The Cranfield MSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management ...

The Cranfield MSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management ...


The Cranfi eld MSc

Logistics & Supply Chain Management


the Class of 2012

MBA & MSc Recruitment


Personal Statement






� Swedish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Skiing (since the age of five),

travelling, architecture, design,

outdoor life (scout leader for

boy and girl scouts ages 15-17),

organising and volunteering

within events and student life.

Driven team player used to working within constraints and creating much from little. A real �doer��with an organisational mind, targeted on results. Strong

academic background within corporate finance, business economics and strategic management combined with internship experience within both retail and bank

services. Energetic and adapts quickly to new situations. Keen to apply knowledge and interpersonal skills in a multi-national group.

Key Achievements

Evaluated 75 tier one IKEA suppliers from a sustainability perspective, providing IKEA with a basic framework now used to evolve its future supplier basis and

reduce the environmental footprint.

Led social events with food and beverages for 150 people and managed a team of seven, serving students from Lund for a week during the student carnival, held

every fourth year.

Excelled in MSc core module strategic financial management and corporate evaluation, achieving 83%.


MSc in Business Administration with Finance

Lund University, Sweden

2010 - 2011

BSc (Hons) in Business and Economics with Finance

Lund University, Sweden

2006 - 2010

Erasmus exchange semester

Business School, University, Mannheim, Germany

2009 - 2009


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Career History:

IKEA of Sweden (IoS): Intern - ��������������������������- Sep 2011)

IKEA of Sweden handles development, sourcing, supply and steering and makes the IKEA range available to stores and customers all over the

world. IKEA employs around 127,000 people and has 276 stores in 25 countries worldwide.

� Successfully evaluated 75 tier one suppliers delivering living room components to IKEA by creating standardised forms and individual tutorials for regional

business development managers and trading offices. From this vital KPIs were identified and analysed. The documentation is now used by the category

board and IKEA environmental steering group to evolve the future supplier basis and reduce environmental footprint.

� Investigated by interview the procurement process of textiles. By establishing a general price and information list with policy documents securing the prices

and origin of textiles for IKEA�s upholstery business, the needs and wishes of the team were met and the procurement process was simplified and became


� As secretary assisted with a major supplier quotation round in the layer-glued segment where as a team of six from IKEA met ten suppliers to look at new

production setup proposals to achieve price reductions and new collaboration possibilities.

IKEA: Salesman Kitchen Department, IKEA Store - ��������������������������- Apr 2011)

IKEA is a multinational furniture company with operations in 44 countries and 25 stores worldwide, company revenue �23.5bn in 2010.

� Guided clients through the entire buying process, from sketching to taste consulting, design, practical advice, ordering and follow up. From this clients

received answers to their questions and felt more confident during the buying process.

� Gained helpful insights into the sales process, customer behaviour and the basis of a leading retail company which helped when meeting clients to achieve

the most out of each sales opportunity.

Lund University: Treasurer, J. H. Thomanders dormitory - Lund, Sweden (Jan 2010 - Dec 2010)

J. H. Thomanders dormitory is the only student house in Lund owned and supported by the University. Twelve students in various fields are

offered scholarship during their studies. Involvement in voluntary student work is the basis for the University scholarship.

� Elected treasurer during 2010 for the student house. Took care of administration, contact with University executive board, purchasing and bookkeeping.

Turnover was approximately �25,000.

Lundakarnevalen: Board Member Ticket Section, Head of Events - Lund, Sweden (Jan 2010 - Sep 2010)

Lundakarnevalen, the student carnival in Lund, is a three-day long carnival held at the end of May and arranged by the students at Lund

University every fourth year since 1896. The popularity of the carnival has grown over the years and has approximately 500,000 visitors daily.

� Successfully marketed the carnival and arranged events such as a external ticket release which resulted in all 1.5m visitor tickets being sold out.

� Managed to arrange social events on a regular basis stretching from February to September 2010 and thereby connecting the section members to each

other and creating a coherent group.

World Scout Jamboree 2011: Financial Officer, Client Communication Department (Sep 2010 - Mar 2011)

World Scout Jamboree is a scouting jamboree of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement which is held every fourth year. Participating

scouts come from all over the world and are aged between 14 and 17. About 40,000 scouts were visiting the 2011 World Scout Jamboree, held in


� Implemented financial policies for approval of travel expenses, promotion material and administrative costs, resulting in deadlines for expense reporting and

cost grouping for different types of promotional articles. These actions led to a clear picture of expenditures to date and how to use the remaining budget in

the best possible way.

� Established and held a budget of �360,000 for communication department purposes. By forecasting interest of attendees, expenditures could be estimated,

recorded and followed up. Making the Jamboree visible through well aimed communication items such as information folders and give-aways resulted in a

record number of visitors.

Swedbank: Cash Manager Intern - ������������������������- Aug 2008)

Swedbank is a Swedish public bank corporation with operation in the Nordic and Baltic countries, employing 17,000 people.

� Undertook to learn and teach employees a newly implemented system for deposits and withdrawals which resulted in taking responsibility for all cash

operations during the internship.

� Helped customers with deposits, withdrawals and financial products sales which built confidence in helping with more complex issues and provided a total

service for each customer to secure customer satisfaction.

� Gained knowledge regarding the fundamentals of a bank and its operations by attending courses, practicing this in reality and taking responsibility for cash


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Miss Afua Aggrey



Second Nationality:


Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Reading Business Related

Magazines, Doing Research

for Organisations, Playing

Scrabble and Writing Poems.

A highly motivated, focused, and dedicated team player with a solid background in the Finance Industry. Possesses strengths in the area of Finance and Research.

Now seeking opportunities to apply and develop existing knowledge and skills as a Supply Chain Management Professional within a client focused, dynamic



Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Developed a successful and highly regarded housing product for low income communities during a three month internship as a research assistant.

Graduated with a First Class Honors Degree in Banking and Finance at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.


BSc Banking and Finance

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and


2006 - 2010

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Afua Aggrey

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Career History:

Juliag Chemist: Assistant Logistics Officer - Ghana (Jun 2010 - Jul 2011)

A sole proprietorship which aims to develop rapidly into a large Pharmaceutical entity. Currently Involved in the Retail of Pharmaceutical Products

to Consumers.

� Succeeded in significantly lowering costs and reducing inventory levels by employing the 'FIRST IN, FIRST OUT' and 'FIRST EXPIRED, FIRST OUT'

policy of inventory management. The 'FIRST IN, FIRST OUT" policy ensured efficient stock rotation whilst later ensured that the first expiring batch went

out first.

� Negotiated lower prices with several suppliers by introducing the bidding system and successfully improving delivery times by notifying suppliers early

enough before shortages occurred.

Opportunity International Savings and Loans Limited: Intern - Ghana (Aug 2008)

A Micro Finance Institution that provides small entrepreneurs with loans, deposits and other financial services that enable them to increase their

income and help transform their lives.

� Reduced customer complaints significantly by gathering complaints from the suggestion box, compiling them, submitting them to the managers and doing

follow ups to make sure the complaints were attended to in time.

� Influenced individuals and businesses to do business with the organisation by doing presentations on the company's products in markets and other social

gatherings at weekends. This resulted in an increase in the average number of new clients from five to ten per week.

� Clarified customer requirements by undertaking market research and feasibility studies on various products and services.

Habitat for Humanity International: Research Assistant - Ghana (Jun 2008 - Jul 2008)

A non profit organisation dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness and making adequate and affordable shelter a matter of

conscience and action.

� Assisted the organisation by conducting feasibility studies to structure a housing loan repayment system for low income communities. The loan product was

implemented and is well used.

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Mr Akinbolu Emmanuel Akeju



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Market / product awareness.

Interested in new products

especially gadgets and

technology. Up to date with

market trends using Financial

Times and a subscriber of their


A highly organised and efficient person with excellent planning and problem resolution skills. Experienced in the production of a range of financial reports and sales

and marketing operations. Works effectively within a team environment and using initiative to ensure that targets and objectives are achieved. Seeking a career in

a Supply Chain role for a leading organisation with opportunities to develop into a management role.

Vice president of Afro-Caribbean society Bradford (2009-2010). Worked along with nine executives in the society to successfully plan and organise a host of

events and dinners.

Collected specific financial data for dissertation, which was at a price beyond budget, therefore used negotiation skills successfully to acquire the data at an

affordable rate.

Software proficient Microsoft office applications. Performed presentations as part of assessment at BSc., all of which gained above 65% and Information

technology grades were BC level certificate.

BSc Economics

University of Bradford, UK

2008 - 2011

Business Foundation (UFP)

Brookehouse college

2006 - 2008


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Akinbolu Emmanuel Akeju

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Career History:

Interprods Ltd: Accountant - Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria (Jul 2010 - Sep 2010)

Interprods Ltd are an organisation that provides cheque products and services, business processing outsourcing management, coin management

systems, cash management machines and cards for banks and the central bank of Nigeria

� Prepared financial information to recommend or develop efficient use of resources and procedures. Provided strategic recommendations and solutions to

business' and solutions to their financial problems.

� Analysed and advised on business operations including revenue and expenditure trends, financial commitments and future revenues. Carried out thorough

investigations into all financial processes within the company to ensure that options given met organisational needs.

� Prepared financial management reports, including financial planning and forecasting.

Chams PLC: Marketing and Sales Representative - Lagos, Nigeria (Jun 2009 - Sep 2009)

Information Technology Organisation, ID cards, Bank cards, Point of Sale terminals, Computer Sales and Services, Internet Provision for

company's and households.

� Built strong relationships with young people within University environments to promote the use of computer games centres. Designed presentations and gave

opportunities for individuals to experience the products on offer. This significantly increased the number of clients using the service.

� Evaluated all available research into the games centre market in order to create a sales strategy that included leaflet production and display board

advertising to target a specific potential audience.

� Communicated effectively and efficiently with potential customers, especially those that were on the move and also those that were unaware of the product.

Interprods Ltd: PA to CEO - Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria (Jul 2009 - Aug 2009)

Interprods Ltd provide cheque products and services, business processing outsourcing management, coin management systems, cash management

machines, preparing financial management reports, cards for Banks and CBN

� Dealt with correspondence, writing letters, taking minutes and producing dictated notes for the CEO.

� Produced documents, spread sheets, briefing papers, reports and presentations Dealt with telephone orders and some complaints.

� Screened telephone calls, handled enquiries and requests when appropriate.

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Mr Sai Kishan Arun Kumar




� Tamil (India)

� Telugu (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Cricket, Athletics,


Graphic Designing, Social

Networking, Listening to

Music, Creating and Delivering

Presentations, Team Building,

Town-Volunteer activities and


A creative, dedicated, hardworking and exuberant individual with almost two year's experience as an Architect in a world renowned construction company. Critical

thinker, competitive, natural team player and team handler with excellent inter-personal and managerial skills. Eagerly looking forward to face and succeed in the

challenges posed by the multicultural and innovative environment of global Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Analysed and developed new design standards which can henceforth be used as the reference while building IT parks. Reduced the time and money required to be

spent by Architects on design by 75%.

University Topper for the eighth term which included Practical work and Report making, and won Design competitions conducted in National level Architectural

Symposiums of varied significance.

Captained the Athletics team and Choreographer of the University Dance Troupe, guiding the team to victory in many State and National level competitions.

Bagged �Best Sportsman of the year��Award.

Bachelor of Architecture

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchchirappalli,


2005 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Sai Kishan Arun Kumar

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Career History:

Larsen and Toubro Limited � ECC Division: Architect � TamilNadu, India (Jul 2010 - Aug 2011)

L&T is an engineering, construction and manufacturing company, ECC - India�s largest construction organisation with over 60 years of experience

and expertise in the field. Among the World�s Top Contractors and ranks 29th among top global contractors and 77th among international


� Underwent a nine day Training programme with GreenBooks Learning Solutions, which helped in fine-tuning skills in corporate communication, corporate

writing and corporate presentations.

� Analysed and developed a design standard called �Standardisation for IT Parks�, which has played a major role in optimising the design of IT parks. This

was developed based on the analysis of the conclusions derived from the existing IT buildings. Resulted in an increase in the efficiency of design time by

about 75%.

� Created many architectural and business presentations which have contributed a great deal in winning projects worth millions.

� Worked as part of a team as well as individually in multiple high profile design projects such as Cognizant IT Buildings, TCS, and many more. Proficient in

the design and development of AutoCAD Drawings, Tenders, Manual and 3D models, Sketches and Bill of Quantities for various projects.

A.Seetharam Naidu & Son: Intern � TamilNadu, India (May 2010 - Jun 2010) (May 2009 - Jul 2009)

A.Seetharam Naidu & Son is a Private Shipping Clearing and Forwarding company established in the year 1925 and running successfully.

� Worked as an Intern during the summer breaks and contributed significantly in winning new business from leading Textile and Food manufacturers.

� Designed and developed new formats for Shipping Bills (Imports and Exports).

� Attended various Plant-Quarantine Inspections and Loading/Un-Loading in the Harbour as well as Warehouses. Gained 25% Profit by planning the

transport routes and methods.

� Proud member of the Chennai Customs House agents Association since 2011.

Cheralathan Associates: Architect Trainee �Tamil Nadu, India (Jun 2008 � Nov 2008)

Cheralathan Associates one of the leading architectural firms in India, offers comprehensive professional design consultancy services in

Architecture, Interior design, Landscape Architecture and Conservation.

� Provided a wholesome and cohesive spatial experience to all clients, synthesising all aspects of Architecture, Interior and Landscape design.

� Designed the furniture layout, wall cladding, flooring, false ceiling, lighting for several successful Interior projects under the guidance of Ar. Rajkumar, one of

the leading Interior Architects in South India.

� Offered a permanent position in the firm post-internship, as recognition for the dedication and good quality of work delivered.

� Secured a 10 point GPA and placed first in the class in the evaluation based on the work and achievement during this internship period.

National Institute of Technology: Athletic Team Captain �TamilNadu, India (Jul 2008 - May 2010)

The Sports Team of National Institute of Technology is a non-profit Sports Organisation of the University, One of the best University Sports team

in South India.

� Elected as the Assistant Sports Captain of NIT sports team for the year 2007 � 2008, as a result of forming a new team by finding new talents among the

University and winning several inter NIT Titles.

� Led a team of 25 athletes who won the Overall Championship for the University in Sports.

� Secured Individual championship in the year 2008 by winning four Gold medals.

� Awarded �Outstanding Sportsman� twice by the Alumni Association for the year (2007 � 2008) and (2009 � 2010).

National Institute of Technology � Dance Troupe: Dancer � Tamil Nadu, India (Mar 2005 � May 2010)

The Dance Troupe of NIT - T, the most respected Dance Team of South India, consists of 35 members and has won the major inter-collegiate and

professional dance competitions in India.

� Played a key role in the choreography and training of the troupe members in different styles of dance ranging from Hip-Hop to Indian classical.

� Participated and won several high profile inter-collegiate competitions across South India repeatedly over the years, hence establishing a reputation and

setting high standards for the Troupe.

� Member of the Organising committee of the Cultural team for Festember (an inter collegiate cultural festival conducted by NIT-T). Successfully managed

and organised the Choreography competition which included many dance teams from all over the country.

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Mr Harish Batana




� Hindi (India)

� Telugu (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Playing cricket, Swimming,

Travelling, Reading books,

Solving puzzles, and Cooking.

Event management,

Volunteering for social cause.

Nature and Landscape


Dedicated, determined and dependable graduate with excellent academic track record and good communication skills. Well organised individual and a vivid learner

with a passion for new and challenging tasks. Quickly adapts to new environments. Looking for a challenging role in global supply chain market.

Identified and rectified defects in the costing engine of an enterprise resource planning solution, which was the cause for inventory being undervalued by


Achieved top 1% in several country and state level aptitude exams, ranked second highest graduate in department and was one of 11 students selected for summer

exchange program between IIT and USC.

Elected President of Hall council for HJB Hall during college. Lead a team of 10 elected council members and handled US$25,000 budget during tenure of two

semesters for three major hall events.

BTech (Hons) Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

2004 - 2008


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Harish Batana

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Career History:

Price Waterhouse Coppers(PwC): Consultant - Hyderabad, India (Dec 2010 - Sep 2011)

Price Waterhouse Coopers, a Big Four firm providing accountancy and professional services internationally across 154 countries. In technology

consulting PwC is a diamond level member of oracle partner network.

� Successfully upgraded oracle release 11 to release 12 for India Pistons Limited, a leading automobile part manufacturer and Mahle IPL Limited, a joint

venture between Mahle, Germany and India Pistons Limited. Lead a team of 10 to accomplish technical part of the projects on time and configured the

supply chain modules well ahead of schedule.

� Achieved a record upgrade downtime of four days by conducting three planned trial upgrades for both India Pistons Limited and Mahle IPL Limited.

Effectively the trial runs brought down the downtime from 21 days to four days.

� Supported both clients for a period of two months after going live. Provided timely resolution for day to day issues and critical period closure issues.

Performed weekly root cause analysis and took preventive measures.

LGS Global Limited: Consultant - Hyderabad, India (Jul 2010 - Nov 2010)

LGS Global Limited, established over a decade ago is a global Information Technology and Outsourcing Service provider with an exceptional track

record of providing high quality, on budget, and on time solutions to demanding clients.

� Handled supply chain management portion of oracle enterprise business suite implementation for Parasakti cements, a major cement manufacturer and

Fortuneart Cables a cable manufacturer. Introduced effective controls, email alerts and electronic approvals which decreased user's response time and


� Designed and developed various key production reports which helped clients in their day to day production activities. Reduced period closure time by

80%, implemented rack and bin system in spares warehouse and brought down the overhead cost by 20%.

� Gave a presentation on supply chain modules of oracle business suite to client executives which helped LGS in securing an implementation project worth


Price Waterhouse Coppers(PwC): Consultant - Hyderabad, India (Jun 2008 - Jul 2010)

Price Waterhouse Coopers, a Big Four firm providing accountancy and professional services internationally across 154 countries. In technology

consulting PwC is a Diamond level member of the oracle partner network.

� Restructured manufacturing business processes in line with oracle ERP for SEW infrastructure Ltd. Mapped and configured all supply chain management

modules. Trained core team members across various locations. Provided seamless integration between different project sites and between various

departments. Gained in depth knowledge of supply chain modules of oracles enterprise business suite.

� Helped CRI Pumps a leading pump manufacturer in India, to migrate their ERP solution to an enhanced higher version. Reduced 30% IT Maintenance

costs by expanding the scope of ERP during migration to 20 sales branches across the country.

� Organised various team outings by regularly coordinating with all team members. This ensured the events were effectively planned and managed and came

within the total budget of US$3000.

University of Southern California(USC): Summer Intern - Los Angeles, USA (May 2007 - Jul 2007)

Summer Intern as a part of USC - Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur summer research program sponsored by InfoUSA.

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Mrs Elena Belyakova




� Russian

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Spending time with my

daughter and the family.

Enthusiastic home cook, breadbaker

and pastry chef. Love to

surf style and beauty blogs to

pinch ideas for daily looks and

personal fitness.

Supply Chain Manager with over 10 years experience with top tier FMCG companies. Clear and concise communicator with strong project management, effective

team building and influencing capabilities. A high achiever with a strong track record of delivering results across a wide range of operational challenges, including

factory start-ups, ERP implementations, supplier management, customer service excellence, staff recruitment and development.

Successfully led set-up of the new plant Supply Chain function. Recruited and trained purchasing, planning, operational logistics staff to support the start-up and

operations of a major facility.

Turned around direct materials��sourcing and planning team from immature group of individuals to a highly effective team delivering excellent materials availability

(14% service level uplift).

Designed and implemented a revised full-scale tender / existing supply base for the purchasing category with the released potential of US$1.3m annual saving

against US$15m overall spend.

BSc Information Systems in Economy

Moscow Academy of Instrumental Engineering and


1992 - 1997


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Career History:

Curriculum Vitae: Mrs Elena Belyakova

Kimberly-Clark LLC: Plant Logistics and Purchasing Manager - Stupino, Russia (Feb 2008 - Jul 2010)

KC Corporation is a leading global health and hygiene company with sales of US$19.1bn. KC Russian facility was launched in 2010 after two years

of construction and manufactures predominantly baby hygiene products (Huggies) with the plans to further expand into Family/Feminine Care.

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� Developed the structure of the plant Supply Chain function and led its implementation. Recruited and trained purchasing (technical, services, direct

materials), materials and production planning, operational logistics (materials and finished goods warehouses) teams, 25 people in total, US$22m direct and

indirect materials under control.

� Led the implementation of SAP work streams related to purchasing, materials/production planning and inventory management/physical distribution off-site

whilst also ensuring that effective manual routines were in place to maintain good controls ahead of the go-live date.

� Established all operational logistics processes/facilities required for the start-up of manufacturing, in-coming materials warehouse including systems, lifting

equipment, essential SOPs and the finished goods staging / shipping off-site area managed by the 3PL.

Avon Cosmetics LLC: Plant Sourcing and Planning Manager - Narofominsk, Russia (Aug 2004 - May 2007)

Avon Cosmetics is a leading beauty company, with US$10bn in annual revenue. Avon manufacturing in Russia was launched in 2004 to supply big

and growing local market with the products of three categories � Family Care, Personal Care and Colour Cosmetics with the plans to further

expand to Perfume.

� Having joined a start-up facility just two weeks ahead of first production and having inherited an immature and under-resourced team urgently assessed and

resolved the critical headcount/skill issues and was able to ensure good material availability for the entire start-up/commissioning phase.

� Lead the development of a new in-house planning tool to provide a longer and more accurate MRP. This in turn released additional work hours to the

planning team enabling a stronger focus on scheduling rather than �exceptions��management and delivered a 14% uplift of service levels.

� To support the need to commence fragrance manufacturing locally researched and set up an end-to-end ethanol supply solution, initiated contracting the

best vendors and resolving all patenting and legal issues of the marketplace for ethanol at the time.

Mars LLC: Packaging Buying Manager � Stupino, Russia (Dec 2000 - Jul 2004)

Mars LLC is one of the biggest global food and petcare business' with net sales of more than US$30bn and has a well respected and recognised

portfolio of branded products across six categories (eg. Snickers, Mars, Pedigree, Whiskas, Wrigley, Dolmio, Uncle Ben�s).

� Re-shaped the buying principles used in the purchasing areas of responsibility (folding boxes, paper, labels across all the product categories) within the

framework of business transitioning from the launch stage to maturing - implemented benchmarking process and other corporate best practices.

� Optimised the pricing in the category based on flexible approach to defining the optimal inventory level vs printing run lengths.

� Designed and implemented the first full-scale tender in the folding boxes aiming to maximise value to the business through existing supply base

revision/competitive bidding based on cost-plus model - the released potential of US$1.3m annual saving against US$15m overall spend.

� Led the programme of local E-flute board supply development - bringing the local suppliers to the standard of quality and pricing demanded by Mars,

gradual transition from corporate international suppliers to the local ones without risking business continuity/runability parameters of the lines.

Mars LLC: Public and Regulatory Affairs Manager, CIS � Stupino, Russia (Nov 1998 � Nov 2000)

Leading the team of three people making sure that Mars CIS had all statutory safety/compliance documents and the right labelling for the legal

presence on shelves and pet food importation. Translating statutory legal food and pet food safety requirements into business processes and


� By pro-actively working with Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health, arranging the right level of communication between the business and officials as

well as the proper profile visits of the local officials to Mars pet food units enabled product launch of canned pet food in the difficult market conditions

arising from BSE incidents across Europe in 2000.

� Advised Sales, Marketing, R&D, Purchasing and other functions, as well as international suppliers and sister units, on the Russian regulatory aspects and

climate that would affect proposed activities - over 50 projects every year.

� Lead the project of the colouring acceptance for the M&M�s product export to the Ukraine - co-ordinated the submission of the required documents to

Ukrainian Ministry of Health ensuring M&M's colouring safety and compliance to international food regulations, arranged the successful visit of Ukranian

health and safety inspectors to a number of Mars facilities producing M&M's - minimum gap in M&M�s sales on the Ukrainian market due to urgent

resolution of M&M�s colours��prohibition.

Mars LLC: Snack food Raw Materials Scheduler � Stupino, Russia (Sep 1997 - Oct 1998)

Making sure that Mars LLC snack food factory is continuously supplied with all the raw materials (~450 SKU). Working within the framework of

the global and local commercial contracts with the suppliers, keeping the inventory levels at their targeted parameters.

� Consistently delivered 100% material availability to snack food production at agreed inventory levels by accurately and properly using the tools available in

the business. Pro-actively highlighted/resolved together with Purchasing, Manufacturing and R&D potential issues in case they could impact the pipe-line of

snack food raw materials/cause business continuity risk.

� Led the successful and timely implementation of SAP transportation model including all Europe testing and training plans.

Mars LLC: Customs Group Clerk � Stupino, Russia (Aug 1996 - Aug 1997)

Joined Mars before graduation from the Academy on a temporary basis as a summer intern to run minor clerical projects. Was offered a place in

Customs Group/SC Department after the internship has been over initially as a temporary clerk in Aug 1996 and later in 1997 as a permanent

Mars Associate.

� Developed from the scratch the internal reporting system on status of all imported / exported goods clearing customs in order to keep the stakeholders

(materials schedulers, planners, engineers) better informed about the materials flows they managed.

� Implemented the process of tracking changes in customs legislation / highlighting their potential impact on the business to the key stake-holders so they

stopped being bad and late actioned surprise to the company.

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Miss Sofia Bianchi




� French

� Portuguese

� Spanish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Jazz music and going to

concerts, baking, learning

German and Spanish and

travelling. Family comes from a

white-wine production

background, so this is part of

cultural heritage.

Energetic, creative and pragmatic person with main areas of interest in Retail Operations and Green Logistics. Working in fields such as Banking Data and

Statistics, Finance Consulting and Fashion industry helped to realise the importance of teamwork, innovative thinking and taking responsibility. Looking forward to

build a stimulating, international and challenging work career in the Logistics field.

Presented three investment projects in one month, at Mota-Engil. Having had a tight schedule, kept close contact with the investors and studied thoroughly the

community programmes' legislation.

Managed a team of 12, teaching them how to approach potential donors and take charge of financial donations, as a head Volunteer in a National Campaign to

collect food.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

As a team member at Salsa Jeans participated in a wholesale fashion exhibition in Paris "Who's Next" and dealt with a large flow of clients from all over the world.


BSc Business Management

Universidade Catolica Portuguesa

2007 - 2010

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Sofia Bianchi

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Career History:

Mota-Engil: Investment Projects and Community Funds Intern - Portugal (Oct 2010 - Aug 2011)

Mota-Engil is a Portuguese Construction Company which operates mainly in the field of Engineering, Logistics and Transport Concessions.

� Created three investment projects in three different fields, in one month: Bridge Innovative Construction, Hotel and swimming pool fun park and a Golf

complex. All of these projects were approved and the group earned �4.5m. Accomplished this task within a strict time scale and developed flexible study

techniques having had to cover different business domains.

� Covered the integration process with a younger intern. Introduced them to a third person, ensured they gained an understanding of the main company

guidelines and department work ethic and rules. Learned how to pass on acquired knowledge and best practices.

Salsa Jeans: International Wholesale Client Account Manager - Portugal (May 2010 - Sep 2010)

Salsa is a Fashion and Apparel company with stores all over Europe, Middle East and several countries across the globe.

� Took responsibility for stock management and shipping of wholesale orders from more than 20 countries and 3,000 clients. Managed over 90% of the

clients special orders, documented every abnormal situation and sold over �10,000 worth of the new collection.

� Participated and prepared various European fashion fairs. Used sample and stock management planning. Arranged co-ordination of the fair's stand and the

assembly team. Developed the ability to answer questions quickly in a tense environment.

� Established the co-ordination of communication channels between sale's agents, clients and Salsa headquarters. Shortened the bureaucratic process in order

to solve supply shortages and misunderstandings between the different parts.

Banco de Portugal: Intern - Portugal (Jul 2008 -Sep 2008) (Jul 2009 -Sep 2009)

Portuguese Central Bank, department of Statistics of Non-Financial Companies: data uniformity for Statistical funds such as Eurostat and Bach


� Analysed more than 1000 companies' financial statements in the Statistics Department. Developed analytic skills and working methods. Communicated with

various financial accountants in different kinds of firms, taking the opportunity to understand different business logics.

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Mr Lennart Brueggemann




� German

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Striving to keep the perfect

balance of body, mind and soul

by regular physical exercise

and healthy cooking, a lifelong

learning and socialising.

Exploring foreign countries by

foot, car and boat.

A self-driven, highly dedicated and enthusiastic individual with a strong academic background in managerial Logistics. Good interpersonal and communication skills

with the ability to adapt efficiently to different environments. A fast learner with strong analytical abilities and problem solving skills, seeking career development in

the highly competitive consulting sector, with a focus on global Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Graduated top of the class (>50) with a BA in Logistics - University of Applied Science, Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Programmed an excel database for analysing and evaluating offers in the tendering process for outbound-logistic services at a tender volume of �50m during an

internship at the Daimler AG headquarters.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Researched and designed a framework to measure the logistical performance within the Supply Chain of an international company.


BA in Logistics

University of Applied Science Ludwigshafen

2008 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Lennart Brueggemann

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Career History:

University of Applied Science, Ludwigshafen - Bachelor Thesis (Feb 2011 - Apr 2011)

"Framework for the analysis of logistical indicators within the Supply Chain" (80 pages)

� Conducted literature research on the contemporary definition of logistics, associated business areas and impact on different business strategies. Segmented

the material flow into Inbound, Intra and Outbound Logistics and allocated each operational logistic division to one of these segments by identifying their

scope of duty and responsibility.

� Identified suitable "Key Performance Indicators" to measure the isolated logistical performance within each operational division. The main emphasis was on

the display of the logistic structure, the productivity and the temporal and qualitative performance.

� Designed a KPI-System to measure the logistical performance with due regard to the internal interdependencies and those between the company and the

trading and service partners. The KPI-System enabled the user to evaluate the logistical performance of each operational area and identified the weak spots

and especially the bottle-necks inside the material flow.

Daimler AG: Internship - Stuttgart, Germany (Feb 2010 - Jul 2010)

The "Worldwide Transport Logistics Department" is situated at the Daimler headquarters and is responsible for the tendering of all outbound

logistic services and the negotiations for the master contracts concerning road, rail, air and sea transports.

� Participated in the tendering process for "Mercedes-Benz Vans" for concepts of the Vehicle Logistics Centre, invitation of tenders on a state basis as well

as short sea shipping with a tender volume of �50m. The key task was to design, programme and operate an excel-based database for analysing and

evaluating offers from service providers in the framework of tenders, which reduced the time to computerise and analyse the incoming offers by 50%.

� Drew up management decision model presentations based on the results of the previous offer analysis and set up and attended the meetings with global

logistic contractors to negotiate the terms and prices of their offers. On the basis of the management decision models the responsible manager was able to

negotiate during these meetings and finalise the tender with a reduction in expenses of 4%, which led to a monetary saving of �2m over the next three years.

Wortmann KG: Intern and project assistant in the logistics department, (Jun 2008 - Aug 2008)

Wortmann Group is a leading manufacturer of fashionable shoes in Europe. The fashion segment sells approximately 25m pairs of shoes and the

standard segment sells more than 40m pairs. The export quota amounts to some 55% as Wortmann shoes are sold in more than 70 countries all

over the world.

� Worked as a full team member in the logistics team during the seasonal delivery peak. Co-ordinated the disposition of up to 35 ISO containers a day and

ensured an efficient material flow of the discharged goods inside the warehouse.

� Due to outstanding work was entrusted with project related tasks in connection with the technical equipment, operation and monitoring of a new, external


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Miss Anna-Maria Busse




� German

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Travelling in Europe and

overseas, especially city trips.

Exercising different sports like

tennis, yoga, crossfit, running

and squash. Enjoy reading

historical novels and


A hard-working postgraduate student with a successfully completed Business Administration Diploma from the leading economics-oriented University in Germany

(University of Mannheim). Keen interest to work in the logistics consultancy area combined with thorough knowledge in the marketing area. An excellent

communicator, dedicated and with first-rate team working skills. Ambitious, very flexible, able to work alone and achieve results.

Conducted an empirical diploma thesis that demonstrated that partitioned prices are perceived to be unfair. This is a new link of marketing constructs which have

high importance for further analysis.

Developed new strategies for the re-launch of a global premium brand during a corporate seminar with Coty Inc. and University of Mannheim. Several of the ideas

presented were later adopted by Coty.

Analysed the pharmaceutical logistics market for a global pharma study of Miebach Consulting. Wrote texts for different pharma topics, some of which can be

found in the printed version of the study.

Diploma Business Administration

University of Mannheim

2005 - 2011


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Anna-Maria Busse

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Career History:

Miebach Consulting: Internship - Frankfurt am Main, Germany (May 2011 - Aug 2011)

Miebach Consulting delivers services worldwide across 17 offices, has 280 employees and is one of the leading Consultancies for Logistics and

Supply Chain design. As an intern gained an insight into the consultancy area with main focus on logistical problems.

� Created multiple Power Point presentations to support internal and customer projects. Analysed respective customers, competitors and market conditions

by conducting in depth and extensive internet researches and by evaluating internal data. Decided on how to design presentations independently and

submitted them to colleagues in the shortest time possible. All slides (i.e. once over 60 slides for one customer) were accepted in the final presentation

without any changes.

� Managed a worldwide study of logistical issues in the pharmaceutical industry. Evaluated and analysed results and conducted various graphics for the

printed version. Interpreted results and based on these and an in-depth internet research developed multiple drafts for the print version.

� Conducted extensive research over a variety of different topics for the creation of a FMCG industry booklet with a main focus on logistical issues.

Developed the design and content presentation for the booklet.

Lufthansa Technik: Internship - Hamburg, Germany (Jan 2010 - Jun 2010)

Lufthansa Technik AG is the leading manufacturer-independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft, engines

and components. The Lufthansa Technik Group consists of 32 companies with more than 25,500 employees with headquarters in Hamburg,


� Supported the implementation of a new computer based workflow tool as an intern for the whole Sales area at Lufthansa Technik.

� Presented the workflow tool in different areas and successfully trained employees in its usage (first-level support) not only in Hamburg but also via

telephone conference in China.

� Analysed the programming of the workflow tool to test its functionality. Found various bugs daily and reported these to Lufthansa Systems. Developed

solutions with the programmers, implemented the changes and thus significantly improved the utilisation of the tool within the company.

� Achieved a sound knowledge of project work, the general implementation of a computer based tool, its development and also the problems of

implementing a whole new system within a very large company between administrative and technical areas.

� Worked with the tool for six months and became main contact person for all kind of application problems. Gained expert knowledge on how to use the tool

and thus supported its usability and also significantly its user-friendliness.

Adam Opel AG: Internship - �������������������������������- Aug 2008)

���������������������������������������������������������������������������� It became a majority-stake subsidiary of the American General

Motors Corporation in 1929. In 2010 Opel announced that it would invest around �11bn over the next five years.

� Analysed in-country test reports (driving tests in different countries within Asia, Africa, Russia to analyse the car's behaviour under different weather and

climatic conditions) of different Opel models to show whether major problems during driving occur within the first 10,000km or later. Clustered the different

technical problems to develop a grading system for interpreting test results.

The usage of the grading system made interpretation of data possible. Test routes less than 10,000km being too short to give detailed information about

possible problems that might occur (e.g. engine breakdown, deterioration of brakes, etc.). Presented results graphically within the team and therewith

supported general assumption of the division.

� Results were of great importance to general management because their idea of reducing the length of test routes could be avoided. Shorter routes hiding

major car problems and creating the highest repair costs for Opel.

Swiss Optic AG: Internship - Heerbrugg, Switzerland (Jan 2007 - Feb 2007)

SwissOptic AG part of the BERLINER GLAS GROUP develops and manufactures a variety of coated precision optical components, modules,

assemblies and systems. Employs approximately 260 staff members and 20 trainees. Picked and packed orders of optical components for in-house

and external orders.

� Performed installation work and completed different optical modules in order to finish different customer orders. Installation included the cleaning procedure

of lenses and cells as well as glueing the modules. Started with approximately 100 finished modules a day and only a few days later completed customer

orders of 300 modules per days.

� Helped Swiss Optic to finish extremely important orders as a result of working quickly and accurately.

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Miss Xueying Chen




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoy travelling and meeting

people, listening to music and

singing, reading novels.

Dynamic and hardworking graduate with a solid academic background in Finance and Economics. Focused and result oriented individual with sound analytical and

quantitative ability. A good team player and able to work under pressure. Keen to take responsibilities and face challenges in the field of logistics and supply chain


Collected and organised data for Professor Wang Wensu's research on "Public goods in urban and rural area in China".

Volunteered with other fellow students to collect books and clothes for children needing help. Through co-operation gained a variety of views and learned to think

creatively as well as critically.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Successfully organised a voluntary activity to publicised others knowledge of the Olympics by leading a team of 30 students. Showed great coordination ability.


Bachelor of Economics in Public Finance

Central University of Finance and Economics,

Beijing, China

2007 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Xueying Chen

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Career History:

Standard Chartered Bank (China): Credit Intern - Beijing, China (Sep 2010 - Dec 2010)

Standard Chartered Bank (China) is one of the leading foreign banks in the Chinese banking industry.

� Facilitated cross-departmental communication by case handover and increased the efficiency in the Credit Department by 13%.

� Pre-checked mortgage and SME cases to ensure the files were intact and decreased the processing time for case approval.

� Responsible for keeping and sorting out case records in Personal Loan team, Mortgage team and SME team and made everything in perfect order to

enhance work efficiency and improve working environment.

� Increased management efficiency by organising regular meeting and reporting daily business to supervisors.

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Personal Statement


Miss Lorelei Coryn




� French

� German

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Love travelling, meeting people

and discovering other cultures.

Enjoy practising basketball.

Passion for music both listening

and playing. Been learning the

harp for 15 years.

Open-minded, creative and dynamic individual with a solid knowledge of a company's organisation acquired through working for family�s firm since 2004. Adapt

quickly to changing environments and business requirements. Excellent interpersonal, organisation and communication skills. Like to face challenges, take

responsibility and not afraid of taking calculated risks.

Key Achievements

Successfully organised the welcoming of the new student promotion as a member of the Student Union (Bureau des Eleves): events included conferences, parties

and travel to London for 200 people.

Took part in the 4L trophy, a humanitarian trip in Renault 4L between Paris and Marrakech, with a mission to bring school supplies to Moroccan children. Raised

funds towards a budget of �6,000.

Organised a graduate job fair that gathers companies (L'Oreal, Total), professional recruiters and students, with a budget of �200.000. Took responsibility for

catering and outside relationships.


