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FLOWCONTROL BRAIN(S)Two Brains are Better Than None!It knows! A revolutionary development in suspension technology, theFlowControl Brain allows the Stumpjumper's FutureShock S120 fork andAFR Shock to transition instantaneously between firm and fully activesettings, enhancing both efficiency and control. Because oil flow nowcloses the inertia valve, the FlowControl Brain provides an immediatetransition between suspension settings. The Stumpjumper's brain is“trail-tuned” to be firm in smooth terrain, but never locked out--soit's perfect for XC Trail riding.FlowControl Brain• Bias spring settings and advanced valving opencompression instantaneously for improved control.• Oil flow returns the system to a firm setting uponeach rebound of the shock to turbo-charge efficiency.• Brain Fade (the little blue dial) adjusts how firm theFlowControl Brain is on smooth terrain, allowingevery rider to customize how firm or plush their bike rides.4Just like in the rear, the FlowControl Brainin the S120 fork boosts efficiency in thesmooth and control in the rough. Theunique “Buddy System” places the springand damper in the right leg, eliminatingredundant components and decreasingweight by 103 grams.1The ballast covers the flow ports in smooth terrain, making suspensionfirmly efficient. In rough terrain the ballast moves in relation to theshaft, opening flow ports and allowing fully active suspension for maximumcontrol. As compression oil flow stops, the ballast instantaneouslycovers the flow ports, switching back to the firmly efficientmode.23Flow ports allow oil to flow when open, allowing active travel, or preventoil flow when covered by the ballast to increase efficiency.The lighter and finely tuned bias spring holds the ballast up in smoothterrain, and allows it to move down instantaneously in rough terrain.24The Brain Fade adjuster tunes how firm or plush the suspension iswhile riding in smooth terrain by controlling how much oil can bypassthe primary flow ports. This allows each rider to dial in their preferredplushness.1231310411

FSR SUSPENSION AND AFR SHOCKControl YourselfFSR suspension yields maximum comfort, control andefficiency by enabling engineers to design a system that isvirtually independent of chain and brake forces so that it isalways fully active in rough terrain. The new StumpjumperFSR is a perfect example of FSR in action. A key element ofthe FSR design is its four pivot locations, which giveSpecialized engineers precise control over suspensiontelemetry. Because it's active and independent, FSR suspensionis free to compress and rebound in an uninhibitedmanner--whether pedaling, coasting, or braking--andfunctions with no perceptible pedal "kick-back" or"drop-away". This keeps the tires on the ground a greaterpercentage of the time, yielding more traction for increasedcontrol over speed and direction; more comfort byremaining compliant; and more efficiency because chaintorque moves you forward, not up-and-down.400REAR WHEEL FORCE VS DISPLACEMENT CURVE350300FORCE (lbf)2502001501005000.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0DISPLACEMENT (in)Through Total Suspension Integration, the spring curve anddamping rate of the AFR rear shock are tuned in conjunctionwith the FSR linkage rate, maximizing bump force managementby matching travel to bump magnitude so small impacts aresmoothly absorbed and big hits are handled with aplomb (andwithout premature bottoming).1213

STUMPJUMPER FSR FACT CHASSISFACT Is More Performance For The XC Trail ExperienceMore than just a type of material, FACT (Function Advanced Composite Technology) is a combination of sound engineering,cutting-edge fabrication techniques, intelligent material application, tireless prototyping and a rigorous cycle of testing to achievethe best XC Trail ride possible including superior efficiency, handling and low weight. Because of its integrated approach, FACTenables us to consider the performance of a bike as a whole. We never focus on a single attribute like weight or stiffness withoutconsidering the effect on the overall package. By considering all attributes of a bike and how they interact, we've succeeded atdeveloping category-leading lightweight, handling and efficiency.• FACT 10m Az1 frame combines incredibly high strength Y579 carbon with E390 and E630 high modulus carbon fiber.• Az1 sequential curing manufacturing method culminates in an extremely light-weight, category-leading rigidity andabove-and-beyond strength.• Super short 16.5-inch chainstay eases climbing and improves maneuverability• Toptube has a low vertical profile and wide horizontal profile, keeping it light, yet laterally stiff forenhanced steering precision.• Lower stand-over and increased seat post adjustability provide improved maneuverability. A carbon drive-side dropout savesweight and remains durable thanks tostainless steel inserts at the hub interface.FACT carbon seatstay with carbon drive-side and unique non-drive dropouts reduce theweight of the seatstay assembly by 20%. Non-drive-side design allows maximum bondingsurface for ultimate strength.2007/2008 STUMPJUMPER FSR WEIGHT COMPARISON2,4002,2002,000WEIGHT (GRAMS)1,8001,6001,4001,2001,0002007 2008 2007 2008S-Works CarbonAluminumBoth the carbon and alloy Stumpjumper frames got lighter in 20082007/2008 STUMPJUMPER FSR STIFFNESS-TO-WEIGHT COMPARISON12010080Nm/degreeKg60402002007 2008 2007 2008S-Works CarbonAluminumThe stiffness of the carbon and alloy Stumpjumpers increased in 20081415

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