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Keeping your home free from mould and damp - Wiltshire Council

Keeping your home free from mould and damp - Wiltshire Council

• In cold weather, the

• In cold weather, the best way to keep rooms warm enough to avoidcondensation is to keep low background heating on all day, even when there isno-one at home. This is very important in flats and bungalows and otherdwellings where the bedrooms are not above a warm living room. If you havecentral heating set it to provide background warmth in all rooms includingunused rooms.• Otherwise install suitable thermostatically controlled heaters where necessary(do not use paraffin or flueless bottled gas heaters for this purpose). Thethermostats will help control heating and costs. Remember to providebackground ventilation at the same time. Dehumidifiers will help dry out dampin newly built houses. They can also help reduce condensation but they areless effective in cold damp rooms.Points to rememberRemove mould Reduce moisture:• Cover pans• Dry clothes outdoors• Vent your tumble dryer to the outside• Avoid using paraffin or flueless bottled gas heatersVentilate to remove moisture:• Ventilate all the time, especially when someone is in• Increase ventilation of the kitchen and bathroom when in use and shut thedoor• Ventilate cupboards, wardrobes and blocked chimneysInsulate and draughtproof:• Insulate the loft• Draughtproof windows and external doors• Consider cavity wall insulation• Consider secondary glazing• Find out if you are eligible for a grant or other helpHeat your home a little more:• If possible, keep low background heat on all day, with background ventilation• Find out about benefits, rebates and help with fuel bills

Further informationIf you own your own home or rent it from a private landlord and if you are over 60 orhave a child under 16 and receive an income-related benefit or Disability Livingallowance or other eligible benefit, you may be able to get an Energy Efficiency grantthat includes draught proofing and loft insulation under the Warm Front Scheme.For information on grants under the Warm Front Scheme contact:Eaga PartnershipCustomer Services Manager, Freepost NEA 12054, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE21BR(no stamp required)Phone number: 0800 316 2814 (Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, closed bank holidays)Email: you are an owner-occupier or private tenant you may be eligible for a discretionaryimprovement or repair loan for works to cure damp and improve ventilation andheating from Kennet District Council.If you are renting your property from a private landlord and you believe that repairsare required or there is insufficient heating or insulation you should contact thecouncil’s Private Sector Housing team on 01380 724911 or

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