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6MEINL Drum Festival 2011FINAL MEINL DRUM FESTIVALPREPARATIONS by Norbert SaemannAll flights and hotel rooms are booked. The ticket saleson ticketmaster.com.mx are going according to plan.None of the confirmed drummers has cancelled hisappearance. All technical issues are under control andmillions of other small details are also fully on track.The groundwork has been laid for another successfulMeinl Drum Festival taking place this year in MexicoCity on July 13.Everyone at Meinl is excited and eagerly anticipatingwhat will be one of the drumming world's highlights of2011. See you in Mexico City!Tommy Clufetos(Ozzy Osbourne)Inspecting the stage at the Teatro Metropolitanderek roddy(serpents rise)View from mezzaninechris coleman(Prince, NKOTB, Chaka Chan)Meinl Drum Festival meeting in Mexico City: from left:Victor Herrera, Chris Brewer, Norbert Saemann, JorgeGonzalez, Fernando Roch, Maru Angeles Hector Leon

MEINL Drum Festival 20117thomas lang(stOrk)Levith Vega(La Casta, Radio Kaos, Salvador y los Eones)isaias gil(Winner of the 2010 GuitarCenter Drum Off)stay tuned for more news onmeinldrumfestival.comtickets at ticketmaster.com.mxCarlos Sánchez “El Charal”(Resorte, Kia, SLTR)

8 Interview with Mike Johnstonthe world´s premier online druminstructor mike johnston has pavedthe way for the future of learningby Chris BrewerIf you haven’t heard of him or mikeslessons.com, it’s time for you to wake up and stepinto this century! Mike and his website arereaching drummers on a level that has neverbeen seen before. In an industry such as thisone (drumming), where most are a few stepsbehind in terms of media and communications,Mike has been a modern day Lewis and Clark,blazing a trail through the internet that has leftall others in the dust. Mike would be the firstto tell you however that his success has notbeen due to the fact that he had to constructa business that only a rocket scientist couldconceive. His success is based on a simplecombination of foresight, hard work, boundlessenthusiasm and a real love for what he does.

Interview with Mike Johnston9

10 Interview with Isaias Mike Johnston GilRegardless of the fact that we live in the age of socialmedia; there are still those out there who refer to it allas ‘new media.’ To help those laymen along, if someoneon the street who had absolutely no knowledge of onlinemusic lessons asked you to describe what you do for a living,what would you say to them to give them a better idea of whatyour job entails?Mike: That's a great question. I guess I would start by tellingthem that I offer online drumming education through mywebsite. That's simple enough to not scare people off. Thedetails are pretty simple as well. I offer two main services,live online drum lessons and pre-recorded (downloadable)drum lessons.Q: How did you start your business?Q: You came over to Meinl because of the issue of sound. Youheard a sound, Meinl had it, and you made the move. Thosesounds were the dark and complex tones that the differentseries of Byzance offer. Those sounds that you were hearing;when you finally picked out a personal set of cymbalsthat had all the voices you needed, how was your drummingaffected?Mike: Ok, that was seriously a life changing event. I can'texpect anyone to understand exactly how much the soundsof those cymbals "unlocked" my drumming but that is exactlywhat happened. I felt like all of the sounds that were trappedin my head were finally allowed to be expressed on the kit.You were there when it happened Chris, you saw the tears inmy eyes. It was something that I will never forget and somethingthat I will be eternally grateful to Meinl for.Mike: My business was started after seeing what was happeningto my Youtube videos. I would upload a short clipof a lesson that I wanted my private students towork on while I was on a short tour and when Igot back the video would have over 100,000views. That was odd to me since I onlygave about 70 students the link to thevideo. After that happened a few moretimes I thought it might be a good businessmodel to sell those short videoson specific topics for a dollar. After wesold the first million videos I decidedto expand it into the live setting as well.Q: What experiences have you hadprior to starting mikes-lessons.comthat has been particularly helpful in termsof being an educator?Mike and hiswebsite are reachingdrummers on a levelthat has never beenseen before.Mike: I began teaching at my local drum shopwhen I was 17. I took over for a teacher that left so on my firstday I had 65 students and they were all adult drummers. Needlessto say I had to grow up quick and get my own education upto par. I did that for 4 years until I received my first record dealwith my band Simon Says (Hollywood Records). We touredfor the next 6 years but I never stopped being a teacher. Afterevery gig I would grab all of the drummers from the tour andtake them onto our bus to show them a new exercise that I hadthought of while I was on stage (laughs). That's when it really hitme that being an educator was my true passion. Here I was livingevery drummer’s dream and all I could think about was permutatingthe accents of a paradiddle over the Baiao (laughs).Q: What else have you discovered that Meinl makes that hasspoken to you and what about it speaks?Mike: I think the thing that I love the mostabout Meinl cymbals is that there are lineslike the Byzance Extra Dry and ByzanceVintage that beg you to be as creative aspossible, and then there are lines like theByzance Jazz and MB20 that just putyou in the perfect mood for their respectivegenres. When I throw on my MB20sI just can't help myself. The arms windup and it's time to BASH! When I throwon my Byzance Jazz cymbals my bodyrelaxes, I see myself in a dark night cluband everything just swings, or at least itwould if I worked on my jazz feel a bit more :)Q: As an educator that not only guides studentsthrough their technical drumming progress, but whoalso guides them from time to time through questions relatingto what they drum on, in your mind which Meinl Cymbalsseries would you steer someone to in general if you had tobreak it down in terms of level of skill?Mike: I think Meinl has gone above and beyond to find themiddle ground of sound and cost. The MB10's are the cymbalsthat I find myself recommending the most right now to mystudents because they are so versatile. I don't want a youngdrummer to be trapped into a specific genre by the gear theychoose. The MB10's can be played in almost any situation,they are super durable and they are priced extremely well.Q: It was a big deal for you personally to leave your formercymbal company and come onboard with Meinl. When youfinally did come onboard and gained some experience with thecompany, how did the day to day reality of working with Meinlcompare/contrast to your expectations upon first making themove?Mike: I am lucky enough to have close friendships with two Meinlartists (Johnny Rabb and Benny Greb) and both of them hadalways raved about the family vibe that was happening at MEINL.I was pleasantly surprised to find their descriptions of the companyto be spot on. The family atmosphere that Mr. Meinl hascreated from the top down is something that I am very honoredto be a part of.Q: What are your future goals?Mike: I have had two personal goals for many years. I dreamof someday giving a clinic at the Meinl Festival and the ModernDrummer Festival. Until recently the Meinl Fest seemedimpossible due to the fact that I wasn't a Meinl artist, butnow... who knows? Being asked to teach/play at legendaryfestivals like those two is something that is earned and notgiven, so for now it's up to me to keep my head down, workharder than ever and EARN IT!My goals as an educator are very simple. I want to make surethat every drummer on this planet has access to affordabledrumming education.

Interview with Mike Johnston11Download the new lesson, sign up for liveonline drum lessons or just check out otherinformation about Mike and his Website.www.meinlcymbals.com

12 U.S. Festival ToursYearU.S. festival TOURSby Chris Brewerafter year, Meinl Cymbals has been a mainstay on the international touring circuit.Year-round, venue after venue, Meinl is there. In the USA there has been a traditionfor many years now for travelling package tours to hit the road in the summer bringingmultiple artists to the masses, invading amphitheaters and other venues. The name ofthe game is to bring the concert attendee more bang for their buck. This summer is noexception, and as always, Meinl rules the scene.Here’s a rundown of the Meinl Cymbal artists going out on theheaviest hitting package tours of this summer:alex lopez(suicide silence)daniel svensson(in flames)derek kerswill(kingdom of sorrow)Jul 09 - Aug 14adam pierce(all shall perish)

U.S. Festival Tours13Jun 24 - Aug 14andrew wetzel(attack attack!)ethan luck(relient k)austin thornton(woe, is me)the VANS WARPED TOUrart cruz(winds of plague)daniel williams(the devil wears prada)chris kamrada(there for tomorrow)christian coma(black veil brides)danny terchin(oceano)Jul 22 - Aug 21ben harclerode(whitechapel)and these are just the package tours. There’s plenty more Meinl Cymbalartists out there this summer doing show after show. Check them out!www.meinldrumfestival.com

14 Wacken Open Air 2011meinl drummers at2011bastian emig(Van Canto), Germanymax duhamel(Kataklysm), CanadaTommy Clufetos(Ozzy Osbourne), USAfrederick ehmke(Blind Guardian), Germanynick gogow(Knorkator),Germanyper moeller jensen(the haunted), swedenMarkus Freiwald(Sodom), Germanyjaska raatikainen(Children of Bodom), Finlandsimon michael(Subway to Sally), Germany

Wacken Open Air 201115by Norbert SaemannWacken is a sleepy town in the far northern reaches ofGermany with a small population of almost 2,000 citizens.Despite the town’s small size, it has achieved worldwidepopularity; since 1990 Wacken hosts the world’s largest annualHeavy Metal Festival known as the “Wacken Open Air.”Year after year, thousands of devoted metal fans from allover the world invade Wacken and celebrate the world’s biggestHeavy Metal event which lasts three full days.Last year the festival had 82,500 visitors and 123 performingbands. 2011 promises to be just as successful, since the festivalhas sold out many months ago.meinl drummersat wacken 2011Stay tuned for Pure Metal’s Volume 4 onlineedition for an exclusive photo report fromthe 2011 Wacken Open Air.Frederick Ehmke (Blind Guardian), GermanyJaska Raatikainen (Children of Bodom), FinlandMarkus Freiwald (Sodom), GermanyMax Duhamel (Kataklysm), CanadaNick Gogow (Knorkator), GermanyTommy Clufetos (Ozzy Osbourne), USASimon Michael (Subway to Sally), GermanyPer Moeller Jensen (The Haunted), SwedenBastian Emig (Van Canto), Germanywww.meinlcymbals.com

16 Grant McFarland Video Contest[ REC]TAKE PART IN THE MEINLGRANT MCFARLAND VIDEOCONTEST AND WIN A SET-UPOF MEINL'S NEW CLASSICSCUSTOM CYMBALS[the MEINL grant mcfarlandvideo contest]by Chris BrewerNot too long ago I was having lunch with Grant McFarland,drummer for This or the Apocalypse. TOTA’s most recent album,Haunt What’s Left was produced by Lamb of God drummerand fellow Meinl Cymbal artist Chris Adler, a guy who isextremely creative in everything that he does. So it shouldhave come as no surprise that Grant, being someone whoChris felt compelled to work with, was someone who possessesa similar trait. While having lunch, Grant let me in onan idea he had for a contest for judging drum performances.It was a loose idea, but by the time we had finished lunch, heand I had a well fleshed out sketch of how to create a verycool online contest. Sure there were a few details that had tobe ironed out, but overall, we felt like we had something veryexciting in our midst.>> Here´s how it works[watch the video]•Click here to watch and listen to Grant drum along to “Toro”from the This or the Apocalypse album “Haunt What’s Left.”The drum track you’re listening to is Grant performing strictly tothe guitars and bass. Note the setup of Meinl Classics CustomCymbals Grant is playing on.[download the playback for the song "toro"]•Click here to go to the official contest page at meinlcymbals.com and click on the link to download the mp3 of “Toro.” Thereare two mp3 tracks you can download: one with a click thatcounts the listener in and continues throughout the song andone with a click that counts the listener in but then drops outonce the song begins. Choose whichever one you feel mostcomfortable playing along to and use that.[record your own drum video]•Record a video of yourself playing along to the mp3 provided.