Graduate Master Student at one of France's top ten

multidisciplinary Engineering Grandes Ecoles

(Curriculum : mechanics, electronics, project

management). Expected to graduate with a Diplome

d'Ingenieur/Master in October 2012

Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

2009 - Present

Classes Preparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles - CPGE.

Three years intensive undergraduate studies in

physics, mathematics, engineering sciences,

preparing for the selective entry exams to French

Grandes Ecoles of Engineering.

Lycee Faidherbe, Lille, France

2006 - 2009

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Lorelei Coryn

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Career History:

Procter&Gamble: Production Planner, Intern - Amiens, France (May 2011 - Sep 2011)

Procter & Gamble Co. is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation head-quartered in down-town Cincinnati, Ohio, manufacturing a wide

range of consumer goods.

� Studied production constraints due to a machine change and created a three month action plan. The aim was to anticipate production requirements and

optimise the line capacity to be as efficient as possible while limiting costs.

� Developed tools to help with different analysis such as the evolution of line capacity with the demand. Also created tools to check the data imported was

correct as a result of the observations and analysis of all related factors.

� Reduced warehousing costs through the thorough investigation and analysis of all stock movements, developing new processes to improve efficiency and

implementing corrective actions.

� Took part in the planning of production lines when employees were out of office. Anticipated production requirements and adapted them to customer's

demands and production constraints.

LogVad, Director Assistant - Toufflers, France (mon 2004 - mon 2011)

LogVad is a family run logistics company and works with e-commerce companies taking responsibility for the whole organisation from the

customer�s order to the product delivery.

� As a result of temporary contracts on tasks such as collecting, packing, shelf-stacking, labelling and inventorying, progressed in the company to Director

Assistant and gained a good knowledge in the organisation.

� Involved in the evolution of the company by supporting the creation of a new warehouse and new customers installation. Considered the problems

encountered, how to improve the tasks performed and the time taken to complete them. Really enjoyed meeting a lot of different people and analysing the

most appropriate solution. Learned to work independently and showed self-confidence by responding quickly when a decision had to be taken.

� Organised and optimised the removal of the inventory with a view to improving the supply chain and transportation of goods. Studied the stock evolution,

people work habits and analysed the best way to work while saving as much time as possible. As a result, the work is done more efficiently, completed

quicker and the company has achieved a high standard of quality.

Montabert: Intern - Lyon, France (Feb 2010 - Mar 2010)

Montabert is the worldwide leader for the design, production and distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic demolition and drilling equipment for

construction and civil works as well as the mining and quarry industry.

� During internship became familiar with a large organisation's operations and services. Observed how a company works and recognised businesses facing

international competition strongly rely on good management of the supply chain. As a result, elaborated a file to resume all actions taken ensured the

company stayed competitive.

Ecole Centrale de Lille (ECL): Design Group Project Member - Lille, France (Oct 2009 - May 2011)

ECL is one of France's top ten multidisciplinary Graduate Schools. The Design Group Project was a two-year team activity, involving engineering

students managing, with industrial partners, all aspects of an innovative project.

� Member of a creative team of six students, working on an innovative project with a view to developing a process to measure technical data in a rubbish

dump. Studied new technology that had never been used in this field and managed with the group to build a successful prototype device.

� Prospected and set up a collaboration with an industrial partner Baudelet. Negotiated a budget of �6000 to fund the project. As a result, the company

chose to industrialise the product and continue working with ECL students.

� Took responsibility for building relationships with suppliers and external contacts outside of the project, analysed risks and managed the budget. As a

consequence, improved communication skills by organising meetings and acquired strong team project management skills.

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Mr Alan Craigen



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Play football for local club and

represented University

Department football team. A

competitive Chess player

having won various

competitions at county level.

A driven, hard working, organised, and analytical finance graduate with the desire to apply knowledge and skills gained through education and a systematic

approach in a professional setting. A quick learner with a strong work ethic and professional integrity, who relishes further opportunities to develop.

Consistently exceeded customer satisfaction and resolution targets by 25% whilst employed at E.ON UK.

Conducted in depth investment analysis on the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. This culminated in a report detailing advice based on financials and analysis

of internal and external factors.

Achieved the highest score at Sharnbrook Upper School for A Level Business Studies, attaining over 95%, whilst also achieving A grades in Physics and


BSc Accounting and Finance

University of Leeds, UK

2007 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Alan Craigen

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Career History:

Makita UK Purchasing Department: Purchasing Clerk - Milton Keynes, UK (Aug 2011 - Sep 2011)

Worked in the Purchasing Department of the multinational Japanese producer of power tools with a turnover of over US$1.8bn.

� Enabled the Procurement Managers to audit stock turnover and plan deliveries by producing daily Excel reports that detailed stock availability and

warehouse space.

� Ensured products were properly defined under UK tax legislation by compiling the tax codes for over 20,000 products and parts used in production.

UK Mail: Distribution Centre: Call Centre Operative � Milton Keynes (Jun 2011 � Aug 2011)

Employed on a 16 hour contract in the UK Mail Call Centre in Milton Keynes. UK Mail provides delivery logistic services for packages in both

the commercial and individual consumer markets.

� Contributed to ensuring an efficient customer service by liaising with the intended recipient, agreeing a convenient date and time for redelivery of the

package, and arranging for the delivery to be actioned.

� Managed delivery expectations by communicating regularly with large customers such as John Lewis, Orange, and T-Mobile and satisfactorily resolved or

escalated customer quality complaints.

� Mitigated contractual liability risks by ensuring that any agreed changes to delivery times arising from damaged/missing goods or late/failed delivery

complied with contracted terms.

Movinato UK Central Admin Office: Transport Administrator - Bedford, UK (Apr 2011 - May 2011)

Employed as mid-term cover in the Central Administration Department of this pharma-logistics company, which delivers over 40% of

pharmaceutical products in the UK.

� Facilitated the efficient maintenance and access of vehicle records for the entire UK fleet by enhancing and implementing a new recording system.

� Enabled the provision of continuity benchmarks between UK wide depots by liaising with each depot to elicit critical information, and producing several

daily and weekly Excel reports that highlighted the updated UK operational position.

� Mitigated reputational risk and potential financial liabilities arising from defective stock by monitoring the stock storage conditions regularly throughout the

day via a chill alert system, and escalating any issues to management.

� Ensured the company complied with its customer service delivery targets by acting as the liaison between the customer services department and third party

couriers, and managing the emergency courier booking system in the event of insufficient internal delivery capacity.

UK Local Government and Referendum Elections: Technical Assistant - Bedford, UK (Apr 2011)

Postal vote verification and counting for the UK Local Elections 2011.

� Facilitated the smooth and efficient collection of data by scanning both votes and verification slips into the machine, deciphering where necessary, numbers

or barcodes which the machine did not recognise.

� Mitigated reputational risk of miscounts by ensuring that an auditable trail of votes always existed.

E.ON Energy Gas Services: Customer Service Specialist - Bedford (Nov 2010 - Mar 2011)

E.ON is one of the largest energy providers in the UK with a market share of over 17% in the UK energy market.

� Consistently exceeded customer satisfaction performance targets and resolution targets by 25%.

� Extensively used the internal billing system to determine the justification for credits and debits on accounts. Consistently exceeded targets relating to these

tasks by 50%.

� Mitigated reputational and regulatory risks and avoided complaints being escalated to the Ombudsman by satisfactorily resolving all complaints well within

the 90 days requirement.

� Supported the overall customer experience by contacting high risk customers following engineers' appointments to ensure that the full service was restored


DHL Pensions Department: Imaging and Data Input Operative - Bedford, UK (Jun 2008 - Sep 2008)

DHL is a multinational express logistics company. It had recently acquired a new pensions contract and wanted to make an electronic copy of these

documents rather than having to revert to paper files.

� Demonstrated professional integrity and ensured a high level of accuracy at all times due to the sensitive and confidential nature of many of the documents.

� Ensured the ongoing accuracy of the system data to facilitate correct pension calculations by highlighting and escalating discrepancies in paper and IT data

for further investigation and subsequent correction.

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Personal Statement


Mr Ales Danko




� Russian

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Business related periodicals

and literature, innovations,

Information Computer

Technologies, aviation,

photography, cars, music,

cinema, fitness, weight lifting,

martial arts, shooting and cue


A reliable open-minded individual with a 'can do' attitude and 18 months consultancy experience. Excellent delivery track record gained with leading international

companies. Possesses strong strategic thinking, analytical, problem solving, decision making and communication skills and is ready to go the extra mile in order to

exceed targets. A creative leader and hard working team player who is seeking challenging opportunities worldwide.

Key Achievements

Generated total savings in the region of US$6m and built an extensive professional network by delivering effective Business Process Management Improvement

consultancy to three organisations.

Awarded the 'Top 10% Arnhem Business School Student' and earned respect from academic staff and peers by demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills and

delivering outstanding academic performance.

Received the highest grade ever awarded at Arnhem Business School for a Logistics Policy Plan. The paper is currently held up as an example to other students

by the Dutch Logistics Lecturers.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics


Arnhem Business School - Arnhem, Netherlands

2009 - 2010

Advanced English speaker

European School of English - Saint Julian's, Malta

2008 - 2009

Propedeuse of World Economics

Minsk Institute of Management - Minsk, Belarus

2006 - 2008

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Ales Danko

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Career History:

LED Belarus: Logistics Consultant - Minsk, Belarus (Jun 2011 � Oct 2011)

A small private company and an official distributor of Light Emitting Diode (LED) products of Rishang Optoelectronics Ltd (a Chinese LED

products manufacturer).

� Introduced and implemented a spreadsheet Sourcing Cost Model (SCM) and Management Information System (MIS). Implementation of the SCM and

MIS increased overall business process and documentary transparency, lowered overheads by 10%, allowed more accurate landed costs calculation,

increased customer service level by 15%, improved stock visibility as well as allowed more flexible price setting.

� Defined and presented a Balanced Score Card for quarterly and annual reviews to direct and motivate the company's management and staff.

� Stimulated 25% growth in sales orders and significantly improved the company's online visibility using Google Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation


� Reduced routine administrative workload by 20% by developing and implementing an automated spreadsheet for accounting and customs documentation


McDonald�s Corporation / HAVI Logistics: Logistics Consultant - Minsk, Belarus (Mar 2011 � Aug 2011)

McDonald�s Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving more than 58m customers daily. HAVI Logistics

is "The Global Lead Logistics Provider" for food and non-food logistics, employs 5,000 staff and services giants like Pizza Hut and British

Petroleum stores.

� Enabled McDonald's Belarus to better focus on core business competence by presenting an Outsourcing Roadmap and convincing the McDonald's East-

European Management Team to outsource the company's Distribution Centre to HAVI Logistics.

� Developed a complete Outsourcing Roadmap based on Feasibility Studies and experience of McDonald's Corporation in neighbour states. The Roadmap

received excellent feedback from the East-European McDonald's Division and HAVI Logistics for provision of deep insights into Distribution

Centre/Logistics Outsourcing Process, Best-in-Class practices, Financial Impact Analysis, Change and Relationship Management guidelines.

� Defined Service Level Agreements (SLA) and an Economic Store Inventory Management Assistance (ECOSIMA) implementation plan. The new SLA

maximised the service level up to 98.8%, while ECOSIMA allowed Unassisted Delivery to every restaurant.

� Speeded up Outsourcing Process by 20% and received positive feedback from the local Management Team by clarifying outsourcing related bureaucratic

procedures and preparing a detailed checklist for legal property and assets transition to HAVI Logistics.

� Effectively budgeted primary capital expenditures for expansion, re-modelling and Warehouse Management System update. The budget was used as a main

input for Financial Analysis and decision making by the local and East-European McDonald's Management Teams as well as led to more precise Capital

Expenditures planning by both companies.

Cargill Flavor Systems: Supply Chain Intern - Amsterdam, Netherlands (Jun 2010 � Feb 2011)

Cargill Flavor Systems is a global flavour business with a primary strength in beverage and dairy applications. In the Netherlands, operations

include originating, importing and exporting fruit juices, and producing and delivering fruit juice blends and drinks.

� Influenced further investment decisions by providing a quantitative confirmation of the company�s preferred strategic direction towards buy-in-bulk.

� Successfully resolved a cost transparency problem and contributed to approximately US$5m annual savings on various products by designing and

implementing a fact-driven spreadsheet Cost Model using cross-functional data sharing, Management Accounting, Cost Engineering techniques and Supply-

Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model.

� Enhanced cross functional communication and understanding of the differences between functional and process orientated business models by organising

and facilitating regular face to face meetings with key representatives from Procurement, Logistics, Accounting, Sales and Quality Assurance.

McDonald�s Corporation: Distribution Centre Manager Trainee - Minsk, Belarus (Mar 2009 � Aug 2009)

McDonald�s Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving more than 58m customers daily. McDonald�s

Belarus employs around 800 people, operates six restaurants and a Distribution Centre.

� Increased Distribution Centre assets utilisation up to 80% and shortened restaurant delivery lead time by 12% by optimising delivery schedules and

implementing use of individual picking lists.

� Became a valuable asset for the company by successfully completing training period and mastering a range of Distribution Centre operations such as

inventory management, transportation and capacity planning, documentary control, pick-pack procedures as well as Quality Assurance and Hazard

Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).

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Personal Statement


Miss Heleen De Clercq




� Dutch (Belgium)

� French (Belgium)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Very fond of music, both

listening to it and playing the

clarinet in a classical band.

Enjoy reading to relax.

Highly motivated and ambitious graduate with strong academic background in business management and eager to develop skills in Logistics and Supply Chain

Management in an international setting. Capable of working autonomously, but also strong team player and not afraid to take the lead. Flexible with strong

analytical and communicational skills.

Key Achievements

Obtained Master's degree in Business Economics from the University of Leuven, Belgium with distinction by presenting thesis "A description of the geographic

landscape of green patenting".

Convinced the Belgian foundation Fernand Lazard to award an interest-free loan of �10 000 to finance studies in the UK by demonstrating excellent grades,

motivation and passion for LSCM.

Obtained degree in music theory and clarinet with distinction by attending class several hours a week over 11 years.


MA Business Economics

Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

2010 - 2011

BA Business Economics

Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

2007 - 2010

Certificate of the higher degree in clarinet,

instrumental ensemble and music theory

Academy of music, drama and dance, Overijse,


1998 - 2009

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Heleen De Clercq

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Career History:

University of Leuven: Student - Leuven, Belgium (Sep 2010 - Jun 2011)

Thesis: A description of the geographic landscape of green patenting, an individual thesis based on patent data collected by the European Patent


� Learned to work independently on a project and improved database skills by researching the existing literature on green patenting, analysing the vast

amount of data available and making conclusions with respect to green patenting in general, and more specifically, in Belgium. Provided a good basis for

further research and policy improvement and received a good score for Master's thesis.

Argenta banking and insurance: Summer Job Counter Clerk - Overijse, Belgium (Aug 2010 - Aug 2011)

Argenta is a relatively small Belgian retail bank with offices spread around the country. Argenta was the only Belgian bank that did not need

government support during the worldwide financial crisis.

� Performed all counter transactions including deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers, cheques, banc cards, creation and closing of accounts etc. which allowed

colleagues to focus on placements and insurances. As a consequence, the total amount of placements rose in August by 15% compared to July.

� Answered the telephone, answered clients' questions and made appointments to help clients as quickly as possible. As a result, waiting times on the phone

and in the waiting room were completely reduced.

Thiol bvba, Summer Job Shop Assistant - Overijse, Belgium (Aug 2009)

Thiol is an SME and imports French delicacies such as foie gras, selling mainly to restaurants and private clients.

� Placed orders to make sure that there was sufficient stock of every product such that each order could be despatched with minimal delay. Entered the

newly - arrived products in the computer accurately to ensure the inventory was kept up to date.

� Enabled the driver to deliver customer orders efficiently by preparing customer orders from the available stock and preparing the appropriate invoices.

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Personal Statement


Mr Aswin Dorairaj



Second Nationality:



� Tamil (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


A penchant for travelling and

meeting new people. Loves

reading, writing, music, general

sports and training to be a

cross country runner.

A natural self starter with proven entrepreneurial skills. Organised and dedicated with three years of varied experience in tough and challenging work

environments. A supportive and reliable team player with an academic and professional background in logistics and supply chain. Looking towards a career in the

supply chain consulting sphere or in an operational capacity of a logistics firm or allied organisation.

Key Achievements

Obtained the 'Best Dealer' award for the year 2009-2010 from Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd, for outstanding sales records and extensive brand development in the


In recognition of Mototrendz's outstanding performance, was invited to be a dealership partner of Hero electric, a subsidiary of the Hero Group having an annual

turnover of US$2bn.

Elected as Secretary of the Quiz Society in College for the year 2007-2008. Successfully co-ordinated and organised well acclaimed national level quizzing events

and conferences in Coimbatore.


Dip Logistics and Shipping

London School of Business Management

2010 - 2011

Certificate Course in Tally 9.0

Academy of Commerce - The Auditor's Association

of Southern India

2008 - 2008

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Coimbatore Institute of Technology

2004 - 2008

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Aswin Dorairaj

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Career History:

Mototrendz: Partner - Udumalpet, India (Jul 2008 - Jul 2011)

Mototrendz is a start-up automotive dealership specialising in electric vehicles. Started in 2008 and registered in 2009, it was the authorised

channel partner for Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., a Singapore based manufacturer of personal and commercial electric vehicles.

� Successfully started an automotive dealership specialising in a niche product range with a capital of US$16,000. Negotiated and obtained sole dealership

rights to Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. In the Region of Udumalpet, India.

� Developed and initiated a marketing strategy for the introduction and promotion of 'Ampere' brand of Electric Vehicles in the Region of Udumalpet, India.

� Liaised with the manufacturer for procurement, sales and market feedback. Analysed market requirements and learned to utilise forecasting techniques.

Streamlined purchase and inventory holding to reduce the necessary working capital of operations by nearly 50%.

� Achieved breakthrough results within the end of the first operational year and received the 'Best Dealer' award from Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd for

consistent sales in the region during the year of 2009 - 2010.

� Handled a team of several employees and interacted with customers and suppliers on a day to day basis. Gained in-depth knowledge on people

management and financial control with a personal focus on Operations, Marketing and Supply Chain.

� Developed keen management skills and learnt to face tough situations with a strategic and scientific resolution creating a ' can do ' approach and sound

business principles.

OnTime Sevenseas Logistics Pvt. Ltd: Management Trainee - Chennai, India (Aug 2010 - Dec 2010)

OnTime Sevenseas Logistics is a Third Party Logistics Firm having an annual turnover of over US$1.4m. The firm has 12 offices across India

employing over 200 people and is an industry leading service provider in the air, sea, warehousing and distribution sectors.

� Completed intensive market research analysis to identify and develop new customer leads as the firm had lost numerous customers due to the recent

dissolution of a Joint Venture partnership.

� Performed extensive research through physical visits and telephone interviews thus gaining intrinsic knowledge into the activities of the local market.

Generated a leads database of over several hundred potential customers. Devised and developed marketing strategies to obtain new customer accounts

utilising the leads database.

� Converted and maintained up to 10 new customer accounts simultaneously. Oversaw all operational activities for those customer accounts.

� Liaised with international and local associates to gain a keen knowledge of the international air and ocean freight market. Objectively analysed the

international scenario to obtain the best services for the customer accounts while maintaining company's profitability.

� Performed day to day operational activities utilising the Jupiter Business Manager CRM module.

� Displayed team work capabilities and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and results by sharing responsibilities of other team members in

crunch situations.

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Personal Statement


Mrs Cristina Lorenzetti Alves





� French

� Portuguese (Brazil)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Football, running, playing all

kind of team sports, travelling

abroad, getting to know

different cultures.

A passionate and energetic Supply Chain Project Leader with five years experience in the Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain departments of a multinational

organisation. Strong analytical thought combined with good leadership and interpersonal skills, developed from leading multi-disciplinary teams. Seeking new

challenges and learning horizons in Operations Management.

Key Achievements

Achieved a saving of US$60,000 in material cost and freight expenses in a year by leading a cost reduction project of package optimisation, involving a crossfunctional

and a cross-cultural team.

Co-ordinated 15 different process improvement Lean Workshops, yielding excellent results in lead time and inventory reduction, as well as increasing the number

of Lean practitioners in the company.

Improved the delivery promise to the customers and reduced 50% rework by implementing a customer promise process at a multinational organisation, involving

different teams from the planning structure.


BSCM Certified - Basics of Supply Chain


APICS - The Association for Operations


2010 - 2010

MBA Corporate Management

Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) - Brazil

2008 - 2010

SAP user (MM, PP, SD)

Pelissari Consultants

2007 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Mrs Cristina Lorenzetti Alves Froehner

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BSc Production Electrical Engineering

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) -


2002 - 2007

Career History:

Whirlpool Corp. (Embraco): Supply Chain Project Leader - Joinville, Brazil (Jan 2009 - Aug 2011)

Whirlpool Corp. is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of more than US$18bn in 2010,

71,000 employees, and 66 sites around the world. Embraco is a subsidiary of Whirlpool, responsible for manufacturing compressors.

� Led a cost reduction project regarding a new package configuration by integrating people from different departments such as Research & Development,

Order Management, Inventory Management and Controlling, which saved US$60,000 in a year for the company.

� Responsible for implementing the ATP (Available to Promise) tool using SAP/R3 either as a leader and a key user. The ATP tool and the re-design of the

process yielded a more accurate delivery promise to the customers and approximately 50% less rework in the whole planning process.

� Co-ordinated an in-depth study on the feasibility of using returnable packages from a third party to export components to foreign sites by leading a crossfunctional

team, including Corporate Tax, Controlling, Foreign Affairs, Procurement, Logistics, either in Brazil and Europe sites. This project study identified

several gaps and prevented fiscal inconsistencies.

� Streamlined the raw material replenishment process, reducing inventory levels and lack of materials. As a result of developing a close relationship with

suppliers through using Lean practices and workshops.

Whirlpool Corp. (Embraco): Lean Consultant - Joinville, Brazil (Jan 2008 - Dec 2008)

Whirlpool Corp. is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of more than US$18bn in 2010,

71,000 employees, and 66 sites around the world. Embraco is a subsidiary of Whirlpool, responsible for compressors manufacture.

� Led 15 process improvement workshops by gathering, training and motivating mixed teams in the factory, generating savings of around US$1m in inventory

reduction, as well as manufacturing lead time reductions.

� Trained around 60 people in the lean concepts by studying, practicing and developing technical manuals, which helped achieve the company goal of

spreading the Lean culture throughout the organisation.

� Co-ordinated the design phase of the internal logistics supply system, across different factories, involving 30 people attending a workshop over two weeks.

Enabled the company to implement Lean concepts, such as standardised work and resulted in a more efficient and reliable process.

Whirlpool Corp. (Embraco): Material Planner - Joinville, Brazil (Jan 2007 - Dec 2007)

Whirlpool Corp. is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of more than US$18bn in 2010,

71,000 employees, and 66 sites around the world. Embraco is a subsidiary of Whirlpool, responsible for compressors manufacture.

� Responsible for efficiently planning a raw material supply chain with challenging targets of inventory reduction and zero line stoppage due to supply issues.

Goals were achieved at the end of the year and with the added bonus of successfully negotiating a US$40,000 credit from a supplier as a result of urgent air


General Electric Healthcare: Lean Intern - Buc, France (Apr 2004 - Sep 2004)

GE Healthcare provides medical technologies and services with expertise in medical imaging and information technologies. Headquartered in the

United Kingdom, GE Healthcare is a US$17bn unit of General Electric Company. Worldwide, it employs more than 46,000 people around over 100


� Co-ordinated the new layout design of a manufacturing line by using Lean concepts, participating in continuous improvement workshops involving operators

and staff. The project resulted in a reduction of 40% work-in-process inventory and allowed the supermarket construction.

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Miss Jin Fu




� Chinese (People's

Republic of China)

� Japanese (Japan)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoy working with charities

and volunteering. Interested in

art and dancing. Have played

trumpet over 12 years and

established an orchestra. Enjoy

reading, cooking and travelling.

An energetic and experienced individual who has worked in three different environments-electronic industry hub, Japanese factory and the monopoly Chinese SOE

(China Tobacco). Emphasize practice based on different culture and regulations after contacting with government officers, managers in both private and stateowned

firms, and factory workers. Keen to explore opportunities while improve process within logistics and supply chains globally.

The member of team achieving 'The Best Contract Winner of 2009 3rd quarter' hosted by Xiyong Micro-electronics Industry Hub Development Co, by securing a

contract totalling FDI$18m and 600 new jobs.

Participated the warehouse and information system upgrade in Chongqing Tobacco distribution center, the project increasing inventory turnover in the distribution

center by 43% within three months.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

The University Head's scholarship winner in academic and the 'Excellent Volunteer' of Shanghai Expo in social activity.


BA (Hons) in International Business with Japanese

University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

2007 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Jin Fu

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Career History:

Xiyong Micro-electronics Industry Hub Development Co,. Ltd, Chongqing, China (Jun 2009 - Sep 2009)

A state-owned corporate in charge of inviting and evaluating inflow investment in Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industry Hub.

� Developed the knowledge of micro-electronics part supply routes in practice and the knowledge of how local government regulations impact business


� Participated in the team of data collection and analysis, as well as contract negotiation. Accelerated the success of NTT DATA (the Japanese top

telecommunicated corporate) manufacturing base reallocation in Xiyong Micro-electronics Industry Hub.

� Gained an understanding of the different operating methods between the Chinese government institution and a Japanese private firm by joining in either the

informal negotiation meetings or the private events.

Xiyong Micro-electronics Industry Hub Development Co., Ltd, Chongqing, China (Jun 2010 - Sep 2010)

A state-owned corporate in charge of inviting and evaluating inflow investment in Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industry Hub.

� As the special commissioner of the Hub Development Corperation followed up the implementary steps of NTT DATA, as a result of the experience of

working with NTT DATA in 2009 and familiarity in Japanese and Japanese culture. Promoted the corporation of local suppliers and NTT DATA by

explaining the advantages and benefits of plant layout and effective manufacturing processes whilst ensuring strict adherence to Japanese culture and

protocols in all business dealings.

� Helped suppliers to upgrade the plant environment and manufacturing process via collating the primary function area and elaborate labelling. Meanwhile,

supervised the end of day cleaning process to ensure abiding by the health requirements of NTT DATA and safety requirements of local government.

� With the knowledge of Chinese government operating characteristics and Japanese cultural protocols, further mutual understanding via promoting

communication in either formal meetings or private activities, which accelerated the negotiation of local supplier selection and job creation.

Tobacco Logistics, Chongqing, China (Jun 2011 - Sep 2011)

The subsidiary Company of Chinese Tobacco in charge of tobacco logistics within the south west of Chinese mainland.

� Consistently processed and managed the demand data of tobacco franchisors on a daily basis enabling batch to process the orders to the distribution centre

every five days.

� Handled the return receipt from franchisors and escalated issues to the distribution office. Collated franchisors' main complaints relating to the service of

delivery, which was submitted to the distribution office every two weeks.

� As part of the upgrading program, took responsibility for collecting data from franchisors to complete the delivery information system. The upgrading

project increased Chongqing distribution centre's inventory turnover by 43% within three months.

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Mrs Ni Fu




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Reading especially periodics

concerning global supply chain

issues, Folk dancing, Aerobics,

Shanghai Football Club Cheer

Leader during University,


A highly motivated and tenacious professional with extensive experience gained in the offshore procurement industry, as well as a solid academic background in E-

-Commerce. Proven strengths in team leading, communication and procurement with the ability to deliver results in high pressured and challenging environments.

Seeking career opportunities in the retailing and wholesale sectors in a multinational organisation with global perspectives.

Initiated and successfully developed a new procurement programme resulting in an increase in turnover from �1.5m to �4m.

Enhanced the operational efficiency and capability of colleagues by implementing and facilitating frequent upgraded system changes and training end users on the


Attained the certificate of achievement for 'Effective Team Leadership' by Hi-Po Management Consultant Co. Ltd. by effectively applying and embedding

knowledge into working practices.

BSc (Hons) E-Commerce

Donghua University

2002 - 2006


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mrs Ni Fu

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Career History:

MGB Shanghai Representative Office: Merchandiser (workwear) - Shanghai, China (Oct 2008 - Jul 2010)

MGB Metro Group Buying HK Limited is an off-shore buying company subordinating to Fortune 500 Germany-based METRO group, with more

than 500 staff in the region including China, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Australia and Bangladesh, serving multitudes of sale lines from more than 30

countries in Europe.

� Sourced competent suppliers for new workwear products by attending various exhibitions, visiting factories and undertaking detailed evaluations against

specific criteria. Trained the new supplier and familiarised them with the supply chain portal to streamline procedures.

� Successfully organised buying meetings for the buyer and finalised the orders by proposing satisfactory offers and negotiating target prices and delivery

dates with the supplier.

� Ensured the sample collection met the buyer's approval during the order fulfilment period and satisfactorily resolved various problems through regular and

proactive liaison with the buyer and the supplier before the bulk order was progressed.

� Ensured the timely delivery of goods met the client specifications and European standards by supervising the production plan and by conducting in-line

inspection in the intermediate production period.

� Managed the smooth shipment of goods and timely submission of export documents from the supplier by collaborating with the Quality Control department

and logistics departments.

� Enhanced relationships between customers and suppliers by mediating and addressing claim issues arising from certain deviations such as missing quantity

and quality defects, and by cross checking and resolving the root cause of the problems.

MGB Shanghai Office: Junior Merchandiser (apparels) - Shanghai, China (Apr 2007 - Oct 2008)

MGB Metro Group Buying HK Limited is an off-shore buying company subordinating to Fortune 500 Germany-based METRO group, with more

than 500 staff in the region including China, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Australia and Bangladesh, serving multitudes of sale lines from more than 30

countries in Europe.

� Fully prepared the offer sheets comprising of product image, materials, price (FOB/DDU), and best delivery (ETD/ETA), by researching and collating

knowledge of customer demands and market trends in Europe from adverts, brochures and previous sales data.

� Participated in the procurement meeting with the buyer at the supplier's factory, to finalise the orders for the new season, through product presentation,

price negotiation and delivery reassurance.

� Consistently and accurately entered orders and meeting minutes into the system and instructed the suppliers to strictly follow the Electronic Data Interchange

process, facilitating the accuracy of the contract and the smoothness of the order implementation.

� Facilitated the order fulfilment by conducting a sample collection for approval, supervising the production and ensuring close liaison between the buyer and

the supplier to resolve various problems and enquires.

� Ensured the smooth and timely shipment of goods in accordance with customer requirements by liaising closely and collaborating with the other functional

departments involved in the end to end process.

MGB Shanghai Office: Merchandiser Assistant (socks) - Shanghai, China (Apr 2006 - Apr 2007)

MGB Metro Group Buying HK Limited is an off-shore buying company subordinating to Fortune 500 Germany-based METRO group, with more

than 500 staff in the region including China, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Australia and Bangladesh, serving multitudes of sale lines from more than 30

countries in Europe.

� Diligently prepared the offer sheets for the annual global purchasing meeting participated by international buyers of the Metro Group and submitted to

headquarters in Germany for pre-selection.

� Gained the full details of new annual orders consisting of different colour ways, styling, and quality by viewing the round-table conference held in Germany

via the video conferencing facility.

� Assisted the order fulfillment by completing electronic orders issuing, conducting sample comparison, following up mass production process, as well as

addressing various enquires and problems from both customers and suppliers.

� Satisfied customers' post shipping requests by collecting the photo samples in full styles and colours for the Ads' photo shooting.

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Mr Akshit Gala




� Gujarati (India)

� Hindi (India)

� Marathi (India)



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Likes travelling and exploring

new places, watching movies,

playing sports like cricket and


Ambitious and quick learner with strong Computer Engineering background. Experienced professional with over three years work experience in Logistics, including

functional and technical roles. Adopted a creative, open-minded and result-oriented approach in team member and management positions. Intending to secure a

career in the Logistics and Supply Chain area with an eagerness to take on new challenges in an international business environment.

Worked as module lead, leading team of five to implement Account Payables in Oracle Application across various GE Energy businesses as a shared service

model achieving estimated savings of US$3m.

Automated the process to add multiple users in ERP by using Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC) to complete Six Sigma Green Belt certification, thus reducing user

setup time by almost 90%.

Re-designed the storage technique of goods for Suvrat Warehouse to deal with the shortage of storage space and increase the overall storage capacity of the

warehouse by 20%.

BEng (Hons) Computers

Shah; Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College

(Affiliated to Mumbai University)

2004 - 2008


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Akshit Gala

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Career History:

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): Assistant System Engineer - Mumbai, India (Feb 2009 - Aug 2011)

TCS is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organisation delivering consulting-led integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services

through its unique Global Network Delivery Model. Employs more than 200,000 people across 42 countries having total revenue of US$8.2bn.

� Worked on upgrading the Account Payables (AP) module of Oracle Application Financials from 11i to R12 version for GE Energy Oil and Gas business.

This was the first ever upgrade for any General Electric (GE) Energy Business where it was expected to not only learn but also implement the customised

upgrade as per the business requirement. Managed the successful Go-Live of this first Oracle Application R12 Version which led to other upgrade requests

from other (GE) Energy Businesses.

� Learned and worked on six out of nine custom modules at various stages of implementation for Account Payables in Oracle Application Financials for

several General Electric (GE) Energy businesses. Gaining cross module knowledge of entire application enabled a better understand of client requirements

and the entire implementation was completed on time with zero defects.

� Awarded Customer appreciation certificates twice from GE Energy IM managers for successful implementations of Account Payables for two different

General Electric (GE) Energy businesses within very short time line and with zero defects.

� While upgrading of Account Payables (AP) module of Oracle Application Financials from 11i to R12 version for GE Energy Oil and Gas business learned

R12 version of Account Payables (AP) module and successfully completed Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Payables Essentials (1Z0-�������������������

� Always ensured proper processes were used and a high quality standard delivered in all assignments, hence, appointed as Quality Lead to ensure quality

and process excellence in all activities within projects.

Suvrat Warehouse: Warehouse Manager - Mumbai, India (Jun 2008 - Feb 2009)

Mumbai based Warehousing Company with storage space of over 25000 sq. ft. providing safest storage facilities and effective maintenance of


� Reduced turnaround time by over 15% by proper supervision and co-ordination of daily activities like material handling and movement, systematic storage

and retrieval of goods, shipping, and maintenance of stocks.

� Designed the functional model to migrate from excel based tool to warehouse management software which reduced manual efforts by more than 20%.

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Personal Statement






� French

� German

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Experienced traveller keen to

dive into cultures and to enjoy

the outdoors. Avid reader with

a wide range of interests.

Highly committed and self-motivated professional with several years of work experience in consulting and project management in different industries. Strong

intercultural competence and experienced in leading as well as working in teams across different geographies and functions. Strong communicator with the ability

to target audiences appropriately. Able to think in strategic and conceptual terms and handle pressure in a good-humoured way.

Key Achievements

Developed and implemented a global, standardised project management methodology applicable across all functions including supporting software and training

programmes for various target groups.

Successfully delivered Insight China, an in-depth seminar on China consisting of a preparatory seminar and an on-site trip in co-operation with Swiss and Chinese

companies and institutions.

Led the tutoring team consisting of 15 members at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland for two years, coordinating the support and

mentoring of all incoming exchange students.


BSc (Hons) International Management

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern


2004 - 2007

Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera (Nivel


Instituto Cervantes

2007 - 2007

Business Administration (Exchange semester)

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Espoo,



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2006 - 2006

Career History:

Panalpina Management Ltd: Business Project Manager - Basel, Switzerland (Oct 2009 - Aug 2011)

The Panalpina Group is one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions. The Business Project Management team leads projects

mainly in the areas of operations and process improvements.

� Developed and implemented a globally standardised project management methodology across all functions and geographies. Reviewed and selected a

supporting project management software and planned and conducted the global deployment. Designed and co-ordinated a global training programme on

project management covering more than 300 trainees.

� In the role of project manager, co-ordinated Panalpina's implementation of the European Union's rules on providing advanced shipment information to

customs authorities. Alignment and co-operation with all involved departments and geographies enabled timely compliance with the legislation.

� Aligned country based customer satisfaction surveys to a global standard therefore enabling global evaluations and benchmarking.

Accenture AG: Consultant - Zurich, Switzerland (Nov 2007 - Sep 2009)

Employed in the Systems Integration group of this global consulting company. Worked mainly on large-scale, international SAP implementation

projects, analysing, designing and implementing business processes as well as designing and conducting end user training.

� Co-ordinated activities and served as main contact for a global SAP rollout phase for a German client in the chemical industry. Planned and conducted

requirements and testing workshops and supported end users with training and post go-live support.

� Collected and compiled company-internal as well as generally recognised best practices on project controlling therefore actively contributing to the

company's knowledge base.

� Supported the implementation of a toolkit for the industrialisation of SAP roll outs by conceptualising and preparing content.

UAS Northwest. Switzerland: Project Manager Insight China - Olten, Switzerland (Oct 2006 - Jul 2007)

Insight China is a unique seminar for final year students at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Northwestern Switzerland School of Business.

It consists of a one-week introductory seminar followed by a two-week on-site seminar in China. It is managed by a team of three project


� Successfully delivered this complex educational project through strategic and operative planning in line with academic requirements. Delivered a one-week

introductory seminar on Chinese culture, politics, and economy (about 30 participants) followed by a two-week on-site seminar in China for a selected

group of students and accompanying lecturers (about 15 participants).

� Raised sufficient financial means by attracting sponsors and placing the project in the media. Attracted previous sponsors by demonstrating the continuous

success of the programme as well as new sponsors by explaining the programme goals and benefits to a variety of potential interested parties.

� Established and strengthened a network with over 20 firms and institutions doing business in China through representation of the project in meetings with

several stakeholders and thorough preparatory work.

Zermatt Tourism: Marketing Intern/Marketing Assistant - Zermatt, Switzerland (Jul 2003 - Sep 2004)

Zermatt Tourism is responsible for the marketing and guest information of the destination. The marketing department conducts all marketingrelated

activities, including press relations and the coordination of study trips.

� Implemented a new marketing and information material concept by planning and co-ordinating the compilation of the new material.

� Co-ordinated various study and media trips for international groups and therefore helped promote the destination by generating press coverage and

increased awareness by tour operators and travel agencies.

� Arranged accommodation and transport for the participants of "Interbourse", an event with 600 participants, resulting in a smooth execution of the event.

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Miss Josephine Marika




Second Nationality:



� Japanese (Japan)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Classic ballet and piano(11

years), Volunteer work

(English translator and

guiding/helping patients in

hospital), Learning Asian

languages (conversational

Chinese and Korean),

snorkelling, travelling.

