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Equipment Policies• All equipment is loaned to current <strong>UWM</strong>Faculty, Staff and students (except Laptopswhich are only for <strong>UWM</strong> students) on a firstcome,first served basis.• Overdue fines are: $10.00/hour• Borrowers will need their valid <strong>UWM</strong>student ID.• Equipment is not renewable.• One type of equipment per person.• All equipment is due one (1) hour before theMedia and Reserve Library closes on thedue date.• Please do not leave equipment unattended.You are solely responsible for theequipment while it is checked out toyou, and you will be accountable forany overdue fines, damage, loss, ortheft.• You will be billed for reasonable repairor replacement costs if equipment orcomponents are damaged, lost, orstolen.• You are also responsible for any violationof the <strong>UWM</strong> Student Code of conductand the Computing Policy and <strong>Guide</strong>linesand all other applicable <strong>UWM</strong> policies.• All recordings/pictures must be downloadedprior to the cameras return. All files aredeleted upon return.• <strong>UWM</strong> Libraries is not responsible for theloss of, or damage to any files, photosor video during the loan period.• Do not tamper with the equipment hardware orsoftware or attempt to loador copy software on to the equipment.• Do not leave the equipment on the Media andReserve Library desk unless a staffmember is present. You must wait for theLibrary staff as they fulfill obligations toinventory components, test equipmentoperation and provide a receipt ifrequested.• Borrowers should be proficient in the use ofthe hardware/software they plan toaccess. Library staff does not provideassistance in the use of either hardware orsoftware.Software Available on the LaptopsWindows 7 Windows Live Movie MakerInternet Explorer Windows Media PlayerMozilla Firefox Real PlayerMicrosoft Office VLC Media PlayerWord Quick TimeExcel McAfee Virus ScanPowerPoint Adobe Acrobat ReaderAccess Roxio cd writing softwarePublisher Picasa 3 photo softwareSkype ZoombrowserFlipShareQuestions?Media and Reserve Library• (414) 229-4673• libmedia@uwm.eduReference staff is also available to assist in the use ofInternet resources, Library databases, etc.Wireless assistanceU.I.T.S. help desk• (414) 229-4040• http://www.uwm.edu/IMT/Prowlnet/<strong>UWM</strong> <strong>LIBRARIES</strong><strong>EQUIPMENT</strong> <strong>CHECKOUT</strong><strong>PROGRAM</strong><strong>Brief</strong> <strong>Guide</strong>http://www.uwm.edu/Libraries/media/media.html

AVAILABLE <strong>EQUIPMENT</strong>AUDIO RECORDERS – Zoom H2Built in microphone records audio ona SD Card – need headphonesfor playback.Comes with: Case, SD card, AC cable,USB cable.Loan Period: 2 DaysAUDIO RECORDERWINDSCREENFurry windscreen used to preventwind noises from interferingwith outside recordings.Loan Period: 2 DaysGRAPHING CALCULATOR-TI84 Plus SilverGraphic calculator for calculus,engineering, trigonometric,and financial functions.Comes with: snap on cover.Loan Period: 4 hoursSCIENTIFIC CALCULATORFor general mathematical use.Comes with: snap on cover.Loan Period: 4 hoursDIGITAL CAMERA -Canon FS22/31Shoots both video and stillphotos.Comes with: Case, SD card,USB cable, AC cable;software.Loan Period: 2 DaysDIGITAL CAMERA - NikonCoolpix L20Primarily a still photo camera.Comes with: Case, SD card,USB Cord.Loan Period: 2 DaysCAMCORDER – Flip UltraHDVideo camcorder -records video oninternal memory.Comes with: Case, USB cable.Loan Period: 2 DaysTRIPODSUsable with all digital cameras.Loan Period: 2 DaysIPAD**<strong>UWM</strong> STUDENTS ONLY**Comes with: Bag; AC cable;Loan Periods: 2 DaysLAPTOP**<strong>UWM</strong> STUDENTS ONLY**Dell laptopsComes with: Bag; AC cable;Surge Protector.Loan Periods: 4 hrs. /2 & 7 DaysWEBCAM – Logitech QuickcamWebcam for computers – can sit ontable or top of monitor.Comes with: Bag (Download softwarefrom Logitech website)Loan Period: 2 DaysEXTERNAL CD/DVDDRIVEExternal drive to play/recordDVD/CDs on a laptop.Comes with: Bag, 2 USB cables.Loan Period: 2 DaysETHERNET CABLEConnect Laptop to computer inputs.Comes with: Carrying bag.Loan Period: 2 DaysHEADPHONESStandard headphones with 1/8”jackLoan Period: 4 HoursCOMPUTER HEADPHONES– Logitech USBComputer headphones with USBplug and microphone.Loan Period: 4 Hours

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