Grant McFarland Video Contest17Grant McFarland of This or the Apocalypsewin a set-up of meinlClassics Custom cymbalsYou must be visible in the video, and both your drumming and thebacking track must be audible. The important part here is thatthe contestant must be visible. What are most important are thequality of the drumming and the accurate and faithful replicationof the drumming to the song. The audio and video need to be goodenough to see and hear obviously, but focus on your drummingfirst and foremost. Once your video is complete, give it a name.The video must be named in this manner – first name, last name,meinlcymbals video contest.[upload your video]•Upload your finished video using the upload function on thecontest page at meinlcymbals.com. We will publish yourvideo on our contest page on meinlcymbals.com as well ason our youtube Meinl Drum Contest channel. By uploadingyour video, you automatically agree that we have the right topublish your video. There are no geographical limits. Anyonefrom any part of the world can upload a video of themselvesand enter as a contestant. Only one upload per contestant.[upload your video until july 31, 2011]•You have from April 01, 2011 until July 31, 2011 to upload yourvideo. Videos that are uploaded after July 31, 2011 will not beconsidered. Once all videos have been uploaded, Grant Mc-Farland of This or the Apocalypse and Chris Adler from Lambof God will personally view all of the videos submitted and willjudge which one is the winner. Once they have picked a winner,their choice will be final. Once the videos have been submitted,the videos will be judged and the grand prize winner will be announcedwith on meinlcymbals.com and with the on-line releaseof Pure Metal Volume 4, which will be October 01, 2011.[best of luck with your video!]•The grand prize package will be a comprehensive set-up ofMeinl’s new Classics Custom Series Cymbals!*Meinl reserves the right to not publish any contestant video, forany reason we deem appropriate.www.meinlcymbals.com

18Musikmesse 2011ANOTHERGREATSHOWMUSIKMESSE 2011,FRANKFURT, GERMANYby Norbert SaemannOne of the biggest annual events for us isthe Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. Thisyear our booth focused on the presentationof our new Classics Custom series cymbals.This included a specially designed videofocusing on Classics Custom which was inrotation throughout the whole show.Mark your calendar for the next Musikmessewhich will take place on March 21 – 24 2012.

Musikmesse 2011 19Our booth presenting thewhole Meinl product rangeMany of our endorsing artists stopped by at thebooth to grab a cup of coffee and to have a chatwith us and their fans. Just like all of the pastMusikmesses, the official Meinl artist signingsession turned out to be one of the highlights ofthe entire event.German Drummer Jost Nickel and USartist Chris Coleman at the MEINL boothMeinl artist signing session with German rock drummerBertram Engel and jazz drummer Wolfgang Haffner

20Meinl at the Modern Drummier FestivalNew Jersey and New York - Oneby Chris BrewerThe ultimate accolade for any drummer.The Modern Drummer Festival. For many drummers outthere, getting asked to perform at this event is one of thehighest honors that can be bestowed upon his or her career.So it’s always a big deal when the announcement is madeas to who will perform on the upcoming festival.The 2011 festival wasn’t any different.Meinl Cymbals was pleased to have TrevorLawrence Jr. asked to be a featured performerat this year’s event that took place on May21, 2011 at Montclair State Community Collegein Montclair, New Jersey. Both myselfand my colleague from Meinl Germany, NorbertSaemann, flew to New Jersey to attend.It’s important to remember that despite Trevorbeing a relatively young guy, he has beenaround professional music settings since hewas a young child. His father, Trevor, Sr. isone of music’s most renowned tenor saxophoneplayers and horn arrangers, havingplayed with artists as diverse as Marvin Gaye, Lynryd Skynyrd,B.B. King and Ringo Starr. His mother was a member of TheSupremes. Trevor’s parents both performed on Stevie Wonder’slandmark 1970’s album, “Songs in the Key of Life,” with his fatheron sax and his mother on background vocals. All of thisbeing said, it came as no shock to me that Trevor seemed incrediblyat ease and calm prior to his performance. In fact, healmost seemed a little bit sleepy! However, when he climbed onto a small jazz configuration drum set - the first of two drum setsthat he played on, he quickly came to lifewith an extremely diverse and musical performance,and was friendly and engagingwith the audience who had numerous questionsfor him. Trevor brought a friend alongfor the gig. Meinl Percussion artist Taku Hiranodrove in from Manhattan where he lives,to sit down at a percussion rig and lend amusical hand, accompanying Trevor withdeft musical flourishes that tastefully helpedcreate strong grooves. By the end of Trevor’sperformance, there were no questions aboutthe musicianship and abilities that he possesses.A great performance! At the end ofthe day all of the drummers and the industryfolks who came to the festival gathered in a banquet room at themain hotel where most everyone stayed for a nice laid-back dinnerhosted by Modern Drummer Magazine’s staff. A good end toa very good day.

Roundtrip to New York21Weekend - A Lot o f Drumming!by Chris BrewerThe Collective School Of Music is one o fthe best drum education institutions.The day after the festival, Norbert and I took a car intoManhattan where we stayed for a day and a night inorder to visit one of the most prestigious drum schoolsin the world, The Collective. The Collective is based inManhattan, the heart and soul of New York City, where suchlandmarks as the Empire State Building and Wall Street arejust a hop, skip and a jump away. Our good friend TonyMaggiolino, Marketing Director for The Collective gave us anin-depth and behind the scenes look at the school andexplained in detail about the various educational programsthat the school offers. The school recently moved into a newfacility a few months ago, so it was with a lot of pride that Tonyshowed us around. Norbert and I had already decided to stockThe Collective with a generous assortment of Meinl Cymbals,but after seeing the operation, we felt even more confidentabout our decision. An added bonus to Meinl’s partnershipwith The Collective is that Meinl Cymbal artist Chris Colemanholds a teaching residency at the school and has quicklybecome one of the more popular teachers there. After visitingthe school, Tony took us on a walking and subway tour all overManhattan, where we saw a lot of sights. Big thanks to Tonyfor that!Tony Maggiolino between Meinl’sChris Brewer and Norbert Saemann

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newSeriesNew Products23See page 525new MatchedCymbal sets6 newsetsSee pages 43 / 45 / 47 / 51 / 53See pages 60-63New Artist Cymbal BagsNew Designer BagsNew Cymbal Dividers14" & 22"See page 73See page 73 / 77See page 75New Cymbagsfor all cymbal sizes2 newPractice Padsnew Drum Rug2 DesignsSee page 75See page 78See page 80and many more…

24pure metalMEINL’s Mb20 cymbals are a combination of superior materials,craftsmanship and strength, resulting in an aggressivesound. They are heavy cymbals which have been developedto meet all of the requirements for today’s hard hittingdrummers playing loud music.Tommy Clufetos(Ozzy Osbourne), USAfactsrecommended styles• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered into shape• Musicality and maximum projectionAlternative | Extreme MetalHard Rock | Heavy MetalPunk | Rock

Mb2025THE Mb20 22" HEAVY BELL RIDETHE ULTIMATE ROCK RIDEaggressive sound, aggressive designby Norbert SaemannCommonly known as someof the best cymbals for heavyhitters, MEINL’s Mb20 Serieshas an international followingof die-hard fans who lovethem for their aggressiveyet musical sound.Some of the world’s leadingheavy metal and hard rockdrummers like Shinedown’sBarry Kerch, In Flames’ DanielSvensson, Soilwork’s DirkVer beuren, and Dragonforce’sDave Mackintosh won’t goon stage without their set ofMb20’s. Currently on tourwith the living legend OzzyOsbourne drummer andMEINL Artist Tommy Clufetoselaborates: “I play all Mb20’shand hammered cymbals becauseI love how they soundfirst and foremost. They soundhow I want myself to sound”.“Mb20’s sound howI want myself to sound.”One Mb20 cymbal in particularhas proven itself to be the ultimatechoice for many rockdrummers; the 22" HeavyBell Ride. It has madeits way into countlesscymbal setups and can beheard on a ton ofrecent CD releasesof some ofworld’s biggestbands. Havingplayed an Mb20 Series22" Heavy BellRide myself at a gig Isubbed for recently (Top-40 Rock Covers), I got to appreciateits qualities verymuch, especially during heavierand louder playing situations.“The bell is just so killer.It cuts really awesome.”It cuts through with a niceping but doesn’t build up toomuch. What I enjoyed themost though was its warm anddark sound. It was very musicalon one side, but also extremelyaggressive and powerfulon the other. It’s not surprisingthat it has become what it is:The Ultimate Rock Ride.Tommy Clufetos(Ozzy Osbourne), USAThe MB20 Heavy Bell Ride can dowhatever you need it to do whileplaying hard heavy metal music...with a penetrating bell to cut and agreat musical ride sound, it has thebest of both worlds for playing inintense, high volume situations.Yuma van Eekelen(Pestilence), NetherlandsIt literally cuts through everything,even at faster tempos playing 16thor 32nd notes, the cymbal remainsdiscernible and audible. That’simportant. It doesn’t build up andbecome out of control when youplay fast.Jeff Fabb(In This Moment), USAMy cymbal that I love the most fromMEINL is my Mb20 22" Heavy BellRide. The baddest-ass ride ever inthe world. Great cut, great ping.You can wash on it a little bit. Thebell is just so killer. It cuts reallyawesome. I love it.rock splashes10" Mb20-10rs-b12" Mb20-12rs-brock chinas18" mb20-18rch-b20" mb20-20rch-bhihatsheavy Soundwave14" Mb20-14hsw-b15" Mb20-15hsw-bcrashesMedium heavy16" mb20-16mhc-b18" mb20-18mhc-b20" mb20-20mhc-bheavy16" mb20-16hc-b17" mb20-17hc-b18" mb20-18hc-b19" mb20-19hc-b20" mb20-20hc-bridesmedium heavy20" mb20-20mhr-bheavy20" mb20-20hr-b21" mb20-21hr-b22" mb20-22hr-bheavy bell rides20" mb20-20hbr-b22" mb20-22hbr-bpure metal ride24" mb20-24pmr-bIncludes a free 24" Chris AdlerArtist Series Cymbal BagChris Adler´ssignature cymbalwww.meinlcymbals.com/mb20

26 The world of ByzanceByzance traditional Byzance brilliant Byzance darkThe MEINL Byzance series are all cast cymbals and are entirely hand hammeredin the company's own Turkish cymbal smithy. It consists of six unique sub-categories; each of which has its ownsound character. Byzance series cymbals form a complete sound spectrum and can be used for all styles ranging fromHeavy Metal, Punk, Alternative, Rock, Pop, R&B, and all the way to Jazz and World Music.