A Japanese-English speaking Business and Economics graduate with a multi-cultural background. Open-minded and adaptive to changing environments. An

organised and thorough team player who is forward thinking, motivates others and keeps on challenging to achieve any given or set goals. Seeking to apply a solid

academic grounding into the global supply chain area and take on challenging tasks in a global company.

As an event leader of a group of 12 students for the Sophia Festival Committee, managed and regularly organised scheduled meetings and gave them precise

instructions to achieve a successful festival.

Developed an original ponzu sauce to be evaluated by the CEO and considered as a potential new product line.

Awarded a Hospitality Card from Starbucks Coffee Japan for performing as an excellent team player and showing hospitality to customers.

BA International Business and Economics

Sophia University, Tokyo Japan

2006 - 2010

Education Abroad Program, Major: Economics

University of California, San Diego, La Jolla San


2008 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Josephine Marika Gleason

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Career History:

McIlhenny Company, International Intern - Avery Island, Louisiana (Sep 2010 - Dec 2010)

Manufacturer of TABASCO��Brand Products, created in 1868 by Edmund McIlhenny. Tabasco Pepper Sauce created the pepper-sauce industry

and it remains a leader in its production and sale to this day. The sauce is distributed to foodservice and food retailers in more than 160 countries.

� Increased efficiency of managing the inventory data by creating documents that matched all UPC numbers on bottle cartons and outer shipping cartons.

� Enhanced sensory team�s operation by arranging daily sensory tests; increasing the team�s accuracy within a month.

� Analysed various food trends in Japan and presented a power point presentation of the results to the sensory team, increasing knowledge in food culture in

Japan and the world.

� Developed an original ponzu sauce a through trial and error method using over 50 formulas. As a result was considered as a potential new product line.

� Planned, organised and co-ordinated a successful event for hosting a group of European food writers to promote the various Tabasco products.

� Updated database containing vast network of importers and served as the primary point of contact for all involved Japanese importers. Succeeded in

creating trusting relationships.

Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd: Part-time Barista - Tokyo, Japan (Dec 2007 - Sep 2008)

Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. is engaged in the sale of coffee and coffee-related products. The company provides various types of coffee along with

pastries, cakes, and dairy products. As of March 2011, the company operates 912 stores in Japan, including 34 licensed stores.

� Translated coffee advertisements from English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English to market both Japanese and foreign customers.

� Increased regular foreign customers through a suggestion to develop an English conversational guide for Japanese employees to use with English speaking


Sophia Festival Committee: Event Leader - Tokyo, Japan (Apr 2007 - Mar 2008)

Sophia Festival Committee is a student association that plans and manages the Sophia Festival, held at Sophia University every year in November.

The committee consists of nearly 120 students, divided into seven function groups, one event leader and approximately 15 students.

� Managed a group of 12 students as an event leader and organised regular scheduled meetings. Facilitated group discussions in order to share ideas and

build teamwork.

� Searched and attained 24 food and beverages companies that would sponsor the event via daily telephone negotiations.

� Created contracts for the sponsoring companies and handled all issues relating to contracts in order to meet the deadline.

� Increased efficiency of the inventory process by eliminating wasted space in the storage room and developed a new method to manage inventories.

� Designed the layout of the food and beverages booth to achieve the most efficient flow of people walking through the festival.

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Miss Jia Guo




� Chinese (Cantonese)

� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Bible reading. Voluntary work

in various organisations. Public

speaking (actively participate

speech contest, toastmaster

clubs, etc.). Practicing Chinese

calligraphy and writing poems.

A creative and self-motivated individual with a warm and dedicated character. Excellent team builder and player with good communication and problem solving

skills. Experienced in learning and working in a cross-functional and cross-cultural environment. Solid academic background in main business areas. Seeking an

opportunity in the field of logistics and supply chain management in a global context.

Part of a team of three who interviewed 1,700 companies over six weeks, during an internship. Achieved a response rate of 32%, more than double the rate of the

previous team.

Promoted a series of children's books for China Science Publishing House. Creatively rearranged the promotion site to boost sales by 50%, making the book one of

the best sellers of the month.

Awarded Siu Che Kit Scholarship of HK$10,000 as result of outstanding academic performance in supply chain and logistics management. The only prize winner

of the year 2010.

BA (Hons) Business Administration (Specialist in

Supply Chain Management and Human Resource


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2006 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Jia Guo

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Career History:

HKBREC: Full-time Trainee � Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand (Jan 2011 � Jun 2011)

HKBREC (Hong Kong Bible Research and Education Centre) is a non-profit organisation with a mission of preaching the gospel and providing

church services to campuses and communities. It offers a well-rounded full-time training to perfect college graduates in faith, bible knowledge and


� Preached the gospel in the top universities in Hong Kong, helped new believers in reading the Bible and assisted in organising regularly scheduled meetings.

� Part of a team of 26 who provided a service to around 400 mainland believers concerning meeting registration, attendance, accommodation arrangement,

and site-visiting trips, over two weeks.

� Joined a evangelist team of 27 in Thailand, with members from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and America. Preached to more than 450

people and baptised 79 Thai people in 15 days.

Adfaith Management Consulting: Industry Analyst � Beijing, China (Jun 2010 � Aug 2010)

Founded in 1992, Adfaith is the leader of local management consulting firms in China. It provides a full range of management consulting services

and has achieved a distinct advantage via conducting industry analysis and managing its own database.

� Collected the latest data on the consulting industry by telephone interviewing 1,700 board of director secretaries from listed Chinese companies.

� Built up an effective project team and met scheduled deadline. Finished three rounds of interviews in six weeks.

� Delivered significant improvement in the response rate of the survey. Achieved a rate of 32%, more than double the rate of the previous team.

� Generated a systematically way of making effective telephone interviews. Invited by the division head to share the experience with other research teams.

� Created a good customer connection and promoted the company's brand image during the interview process. Gained two new consulting businesses for the


� Sorted and analysed the data generated from interview and secondary sources. Prepared an in-depth analytical report which is frequently used by the top

managers of the company.

China Science Publishing House: Sales Promoter � Beijing, China (Jun 2010 � Aug 2010)

A renowned publisher in China. It has a new branch recruiting college students to promote a variety of books on a part-time basis.

� Delivered in-store promotion campaign for a series of children's books.

� Creatively rearranged the promotion site by changing the layout of books and posters. Increased sales by 50%, making the book one of the best sellers of

the month.

� Impressed the sales manager by creative work, communication skills and dedicated attitude. Appointed by her to train two new part-time sales promoters.

MIBSA: Organiser and Secretary � Hong Kong and Tianjin, China (Oct 2007 � May 2009)

MIBSA (Management of International Business Student Association) is a student community of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is

managed by outstanding students from various majors and supervised by professors from the department of international business.

� Organised a 10-day study trip for 45 members to Shanghai and Tianjin. Met a tight budget of HK$3,500 for each person. Ensured travel safety of every


� Established a project team of 20 students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and 20 business students from Nankai University in Tianjin during the

study trip.

� Interviewed 12 senior entrepreneurs in six different industries in Hong Kong and Tianjin. Discussed the interview results in the project team and compared

regional differences of a same industry.

� Compiled the management book � A Closer Look at the Entrepreneurs of Hong Kong and Tianjin � from the result of the interviews. The book is included

in the management book collection of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Nankai University.

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Miss Adita Gupta




� Hindi (India)

� Punjabi (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Adventure, road trips and

travelling, swimming,

photography and organising


An ambitious professional with zeal to contribute in various domains of a business. A people�s person with excellent analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting

skills. Willing to go an extra mile to get the job done and able to maintain composure and grace under tight deadlines. Now seeking the job role of Procurement


Efficiently enabled Slot Engineering to achieve registration in Active Vendor List of TOTAL after five years non-operation, by proving Slot's capability in terms of

manpower, technology and capital.

Awarded meritorious scholarship by state government, for securing 21st rank in state education board exams, which covered 50% tuition fee during undergraduate


Master of Business Administration

Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar

2007 - 2009

Bachelor of Commerce

Punjabi University, Patiala

2004 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Adita Gupta

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Career History:

Roshan Telecom: Procurement Trainee - Kabul, Afghanistan (Jan 2011 - Mar 2011)

Afghanistan's leading telecommunications provider and the market leader with over five million active subscribers covering 230 cities in 34


� Analysed current Procurement Management System (PMS) for flaws, suggested improvements which accelerated the procurement process and coordination

with the IT team.

� Planned and implemented a roll out of an improved Procurement Management System (a web based application). This demonstrated more transparency in

the system, thus making it easier to fix responsibility and exercise control.

� Provided PMS training to 60 staff members for three access levels - Departmental Administrators, Managers and Directors. Training sessions acquainted

staff members with the new system and helped remove any inhibitions or doubts. Additional feedback collected during training helped the IT team to make

the PMS more user friendly.

� Processed Request for Quotation (RFQ) for cost comparison and commercial evaluation.

Slot Engineering Nigeria Ltd: Procurement Trainee - Port Harcourt, Nigeria (Mar 2010 - Aug 2010)

A wholly indigenous company, registered with all major Oil companies, operating in the areas of engineering construction, procurement of materials

and logistics.

� Established and maintained relations with clients in various Oil and Gas companies like Shell, SNEPCO, NLNG and TOTAL by marketing Slot

Engineering's products and services. Slot's reputation and internal references facilitated access to the prospective clients, and as a result of aggressive

marketing and regular follow up business was generated.

� Sourced industrial material relating to each client's specification and requirement; which improved the processing of the Request For Proposal (RFPs).

� Maintained the data base and supported the procurement team in their day to day activities which made it easier for them to handle information and resulted

in a smoother operation.

Fountainhead School of Business: Centre Head - Chandigarh, India (Jun 2010 - Feb 2011)

Entrepreneurship development institute dedicated exclusively to evolving entrepreneurial minds fully geared to take-up the risk of developing and

running real businesses.

� Developed course curriculum and self learning material for students which gave them an insight into their chosen field of career.

� Planned and organised various events including BarCamp Chandigarh (Biannually) and Startup Saturday (Monthly), strengthening links with industry by

increasing Fountainhead's visibility.

� Developed and maintained relationships with various companies in and around Tricity, facilitating student internships and placements.

� Supervised teaching and non teaching staff, facilitating communication between faculty, students and management. This minimised grievances while

maintaining discipline at the same time.

India Post (Government of India): Postal Assistant - Patiala, India (May 2006 - Sep 2007)

World's largest government operated postal system which is a part of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

� Dealt with postal mail (registration and parcels), financial (banking, money order and insurance) and premium (speed post and e-payment) services which

helped to quickly and reliably connect individuals and businesses.

� Handled Recurring Deposit (RD) and Public Provident Fund (PPF) accounts, customer queries and complaints, resulted in computerised financial

transactions while at the same time serving the customer with a human touch.

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Miss Marta Hinojosa Bonillo




� German

� Italian

� Spanish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Passion for travelling and

creative photography. Enjoy

discovering new cultures as

well as swimming and scuba


A focused and dynamic professional with advanced knowledge and skills in project management and the development of customer oriented solutions. Possesses

nine years experience in Logistics Processing and Logistics Key Account Management, together with a proven ability of working within different multicultural

organisations and changing environments. Seeking new challenges around the globe in the Supply Chain field.

Designed a new reverse logistics flow within the local distribution centres. Initiated and established a new dealer return system, creating transparency and

traceability in all phases of the process.

Increased customer loyalty towards the German dealer network by enhancing the sales force capability and customer interaction through the coordination and

delivery of process and procedural workshops.

Significantly reduced global lead times to customer networks by implementing worldwide customised packaging.

Exchange Program ERASMUS, Industrial


University of Karlsruhe, Germany

2001 - 2003

Degree in Business Administration and Management

University of Barcelona, Spain

1996 - 2001


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Marta Hinojosa Bonillo

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Career History:

Fiat Group Germany AG: Logistics Process Manager - Frankfurt, Germany (Nov 2007 - Aug 2011)

Fiat Group is a leading international automobile manufacturer based in Turin with over �56bn of revenue in 2010 and 137,800 employees around

the world.

� Achieving customer service excellence by re-structuring and optimising logistics processes within a new distribution model for the German market based in

local distribution centres.

� Decreased the average returns payment cycle by up to 18% by designing a reverse logistics flow within the local distribution centres, implementating new

claim rules and an electronic returns process.

� Reduced the quality errors by 20% by defining, communicating and implementing inbound and outbound quality KPIs and customer service reporting.

� Enhanced the capability of the sales and customer services teams by co-ordinating and delivering logistics process and procedural internal training and

external workshops throughout Germany.

� Improved delivery performance and customer service, improving communication and information flow by leading regular quality meetings with suppliers

(warehouses and transportation providers) and discussing on the basis of KPI the actions plans to be followed.

� Minimised time and tracked the success of the implementation of local IT requirements in co-operation with the central IT systems headquarter in Turin

(Italy) .

Robert Bosch GmbH: Logistics Key Account Manager - Karlsruhe, Germany (Jan 2004 - Oct 2007)

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier in the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology.

285,000 associates generated sales of �47.3bn in 2010.

� Optimised the service levels, reduced the cases of vehicles off road and increased the customer satisfaction of Italian car manufacturers by categorising

stock and re-defining lead times and negotiating new minimum order quantities.

� Acted as business liaison with product marketing, product planning and plant disposition to optimise stock, reduce global lead times, and introduce

customised packaging.

� Enhanced the capability of the Italian and Spanish sales teams by delivering bespoke SAP training. SAP R/3 key user in Logistics module for Italy and


� Supervised a thesis for a student studying at University Karlsruhe entitled: "Potential Application of Vendor Management Inventory to improve Supply

Chain Management in Automotive Aftermarket". Delivered coaching and constructive feedback to support the student's development.

Robert Bosch GmbH: Marketing/Sales Trainee - Karlsruhe, Germany (Oct 2002 - Dec 2003)

Successfully completed a Trainee Programme covering the roles of Product Planner, Key Account Manager and Product Manager.

� Developed in co-operation with the Product Manager and the Factory Planner a Logistics/Marketing tool in order to monitor, rationalise the assortments

continuously, based on among others stock rotation, revenue per SKU or product life cycle stand of the items.

� Enabled the development of operational efficiency action plans by analysing and generating weekly and monthly reports (KPIs) for the Sales Director and

Logistics Manager.

� Consistently processed orders efficiently, delivered timely and accurate performance reports and managed pricing and products through the creation of

effective communication channels.

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Mr Jing Huang




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoys playing Football.

Bachelor of Business graduate with a solid academic background in business management and professional experience gained in a logistics organisation during

internship. Possesses the willingness and ability to lead a team as well as participate as a member. Strengths in teamwork and innovation. Seeking a challenging

career in the logistics and supply chain arena.

Successfully handled the shipments from China to North America for six months without any mistakes during the internship with Logistics Plus Inc.

Captained the winning football team in the Championship of the Second "Soudis" Shanghai College Football Games.

Organised the 11th,12th,13th session of Deng Xiaoping Theory and Learning Essay Contest in Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. Made it a star project of the

Student Union of the School

BSc Logistics Management

Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Shanghai, China

2007 - 2011


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Career History:

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Jing Huang

Logistics Plus: Operations (Intern) - Shanghai, China (Sep 2010 - Dec 2010)

Logistics Plus is a company established to manage the freight logistics for GE Transportation Systems in Erie, Pennsylvania, providing logistics

solutions and international supply chain management options to clients in the USA and worldwide.

� Developed an understanding of the basic process of freight forwarding by providing operational assistance to the Customer Service Supervisor.

� Gained practical experience on 4-Party Logistics Services by dealing with the freight logistics for GE Transportation Systems from US to China.

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Mr Aditya Veer Jain




� Hindi (India)

� Punjabi

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Watching and Playing Cricket,

keen follower of Football. Love

travelling and exploring. Fitness

and music.

A highly enthusiastic and versatile professional with more than nine years experience in Operations of Healthcare/Pharma and IT Businesses. Outstanding

relationship builder who builds confidence among customers and channel partners to establish a sustainable competitive edge. Skilled in planning, designing and

documentation. Ability to handle complex problems under pressure situations. Desire to undertake roles in Logistics and Supply Chain.

Received Operational Efficiency Award 2009 for Re-Defining SOP's of Sales Order Processing, RMA, Credit/ Sample Billing at Fenwal India Pvt Ltd for

improving efficiency and Cost effective processing.

Successfully Implemented the Tender Management System for Transfusion Therapy Business of Fenwal, and created US$2m business for period of five years.

Led the Transition of HRO project - LTSB Bank covering Transitioning, Knowledge Acquisition Transfer and Transaction based Pricing to the go live stage

ensuring there no delays in services.


Steria India

2007 - 2007

Bachelors in Computers Application

G.G University, Bilaspur, India

2000 - 2003


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Aditya Veer Jain

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Career History:

Fenwal Inc: Data Management Analyst - Gurgaon, India (Dec 2008 - Sep 2011)

Fenwal a TPG (Texas Pacific Group) Company previously a Subsidiary of Baxter INC, USA, is the Global leader in Blood Banking Solutions. A

pioneer in transfusion medicine for more than 50 years, Fenwal is one of the world's largest supplier of advanced blood technologies.

� Handled the Transition from Baxter to Fenwal in terms of Data Tables for configuration of Customer Master and pricing database in SAP. Relocated

Assets and Inventories from DLX System to SAP, further controlling the physical movement from Baxter Warehouse to Fenwal Warehouse.

� Re-defined the RMA (Return Management) process for India Distributors on Damage goods, quality issues and normal returns ensuring no repeats for

Credit Invoices. Saved US$150k in first year by completing the backlogs and bring the damage goods in market to nil at YTD (year to date).

� Managed the Supply and Demand Planning, achieving Forecast Accuracy of 80%, which reduced the cost in Bonded Warehousing and decreased

substantial amount of access inventory without access to forecast information.

� Re-Defined the Sales Order Processing taking into consideration the time difference with USA to India, ensuring all orders were completed within 24 hours

when they were placed with CSR (Customer Service Representatives).

� Completed Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Reports on Access Inventory, KPI, Key Code Performance, Sales and Stock and Contract

Compliance Report for APAC Region. Presented analysis on Sales Trends and Distribution Costs from Report of SAP BI to higher management.

� Worked as one point of contact for all International LC Orders for Direct Customers, starting from generating the PO to PI till Goods being delivered to the

Customer's end location.

Steria Limited: Consulting Engineer - Noida, India (Nov 2007 - Nov 2008)

Xeal is a common financial and reporting platform that operates across the entire organisation. It incorporates all aspects from new clients to

project set up, through the capturing of costs, period end activities and client billing.

� Worked on the internal project of Steria - "XEAL" on the migration of Financial System from Oracle Apps to SAP R/3 4.0. Was a key member of the

team responsible for designing the blue print of the project.

� Implemented SAP HR with five team members, to maintain the HR Master Database of employees globally by extensive usage of organisational

management, time management, personnel administration and cross application timesheets.

� Ensured the SAP data was correct at all times by conducting reconciliations between SAP and Peoplesoft.

Steria Limited: Assistant Manager - Bristol, UK and Noida, India (Sep 2006 � Nov 2007)

Lloyds TSB is the Largest Retail Bank of UK, One of the Best Financial Services Providers, HRO Services are outsourced to Steria Limited.

� Delivered fully enabled business operations capable of supporting the client�s processes and desired business outcomes. Ensured all enablers required were

in place, together with their ongoing administration and maintenance. Stabilised new operations prior to handing them over to the agreed operational delivery

structure (BAU) Business As Usual.

� Established the faultless process of LTSB HRO with completion of Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Transfer, Documentation, Transaction based

Pricing, Solutioning and Streamlining/Baselining.

� Led a team of 18 employees, who delivered 100% Quality Compliance on transactions with a 99% SLA Achievement.

Steria Limited: Transition Leader - Exeter, UK (Mar 2005 � Sep 2006)

Steria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations operate more efficiently and profitably, Steria is a European company with

global reach, that has been in business for over 40 years. Steria has Global Presence in 17 Countries. Steria was previously known as Xansa

� Established the second line support desk operations of Payroll, Expenses and Gatekeeper Application at Noida, India Location from BT, Exeter, U.K.

Transition included Documentation, Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Transfer, Resource Management, Go Live till BAU.

� Worked on the IT Service desk for the Transition of O2 from BT for the migration of Gatekeeper Application Server. Worked on Blue Print design, Data

Mitigation. Established the services at offshore location with BCP.

� Improved the SLA of the services to 95% by implementing the multi shift program which enabled the service desk window to be open for 10 hours without

increasing the number of resources.

Steria Limited: Payroll Officer - Noida, India (Oct 2003 - Feb 2005)

Steria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations operate more efficiently and profitably, Steria is a European company with

global reach, that has been in business for over 40 years. Steria has Global Presence in 17 Countries. Steria was previously known as Xansa

� Established Payroll and Expenses Desk for British Telecom, U.K. Was among the team of 10 members from the Pilot Batch. Delivered fully enabled

services starting from Knowledge Acquisition to Knowledge Transfer till Streamlining the project as BAU without affecting the services.

� Provided Project Training to 20 new employees for second go live stage of the project. First one to be selected and promoted from the team of 10

employees. Received "Pat on the Back Award" and "Star Performer Award" for Contribution and Development of the Project.

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Mr Abdul Quader Jawad




� Hindi (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Reading novels and going for

long walks.

A dedicated commerce graduate enthusiastic to learn new skills, having academic knowledge in financial management and managerial economics. Thorough

knowledge of distribution centre management and the problems faced by the supply chain managers, gained from16 months of working in a distribution centre.

Capable of working individually or in a team. Very keen to develop a career in supply chain management.

Established a distribution network for a cling film manufacturer in the city of Hyderabad by analysing the market and recruiting distributors.

Organised physiotherapy camps for the warehouse workers, including a basic training in physical material handling which reduced the risk of injury among the



Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Achieved second place in a competition conducted by the Osmania University, which required making a model of a product and developing its marketing strategy.


BCom (Hons)

IIMC, Affiliated to Osmania University

2007 - 2010

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Abdul Quader Jawad

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Career History:

Aries Enterprises: Assistant Manager (Intern) - Hyderabad, India (May 2010 - Aug 2011)

Aries Enterprises has been serving various companies for over 22 years as a consignee agent, clearing and sales agent, distributor and consultant.

Nestle India Ltd. is one of the main clients for the firm, and it manages Nestle's 100 000 carton capacity Distribution Centre.

� Negotiated terms for building a new warehouse with better quality, more facilities and 30% reduction in the rent compared to the existing warehouse.

Searched and identified the site of the new warehouse and finalised the rent and the required features of the new warehouse by holding talks with the

warehouse developer.

� Contributed to the team responsible for ensuring inventory accuracy in the warehouse by ensuring efficient control. Resulted in 100% inventory accuracy

during the yearly external audit.

� Undertook the task of introducing stricter safety norms in the warehouse. Organised fire drills, installed signboards and created safety awareness among the

warehouse staff members. After taking on this initiative achieved the goal of zero accidents compared with three accidents in the previous year.

� Acquired knowledge in widely used ERP software SAP, by seizing an opportunity to undergo an off-the-job training in SAP (Materials Management). The

two month training programme provided an in-depth knowledge of SAP (Materials Management) and the opportunity to work in this area in the future.

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Mr Tianfang Jia




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Love team games like

basketball. Enjoy taekwondo,

playing chess and Chinese

chess, swimming and singing.

Would like to try any kind of

extreme sports.

Confident and competent fast-learner who quickly adapts in any environment. Self-motivated to challenge own limits with an easy-going flexible attitude. Reliable

and responsible team player with a passion, concentration and detail-orientated approach to tasks. Seeking job opportunities to increase efficiency for an

international corporation.

Saved a Sichuan restaurant HK$337.5 of its annual inventory holding cost by adopting a more appropriate EOQ model and increased its service rate by around

4.4% through inventory pooling.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Won the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Entry Scholarships for Chinese Mainland students for the high score achieved in the college entrance examination.

Honoured as Liaoning Provincial Second-class athlete for the outstanding performance in a provincial Taekwondo competition.


BBA (Hons) Global Supply Chain Management

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2007 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Tianfang Jia

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Career History:

Chuanyue Mixian Dawang: Chief Consultant, Hong Kong (Sep 2010 - Dec 2010)

A family restaurant near the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Student Halls of Residence, selling nooddles, pan-fried dishes and famous Sichuan

native spicy cuisine.

� Gathered the sales and inventory information of two separately operating branches of the restaurant, rescheduled their replenishment plan as a whole so that

neither of these two branches would have to stock excessive safety stocks. The overall inventory was reduced by around 10% while the service rate was

increased by about 4.4%.

� Improved current replenishment schedule for chilli using EOQ modelling, cut its annual inventory holding cost by HK$337.5.

Dalian Jinshan Transport Co. Limited: Manager Assistant - Liaoning, China (Jul 2010 - Aug 2010)

A logistics transportation and service enterprise dealing with container transportation, encasement, house storage and harbour documentation with

annual trade turnover of more than 10m.

� Assisted the Chief Dispatcher facilitating cross-departmental communication, reduced the processing time for a new customer order by 10%.

� Guaranteed timely delivery of containers or encasement service, by dispatching, tracing, and monitoring each container truck on the satellite map.

� Input daily receipts and invoices accurately and ensured the corporate database was kept up to date.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Receptionist - Hong Kong (Mar 2010)

Worked as a desk clerk for the Global Supply Chain Management non-JUPAS admission interview held on 13rd March, 2010.

� Streamlined and facilitated the interview process by guiding the candidates to sign in, elaborating the preliminary instructions, directing them to the interview

rooms and informing them of their interview results. All the interviews were finished on time with positive feedbacks.

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Miss Dimitra Kalaitzi




� Greek (Greece)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Using new technologies and

socialising with family

members and friends. Fond of

volleyball, swimming and

running. Enjoys listening to

music and reading.

An energetic, ambitious and reliable individual with strong organisational skills. Tenacity in problem solving and capable of meeting deadlines and working under

pressure. Keen interest to work in a dynamic and challenging international organisation that promotes personal growth.

Awarded Class Valedictorian when graduating as BSc Technology Manager and honoured with scholarships for academic excellence in three successive years

(2007 - 2009) .

Enhanced student understanding of business architecture and more specifically the framework of Zachman J (1997) by designing a user friendly manual.

Enabled malicious system users to be identified by analysing specific programs of Honeypots and Honeynets systems and presenting findings and recommendations

for enhancements.

BSc Technology Management

University of Macedonia Economic and Social

Sciences, Thessaloniki, Greece

2006 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Dimitra Kalaitzi

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Career History:

National Bank of Greece: Apprentice Trainee - Thessaloniki, Greece (Oct 2010 � Dec 2010)

National Bank of Greece provides a wide range of financial products and services that meet the changing needs of businesses and individuals.

� Enhanced customer service by ensuring that all required documents were in loan application packs and by accurately inputting data into the automated

processing application database in a timely manner. Improving the productivity of the loan department by increasing the accuracy of risk evaluation and

reducing the time spent on it.

� Efficiently filled and filed invoices and tackled customers' requests and demands through good communication and active inquiries. Assisting the completion

of an increased number of transactions a day by 13% and resulting in a significant improvement of customer satisfaction by 7%.

� Gained experience in opening discussions with customers of the bank over the phone and face to face directly by dealing with a wide range of customer

enquiries in the import, export and loan department.

University of Macedonia: Presenter, Student Conference � Thessaloniki (Nov 2010)

The University of Macedonia is responsible for organising this conference each year. In 2010 the topic was "Computer Applications and

Administration Methodologies".

� Used an argument visualisation tool debategraph to create a visual map of arguments and is Software as a Service (SaaS). Applied this software in

"Kallikratis" case in the opengov platform which enabled users to write their opinion through it and consider any other opinions quoted. Received good

reviews from attendees.

University of Macedonia: Project Manager, Project Management Module - Naoussa (Oct 2009 � Jan 2010)

Recognised as one of the top Universities in Greece. A modern and flexible institution covering top scientific fields.

� Participated in a project "3D Modelling of the Department of Technology Management in Google Earth" to promote the department and gain knowledge in

new technologies within a time bound implementation of two weeks. Learned how to cooperate with other people and how to react in difficult situations by

establishing clear scope of development and negotiating work schedules.

� Organised correctly and handled the absence of three of the five team members using action plans and work breakdown structure in order to complete all

the necessary acts and not lose valuable time.

� Designed drafts of the building using a software called SketchUp. Took photographs of the external side of the building, Imported images into SketchUp

and promoted the University via Google Earth. Achieved 614 views on YouTube by managing and monitoring the project within a tight timescale.

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� German (Germany)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Travelling and experiencing

new cultures. All types of team

sports (Waterpolo, Beach

volley ball, Tennis), reading

books and economic

magazines, musicals.

Open-minded, ambitious and target - oriented graduate with a positive attitude who is willing to take the lead and responsibility for high value projects. Highly

motivated and adaptive team worker with a strong academic background in logistics and business management, looking for emerging challenges in the supply chain

area of international work environments.

Successfully completed the third year abroad at the University of Coventry with a First Class Degree.

Six month Internship in Columbia Shipmanagement Limited, Limassol, Cyprus. Managing crew members and initiating of Cash to Master deliveries worth


Awarded with an ERASMUS scholarship from University of Coventry, equating to �400 per month, as a result of good marks and social engagement.

BSc (Hons) European Engineering Business


University of Coventry

2010 - 2011

BA Transport and Logistics Management

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

2008 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements



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Career History:

University of Coventry: Group Leader - Industrial Business Project (Sep 2010 - Jun 2011)

Industrial Business Project required the selection and design of a product, a plan to sell, manufacture and distribute it in line with a SME projected

market forecasts. Also required knowledge of the principles of materials and manufacturing technology to enable best decision making.

� Successfully led and coached a group of six international members to produce seven reports. Each section of the project required one report plus an overall

final presentation. All reports were rewarded with a mark between 79-64%. The reports included Market Research for the chosen product, Branding, the

final Design, Manufacturing procedures and materials, Supply Chain, Advertising and Finance (including a business plan, cash flow forecast and statement).

� Composed a business plan for a SME including a cash flow forecast and statement which led to better analytical appreciation of accounting and budgeting


� As a result of leading the project gained a better understanding of the difficulties associated with working and leading an international team trying to find the

best suitable solution.

University of Coventry: Group Leader - Project Management (Sep 2010 - Jun 2011)

Led and coached an international group of six in investigating and preparing plans for the nominated �0.7m project (Coventry University Summer

Ball 2011) achieving an end result of 80%.

� Ensured key areas of the report were compiled including Project Objectives, a list of all Project Stakeholders, a detailed Project Specification, a Work

Breakdown Structure, a Resource Requirement List, a complete Responsibility Matrix, a Dependency Chart/Critical Path Analysis including justification for

durations and comment about the critical path, a Risk Assessment, a Microsoft Project file/screen, and a Lessons Learned Log for the project ensuring full

project control.

� Acquired strong team project management skills and improved communication skills by organising meetings, planning work tasks, managing budget and

risks, and solving any interpersonal difficulties that arose.

� Learned qualitive skills including the ability to structure and organise projects from the beginning with a consideration and evaluation of possible risks.

Columbia Shipmanagement Limited: Trainee - Limassol, Cyprus (Mar 2008 - Aug 2008)

Columbia Shipmanagement Limited (CMS), a Schoeller Holdings subsidiary, is a pioneer in this industry and was founded in 1978. Today,

Columbia manages a fleet of about 300 vessels of all kinds and it's services are ranked at the very top of the shipping industry.

� Became familiar with the sale and purchase procedures of an Insurance and Claims Department, learning how to handle vessel insurance in the case of an


� Checked and evaluated incoming performance reports in the Crewing Department, crewmember licences and related issues as a general administrative

assistant. Organised and liaised with vessel und crewing agents on crew change schedules and assessed qualifications and experience of suitable crew.

� Interviewed employees about the new, customised, several million $USD worth IT platform and collected suggestions to help optimise it for the whole


For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Personal Statement


Mr Issahaku Kotomah



Second Nationality:


Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management



An experienced academic with a solid teaching background and excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. Has a strong ability to influence

decisions and develop positive relationships at all levels both internally and externally. Enjoys being part of a successful and productive team and thrives in highly

pressurised and challenging working environments. Seeking a career in Telecommunications, Oil, Gas, Freight and Shipping.

Key Achievements

Within first quarter at Elite Training Academy, succeeded in cutting the cost of telephone and internet usage by �2000. This was achieved by comparing prices as

part of a cost cutting strategy.

Invited "Investors in People" (IIP) to conduct an assessment of the Company policies and the Company was awarded with IIP for Elite Training Academy.

Identified numerous leads for new business and signed up two significant new clients. Wrote a bid and won a training contract worth �100,000 to train security



Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) Teaching

Leeds Metropolitan University

2010 - 2011

MA Education: Development and Performance


Middlesex University

2005 - 2006

Teacher Certificate 'A'

Tamale Training College, Ghana

1995 - 1998

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Issahaku Kotomah

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit

Career History:

Elite Training Academy: Business Development Manager - Bradford, UK (Nov 2010 - Sep 2011)

Elite Training Academy (ETA) is a training provider in security courses, skills for life, ESOL, and body guarding. ETA is an SIA Approved

Training Centre and accredited by Edexcel to deliver a wide range of qualifications.

� Indentified and implemented internal business improvements and efficiencies. Achieving Investors in People (IPP) award boosted staff confidence.

� Contributed to strategic planning and development by organising regular staff briefings and target setting.

� Identified and secured new business opportunities, including negotiating and pricing new contracts. This resulted a in long term contract (Five years) and

financial benefits of over �100,000.

Bradford College: Lecturer Internship - Bradford, UK (Sep 2010 - Jun 2011)

Bradford College has been delivering quality education and training for over 175 years. The College is the fourth largest in the country and the

largest provider of higher education outside the university sector in England.

� Encouraged post sixteen learners in Health and Social Care to sit for level one and two numeracy qualifications.

Archways Lets Ltd: Property Assistant - London, UK (Feb 2009 - Dec 2009)

Archway Lets Ltd is based in London.

� Assisted in the general management of properties under the direction of the Client Services Manager or Team Leader. Marketing properties to the public

helped to increase sales.

� Accurately produced and maintained manual and computer files for each property and Tenants in accordance with procedures. Kept accurate and up to

date records to inform the public of the number of available flats or houses on the market resulting in quicker sales.

� Contributed to ensuring a smooth and efficient business operation by actioning all correspondence and reacted to filing promptly and in accordance with

local council procedures.

� Delivered a high level of customer service by answering all telephone calls promptly and satisfactorily resolving queries and issues in an efficient manner.

Merton Unity Network: Consultant Business Advisor - Mitcham, UK (Apr 2009 - Sep 2009)

Merton Unity Network (MUN) is an umbrella organisation providing a "collective voice" for Merton's Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME)


� Led representatives at the various workshops through the basic format of a business plan and the need for a business plan as an organisation. This led to the

Merton Unity Network being able to request additional funding for their projects and programmes.

� Enhanced the capability of clients from the voluntary sector by identifying their training needs and delivering training and development support.

Middlesex University: Recruitment Consultant - London, UK (Aug 2007 - Mar 2009)

Middlesex University has a reputation for the highest quality teaching, and research departments and national leaders in work based learning


� Enhanced students', parents' and guardians' awareness of programme options through the provision of needs related advice and guidance.

� Increased the public's awareness and perception of the University's brand and image by creating and delivering effective advertising campaigns.

� Successfully developed and managed the student recruitment campaign in Ghana, India and Nigeria.

Middlesex University Students' Union: President - London, UK (Jun 2006 - Jul 2007)

Middlesex University has a reputation for the highest quality teaching, and research departments and national leaders in work based learning

solutions. The Union is elected by the students, represents their interests and provides a host of support and welfare services to improve student


� Ensured the Student Union Constitution was upheld at all times by successfully managing the operation, recruitment, HR related issues and overall conduct

of it's serving officers.

� Fostered relationships with other Universities and external bodies by representing the Union and University at external meetings and national events such as

National Union of Students conferences.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit


Mr Georgios-Megas-Panagiotis





� Greek

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Represented birthplace,

Mykonos, in tourism trade

shows across Europe. Enjoys

travelling and meeting different

people from diverse cultural

backgrounds. An avid

swimmer, reader and scuba


Learning oriented individual with a Business Administration background. Open to fascinating challenges and ready to take the initiative. Entrepreneurial spirit

through valuable work experience in family businesses since childhood. Highly co-operative and friendly with other team members. Worked successfully with

people from different nationalities enhancing communication and presentation skills. Eager to learn about dynamic fleet management.

Won the Business Plan AUEB Competition as part of a team. Skills contributed to the team success included assiduity, innovativeness and financial knowledge.

Reduced the inventory cost of family business by 74% in two years using a more sophisticated approach to ordering and recording the goods in stock as a result of

extensive technical knowledge.

Increased the room occupancy rate from 69% to 87% in one and a half years through the use of new marketing techniques, the addition of new facilities and

putting into practice management concepts.

BSc Business Administration

Athens University of Economics and Business

(AUEB), Greece

2006 - 2010

Business Administration (Erasmus student program,

Completed master-level courses)

Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium

2009 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Georgios-Megas-Panagiotis Kousathanas

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Megas Enterprise: General Manager - Mykonos, Greece (Jun 2006 - Current)

Megas Enterprise is consisted of two family owned businesses located in Mykonos. The first is a retail outlet providing casual apparel and beach

accessories with two branches in the town of Mykonos and the second is a resort hotel.

� Reduced the total costs of the retail store by implementing a new system of real time product monitoring which enabled immediate critical checks to be

carried out on the product quantity, the profits for each product and wholesaler.

� Increased brand loyalty through a better understanding of the customers' needs, the addition of new products, extensive public relations events and new

management thinking. Hence, the business increased its competitiveness.

� Changed the perceptual map of the customers from a low cost store which provides wide-range products to more profitable and value added products

reducing the products offered. That enabled an increase in profits thanks to a more desirable brand position.

� Improved relationships with the wholesalers through a better understanding of the position of the business. The big orders and the reduced number of

wholesalers led to better prices and a more solid and trusting relationship.

� Managed to enter the National Strategic Reference Framework for further development of Megas Enterprises. Responsible for the whole initiative and

execution of the required procedures. The subsidy will be mainly used in the room expansion of the hotel.

� Appointed Head of the project team responsible for the construction of the biggest mall in Cyclades, containing 17 boutiques of luxury products and

services. Responsible for co-ordinating all the activities, choosing the right mixture of brands and funding. The project is due to be ready by the spring of


Megas Enterprise: Sales Associate - Mykonos, Greece (Jun 1995 - Sep 2005)

Megas Enterprise is consisted of two family owned businesses located in Mykonos. The first is a retail outlet providing casual apparel and beach

accessories with two branches in the town of Mykonos and the second is a resort hotel.

