purchases (i.e. vending, laundry, University Bookstore). This account is optionaland is activated by submitting the Gold Account Contract to the Panther Card Office (Union161). Deposits can be made at the Panther Card Office (Union 161), www.ManageMyID.com orthrough a Cash Value Center (CVC) in the laundry rooms of each residence hall.W. RULES AND REGULATIONSAll other necessary information is contained on the University Housing website, www.uwm.edu/housing.16

universityhousing.uwm.eduCOMMUNITY PROFILE:CAMBRIDGE COMMONSAt a Glance ...Built: 2010Population: 700 residents (75% first-year)Location: North Avenue & CambridgeAvenue (adjacent to <strong>Milwaukee</strong> River)Named For: Cambridge Avenue which runsin front of buildingNotable: LEED Gold Certified (first residencehall in Wisconsin, and one of only 32nationwide with that distinction).Building Amenities: Cafeteria, Grind CoffeeShop, 24-hour service desk, computer lab,Mac Media Lab, music practice rooms withrecording equipment, outdoor patio andcourtyard, <strong>UW</strong>M Bookstore branch, undergroundparking.Suite Amenities: Large rooms, walk-throughclosets, air conditioning, sink/vanity separatefrom bathroom, full-size refrigerator.Upgraded suites include: furnished kitchenand living rooms.17

contract guide bookCOMMUNITY PROFILE:RIVERVIEW RESIDENCE HALLAt a Glance ...Built: 2008Population: 475 residents (90% first-year)Location: North Avenue & CommerceStreet (adjacent to <strong>Milwaukee</strong> River)Named For: Gorgeous views of <strong>Milwaukee</strong>River basin.Notable: Highest concentration of firstyearstudents of any <strong>UW</strong>M Residence Hall.Quick and easy access to Oak Leaf RecreationTrail.Building Amenities: Cafeteria, ConvenienceStore, DVD Rental Kiosk, 24-hour servicedesk, computer lab, floor lounges with riverviews, study rooms on each floor, outdoorpatio and underground parking.Suite Amenities: Large rooms, walk-throughclosets, air conditioning, sink/vanity separatefrom bathroom.18

universityhousing.uwm.eduCOMMUNITY PROFILE:SANDBURG HALLSAt a Glance ...Built:1970 (North, South and West) and2001 (East)Population: 2800 residents (70% first-year)Location: Maryland Avenue & NewportStreetNamed For: Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Sandburg,who, in the early 1900s, lived six blockswest of what is now the <strong>UW</strong>M Kenwoodcampus.Building Amenities: Cafeteria, ConvenienceStore, Grind Coffee Shop, Palm Gardenslate-night restaurant, 24-hour service desk,computer lab, Flicks Movie Theater, centralizedfloor lounges, fitness room, limitedgarage parking.Suite Amenities: Varied floor plans, closetorganization systems, full bathroom, city/lake/campus views. East Tower Only:Kitchen furnished with refrigerator, microwaveand stove, air conditioning.19

CONTACT US!myhousing @^uwm[How to access your contract:1. Go to UniversityHousing.uwm.edu2. Click the MyHousing icon3. Log in with your EPanther ID4. Select your University Housing contract

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