The world of Byzance27Byzance extra dry Byzance jazz Byzance vintageTRADITIONALLY HANDCRAFTED IN TURKEYIn our own Turkish cymbal smithy, every cymbal is made by hand from start tofinish. Unique pieces of art are created using ancient craftsmen skills passedon through generations.HIGH TECH FINISHING IN GERMANYAll Byzance cymbals are quality controlled and finished in our German cymbalmanufactory utilizing the most advanced production technology available.Combining this modern technology with the cymbals' traditional Turkishbeginnings is the foundation of the Byzance series.www.meinlcymbals.com/byzance

28Traditionaldaniel williams(the devil wears prada), usathe traditional seriesThese cymbals have a completely lathed surface and a warm, smooth and rich sound.The harmonic spectrum has slightly dominant mids.SplashesChinasflat chinasmini hatshihats6" B6s8" B8s10" B10s12" B12s14" B14ch16" B16ch18" B18ch20" B20ch22" B22chFACTS• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered for an unique sound• Tradition and individuality16" B16fch18" B18fchRECOMMENDED STYLESAlternative | CountryHard Rock | Heavy Metal | PopPunk | RnB | Rock | Studio10" B10mh12" B12mhthin14" B14thmedium13" B13mh14" B14mh15" b15mh16" b16mhheavy14" B14hhNew

Byzance Traditional29BIG CRASH CYMBALSby Chris BrewerBigger is better as thesaying goes. That dependson the subjectmatter at hand of course.However in the way of cymbalsizes, it’s definitely becomethe case for many drummersworldwide. A bigger cymbaldoesn’t just indicate an increasein volume though. Itcan also provide increasedsustain, a shimmering washthat underscores a fat two/four, or simply a strong accentthat runs deep.In the past few years, I’ve reallyseen an increase in the sizeof crashes that MEINL Cymbalartists have been playing. Itbegan with our artists gettinginto rides with large diametersin order to achieve a washing/crashing effect. However thesustain that comes with ridecymbals being used as crasheswas too much for some of ourartists. So we answered theirneeds with larger crash cymbals,plain and simple.“THEY’VE CHANGEDEVERYTHING FOR ME.”It usually begins with a 19" crashand goes up to 22" in terms ofwhat our artists want to use toexpress themselves with. Afterspeaking with some of our artists,I’ve heard some practicaland even esoteric ideas on whatthey try to achieve with thesebehemoth crashes.Nate Young, of post-modernrockers Anberlin had this tosay: “I used to play almost allrides exclusively, in terms ofcymbals to crash and washon. Since MEINL’s larger crashsizes came along, it’s beeninsane, they’ve changed everythingfor me. I can hear everythingbetter and it’s not justsome wall of noise. For me, it’sabout having a more melodicsound that’s quieter than therides. To me they sound beautiful.”It seems to be an oddityfor some people to consider,but the fact is that larger crashcymbals are infinitely moredurable than their ride counterparts,as far as using themfor crashes go. “Are they moredurable?” asks Nate. “Absolutely!They’re moving more,giving more. They’ve lastedway longer than the rides I wasusing to crash on. Throughoutthe last tour, which was a longone, I didn’t break a singlecrash.”“I BELIEVE INSTRU-MENTS ARE TOOLS TOCHANNEL A CONNEC-TION BETWEEN ONEPERSON TO ANOTHER.”Of course volume is also amain factor for some artists aswell. Projection and clarity arekey when manning the drumsbehind a wall of heavy downtuned guitars. When askedabout big crash cymbals, AlexLopez of extreme metal upstartsSuicide Silence, had alively and thoughtful response.“I usually try to live life to itsfullest, as a musician and a humanbeing. Playing drums andperforming live is a huge partof my life. I’m an aggressive,rhythmic, and enthusiasticplayer. I pretty much hit thedrums like it’s going to bethe last time I’ll ever play.I believe instruments aretools to channel a connectionbetween one personto another. That’s why Ilove large loud cymbals.The larger crashes in theMEINL Byzance seriesare exactly the kinds oftools I need to projectmy playing and reachout and steal the soulsof people.” Well said!alex lopez(suicide silence), usanate young(anberlin), usacrashesthin14" B14tc15" B15tc16" B16tc17" B17tc18" B18tcmedium16" B16mc18" B18mc20" B20mc21" B21mc22" B22mcextra thinhammered crash20" B20ethc Newridesmedium20" B20mr21" B21mr22" b22mr23" B23mr24" b24mrsizzle ridesmedium20" B20mr-s22" B22mr-sping rides20" B20pr22" B22prmedium thin16" B16mtc17" B17mtc18" b18mtc19" b19mtcheavy16" B16hc18" B18hcheavy20" B20hr21" B21hr22" B22hr23" B23hrwww.meinlcymbals.com/byzance

30BrilliantBrilliant Serieswith a warm and rich soundDerek Roddy(Serpents Rise), USA

Byzance Brilliant31THE SERPENTS RIDE – TRUE MUSICALITYby Chris BrewerBrilliantAcouple of years ago, MEINL Cymbal artist DerekRoddy came to us with an idea for a ride that wouldprove to be as adaptable to any and all situations asDerek himself is. Given that Derek breeds snakes, he wanted aride that had properties that related to the way he views thesecreatures that have adapted and stood the test of time.MEINL and Derek cameup with what came to beknown as the Serpents Ride.As part of the ByzanceBrilliant series line of cymbals,a series that combines ageold Turkish hand-hammeredcymbal craftsmanship andmodern German engineering,it was easy for the SerpentsRide to hit upon all of the serpentineelements that Derekwanted to see embodied ina ride cymbal: “Swift,delicate, accurate,powerful, mystical,intense,scary.”With two yearssince the ride’sinception, Derekhas had time to getto know this cymbalintimately. Upon reflection,Derek states, “I knew itwas going to be versatile, butI literally can record anythingwith this cymbal and it doeswhat I want it to do. I love that.”“Iknewit wasgoing to beversatile.”Although Derek is known asthe figure-head of ExtremeMetal drumming, and an educationalleader in the field,particularly on the subject ofBlast Beats, the music Derekwrites and records has manyfacets to it; subtle nuancesthat draw from different genresand a wide dynamic spectrumbeing among those facets.This fact requires that Derek’scymbals speak the way hewants them to. The SerpentsRide performs flawlessly in thissense. “You can play it reallyquiet and it has thesame fundamentalproperties as ifyou were to playit loud,” saysDerek.“It speaksso well.”So now a coupleof years after itsintroduction, the SerpentsRide has more thanlived up to the expectations ofits co-designers. Its ability toadapt and perform has endured.“There’s not any situationthat you can put this ridein that would surprise me,”says Derek. True musicality. Ahallmark of Derek Roddy andMEINL Cymbals.Splashes6" B6s-b8" B8s-b10" B10s-b12" B12s-bChinas14" B14ch-b16" B16ch-b18" B18ch-b20" B20ch-bhihatsmedium13" b13mh-b14" B14mh-bheavy14" b14hh-bfast hihats13" B13fh14" B14fhT homa s La ng´ssignature cymbalscrashesthin14" B14tc-b15" B15tc-b16" B16tc-b17" B17tc-b18" B18tc-bmedium Thin16" B16mtc-b17" B17mtc-b18" B18mtc-b19" B19mtc-bmedium16" B16mc-b18" B18mc-b20" B20mc-bTHE SERIESBrilliant cymbals are polished up to six times to a high glossfinish. Only in this manner can the unique appearance ofMEINL’s brilliant cymbals be guaranteed. These cymbalscaptivate with their reflective surfaces and bright, rich sound.Facts• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered for an unique sound• Bright rich soundsrecommended stylesridesMedium20" B20mr-b21" B21mr-b22" B22mr-b24" B24mr-bheavy20" B20hr-b22" B22hr-bserpents ride21" B21sr-bDerek Roddy´ssignature cymbalAlternative | Country | Fusion | Hard RockHeavy Metal | Pop | RnB | Rock | Studiowww.meinlcymbals.com/byzance

32DARKDarkSeriesDark cymbals are not lathed and havetheir original appearance and sound characteristic.They are distinguished by anearthy sound with a fairly short sustain.Facts:• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered for an unique sound• Unlathed surface and dark soundsTrevor Lawrence jr.(Dr. Dre, Herbie Hancock), USA

Byzance Dark33IT’S ALL IN THE HIHAT…by Norbert Saemann“The hihat shapes a groove,”says MEINL Cymbal artistFelix Lehrmann. “It shapesthe character of a grooveand therefore the characterof every song.”Of course, the snare drumis widely understood as theheartbeat of the drumset, butfor the groove the hihat is themost important instrument.Imagine you are riding alongon the hihat, digging in andbearing down. You’re playingan eight note groove and allof a sudden you switch overto sixteenth note pulse. Theentire feel and character ofthe whole song would changeinstantly. This is because theanchor, to which everythingelse in the kit is tied into, thehihat, has changed.“The hihat is the number oneinstrument in the drum set.”Felix Lehrmann: If you askme, you can make a muchstronger musical statementwith the hihat than with anyother instrument on the drumset.It simply is style-definingfor every song. If the hihat wasmissing, it wouldn’t necessarilybe noticeable to the listener.However, everyone subconsciouslywould feel that thereis something essential missing.The hihat is the numberone instrument in the drumset. It is what passes on theessence of every song.“When I play the 13" DarkHihat I feel like I’m cominghome.”Just like many other drummersin MEINL’s artist roster, Felixchose the Byzance 13" DarkHihat as his favourite.Felix Lehrmann: MEINL’s assortmentof great hihats ishuge. You can choose from8" all the way up to 16" in allkinds of finishes and differentweights. But somehow Ialways come back to the 13"Byzance Dark Hihat. It is theKnown within his native Germanyfor his unique and tasteful hihatplaying, Felix Lehrmann is an indemandlive and session drummer.In addition to his work with his ownband Rivo Drei, his credits includeartists such as Sarah Connor,Dendemann, Culcha Candela,Yvonne Catterfeld, and manymore. Felix has been a MEINLartist since 2005.most versatile yet constantvoice for me. In every situationlive or in the studio it has neverlet me down. When I play thishihat I feel like I’m cominghome.Felix LehrmannGermanyByzance Dark Series 13“ Hihat;one of MEINL‘s most popularhihat models.DARKRECOMMENDED STYLESCountry | Funk | Fusion | Jazz | Latin | Pop | RnB | Rock | StudioSplashesChinaHiHatsSpectrum HiHatsCrashes8" B8DAS10" B10DAS18" B18dach13" B13DAH14" B14DAH15" B15DAHNew13" B13SH14" B14SHRodney Holmes´ssignature cymbals16" B16DAC17" B17DAC18" B18DACRidesRaw Bell RideSpectrum RideStadium RideSky Ride20" B20DAR21" B21DAR22" B22DARNew20" B20rbr22" B22SRRodney Holmes´ssignature cymbal22" B22strTrevor Lawrence Jr.´ssignature cymbal19" B19skrNoria ki Kuma ga i´ssignature cymbalwww.meinlcymbals.com/byzance