� Learned to communicate with customers, identify different kinds of customers needs, then persuade them to buy products adapted to their needs.

� Learned arithmetic operations and currency conversion before actually attending Primary School as a result of working part time as a cashier. The

experience helped to gain an appreciation of the value of money.

� Handled sales and customers issues successfully.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Mr John Sebastian





� Hindi (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Love travelling and

experiencing new cultures.

Philately, Reading, playing

football and cricket.

A focused and dedicated graduate with technical and managerial experience looking to face challenges in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. Results oriented

and dynamic in nature with a willingness to work individually and as a team member. Experienced in marketing and operations with an intense desire to work in

Supply Chain Management in a multicultural environment

Increased the customer base by 15% in a span of 11 months through efficient marketing and by providing the finest quality of service.

Amongst 20% of the class to have secured employment with Infosys Technologies in 2008.

Successfully raised funds and managed techno cultural fests in college as a member of the core committee.

Certificate Program in Export Management

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, India

2010 - 2011

BEng Electronics and Communication

Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, India

2005 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr John Sebastian Kuravamveli

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Amity Aquatech Pvt Ltd: Assistant Manager - New Delhi, India (May 2010 - Sep 2011)

A Delhi based company specialising in world class Marine and Public Aquariums having operations in all major cities in India with Technical

collaborations with some of the most renowned Aquarium Manufacturers in the world.

� Played a vital role in internet marketing by re-designing the website and advertising on various B2B and B2C forums on the net which increased customer

enquiries by over 50%.

� Assisted in managing a team of 10 people to enhance the service offered to clients and reduced customer complaints over a period of two months.

� Reduced the costs in the purchasing department by interacting with various vendors to procure materials efficiently and in a time bound manner from

different parts of the country.

� Efficiently managed the transportation costs in procuring and delivering items by setting up contracts with various agents.

� Co-ordinated inventory management every two weeks to ensure materials were available on time and reduced dead stocks by 40%.

Infosys Technologies Ltd: Systems Engineer Trainee - Bangalore, India (Oct 2009 - May 2010)

Infosys is a global brand recognised in the field of technological services having operations in 33 countries and is the second largest IT Company in

India employing over 130,000 employees.

� Completed training in software development which broadened personal understanding of IT.

� Improved team working skills as a result of working together with others in the team to achieve specific results.

� Trained at the highly acclaimed Infosys leadership Institute in Business Basics, Articulation, Leadership and Presentation skills.

� Met project deadlines with ease by working efficiently and effectively with others in the team.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Miss Rui Li




� Chinese (People's

Republic of China)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Fond of travelling and attending

social networking events.

Playing the piano for 10 years,

enjoy listening to music and

watching movie as a stress

reliever. Interested in volunteer


A self-motivated and hardworking individual with a strong academic background in business management, ability to learn and work in highly pressured situations

and adapt to different environments. A creative and ambitious graduate with a passion for logistics, supply chain, operations and innovation. Seeking opportunities in

a global logistics and supply chain environment.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Achieved Upper Second Class Bachelor Degree from University of Hertfordshire.

As a team leader, successfully led and coached a group of five in the research of Dell Inc. and presentation in strategic management module in 2010.

Led a group of six in reviewing and analysing the operations of a local small business �Bread to Brag" in operation management group project in 2009.


BA (Hons) Business Administration

University of Hertfordshire

2007 - 2010

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Rui Li

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

University of Hertfordshire: Group Leader Strategic Management Module - UK (Jan 2010 - Mar 2010)

Involved in conducting market research, carrying out detailed analyses on the company�s finance, value chain and resources, culture and

architecture, group working and presentation skills.

� Critically reviewed and analysed the internal and external environment of Dell Inc using a number of analytical tools.

� Identified two strategic issues that were the most urgent to for Dell to address, " declining market share in home market and price war in IT industry".

Developed alternative strategic options to confront these issues, evaluated and found out the the top strategic priority for Dell to resolve it's problems

(market penetration, diversification, change its cost structure and invest in innovation).

� Created a report of Dell Inc, ability to research and analyse using concepts, analytical tools and a range of data, develop and implement business strategies.

� Practiced leadership skills, liaised between each other, organised and coached a team of five

University of Hertfordshire: Team Member, Marketing Communication Module - UK (Jan 2010 - Mar 2010)

Created a detailed report, evaluating Celebrity Fitness Centre�s one year marketing plan, between April 2010 to March 2011, with the aim to

increase sales volume, market share and profitability of CF by 40%, 25%, and 20% respectively by the end of March 2010.

� Carried out a situational analysis which examined Celebrity Fitness��current performances, external factors and main competitors in the marketplace.

� Identified target audiences, objectives and positioning, selected appropriate promotional tools, calculated budget and developed a media schedule.

� Created creative strategies for Celebrity Fitness, designed the billboard, television storyboard and coupons and free trials advertisements in magazines,

which were all aimed to be the preferred fitness choice of consumers under the slogan �Celebrity is you�.

� Chose the method of implementation for the marketing plan and concluded the report with selection of evaluation and control methods.

� Co-operated with team members, thinking creatively and being supportive in team working.

University of Hertfordshire: Group Leader - UK (May 2009 - Aug 2009)

Led a team of six in reviewing and analysing the operations of a local small business -�Bread to Brag����������������

� Created a series of effective interview questions with team members to provide detailed information on current business strategy and direction. Asked for

permission and successfully conducted in-depth interviews with the small business owner, Mr. Patrick.

� Visited the bakery and it's production line with permission. Investigated the design of products and services taking customer's tastes and demand for a

comfortable environment into account, identified the process types, layout and flow.

� Examined the six stages of the bakery�s start-up, the management since 2003 in terms of finance, operations, inventory planning and control, marketing and

human resources, as well as its future plan and objectives.

� Created a detailed report on the organisation, Analysed and highlighted opportunities and potential threats in order to improve business decisions.

� Provided recommendations to Mr. Patrick's business with the team.

� As a team leader, liaised between team members, highlighted any problems encountered by the team and provided advice as necessary.

Beijing Olymipic Games: Volunteer - Beijing, China (Aug 2008)

Served in SPS, Spectator Service Group. Responded to requests from members of the public for advice or assistance, individual needs and

provided guidance as necessary.

� Checked the tickets of different spectator groups in respective venues. Served the spectators and maintained order in between the events and during the


� Provided translation or interpretation services to members of the public regarding transportation, games arrangements, tourism and scenic spots,

entertainment and shopping.

� Assisted food and beverage manager in operations and management and satisfied the needs of different groups.

� Assisted environment manager with the supervision and inspection of cleanness of venue and performance of refuse managing contractors.

� Received and recorded calls from maintenance hot-line, informed facility managers or assistant managers of maintenance needs and requests.

� Worked with a group of international spectators, built good relationships with them, gained significant experience of working with multi-cultural people

based globally.

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Mr Zunyuan Li




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enthusiastic about travelling

and experiencing different

cultures; fond of sports,

especially pool and tennis;

interested in photography.

A dedicated, persistent and pro-active individual with an excellent academic background in logistics and supply chain management and two-years practical

experience in sales and English teaching. A sophisticated presenter and negotiator with excellent communication skills and a vision in meeting customer needs.

Ability to learn quickly, adapting to different environments and solving problems utilising good analytical and interpersonal skills.

Set up standard operating procedure for a newly-established department in New Oriental Education and Technology Group which generated sales of CYN4.5m

over an 18month period.

As a project manager of SIFE (students in free entrepreneur) team in the University, developed an initial team of five members into a student organisation with

more than 100 participants.

Trained over 500 Chinese students, who now study in various parts of the world, including Europe, North America and Australia, to improve their English


BA in Logistics Management

Nanjing University of Information Science and


2005 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Zunyuan Li

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

New Oriental Education and Technology Group: English Teacher - Nanjing, China (Apr 2010 � Aug 2011)

New Oriental is the largest, most influential private educational services provider in China, with subsidiaries in North America and all over China,

training over 11m students over the last 15 years.

� Developed a simple and efficient way of teaching students in short - term classes to improve writing skills, which helped over 500 students to achieve

expected level in English proficiency test.

� Motivated over 1000 college students in English study by giving public speeches in Universities and Colleges. Compared English study to exercise used in

Chinese martial arts, making it easier for novices to grasp the fundamental concept of English learning.

New Oriental Education and Technology Group: Consultant - Nanjing, China (Sep 2008 - Mar 2010)

Involved in marketing strategy, process optimisation, staff training and selling products directly to clients.

� Developed over 20 new customers each month by organising weekly sessions, free demo classes and representations aimed at introducing the services that

the company offered. This generated an average turnover of CYN250,000 per month, which was about 25% of the total monthly turnover of the


� Established a standard operating procedure and drew up a staff training manual for a newly established department, which helped all of the 20 new staff in

this department to become fully skilled in their jobs over 16 months.

� Redesigned the class size, content and period of the English training section in order to meet the demand of the customer, contributing to a 20% of growth in

the total capacity of serving customers.

� Upgraded the style and content of official website and put promotions on social networks, which boosted visits via the internet by 400%.

� Supplemented extra services including registration for tests like ELTS/TOEFL/SAT, test simulation and escorted students to the test centre. As a result

greatly integrated the service chain and raised customer satisfaction levels.

New Oriental Education and Technology Group: Summer Internship-Nanjing, China (Jun 2008 - Aug 2008)

Key areas of work were marketing, logistics, supplier management, cost accounting and purchasing.

� Led a team of nine to operate an English learning summer camp semi-independently under the guidance of a director. Successfully enrolled and served over

400 high school students within three months, generating a turnover of more than CYN1.2m, which was twice the expected income.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Personal Statement


Miss Yun Liu




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoy yoga, jogging and

badminton; Fan of travelling

(visited a lot of Schengen

States) and very curious about

discovering different cultures;

Keen to do volunteer activities.

An enthusiastic and perseverant graduate with two years international study and work experience in France. Strong multilingual communicative skills and solid

knowledge in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Able to work efficiently under pressure within multinational cultures by applying excellent interpersonal

and organisational skills. Seeking the challenge to work in global Logistics and Supply Chain environment.

Key Achievements

Achieved an increase of 7% in hotel occupancy levels in off-season and an increase of 55% in REVPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) during peak season by

successfully implementing Yield Management.

Efficiently organised a conference for more than 400 representatives and arranged their business investigation tour.

Awarded the Academic Merit-based Scholarship (top 5% of students) for three consecutive years in Guizhou University and the Excellent Graduate of Guizhou

Province (top 1% of students in Guizhou).


Francais Des Affaires (Business French)

La Sorbonne, Paris, France

2011 - 2011

MSc Marketing French Excellence

Rouen Business School, Mont-Saint-Aignon, France

2009 - 2011

BA (Hons) International Commerce and Trade in


Guizhou University, Guiyang, China

2005 - 2009

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Yun Liu

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Alliance Hospitality: Sales and Marketing Intern - Paris, France (Jun 2010 - Nov 2010)

The European Leader in hotel management which owns more than 30 hotels as Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, All Seasons, Mercure, Best Western in

Europe under the brands of Intercontinental, Accor and Best Western group.

� Implemented yield management in price setting, targeting a range of different customers so as to increase hotel occupancy levels and REVPAR( Revenue

Per Available Room) while meeting customers��satisfaction.

� Maintained good communication between clients and hotels through negotiating with hotels to propose best hotels with best prices for customers, drawing

up contracts for Asian and European agencies.

� Provided an after-sales service by maintaining internal customer database, making after-sales calls and handling customer complaints.

China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd: Director Assistant - Zunyi, China (Apr 2009 - Aug 2009)

CSG is one of the biggest Power Grid Companies in China. By the end of 2010, the total assets of CSG amounted to 492.5bn RMB and it was

ranked 156th in Fortune Global 500 in 2010. It invests, constructs and operates power networks in Guandong, Guangxi, Yunna, Guizhou and

Hainan Provinces.

� Successfully organised an annual meeting of more than 400 representatives and arranged their business investigation tour through careful planning and

execution which received high praise from the company�s leaders.

� Contributed toward the management of employees training by publishing training information on the internet and editing exam papers.

Zhonglin Wine & Spirit Company: Sales - Kunming, China (Jan 2007 - Feb 2007)

One of the specialty shops of the National Wine Company (China Kweichow Moutai Distillery Co., Ltd.) where a portfolio of Kweichow Moutai

products are available.

� Increased sales by 5% compared to the forecast by organising promotions and better arranging and decorating the shelves to attract customers.

� Participated in the merchandising process by distributing advertisements and product brochures which generated more awareness of potential customers

and motivated their consumption.

English First: Teaching Assistant - Guiyang, China (Sep 2006 - Mar 2007)

EF Education is the world's largest private education company that specialises in language training, educational tours and cultural exchange.

Today, EF has over 26,000 employees, teachers and volunteers. There are offices and schools in 51 countries.

� Motivated students through point to point contact with parents and informing them of students progress and encouraging students to become more involved

in class.

� Managed the class efficiently to create a learning-friendly environment, reduced an atmosphere of crowds and noise and demonstrated how misbehaviour

could be dealt with effectively by better knowing each student�s characteristics. Developed their sense of responsibility by establishing reasonable rules for

their own behaviour and their ability to suggest solutions when problems occurred.

� Built bridges between students and foreign teachers by translating incomprehensible words to students which made foreign teachers acknowledge students��

difficulties making only minor changes necessary. Reduced students��level of frustration and activated their enthusiasm to learn at the same time.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Mr Ti Lu




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Music, photography, reading,

travelling and exploring new

cultures. A keen baseball and

softball player.

A conscientious and team-orientated individual with highly effective interpersonal and team-working skills and a strong academic background in logistics.

Enthusiastic to improve competitiveness of enterprises by developing new strategies and optimising business processes. Now seeking challenging opportunities to

apply solid abilities to manage and optimise processes in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Led a team of five to enter the semi-finals in 2008 Annual LEXUS Student Business Case Competition by designing services and conducting strategic analysis.

Designed a website "", which combines traveller-friendly services and blog comments. Achieved third prize in the 2007 National Cheng

Kung University Entrepreneurial Contest.

Amended the habitual calculating formula of roundabout capacity through data collection and analysis. Achieved merit prize at the Traffic Engineering Conference

for Students, Taiwan (2007).

BA in Transportation and Communication


National Cheng Kung University

2005 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Ti Lu

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

President Transnet Corp: Sales Driver - Taipei, Taiwan (Aug 2010 - Nov 2011)

The leading brand in Taiwan�s door-to-door delivery market and is well-known for its convenience, efficiency and quality of low-temperature


� Reduced customer's complaints by 33% by offering on-time delivery and meeting their individual requirements.

� Increased sales by 15% compared with the corresponding period previous year as a result of discovering two potential customers.

� Streamlined the working processes and re-planned the delivery route, this resulted in a 5% reduction in delivery time.

Republic Of China (Taiwan) Army: Armoured Vehicle Driver - Taoyuan, Taiwan (Aug 2009 - Jul 2010)

The largest branch of the armed forces in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

� Contributed to a smooth and efficient operation by maintaining and repairing 16 armoured vehicles and increasing their overall availability by 15%.

� Ensured adequate supplies of materials and parts were available at all times by managing and monitoring the overall stock control and request process


For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Miss Jianhua Ma




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Passion for adventure and

travelling, enjoys meeting

people and discovering culture

from all over the world. Loves

badminton and swimming.

Keen on DIY.

Dynamic and creative employee with seven years Supply Chain and Logistics experience with a strongly related academic background, offering both logistics

experience and communication skills. Highly flexible and reliable team member, who works equally well independently. Eager to learn from others and able to

adapt quickly to new situations. Open-minded individual, keen to take on responsibilities and challenges in Supply Chain and Logistics.

Initiated and organised a team of eight to implement an internal process project in J&J Medical. Identified potential risks and problems, eliminated unnecessary

processes and work time by one third.

In Boschrexroth, redesigned goods outer packaging, reduced excessive packaging which in turn reduced overall packaging costs by almost one third.

Bachelor of Management in Business Administration

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

2005 - 2008

ISO Internal Auditor / Medical Device Quality

Management (ISO13485:2003)

Shanghai Quality Management Institution

2005 - 2005

Diploma in e-Commerce

Shanghai Xuhui Local University

2001 - 2004


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Jianhua Ma

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

BoschRexroth Hydraulics & Automation: Logistics Specialist - Shanghai, China (Feb 2007 - Feb 2011)

Bosch Rexroth is one of the world�s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the brand name of Rexroth the

company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling and moving.

� Took responsible for incoming inventory checks with 3PL and ensured correct goods were received as a result of no difference between ERP inventory

data and physical goods.

� Initially organised the weekly meeting with 3PL and all 3PL operation problems were solved within one week and ensured smooth running of the warehouse


� Set up KPI report via ERP system and MS office, tracked and analysed inventory, ensured any existed stock problems could be easily identified and


� Drafted a daily SAP MM module operating manual. (SAP - systems applications and products in data processing). Took charge of new internal staff

training, so new staff could adapt to new tasks and operations in the logistics department ran smoothly.

Johnson & Johnson Medical: Logistics Specialist - Shanghai China (Feb 2004 - Feb 2007)

Founded in 1994, Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd. is a wholly owned foreign enterprise of Johnson & Johnson in China with a workforce

of over 2000 employees

� Designed Chinese labels by utilising Labelview software, so imported goods could be sold to China.

� Organised a team of 10 people to adjust Standard Operation Procedures and operating manuals in supply chain within three months. Ensured smooth

operation across the department of logistics, customer service and purchasing.

� Took on responsibility for stock management using the J.D.Edwards system and new staff training to ensure smooth internal operations.

� Assisted in Warehouse EHS job implementation and ensured a safe warehouse environment and reducing risks in the workplace.

� Passed auditor qualification test and identified as a company internal auditor member. Implemented the company annual audit task which helped the logistics

department to understand the operating difficulties in other departments and empathise with these challenges.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Miss Tanutra Manmalai




� Thai



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Discovering new cultures.

Passion for adventures and

travelling. Fond of the cinema

and interesting books.

Dedicated and persistent graduate with solid academic background in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Having a wide range of experiences in this field

such as transportation planner, procurement. freight forwarder, import and export documentary and strategic analyst. Seeking a position relevant to Logistics and

Supply Chain Analyst or Consultant.

Designed the flow and location system for a product in the lubricant warehouse, reducing the delay of daily business operations by nearly 45%.

Managed and successfully operated the new transportation method (Continuous move), leading to an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of transportation.

Conducted and successfully managed the pioneer project relating to NGV fuel used in cement trucks for transportation in northern Thailand, leading to a cost

saving in the region of �0.4m.

MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The University of Warwick

2010 - 2011

BEng Logistics Engineering

University of Thai Chamber of Commerce

2003 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Tanutra Manmalai

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Career History:

SCG Logistics Company Ltd: Import and Export Officer - Bangkok, Thailand (Feb 2010 - Jul 2010)

SCG Logistics Co., Ltd is one of the SCG (Thailand) companies and known as the largest industrial conglomerate in Thailand. With over 25,000

employees around the world, the company supports the rotation of employees in different functions to improve their performance and skills.

� Managed, controlled and produced monthly reports relating to the service providers performance including transportation and documentary custom.

� Created the new standard of documentation process for transportation in the border area. The result of this new standard process increased the quality of

the co-ordination process and it also reduced the lead time of transactional documents.

SCG Logistics Company Ltd: Logistics Analyst - Bangkok, Thailand (Aug 2009 - Feb 2010)

Expected to design, improve and monitor the new scenarios and models as a service project for new clients or products.

� Discovered a suitable location for Bulk Cement Distribution Centre. The project required extensive research and data analysis in order to select an optimal

solution in relation to cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Collected on a monthly basis the sales data in order to analyse the trend of business

performance and reported the findings to the Project Executive Director.

SCG Logistics Company Ltd: Logistics Planner - Bangkok, Thailand (Jan 2008 - Aug 2009)

Expected to operate and monitor the route of transportation, co-operate and provide the best solution for customers.

� Analysed the offers for each tender regarding prices, estimated time of delivery and references, therefore helping the team to select future potential partners.

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Mr Sean McGrane



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Culinary, Mining, Travelling

Abroad, Films, Music, Reading,

Antiques, Fine Art, Crafts,

Small Business Development

and International Trade


Over 20 years experience in the retail industry and working in diverse environments. Excellent customer service and conflict resolution skills, strong public relations

and experienced Master of Ceremonies. Knowledge of Warehouse Inventory, Shipping & Receiving, Accounts Receivable/Payable. Looking forward to applying

the Cranfield learning environment with a lifetime of experience, utilising both for the benefit of a global LSC company.

Personal representative in Alaska for the Consul General of Ireland - Emer Deane (May 2007 - Nov 2007), Gerry Staunton (Nov 2007 - Present) and HE Michael

Collins, Ambassador of Ireland to the US.

During first term with the Model United Nations of Alaska conference 2008, serving as the Chair of the International Law Commission, received the first annual

'Umair Iqbal' Award for Service.

Received the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolf Student Leader Award for participation and leadership with the UAA student government and the Model

United Nations of Alaska conference.

BA (Leadership Hons) History, minor Political

Science, Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain


University of Alaska Anchorage

2006 - 2011

Graduate Diamonds Diploma; Graduate Coloured

Stones Diploma

Gemmological Institute of America

1982 - 1983


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Sean McGrane

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Career History:

Northern Legacies Gallery: Art Liaison Anchorage - Alaska, US (Feb 2011 - Sep 2011)

Northern Legacies Gallery is a retailer of fine art produced by both Native Alaskans and Non-Native Alaskans. Materials are stone (soapstone,

marble), Fossilized Whalebone, Fossilized Walrus Ivory, Limited Edition Cast Bronze Sculptures, Original Paintings and Lithographs.

� Through the use of personal knowledge of Alaskan history, art materials, techniques and Indigenous Alaska Native First Nation people, communicated

effectively to a diverse customer base, achieved sales to local residents and visitors from both the United States and internationally.

Alaskan Gourmet Products: Sales and Production Anchor Point - Alaska, US (Sep 2008 - Oct 2011)

Alaskan Gourmet Products is an SME which manufactures a variety of FMCG such as Alaskan Gourmet Batter coating for fish, fowl, game meat,

vegetables and other food items and Alaskan Seafood Melts. Distribution is regionally and nationally.

� Significantly improved sales volume through the introduction of three new clients (30% increase) plus Government Contracts, developing business

relationships to promote products while ensuring that supplies could be guaranteed. Developed all relevant documentation to meet contract requirements,

regulations and operational needs

� Provided advice to company management on opportunities for expanding sales into international markets (European Union). Utilised existing successful

working relationships with international key sales venues in order to highlight actions necessary to increase product awareness in untapped market areas.

Double J Mining and Jewellery: Jeweller - Wasilla, Alaska, US (Aug 2005 - Dec 2006)

Double J Mining and Jewellery was a retail outlet selling custom-made Alaskan gold nugget jewellery and providing on-site jewellery repair.

� Designed and manufactured a highly successful range of custom-made Alaska gold nugget jewellery (rings, pendants, earrings, watches) utilising genuine

diamond and coloured stones.

� Improved the knowledge and understanding of the jewellery market and industry to the business owners, advising on identification, valuation and selling

techniques resulting in increased sales.

Williams Enterprises: Government and Military Sales Anchorage - Alaska, US (Aug 2005 - Dec 2005)

Williams Enterprises provided parts and equipment to a joint military operation in South East Alaska.

� Responded to an opportunity to provide a wide range of materials and services to the US Government to assist in infrastructure development. Worked

closely with Armed Forces supply specialists to ensure that all required documentation necessary to become a supplier met stringent requirements.

Successful authorisation enabled the supply of custom made items.

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Mr Christopher Melton



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Learning about technological

and scientific developments.

Cycling and fitness. A keen

interest in cookery. Enjoys

travelling and experiencing

different cultures.

A committed, ambitious, proactive graduate with the drive and determination to succeed. Experienced as a team leader and team member with strong

communication, organisational and numerical skills. Hard working and accustomed to meeting deadlines with a willingness to take on new challenges. Desire to

develop professionally in the competitive, diverse and multicultural global Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Obtained 2.1 (Hons) degree on the only triple accredited Aerospace Engineering course in the UK at an internationally-renowned Russell Group University ranked

in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

Elected by peers to vice-chair a 60 strong Explorer Scout Unit and successfully contributed to the organisation and running of weekly meetings involving a wide

range of activities and trips.

Achieved a goal of undertaking a six week solo trip to Australia and New Zealand immediately post A-levels, having successfully managed to balance study and

part-time work in order to fund the trip.

BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering

University of Liverpool

2007 - 2011


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Christopher Melton

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Career History:

Waitrose: Part Time Supermarket Assistant - Harpenden/Liverpool (Sep 2006 - To Date)

Waitrose, the Food Division of the John Lewis Partnership, has a turnover in excess of �5bn from 243 stores across the United Kingdom and

abroad. The John Lewis Partnership won 'Retailer of the Year' at the Oracle Retail Week Awards 2011.

� Eliminated duplication of work within the branch by initiating a new system for the management of staff rotas. Cut branch costs and reduced managerial

workloads after gaining their commitment to the new system. Increased efficiency and team morale as staff were better able to plan their work tasks and

leisure time more effectively.

� Selected to run the department on a regular basis, successfully demonstrating to senior staff leadership skills and the ability to take on more responsibility.

Through effective communication with the team enabled departmental goals to be met. Provided high quality customer service by ensuring that expected

standards were met and maintained within the branch. Provided help and support, as required, within the team.

� Successfully transferred to and integrated with a team in a different branch after being awarded one of two placements within the student transfer scheme

out of 10 candidates. Anticipated the high demand for transfers within the company and initiated discussions with managers to ensure a successful personal


� Developed personal skill sets across six departments within the branch demonstrating adaptability and the flexibility to integrate effectively with other teams

when required.

Pyro 1 Ltd: Part Time Firework Firer - Hemel Hempstead (Sep 2004 - Mar 2008)

Pyro 1 Ltd is a renowned firework and pyrotechnic display company based in Hertfordshire, England and Edinburgh, Scotland providing memorable

firework displays for corporate events, festivals, balls, summer concerts, parties, weddings, November 5th and New Year's Eve celebrations.

� Obtained British Pyrotechnics Association Firework Firer qualification after studying explosives and training in safety practices.

� Strengthened teamwork and communication skills in a safety critical environment ensuring compliance with legislation and the safety of others whilst erecting

and firing fireworks at the 2007 Edinburgh New Years Hogmanay.

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Mr Christian Mikkelsen




� Danish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Keen interest in soccer, weight

training, road racing and golf.

Enjoys learning about different

cultures and languages and

exploring new countries.

An ambitious, results orientated and positive individual with a solid academic background and strengths in working in multicultural environments and approaching

challenges with common sense. A quick learner and good team player with the ability to motivate others through constructive and positive debate. Interested in

pursuing challenging opportunities within Logistics and Supply Chain Management in a multinational company.

Suggested methods to improve efficiency and bring financial benefits to the company through the identification of key suppliers able to provide components on a

"Just In Time" basis.

Achieved second place in The Fresh Connection, an online supply chain game, competing against several teams from the Logistics Department at The University

of Huddersfield.

Awarded a Upper Second Class Honours Degree in BSc Logistics at The University of Huddersfield.

BSc Logistics

The University of Huddersfield, UK

2010 - 2011

AP Degree in Logistics Management

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College,


2008 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Christian Mikkelsen

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Career History:

Dantherm Air Handling: Sourcing and Procurement Intern � Suzhou, China (Jan 2010 � May 2010)

Dantherm Air Handling, a subsidiary of Dantherm Holding provides professional air handling solutions for the heating, ventilation and air

conditioning industries as well as the Telecom industries. Dantherm is one of the world leaders within specialised cooling equipment for these


� Developed a list of primary and secondary suppliers based on different parameters such as, supplier location, unit price, supplier reliability and lead time.

Provided recommendations for primary suppliers based on calculations on liability agreements versus in-house stock. The overall result was a significant

financial benefit through reducing in-house storage on certain components, which instead were held at the suppliers' site, ensuring continuity of supply and

including liability agreements.

� During the internship compiled a report on the company�s supplier portfolio outlining the areas where the company needed to change in order to meet the

requirements of the Danish parent company. The recommended solutions for these challenges was to act as a supplier for the Danish company, and at the

same time work on a close collaboration with the Chinese supplier. The outcome was better quality of the delivered components and more precise

deliveries to the Danish company.

The University of Huddersfield: Student - Huddersfield, United Kingdom (Sep 2010 � Jul 2011)

Dissertation: A research paper on China and India�s strengths of attracting foreign investment from Western organisations. Achieved a B grade

from internal and external assessors.

� Carried out a thorough and detailed investigation into the strengths and weaknesses of China and India in the business environment, taking all political,

economic, social and technological areas into consideration. Determined the most appropriate method for providing the information to ensure clarity of data.

� Developed a set of key conclusions as to how both China and India could develop plans to attract major investments from western companies through

assessing the two countries present strengths and future perspectives.

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Personal Statement


Mr Christian Mondorf



Second Nationality:



� Danish

� French

� German

� Spanish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Avid reader of all subjects

(fiction and non-fiction), enjoys

travel (particularly

backpacking), watching films,

experimenting in the kitchen

and learning new languages

(currently Mandarin).

Creative and intellectually curious lateral thinker who enjoys working on problems which require a layered and multidisciplinary approach. Affinity for technology

but enjoys working with people as part of a team. Has experience of working in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, in private, public, and non-profit sectors. Fluent

in five languages, adapts easily to new cultures and environments.

Key Achievements

Supported Oxfam GB roll out, a sector-specific supply chain management software solution by training and supporting local users in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda,

and Haiti.

Worked as an analyst at Accenture's SAP logistics practice translating client needs into functional design requirements. Experience covered both the private and

public sectors.

Certified as a Solution Consultant SCM - Procurement with mySAP ERP.


MSc in Infonomics

Maastricht University

2006 - 2010

SAP SCM Solution Consultant certification

SAP Education

2009 - 2009

BA Political Science

P. Catholic University of Chile

2003 - 2006

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Christian Mondorf

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Semester abroad

Heidelberg University

2005 - 2006

Career History:

Oxfam GB - Helios Trainer (Apr 2010 - Aug 2011)

Oxfam GB is a major British charity working with others to overcome poverty and suffering around the world. It specialises in water and sanitation

in emergency and developing contexts.

� Became proficient in the usage of Helios, a sector-specific supply chain management software solution within two weeks of starting in this position. This

resulted in support being delivered to end users quickly and over 200 users being trained in the course.

� Developed training material pitched at an international audience of staff at all levels of the organisation, as well as support documentation. Co-ordinated and

reviewed the translation of all documentation for use in Francophone Africa and the Caribbean thus widening the geographical scope of possible


� Travelled to project sites (in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Haiti) and provided frontline user training and support in transition phase. Liaised between

HQ and project offices to help solve technical issues in the system and ease transitional phase of system adoption. The outcome was a major shift in the

way of working which embraced robust, paperless tracking of procurement, inventory, and materials delivery to project sites.

� Conducted extensive testing of the system and fed back to development and functional design teams, thereby allowing problems to be diagnosed quickly

and prioritised according to criticality.

� Provided support for development of e-learning solution by drawing on experiences with frontline staff to help e-learning design teams develop content

which can be understood across vast cultural differences. As a result, phase two of the project will allow deployment to go ahead with reduced travel to

sites by HQ staff and thereby reduce one of the greatest project expenses so far.

� Chaired sessions attended by a functional cross-section of staff (finance, logistics and programme) where co-ordinated planning and data sharing

procedures were discussed and adopted. Disjointed and siloed operations were tied together into a coherent whole making it possible to identify a potential

overspend of �200,000 in the recent emergency response to the drought in the Horn of Africa.

Accenture Nederland - Analyst (Jun 2008 - May 2009)

Accenture is a global services firm providing consulting, technical services and outsourcing across all industries. Worked in the Materials

Management and Supplier Relationship Management divisions of the SAP practice while based in the Amsterdam office.

� Drafted functional requirements for systems by analysing clients��needs and mapping them to bespoke system configurations allowing an EU-level public

sector client to maintain its specific procurement practices which SAP SRM is not designed to support out-of-the-box. This was a sine qua non condition

for the client to adopt SAP.

� Tested new configurations of SAP PP implementation for a private sector client which broadened the system�s functionality to support assembly line

modifications in a short span of time. Managed several concurrent work streams within tight deadlines allowing configuration signoffs to proceed as planned.

� Helped co-ordinate troubleshooting efforts with offshore teams by making sure they understood client priorities. This resulted in bug fixing efforts being

targeted in a way which minimised impact on the client's operations. - volunteer blogger (2006 - 2008)

Chinesepod provides innovative e-learning materials online for people studying Mandarin.

� Helped Chinesepod build a relationship with francophone users by writing content in French for company blog. Topics included current events in China,

Chinese culture and history, learning theories and developments in IT systems for learning.

� Tested new site features and provided feedback which allowed the development team to see the site from an end-user perspective.

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Personal Statement


Mr Ashwin Moorkoth




� Hindi

� Malayalam (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Passionate about football,

experiencing new activities,

travelling and exploring new


Proactive, open minded and result oriented individual with over four years experience in logistics and the supply chain industry. A self driven, strategic thinker with

outstanding analytical skills, combined with an ability to manage multi-cultural teams and communicate ideas clearly. Seeking opportunities to apply strengths and

build competence in the supply chain industry.

Key Achievements

Restructured the rewards and recogntion initiative and organised awareness sessions on communicating strategic initiatives within the retail business unit as a

Champions of Change member.

Organised SPARK, 2009 a nation-wide programme focused on communicating the advances Information Technology has made and sharing experiences with

students and faculty members.

Operated as a single point of contact for all activities and interacted directly with clients for problem solving in Planning and Procurement Applications for National

Biscuit Company, USA.


Certified Professional in Production and Inventory


Association for Operations Management (APICS)

2010 - 2011

Data Warehousing And Reporting In Qlik View


2010 - 2010

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics


Pondicherry University

2003 - 2007

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Ashwin Moorkoth

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Career History:

Infosys Limited: Senior Systems Engineer � Bangalore, India (Aug 2007 - Aug 2011)

A global leader in the �next generation��of IT and consulting with revenues of US$6.35bn. Infosys has a global footprint with 65 offices and 63

development centres around the world. Various projects on behalf of Infosys include Kraft Foods and Universal Biscuits

Kraft Foods Inc: Senior Systems Engineer - North America (Oct 2010 - Aug 2011)

Second largest confectionery, food and Beverage Corporation in the world. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries. 12 of its brands

annually earn more than US$1bn worldwide and 40 of its brands are at least 100 years old.

� Led the offshore team to redesign the order fulfilment solution for Kraft foods Inc North America, to incorporate Laser guided vehicle(LGV) in their

warehouses. Current warehouse operations stand at US$220k expense to deliver US$6.8m worth of inventory for five plants. A fully operational system

(over 12 plant locations and 14 mixing canters) throughout North America have an estimated potential to drive US$41.1m in network savings.

� Gathered requirements and created High Level and Detail Level Designs involving the integration points like master data management, automatic production

receivable, inventory creation, rework management, order release, staging, inventory snapshot and cycle counting.

� Ensured the smooth integration of the Kraft WMS system with the LGV controlling applications by applying sound business knowledge, process mapping

and providing technical expertise regarding the application.

� Co-ordinated a multicultural team spanning multiple time zones (India, Italy, USA) to ensure a successful build and testing stage of the project.

� Scripted the new system appreciation, support manual for the application and conducted user training programs for the new application. The new

application was rolled out on a pilot basis for one plant and was widely appreciated by the users and received the highest employee level feedback within

the business unit.

The project recorded increased operational time for the warehouse, high utilisation of the assets and overall a more flexible and efficient end of production

line distribution operations.

Kraft Foods Inc: Senior Systems Engineer - North America (Jun 2010 - Sep 2010)

Second largest confectionery, food and Beverage Corporation in the world. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries. 12 of its brands

annually earn more than US$1bn worldwide and 40 of its brands are at least 100 years old.

� QlikTech trained professional in UI design, Data modelling and Server management. Part of the centre of excellence for BI (in-memory analytics) at Infosys.

� Enhanced the capability and competence of new recruits by organising relevant training sessions. Worked on data extraction, modelling and reporting in

Supply chain domain.

� Built a Proof of Concept for sales (B2B) system involving Orders, Customer, Inventory and Invoice related matrices. The application helped in

understanding and gaining visibility into performance of sales teams, Identify opportunities for revenue growth in among mix of customers, product etc and

ability to drill down into the data to effectively manage the business and make informed and timely decisions.

� Created the data model and reports for IGPS pallet tracking, utilisation, shipment history and invoice reconciliation. The project was implemented to

reconcile the invoice sent by IGPS to match with the shipment history in the warehouse.

National Biscuit Company (NABISCO): Software Engineer - North America (Aug 2007 - May 2010)

An American brand of cookies and snacks. The company is a subsidiary of Illinois-based Kraft Foods.

� Satisfactorily resolved daily planning and procurement issues by actively communicating with the Master Scheduler, Planner and the Buyers. Experienced in

root cause analysis of existing planning system and providing Support/Issue reduction plans to clients and also performing GAP Analysis and feasibility

studies for continuous improvement of the Process.

� Managed the master production schedule, maintained the vendor details, BOM, contracts and the releases against each, along with maintaining the inventory

in sync across these applications to ensure the smooth operation of the planning and scheduling activities.

� Consistently achieved SLAs (Service Level Agreements) by managing and monitoring the delivery of change requests and ensuring adherence to timescales.

� Improved application efficiency by fine tuning batch jobs, implementing bug fixes and performing impact analysis along with detail design for enhancements

in the application.

� Ensured ongoing adherence monitoring to regulatory requirements by creating internal and external reports for monthly, quarterly and annual audits for SOX


� Enhanced the understanding and capability of new recruits by creating presentations and delivering technical and business process training on Demand

Forecasting, Sales and Operations Planning, Master Scheduling, Materials Requirements Planning and Procurement.

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Mr Karthik Nallamuthu




� Hindi (India)

� Tamil (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Big fan of Sports. Played

Cricket at a professional level.

Love good music and movies.

Volunteering to make a change

by educating and inculcating

life skills in underprivileged


Mechanical Engineering graduate with two years experience as a Business Analyst in the Indian 3PL Industry. Highly self motivated, sincere and hardworking

with good people, business and communication skills. An enthusiastic team player with good leadership and motivational skills. Keen to pursue a rich and rewarding

career in the global Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

Key member of the Marketing team that secured high profit businesses like Nestle, GSK and Vodafone. Was instrumental right from Request for Quote evaluation

to agreement signing and implementation.

