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LithCAD 2.3 - Advanced Logic Technology

LithCAD 2.3 - Advanced Logic Technology


Getting StartedLithCAD v5.0The following guide introduces the user to the essentials of the LithCAD application:+ Opening an existing dictionary (*.lth file) + Copy and pasting from existing dictionaries+ Editing the design of an existing symbol + Saving the pattern dictionary+ Adding a new patternOpening an existing dictionary• Start the LithCAD application and open the File menu.• Click on Open and the File Open dialog box will be displayed.• Ensure the file extension is set to *.lth• Navigate e.g. to the C:\Program Files\Advanced Logic Technology\WellCAD\Dictionaries\ folder (thisis the default installation path which may be different if you have chosen to customize it during the setup).• Open e.g. the Default.lth file. Each dictionary will open in its own window.Editing the design of an existing patternEach row of the spread sheet shows the definition of one pattern / symbol consisting of:• Row number: It is automatically set and defines the position of the litho pattern within the dictionary (formersort code). To change the order simply drag the row to its new position.• Code: Used as data value of the displayed bed or symbol in a Lithology, CoreDesc or Strata Log.• Pattern: Preview (low resolution) of the graphical representation of the pattern or symbol.• Associated Color: An alternative solid color fill that can be displayed instead of the graphical pattern (toggledisplay within the corresponding log in WellCAD).• Repeated: Indicates whether the symbol will be displayed repeated to form a continuous pattern. If leftunchecked the symbol will be displayed only once.Advanced Logic Technology sa - page 4

• Name: Description of the symbol / pattern shown in legends and dialog boxes.LithCAD v5.0Left click in any cell of the spread sheet to select the entire row and corresponding symbol definition.• Left click in the Code cell of a row. Change the code to any alpha-numerical code by typing the charactersand numbers into the cell. The code is the "data value" stored in the log's data table.• From the Drawing or Tools bar select a color and the drawing tool. Move the cursor into the symbol previewon the right and edit the design with the selected drawing tool (e.g. hold down the left mouse button and add aline, box, etc.).• Click into the Associated Color cell and extend the drop down color picker. Select the color that will be usedas alternative color fill when patterns are not displayed (i.e. the user checked the Associated Color flag in thelogs Main Settings).• Check the Repeated option if you wish to repeat the symbol design to form a continuous pattern.• Left click into the Name cell to edit the description of the symbol.Adding a new symbol or patternInsert a new symbol definition (i.e. a new row in the spreadsheet) by clicking on theicon in the Main Toolbar.A new row will be inserted below the currently selected row or below the last row if none is selected. insert a new entry below row 5 click any cell in row 5 to select it. Click the Insert New icon from the MainToolbar or select Edit > Insert New and a new row will be inserted.See also: Creating a New Pattern DictionaryCopy and paste from an existing dictionaryYou can copy and paste one or more symbol definitions from another dictionary.• Open another dictionary as explained in Opening an existing dictionary.• To see both windows side by side right click on one of the window (tab) titles and select New Vertical TabGroup.Advanced Logic Technology sa - page 5

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