34extra drychris coleman(prince, n.k.o.t.b., chaka khan), usa

Byzance Extra Dry35“I'm grateful to cover lots of different music,from Pop to New Orleans...you name it! So it's amazingthat the Byzance ExtraDry series blends so wellwith most of these styles.One of my fav series.”Chris Colemanextra dryThe SeriesExtra Dry cymbals have big hammer marks which incombination with the untreated, natural finish enable anextremely dark sound with a short sustain. Dominantlows with an esoteric character.FACTS• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered for an unique sound• Natural appearance and extra dry soundsRECOMMENDED STYLESAmbient | Drum’n Bass | Experimental | Funk | JazzLatin | RnB | Pop | StudioSplash10" B10edsChinas18" B18edch20" B20edchHiHatsmedium13" B13edmh14" B14edmhCrashesthin16" B16eDtC18" B18eDtC20" B20eDtCridesmedium20" B20eDmr22" B22edmrwww.meinlcymbals.com/byzance

36JAzzJa zz SeriesThe award winning Byzance Jazz cymbalshave a regular finish and contain outstandingsound qualities. They were developed for thenatural vintage sound that traditional JazzWinner of the m.i.p.a.Musikmesse InternationalPress Awardrequires. With a complex blend of sounds,an overall darkness and a nice spread, thesefactors come together to form a warm,musical mix.Splash10" B10JSHihatsThin13" B13JTH14" B14JTHfacts• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered for an unique sound• Complex blend of soundsRecommended StylesAmbient | Funk | Jazz | Latin | RnB | Studio | WorldCrashesExtra Thin16" B16JETC17" B17JETC18" B18JETCThin16" B16JTC17" B17JTC18" B18JTCMedium Thin16" B16JMTC17" B17JMTC18" B18JMTCChina Ride22" B22JCHR

Byzance Jazz37Making the case for the Flat Rideby Norbert SaemannOne of the most underrated cymbals in today’s drummingworld is the Flat Ride. Most drummers are unaware of thebeauty that this cymbal has to offer. MEINL and awardwinning Jazz drummer Wolfgang Haffner help make thecase for this amazing cymbal.Usually thought of as simply aJazz cymbal, the Flat Ride iscertainly more than that. Giventhe fact that a Flat Ride has nobell, most of the typical frequenciesusually found in ridecymbals are not present. Thiscauses a unique timbre thatis unlike any other cymbal. Atthe same time, a defined sticksound is created that is warmand pleasant. Used in a Funkor Pop band, the sound of aFlat Ride will offer an oftenoverlooked alternative to thestandard ride cymbal.“Flat Rides are multifacetedand kind of exotic sounding,”explains Wolfgang Haffner.“They are subtle sounding,very soft. Their fine overtonesmake them cut through andare easily audible. Dependingon the musical requirement, Iuse my Flat Ride as the MainRide for timekeeping. I like theincomparable timbre and stickresponse.”I USE MY FLAT RIDEAS THE MAIN RIDE FORTIMEKEEPING.Along with timekeeping, theFlat Ride can also be used foraccents, especially when it isequipped with rivets. Wolfgangcontinues: “Sometimes I accentthe one on the Flat Ride.Since the cymbal itself has avery short sustain, the sizzle ofthe rivets remains audible fortwo or more bars. Plus as I explainedearlier it has a uniquebasic timbre which gives it anunmistakable sound within myset up.”wolfgang haffnerGermanyRidesSweet RidesFlat RideClub RidesExtra thin20" B20JETR22" B22JETRThin20" B20JTR22" B22JTR20" B20JSLR Sweet Light Ride20" B20JSR Sweet Ride20" B20jfr20" B20Jcr22" B22JcrWolfga ng Ha ffner´ssignature cymbalsMedium Thin20" B20JMTR22" B22JMTRwww.meinlcymbals.com/byzance

38vintageBenny GrebGermanyCutting-edge cymbal line with a vintage sound, look, andfeel. A limited number of models, but an overwhelmingsuccess nonetheless.sand hat14" b14sahNewBenny Greb´ssignature cymbaltrash crashes16" b16trc18" b18trcNewNewsand rides20" b20sar22" b22sarNewBenny Greb´ssignature cymbals

Byzance Vintage39by Norbert SaemannWinner of the m.i.p.a. MusikmesseInternational PressAward.The Byzance Vintage SandRide was a hit with everyone;Benny Greb and MEINL’sNorbert Saemann acceptingthe 2010 m.i.p.a. award forthe Sand Ride in the “BestCymbal” category.The seriesByzance Vintage Seriescymbals are traditionallymade from B20 bronze alloyand feature innovativedesigns with unconventionalyet unique sounds.Made for drummers whoare looking for a truly individualsound in order toexpress musicality to itsfullest. Distinct pieces ofart with stunning soundcharacteristics.factsvintage• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered foran unique sound• Sandblasted surfacewith a vintage sound,look, and feelrecommended stylesFunk | Fusion | JazzLatin | Pop | RnB | StudioTo date, the Byzance VintageSeries 20" Sand Ridehas been the most challengingcymbal for MEINL to develop.All of MEINL’s knowledge andexperience in the art of cymbalmaking was required toachieve the sound Benny Grebenvisioned for his signatureride cymbal. Since its releaseThe laser engraved artwork onthe Sand Ride and the Sand Hatwere designed by Benny Greb.in the summer of 2009, it hasbecome the most successfulride cymbal for MEINL. Magazinesas well as drum websitesfrom all over the world ravedabout it in their reviews, whichultimately resulted in the SandRide winning the prestigiousm.i.p.a. award in 2010. Thepositive feedback from drummersaround the globe is confirmationthat MEINL createda legendary cymbal whichwill be loved by drummers formany generations to come.“MEINL has created a legend -ary cymbal which will beloved by drummers for manygenerations to come.”After playing his signatureByzance Vintage Sand Ridefor almost two years, MEINLfollows up with Benny Grebabout his experiences:How do you feel about thechallenging developmentprocess of your Sand Ride?Benny Greb: Having the opportunityto create a signatureinstrument is a great privilegebecause you can learn somuch and have the chanceto discover the sound youBenny Greb digging into his SandRide at a clinic in Nashville, TN.really want. MEINL has somuch knowledge and optionsto help you find yourown sound. It was almostoverwhelming at times. TheSand Ride has the longestmanufacturing processcompared to all other MEINLCymbals. Many visits to theMEINL factory and severalprototypes resulted in the20" Sand Ride. We really createdsomething special. I havefound my perfect ride and I amvery proud of it.What makes it perfect foryou?Benny Greb: What matters is Iknow that every time I take thiscymbal out of the bag and playit live or in the studio, it justinspires me with its wonderfulversatility as far as its soundis concerned. I think it is justgreat when other people whoplay the Sand Ride can havethe same experience.“I have found my perfect rideand I am very proud of it.”What was the reason for developinga 22" version of theSand Ride?Benny Greb: After the 20"Sand Ride was released,MEINL kept getting emailsand twitter messages askingfor it. One day I got a bigbox with 22" Sand Ride prototypes.This was exciting forme because the sound characterof the 20" Sand Ride wastransferred to the 22" version,but without losing the typicalqualities of a 22". I think somedrummers who are fans ofwhat 22" cymbals have to offerare going to love this new one.“I will be switching back andforth between the 20" and22" Sand Ride versions.”Do you prefer the 20" or the22" Sand Ride?Benny Greb: I will be switchingback and forth betweenthe 20" and 22" Sand Ride versions.Choice sometimes canbe paralyzing, but in this caseit’s just beautiful for me to haveanother sound option available,but of the same family. Ihave to thank the MEINL Teamagain for this, but I also have tothank the MEINL fans. The 22"Sand Ride was an idea fromthe people on the internet. SoI really have to thank them. Itwas a great idea. I just hopethey aren’t going to ask for a32" Sand Ride now (laughs)!Ramon Sampson (2009 GCDrum-Off Winner, KWEST) lovesthe Byzance Vintage Sand Ride.www.meinlcymbals.com/byzance

40adam pierce(all shall perish), usathe m-series expandsmade in germany. b20 bronze. warm musical tone with plenty of volume.hear the new m-series models for yourself.

M-Series41Modern concept,traditional soundby Norbert SaemannBell8 1/2" Ms85BNewMEINL’s revolutionary M-Serieswas introduced in early 2010.The response from both drummersand music journalists alikeregarding M-Series’ sound andthe story behind the technologyinvolved in the manufacturingprocess of these cymbals hasbeen overwhelming.M-Series cymbals are madein Germany from B20 bronzealloy featuring high-tech computerizedmanufacturing standards.These cymbals havea traditional look and feel, butwith a modern sound and distinctclarity. They have beendeveloped for the needs ofliterally all styles of music andare therefore the perfect allaround professional cymbalseries.For 2011, MEINL has expandedM-Series to include sevennew models. This will offerdrummers the possibility tofurther expand their M-Seriesarsenal of sounds.Splash10" MS10sHihatsMedium13" Ms13mh14" Ms14mhHeavy14" Ms14hhNewNewNewinternational acclaimCrashes“With their newM-Series MEINL paystribute to the classicB20 sounds from the60ies and 70ies in respectto their subtle and warmtones and at the sametime managed to breathean individual note intothese instruments.”Sticks Magazine, Germany (10/2010)“MEINL’s M-Series isa very musical bunch,with lots of warmthand a decent amountof power.”Modern Drummer Magazine, USA(June 2010)“With their M-SeriesMEINL seems to havemade a line which isaimed towards playersof all styles who lookfor a traditional soundwith a modern directionin terms of projection.”Drums & Percussion Magazine,Germany (3/2010)factsMedium16" Ms16mc18" Ms18mcHeavy16" Ms16hc18" Ms18hcRidesMedium20" Ms20mr22" Ms22mrHeavy20" Ms20HRNewNewNew• B20 bronze alloy• High-tech computerized manufacturing• Rich sounds and utmost in musicalityMEINL Cymbal artistRalf Gustke (XavierNaidoo, SoehneMann heims, Schiller)recorded our onlinevideos for theM-Series cymbals inApril 2010.recommended stylesAlternative | Funk | Fusion | Heavy MetalMainstream | Pop | Rock | Studiowww.meinlcymbals.com/m-series

42barry kerch(shinedown), usaThe Soundcaster Fusion series

Soundcaster Fusion43The Soundcaster Fusion cymbalscombine two different finishesin one cymbal. Unlathed,brilliant finish and closed lathingfinish for a washy soundwith short sustain. This outstandingfinish and the laserengravedlogos results in astunning and distinctive look.Splashes8" SF8S10" SF10SChinas16" SF16CH18" SF18CH20" SF20CHhihatsMedium13" SF13MH14" SF14MHcrashesThin16" SF16tc18" SF18tCMedium14" SF14MC16" SF16MC17" SF17MC18" SF18MCPowerful16" SF16PC18" SF18PC19" SF19PC20" SF20PCNewNewNewWinner of the m.i.p.a.Musikmesse InternationalPress AwardWhat do MEINL Cymbal artistssuch as Ladell Abrams, KJSawka, Bram Raeymaekers,and many others have in common?They all play the SoundcasterFusion Trash Crashes.This unique cymbal featureseight holes around the cymbal’sedge, which gives it itsextremely trashy sound. Theeight holes and the laser engravedflame design give thecymbal its stunning look. Thisis one of MEINL’s most populareffect cymbals.Trash Crashes16" SF16trc18" SF18trcridesThin20" SF20TRMedium20" SF20MRPowerful20" SF20PR22" SF22PRFacts• B12 bronze alloy• High-tech computerized hammering• Two finishes in one cymbalrecommended stylesCountry | Hard Rock | Heavy MetalPop | Rock | StudioMatched cymbal setsf-141620m14" medium hihat16" medium crash20" medium rideIncludes a free22" ProfessionalCymbal CaseNewwww.meinlcymbals.com/soundcaster_fusion

44matt halpern(periphery), usaOne of progressive metals'smost promising new drummersto watch out for.