Successfully reduced the Truck Turnaround time at Nestle by introducing new shift rosters and vehicle schedules. This resulted in reducing the overtime hours by

60% and operational cost by 20%.

Awarded "Changemaker of the year for 2009-10" by Bhumi for contribution towards the Dronacharya and Ekalavya Leadership Mentorship program and

Siragugal, an inter children's home talent fest.

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Anna University

2005 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Karthik Nallamuthu

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Career History:

Logiwiz Logistics Limited: Business Analyst - Solutions and Engineering (Jul 2009 - Jul 2011)

Logiwiz Logistics is the 3PL arm of Hayleys Advantis, a �28m turnover company based in Sri Lanka. Logiwiz entered the Indian market with

Panalpina as its trusted partner and has been making steady and consistent progress. Its service portfolio includes Warehousing and Secondary


� Underwent a 10-day intensive training program on 3PL industry practices at Logiwiz's state-of- the-art, ISO and OHSAS certified facility at Colombo.

Introduced to various functions including Operations, Solutions, Marketing and Audit and Implementation. Given both training and a brief introduction to

standard operational procedures of different accounts like GSK, Caltex, Coats Threads, Nestle, Procter and Gamble and Dole Asia.

� Integral part of the Marketing team which studied client operations and designed optimal and cost effective solutions (resourcing and costing). Wrote

proposals and made presentations to customers about the new approach and the value added from the marketing team. The proposal conversion rate

increased and the company secured major clients including Nestle, GSK, Henkel, Bosch, Avon, ITC, Mando and Vodafone. Also wrote content for the

company corporate profile, proposals and website.

� Developed and designed warehouse layouts in AutoCAD, made project execution plans by liaising with the cross functional teams during the

implementation stage and assisted in stock audits and takeover. Periodically monitored Client KPI's and suggested better resource and assets utilisation for

operations by conducting extensive data analysis on processes.

� Took responsibility for vendor short listing, negotiation and purchase of all products/services. Monitored efficiency of the entire infrastructure related

equipment like DG's and MHE's. Periodic and effective monitoring ensured fewer breakdowns and hence lower maintenance costs. Developed an

extensive database of vendors that satisfied all requirements of the operations throughout India. Earned high praise for cost effective procuring of equipment

for a new Distribution Centre.

Bhumi: Project Coordinator - DnE; Logistics and Sports Coordinator - Siragugal (Aug 2009 - Sep 2011)

Bhumi is one of India�s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations. The volunteers comprise of students and young professionals

working for the holistic development of under-privileged children and conservation of the environment in Chennai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and


� Dronacharya Ekalavya Tutoring Mentoring Program is a unique Leadership and Personal Mastery Program in a mentoring framework. Since leadership can

only be effective through practice and experiential learning, young professionals and students wanting to groom themselves as potential leaders are paired

with children from underprivileged backgrounds studying in government or government aided schools to act as mentors, role models and tutors. Managed a

team comprising 50 kids and 35 volunteers.

� Siragugal, a two-day talent fest held every year has an array of competitive activities to ensure that children of all age groups from orphanages across

Chennai, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur participated and gained immensely by competing against their peers. Co-ordinated Logistics at Siragugal 2009 and

Siragugal 2010 for more than 900 children from 40 different homes and co-ordinated Sports at Siragugal 2011 for more than 1500 children.

� Actively volunteered for Bhumi's environment conservation project "Think Green". Along with a group of botanists, developed a park by planting and

consistently monitoring saplings in a barren piece of land in a prominent location in the city.

� As part of the Corporate Relations team, co-ordinated with numerous companies to obtain sponsorship for Bhumi's different projects including Siragugal.

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Mr Rohith Nandakumaran




� Hindi

� Malayalam (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Football (Played at University

and lead teams at Corporate

Competitions), Swimming and

Badminton. Keeping abreast of

modern technologies and

gadgets. Enjoys music, movies,

travelling and socialising.

A process driven, highly motivated and client-focused professional with experience in delivering technology and analytic solutions predominantly in Retail, CPG and

Logistics domain. Highly innovative and a quick learner with strong analytical abilities and good business acumen. Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills

enabling successful networking with various teams of multi-functional and cultural attributes.

Awarded Most Valuable Player Award, Infosys Technologies Ltd. at Business Unit Level as a result of making the highest contribution to sales and excellent

execution of project as offshore coordinator.

Redesigned and implemented a store level financial planning application which resulted in the client revenues increasing by US$500K per annum.

Lead a team of 800+ colleagues to victory at the annual sports meet at Infosys Technologies Ltd. Beat the second best team by 30 points and secured first position

in all the team related events.

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and


Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University


2003 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Rohith Nandakumaran

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Career History:

Infosys Technologies Ltd., Senior Systems Engineer (Jun 2007- Jun 2011)

Infosys Technologies Ltd is a global leader in the "next generation" of IT consulting with revenues exceeding US$6.35bn (FY11). Pioneering the

Global Delivery Model, Infosys defines designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for top global companies across various

industry sectors.

Client: Leading high end fashion speciality retailer in US (Jul 2009 - Jun 2011)

A leading apparel store in US selling high end fashion clothes, accessories, handbags and jewellery.

� Redesigned the financial planning application to enable planners to create a more strategic plan at store level and to help buyers to stock more efficiently.

The store level planning helped the client improve their procurement efficiency and increase their annual revenue by US$500K.

� Improved the overall performance of the planning application by 40%, based on changes to the existing design. Analysed the different approaches to

enhance performance and implemented the best solution.

� Prepared the business design and streamlined the process of developing and supporting Mobile Messaging application. It helped to identify new and existing

customers through mobile messaging data and captured their respective preferences. The application supported Marketing and Legal compliance objectives

of the client for efficient and cost effective customer contact and also increased their customer base by 15%.

� Lead a four member team to help design, build and report data at region level to support the new business process of multi-region planning. Also reviewed

the work items and ensured quality of deliverables to the client. The regional level planning efficiency for the client grew by 25% and this built a pathway for

future projects in the merchandising functional area.

Client: CVS Pharmacy (Jul 2008 - Jul 2009)

CVS, is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States with stores spread over 41 states.

� Successfully implemented a highly complex and critical project for the CVS logistics department. Due to the acquisition of 521 Longs stores made by CVS

in 2008 there were major changes that were introduced in the application such as, integration of Longs Drugs with CVS drugs and servicing them from

CVS warehouses. The project received an engagement level feedback score of 7/7 for on time delivery with zero defects.

� Provided steady state servicing for Business support requests for the merchandising and logistics department. Actively engaged in decision making and

design of new complex systems. Participated in the requirement elicitation phase for the integrated CVS-Longs merchandising and logistics system and

proposed a solution which helped bring down the execution time for conversion jobs between the stores by half the estimated time.

Client: Kraft Foods Inc. (Jun 2007 - Jul 2008)

Kraft Foods Inc. is an American confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries. 12 of it's

brands annually earn more than $1bn worldwide.

� Designed graphical and tabular based results to enable business analysts across UK, Spain, USA and Brazil to analyse and make decisions and enhance

their customer satisfaction. The overall customer satisfaction for the client grew by 75% and the project received positive feedback from the client.

� Used Infosys Global delivery and Waterfall model to complete and support round the clock deployment and provide detailed documentation for the

Customer Relationship management application. It helped reduce project time-lines by 10% and deliver the project with minimal defects. The project

received recognition from the client and received and ELF score of 6/7.

� Developed and implemented an agile application which enabled the client to track and manage the business process quickly and easily out of the box. Built

a robust GUI system that collated global feedback from customers for the various products in different languages and reported them back to the CRM

team. This helped the client in trend analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty towards these products.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Personal Statement


Miss Berit Nielsen




� Danish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Volunteered for humanitarian

causes over the past six years.

Loves music and concerts.

Enjoys yoga, dancing, walking

and pilates. Likes meeting new

people and cultures from

across the world.

An analytical and self-motivated individual who easily takes ownership for solving problems. Enjoys building strong relationships with suppliers and colleagues in

order to continuously optimise the work flow through the supply chain. Interested in working in an international environment and across borders. Looking to join a

Supply Chain Management Consultancy or work directly with Supply Chain Management within an organisation.

Key Achievements

Designed an overview excel sheet to help reduce the amount of obsolete products with short shelf life, improve the visibility of products in stock and reduce the

stockholding costs.

Initiated and designed a work efficiency process to help smoothen the work flow of handling credit notes, reducing the time span from more than 21 days to less

than 14 days.

Rewarded with a first class degree in BSc (Hons) Logistics as a result of hard work and a strong commitment.


BSc Logistics (Hons)

University of Huddersfield

2010 - 2011

AP Degree Programme in Logistics Management

Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business College


2005 - 2007

Cambridge Proficiency Exam

Hampstead School of English (London)

1997 - 1998

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Berit Nielsen

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 3

HHX, Higher Business Education

Koege Business College (Denmark)

1994 - 1997

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 3

Career History:

University of Huddersfield: BSc Logistics (Hons) - Huddersfield, UK (Sep 2010 - Jul 2011)

University of Huddersfield is a highly recommended University for Danish students to finalise their BSc (Hons) in Logistics.

� Awarded with an A grade for the research project delivered. The project was a comparative analysis of the Danish and the UK grocery retail market,

exploring the effects of longer opening hours throughout the Danish Supply Chains when the legislation was due to change in Denmark. The project was

based upon primary research related to the Danish retail market and secondary but up-to-date research related to the UK retail market.

� Achieved high grades throughout the year in both written assignments and in the exams which was rewarded with a first class degree.

� Took on the role of Group Leader and made a valuable contribution to the Fresh Connection online Supply Chain game which helped to strengthen insight,

experience and understanding of Supply Chain Management.

Valora Trade Denmark A/S: Purchaser - Denmark (Jan 2009 - Sep 2010)

Valora Trade Denmark A/S is a large distributor to the Danish retail industry with a represented turnover of > 600m Euros.

� Responsible for 16 different Non-Food suppliers, national as well as international which developed analytical skills and improved forecasting methods. The

job included stock control analysis, forecasting and replenishment of each individual Non-Food product line delivered by the 16 suppliers.

� Hosted and participated in meetings in order to strengthen co-operation between departments and to meet customers��changing demands with on-shelfavailability.

The result was improved information flow and satisfied customers.

� Took part in the implementation of the new IT-Software Axapta Dynamics and thus have enhanced IT skills within ERP systems.

O. Kavli A/S: Supply Chain Coordinator - Denmark (Nov 2007 - Dec 2008)

Manufacturing company of soft drinks and as a distributor of ambient products to the Danish retail industry. O. Kavli distributes in more than 20

companies and owns production facilities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and UK.

� Assumed responsible for stock control, forecasting and replenishment of BBD vulnerable products i.e. ecological soft drinks, herbs and salad dips


� Took active ownership of customer service processes during the implementation of new ERP Movex business system, so that the new ERP system matched

the customer service flow.

� Participated in product development from a Supply Chain perspective with a specific focus on supplying packaging and raw materials. This task was

solution oriented e.g. production lines needed to match packaging specifications and vice versa.

� Optimised work processes and work descriptions in the internal Supply Chain in order to clarify processes and further strengthen the overall supply chain


Roskilde Kulturservice A/S: Logistics Placement - Denmark (Jan 2007 - Sep 2007)

Roskilde Kulturservice A/S is the organisation behind the large music festival called Roskilde Festival. It is a non-profit organisation and donates

the revenue to humanitarian and cultural causes. The Placement was planned as a consultancy based interaction throughout the term.

� Developed a report with recommendations on how to change and adapt the physical area and location of the music festival using Lean and Space Planning.

The report was a combination of logistics theories and the physical festival planning. By suggesting space management solutions improved the structure of

the festival site.

� Defined work processes and developed descriptions of internal routines and work structures in Roskilde Grej Udlejning (a department handling all the

festival gear) in order to discover the possibilities of optimisation and further develop the business into an all year round business.

� Optimised the time tables and flow for the shuttle busses running during the music festival to reduce the costs and still aim at maintaining a high service level

for the audience. The outcome was allocation of buses into the busiest time-slots and a reduction in the overall spending.

� Developed an audience satisfaction survey during the festival to illustrate the target groups' rationale for choosing the Roskilde Festival and further illustrate

the most important focus points for the Roskilde Festival.

AP Degree Programme in Logistics Management - Denmark (Sep 2005 - Sep 2007)

Core modules: Logistics, Transportation, Transport Law e.g. Inco Terms etc., Organisational Theory, English Business Language, German

Business Language and Placement related Research Project.

� Took part in organising the fresher's week including social events, dining and games along with a trip away from College for three nights, arranged all the

practicalities including hire of coach and cabin.

� Took a proactive part in organising the two week study trip to China by contacting and arranging business visits with international companies located in

Shanghai. The companies individually broadened the understanding of the Chinese business culture and the incredible changes and development Chinese

industries have experienced.

The Research Project related to the placement at Roskilde Kulturservice A/S and how logistic theories can be applied in optimisation of a music festival.

The primary research was carried out as a audience satisfaction survey at Roskilde Festival 2007. Focus was to explore further the possibilities of reducing

costs of events whilst focusing on keeping a high standard of quality bands, concerts and audience service.

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Mr Aleksandar Nikolov




� Bulgarian

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Open minded person who

enjoys travelling and exploring

different cultures. Other

interests include water sports,

skiing, running and recently

touch rugby.

Self-driven Business Logistics graduate, with strong analytical and problem solving skills gained throughout experience in academic work and consultancy projects.

Willing to take responsibility and go an extra mile to get the job done. Reliable team player with good interpersonal skills, seeking challenging opportunities around

the globe in the Logistics and Supply Chain sector.

Worked as part of a team of consultants and won commission approval on seven out of eight projects. Resulted in EU subsidies given to encourage

competitiveness between small and medium businesses.

Was elected as a project leader for a team of seven from 50 undergraduate students. Worked in a simulated corporate environment to complete coursework that

later transferred into a real product.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

In 2007 took part in a formula class at the Bulgarian national windsurfing tournament and finished third.


BA Business Logistics

Oxford Brookes Business School, UK

2008 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Aleksandar Nikolov

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

EF Education First: Activity Leader - Oxford, UK (Jun 2011 - Aug 2011)

Education First (EF) is the largest private education company with offices in over 50 countries and more than 34,000 employees. Large part of EF's

operations is providing study trips for non native English speakers to English-speaking countries to improve their language and embrace the


� Successfully planned and executed a tour around London for 70 Chinese under-age students with limited English language abilities, covered a number of

sights in a short period of time.

� Successfully planned and executed excursions, activities and games for over 100 foreign students over the course of two months and as a result achieved

excellent feedback, based on various criteria including clarity of information and support skills.

� Controlled the well being of the English study stay for various groups and ensured everyone enjoyed discovering the British way of life by dealing with host

family related and city transport issues. Dealt with day to day problems and managed the expectations of students.

� Won EF's leader of the week award for showing professionalism and extra effort when dealing with challenging situations which involved managing the

expectations of students.

DSV Bulgaria: Logistics Intern - Sofia, Bulgaria (May 2010 - Sep 2010)

One of world's top logistics companies with its headquarters in Denmark. The organisation has a global presence with an extensive international

network that employs over 21,000 people in 60 countries.

� Worked in a variety of departments within the organisation, learning systems and processes including administration operations and customer skills,

responding to a wide variety of requests for general information.

� Carried out research into the potential purchase of a high volume shredder as a component of a recycling centre. Liaised with manufacturers and sales

personnel to negotiate an acceptable price, resulting in a successful completion of the purchase as part of a major expansion for the company.

Benchmark Group: Freelance Consultant - Sofia, Bulgaria (Jul 2009 - Sep 2009)

Benchmark group is Finance and Investment Company offering IT and stock market services, consulting on investments and corporate finance.

The work consisted of consulting with businesses on how to improve their competitiveness through preparing winning business plans and strategies.

� Seven out of eight clients' proposals won over, 2000 more than other competitors, and the EU commissioning team approved them for EU subsidies, to

encourage competitiveness in small and medium businesses.

� Successfully developed links with a range of businesses, providing guidance on possible strategies for improving market awareness.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Mr Oludara Osibo




� Yoruba (Nigeria)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Athletics (competed at

Regional Level), Team sports,

Business development (building

capacity in Small and Medium

Enterprises), Project

Management, Academic

research and Radio


An innovative, ambitious and courageous decision maker with an influential self-belief demonstrated through practical experience in both work and university

environments. A creator of strong team dynamics combined with proven leadership, project management and relationship building skills. Continually seeks and

implements feedback to develop and improve performance. Keen to pursue a career in the global logistics and supply chain industry.

Created a Loughborough University iPhone application to improve the user experience when navigating around the campus.

Championed research on the topic of "re-integrating injured military servicemen into society". Designed and created a framework to develop a needs related

information system.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Identified the need, secured the first round of funding and successfully launched, a start-up online fashion retail store serving the African market.


BSc (Hons) Computing and Information


Loughborough University

2007 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Oludara Osibo

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Loughborough University: Student - Loughborough, UK (Sep 2007 - Jun 2011)

Loughborough University's Department of Information Science is ranked as the top institution in the UK to study its flagship degree in Information

and Knowledge Management.

� Achieved an award for "the most improved team" by leading, motivating and managing a team of eight to execute two deliverables to time, cost and quality,

using Prince2 methodologies.

� Successfully project managed a team of four to deliver assigned tasks on time by implementing weekly project communications to monitor the project's

status and to engender a team working ethos.

� Created a timetabling application to optimise class room bookings for undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses. The application was written in which offered high interoperability with the existing IT infrastructure. Operations Director - London, UK (Feb 2011 - Present) is an online start-up fashion retailer serving the African market, supplying a range of international apparel brands.

� Successfully secured the first round of funding from individual investors by undertaking critical research and developing and presenting a robust business


� Project managed the development and successfully launched the company in October 2011, on time and without debt.

� Increased operational efficiency by 32% through the introduction and maintenance of a balance between in-house and outsourced activities. A further

increase of 12% is expected in November 2011.

� Redesigned internal policies and processes to maximise the use of human capital, enhancing operational efficiencies by an additional 20%.

Lateral Links Limited: Technology Consultant - Lagos, Nigeria (Apr 2010 - Present)

Lateral Links Ltd provides a business consulting and advisory service, dedicated to capacity building within the Micro, Small and Medium scale


� Successfully designed a framework for capacity building through trend analysis and market re-segmentation. The framework is currently being used as the

foundation for a micro insurance scheme in Nigeria.

� Created and launched software toolkits for Micro and Small Enterprises based on the initial framework design. The toolkits have been used as a source of

data capture and analytics to determine the needs of Micro and Small scale enterprises.

� Generated funding for individual projects by liaising and negotiating with private sector companies with a corporate social responsibility aligned with the

project and by securing government grants.

� Identified and consolidated operational deficiencies for a Nigerian fashion house, increasing its profit by 35% and operational efficiency by 42%.

Portland Paints and Products PLC: IT Intern - Lagos, Nigeria (Jul 2008 - Sep 2008)

PPP is a leading Nigerian paints manufacturer. In 2008 the Company became public and in 2009 was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

� Reduced processing times by 40% and increased operational efficiency by 62% by undertaking research into common practices and communication

channels within the corporation.

� Restructured the process of reporting indirect expenses via new guidelines and a custom built mobile application. This led to more streamlined internal

accounting processes.

� Identified and reduced waste across eight internal processes achieving an overall increase of 32% across the board, by carrying out critical research and

measuring the time taken and efficiency in completing everyday tasks. Data analysis revealed prominent waste points across similar processes. A reeducation

programme was rolled out over a three month period to improve data entry skills and enforce new operation guidelines.

� Researched, identified, proposed and highlighted the benefits of adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to improve overall efficiency and

stock management. The recommended ERP system is currently being implemented.

Femi Majekodunmi Architects: Project Management Intern - Lagos, Nigeria (Jul 2006/7 - Sep 2006/7)

FMA is an interdisciplinary firm offering planning, architectural, project management and interior architecture services in Nigeria. FMA

specialises in cost effective and responsive design.

� Delivered reduced cost analysis on three residential estate builds realising cost savings without compromising skilled labour or the quality of materials on the

new builds.

� Project managed the second phase of the Shell Estate refurbishment, comprising over 400 houses. Achieved successful delivery by adopting the 'scrum'

project management technique, which created a clear top down structure between contractors and subcontractors and clarified task ownership of both

complete and incomplete work. An external risk team was established to ensure no compound risk developed along the project timeline.

� Identified and recommended a more efficient procedure for managing resources between small residential builds in the same state. This resulted in cheaper

material costs and reduced operational cost which could be passed onto the client.

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Miss Ziwei Pan




� Chinese (Cantonese)

� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Playing piano and attending

taekwondo exercises.

An active individual with the enthusiasm to meet new challenges and get along with people from diverse backgrounds. Outstanding communication skills and

adaptability towards new environments. Great passion and desire to progress and achieve through hard work and a flexible approach. Learns new information to

build knowledge quickly and seeks the opportunity to develop further in a multicultural organisation.

As an intern in Standard Chartered Bank, gained experience of completing projects efficiently by ensuring urgent tasks were accomplished successfully for


As the Vice-President of the Literature Group in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, successfully organised activities, built good relationships and

demonstrated effective leadership skills.

International Trade and Economics

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

2007 - 2011


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Ziwei Pan

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Standard Chartered Bank: Operation Department Intern - Guangzhou, China (Dec 2010- Mar 2011)

Standard Chartered Bank is a multinational financial services company headquartered in London with operations in more than seventy countries.

Currently a top 20 FTSE company and among the top five largest banks by market capitalisation.

� Scanned customer's documents quickly and carefully by checking immediately whether the customer had already handed in documents required to ensure a

smooth checking. If documents were missing, informed the customers and asked them to hand them in immediately to ensure the speed of checking


� Learned to effectively communicate to customers the document checking process and how to avoid problems by connecting staff in the hub department to

the appropriate customers.

� Adopted a patient approach by identifying mistakes and then communicating to the customers correct answers. Responded efficiently and effectively to

questions from the customers, resolving a wide range of different customer problems.

� Communicated to the mail delivery person the importance of arriving on time every day and checked the mail address to ensure urgent documents were

received on time in the appropriate destination. This helped to ensure a more efficient process.

Dayu Real Estate Limited: Intern in Account Department - Chongqing, China (Jul 2010 - Aug 2010)

Dayu Real Estate is a new company established in 2007 in Chongqing, China. Developed very quickly and now has several projects in the process.

Aims to develop in the middle and west side of China and find opportunities to become more successful.

� Ensured hundreds of files were sorted in the right order without any mistakes by naming the documents and creating a document finding instruction.

� Saved the staff' time by inputting accounting data into the computer system, everyday. As the data was in the correct order, it could be found easier by staff.

China Import And Export Fair: Intern Information Desk - Guangzhou, China (Oct 2009 - Sep 2009)

The China Import And Export Fair has been held every spring and autumn, for the past 53 years since 1957. The Fair has the longest history, the

highest level, the largest scale, the most complete, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the highest business turnover in China.

� Remembered the functions and product types of different locations and facilities, answered the guests' questions quickly and clearly so as not to waste the

guests' time and save hundreds of customers' time every day. When facing complicated problems and complaints, remained patient and courteous when

dealing with the problems and received praise from the guests as a result.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Personal Statement


Mr Chendooran Pathmanathan




� Tamil

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Passionate about travelling to

new cities and trying out new

cuisines. Love hiking and

walking. Keen on volunteering

for community services. Enjoy

watching football, playing chess

and video games.

Over three and a half years experience in Quality Assurance in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. A proactive, smart and results oriented team player with

the ability to meet deadlines and work in a fast paced and challenging environment. Proven success to provide solutions to problems with a practical and analytical

approach. Looking forward to taking on new roles and responsibilities in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Key Achievements

Reduced customer complaints and defects from 52 ppm in 2009 to 1.5 ppm by Jun 2011 by effective problem solving, regular training of operators and frequent

process validation and process audit.

Saved 4m INR (�54000) by locally manufacturing airbag covers and proactively following up with the customer to complete product and process testing to achieve

quick approvals.

Awarded the 'Certificate of Excellence' by the organisation for putting in extra work and effort that led to successful completion of Nissan's process and system

audit for new business.


Post Graduate Diploma (Hons) Quality Engineering

and Management

Nettur Technical Training Foundation - Bangalore,


2006 - 2007

BEng Mechanical

Visveswariah Technological University - Belgaum,


2000 - 2006

Internal Auditing of Quality Management systems -

ISO 9001:2000

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Chendooran Pathmanathan

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit

Nathan and Nathan Consultants Pvt Ltd., -

Bangalore, India

2007 - 2007

Career History:

Autoliv India: Senior Executive, Quality Assurance � Bangalore, India (Sep 2007 - Jun 2011)

Autoliv is a Swedish based MNC with a presence in 29 countries and a global leader in automobile safety systems. Autoliv India manufactures and

develops seat belts and airbags for all the major automobile manufacturers in the country.

� Assisted in obtaining quick customer approvals for change of plant location from Whitefield Bangalore to Hoskote, Bangalore by devising a time plan to

meet customer requirements for product testing, process validation and preparation of all records and documentation.

� Led a team consisting of process operators, engineers and senior managers from different departments to resolve a process defect which was contributing

to over 50% rejections of the product. The problem was solved by effective team management, brainstorming ideas and proper use of quality tools and


� Presented a seminar on Minitab (Statistical Software) for 30 engineers and managers in various departments of the organisation to optimise statistical

analysis . Provided on the desk support for 30 days, after training the team to be more familiar with the software and statistical tools. Excellent feedback

attained from the team for a well planned training session, knowledge of the subject and timely follow up and support provided to see the task through.

� Implemented over 15 mistake proofing systems to reduce process rejections and defects by involving team members from various departments to

brainstorm problems, collect data and provide solutions.

� Achieved a perfect record for never missing a deadline in reporting cost of poor quality and customer defect data to the global management team. This was

attained by training the department managers on the type of data required and on how to record it.

� Part of a team that accomplished the quick completion of a new project and development of seat belts for Ford by proactive follow up and interaction with

the customer's buyer and design engineer to understand their requirements. This also led to customer satisfaction and customer confidence in the process

and product.

Autoliv IFB: Engineer Trainee (Internship) � Bangalore, India (Jun 2007 - Aug 2007)

Autoliv IFB is a Joint Venture with Autoliv, a global leader in automobile safety systems and IFB Industries a manufacturer of fine banked

components and house hold appliances.

� Achieved 40 % reduction in process rejections with the use of quality tools and six sigma techniques for analysing problems, finding out root causes,

compiling data and providing solutions. Appreciated by the organisation for a well carried out analysis and report.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit


Mr Anders Blomquist




Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Spending time with family and

friends and leading a very

active lifestyle, cycling, squash

and running as a part of an

exercise regime. Reading

fiction novels.

Proactive, dedicated, self-motivated and hardworking graduate with an excellent academic record and six years work experience within the retail sector. Results

orientated, innovative and open to new ideas that improve business effectiveness. Excellent analytical, problem resolution and team support skills. Looking for an

opportunity to develop within Supply Chain Management, in a multinational company.

Investigated the options for a more efficient distribution of books imported from the UK, presented a useful model solution to the board. Resulted in excellent

feedback from the Director.

Achieved a score of 82% in the BSc-level course �Supply Chain Modelling��at Huddersfield University.

Successfully led a company football team of 15. Organised all equipment, team kit and transport to fixtures.

BSc (Hons) Logistics

Huddersfield University, UK

2010 - 2011

AP Degree in Logistics Management

Niels Brock (Copenhagen)

2008 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Anders Blomquist Pedersen

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Arnold Busck A/S: Internship - Copenhagen, Denmark (Jan 2010 - Jun 2010)

A six month internship at Arnold Busck A/S the second largest book chain in Denmark who work closely with DBK distribution.

� Designed an active based costing model to demonstrate how changes to the distribution of books could significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Presented a Cross docking solution for DSV Solutions, recommending consolidation of UK books and office products delivered to Arnold Busck.

� Liaised closely with colleagues in the retail network and specialist delivery organisations to fully understand the requirements of deliveries at individual store

level. Highlighted specific areas where problems were encountered and included options to reduce hold ups in the final report.

The solution presented predicted a potential lowering of the price from their suppliers of up to 8% per unit. This was on the understanding that suppliers

lowered their price by consolidating orders for delivery. However the price after the handling of the goods at DSV Solution had a saving of 2-3% per unit,

instead of the 8% predicted.

B.O.BOGER A/S: Sales Assistant Book Store - Copenhagen, Denmark (Jun 2002 - Aug 2008)

Small book chain, acquired by Arnold Busck A/S in 2008.

� Provided a complete and supportive service to members of the public requiring assistance with book and computer games purchases, maintaining up to date

knowledge of new trends in the market and advising accordingly.

� As Deputy Manager of the store, provided leadership, advice and support to other members of the team. Scheduled work, carried out audits of stock and

ensured that all ordering of products met with business objectives and customer expectations

� Successfully led a company football team of 15. Organised all equipment, team kit and transport to fixtures.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


�������� Pedersen




� Danish (Denmark)

� Norwegian

� Swedish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Ice hockey, football, skiing,

learning a new sport (kite

surfing), reading, cooking

recipes from all over the world

with family and friends

Highly qualified supply chain professional with a solid experience in air freight handling operations management. Exceptional analytical skills and a proven ability to

work together with people from different cultures and backgrounds to create results. Very eager to get to work and deliver results as part of a SCM team.

Interested in putting solid theoretical understanding into practice in areas such as purchasing, inventory, transport, etc.

Awarded 2nd place in the Fresh Connection Supply Chain game for Supply Chain professionals undertaking the role of Procurement Director, 2011.

Conducted an investigation within the e-grocery sector in Denmark and UK and put forward recommendations for e-grocers in both countries regarding their

strategy for logistics operations.

Improved customer service by developing a new setup and documenting savings in throughput time for the flow of documents in Spirit Air Cargo Handling,

Copenhagen Airport.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management BSc


University of Huddersfield

2010 - 2011

AP Degree in Logistics Management

Copenhagen Business Academy

2008 - 2010


Personal Statement

Key Achievements



For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Spirit Air Cargo Handling: Air Cargo Handling Agent - Copenhagen, Denmark (Nov 2006 - Sep 2010)

Spirit is Scandinavia's largest air cargo handling company with great facilities and expertise in services related to cargo handling, housed in wellequipped

terminals at the major destinations in Scandinavia. Spirit currently holds the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certification.

� As part of a dissertation in logistics management, developed a new setup for the flow of documents (Import, Transit, Export) in order to obtain

improvements in service levels as well as releasing man hours.

� Designed and employed a training program for new employees to empower and equip them with necessary skills to handle the hectic environment

surrounding cargo handling, thereby also gaining higher motivation and in turn efficiency.

� As part of a team managed communication with important company stakeholders i.e. freight forwarders, customs, aircraft carriers and private customers to

accommodate and maintain Spirit Air Cargo's strict demands on high service levels within on time delivery.

� Assisted in the merger between two departments by having full knowledge of the work of both departments and applying that knowledge as assistance by

communicating the work content to both parties to create understanding for each others work. This was helpful and facilitated a smooth process of merging.

University of Huddersfield: BSc (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management, (Sep 2010 - Jul 2011)

The University of Huddersfield is a growing centre of research and excellence, millions of pounds have been spent on campus development over

the past five years. The Logistics and Supply Chain Management BSc (Hons) course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and


� Awarded 2nd place in the Fresh Connection Supply Chain game for Supply Chain professionals, taking on the role of Procurement Director, 2011. The

success derived from collaboration and an understanding for each others departments (Sales, Procurement, SCM and Operations) to create holistic

solutions to the problems facing the group.

� Conducted an investigation within the e-grocery sector in Denmark and UK and put forward recommendations for e-grocers in both countries regarding

their strategy for logistics operations, namely picking, transport and the actual delivery of goods (drop-off model).

Copenhagen Business College: AP Degree in Logistics Management, (Aug 2008 - Jul 2010)

The programme takes two years, one and half of which is the common core subject part with project based instruction. The final half year is an

individual part with a company placement and final examination project. The programme consists of nine theme projects. Located in Copenhagen,


� Improved customer service by developing a new setup and documenting savings in throughput time for the flow of documents in Spirit Air Cargo Handling,

Copenhagen Airport as part of a final year examination project.

� Was involved in one of Post Danmark (Posten Norden AB) projects with regards to a restructuring of the distribution network setup during a placement

period. This was to increase productivity by building fewer but more efficient distribution centres that could offer value added services to help stop the

decline in revenue. The conclusion on the project was positive and since a plan of action has been initiated.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Mr Ioannis Pipidis




� Greek

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Member of Greek pre-national

and national swimming team

high rankings in Greek national

championships, swimming,

running, cycling, going to the

gym, cinema, car enthusiast,


An ambitious and highly motivated graduate who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. Proven ability not only to work as an individual, but also to be a

strong team player who takes responsibilities and innovation initiatives. Attracted to the opportunity to work and succeed in a global competitive logistics


Led a project "Resource availability optimisation methods in a client-server system, with priorities among users" in Financial and Management Engineering

Department for the University of the Aegean.

Achieved a significant product delivery time reduction to customers and storage cost in a lumber trading company by developing a more efficient distribution



Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Managed to reduce diesel transportation costs by 12% in the army by developing and solving a military vehicle routing problem.


BSc (Hons) Financial and Management Engineering

University of the Aegean

2004 - 2010

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Ioannis Pipidis

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

University of the Aegean, Dissertation Thesis Project - Chios, Greece (Nov 2009 - Oct 2010)

Department of Financial and Management Engineering is a five year program, which is considered to be one of the best courses in Greece in the

areas of operations management.

� Took charge of a project called "Resource availability optimisation methods in a client-server system, with priorities among users". A non linear

programming problem was modelled and optimised in Matlab. The theoretical problem consisted on a server providing resources in four classes according

to priorities that have been set. It was proved that the amount of resources reserved for the first class was 60-70%,11-15% for the second class and 10%

of total for the first class correspondingly.

Pothitos Gerasimos, Lumber Company: Logistics Manager - Thessaloniki, Greece (Jun 2009 - Nov 2010)

Pothitos is a lumber company that trades and ships different types of wood all over Greece for more than twenty years.

� Managed to reduce simultaneously both delivery time and Inventory cost by adding two new trucks to the company delivery fleet after creating a business

plan proving the effectiveness of the suggestion. By the end of the year 2011 and despite the Greek economical crisis, the company's net profit is expected

to increase by 5.5%.

Soldier - Greek Army, Infantry, 228 Military Camp (Nov 2010 - Aug 2011)

228 is the main Military Camp in Chios Island that provides soldiers, food and material supplies to all the other army outposts on the island.

� Responsible of all the military vehicles routes from the 228 military camp. Suggested to the military commander a new model that would decrease the

transportation cost. A vehicle routing problem optimisation method was applied that led to a 12% monthly diesel expenses cutback.

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Mr Vishnu Prakash




� Hindi (India)

� Malayalam (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Travelling, event management,

cooking variety cuisines,

volunteering in pro bono

activities such as teaching

underprivileged students.

Enjoys playing cricket, volley

ball and badminton during


A self-motivated professional with a solid career track record. Strong personality who is prepared to take responsibility for tasks. Good exposure to facing and

resolving challenges in the day to day work environment. A passionate and energetic team player who is highly analytical and has effective interpersonal skills.

Aspiring a career that offers opportunities to showcase technical as well as functional knowledge and expertise.

Received an award of excellence from the CIO of Kraft Foods for the outstanding contributions made to the legacy modernisation project.

Subject matter expert and lead at offshore for the legacy master data management team, successfully led the team in SAP global MDM implementation and the

Cadbury integration project for Kraft Foods.

Won the �Bravo! On the Spot��award from Infosys Limited on two occasions for the quick and extraordinary solutions provided to the Kraft Foods clients in the

Business Intelligence(BI) area.

Data Warehousing And Reporting In Qlik View

Qlik Tech India, Bangalore

2010 - 2010

BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

2003 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Vishnu Prakash

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Career History:

Infosys Limited: Associate Consultant - Bangalore, India (Apr 2011 - Aug 2011)

Infosys limited is a NASDAQ listed global consulting and IT company. It is the second largest IT and consulting company in India with total

revenue US$6.35 bn. Infosys provides business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to clients in over 30 countries across

the globe.

� Selected as process and domain consultant in the Industry Solutions Group (ISG), the consulting and solutions wing in Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life

sciences practice unit of Infosys Limited.

� Worked as MDM consultant in the legacy modernisation project for the client: Kraft Foods. Prepared and submitted a detailed estimation and resource

requirement plan to the business clients within a span of one month.

� Assisted the remediation technical team in identifying the applications within the supply chain network that had dependency on the legacy Master Data

Management (MDM) application. Proposed detailed plan on how to go about removing their dependency and building new interface feed from SAP

without any impact on the day today business operations.

� Identified the areas within Master Data Management (MDM) application that could be decommissioned and the areas that needed to be re-hosted into the

Microsoft's Microfocus platform from mainframes.

� Provided knowledge transition and training sessions to the SAP technical team on the business functionalities of legacy MDM. Assisted them in building new

interfaces from SAP to the re-hosted Master Data Management (MDM) application.

Infosys Limited: Senior Systems Engineer - Bangalore, India (Nov 2009 - Mar 2011)

Client: Kraft Foods Inc, world's second largest company for branded foods and beverages with a total annual revenue of US$49.2 bn.

� Subject Matter Expert (SME) and team lead for the legacy Master Data Management (MDM) application.

� Led a team of four in the Kraft-Cadbury integration project, designed and built new interfaces for feeding the product, customer and price information from

Cadbury SAP system to the Kraft legacy Master Data Management (MDM) application.

� As a part of SAP global MDM implementation, designed and built eight new interfaces from SAP into the legacy Master Data Management (MDM)

application within a span of four months. This was one of the fastest implementations in the history of the Master Data Management (MDM) application.

� Participated in several go-live and status meetings with business clients and vendors to discuss the new implementations and the key happenings in legacy

Master Data Management (MDM) application. Planned and scheduled the deliverables, tracked the project outcome and ensured it was in line with project

objective and timelines.

� Developed several business intelligence (BI) reports using the data warehousing and reporting technologies: SAP BI 7.0 and Qlik View. Consulted with the

B2B clients, identified the key performance indicators (KPI's), designed the report layout, performed the data extraction and loading from various source

systems. These reports were used for tracking orders placed by the business partners through the electronic data interchange (EDI) gateway.