Soundcaster Custom45the seriesThe range of Soundcaster Custom cymbals is the resultof extensive R&D efforts in finding new excitingsounds. The B12 bronze alloy combined with the brilliantfinish results in a mirror-like surface for a brighter,richer, and more brilliant sound, yet with a controlledamount of high frequencies.facts• B12 bronze alloy• High-tech computerized hammering• Rich, warm, glassy tonessplashes6" SC6S-B8" SC8S-B10" SC10S-B12" SC12S-Bdistortion splash12" SC12DS-Bcrashesthin16" SC16TC-B18" SC18TC-Bmedium14" SC14MC-B15" SC15MC-B16" SC16MC-B17" SC17MC-B18" SC18MC-Bpowerful16" SC16PC-B17" SC17PC-B18" SC18PC-B19" SC19PC-B20" SC20PC-BridesMedium20“ SC20MR-Bpowerful20" SC20PR-B21" SC21PR-B22" SC22PR-Bchinas16" SC16CH-B18" SC18CH-B20" SC20CH-Bmega bell ride22" SC22MBR-BHihatsMedium13" SC13MH-B14" SC14MH-BPowerful14" SC14PH-Bsoundwave hihatsMatched cymbal setsc-141620m14" medium hihat16" medium crash20" medium rideIncludes a free22" ProfessionalCymbal CaseNewMedium Soundwave14" SC14MSW-BPowerful Soundwave14" SC14PSW-BSOUNDCASTER CUSTOM DISTORTION SPLASHMEINL’s 12" Soundcaster CustomDistortion Splash was developedin cooperation with MEINL Cymbalartist Chris Adler of Lamb of God.He wanted the most devastating andpiercing effect sound ever heardwithin a cymbal set up. That’s exactlywhat the Distortion Splash soundslike. It’s an effect cymbal that’s certainto get the listener’s attention. Otherdrummers who use it include Italy’sMassimiliano Baldaccini and Brazil’sHelmut Quacken.SOUNDCASTER CUSTOMDISTORTION SPLASHwww.meinlcymbals.com/soundcaster_custom

46Alex Shelnutt(A Day To Remember), USA

Mb1047innovative sound,innovative designMb10 series cymbals are madeout of B10 bronze alloy. Thefundamental sonic characteristicof this alloy is responsiblefor an extremely modern andsophisticated sound. An extensivelylathed and highly polishedcymbal surface resultsin a modern look and plenty ofattitude.Facts• B10 bronze alloy• High-tech computerizedhammering• Cutting yet warm soundsrecommended stylesAlternative | CountryHard Rock | Heavy MetalPunk | Rock | Pop | Studiosplashes8" Mb10-8s-b10" Mb10-10s-b12" Mb10-12s-bchinas17" Mb10-17ch-b19" Mb10-19ch-bHihatsMedium soundwave14" mb10-14msw-b15" mb10-15msw-bheavy soundwave14" mb10-14hsw-bFat hat16" mb10-16fh-bFlo Da uner´ssignature cymbal“I've had a great experience with the Mb10Cymbals, especially on the road. They're reallydurable and our sound dude loves them.”alex shelnuttplays drums for theOcala, Florida USA pop/punk/metalcore bandA Day To Remember.Crashesthin16" mb10-16tc-b18" mb10-18tc-bmedium14" mb10-14mc-b15" mb10-15mc-b16" mb10-16mc-b17" mb10-17mc-b18" mb10-18mc-b19" mb10-19mc-b20" mb10-20mc-bheavy16" mb10-16hc-b18" mb10-18hc-b20" mb10-20hc-b21" mb10-21hc-bRidesMatched cymbal setmb10-141620mNew14" medium soundwave hihat16" medium crash20" medium rideIncludes a free 22" ProfessionalCymbal CaseMedium20" mb10-20mr-b21" mb10-21mr-bHeavy20" mb10-20hr-b22" mb10-22hr-bwww.meinlcymbals.com/mb10

48bill stevenson(the descendents), USAMb10 Series CymbalsThe complete cymbalby Chris BrewerMeinl’s Mb10 series cymbals are quickly becoming a“go-to” cymbal for many artists on the MEINL roster.If they’re looking for a specific sound and are unsureof which cymbal will provide what they’re hearing in theirhead, increasingly Mb10 cymbals are filling their needs.Made from a B10 alloy, Mb10 provides a unique sound andfeel that gives drummers something that they’ve neverheard or played before.I recently sat down with legendary drummer and MEINL Cymbalartist Bill Stevenson to discuss what has quickly become one of hisfavorite cymbals of all time, the MEINL Mb10 Series, and just whythat is. To be sure that you’re aware of Bill’s credentials in speakingon matters such as cymbals, here’s a bit of background on him.Bill rose to fame as the drummer for the Southern California punkrock legends Black Flag. Through legendary albums, Bill helpedBlack Flag cross into a realm of musicality that was completelytheir own. No one could sound like them. There’s a reason thatdrummers such as Dave Grohl have the Black Flag “bars” as atattoo. While in Black Flag, Bill helped form and lead anotherSouthern California musical icon, The Descendents. They wrotealbum after album of songs that had blazing, smart, surf-musicinspired „punk“ rock that spoke to the humor and heartbreak ofevery adolescent out there. Without The Descendents, bandslike Blink 182 might never have existed.Bill and the rest of The Descendents picked up a new vocalistand carried on as ALL. Another decade of strong releases followedin the tradition of The Descendents, but with the musicianshoning and refining their craft into a razor tight unit. Fromthere, Bill made his way into the world of producing. Bill andALL built The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, where tothis day Bill produces records that have gone gold in sales. It‘swidely known to punk rock bands that getting to record at TheBlasting Room and with the man behind it, Bill, is akin to a trip toMecca. All of this must be said to show the monumental impactthat Bill has had on so many drummers out there.

Mb1049Bill StevensonQ: Bill, you‘ve played all ofthe major cymbal brands outthere. Whether on tour or recordingyour own drum tracks,or recording other’s drumtracks while in the role of producer,you’ve seen and heardthem all. Recently you‘ve toldme how well the Mb10 seriescymbals have done for youat The Blasting Room. It‘s abroad question, but can youtell me, through your years ofexperience, what the Mb10series has that none of theother cymbals have? Whatsets it apart and makes itunique?Stevenson: The most accurateway to put it is thatthey have a perfect balanceof qualities. They haveenough quicknessand revsponsivenessto yieldappropriateintelligibility during quickphrases in which Ioften play many cymbal accentsin rapid succession. Butat the same time, the Mb10’sprovide a very full and completetone. It seems with mostof the cymbals out there youchoose between responsivenessand tone. But the Mb10’sseem to have both basesequally covered.Q: When you‘re getting soundsand listeningto adrums e tunder the mics, what are youlooking for in a cymbal sound?In what ways do the Mb10‘shelp you achieve that cymbalsound?Stevenson: The same criteriaseem to apply whether it‘sme playing live, or me sittingin front of a recording console.So, it refers back to thequalities mentioned in the firstquestion.Q: When you‘re playing theMb10‘s, how do they feel andsound to you as a player?Stevenson: I spent manyyears playing other cymbalbrands, and it seemed to alwaysbe a battle between toneand responsiveness. So to methe Mb10’s sound like some ofthose other cymbals I used toplay had sex and made a perfectbaby. Also, I like the lenghtof the decay the Mb10’s have.Sometimes crashes that haveenough response for me atquick tempos also happen tohave too short of a decay time,making them sound kind offake, like drum machine cymbals.Inked...Bill Stevenson´smusical legacy leaves its mark.www.meinlcymbals.com/mb10

50brann dailor(mastodon), usastriking brilliant finishwith high performance soundThe Mb8 cymbals prove MEINL’s long-time know-how and competence in manufacturing cymbalsout of B8 bronze alloy. They offer the best possible sound of a B8 bronze in combination with anoutstanding look and performance. Mb8 cymbals have crystal clear, cutting and explosive sounds.For more info, scan this MEINL QR code with your smartphone.

Mb851splashes8" MB8-8S-B10" MB8-10S-B12" MB8-12S-Bchinas16" MB8-16CH-B18" MB8-18CH-B20" MB8-20CH-Bmini hat10" MB8-10MH-BHihatsMedium13" MB8-13MH-B14" MB8-14MH-BHeavy14" MB8-14HH-BBRANN DAILORABOUT HIS Mb8 SERIES 22" MEDIUM RIDEI love my Mb8 22" Medium Ride. With its incrediblesustain and brilliant tone, it helps me to ridethrough any musical situation. You'll feel like aregular Quasimodo when you smack that bell,and you won’t want to come down off the riser.So hop into an Mb8 ride cymbal and don't worryabout a seat-belt, you wont need one!Facts• B8 bronze alloy• High-tech computerized hammering• Precise with energy levelsrecommended stylesAlternative | Extreme Metal | Hard RockHeavy Metal | Punk | Rock | StudiocrashesMedium14" MB8-14MC-B16" MB8-16MC-B17" MB8-17MC-B18" MB8-18MC-B19" MB8-19MC-B20" MB8-20MC-BHeavy16" MB8-16HC-B18" MB8-18HC-B20" MB8-20HC-BridesMedium20" MB8-20MR-B22" MB8-22MR-BHeavy20" MB8-20HR-B22" MB8-22HR-BMatched cymbal setMB8-141620M14" medium hihat16" medium crash20" medium rideIncludes a free22" ProfessionalCymbal Caseeffect cymbal setMB8-10/1810" splash18" chinaIncludes a freecymbal attachmentNewwww.meinlcymbals.com/mb8

52Alex Lopez(Suicide Silence), usa

Classics Custom53Explore professional range cymbals by getting started with the Classics Custom Series. Professional soundsoffered at a moderate price make it easy to find your own creative musical voice. The use of high-techcomputerized manufacturing methods ensures a consistent quality from cymbal to cymbal.The SeriesBy using a B10 bronze alloy that has a higher contentof tin than the standard Classics Series cymbals,high-tech computerized manufacturing, and a brilliantfinish the new MEINL Classics Custom cymbals deliveroutstanding sound qualities with a stunning, modernlook. They deliver rich, musical sounds for ambitiousrock and heavy drummers.NewSplashes8" cc8s-b10" cc10s-b12" cc12s-bFACTS• B10 bronze alloy• High-tech computerized manufacturing• Outstanding sound qualities and brilliant lookChinas16" cc16ch-b18" cc18ch-bhihatsRECOMMENDED STYLESAlternative | Pop | Rock | Hard Rock | Heavy MetalExtreme Metal | Punkmedium14" cc14mh-b15" cc15mh-bpowerful14" cc14ph-bcrashesmedium14" cc14mc-b16" cc16mc-b17" cc17mc-b18" cc18mc-bpowerful16" cc16pc-b18" cc18pc-b20" cc20pc-bridesmedium20" cc20mr-bpowerful20" cc20pr-b22" cc22pr-bMatched cymbal setcc-141620m14" medium hihat16" medium crash20" medium rideIncludes a free22" ProfessionalCymbal Casewww.meinlcymbals.com/classics_custom

54art cruz(winds of plague), usaHigh quality anda wide selectionof modelsthe seriesMEINL Classics series cymbals prove their worth with matched sounds and outstanding quality. But moreover, Classics cymbalsare unparalleled in the semi-professional range with regard to their extensive selection of different models.facts• B8 bronze alloy • Excellent craftsmanship • Outstanding sound characteristicsRECOMMENDED STYLESAlternative | Pop | Rock

Classics55for whomthe bell tollsby Norbert SaemannIt became my ride bell‘s bestfriend!bells8" c8bl LOW8" c8bm medium8" c8bh highsplashes8" c8s10" c10s12" c12sOur Classics Series Bellshave become immenselypopular among drummers ofall styles. The various waysin which MEINL Cymbal artistsare musically expressingthemselves throughthese bells is inspiring. Hereare just a few examples ofhow they’re utilizing thesewithin their set-ups.franky costanza(dagoba), franceMy 8" Classics High Bell isthe secret weapon in mycymbal set-up. I mostly use iton top of my ride cymbal onthe same stand (which is veryhandy). It’s perfect for shortand explosive accents especiallywhen I play blast beats.china splashes8" c8cs10" c10cschinas12" c12ch14" c14ch16" c16ch18" c18chmini hat10" c10mhkj sawka(pendulum), englandIn my current set-up I‘musing Classics 8" low andmedium bells. I use thesefor the in between partsof songs and breakdowns.They add atmosphere and awave of vibes from eerie andglitchy to harmonious. Also,they are amazing for slicingup drum loops in the studio.romain goulon(necrophagist), franceSometimes I need to use myleft hand on the ride bell, butthere is no space to set upan extra 20" ride on my leftside. I found the perfect solutionto be the 8" ClassicsBell as a left ride bell option.feudor lokshin(stigmata), russiaEven though the bell is tiny, itreally cuts through no matterwhat size venue I play. SometimesI use it as a hihat bottomwith a Byzance splashon top.raphael saini(chaoswave), italyThese bells provide strongaccents and cut througheverything. They’re so smalland can be placed almosteverywhere on the kit. Verycomfortable!hihatsMedium13" c13mh14" c14mhpowerful14" c14phsoundwave hihatsMedium soundwave13" c13msw14" c14mswpowerful soundwave14" c14pswcrashesthin16" c16tc18" c18tcmedium14" c14mc15" c15mc16" c16mc17" c17mc18" c18mc20" c20mcpowerful16" c16pc17" c17pc18" c18pcridesMedium20" c20mr21" c21mr22" c22mrpowerful20" c20prwww.meinlcymbals.com/classics

56kj sawka(pendulum), usathe linetension

Generation X57I orchestrate Panzerballett’s music,with all of our polyrhythmic layers,using various Generation X serieseffect cymbals. I really love playingthem.Sebastian Lanser(Panzerballet), Austriathe seriesTotal Innovation and Character. MEINL’s award-winningGeneration X cymbals pave the way to a completely newworld of revolutionary cymbals. These cymbals have soundswhich are consciously different and aimed towards advanced,experimental and unconventional drummers who are motivatedto explore new sound territories. MEINL’s Generation Xcymbals offer contemporary and modern sounds which weredesigned in cooperation with some of today’s most remarkabledrummers.Facts• Different sounds• Innovative concepts• High-tech computerized manufacturingrecommended stylesAmbient I Experimental | Drum 'n'BassFusion | Jazz | Pop I Rock I StudioWinner of the m.i.p.a. Musikmesse International Press Awardelectro stacks8"/10" gx-8/10es10"/12" gx-10/12esJohnny Rabb´ssignature cymbalsfx hats8" gx-8fxh10" gx-10fxhattack stacks6"/8" gx-6/8AS-B6"/10" gx-6/10AS-BMik e Terra na´ssignature cymbalstrash hat12"/14" gx-12/14thBenny Greb´ssignature cymbalx-treme stack12"/14" gx-12/14xtschina crashes15" gx-15chc-b17" gx-17chc-b19" gx-19chc-bwww.meinlcymbals.com/generation_x

58Tom´s Becken are a pitch-matched range ofcontemporary crash cymbals that provideacoustic and electronic drummers with modernsounds that resemble artificially engineeredcymbal samples.thomas lang(stOrk), austriaThomas Lang´s signature cymbals:Johnny Rabb´s signature cymbals:filter chinas8" gx-8fch10" gx-10fch12" gx-12fch14" gx-14fch16" gx-16fchdrumbals8" gx-8db10" gx-10dbjingle filter chinas10" gx-10fch-j12" gx-12fch-j14" gx-14fch-jsafari hihat12" gx-12shcrashes16" gx-16syc synthetic17" gx-17kc kompressor18" gx-18kc kinetiksafari crash16" gx-16scsignal crash/klub ride18" gx-18scsafari ride18" gx-18srtom´s becken setsgx-tb14/16/1816" synthetik crash18" signal crash/klub ridegx-tb14/17/1817" kompressor crash18" kinetik crashBoth sets include a free14" Filter Chinathe rabb pack cymbal setgx-12/16/1812" safari hihat16" safari crash18" safari rideIncludes a free8" Drumbal

Generation X59by Norbert SaemannIn 1998 I met with MEINLCymbal artist Johnny Rabb inNashville, Tennessee wherehe showed me some prototypesof a few effect cymbalsthat he made by himself. I sawthese cymbals and thought“what the h$#@ are these?”Those were cymbals andsounds which I had never seennor heard before. On one sideI was fascinated with Johnny’sideas. I knew right away thatit would take some guts forus to come out with cymbalsas unconventional as those.That meeting in Nashville wasthe birth of what is now ourextremely popular GenerationX Series, which was introducedin 2001.Using the wing nut of the cymbal stand or the hihat clutch, youcan tune the Safari Ride, Crash, and Hihat to sound anywherefrom trashy to virtually no decay.johnny rabb(biodiesel), usaFast forward 10 years: Theline has grown from an initialselection of Johnny Rabb’sSafari Cymbals and Drumbalsto Thomas Lang’s signaturecrashes and Filter Chinas,X-treme and Electro Stacks,China Crashes, Benny Greb’sTrash Hats, and most recently,Mike Terrana’s signatureAttack Stacks. In 2003 MEINLwon the prestigious m.i.p.a.award for the Generation XSeries and produced an internationalGeneration X WorkshopTour. Almost everyMEINL Cymbal artist worldwidehas included at least oneGeneration X effect Cymbalinto his or her set-up as thesecymbals add a new color totheir playing, sparking newlevels of inspiration and creativity.Let it also be an inspirationfor your own creativeexpression.www.meinlcymbals.com/generation_x

60alex lopez(suicide silence), usadaniel williams(the devil wears prada), usabasic cymbal setsbasic cymbal setmcs141614" medium hihat16" medium crashNewbasic cymbal setmcs141814" medium hihat18" crash-ride

MCS61the seriesThe MEINL MCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbalsare the standard for today’s ambitious drummer. Theseharmonically matched cymbals provide the best soundat an unbeatable price. Ready to rock right out of the box.Facts• B8 bronze alloy• Harmonically matched• Unbeatable valuesplash10" mcs10sNewchina18" mcs18chNewchris adler(lamb of god), usaHihatMedium14" mcs14mhcomplete cymbal set-upcrashesMedium16" mcs16mc18" mcs18mcNewcrash-ride18" mcs18crrideMedium20" mcs20mrcomplete cymbal set-upmcs14" medium hihat16" medium crash20" medium ridewww.meinlcymbals.com/mcs

62jon rice(job for a cowboy), usaderek roddy(serpents rise), usabasic cymbal setsbasic cymbal sethcs141614" hihat16" crashbasic cymbal sethcs141814" hihat18" crash-ride

HCS63the seriesThe MEINL HCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbalsare an entry level cymbal line that combines quality andvalue. They are made from MS63 alloy for a warm, harmonicand balanced sound. They offer the best possiblesounds at an affordable price.Facts• MS63 alloy• Specially matched• Unbeatable valuesplashes8" hcs8s10" hcs10s12" hcs12schinastommy clufetos(ozzy osbourne), usa12" hcs12ch14" hcs14ch16" hcs16ch18" hcs18chHihats13" hcs13h14" hcs14hcomplete cymbal set-upcrashes14" hcs14c16" hcs16c18" hcs18ccrash-ride18" hcs18crride20" hcs20rcomplete cymbal set-uphcs14162014" hihat16" crash20" ridewww.meinlcymbals.com/hcs

64CREATIVE ANDEXOTIC SOUNDSBertil Mark(Percussionist of Gentleman),Germany

Candela65Why cymbals are crucial forpercussionists and the musicthey playby Norbert SaemannApercussion set-up is usually a huge collection ofdifferent sounds which the percussionist uses totastefully fill the spaces in the music. Besides congas,bongos, timbales, and hand percussion, cymbals are anotherpowerful and colorful way of designing soundscapes withina musical context. MEINL’s Candela Series cymbals offer anarray of creative and exotic sounds specifically made to meetall of the requirements for today’s modern percussionists.A true master in the global percussion scene is MEINL artistBertil Mark. We got together with him and discussed therelevance of cymbals for a percussionist within the music.What are the criteria for howyou choose your cymbals?Bertil Mark: As a percussionistI try to use cymbalswhich the drummer I play withdoesn’t have in his set-up. Inmy case that means cymbalssuch as all of the MEINL Bells,which have high tones with alot of sustain. I try to play themin a way that supports whathe’s doing rhythmically.Can you give us an examplehow you try to support whatthe drummer is playing?Bertil Mark:Given the factthat I am adrummermyself, Isometimeshave thesame rhythmicalsentiment as the drummer. Itend to enhance the same accentsas a drummer and forthat reason I chose a cymbalset up that also includesbig sized cymbals. If you playan accent in unison with thedrummer you can create ahuge energy.L try to createsounds which thedrummer doesnot have.A lot of artists use one ormore cymbals and stackthem to achieve wackysounds. Do you do that too?Bertil Mark: Yes, and that’swhat I like especially aboutMEINL cymbals. They can becombined with each other toachieve all kinds of wickedsounds, which comply with myideas of an organic-electronicsound approach. For exampleI imitate a natural sound bycombining a very thin and softcymbal with a china. As a resultyou get natural sounds whichare unique and have an electronicaesthetic. I use thesesounds then for example tooverdub a snare. It adds a newcharacter that has an electronictouch which I like a lot;like a drum machine that hasa handclap/snare sound combination.That works perfectlywith all MEINL cymbals.Start experimenting!That is myapproach as apercussionist.I try to createsounds which thedrummer doesnot have.Why is it important to havesounds the drummer doesnot have?Bertil Mark: Percussionistsalways fill the space in betweenand around the backbeat.Bass and snare drumhave a totally different frequencyspectrum than cymbals.We hold it all together.That’s why it is important tohave all these cymbal soundson top, high and sparkling, tocomplement those frequencies.That is essential. Thosesounds bring the music to life.THE SERIESMEINL Candela cymbals have been specially developedto meet all of the requirements for today’s modernpercussionists. The Candela series features light, extrathin cymbals, which reveal their full sound potential whenplayed by hand.Facts• B20 bronze alloy• Hand hammered for an unique sound• Extra thin cymbals for percussionistsrecommended stylesExperimental | Jazz | Latin | Pop | Studio | Worldpercussion splash10" ca10spercussion hihat10" ca10PHRecommended for use withthe MEINL Low Hat (page 74)percussion crashes14" ca14c16" ca16ctimbales crash-Ride18" ca18crjingle bell14" ca14pjbwww.meinlcymbals.com/candela