Infosys Limited: Systems Engineer - Bangalore, India (Aug 2007 - Oct 2009)

Client: Kraft Foods Inc, world's second largest company for branded foods and beverages with a total annual revenue of $49.2 bn.

� Mainframe technical engineer in the legacy Master Data Management (MDM) application. Provided technical assistance to Master Data Management

(MDM) business clients for maintaining information about the products, business partners (suppliers / carriers / customers) inventory bearing locations

(IBL), prices and deals for North American business operations.

� Helped the clients to achieve 15% reduction in the overall mainframe CPU usage by decommissioning an application that maintains the item aging and the

shipping information of products. The functionality was later successfully implemented in legacy Master Data Management (MDM) application.

� Designed, developed and performed the end to end testing of several new interfaces from the legacy Master Data Management (MDM) application to

various downstream systems like the planning system, procurement system, warehouse management system, transportation system, B2B management

systems etc. within the supply chain network.

� Coordinated in several internal as well as external testing activities like SOX (Sarbanes�Oxley) testing, DR (Disaster Recovery) testing,

Mainframe/DB2/CICS version up gradation testing, integration testing involving multiple business applications. This has provided a solid foundation on

general application risks and control, issues related with access security, addressing the system inadequacies at the right time and the general IT controls

associated with applications.

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Mr Patindhat





� Thai (Thailand)



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Criticising political and

economic events, academic

tutoring, financial investment,

football, badminton, joining

mini-marathon, social activities.

Result-oriented and highly enthusiastic professional with five years experience of leading a team. Excellent analytical, negotiation, decision-making skills developed

from procurement and project management experience. Excels at utilising creativity and cross-functional support in problem solving. Desires to achieve an

executive position in the area of logistics and supply chain management.

As part of the core procurement development function, improved the procurement process including sourcing, negotiation and shipping by leading the integrated

road map for supply chain development.

Instrumental in ensuring the smooth production start-up and construction of the largest HDPE production plant in the company by acting as the centre for

distributing information and strategy.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Created the model of project control function for HDPE plant construction, allowing this to then be used in similar projects in the future.


BEng Electrical Engineering

Chulalongkorn University

2002 - 2006

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Patindhat Prateeppornnarong

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Career History:

SCG Chemicals Company Limited: Procurement Engineer-Rayong, Thailand (Apr 2007 - Jul 2011)

Analysed and developed the procurement process, controlled and managed risks in procurement work of significant production expansion projects

of the company which normally invests more than US$30m per year.

� Managed the Transport & Customs Formality section by renewing working processes and improving the quality of service.

� Developed a new set of KPIs to improve purchasing performance, covering three dimensions: time, budget and quality. Reduced time, financial risk, and

errors in issuing an order.

� Modernised and standardised purchasing process (activities and documents) by using Kaizen method. Eliminated errors in purchasing terms and conditions

and facilitated the purchasing approval process.

� Supervised a team of five members to procure equipment, machines and materials for plant construction projects, saved 13% of US$12m budget.

SCG Chemical Company Limited: Project Engineer-Rayong, Thailand (Jan 2008- Mar 2010)

Managed a large project which involved constructing a new HDPE production plant of 50 tons/h capacity with more than a US$700m investment.

� Ensured the new plant start up had good quality of products, was on time and was within budget by creating an interactive spreadsheet to monitor critical

factors and interfacing activities among different project functions.

� Implemented Primavera program for scheduling 2000 critical tasks and 1800 workers in order to facilitate daily planning, prevent rework and closely

monitor progress.

� Developed a document database and created a document control system (4,200 major documents and 2,200 transactions) to organise engineering work,

reduce loss of drawings and time searching for them.

� Managed six co-ordinators to communicate cross-functional progress among different project functions by ensuring the latest update was effectively

delivered to the right people.

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Mr Michael Preece



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Active member of the CIPS

Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire

branch, helping organise branch

events. Keen interest in

motorcycling, classic cars and

competing in a range of team

and individual sports.

An adaptable, purposeful and decisive professional with strong achievements in a range of roles and industries. A highly capable strategic-thinker who enjoys

working within and leading teams to consistently exceed expectations. Actively engaged with the bigger picture when working towards excellence in day-to-day

detail. Looking to build on experience within sales and purchasing to develop a successful career within logistics and supply.

Created a new NHS sales department and delivered �250k profit on �350k income within eight months, by creating and delivering an effective business plan and

exceeding personal sales targets.

Retained a key retail account worth �5m p.a. by leading a cross-functional team to create a bespoke product with key suppliers within five days, ensuring a major

account was not lost to a competitor.

Secured a significant contract with the CEO of an NHS trust despite a competitor offering a similar service for �15k less by utilising superb sales skills and

creatively adding value to the service.

LLB Law, 2:2

University of Reading

2004 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Michael Preece

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Career History:

Activity Superstore: Activities Buyer - Royston, UK (Sep 2010 - Sep 2011)

A leading gift experience agency. Responsible for sourcing and creating retail products to feature within 2500 high street stores across the UK

within a range of retailers. Key supplier management to enhance product profitability, source promotions, solve problems and reduce inefficiency.

� Retained a key retail account worth �5m p.a. by leading a cross-functional team to create and contract a bespoke product with key suppliers within one

week, ensuring a major account was not lost to a competitor.

� Delivered 12% year-on-year category growth in four out of five categories by identifying consumer trends and sourcing aggressive supplier-funded

promotions to feature on popular UK websites and television programs such as Money Supermarket, Time Out London, Travelzoo and The Gadget Show.

� Ensured continued business operation and growth by creating and sourcing 10 new retail products to feature within the high street stores across the UK

from September 2011.

Various temporary roles, including HR Administrator (Mar 2010 - Aug 2010)

Provided HR support for AVC Group. AVC Group provide IT and telecoms infrastructure, warehousing and distribution and recycling services to

corporate customers and the Ministry of Defence.

� Saved over �10k of recruitment agency fees on a single large-scale recruitment project. Successfully project-managed the recruitment of a new call-centre

in Inverness, Scotland, within three weeks of joining the company. Sourced and telephone interviewed candidates to identify suitability for the role.

� By identifying key suppliers and creating a preferred suppliers list at significant placement fee discounts, saved over �20k p.a. on recruitment agency fees

and reduced administrative workloads across the HR department.

DisabledGo: Business Development Manager - NHS Sales (Aug 2008 - Dec 2009)

A disabled access information provider for public sector sites, turnover c. �2m. Responsible for creating the NHS sales department and meeting

with Chief Executives and directors of NHS trusts to secure new business throughout the UK. Delivered significant business growth in a time of


� Created a new NHS sales department and delivered �250k profit on �350k income within eight months, by creating and delivering an effective business

plan and exceeding personal sales targets.

� Secured a significant contract with the CEO of an NHS trust despite a competitor offering a similar service for �15k less by utilising superb sales skills and

creatively adding value to the service.

� Significantly improved sales and marketing team's efficiency by devising and implementing a new customer relationship management solution. Secured chief

executive's commitment to a three-month trial which was so successful the software was rolled out across the whole company.

� Secured 20 new meetings at an NHS conference, which was converted to �100k new business, the result of excellent networking and a credible and

informative introduction.

Hays Banking: Business Banking Recruitment Consultant (Sep 2007 - Aug 2008)

A key recruitment services provider to the banking industry. A mixture of cold-calling business development and account management duties,

delivering excellent client and candidate service within a competitive recruitment business.

� Secured �17k income within six weeks of joining the company and consistently achieved �10k monthly income target thereafter by developing strong

working relationships with hiring managers and ensuring candidates submitted for roles were of a consistently high standard.

� Managed the recruitment for a new Royal Bank of Scotland office in South Yorkshire, securing 11 placements out of 12 vacancies within one month by

writing advert copy, screening applicants and presenting 15 candidates for final interview.

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Miss Witchaya Promsawat




� Thai (Thailand)



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Travelling and facing new

cultures, trekking and camping,

reading books, world politics,

social issues and history

Economics graduate with academic research experience. Business oriented and always considers the impact on people and social equality. Enthusiastic, eager to

learn and face new challenges. Self confident and self motivated with the flexibility to adapt to new environments. Interested in and loves to read about world

politics, the economy and history. Willing to work in a multicultural environment with a challenging organisation.

Set up a small online clothing shop, through facebook The business has been successful and made a reasonable profit.

Worked as a research assistant with many famous Economics professors of Thailand as part of the project called "Policy Watch". The project has generated

interest and frequently discussed in public.

Organised three voluntary camps in the rural Northeast Provinces of Thailand, Roi-Et, Mukdahan and Yasothon. The camps ran smoothly and most participants

told committees the camps were impressive.

BA (Hons) Economics

Thammasat University

2005 - 2009

Young Investor Programme

TMB Bank Public Company Limited

2008 - 2008


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Witchaya Promsawat

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Career History:

Proud Shop: Owner - Thailand (Oct 2010 - Present)

Proud Shop is a small online shop, running on facebook, selling second hand retro style dresses and skirts.

� Managed all processes relating to running a business online, including planning, sourcing products from several markets and wholesale shops, marketing and

advertising, finance and transport. Since the shop opened the revenue has increased significantly. The profit is more than 100% and the shop's facebook

page saw a growth in August 2011 of 102% compared to the previous month.

Thammasat University: Research Assistant - Bangkok, Thailand (Oct 2010 - Aug 2011)

Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University is the oldest and the most famous Economics School in Thailand, with a strong public interest.

Professors and researchers are continually conducting economic research and it's research, reviews and articles have a big impact on Thailand.

� Worked with several professors in the Faculty of Economics on the project named "Policy Watch". The project reviewed government's economic policies,

published the reviews to the press, parliament and people who were interested from other academic institutions. Suggested to the government economic

policy implementations, consequences and solutions. The government took these suggestions into consideration and were noticeable when the Prime

Minister and MPs were interviewed by the press.

� Searched, organised, calculated and analysed economic information. Helped the professors to write the economic reviews and articles. Contacted the

government officers to gain more in-depth information. The project was successful and increased the interest in economic policy amongst the Thai society.

EGAT: Marketing Officer - Bangkok, Thailand (Jan 2010 - Jul 2010)

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand: EGAT is the biggest state enterprise in Thailand. It currently builds, owns and operates several types

and sizes of power plants across the country and also purchases electric power from private power companies and neighbouring countries.

� Managed the contract by negotiating with customers, drafting and amending contracts. Conducted conferences with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)

and Electricity of France (France). The contracts were signed off without any problems or issues.

TMB Bank Public Company Limited: Trainee - Bangkok, Thailand (Mar 2008 - Apr 2008)

TMB Bank has held a training programme called "Young Investor Programme" over the last 20 years for students in their third and fourth year.

The aim of the programme for the students was to write their own business plan and present it to the board.

� Worked as a team with seven students to write a waste water treatment business plan. Searched all relevant information and visited a waste water treatment

plant to observe and collect useful information from an operator. Eight teams participated and the business plan was awarded third prize.

Faculty of Economics Voluntary Camp: Committee - Northern Provinces, Thailand (Oct 2005 - Oct 2007)

The voluntary camp is held twice a year, October and March. The aim of the camp is for participants to understand the complexity of the Thai

society, especially the inequality between Bangkok and rural areas. The participants learn numerous life skills.

� Took responsibility for ensuring the camp ran smoothly. Planned the camp, surveyed the target areas, organised and debated with other committees and

local people about the camp from the beginning to the end and ensured all the participants were well looked after.

� Learned effective teamwork and leadership strategies to cope with emergency problems by making connections with professors, local people, organisations

and government officers.

� Adapted to new cultures, new places and new people by learning to understand the differences between a civilised city like Bangkok and under-developed

small town in Roi-Et, Mukdahan and Yasothon.

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Mr Ke Qiao




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Passion for hiking and

mountain climbing; good at

calligraphy, painting and

creative gifts; enthusiastic

about learning all kinds of

cultures and people. Enjoy

reading,music,tennis,yoga and


A practical, dedicated and dynamic individual with extensive work experience in the construction and manufacturing industries within a multicultural environment.

An excellent communicator and supportive team worker with a problem-solving mindset, eager to create value for organisations in a global environment.

Resolved co-ordination problems between engineering services installation and construction which improved the construction time delay by 3 months and saved

3.15m pula in penalty payments.

Minimised campus disturbance by redesigning a truck route (overlap drop from 40% to 10%) for six projects in the University of Botswana, which was

enthusiastically approved by the authority.

Awarded �Best Performance Volunteer��by supervising 40 volunteers in assisting experts from over 80 countries at the ICOMOS 15th Assembly, in their

communications with Chinese experts and host.

BA in International Trade and Economics

Xi`An International Studies University

2003 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Ke Qiao

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Career History:

West China Cement: Assistant Manager of Securities Department Xi`An,China (Nov.2010 - Sep.2011)

West China Cement: A HK-listed leading special cement producer in Shaan Xi, China, with 1H2011 revenue of 1.7bn RMB and over 4500


� Improved the efficiency of investor relations work by reorganising the investor database and completely eliminating investor's complaints relating to poor or

insufficient communications.

� Enhanced the company`s reputation in capital markets by successfully co-ordinating over 20 company visits from investors and analysts from around the


� Successfully facilitated senior management`s communication with investors by providing them with daily, weekly and monthly stock price analysis reports

and market feedback.

Complant Botswana: Site Agent - Gaborone,Botswana (Dec 2007- Mar 2010)

Complant Botswana is a branch of China Overseas Engineering Group, the largest Engineering company in China and Asia, with branches in 19

countries. (Multidisciplinary Classrooms and Offices Building project in University of Botswana, bided 250m pula)

� Optimised the Riversand quarry supply chain by carrying out a research on the existing and potential suppliers within a radius of 100km (price, quality,

reserve volume/capacity, road condition, transportation condition, customer density). Achieved 13% reduction in cost.

� Improved on-site working relationships by conducting a study into the differences in working practices between Chinese and other nationalities on the

project., taking into account working methodology and approach. Provided the workers with necessary cross cultural training, significantly reducing

misunderstandings and conflicts.

� Significantly reduced continuity problems between construction and inspection by redesigning an inspection application and scheduling system, realising a

half day time saving on average per inspection.

� Simplified the co-ordination between subcontractors by redesigning quality control procedures for cross trade installations and ensuring smooth progress

and significant time saving.

� Conducted a cost benefit analysis on subcontracting, presented the recommendation to the project manager and gained approval for implementation.

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Personal Statement


Mr Shawkat Salim Rahman




� Bengali (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Sports, Football, Sightseeing

and Cooking.

A highly motivated, committed and organised Professional and Academic with the experience of working in multiple countries across different Continents. Enjoys

challenging assignments and is able to manage high expectations with a successful track record displaying a great degree of control, finesse and involvement. A

team player and strong believer in the symbiotic growth of organisation, team and self.

Key Achievements

Tenure-ship as a Visiting Faculty at Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, Lyon France as a recognition for continuing excellence in Academic , Teaching and Research


Awarded Erasmus Mundus Scholar Award for consistent high performance in Academic and Teaching responsibilities in UIU.

As a member of the Management Team of United International University, played a pivotal role in turning it into a Top 10 Higher Education provider in Bangladesh

in only 10 years since it's inception.


SAP FI Certification


2010 - 2010

Master of Business and IT

University of Melbourne, Australia

2004 - 2006

BSc Computer Science

East West University, Bangladesh

1999 - 2002

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Shawkat Salim Rahman

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Career History:

United International University - Dhaka: Senior Lecturer - Bangladesh (Jun 2007- Sep 2011)

United International University is a leading private University of Bangladesh with a student base of over 5000 and faculty strength of over 200.

� Visiting Faculty of Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, Lyon France Jan 2011- Feb 2011. Acted as a Reviewer for International Journal for Product Development

(IJPD). Member of Scientific Committee of Product Life cycle Management Conference 'PLM 12' to be held in Montreal 2012.

� For Continued excellence in Teaching and Research, awarded three month tenure as a Erasmus Mundus ECW Scholar at Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, Lyon

France Dec 2009- Feb 2010 under the eLink Erasmus Mundus ECW eLINK Program funded by the European Commission.

� Director of Student Affairs from Feb 2010- Jan 2011, took charge of 20+ student organisations and clubs with an annual allocation of over �50,000.

Mentored University Clubs to several International and National Level Scholastic, Entrepreneurial and Athletic Awards during this tenure.

EDG - Macquarie Group: Manager - Melbourne, Australia (Jun 2006- Apr 2007)

EDG Group is a member of the Macquaire Group and one of the leading entertainment and amusement leaders with attractions across Australia.

� Initiated changeover solutions as Manager of Kingpin, Richmond, Melbourne during Macquarie Group Ownership from June 2006 - April 2007, showing

improved profit, productivity and earnings over the previous three years.

United International University Dhaka: Assistant Registrar - Bangladesh (May 2003- Jan 2005)

United International University is a leading private University of Bangladesh with a student base of over 5000 and faculty strength of over 200.

� Drafted and executed control policies, guidelines and procedures for all university wide procurement activities achieving highest achievable levels of

performance and quality.

� Successfully led brand awareness and development program through intense public relations and promotion activity in local Print and Electronic media with

a yearly allocation in excess of �250,000.

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Personal Statement


Mr Aleksander Richner




� German

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Playing and watching

numerous sports, travelling and

learning about different

cultures, international affairs,

model united nations.

An adaptive and ambitious global citizen with profound logistics experience attained by working on three different continents. A strong leader and co-ordinator with

analytic instinct and solid communicative abilities. Able to negotiate and problem solve effectively, offering creative solutions while demonstrating a patient yet

decisive character. Looking for a further challenging role within a multi national supply chain / logistics company.

Key Achievements

Project Manager for a SNC Lavalin project which entailed the movement of 125,000 FRT and 1,500 containers for the construction of a gas plant in Algeria,

accessed through Tunisia.

Successfully managed to reverse a potential loss of US$150,000 created by one shipper going bankrupt and turn this into US$50,000 profit through executing

emergency strategies and strong leadership.

Designed and controlled multi-modal transport and distribution concepts for FCL and LCL freight movements for key clients importing into Canada / U.S. resulting

in savings of 10-15%.


BA (Hons) International Affairs Specialist

University of Toronto at Mississauga

2003 - 2008

Certificate, International Freight Forwarding

Canadian International Freight Forwarders


2008 - 2009

Advanced Certificate, International Freight


Canadian International Freight Forwarders


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Aleksander Richner

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2009 - 2010

Diploma - Freight Forwarding


2009 - 2010

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Career History:

Kuehne + Nagel: Project Manager Corporate Division - Hamburg, Germany (Dec 2010 - Sep 2011)

Kuehne + Nagel is one of the world's leading logistics providers having 900 offices in over 100 countries and approximately 55,000 employees.

� Completed numerous world-wide tenders for large transport projects. By presenting cost effective and detailed proposals, successfully awarded two

contracts, one for a gas plant project in Algeria consisting of 125,000 FRT and 1,500 containers in excess of �15m and another for a sulphuric and

phosphoric acid plant project in Jordan consisting of 10,000 FRT and 1,000 containers in excess of �10m.

� Designed complex multi modal transportation models for project clients and assisted with their freight budgets. This entailed customs regulations, vendor

management, freight collection world-wide, consolidation, sea, air and land transportation as well as warehousing and distribution in order to offer clients an

efficient one stop shop for their transport needs, in effect creating cost saving supply chains.

� Consulted with technical and engineering experts to produce safe and effective proposals and method statements, which were based on sound transport and

forecast feasibility studies. This was achieved by working with a team of around 10-15 people worldwide to obtain accurate information.

� Implemented and managed operative project logistics for a gas plant being built by SNC-Lavalin in Southern Algeria. Given the remote location of the

project, a complex supply chain was constructed linking vendors worldwide and expediting cargo movements through air, sea and road networks through

Tunisia for final destination Algeria. Actively involved in vessel chartering.

� Headed negotiations with diverse third party service providers enabling long lasting and reliable collaborations as well as resulting in value added services

for clients.

� Monitored the discharge of a break bulk vessel in the port of Gabes, Tunisia. 4,500 FRT were discharged in 2 days including a 415 Ton, 30m long piece.

Kuehne + Nagel: Customer Service Coordinator - Toronto, Canada (Aug 2008 - Nov 2010)

Kuehne + Nagel is one of the world's leading logistics providers having 900 offices in over 100 countries and approximately 55,000 employees.

� Developed cost effective supply chain models for around 30 key customers importing into Canada and the U.S., some of which were Carlsberg, Hugo

Boss, Panasonic, L.C.B.O (Ontario liquor board), Adidas and Sony. Mainly specialised on the Trans-pacific trade lane.

� Managed multi-modal transport movements into Canada and the U.S., strategically choosing routes and service providers that would provide a predictable

and time efficient movement of cargo, effectively negotiating rates with trucking companies, warehouses, steamship lines as well as rail carriers in order to

present cost effective transport solutions.

� Lowered extra costs suffered by clients by at least 50%, by implementing an internal system to monitor customs clearance for all shipments, which was the

main cause of delays resulting in extra costs like detention and late penalties.

� Managed beverage logistics imports into Canada from Latin America and Europe, using innovative packing solutions, specialised equipment and unique

consolidation models resulting in cost savings to clients.

� Generated weekly as well as monthly financial reports in order to have a clear overview of profit / loss projections and isolate areas that need to be heavily


� Engaged heavily in rate negotiations with third party service providers to reduce costs and increase profit margins. Establishing long term rate contracts,

enhancing stability and enabling accurate forecasting and rate agreements with end customers.

Panalpina: Project Coordinator - Toronto, Canada (May 2008 - Aug 2008)

The Panalpina Group is one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions, They operate a global network with some 500 branches in

more than 80 countries and employ approximately 15,000 people worldwide.

� Coordinated Air and Sea shipments (FCL & Break Bulk) destined to Madagascar for a SNC- Lavalin Nickel mining project. Worked with a team of 25

people worldwide to establish a functioning supply chain. Collaborated with SNC-Lavalin engineering units on order management to maintain a clear

overview and efficient cargo movement.

Interfreight: Marketing Coordinator - Kampala, Uganda (May 2004 - Aug 2004)

Leaders in the provision of freight management and logistics services in Eastern Africa.

� Established a database of all existing cotton ginneries and farmers, identifying new potential clients and constructing new transport concepts for cotton

exports out of Uganda.

Paul Reinhardt AG: Coordinator - Winterthur, Switzerland (May 2002 - May 2003)

Reinhart is a leading worldwide cotton merchant, committed to cotton since 1788.

� Monitored and assisted in the transportation of cotton from Central Asian ginneries directed mainly to France and Turkey using predominantly rail and road


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Mrs Annette Saller




� German

� Spanish

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Very close to nature. An open

minded traveller; Passion for

trekking and long distance

cycling. Enjoys sport as a

stress reliever. Volunteer in

charity activities in for under

privileged children

A passionate and goal-orientated individual, willing to learn from new experiences and constantly striving for improvement. Experienced in working and leading

multicultural and multidisciplinary groups with recognised results. Looking for a challenging role in strategy consulting for a dynamic, international organisation

which provides the opportunity for advancement as well as enhancing professional and personal skills.

Won governmental bid with a volume of US$1.4m by analysing the government�s situation and special needs and designing the right solution and value proposition.

Broke into the brand new Columbian licence plate market within nine months which involved opening up a new subsidiary and extensive government negotiation.

Successfully designed and implemented an automated vehicle identification system in Peru, using RFID technology, achieving a long term service agreement for


ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure

Library) version 3 Foundation Certificate

TUEV SUED Akademie

2009 - 2009

Bachelor of International Management

University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf

2002 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Career History:

Curriculum Vitae: Mrs Annette Saller

������������������������������������������������������������-America, Panama (Apr 2010 � May 2011)

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vehicle registration. The company set up 19 joint venture companies and numerous co-operations on five continents with more than 1,300


� Conducted market research in several Central and South American countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua or Colombia. Analysed the offers for each tender

regarding prices, estimated time of delivery and references. This information was very helpful in identifying a number of new business opportunities.

� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-operation with the management team

in Panama. Analysed the potential competitors and possible customers, consulted with professional advisers including lawyers and as a result gained

important business contacts.

� Worked together with the existing subsidiaries to plan, manage, monitor and develop the relationship between the customer and the company. Provided

creative solutions and technical support through regular and extensive interactions by telephone calls or field visits. Reduced time of delivery from nine days


� Evaluated market entry possibilities and the independent creation and execution of an Action Plan, resulting in a rise in market recognition in Nicaragua.

Found a suitable partner to work extensively with the Police of Nicaragua who was in charge of vehicle registration.

� While planning and controlling the production process, gained a very broad product and production knowledge. Dealt with technical production problems

by doing reparations in the two production lines, ensuring the delivery of products was always on time. Proposed together with the German engineering

team, a new approach for the modelling of products and services using RFID. The proposal was approved by management and became the basis of the

new product development process.

� Contributed towards setting up annual assemblies and organised through teamwork successful hosts, including well known managers and politicians. Up to

100 people participated.

NorCom IT AG: Business Consultant Media Strategy Management, Munich (Jul 2009 � Dec 2009)

NorCom Information Technology AG is a consulting company which is specialises in sectors where efficient IT workflows are critical to business

success. Around 260 employees work on local projects for clients and operate in Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

� Strengthened business image through personal and regular communication with prospective clients, leading to a significant increase of 50% in product

workshop bookings over a period of three months.

� Developed existing customer relations and creation of new contacts with globally operating companies by building a network for indirect sales and hiring

relevant local companies in Sweden, Spain, France and Greece to represent the brand in each one of the territories.

� Presented the functionality of the product NC Power at the IBC (leading global tradeshow for professionals engaged in the creation, management and

delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment) in Amsterdam, which led to over 100 new variable business contacts.

Syscovery AG: IT Consultant Process Design and Solution architecture-Mannheim (Nov 2008 � Jun 2009)

Syscovery AG is an IT consulting company which is involved in Europe-wide projects with its almost 100 employees, and in cooperation with

partners and international customers it also operates throughout the world. Syscovery is a supplier for renowned customers including ABB or


� Implemented the Service Livecycle management system based on the Syscovery Savvy Suite Consulting by integrating a central tool for the customer�s

production, which supports almost all processes around the supply and administration of the end user of IT services. The end users were able to use the

central portal more easily, turn-around times were drastically shortened and false orders practically eliminated.

� Worked as the project manager leading a team to analyse the customer's requirements of the Service Livecycle management system. Provided regular

updates to management which led to a more user-friendly system release and the development of a new reporting module which was completely funded by

the customer.

� Wrote a System handbook and conducted training sessions for customers' employees, which led to nearly 100% customer satisfaction.

Siemens AG (GMS): Consultant Applications and Process Engineering, Mannheim (Jul 2007 � Oct 2008)

Global Marketing Services is a professional in-house marketing and IT consultancy of Siemens AG and offers a comprehensive range of

consulting services in the sector of market research, marketing strategy, sales and database consulting.

� Planned and conducted analysis of global customer and partner satisfaction surveys for over 50 Siemens divisions. Successfully co-operated with Siemens

internal customers (Siemens Divisions for which the surveys were conducted), colleagues from Marketing Consulting (responsible for survey methodology

and follow-up implementation based on results) and external software developers (system operations and enhancements for the survey platform) meeting all

customer requirements and due dates.

� Siemens��Corporate Master Database is a SAP based platform to collect, consolidate and standardise all business partner addresses (customers and

vendors) globally. As a Subject Matter Expert, took responsibility for eight country rollouts of the platform including the definition and documentation of

country specific address rules, treating and solving data quality issues and co-ordinating an international team consisting of technical and business players.

� Improved the �The Customers Relationship Tool of Siemens AG��Coach together with the internal customer and achieved an increase in productivity of

30% and a customer satisfaction rate of over 97%.

Siemens Enterprise Communications: Trainee Marketing Strategy, Munich (Aug 2006 � Jun 2007)

Siemens Enterprise Communications, a joint venture of Siemens AG and the Gores Group, is one of the global leaders in unified communications

solutions. Siemens Enterprise Communications has presence in more than 100 countries.

� Wrote well researched presentations for the Managing Director to deliver at conferences, seminars and board meetings including the management

presentation for the carve-out board where new KPIs in Customer Satisfaction were defined.

� Participated in ��Valueselling��workshop in London, developing and improving sales and marketing skills.

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� Planned and coordinated the Global Customer/ Partner Satisfaction Surveys for Siemens Enterprise Communications. Analysed the outcomes and

presented the management summaries to the local companies on the phone. Used the survey results to design an action plan and involved teams from the

local companies.

� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Concept development with elements of Customer

Segmentation and Satisfaction (Customer Value Identification Model) which is the tool currently used to analyse customer profiles by Siemens Enterprise


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Personal Statement


Mr Kwabena Sarpong Anning




� Afrikaans

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Watching and analysing

football matches, listening to

music, tourism and attending


An innovative and results orientated professional with experience in sales, accounting and supply chain management within the telecommunications and petroleum

industries. Possesses strengths in inventory management, process improvement, investigation and problem solving. Seeking career opportunities in Logistics and

Supply Chain Management.

Key Achievements

Investigated, reconciled and allocated items worth US$300K issued to responsible sales personnel without proper documentation and mitigated weekly cheque

abuse and cash payments totalling US$200K.

Designed excel templates for finance warehouse reports and which served as a backup for the warehouse operation software (Microsoft Retail management and

inventory software) during network failure.

Instituted serialised issue of items which aided the tracking of stocks issued and prevented theft of stock, such as prepaid top up cards, phones and modems.


MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and


2008 - 2010

Bachelor of Business Administration- Accounting


University of Ghana

2005 - 2008

Diploma In Business Studies - Accounting Option

Sunyani Polytechnic

2001 - 2003

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Kwabena Sarpong Anning

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Vodafone GH: Warehouse Consultant, Ghana (Feb 2009 - Sep 2011)

Responsible for the smooth operation of warehouse activities including demand forecast, inventory control, defining and conceptualising detailed

job descriptions of warehouse staff, stocks security, preparing daily inventory reports, tracking products and stock checking.

� Initiated the serialised issue of items which aided the tracking of stock issued and prevented theft of stock, such as prepaid top up cards, phones and


� Suggested point of sale activation of saleable (prepaid) cards which was instituted and to date saved the company theft of about GH500k worth of prepaid

cards over the past three years.

� Investigated, reconciled and allocated items worth GH500,000 which was improperly recorded and issued to sales representatives and retail shops in the


� Recorded 94% stock availability through effective inventory management practices such as demand forecasting, observance to stock levels and cycling

counts. Recorded no variances of actual stock counted against system stock through inventory reconciliation programs (inventory pre audit) and efficient

cycling count.

� Designed an excel template for finance and warehouse operational activities which aided daily, weekly and monthly reports and also served as a backup for

the warehouse operation software(Microsoft Retail management and inventory software) during network breakdown which is a common phenomenon in

the company.

� Introduced a Custodian of Items and Data Officer as part of job rotation role which gave responsibilities and accountabilities to warehouse officer on a

weekly basis and as a result reduced theft among warehouse staff.

Ghana Telecom: Assistant Manager of Finance of Mobile, Ghana (Oct 2005 - Jan 2009)

General accounting including preparing journal entries, maintaining balance sheet schedules and ledgers and account and bank reconciliations.

Assisting with monthly closings and account analysis and supporting the senior accountant in carrying out the responsibilities of the accounting


� Detected, investigated and prevented the abuse of cheque and cash payments system of GH200K and GH30K respectively per month through monitoring,

investigation of amount outstanding on the Bank reconciliation statement and Cash account, trend analysis and stock and revenue reconciliation.

� Designed an excel template for daily capturing of data and reporting in replacement of manual cash books, Bank reconciliation statement and receipt and

payment schedules.

� Single handedly learned the usage of Electronic voucher terminals and Microsoft dynamics Great Plains without any tuition. Resulted in being recognised as

the only electronic terminal specialist in the Ghana Telecom Ashanti Region.

� Survived a redundancy exercise when Ghana telecom was acquired by Vodafone through versatility and adaptability skilled exhibited in the course of duty

performance as assistance finance manager.

Ghana Telecom: Cashier and Finance Officer, Ghana (Jan 2003 - Sep 2005)

Responsible for taking payments from customers and preparation of manual cash book.

� Responded personally to over 200 stranded customers on 6th March 2004 holiday when there was no customer advisor present.

� Sold 89USB modems in a month and ensured continued usage for three months by suggesting master and discipleship packages of sim cards which was

subsequently implemented

� Learned to use unicorn software for sim replacement and other Mobile services through Help function of the software without any tuition.

� Promoted to Senior Finance Officer during first three months of service, before probation period completed as a result of effective performance

� Designed excel cash book in place of manual cash book which facilitated accuracy, clarity and speed of daily book keeping

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Mr Wassim Sebbar




� Arabic

� Arabic (Morocco)

� French

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Fishing. Horse riding (trained

for Equestrian Endurance).

Martial arts, practiced many

styles, trained children and

adult classes in Wing Chun

Kung Fu. Reading History


A results oriented individual with initial work experience in Logistics and International Transport. Proven ability to both manage and work in teams. Possesses a

strong drive for success and a keen willingness to work in a diverse and multicultural environment. Seeking a career in the Logistics and Supply Chain field.

Helped Lydia Trans gain recognition from British companies in Morocco by acting as its official representative in the British Chamber of Commerce, increasing

revenue by 5%.

Delivered the Graduation Ceremony's speech on behalf of Sunderland Morocco's graduates in the presence of Mr.Timothy Morris, British Ambassador in

Morocco and was personally congratulated.

Conducted a series of interviews with three successful Moroccan Entrepreneurs and lead a team of three students as part of the Entrepreneurship Module at

Sunderland Morocco.

BA (Hons) Business Management

University Of Sunderland

2007 - 2010

Baccalaureate in Science

ELBILIA secondary school

2007 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Wassim Sebbar

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Career History:

Lydia Trans: Sales Manager - Casablanca, Morocco (Nov 2010 - Jul 2011)

Lydia Trans is a Transit and International Transport SME employing 13 people.

� Initiated and established a new system to deal more efficiently with English speaking customers, trained staff on basic English expressions to use when

receiving queries from English speaking customers, explained cultural differences that should be taken into account, prepared brochures in English,

established a translated format of administrative documents used when dealing with Moroccan customs services, increased revenues by 5%.

� Represented the company officially in the British chamber of commerce in Morocco, attended meetings held by the chamber on current business topics

related to Morocco�s economy and Morocco�s relationship with the UK. Presented the company to British entrepreneurs, explained our competitive

advantage over other companies operating in the transit and international transport field. Discussed major obstacles that British entrepreneurs meet when

operating in Morocco to find appropriate solutions.

� Worked in collaboration with a Moroccan Transport company to ensure efficient local transportation of merchandise from the Port to customers��

warehouses. Suggested competitive offers to customers which helped them saving time and reducing costs. Co-ordinated customers��requirements (delivery

times, merchandise nature and weight) and the outsourced transport company to match customers��needs, provide best offers and avoid delays. Increased

revenue by 9%.

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Mr Georgios Skeas




� Greek

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Travelling, table tennis at a

professional level, cycling.

Interested in business related

topics / blogs.

A highly motivated, ambitious and dynamic individual with proven managerial and technological skills. Eager to explore innovative ideas and absorb experiences in

challenging situations. Able to work within time pressured environments and team oriented projects ensuring the delivery of successful outcomes. Aiming to pursue

a professional career in the global logistics and supply chain industry.

Proposed and achieved cost efficiencies including a 50% reduction in order processing as a result of promoting exhibition stands in the Greek market.

Managed, controlled and processed the national delivery of hundreds of daily orders of frozen food products to time and quality by appropriate use of a warehouse

management system.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Member of the Greek National Table Tennis team and participated in the European Championships.


BSc (Hons) in Business Administration

University of Patras

2005 - 2009

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Georgios Skeas

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Career History:

Eolos Logistics Services SA: Assistant in Logistics Department, Athens, Greece (Dec 2010 - Mar 2011)

Eolos Logistics Services SA is a national food wholesale and distribution business. The company has also expanded it's business in the Third Party

Logistics (3PL) sector.

� Contributed to the control and operation of the products' ordering process for Pizza Hut and L'Artigiano restaurants. The operation of the logistics software

included the ordering process from the warehouses to the clients. By communicating regularly with the logistics manager of the branches ensured an update

on the stock supplies.

Expomedia: Assistant Product Manager - Athens, Greece (Sep 2008 - Dec 2009)

Expomedia is a leading company in exhibition booth design and construction as well as an exhibition products supplier. The company provides a

wide range of exhibition stands, display systems and multimedia kiosks in the Greek market.

� Achieved faster product to customer delivery times by optimising the use of large warehouses in an industrial area rather than direct international deliveries.

Delivery times improved by 50% as a result of getting benefit from a domestic delivery.

� Lowered product costs by up to 30% by ordering and promoting a wide range of best-selling items.

� Enhanced the company's relationship and reputation with external organisations by initiating introductions with conference centres, trade shows, shopping

malls and hotels. Cooperated with small to medium size companies of aluminium, construction and energy sector in several exhibition events.

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Mr Karamveer Singh Sohi




� Hindi (India)

� Punjabi (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoys playing sport

specifically golf, tennis, football

and field hockey. An adventure

sports enthusiast.

A determined, results focused individual with over two years demonstrable work experience in operational management, auditing, tendering and customer

relationship management as a Director of a Logistics company. Works well under pressure with the ability to grasp issues quickly, communicate with and motivate

staff at all levels, and implement plans to achieve company targets. Intent on a seeking a role as a supply chain executive.

Established Karamveer Transport Co Pvt Ltd in 2005 as a regional transport company. Involved in the process of naming and selecting the Headquarters, as well

as preparing the Memorandum of Articles.

Enhanced the employee experience and specifically increased driver motivation through the introduction of trip salary.

Awarded the school sports blazer for outstanding contribution and sportsmanship. As an exceptionally talented player of various sports, regularly represented the

school at different sporting events.

BCom (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Magadh University, Bihar, India

2006 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Karamveer Singh Sohi

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Karamveer Transport Co Pvt Ltd: Director - Delhi, India (May 2009 - Aug 2011)

Indian based transportation company. During tenure as director successfully expanded into multiple transport fields from a single field. The

company posted 15% annual growth and a turnover of over �5m, and very quickly received industry recognition for providing high standards of

customer service.

� Reduced turnaround time of the vehicles by seven hours by introducing trip incentives to the driver. Overcame the drivers' resistance to the new way of

working by explaining the benefits to them and the company. Negotiations were initially difficult because the drivers were satisfied with what they were

earning. Convincing them became easier once they started to understand the rationale, i.e the new system meant vehicles would be utilised to their full

potential, thus saving the company money.

� Improved vehicle utilisation by introducing a fleet tracking system which led to a two day reduction in idle time.