66 Artist Signature Cymbalsmb20 seriespure metal ride24" mb20-24pmr-bIncludes a free 24" Chris AdlerArtist Series Cymbal BagIf you’ve never questioned your ridesound before, try the Pure Metal Rideand you will not only understand whyyou should have, you never will again.Chris Adler(lamb of god), usaByzance Brilliant SeriesSerpents Ride21" B21sr-bSwift, delicate, accurate, powerful,mystical, intense, scary. These termsdescribe the adaptations of mySerpents Ride in its world: Music.Derek Roddy(Serpents rise), usaByzance Brilliant Seriesfast hihatsgeneration x seriestom´s beckenthomas lang(stOrk), austria13" B13fh14" B14fhIt barks when I whack it with my stick.It screams when I ride it half open, andit snaps at me when I slam my bootdown.A db compressed, pitch-matched rangeof contemporary cymbals that providedrummers with modern sounds thatresemble artificially engineered cymbalsamples.

Artist Signature Cymbals67BYZANCE DARK SERIESSpectrum HiHats13" B13SH14" B14SHCrisp, but full. Clean, yet earthy. Cutting,while being warm at the same time.Some call it a contradiction.But I call it completeness.BYZANCE DARK SERIESSpectrum Ride22" B22SRThis cymbal transcends genres.A classic elegant sound combinedwith an aggressive clear projection.Rodney Holmes(Jim Weider Band, Lithium Tree), USAwww.meinlcymbals.com

68 Artist Signature CymbalsBYZANCE DARK SERIESStadium Ride22" B22strThis ride is the king of rides!Trevor Lawrence jr.(Herbie Hancock, Dr. Dre), usaBYZANCE DARK SERIESSky Ride19" B19skrNoriaki Kumagai(trix), japanPlease enjoythis deep andvast sound!byzance jazz seriesClub Rides20" B20Jcr22" B22JcrMy Club Rides sound perfect both liveand in the studio. They have a cooltouch and look absolutely stunning.wolfgang haffnerGermany

Artist Signature Cymbals69generation x seriestrash hat12"/14" gx-12/14thTadaaaah! My Trash Hat that I mostlyuse as an x-hat on my right, but canalso be used on a regular hihat stand tocreate totally new sounds. Stay creative!Benny GrebGermanybyzance vintage seriessand hat14" b14sahNewFull of nuances and presence. From asilent whispering sound to a full sonicstatement, the Sand Hat does the jobperfectly. It’s the most musical hihat Ihave ever heard.byzance vintage seriessand rides20" b20sar22" b22sarNewSuperhuman, modern abilities with thatgreat vintage sound...unreal!www.meinlcymbals.com

70 Artist Signature Cymbalsmb10 seriesFat hat16" mb10-16fh-bflo dauner(die fantastischen vier, paul van dyk), germanyI wanted a different and louder hihatsound than the average 14”. I am reallyhappy and proud to have been able todesign my own 16” Fat Hat. I love it.generation x serieselektro stack8"/10" GX-8/10ES10"/12" GX-10/12ESThese cymbals sound anywhere fromtrashy to virtually no decay. They areperfect for adding white noise forsimulating loops or effects.generation x seriesrabb packJohnny Rabb(biodiesel), usa

Artist Signature Cymbals71generation x seriesattack stacks6"/8" gx-6/8AS-B6"/10" gx-6/10AS-BThat Attack Stack is an interestingtrademark sound that you can hearon many of the CD’s I have recordedin the past 12 years.mike terrana(tarja), usawww.meinlcymbals.com

72 Drum GearDrum gearMEINL cymbals has a large assortment of bags,cases, trolleys, pads, rugs, cymbal cleaners,cowbells, tambourines, timbales and other usefuldrum accessories. It‘s all made accordingto the needs of drummers.

Drum Gear73Designer Cymbal BagMCB22-JBNewDesigner Jawbreaker 22" Cymbal BagThe MEINL 22" Jawbreaker Cymbal Bag featuring the new popular Jawbreakerdesign. It comes in a 22" diameter and has an external compartment designedto hold cymbals up to 15" in diameter. Cymbal dividers and a shoulder strapare included. Special materials, special print techniques, patches and a professionalstyle come together to make an exceptional, high-quality cymbal bag.Artist Series Cymbal BagsMCB24-CANewMCB24/MSB-AGNewChris Adler Artist Series 24" Cymbal BagThe MEINL Chris Adler Cymbal Bag has been designed by Chris Adler andLamb of God merchandise/album artist Ken Adams. The result is a stunningcymbal bag which closely follows the raw style of the current Lamb of God lookand vibe. The bag comes in a 24" diameter with an outside compartment designedto hold cymbals up to 15" in diameter. Cymbal dividers and a shoulderstrap are included. Special materials, special print techniques, and a professionalstyle come together to make an exceptional, high-quality cymbal bag.Aaron Gillespie Artist Series 24" Combo BagThe MEINL Aaron Gillespie Combo Bag has been designed in cooperationwith former Underoath drummer/current The Almost band leader AaronGillespie. It comes in a 24" diameter with a 15" outside compartment. Aseparate stick bag is zippered onto the backside for easy removal. Cymbaldividers and a shoulder strap are included. Special materials, special printtechniques, and a professional style come together to make an exceptional,high-quality combo bag.www.meinlcymbals.com/drumgear

74 Drum GearProfessional Cymbal BagsThe MEINL Cymbal Bags areavailable in two sizes: 22" and 24"diameters. They have an externalhihat /splash compartment designedto hold cymbals up to15" in diameter.• Padded dividers• Padded shoulder strapMCB24up to 24"MCB22up to 22"BacksideProfessionalCymbal backpackThe 22" Cymbal Bag has twobackpack straps on the backsidefor easy transportation. Externalhihat/ splash compartment whichholds cymbals up to 15" in diameter,includes a glow-in-the-darkMEINL logo for spotting your bagin darkly lit venues.MCB22-bpDEsigner Cymbal BagThe MEINL 22" Designer CymbalBag has two external compartmentsfor cymbals up to 15" in diameterand allow storage of sticksand other drum accessories.MCB22-C1Original Camouflage

Drum Gear75Backsidescombo BagsAn exceptional combination ofa MEINL 22" Cymbal Bag anda MEINL Stick Bag. They cometogether from a zipper on thebackside. Cymbals and sticks arealways ready at hand.mcb22/MSB-C1Original Camouflagemcb22/MsbBlackOpen case / trolleyretractablehandleProfessional Cymbal BAGTrolleyThe MEINL Cymbal Bag Trolleyholds cymbals up to 22" indiameter and has an externalcompartment for cymbals up to16" in diameter. The entire bag ismounted on stable wheels and hasa retractable handle. An extendableleg ensures 100% stability whennot in transit.MCB22-TR2professional cymbal caseNewSturdy, extra-duty construction forcarrying a maximum of 9 cymbalsup to 22" in diameter. The centerbolt goes through the lid for addeddurability and is covered with aplastic sleeve to protect the cymbals.Includes eight foam dividers.mCC22professional cymbal casetrolleyBased on the standard MEINLCymbal Case with stable wheelsand a retractable handle for comfortabletransportation.Mcc22-trNewNewMEINL Cymbags TMThe MEINL Cymbag is an individualbag that protects the cymbal whennot in use and during set-up/teardown. It has a simple slit openingthat allows you to handle thecymbal without using gloves andstill keeps the cymbal free of fingerprints and dust.• Available from 6" to 24"• For all cymbal typesM-cymbag-6M-cymbag-8M-cymbag-10M-cymbag-12M-cymbag-13M-cymbag-14M-cymbag-15M-cymbag-16M-cymbag-17M-cymbag-18M-cymbag-19Set of 3 Cymbagsin 14“, 16“ and 20“in diameterM-cymbag-20M-cymbag-21M-cymbag-22M-cymbag-23M-cymbag-24M-CYMB-141620Cymbal DividersThe MEINL Cymbal Dividers aremade for drummers who haveadditional cymbals needing protectionand separation within a cymbalbag or cymbal case. They areavailable in 14" and 22" in diameterwith a middle-hole for use in acymbal case.• Set of 2 dividers• Stops cymbal on cymbal contactinside case or bag.MCD-14MCD-22www.meinlcymbals.com/drumgear


Drum Gear77Usedby mostMEINLartistsDeLuxe Stick BagProfessional Stick BagThe MEINL Deluxe Stick Bag offerssome special features. Spacioussections for drumsticks featured withzippered clear window pockets andtwo external pockets for extra gear.• Padded synthetic leather• External pockets• Shoulder straps• Elastic cord attachmentsMDLXSBThe MEINL Stick Bag offers fourspacious sections for drumsticksand a separate compartment fordrum keys, small tools and othervaluables.• Padded nylon material• External pocket• Shoulder strap• Extension strapsMSB-1MC-DSHMSB-1-JBJawbreakerNewMSb-1-C1Original CamouflageNewMC-DSH-JBJawbreakerDEsigner Stick BagsThe MEINL Designer Stick Bags have four spacious sections for drumsticksand a separate compartment for drum keys or small tools. The tearproofbelt and a professional style come together to make an exceptional, highqualitystick bag.Drum Stick HoldersThe MEINL Drumstick Holdersattaches to any common stand andstores a number of drumsticks, mallets,brushes and other accessories.Drummer GlovesMEINL Drummer Gloves protectyour hands from blisters andprevent the sticks from slipping,yet provide a natural feel. Paddedareas provide more durability.MDG GlovesSizes: M, L, XLMDGFL Finger-less GlovesSizes: M, L, XLFrederik Ehmke(Blind Guardian), Germanywww.meinlcymbals.com/drumgear

78 Drum Gearmpp-12mpp-6practice padsThe MEINL Practice Pads areavailable in 6" and 12" in diameter.The 6" pad is perfect for drummerson the go, due to the small pocketsize. The 12" pad is made for quietpracticing on a snare drum and itcan even mount in a standard snarestand.mpp-12-JBNewmpp-6-JBNew