� Diversified from transportation of cars to transporting LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) with Indian Oil

Corporation Ltd and ITC (Indian Tobacco Company). Researched the market and identified there was more demand for LPG throughout the year and it

was therefore a good decision to start transporting LPG. The government then introduced a policy which resulted in every household in India getting a free

LPG connection, increasing more scope for expansion.

� Achieved a 452% net profit increase against the previous year in the financial year 2009 - 2010 by writing off the loans and debtors during the year.

� Developed fleet management software which helped the company reduce truck repair, maintenance and tyre costs. The software was designed to bring the

costs down by regularly updating when it was time for the scheduled service for the vehicle, helping save money on avoidable expenses.

� Reduced interest payments and overdraft charges by ensuring instalments against credit were paid prior to the due date.

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Miss Ming-Shan Sung




� Chinese (Mandarin)

� Chinese (Taiwan)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Exploring diverse cultures and

countries. Making friends with

different backgrounds. Enjoy

watching live performances,

travelling and long distance


A responsible, organised and independent person with marketing and procurement experience at multi-national corporations in the manufacturing and retail

industries. Skilled at multi-tasking, team work, co-ordination and communication across departments and suppliers, having both an engineering and business

background. Seeking an opportunity to enhance overall company efficiency and contribute knowledge and enthusiasm with a global view.

Adjusted inventory, making sure merchandise flowed efficiently. Competently forecasted the sales performance of several main promotions each month, including

a variety of categories.

Collaborated with different departments, regional offices, warehouses and vendors from diverse countries. Ensured that all parties understood goals and were in

compliance to achieve sales targets.

Recognised with the President's Award of the University, including winning a prize for excellence in three of its categories: intelligence, morale, and physical

education. One of each grade per major.

Certificate in International Business Administration

International Trade Institute (TAITRA), Hsinchu,


2006 - 2008

BEng in Molecular Science and Engineering

National Taipei University of Technology(NTUT),

Taipei, Taiwan

2002 - 2006


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Ming-Shan Sung

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Costco President Taiwan, Inc: Inventory Control Specialist -Taipei, Taiwan (Jul 2008 � Aug 2010)

Costco Wholesale is one of the largest retail chains in the world, ranked 9th in the US, being a membership warehouse club with hundreds of

locations worldwide.

� Successfully collaborated with several departments, different regional offices, warehouses and vendors from diverse countries including the UK, USA,

Japan, Australia, South Africa and other European nations.

� Effectively assisted senior buyers to plan and run various promotional events with different local and foreign vendors by negotiating with suppliers about

price and delivery issues as well as demo settlements(on site sampling) to ensure compliance with company policies.

� Managed more than 25 vendors and approximately 200 items from beverages to crackers, noodles, rice, cereals, dried fruit and sauces. Set up and tracked

item replenishment and purchase orders to ensure the smooth flow of goods to the warehouses. Adjusted inventory based on both sales performance and

estimations, including both daily requirements and promotions.

� Helped to set up new items and estimated purchase costs. Devised vendor contracts and item agreements as well as Chinese labels. Conducted marketing

survey about items' selling prices within the same category in other competitors' stores.

� Reviewed department inventory reports by location; followed up with warehouses when problems arose. Placed and tracked orders. Arranged the delivery,

return, exchange and on-site live sampling programme. Communicated with vendors when issues occurred, such as damages, delays, short code dates as

well as discrepancies and payments.

Telamon Corporation: Intern - Business Development Dept - Indianapolis, USA (Mar 2008� May 2008)

Telamon Corporation provides a variety of services to the ever-changing telecommunications industry and its customers. Telamon is a US$468m

company, with 500+ employees across nine locations (six domestic, and three international).

� Helped to design the brochure and booth of the company for the NXTComm08 conference.

� Researched Telamon�s existing and potential customers by locating background information for competing companies and their operations, product/service,

usual business practices, and marketing strategies. Analysed their strengths and weaknesses, then provided strategic suggestions.

� Gave an assessment comparing ethanol and gasoline including price, mileage, manufacturer or distributor of E85 (biofuel) and alternative fuels, compatible

automobiles, automakers, government grants, financial incentives and future prospects.

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Mr Sam Tang




� Chinese (Mandarin)

� Chinese (Traditional)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Tennis, Karate, Swimming and

a keen interest in volunteer

work for the underprivileged.

A goal-orientated, dedicated and adaptable individual with diverse transferable skills and demonstrable experience gained across multiple industries in one of the

fastest growing developed regions in Asia. An effective team player who commits to achieving the optimal solution in uncertain and time pressured environments

by applying proficient communication, analytical and IT skills. Keen to utilise these strengths in the supply chain industry.

Contained indirect staff costs by implementing a series of projects and developed a revised cost standard against which future performance could be monitored and


Actively volunteered and contributed to the 2008 SiChuan Earthquake Relief by organising the delivery of basic equipment and winter clothing supplies to

previously neglected villages.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Graduated in the top10th percentile of the year at Imperial College London and achieved social recognition for organising and leading several student club activities.


ARCS and BSc (Hons) Applied Business


Imperial College London

2005 - 2008

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Sam Tang

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

First Bank: Senior Associate - Macao, China (Jun 2011 - Jul 2011)

First Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Taiwan with an asset base of NT$1.6tn and 206 strategically positioned branches worldwide.

Specialises in corporate banking, SME business, home mortgages and trade finance.

� Contributed to a 10% increase in branch deposits by engaging with a group of 50+ high net worth clients and executing their financial requirements with

timely and needs related solutions - primarily in the areas of international remittance; time deposits and foreign exchange.

� Trained in the underwriting process of corporate loans and assisted in the planning stage for several SMEs based in the Pearl Delta region of Southern


� Mitigated the risk of financial crime by carefully and regularly monitoring the operational procedures and ensuring compliance to the Monetary Authority of

Macau (AMCM) standards.

JinLong Electrical Supermarket: Marketing Officer - Macao, China (May 2011 - Jun 2011)

JinLong Electrical Supermarket is the market leader in consumer electrical goods with six outlets in the region. Responsible for securing access to

different distribution channels through various mediums.

� Opened up new distribution channels by launching a joint promotion credit card scheme with various banks, generating circa 30% increase in product


� Enhanced the behaviours and performance of the sales force across all outlets by actioning administrative duties, monitoring and managing individual and

team performance and escalating abnormal practices to the CEO.

� Reinforced the branding strategy of the company by enhancing the logo with a new design using AI and Photoshop as well as the development of various

slogans. Communicated promotional events in some of the most popular newspaper on a regular basis and maintained the company website with the latest

products. Finally, organised one of the largest annual retail market events - Macau Mega Sale Carnival.

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau SA: Graduate Trainee - Macao, China (Nov 2010 - Apr 2011)

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) is a private utility company with the licence to be the sole generator and provider of electricity in

Macao, serving more than 200,000 customers with an asset base of US$650m.

� Evaluated the company�s provident fund options by switching to a new fund which is under the provision of local law as well as yielding higher returns and

reduced administrative costs, by successfully evaluating a non-performing fund, researching the market, negotiating with potential fund providers on cost

reductions and acquiring the approval from management and the union.

� Enabled an efficient and unbiased employee succession planning process by collaborating with key stakeholders to establish the selection criteria and

designing a sub-module within SAP to identify potential candidates matching the agreed criteria.

� Enhanced the measures to control staff medical costs by liaising with external service providers on employee medical arrangements and developing a new

in-house medical system incorporating the prescription history to facilitate the justification for future drug prescription.

� Negotiated with the union and suggested an alternative option in which employees be allowed a fixed amount of direct compensation per year in exchange

for all medical-related claims to the company. 30% of the workforce took the option thereby significantly reducing the financial volatility from the cost


� Mitigated statutory and reputational risk and avoided the imposition of financial penalties through the discovery and efficient rectification of a defect in the

new tax reporting system in SAP.

MFW International Investment: Slot Administration Assistant - Macao, China (Aug 2009 - Oct 2010)

MFW International Investment holds a casino resort in the Macau peninsula under a sub concession licence approved by the Macau government.

� Ensured stock was maintained in line with company objectives by recording and monitoring fixed asset and stock movements at the off-site warehouse.

� Planned and managed purchasing activities to the management accounts, negotiated with service vendors to provide cost effective supplies and confirmed

payments in accordance to company policy.

� Amended game systems to comply with requests from regulatory bodies.

� Scheduled the roster of 60 staff and recorded their leave, compensation and resignation data.

Imperial College Catering Services: Shop Assistant - London, UK (Feb 2006 - Jun 2008)

Imperial College Catering Services is owned by Imperial College London as the catering service provider for its 13,500 full-time students.

� Ensured a smooth and efficient catering operation by serving customers, managing stock flow, monitoring customers' credit, and responding to ad hoc

requests from other business units.

� Developed good interpersonal skills through interactions with customers from different backgrounds.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 2 of 2


Miss Mei-Fang Tang




� Chinese (Taiwan)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoys reading and watching

movies as a life sharing and an

inspiration. Keen on travelling

for discovery, adventure and

revitalising; fond of planning

trips and visiting exotic places.

Proactive, diligent and creative individual with strong logical sense and sensibility to numbers. Always tries to �think out of the box��when facing obstacles and

willing to take challenges in a dedicated manner. As a demand planner with over five years experience in Mobile and Cosmetic industries specifically in

forecasting, procurement, stock control, capability management, forecast system implementation and operation process improvement.

Successfully implemented Demand Planner function within three months to enhance forecast accuracy and reduce process cycle time, improving forecast

deviation rate from 40% to 30%.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Established a management system to re-engineer the operation process and enable better financial and R&D manpower control.

Joined a "Dream Come True" contest requiring an impressive video and article. 67 teams competed and achieved 15th place through Internet Voting.


BA Economics

National Taiwan University

2000 - 2004

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Mei-Fang Tang

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

L'OREAL Taiwan: Demand Planner - Taipei, Taiwan (Nov 2010 - Aug 2011)

L'OREAL Taiwan is wholly owned by L'OREAL Group, which is the largest cosmetics and beauty company. L'OREAL Taiwan markets 16 brands

and has maintained annual double digit growth in a competitive and diverse Taiwan cosmetics market.

� Delegated as the demand planner of Garnier and L'OREAL Paris Makeup, assisting on Garnier Men and Pure Active Ranges Launch in the first half of

2011. Successfully managed sales forecasting to maintain an average forecast deviation rate within 35%.

� Monitored Garnier sales progress and trade stocks and communicated with Sales and Marketing teams closely to ensure the latest marketing plan.

Highlighted supply issues in advance to prevent out-of-stock problems arising or impacting the new launch.

� Assisted on "Better Life" system implementation to facilitate the demand planning process and improve demand planners' work efficiency. Coached sales

and marketing teams to ensure they were familiar with the new system within three months and the implementation went smoothly.

ZEON Corporation: Sales Representative - Taipei, Taiwan (Jan 2010 - Oct 2010)

ZEON Corporation specialises in PDF solutions, well-known for its PDF development experience and expertise and one of its major OEM partners

is Nuance.

� Handled the sale of Gaaiho, which provides services for online-meetings and document solutions. Provided written and oral presentations, published

product information on Pchome Online which is TW top three web engine to gain more visibility and customers and visited potential clients, such as ASUS

and FET.

� Ensured Gaaiho launch schedule was successful by testing all Gaaiho products, drafting a product competitive analysis, and translating any Gaaiho related

information or tools into English.

� Surveyed and consulted with the manufacturers of IP camera to evaluate the opportunities to apply Gaaiho in Home Care business, resulting in the

development of Gaaiho IP Camera application software.

L'OREAL Taiwan: Demand Planner - Taipei, Taiwan (Oct 2007 - Mar 2009)

L'OREAL Taiwan is wholly owned by L'OREAL Group, which is the largest cosmetics and beauty company. L'OREAL Taiwan markets 16 brands

and maintains annually double digit growth in a competitive and diverse Taiwan cosmetics market.

� Liaised between marketing and factories on product availability, prepared monthly stock reports and handled monthly procurement. Ensured stocks of

Matrix and Redken were well controlled, which received high recognition and an opportunity to be the pioneer for Lancome Demand Planner.

� Managed a design and implementation project for a new forecast system. Collaborated with all project members in defining business processes and

requirements and accomplished the project in three months.

� Strengthened leadership skills by mentoring, supervising and motivating a management trainee to fit into the L'OREAL culture smoothly.

BenQ Corporation: Demand Planner - Taipei, Taiwan (Sep 2004 - Apr 2007)

BenQ Corporation is a world-renowned OEM/ODM/OBM (Own Branding and Manufacturing) company, and with substantial resources and

proven expertise in product design, visual display, mobile solutions, and network convergence technologies.

� Took responsibility for six BenQ mobile brands and five Siemens mobile models. Conducted forecast management, material allocation, and order fulfilment.

Co-ordinated extensively with different divisions to ensure timely delivery of products.

� Participated in the Siements Re-brand project to phase out Siemens brands, co-working with BenQ Shanghai factory closely by weekly monitoring and

reviewing the production plan to optimise the potential obsolete cost of raw materials.

� Established a management system and a comprehensive understanding of the operation process by conducting the Galaxy project. Assigned as Ecommerce

key user to handle the system maintenance, arranged user training and refined request management.

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Mr Anurag Tewari




� Hindi

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Motivational public speaking,

Academic writing and

research, Playing and coaching

cricket (Accredited Australian

Cricket Coach from WACA),

Tennis (Captain of Institute and

Univ.Tennis Teams)

An ambitious Engineering graduate with more than 11 years experience in Logistics, Institutional Sales and the Education Service Industry. A target driven

influencer and negotiator, with proven ability to lead, motivate and build successful teams. Looking for a Supply Chain role in a consultancy or in a Logistics

intensive organisation.

At Asian PPG�s warehouse, built to service production lines of Suzuki and Honda, improved the stock turnover from six turns per year to 10 turns, through

improved sales forecasting techniques.

In first year of operations at Acharya Bangalore B School (ABBS), under took a very aggressive channel partner development initiative and raised the revenue of

the North India by more than 500%.

At Career Forum Ltd adopted an out of box operations strategy of course delivery locations to significantly raise the total product subscribers from 80 to 500 and

revenue to US$0.15m

Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI


1994 - 1998


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Career History:

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Anurag Tewari

Acharya Bangalore B School: Regional Director Admissions - Bangalore, India (Jan 2010 - Jul 2011)

Acharya Bangalore Business School is a 14 year old reputed Business School in South India, running full time government approved UG and PG


� Created a system of holistic brand building and systematic client tracking approach that in turn improved the net enrolment ratio of course subscribers. It

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

esulted in a 200 % growth with annual turnover reaching a value of US$2.7m.

� Developed a network of Channel Partners and Consultants to promote the brand ABBS. Now ABBS has strategic alliance with more than 50 consultants

and promoters across India in contrast to less than 10 consultants endorsing the college, the previous year. This is an achievement that will have a long

lasting impact on the financial performance of the Institute and will generate a perennial source of revenue for the long term future.

� Undertook a series of initiatives to evaluate and enhance the level of student satisfaction in the campus, it included informal feedback and faculty contact

sessions. In one such initiative spent a few days in the student�s hostel. Students felt greater trust and stronger emotional bonding with the Institute and this

generated additional revenues through admissions referred by existing students.

Career Forum Ltd: Centre Manager - Lucknow, India (Dec 2005 - Dec 2009)

Career Forum LTD is a MBA test prep company, offering classroom and online programs for GMAT, GRE, CAT (combined MBA entrance test

of India) etc, with more than 60 centres across India. Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd. (BCCL), the largest media house in the country, is a strategic

investor in the company.

� In a market dominated by many old and trusted players, established the first Career Forum centre of North India. With almost negligible expenditure on

promotions, succeeded to get close to 100 course subscribers in the very first year of operations. Expanded the market size by targeting a niche segment of

engineers and working professionals, a segment that was grossly untapped.

� For three consecutive years generated unparallel results of more than 100 final selections per year in Indian Institute of Management (IIM), India�s best B

school. To date this has been the best ever performance by any centre across India.

� In the province of Uttar Pradesh, was able to transform the brand Career Forum from a relatively unknown player to a market leader. At the end of five

years, Career Forum had 10 operational centres in the province.

IMS Learning Resource Pvt Ltd: Faculty Quantitative Ability � Lucknow, India (Apr 2004 - Jun 2005)

IMS is the leader in Management Entrance training. The institute has been ranked 4th in the education sector and 44th amongst the Top 50 Most

Trusted Service Brands across India.

� Coached Quantitative ability and reasoning to engineers of TCS and IET Lucknow, a reputed government Engineering College of the province. Used

indigenously developed quantitative techniques and short cuts which were an instant hit among students and led to the course being oversubscribed.

HBTI: Guest Lecturer Chemical Engineering � Kanpur, India (Jun 2001 - Jun 2002)

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, popularly known as HBTI Kanpur, is one of the oldest government Engineering Institute of India. It was

established in 1921 and now runs undergraduate programmes leading to B.Tech degree and Post Graduate programs in Engineering

� Taught theoretical and Laboratory courses to Third and Final year students on the Bachelors of Engineering graduate programme. Due to exceptional

quantitative and mathematical skills, was given most of the quantitative and simulation based courses, like Mass Transfer, Process Dynamics and Control

Systems. In doing so discovered another side of own personality i.e a great Mentor, Coach and Motivator. The students performed exceptionally well in

their final term University exams

Sun Industries: Sole Proprietor � Kanpur, India (Jan 2000 - Mar 2004)

A Sales tax registered Sales and Logistics firm dealing in Pigments and Chemicals of prominent manufacturers of India.

� Provided a comprehensive sales and logistics solution to prominent chemical and pigment manufactures, like Meghmani Chemical, K Tech Chemicals,

Regency Dyes and Chemicals etc. Successfully created a highly responsive supply chain with delivery commitment of less than five hours and consignment

size ranging from 500gm to 1 ton.

� Managed a supply chain of more than 100 industrial products. Almost all the prominent manufacturers of ink, paint and plastic in Kanpur were our

customers. Generated annual sales close to US$.18 m.

Asian PPG India LTD: Sales and Service Technologist � Gurgaon, India (Jun 1998 - Oct 1999)

Asian PPG is a joint Venture of PPG Inc USA and Asian Paints India Ltd, manufacturing industrial surface coating base coat and top coat for

prominent auto manufacturers like GM, Suzuki, Honda, Ford etc.

� Managed the Logistics, Sales and Warehouse operations for the Regional Warehouse catering to Suzuki and Honda production lines in Gurgaon, India.

Being located 600 miles from the main Manufacturing unit of Asian PPG, the challenge was to maintain a responsive and efficient supply chain. Successfully

handled the supply chain of more than 500 SKU in a conventional warehouse with supervision responsibilities for more than 10 employees.

� Demonstrated exceptional customer handling and problem solving skills and thus was entrusted with key customer accounts and projects. Represented

Asian PPG in joint commissioning of prestigious Tecumseh India compressor unit at Faridabad, India alongside Tecumseh Brazil and L&T India Ltd.

� Represented Asian PPG as their technical expert of north India to tackle Top Coat related customer complaints for the prestigious Opel Astra Sedan of

General Motors Ltd . GM was facing problems in optimising the paint shop output at its new plant located in Halol, Gujrat India. Provided valuable inputs

which enabled the technical and production team to take corrective measures. In a period of one year, addressed more than 50 customer complaints and

co-ordinated effective remedial measures.

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Mr Harshal Trivedi




� Gujarati

� Hindi

� Marathi

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Participating in Business Quiz

Competitions, Cycling, Reading

Business Magazines and

Publications, Promoting Eye

Donation and Learning to fly

aircrafts via flight simulator.

Highly adept corporate strategy manager with strong analytical, financial modelling and problem solving capabilities, with a MBA in Finance. Over five years of

versatile experience in logistics, steel, offshoring and banking sectors. Proven track record of having completed various mergers and acquisitions, fund raising and

other strategic transactions across the globe.

Successfully managed end-to-end US$634m acquisition transaction in the offshoring sector and was responsible for financial modelling, valuation, due diligence and


Saved US$5m across locations, by centralising costs and deriving synergy benefits. Also implemented an e-Auction facility for dispatch of steel products resulting

in efficiency savings of US$2m.

Awarded the �Roll of Honour��for attaining top position in Master of Management Studies Course (Equivalent to MBA) for academic years 2004 � 06.

Masters of Management Studies (MMS) (Equivalent

to MBA) with Specialisation in Finance

University of Mumbai

2004 - 2006

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) (Equivalent

to BBA) with Specialisation in Finance and

International Finance

University of Mumbai

2001 - 2004


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Career History:

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Harshal Trivedi

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit

Intelenet Global Services Pvt. Ltd: Manager - Corporate Strategy, India (Oct 2010 - Sep 2011)

Intelenet Global Services - a Serco Company and leading third party BPO Company, that delivers Business Process Outsourcing Services to

Fortune 500 companies in the UK, USA, Australia and India in industries as diverse as banking and finance, telecom, healthcare, IT, travel and


� Successfully managed the end-to-end acquisition process of Intelenet by Serco Plc. for US$634m. The transaction involved the stake sale by Blackstone

N.A., Barclays Plc and Management. Took responsibility for financial modelling, valuation, due diligence and negotiations.

� Played a key role in Intelenet acquiring an outsourcing company in Australia. Managed the entire acquisition process involving financial modelling, valuation,

due diligence, negotiation and finalising the share purchase agreement.

� Completed over six due diligence processes (Financial/Operational/Infrastructure/HR/Legal) for various outsourcing service providers based across the

globe to reach GO/NO-GO Decision for acquisition.

� Analysed the progress of Industry Peers and tracked their performance so as to benchmark Company's progress against the competition and to assist

forward strategy formulation.

� Monitored administrative critical success factors for Management, Board of Directors and Blackstone N.A., a Private Equity investor; thereby enabling

replication of success across business and to take prompt action to overcome shortcomings.

� Prepared monthly corporate MIS and liaised with respective business teams which assisted in providing information for strategy formulation.

Welspun Corp Ltd: Manager - Corporate Excellence, India (Feb 2010 - Sep 2010)

Set up in 1995 as Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Ltd. and listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges, Welspun Corp Ltd. (WCL) as it is known today, is

one of the largest manufacturers of Line Pipes in the world. WCL also has interests in oil exploration, energy, power and infrastructure sectors.

� Successfully launched an �e-Auction��facility for Procurement and Dispatch of Steel products, with an objective of facilitating logistical efficiencies, reducing

costs and increasing transparency. Initial cost savings were to the tune of US$2m.

� Optimised the Logistics Costs with an objective of selecting the most viable transportation technique for transport of finished steel products, thereby making

the Company more competitive.

� Managed complete post merger / acquisition activities for achieving targeted synergies and integrating the companies into one business unit.

� Reworked business / finance models to achieve organisational growth objectives; spearheading business process re-engineering initiatives. Conducted

benchmarking study / trend analysis and used various business tools to assist the critical decision making process.

� Redesigned KPIs and implemented performance management tools for business verticals to facilitate offering of integrated services to clients. Setup

operational metrics / SLA to ensure better quality service offering and higher responsiveness.

� Successfully improved the flow of information between Production, Purchase, Planning and Inbound Logistics, by shaping mindsets and standardising

information templates, thereby assisting in accurate decision making.

Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd: Manager Fin Analyst - Corp Strategy/Fin, India (Apr2008 - Jan2010)

Allcargo Logistics Ltd. as it is known today, is one of India's largest publicly owned logistics companies, listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges;

offering integrated logistics solutions. Allcargo provides services across multimodal transport operations, warehousing, shipping and project


� Conducted feasibility analysis, financial modelling and due diligence to acquire stakes in business across the globe. Acquired stakes in companies in Egypt,

Hong Kong, China, South Africa, UK; transaction value ranging from US$1m to US$25m.

� Conducted capital budgeting analysis as part of project feasibility study for setting up new business verticals and procuring specialised equipment and

tracking the performance of the investment over time. Assisted in acquiring over 12 cranes of various capacities (80 tonnes to 650 tonnes) along with other

specialised equipment like reach stackers, axels, pullers and forklifts.

� Prepared detailed financial models to help set-up / expand (Greenfield / Brownfield) Container Freight Station, Inland Container Depots and Warehousing

facilities across India.

� Prepared a three year Business Plan for the company, in association with an external consultant, to formulate future growth strategies. Raised INR1,000m

(US$23.50m) through Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) from State Bank of India (SBI), Prudential of Singapore, AIG and Bajaj Alliance.

Simultaneously, initiated the entire Credit Rating process for the organisation and received �P1+��(Highest Rating) for short-term debt / commercial paper.

� Assisted in Reducing Indirect Costs across global locations by centralising and deriving synergy benefits. Initial savings were around US$5m. Also,

restructured the Credit Policy, with an objective of reducing the Total Outstandings and creating synergies within different business verticals, thereby

efficiently managing the Working Capital requirements.

� Managed the Investor Relation function by liaising with various Financial Institutions (FIs), including Private Equity players like Blackstone N.A. and New

Vernon Capital LLC, who had stakes in the Company. This also involved interaction with other International FIs like AIG, Prudential and various Domestic

FIs who were stakeholders or were interested to be a part of the Company. Represented the organisation in various International Investor Conferences, to

promote the business of the Company.

Citigroup Global Services Ltd: Executive - International Trade, India (May 2006 - Mar 2008)

Citigroup Global Services Ltd. (CGSL) (A Citi Group entity), currently known as TCS e-Serve Ltd.; is one of the largest providers of business

process outsourcing services within the Banking and Financial Services sector, providing end-to-end process management services.

� Simultaneously managed two business processes that served clients across the globe. Acted as a single-point contact for special cases from European

Branches of Citibank N.A., to help them resolve inter-departmental procedural and system related issues.

� Supervised the proofing activities for all the European legal vehicles of Citibank to minimise operational risk originating from accounting perspective. The

activity involved managing approximately 800 accounts on monthly basis. Also handled Europe and North America Billing and Reconciliation activities such

as claiming commissions under products such as Export Letter of Credit, Guarantees and Insurance Letter of Credit.

� Supervised, motivated and lead a team of eight Trade Service Representatives with a distinction of having zero attrition.

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� Streamlined the transportation facility provided to the employees, by mapping the timings and locations of the employees in order to curb duplication of

vehicles on the same route; thereby reducing costs by 20%, controlling attrition levels and improving overall efficiencies.

� Provided training, coaching and guidance to sub - ordinates and leveraged diverse perspectives to enhance organisational effectiveness. This resulted in

productivity gains of around 10% and helped reduce errors which in turn significantly decreased duplication and working hours.

The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd: Mgmt Trainee, Listing Dept - India (May 2005 - Jun 2005)

The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. operates as a stock exchange in India. It provides a range of products for various markets, including

equity shares, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, debt instruments, index futures and options, stock futures and options, and currency futures.

� Scrutinised and finalised documents relating to listing of initial and further issues of equity and debt instruments within the stipulated timeline; thereby

facilitating availability of these financial instruments for trading at the earliest opportunity and benefiting the investors.

� Provided consultations to companies regarding various procedures for listing of equity and debt instruments, which helped minimise procedural errors and

resulted in the financial instruments being made available for trading at the earliest.

� Informed the members about the issue of new financial instruments for trading, thereby facilitating an effective price discovery for the said instrument.

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd: Mgmt Trainee - Logistics Dept, India (Apr 2002 - May 2002)

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd., a Reliance Group Company, is mainly engaged in the business of setting up / operating Industrial

Infrastructure. It owns a 200-millimetre dia twin pipeline system for transporting petroleum products like naphtha and kerosene to Reliance

Industries Limited.

� Prepared a detailed Standard Operating Procedure for the Purchase Department, that assisted in standardising the purchase function, resulting in reduced

ordering time, ordering costs and increased efficiencies.

� Assisted in planning and scheduling the utilisation of pipelines for transportation of materials to and fro from plant and port, by mapping the production

schedule with the arrival / departure of vessels. This helped in reducing the vessel�s idle waiting hours along with efficiently managing the storage of finished

product at the production facility.

� Efficiently co-ordinated the berthing of vessels, so as to avoid demurrage charges. This involved liaising with internal departments like production, purchase

and logistics along with the port authorities, so as to secure the necessary permissions and approvals within timeline.

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Mr Chris Van Der Merwe



Second Nationality:

South African


� Afrikaans

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Agriculture, Snowboarding,

Socialising, Scuba Diving,

Reading, Golf, Films, Theatre,

Listening to Music- Guitar,,

Fine Dining, Gym, Dancing,

Networking, Teambuilding

Activities, Wine-tasting

An ambitious, optimistic and target-oriented graduate with a solid academic background and varied skills and experience in agribusiness. A natural team leader with

a drive for success who employs a wide range of communication skills to achieve results. Seeking opportunities to broaden knowledge of international agribusiness

in a highly competitive multicultural environment, especially in the areas of logistics and supply chain management.

Consultancy Project resulted in launch of new College subsidiary website for Pig Unit at Writtle College with the purpose of promoting and selling pork and bacon.

Graduated in top 10% of class with BSc (Hons) Agriculture Business Management (Crop Production).

Improved the productivity and production of guava pulp through the introduction of a fair workload and motivation plan.

BSc (Hons) Agriculture Business Management

(Crop Production)

University of Essex

2008 - 2011

Tractor Driving and Operation

Writtle College

2009 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Chris Van Der Merwe

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit Page 1 of 2

Career History:

Writtle College: Student - Essex, United Kingdom (Sep 2008 - Sep 2011)

Writtle College, Essex, UK is a major land-based College and a partner of the University of Essex, a top 10 UK research University.

� Obtained a 2.1 (Hons) degree, studying a wide range of business and agricultural modules, significantly broadening knowledge of agribusiness.

� Achieved high grades and positive feedback by administering time-management skills to meet very tight deadlines throughout the course.

� Conducted market research by collecting, analysing and interpreting primary and secondary data about a market to provide information needed to make

business decisions. Identified appropriate marketing mix, market segmentation and assessed buying behaviour.

� Analysed financial information and provided solutions to problems using a range of analytical techniques, including variance analysis, breakeven analysis,

absorption costing and cash flow budget.

� Learned to drive projects on feasibility of change within a business environment through literature research, data collection, interpreting data and making

relevant recommendations.

� Learned all aspects of managing a farm, including agronomy, setting up chemical input plans, managing farm resources, human resource management and

integrated crop management.

Writtle College: Student - Essex, United Kingdom (Sep 2010 - Apr 2011)

Writtle College, Essex, UK is a major land-based College and a partner of the University of Essex, a top 10 UK research University.

� Completed dissertation "An investigation of farmers' awareness of the factors influencing consumer buying behaviour of organic products" successfully.

� Utilised statistical analysis concepts (Goodness of Fit and Test of Association) to produce compatible data.

� Distributed UK based questionnaires manually and electronically, via survey website called Survey Monkey of which 214 consumers and 129 farmers


Writtle College: Student - Essex, United Kingdom (Sep 2010 - Feb 2011)

Writtle College, Essex, UK is a major land-based College and a partner of the University of Essex, a top 10 UK research University.

� Consultancy Project - Produced a feasibility study for Writtle College outlining viability of setting up a subsidiary website for the College Pig Unit with the

purpose of promoting and selling pork and bacon. Investigated and analysed possible markets, competition and consumer preference for pork and bacon

products. Assessed available resources to develop a marketing website.

� Advised Pig Unit Manager and Head of Agriculture at Writtle College about factors that influence the physical and financial success business change.

� Significantly improved awareness of the College Pig Unit, increasing sales of pork and bacon through the development of a highly effective College

subsidiary website.

Uitsig Farm: Work Experience - South Africa (Jun 2010 - Sept 2010)

Uitsig Farm is a major wine and guava producer in the Western Cape, consisting of 60 hectares of guava trees and 80 hectares of grapevine.

� Ensured that farm workers understood daily targets and highlighted importance of timescale of operations.

� Introduced non-monetary motivation strategies to increase efficiency of labour.

� Co-ordinated transport arrangements for guava deliveries to Fruit and Vegetable markets, working within strict timescales.

� Managed workload of drivers to ensure that all targets are met in the delivery of highly perishable produce.

� Set-up initial calibration and measurements for new variety grapevine plantation on-field using small labour force of eight farm workers and two hectares.

Plot 6F10: Work Experience - South Africa (Jun 2009 - Sep 2009)

Plot 6F10 is a 25 hectare pecan nut farm that produce 60 tons pecan nuts every year.

� Carried out a thorough investigation into the causes of problems with pecan nut production. Liaised with specialists to identify solutions that significantly

improved the situation.

� Produced revised soil and chemical application plans to improve pecan nut production.

� Maintained accurate and up to date knowledge of commodity prices.

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Miss Sampada Vasishta




� Hindi

� Marathi

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Passionate about learning

foreign languages including

Japanese and Spanish. Plays

Badminton (12yrs). Ardent art

and crafts fan. Loves to travel

abroad to broaden the mind's


An inquiring, deliberate and thorough professional with a credible and optimal mix of technical and managerial skills. Believes in partnering with others to solve

problems using effective interpersonal skills. Looks for opportunities to perform well and approaches tasks with objectivity and probity. Looking forward to working

in the Supply chain and Logistics domain and collaborating with equally motivated and like minded individuals.

Saved the client external consultant fees on current and future Flash AS2.0 requirements by internally training the team and conducting knowledge transfer

sessions for 15 members.

Developed a new 'Landed Cost' estimation method for over 500SKUs to optimise the costing mechanism for a combination of suppliers, bottlers and SKUs.

Passed the Japanese language proficiency Level 4 examination (�Yonkyu�) in Dec 2003 after undergoing more than 60 hours of training.

MBA Operations

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management,


2009 - 2011

BEng (Hons) Electronics and Telecommunication

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune


2003 - 2007


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Sampada Vasishta

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Career History:

United Spirits Limited: Supply Chain Management Intern - Bangalore, India (Dec 2010 - Jan 2011)

United Spirits Limited (USL) is the largest spirits company in the world by volume. It is a flagship of United Breweries (UB) Group, based in


� Estimated 'Landed' cost accurately for over 500SKUs. The matrix used for calculating the cost incorporated 12 glass bottle suppliers supplying 120 bottling

plants across 28 states having different taxation laws. This helped the firm optimise the landed cost for each supplier, bottling plant and SKU combination.

Provogue (I) Ltd: Management Intern - Mumbai, India (Apr 2010 - May 2010)

Provogue is a fashion and lifestyle retail business, a public company listed on the Mumbai and National stock exchanges. The Brand has a

comprehensive collection of men's and women�s fashion apparel and accessories.

� Prepared monthly 'Season Plan', for Autumn - Winter, 2010-11 for apparels and accessories. The plan included forecasting and developing the range plan

(product mix), production plan and allocation plan for the season across 16 exclusive brand outlets in India. This plan aided the company in enhancing the

monthly production planning process, inventory and logistics management.

SIBM: MBA Operations Student, Bangalore - India (Jun 2009 - Apr 2011)

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) is recognised as one of the best Business Schools in India.

� Designed a theoretical solution to a problem by employing the DMAIC approach during 48 hours of 6-sigma green belt training. Demonstrated proficiency

in improving and controlling performance by implementing the designed solution. The project presentation was validated through a peer review.

� Organised International Students' Day as a senior member of the International Relations Committee comprising of 30 individuals. The event brought

together students of diverse nationalities with the intent to provide exposure to varied customs and cultures.

Infosys Limited: Software Engineer, Product Engineering Dept. - Pune, India (Sep 2007 - Jun 2009)

A global technology services company headquartered in Bangalore. Infosys is the second largest IT and consulting services company in India. It is

ranked 28th globally on a list (Gartner, 2011) of firms who provide IT services.

� Coded user interface modules in Flash Action Script 2.0 to enhance the console of a Business Process Management (BPM) tool, originally developed by

Fujitsu, Japan. The new interface increased the tool�s accessibility and made it more user friendly.

� Conducted knowledge transfer sessions for a team of 15 members in Flash AS 2.0 programming language. Hosted live meetings with team members in

Bangalore and helped to train the teams at development centres over 15 days and at no extra cost to the client.

� Documented enhancement flow charts and algorithms for future programming reference. Prepared test cases that enabled thorough testing of the integrated

module and delivery of a defect free program. This strengthened the client relationship as a result of software quality assurance.

� Developed a web application in Java for automation of courier services which was used to handle the dispatching of multiple courier packages. The

application enabled improved flow of information to better manage the courier service.

VIT, Pune University: BEng Student - Pune, India (Aug 2003 - Jun 2007)

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT) is one of the best engineering colleges in India.

� As a final year project: Pollution Under Control (PUC) Check Meter, designed an electronic circuit to gauge the percentage of Carbon Monoxide in

vehicular emissions. It included a modem component which communicated with the vehicle owner via SMS in case the CO gas emission exceeded a


� Won 2nd prize in a Technical Business idea presentation competition at �Vishwatronix��(2005), a National level event. The mini electronic sensor based

device worn by the patient, detects the onset of an asthma attack.

� Organised an inter-college cultural and literary event named �Epiphany��in the year 2005. Handled operations and arranged for sponsors for the event which

catered to an audience of approximately 1200. Capitalising on the success of the previous year, 'Epiphany 2006' went on to become a national level event.

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Personal Statement


Mr Ananthakrishnan





� Tamil (India)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Interested in playing tennis and

badminton. Keen interest in all

forms of Indian music. Very

sociable, communicative and

likes to meet new people.

Enjoys travelling and exploring

new places.

Dynamic, self motivated and confident individual. Self determined entrepreneur running a company started recently after under graduation. Possess energetic

leadership skills combined with excellent soft skills. Long term goal is to establish the company as one of the front runners in the rapidly growing Indian Logistics

and Supply Chain Industry. Looking for an opportunity to develop leadership skills in Logistics and Supply Chain sector.

Key Achievements

Achieved the highest rank in the district in the higher secondary final examinations scoring 97% aggregate. Awarded with the State Government Scholarship for

the entire under graduation studies.

Established and successfully managed a Logistics company with over 50 employees, which provided express deliveries of Parcels across 100 stations. Achieved a

sizeable turn-over within one year.

Supervised the development of Enterprise Management Software to simplify various daily activities in V.K.Enterprises. The project was implemented within a

record time of four months.


Essentials of Supply Chain Management

CII - Institute of Logistics

2010 - 2010

Zeal Leadership Course

Zeal Speak Easy Academy,Chennai

2009 - 2009

BE Manufacturing

College of Engineering Guindy,Anna University


2005 - 2009

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Ananthakrishnan Vijaikumar

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Career History:

V.K.Exxxpress Logistics Services: Partner � Mayiladuturai, India (Feb 2010 � Sep 2011)

V.K.Exxxpress Logistics Services is a visionary Logistics company and started in Feb 2010 as an associate concern of the 30 year old Parent

Company, V.K.Enterprises. The company concentrates on express deliveries of Parcels throughout the state to nearly 100 destinations.

� Planned and set up a Logistics company to provide services to wide range of customers across India with the solid expertise gained from the Parent

company, V.K.Enterprises. Capturing a major portion of the market through reliable services to every customer with the use of modern technologies, the

company has made steady progress since it's inception.

� Prepared an extensive project report which covered the different aspects of the business proposal and its future prospects. The report provided details

about the Capital Requirements, Infrastructure needs, Manpower requirements, fixed and variable expenses, return of investment, market potential etc.,

After evaluating the report, the company was launched. Consequently, in July 2010, the company opened its services in the state of Tamil Nadu to 22


� Demonstrated effective and dynamic administration skills by increasing the network of agencies to nearly 100. Promoted the business to achieve an

appreciable turn-over within six months and strengthened the company for further expansion.

V.K.Enterprises: Administrative Officer � Mayiladuturai (Jun 2009 � Sep 2011)

V.K.Enterprises is a 30 year old transport company which has earned a good reputation and proven track record with a number of esteemed

companies in the field of Third Party Logistics (3PL). The company presently handles 100,000 Metric Tonnes of various commodities every month.

� Handled the daily operations, movement of materials, capacity planning, MIS Reporting and funds flow of the company leading them to take a

comprehensive look at the areas for improvement. The proposal to develop software was one of the key decisions taken. Management turned their

attention to improve the efficiency of the workforce and a long term welfare program for the benefit of truck drivers was decided, including a motivation


� Modernised the data entry system of the company with the development of �Enterprise Management System��software which helped to track the daily

movements of all the vehicles, freight transactions, quantity of material lifted and preparation of transport bills for customers. Analysed the performance of

the company through various Management Reports. Productivity of staff doubled, manual errors were minimised and the MIS reports helped to reduce

operational costs.

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Miss Chen Wang




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Dancing, photographing,

travelling and learning about art

works while travelling.

Hardworking individual with solid academic background in Business Management and strong interest in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Outstanding

interpersonal skills to lead a team or participate as a member. Possesses the ability to analyse and think from a multicultural and global perspective. Strong desire to

work in the highly competitive global Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

Attained Associate membership from CIPS in 2011 by continuing to study while finishing degree studies at Cardiff University.

Made both time and quality improvements in relation to completing a module project by introducing six sigma and project management skills.

Increased sales by approximately 10% for an online business by improving the overall logistics performance, particularly the speed of delivery and the transparency

of logistics information.

BSc (Hons) Business Management (Logistics and


Cardiff University

2009 - 2011


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Chen Wang

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Career History: China: Self-employed Sales Manager - Beijing, China (Jan 2008 - Aug 2008), the most popular online shopping website of China today. The company offers a platform for a large number of sellers and as a result,

every seller faces intense competition.

� Learned the factors affecting customer satisfaction ratings and successfully discovered that in terms of online-shopping on, logistics

performance was the key element that had impact on the customer satisfaction when the quality of products were similar.

� Improved the logistics service performance to customers by building effective relationships with logistics service providers.

� Increased sales by approximately 10% in three months after improving logistics performance, including the speed of delivery and the transparency of

logistics information to final customers.

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Personal Statement


Miss Jun Wang




� Chinese (Cantonese)

� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Badminton(Runner-up of

Badminton Team Event in

Universities Competition of

Hangzhou, China). Actively

involved in volunteer work for

the community. Have passion

for adventure and travelling.

Dedicated and active graduate with an academic background of Management Information Systems and International Trade. An independent thinker with excellent

analytical and problem solving skills, combined with the ability to organise work and activities efficiently. A flexible team player with a strong sense of co-operation,

responsibility and effective team building skills. Interested in opportunities in a Logistics and Supply Chain environment.

Key Achievements

Managed a team of more than 20 members, planned and organised the Logistics Transport Competition which won a high commendation from the University.

Achieved highest GPA score in Logistics Management major when graduated from Hangzhou, Dianzi University.

Class Monitor for two years, dealt with routine duties and gave support to students both in relation to educational and personal issues. Led the class to win

Excellent Class Prize in the University.


Bachelor of Logistics Management

Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

2007 - 2011

Second-Bachelor of International Economic and


Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

2008 - 2011

Certificate of Assistant Logistics Specialist

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,


2009 - 2009

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Jun Wang

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Career History:

Hangzhou Dianzi University Logistics Assoc: Org Dept Director - Hangzhou,China (Mar 2008 � Mar 2009)

Logistics Association is one of the most active and well-performed student associations in Hangzhou Dianzi University, which consists of four

departments and over 80 members. It holds logistics-related activities regularly through the whole school year.

� Created a complex model of a key transport and logistics system including a number of distribution centres, warehousing, customers and vehicle types,

thoroughly investigating all aspects of the process in order to enable other students to fully understand the logistics and supply chain environment.

� Successfully organised the Logistics Transport Competition and was in charge of the process making and personnel assignment. Set time windows by

applying the theory of Vehicle Routing Problem and designed containers with verified standard of bulk and weight in view of vehicle selection in order to

simulate a real logistics and transport competition environment.

� Led a team of six members to hold an intramural Logistics Case Analysis Competition, which attracted over 20 teams to participate. Held an inter-university

competition with the co-operation with other universities��logistics association in Hangzhou.

� Co-ordinated and co-operated with companies in Hangzhou (e.g. Coca-Cola, Alibaba), with the aim of organising regular company visits for the members

of the Logistics Association.

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Personal Statement


Miss Shurui Wang




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Watercolour painting;

swimming, skiing, skating and

cycling; Chinese flute;

travelling; charity (volunteer of

BTCV and NHS); mandarin

teaching; DIY and postcards


A hard working and dedicated individual with outstanding analytical abilities and proven insight into problems resolution, evaluating information from a variety of

sources in order to achieve effective results. A confident Team Leader and co-operative team member who learns new skills quickly. Works effectively in cross

cultural environments, adapting approaches to meet the diverse needs of alternative communities.

Key Achievements

Achieved 98% in the quantitative section of GMAT and 90% (700) overall after weeks of studious test preparation, planning and analysing.

Leader (of a group of seven) in the �Computer in Business��module. Delivered the final presentation to optimise companies��energy-spending with information

technologies and received a score of 90%.

Ranked 11th (top 25%) in the Nottingham University Business Plan Competition; conducted market research to evaluate the possibility of setting up a catering

company with dieticians in Ningbo.


Elementary-level Teaching Proficiency Certificate of


Beijing Language and Culture University

2011 - 2011

BA (Hons) International Business Management

University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

2007 - 2011

Exchange Programme

University of Nottingham, UK

2010 - 2010

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Shurui Wang

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Career History:

Sinochem International Tendering Co Ltd: Railroad Department Assistant-Beijing, China (Jun-Aug 2009)

Sinochem International Tendering, a branch of Sinochem Group, specialises in providing tendering services, international business and project

consultancy. Has a long-term relationship with China State Shipbuilding Co., China Aerospace Science and Industry Co. and Aluminium

Corporation of China.

� Gained a deep understanding about the internal operation procedures i.e. how Sinochem use SAP ERP system to monitor the business process and check

the working efficiency of each business segment. Developed a knowledge of the information and funds flow at the company-based level through managing

various documents i.e. tenders and bidders information, tendering specifications, commercial invoices, payment confirmations.

� Successfully mastered the basic assistant tasks-photocopy, scan, fax, bidder information classification and bidder communication within the first working

day and smoothly handled all work without any mistakes during the following two months. Won a Casio watch as a reward at the end of the internship.

� Effectively managed all the customer enquiries and successfully dealt with a bidder complaint from Tianjin. Persuaded the bidder to drop the complaint

about the inconvenience caused by a time modification relating to a tender in Shenyang. Eliminated the misunderstanding and miscommunication between the

bidder and Sinochem and helped to rebuild the credibility of Sinochem.

� As one of the only two representatives of Sinochem International Tendering, participated in the ��Shijiazhuang-Zhengzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated

Line Project��. As a meeting secretary and bidding document proof-reader identified an ambiguous translation in the bidding document and corrected it.

Dashunfa Logistics: Chengdu Department Secretary-Guangzhou, China (Jun-Aug, 2010)

Dashunfa Logistics is honoured as �AAA logistics service providing company�. As one of the leading railway freight providers, Dashunfa Logistics

has Guangzhou, Yunnan, Urumqi, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other five subsidiaries and is the logistics provider of Hsu Fu Chi, Lenovo and TCL.

� Became familiar with the responsibilities of a logistics provider and participated in every step of the procedure: the arrival and collection of individual

customers��goods, their delivery to different distribution centres, and finally their transportation to their destination cities.

� Operated on Dashunfa�s self-developed invoice system to understand how it tracks customer behaviour. Advised making full use of these records to deliver

specialised service to each individual customer, to help Dashunfa optimise the warehouse, and to smooth the peaks and troughs of customers��seasonal


� Applied the knowledge learnt in finance and accounting courses to Dashunfa�s finance system. Suggested offering smart-cards to customers. For customers,

this eliminated the inconvenience of carrying cash and change. For Dashunfa, this not only increased customer loyalty but also helped optimise the money

flow and reduced the risk of bad debt.

� Corrected and rewrote the English version of the Dashunfa booklet. This new version conveys Dashunfa�s mission and service in a more convincing and

professional tone.

University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China: Monitor of Class 0703-Ningbo, China (Sep 2007 - Jun 2011)

Specialised commissary, in charge of general affairs including class fee collection, budgeting and planning, activity organising, expenditure

controlling and monitoring.

� Budgeted each semester based on previous years��spending. Saved money raised from each student (50RMB/person from 44 students, total 2200RMB/y)

into both time deposit (for nine-month and six-month terms) and current accounts. As a result, the interest nearly doubled each year.

� Optimised expenditure by purchasing from wholesale markets instead of from retailers. As a result, 26% was saved on gift purchases for the 2007 Fresher

Party. Other measures were also taken to save spending. For example, birthday gifts for the 2010-2011 academic year were bought online, saving 28.5%

of the total cost.

� Organised many student activities throughout the four years, including annual class meetings, the Fresher Party in 2007, the Barbecue in 2008, Film

watching in 2009 and the Farewell photo-taking ceremony in 2011. Oversaw the running of each event, and assigned specific tasks to individuals helping

with each event.

� Developed effective self-management in terms of time and planning. Got a good balance between study and general class affairs, and improved

communication and leadership skills through negotiating and cooperating with others.

University of Nottingham: Chinese Culture Sharing Group Member � Nottingham, UK (Feb - April 2010)

Chinese Culture Sharing Group is a student-led organisation of University of Nottingham UK. It aims at promoting culture exchange activities in

local primary and middle schools.

� Held regular paper-cutting sessions in several primary schools near Nottingham University. The sessions were delivered to classes of 20 to 25 students and

different activities were designed based on the students��abilities and age. For example, basic sessions on chi-pao design were given to Middleton Primary

& Nursery, while dragon-making for Robert Shaw Primary School. These sessions focused on student participation and encouraged exposure to and

understanding of a different culture.

� Organised the Chinese Culture Sharing- Paper Cutting Session on the Nottingham University Open Day. Designed the display and made it attractive.

Taught participants to make mini-Christmas trees. Stimulated their interests to Chinese culture through assisting them to take part in some basic cultural


University of Nottingham: member of Share Uganda Society � Nottingham, UK (Feb - April 2010)

Share Uganda Society is the Nottingham Students branch of the SHARE Uganda foundation. SHARE Uganda is a student lead charity which works

in the Rakai District of Uganda.

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� Helped organise a charitable football game and worked as referee for 60 participants. Raised �108.40 from the event.

� Worked as a fund-raiser for Share Uganda Society in Africa Week. Ranked as the top fund-raiser in a group of six.

� Developed self awareness, openness and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultures, business and management issues through those volunteering

works in Share Uganda.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China: leader in Entrepreneurship&Business�NingboChina(Sep� Dec2008)

�Entrepreneurship & Business��module focused on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and salesmanship skills.

� Generated the concept of the �Magic Heater��to solve the problem of wasted hot-water in universities. " Magic Heater" is a small heater which can be

installed in the water tap and it should ensure people to enjoy warm water immediately without having cold first. This concept should be economic-efficient,

environmental-friendly and user oriented.

� Designed the poster for product presentation and assisted group members in delivering the final presentation. The project scored 70 (over 90%) and

ranked in the first class. Gained the ability to create, evaluate and access a range of options, together with the capacity to apply ideas and knowledge to a

range of business and other situations.

� Led a study group of five people to compete with other nine groups in the class. As a result, further developed teamwork and leadership skills and applied

the knowledge learned in other modules.

� Had the opportunity to apply business models to business problems and phenomena. Learnt to learn and developed an appetite for reflective, adaptive and

collaborative learning, negotiating, persuasion and presentation.

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Miss Jennifer Weale



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoy travelling and meeting

new cultures and people. Like

to spend free time cooking,

reading, jogging, listening to

music, playing hockey and


Dynamic, ambitious, results orientated graduate educated in both law and business. Quickly understands and uses new processes, technologies and ideas whilst

adopting means of communication and interaction that suits different cultures. Ability to build relationships using an influential and collaborative style whilst

demonstrating a strong team affiliation. Maintains effectiveness during rapidly changing assignments or priorities.

Worked as a volunteer in a South African Orphanage whilst on gap year. A fantastic opportunity to develop cultural awareness and broaden understanding.

Awarded merits including "Contribution to School" and "Contribution to Sports". Both of these were awarded as a result of using a proactive and supportive

approach towards fellow peers.

Head Girl of the Boarding House in a cosmopolitan International School, key roles included dealing with issues of bullying, chairing House meetings and arranging

weekend events.

LLB Law and Business

University of Portsmouth

2008 - 2011


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Jennifer Weale

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Career History:

Babcock Marine: Supply Chain Intern - Devon, United Kingdom (Jul 2010 - Sep 2011)

Babcock Marine is the United Kingdom's major support partner to the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy, whilst also providing services to

customers in the civil marine market. A unique business drive to improve efficiency, reduce infrastructure costs and increase service availability.

� Gained a clear insight into the supply and demand process with an overarching view of integrated business planning and data management during two

months work placement with Babcock Marine in Plymouth Dockyard working as a Supply Chain Intern.

University of Portsmouth: Student - Hampshire, United Kingdom (Sep 2008 - Jun 2011)

The University of Portsmouth Business School and Law School are well respected institutes. The Business School is recognised by the Chartered

Institute of Personnel and Development, whilst the School of Law plays an active role in both the social and economic life of Portsmouth.

� Studied key areas of commercial activity ranging from managing people to understanding how organisations work whilst also gaining a clear understanding in

both English and European Law.

� As a member of the Law Society Team with the role of 'Careers Manager' accomplished specific deliverables including organising a successful trip for the

law society team members to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

� Demonstrated extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and developed transferable skills such as interviewing, letter writing and legal research as a

member of The Innocence Project, a work based project, which collaborates with real clients in order to identify miscarriages of justice.

� Organised and partook in mooting, negotiation and client interview competitions. All of these required public speaking and negotiation skills including the

development of succinct, well structured arguments.

Mansbridge and Balment: Negotiator - Devon, United Kingdom (Jun 2005 - Mar 2008)

A well respected property retailer based in the South West of Devon and East Cornwall, providing a comprehensive range of services focusing on

all aspects of the property market.

� Offered a full time role after successfully fulfilling a weekend role, after completing work experience from school.

� Organised viewings of properties and showed potential buyers around the properties. Dealt with offers, which were made on the properties which included

negotiating the best deal for both parties involved but ultimately for the property seller.

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Personal Statement


Mr Garry Wright



Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Sailing, classic cars, F1 motor

racing, golf, tennis, travelling,


A successful and effective Senior Supply Chain Management professional, expert in financial control and management within an international corporate

environment. A results driven procurement manager with effective communication, negotiations, contracting and influencing skills. Proven ability to lead, develop

and motivate team members in high pressure environments, able to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Key Achievements

Rationalised the transport infrastructure, renegotiated contracts to achieve in excess of �1m annualised savings, whilst increasing service levels to 98% through

tighter management control (FSC).

Role of UK Logistics manager for six years, reporting to the European Logistics Director, responsible for the management of the UK logistics operation and a

budget of �28m (Fujitsu-Siemens Computers).

Increased spares availability from 91% to over 97% Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) through better forecasting and a closer departmental engagement with the

sales and marketing teams.


Leadership and Performance Management Program

Siemens UK

2002 - 2003

Management Training - People Management Skills

for Managers

Fraser Hemsley

2001 - 2001

Financial Management

Logistics Training International

2000 - 2000

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Garry Wright

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HNC Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Watford College, UK

1984 - 1987

Career History:

A&O Systems & Services Ltd: Supply Chain Consultant - Colnbrook, UK (Feb 2011 � INSERT Date)

A&O systems provides IT infrastructure and services that support customers��need for greater operational efficiencies, reduced costs and

increased business productivity.

� Identified and implemented savings >�100k per annum within first six weeks. Worked closely with the management team and specialists to highlight areas

within company processes and procedures that could be streamlined.

� Improved repair centre productivity by 10% through restructure, better management and material scheduling. Involved managers and team leaders in the

process of identifying and introducing improvements.

� Restructured and retendered all warehousing and transportation requirements resulting in annual savings in excess of �1m, negotiated contracts with a range

of suppliers taking changing business expectations into account.

Rico Logistics Limited: Head of Logistics - Slough, UK (Dec 2009 � Nov 2010)

Rico Logistics Limited is a leading logistics service provider in the UK, Ireland and Iberia. Providing Central and distributed warehousing services,

Line Haulage, in - night delivery, technical exchange and same day transport services.

� Successfully managed the migration of over 90k items of stock in 38 locations over a four week period following the implementation of two large key

contracts. Initiated individual projects to handle logistical and resourcing requirements, providing advice, support and motivation to ensure that all targets

and deadlines were met.

� Improved over night service delivery to warehouse infrastructure from 95% to 99.8%. Carried out root cause analysis to identity areas in which

improvements could be made and organised training and mentoring to build awareness of the need for quality and efficiency improvements.

� Managed third party in-night service provider to improve service delivery from 92% to 98%. Worked closely with the service provider to ensure that the

company expectations and contractual expectations were understood and achieved.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers: UK Logistics Country Manager - Bracknell, UK (Oct 2003 � Dec 2009)

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is a leading European IT manufacturer and service provider.

� Exceeded spares availability target for service operations over the last six years and within budget. Through better forecasting and a closer departmental

engagement with the sales and marketing teams.

� Over the last six years achieved in excess of 7% year on year reduction in the combined costs of warehouse, distribution, inventory, repair, and overheads.

Through tighter management controls and mentoring the team to a have higher level of commercial awareness.

� Improved productivity and maintained efficiency through the development of staff skills, enabling a 27% reduction in head count within the department.

Worked closely with managers to ensure that the redundancy process was fair and met all organisational and legal guidelines.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers: Supply Chain Manager - Wokingham, UK (Jul 2000 - Sep 2003)

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is a leading European IT manufacturer and service provider.

� Rationalised the transport infrastructure and renegotiated contracts to achieve in excess of �1m annualised savings, whilst increasing service levels from 90%

to 98% through tighter management control and increased KPI targets.

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Mr Chung Hsun Wu




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Keen interest in Rock and Jazz

music, particularly enjoy

playing guitar. Enthusiasm for

travelling to countries with

diverse cultures and viewing

aesthetic masterpieces.

A multidisciplinary trained graduate skilled in business co-ordinating, data analysing and decision making. A motivated and result-driven team worker with

experience in entrepreneurial E-business, demonstrating organisational skills in event / project management and procurement. Keen to explore opportunities in

challenging environments and contribute towards the growth of a progressive company.

Enhanced core strategic competitiveness and saved 20% on warehousing and shipping costs by negotiating with suppliers and logistics provider. Involved in

designing tailor-made weekly E-sales model.

Led a three-man team to arrange 200 products and successfully achieved sales requirement in the first month. Doubled efficiency of the team by streamlining and

utilising a sales and promotion kit.

Participated in a national fund academic research project and completed assignments with achievements being approved by National Science Council.

MA in Journalism (Communication)

Chinese Culture University

2006 - 2009

BBA in International Trade

National Chenchi University

1999 - 2003


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Chung Hsun Wu

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Career History:

Neighborlook: Product Manager, Taiwan (Jun 2009 - Jun 2010)

Neighborlook, a start-up electronic commerce company, provides social network mapping services and is selected as Best 20 of WEB 2.0

innovative services by Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan.

� Whilst being an entrepreneurial team member, participated in designing online interactive functions and in development of overall strategic plan for other

divisions. Co-ordinated and persuaded nearly 50 suppliers to strengthen market competitiveness by creating and devising a new weekly E-sales model.

� Led a three-man team to arrange more than 200 products with competitive prices in four months and helped to save 50% of the time spent on onto/off shelf

by adopting new flows co-designed by products division and engineering division.

� Redesigned and repackaged uncompetitive products into special deals customised for weekly sales model. Saved nearly 20% on warehousing and shipping

costs by negotiating with the largest logistic provider in Taiwan and streamlining ship flow.

Chinese Culture University: Research Assistant, (insert location) (Oct 2007 - May 2009)

National Science Council fund academic research project - Application of innovative strategies for Cultural Capital in Cultural Creative industries:

Cultural Industrisation and Industry Culturalisation.

� Conducted personal interviewing and surveying in four cultural industries from diverse areas whilst organising ideas and outline. Performed data managing

and analysis, literature reviewing and writing up documents. Surveys were completed ahead of deadline and results successfully approved by National

Science Council.

Chinese Culture University, Teaching Assistant, (Sep 2007 - Jun 2008)

Monitored college students from Department of English Language and Literature in improving study efficiency and helped professor in collecting

and arranging teaching material.

� Completed assignments well ahead of deadline. Tutored a student in developing her understanding of study materials thereby improving performance in final


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Mr Sheng Wu




� Chinese (Mandarin)

� English

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Basketball, swimming, reading,

passionate about Chinese

history, cooking during spare


An ambitious, results oriented, reliable graduate with a solid academic background in finance, economics and supply chain management. A hard worker with

proven multi-tasking and problem-solving skills, motivated by pressure and adapting easily to different environments. An inspiring team player with effective

interpersonal skills, open to different cultures and customs.

The McMaster Honour Awards. (2nd class) McMaster University will reward students with high academic standing in their final year of secondary school

Selected as 4th Year Representatives of CSSA (Chinese Students Scholars Association). Participated in organising different kinds of activities for Chinese

students at McMaster University


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Participated in a major charity event, the Terry Fox run, raising significant amounts of money to support children with heart conditions


BA (Hons) Commerce

McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

2007 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Sheng Wu

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Career History:

Bidlink Inc: Financial Analyst Intern, Beijing, China, (Jun 2008 - Aug 2008)

Bidlink is China�s largest tender and procurement information portal and B2B website

� Gained experience of the procurement working process, which includes how to analyse and evaluate the offers of each tender using quantitative rating

criteria. Learned how to use the bidding system and the reverse auction system within the online market place.

� Reviewed and edited a series of reports for the management team on the effect of business in the public sector, ensuring that data was clear and complete.

� Thoroughly investigated the results of e-commerce companies moving into the public sector, evaluating opportunities and threats, providing detailed analysis

to senior manager to help with business decisions.

Fastfish Inc: Supply Chain Intern, Dongguan, China, (Jul 2011 - Sep 2011)

Fastfish is a clothing retail company that has been engaged in fashion industry for many years. It currently owns 140 retail stores in the south east

of China

� Assisted consulting firm on data collecting, processing, modelling and analysis. Conducting research on supplier relationships and retail store inventory


� Gained thorough understanding of the TOC (Theory of Constraints) in terms of how to exploit and manage constraints to achieve bottom line

improvements. It is expected that Fastfish can reduce inventory delay by 40% and double the inventory turn after the project.

For more information, or to contact the team about any of our students, visit


Miss Maissa Yahi




� Arabic

� French

� Italian

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoy horse riding, reading,

travelling and discovering new

cultures. Passionate about

learning foreign languages

(Japanese and Sign Language).

Keen chess player.

A proactive, results driven and self-motivated individual with a strong academic track record and proven analytical, problem solving and negotiation skills developed

through internships and position held. Seeking a challenging role in the Logistics and Supply Chain field with opportunities for continuous professional and personal



Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Successfully managed the entire operation to introduce a new product (evaporative air cooling systems) on the Algerian market.

Consistently awarded 'best student' prizes (ranked in the top three out of 800) during undergraduate studies at the National Institute of Trade in Algeria.

Awarded 'best Baccalaureate result' prize in the district of El-Mohammadia in Algiers.


BSc (Hons) in Commercial Sciences - International


The National Institute of Trade, Algiers, Algeria

2005 - 2009

Curriculum Vitae: Miss Maissa Yahi

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Career History:

Eon Electronics SARL: Product Manager - Algiers, Algeria (Sep 2010 - Sep 2011)

A small company specialised in commercialising evaporative air cooling systems and solar panels within the Algerian Market.

� Supported the company to meet its strategic goals by defining the three year product roadmap through market research and segmentation and created

product differentiation by bundling evaporative air cooling systems with solar panels solutions to generate more business.

� Analysed the market and streamlined the product portfolio to meet customer needs � commercialised more than nine new stock keeping units for fiscal year


� Generated �50k in revenue by repositioning an existing product in a previously untapped market � from a home appliance to agricultural use.

� Negotiated with product vendors to improve production lead times from 12 to 10 weeks by sharing forecasts and committing to materials.

�������������������������������������������������������- Algiers, Algeria (Mar 2009 - May 2009)

One of the leading liner shipping companies, providing container services, logistics and forwarding solutions to customers all over the world.

� Gained a useful insight into the container line shipping industry by working collaboratively across several departments, and actively participated in handling

customer requests, managing documentation and updating the status of containers using the online tracking system.

� Successfully completed a case study on the Management of Idle Full Containers through the critical analysis of one year's data. Provided balanced

recommendations to the Logistics Department on how to decrease the number of idle full containers in order to minimise the loss of revenue related to them.

SOCOPLAST Spa: Internship � Algiers, Algeria (Jul 2007 - Jul 2007)

SOCOPLAST is a state owned company responsible for the marketing and distribution on behalf of ENPC Group, the largest manufacturer of

plastic products and rubber in Algeria. The company is also the major supplier of raw materials and components for the group.

� Successfully completed an intensive three weeks training programme within the Marketing and Sales Departments, and gained an understanding of the

fundamental operations including the implementation of just-in-time inventory.

� Developed effective communication and negotiation skills by interacting closely with buyers and attending client meetings with the Sales Team.��

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Mr Chih-Feng Yeh




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Passionate about travelling to

experience different cultures

and making new friends.

Enjoys jogging and playing

table tennis.

A proactive and results driven professional with excellent communication and problem solving skills. Flexible in adapting to new environments and works well in

highly pressured situations. Seeking to work for a leading multinational or a consulting firm, with the ambition to continuously grow interpersonal intelligence and go

the extra mile to create value for clients.

Administered 53 cases of real estate trusts (May 2009 � Mar 2010): 36 projects were delivered, and although 17 projects were not yet signed received commission

for the 36 cases totalling �422k.

Helped build the automatic fund dispensing system, including nearly 500 funds. Improved daily operating efficiencies by collaborating with engineers and investment

corporation representatives.

Enhanced the customer service offering by supervising the correct and timely execution of customer orders, including purchases and redemptions (total divided into

approximately 500 funds).

MSc International Business

Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

2004 - 2006

BA Economics

National Taipei University, Taiwan

2000 - 2004


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Chih-Feng Yeh

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Career History:

Yi Ch�un Milling Rice Company Ltd: Assistant to CEO - Changhua, Taiwan (Aug 2010 - Jun 2011)

Yi Ch�un Rice Milling Rice Company Ltd, founded in the 1940s, is the main rice supplier to the largest rice food company in Taiwan and has

expanded beyond rice milling to trading grain commodity.

� Managed the development, design, packaging and pricing of new products and then diversified the existing product structure from traditional daily necessity

into gift item for special events, such as a wedding present.

� Facilitated the efficient investment of capital and an overall return on investment growth of 34% within one year, by providing real estate investment

suggestions that were subsequently implemented by the company.

Land Bank of Taiwan China, Ltd: Associate Department of Trusts - Taiwan, China (Mar 2008 - Mar 2010)

This 100% state-owned, state-run bank, established in 1945, facilitates the implementation of land policies. It is a real-estate pioneer in Taiwan

and its latest operating income is �500m.

� As an associate of Real Estate Trusts, resolved a capital funding issue for a key customer, a construction corporation, by recommending a financing method,

which they adopted. Involved borrowing money from investors and sharing a portion of the project�s profits with them.

� Handled a wide range of real estate construction projects involving different laws. Needed to collaborate closely with colleagues in different branches and

the Department of Law to solve customers' unexpected problems and then make sure that all projects moved on smoothly.

� Negotiated with trustees and created customised contracts to meet each participant�s specific requests. Ensured that creditor�s rights of the company were

secure because the company granted loans for construction companies to purchase land and construct houses.

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Mr Sarantis Zannakis




� Greek

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Learning Italian, playing

basketball and football, playing

the guitar and travelling.

Open-minded, ambitious and dedicated graduate with a strong academic background and 'hands on' experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector. Excellent

teamwork and interpersonal skills. Ability to work efficiently under pressure and implement �out of the box��solutions. Keen to work in a dynamic and flexible

environment and expand my skills and experience in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics.

Reduced the changeover time of the labeller machine by 36% by improving operations for example, identifying procedures which could be run while the machinery

was in use to minimise production breaks.

Ranked in the top 10% of class in all Logistics and Supply Chain Management related courses and projects. Achieved top of the class in Stochastic Systems


Organised a concert / tribute to one of the greatest composers and political activists in Greece. Played a lead role in musically co-ordinating the band and also

played the guitar.

Diploma in Financial and Management Engineering

University of the Aegean

2001 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Mr Sarantis Zannakis

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Career History:

Coca Cola HBC: Logistics Management Trainee - Athens, Greece (Jun 2011 - Jul 2011)

Assisted in reorganising the warehouse in order to improve the effectiveness of the distribution and picking system.

� Analysed the operations in truck transport logistical systems. Identified potential flaws and/or inefficiencies and proposed possible improvement strategies

with time savings of up to 20%.

� Assisted in modelling the optimal reorganisation of one of the largest FMCG warehouses in Southern Europe to minimise product picking delays and to

allow the smooth introduction of a new inventory management software system.

Coca Cola HBC: Excellence Across the Board Trainee - Schimatari, Greece (Jul 2010 - Oct 2010)

Participated in the EAtB (Excellence Across the Board) Project in the largest Greek FMCG plant. EAtB is a cross functional change management

project, including initiatives in the areas of lean manufacturing and operations planning.

� Reduced the changeover time of several machines. Filmed the procedure, participated in workshops aiming to identify operational improvements for the

changeover and drafted the final manual of the procedure.

� Assisted in implementing the Kaizen structured problem solving method and managed to successfully eliminate three procedural flaws/ problems.

� Assisted in the implementation of the 5s Lean Manufacturing Project by sorting the plant machinery and auxiliaries, analysing the inputs to support the

decision making process, and implementing the ultimate standardisation strategies.

Greek Navy: Junior Warehouse Manager (Feb 2008 - Feb 2009)

Organised the Navy's food supplies and inventories. Managed the food supply purchasing process to ensure that the hospital was able to fully

cover its food inventory needs.

� Improved the separation of food inventories in the warehouse according to their expiration characteristics and usage intensity to better serve demand.

Consequently, significant cost savings were achieved through a more productive implementation of the FEFO (First Expired First Out) inventory

management system.

Ministry of Environment and Energy: Intern (Jul - Sep 2004, Aug - Sep 2003, Jul - Sep 2002)

Assisting in the preparation of technical bulletins which set out the objectives for Greece on Energy and the Environment and the criteria that

certain projects had to meet in order to be included in the European Union environmental funding programs.

� Collected raw data from a variety of governmental agencies, analysed and converted them into a presentable report detailing the related costs and budget.

� Managed to finalise the report drafting process in time to allow submission of the project funding request to the EU Commission. The majority of these

projects were accepted and fully funded by the EU Commission, thereby leading to one of the largest Environmental awareness campaigns in Greece

arranged by the Ministry.

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Miss Mengchen Zhang




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Enjoy reading and listening to

music in spare time; Travel

with friends; Take all kinds of

public workshops; Also a huge

fan of DIY, swimming and


Hardworking, result-oriented flexible individual who adapts quickly. Reliable team member, positive decision-maker who remains calm in stressful situations.

Familiar with PRINCE2 and ERP system. A strong background in IT, E-commerce and Business Management, combined with two years work experience across

industries in a multicultural environment. Now interested in a logistics executive role, especially information flow management.

Awarded "The most valuable SME design" as a team in Hamburg, Germany during an International Entrepreneurship Exchange Programme, 2010.

Achieved 2:1st degree of BSc (Hons) Information Technology Certificate in Edinburgh Napier University, 2011.

Successfully developed a webpage based travel route designing tool - "Trip planner on map" independently and self studied JavaScript, Google Map/Earth API and

DSDM in Undergraduate Dissertation.

BSc (Hons) Information Technology

Edinburgh Napier University

2009 - 2011

International Entrepreneurship Exchange Programme

Napier University/HAW Hamburg

2010 - 2011


Zhengzhou University and Light Industry

2006 - 2009


Personal Statement

Key Achievements


Curriculum Vitae: Miss Mengchen Zhang

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Career History:

Morrison Ltd: Cashier Checkout Operator - Welwyn Garden City, UK (Jul 2011 - Sep 2011)

Morrison Supermarket, the UK's 4th largest supermarket chain

� Successfully completed training sessions such as: "Food Safety Awareness Level 1", "Best service in town", "HOT", before starting shift which gave a

professional understanding of the skills required and how to co-operate with all team members to improve the entire business.

� Received 0% customer complaints during the whole shift and was recognised as one of the best service providers in "Welwyn Garden City Local Store".

Polwarth Pharmacy: Dispensary Assistant - Edinburgh, UK (Nov 2009 - Jun 2011)

Polwarth Pharmacy is a local pharmacy in Edinburgh city centre.

� Suggested a new template form for managing "Dispensing Boxes" (whether it is finished, delivered, collected, or other issues), which has been adopted by

the owner.

� Built strong relationships with local customers of Polwarth in Edinburgh by picking up prescriptions and delivering medicine for patient who has any reason

needs this service as a volunteer.

Lipo: Sales Assistant - Edinburgh, UK, (Feb 2010 - Nov 2010)

Lipo is a small jewellery shop in Edinburgh, Gyle Shopping Centre, selling mainly jewellery delivered from overseas.

� Successfully increased daily sales by an average of 8% by using sales promotion skills.

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Mr Li Zhu




� Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Course:

MSc Logistics and Supply

Chain Management


Badminton (second prize mixed

doubles in the grade

competition), Chinese

Calligraphy (traditional),

Camping, Cycling, Shape and


A highly motivated, delivery focused individual with a diverse cross-cultural background and practical functional experience gained in HR, finance and logistics

activities and studies. Possesses strengths in communication and analysing. Particularly interested in human resource management, business strategy and

accounting and now seeking challenging opportunities within the global supply chain industry.

Led the University Volunteer Team providing excellent translation service (between English and Mandarin) to the FIVB World Grand Prix Womens Volleyball

Competition in 2009 and 2010.


Personal Statement

Key Achievements

Embarked on a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) self study course achieving a first stage pass and gaining membership of the IMA organisation.

Successfully awarded official membership of the Ningbo Youth Calligraphy Association having gained numerous prizes in national and international grade.


BA (Hons) International Business Management

The University of Nottingham, Ningbo Campus

2007 - 2011

Curriculum Vitae: Mr Li Zhu

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Career History:

YoungSpire: Operator and Manager's Assistant (Intern) - Ningbo, China (Jun 2011 - Aug 2011)

YoungSpire is a Chinese logistics company located in Ningbo customs bounded zone, with a revenue of RMB36m (2010). Supported by experts in

logistics management, engineering, consultancy and training, it collaborates with universities and institutions to transform knowledge into practice.

� Issued and confirmed warehouse receipts and recommended process redesigns to management. The redesigns increased the efficiency of each operator,

contributing to a 50% increase in the operating speeds and boosting the related daily revenue from RMB50K to RMB70K.

� Communicated effectively with cargo carriers to arrange the container picking, binning, delivering and shipping schedule. Handled approximately seven

containers per day and 179 in total successfully.

Nottingham Alumni Association Ningbo: Advisor to HR - Ningbo, China (Sep 2009 - Jun 2011)

NAAN was founded in Sept 2007 and approved by the University of Nottingham UK. It is one of the worldwide branches of Nottingham Alumni and

the only officially admitted and supported branch in Ningbo that liaises closely with other branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

� In collaboration with three other students and harnessing the skills of specialist advisors, established the association's HR Department. Contributed to the

development of the 'General Act of NAAN' to regulate the behaviour of all members.

� Supported the recruitment drive for new members by assisting the HR Department to develop job descriptions and by promoting opportunities via posters

across the University.

� Screened over 500 CVs in the first stage of recruitment week and selected 100 CVs for the next stage of the process. Organised 10 group interviews and

shortlisted three candidates for the final interview stage of the selection process.

� Secured 23 quotas for future internships from organisations such as the Standard Chartered Bank, the Ningbo Kexin Certified Public Accountant Co Ltd

and Huabao Securities by harnessing network contacts and by undertaking direct approaches to external organisations, alumni and local corporations.

ICBC Ltd: Transaction Assistant (Intern) - Ningbo, China (Jul 2009 - Aug 2009)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is a leading commercial bank (ranked 77th in total assets according to the Fortune 500),

providing services such as corporate banking, personal banking and Treasury business.

� Identified and negotiated with credit-worthy clients, resulting in the sale of financial products worth RMB500K in one month.

� Achieved 90% client satisfaction by administering daily transactional activity and deposit and loan transactions to time and quality, and by consistently

actioning client servicing requests.

World Grand Prix: Translation Team Leader - Ningbo, China (Aug 2009 - Aug 2009)

World Grand Prix (WGP) is a world-class women's volleyball competition hosted by the FIVB organisation. Every year one tournament is held in

Ningbo and Nottingham University Ningbo campus undertake volunteer translation services to assist foreign players and journalists.

� Led a text translation team within the competition's Media Centre ensuring translation services were completed to time and quality.

� Arranged the end to end translation process and assigned the workload in an efficient and effective manner whilst ensuring overall quality was maintained.

This resulted in the team being able to translate on average13 reports, 300 news titles and seven short paragraphs per day.

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