80 Drum GearDrum RugsThe specially designed MEINL drum rugs in four different unique finishesmake for an absolutely special look. The entire bottom side is covered withrubber to avoid sliding and it comes with a bag for comfortable transportation.Size160 cm (5.25 ft) x 200 cm (6.5 ft)MDR-JBNewMDR-c1MDR-ZBMDR-BKNewNewQuick-Set MarkersThe MEINL QUICK-SET MARKERS allow you to get your drums set up fastand in the perfect position every time. There are 60 hook & loop stripes formarking the hardware and 10 circles for marking the drums on your drum rug.• Ultra fast set-up time• Consistent gear locationsMqsm• Holds strong• 60 strips for hardware• 10 circles for drums

Drum Gear81Drum RUGSAN ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY FOREVERY DRUMMER.www.meinlcymbals.com/drumgear

82 Drum GearCymbal CleanerCymbal PolishTOMMY CLUFETOS’ TECHPANDA AT WORK USING THEMEINL CYMBAL POLISHThe MEINL Cymbal Cleaner is apremium concentrated liquidcleaner. It is designed for regularand brilliant finish cymbals. Simplyspray on the surface and thenwipe it off, to restore the cymbals’original shine.MCCLThe MEINL Cymbal Polish isdesigned exclusively for cleaningand restoring the high-polishedsurface of a brilliant finish cymbal.It’s a combination of two modelsof MEINL cymbal cleaner; theMEINL concentrated liquidCymbal Cleaner and the originalMEINL polishing emulsion.MCPMinimum heightis 27” (69 cm)NewMC-CYS8-Sø 8 mm threadMC-CYSø 6 mm threadMC-CYS8ø 8 mm threadLow HatCymbal AttachmentCymbal StackersCYMBAL HOLDERThe MEINL Low Hat has been designedwith a special low height,made just for cajon players.MLHRecommended for use withthe MEINL Candela 10"Percussion Hihat (page 57)The MEINL Cymbal Attachmentconsists of the MEINL multi-clampand a MEINL cymbal boom arm.It works perfectly for addingcymbals and accessories to anystands.MCAThe MEINL Cymbal Stackers enablea space saving set-up of variouscymbals on top of each other.This MEINL holder comfortablyplaces any cymbal within a drumor percussion set up.FeaturesMC-CY• Knurled surface• Felt washers

Drum Gear83MULTI CLAMP, ONE MOUNTMake it fit.Cowbell, Tambourine,you name it...LengthadjustableThe MEINL Multi Clamp easilyattaches to any common stand.Its unique feature is the lengthadjustability to fit any given spacesituation. It holds one rod.IncludesMC-1Straight rodPEDAL MOUNTThe MEINL Pedal Mount fits on allcommon bass drum pedals andfirmly holds cowbells, blocks, ortambourines. It is height adjustableand contains metal spikes attachedto the bottom of the legs, holdingthe entire unit in place withoutmovement.MaterialFeaturesIncludesPM-1Black powder coatedsteel• Height adjustable legs• Metal spikes attachedto the bottom2 differently sizedL-rodsCOWBELL BASS DRUM HOLDERSMC-BDChrome plated steelNewMC-STBDBlack powdercoated steelThe MEINL Cowbell Holder attachesfirmly to the bass drum hoop.Rubber pads prevent scratches onthe hoop.FeaturesIncludes• Fully adjustable• Rubber pads againstscratchingL-shaped rodCHIMES STANDSpecial paddingeliminates unwantedmovementOur Chimes Stand is a fully-adjustable,double braced tripod stand,specially designed for mountingbar chimes just the way you wantthem to be held! Made from sturdychrome-plated steel for dependability.Special padding eliminatesunwanted movement, and rubberfeet prevent slipping.MEINL percussiontables – a multitool forall drummersMaterialFeaturesTMCHPERCUSSION TABLESChrome plated steel• Full angle andheight adjustability• Secure angle clamps• Telescoping stemThese Percussion Tables are madefrom durable fiberglass and offerenough room for all common handpercussion instruments. It can beattached to all common stands.Through its innovative design theangle of the table can be adjusted.MC-PT(18" x 12")MC-PTS(12" x 12")MaterialFeaturesPremium fiberglass• Fabric anti-slipsurface• Adjustable angle• Strong mountingclampwww.meinlcymbals.com/drumgear


Drum Gear85CHIMES, 27 BARSThe 27 bar chimes produce a fullsound with a wide tonal spectrum.High polishedchrome finishSizeMaterialCH2727 bars, single rowGold anodizedaluminum alloyARTIST SERIES COWBELLRuss Miller(patent pending)The Russ Miller “Multi-Bell” enablesmultiple tones and is a breakthroughin versatility. You can adjust theamount of ring to your desiredlevel with just a turn of a knob. Thisinnovation brings out the most ina cowbell!MaterialFeaturesFinishSizeSpecial steel alloy• Adjustable interiordampeningmechanism(patent pending)• HammeredHand brushed black8" big mouthCHROME & STEEL FINISH COWBELLSAppropriate for any style, fromrock to Latin, these are some of themost popular models of the entireMEINL drum set cowbell assortment.Great sounding instrumentsfor any musical setting.Material Special steel alloyFeatures Appropriate for allstylesFinishes • High polishedchrome• Hand brushed steelSize 8"STB80B-CHbig mouthSTB80S-CHsmall mouthHandbrushedsteelfinishRM80BARTIST SERIES COWBELLsKenny AronoffKenny Aronoff says: “My signaturecowbells are the ultimate drummer’sbells. Playing live they cutthrough and have very nice tones.Their recording characteristics areoutstanding, too.”MaterialFeaturesFinishSpecial steel alloyHammeredHigh polished chromeBLACK FINISH COWBELLThe black powder coated steelproduces a firm muffled sound.Material Special steel alloyFeature Muffled soundFinish Black powdercoated steelSize 8 ½"SL850-BKSTB80Bbig mouthSTB80Ssmall mouthMuffledsoundKA80S8" small mouthKA6256 ¼"HAMMERED COWBELLSHEADLINER ® SERIES COWBELLThe strong fundamental toneof these cowbells make them aunique alternative to all other bellson the market. Each bell has itsown character.MaterialFeaturesFinishesSizeSpecial steel alloyHammeredHand brushedcopper, gold & steel8" big mouthSTB80BHH-CCopper STB80BHH-GGold STB80BHH-SSteelMade from black powder coatedsteel, the MEINL Headliner ®Series Cowbell produce a cuttingand sharp sound. Whether usedin a percussion setup or in a drumset configuration, they always adda special flavour to your groove.Material Special steel alloyFeature Cutting and sharpsoundFinish Black powdercoated steelSize 8"HCO2BKCutting andsharp soundwww.meinlcymbals.com/drumgear

86 Drum GearWITH DRUM SET TAMBOURINES,TIMBALES, AND PERCUSSION BLOCKS.Dave Mackintosh(Dragonforce), EnglandARTIST SERIES SIGNATUREATTACK TIMBALES, Dave MackintoshWe made a pair of 8" diametertimbale shells with a depth of 9" and11" respectively. This creates a distinctiveand tightly matched interval“dialogue”. The Dave Mackintosh’sSignature Attack Timbales are easilymounted on a rack, drum set, or anystandard L-rod.Material SteelFeatures • Strong mountingclamp• Logo applied fromunderneath the head(US patent)Includes • L-shaped tuning key• Tune Up OilFinish BN = Black NickelSizes 8" x 9", 8" x 11"MDT88BN

Drum Gear87HEADLINER ® HIHAT TAMBOURINEsHIHAT TAMBOURINESPERCUSSION BLOCKsHTHH1BKSteel, 1 rowNewHTHH2BKSteel, 2 rowsNewAn easy access wing nut allowsquick set-up, adjustment, orremoval, completely independentfrom your cymbals. The ProfessionalHihat Tambourines featurea sturdy rubberized striking ringfor special accents.Size 5"The MEINL Percussion Blocks aremade to withstand even the hardesthitting players. They are easilymounted on any conventional L-rod.MaterialFeatureIncludesColorsPEDurabilityMounting ClampBK = BlackR = RedProfessional HIHAT TAMBOURINEsMPE1BKHigh pitchTHH1BKSteel, 1 rowTHH1B-BKSolid brass, 1 rowRegular ABS TAMBOURINEsMPE2RLow pitchTMT2BK TMT2R TMT2A-BMaterialsColors• Nickelsilver plated steel• ABS plasticBK = BlackR = RedRECORDING-COMBO ABSTAMBOURINEMaterialsColor• Aluminum• ABS plasticB = BlueSuper Dry ABS TAMBOURINEsTMT2B-BKMaterialsColor• Solid brass• ABS plasticBK = BlackMOUNTABLE ABS TAMBOURINESThe MEINL mountable ABSTambourines are built to standup to the heaviest of hitters. Theyare easily mounted on a rod orstand to complete a drummer’ssetup. Several jingle variationsoffer sounds ranging from dry andcutting to sweet and soft, helpingevery drummer find the right flavorfor their rhythms.TMT2M-WHSTMT2S-BKNewSTMT2B-BKFeatures• Easily mountable• Ergonomic design• Guiro style playingsurface• “Sandwich”constructionMaterialsColor• Steel/solid brass• ABS plasticWH = WhiteMaterialsColor• Hand-hammeredstainless steel• ABS plasticBK = BlackMaterialsColor• Hand-hammered brass• ABS plasticBK = BlackDRUMMER TIMBALE & MINI TIMBALESMDT13CH13" drummer timbaleStrong mountingclamps attaches toany common L-rodMIT810CH8" & 10" mini tim-The MEINL Drummer Timbaleand Mini Timbales provide thecharacteristic timbale sounds andprojection that cuts through anyband setting. It is a perfect additionto any percussion or drum setconfiguration.MaterialFeaturesIncludesFinishSteel• Strong mountingclamps• Logo applied fromunderneath the head(US patent)• L-shaped tuning key• Tune Up OilChromewww.meinlcymbals.com/drumgear

88 MerchandiseMerchandiseAround the world, MEINL swagis worn and loved. Get some foryourself and fly the flag!THOMAS LANG AT THE2010 MEINL DRUM FESTIVAL

Merchandise89jawbreaker T-ShirtSizes S, M, L, XLColor BlackFront SkullM85dickies workershirtSizes S, M, L, XLColor BlackFront MEINL logo, smallBack MEINL logo, smallM78jawbreakerLongsleeve T-ShirtSizesColorFrontS, M, L, XLBlackSkullPolo-ShirtM86SizesColorFrontS, M, L, XL, XXLBlackMEINL logo, smallDAMION REIDUSAM25T-ShirtBlackSizesColorFrontS, M, L, XL, XXLBlackMEINL CYMBALS AHEADM43T-ShirtT-ShirtT-ShirtREDSizesColorFrontM44S, M, L, XL, XXLRedMEINL CYMBALS AHEADSizesColorFrontM79S, M, L, XL, XXLBlackRed arm & cymbalSizesColorFrontBackM59S, M, L, XL, XXLBlackMEINL logo, smallMEINL logo, bigSizesColorFrontBackM42S, M, L, XL, XXLBlackMEINL logo, smallMEINL logo, bigwww.meinlcymbals.com/merchandise

90 Merchandisetraining JacketHood Shirt With ZipperSizesColorFrontBackM71S, M, L, XL, XXLBlackMEINL logo, smallMEINL logo, bigSizesColorFrontBackM48S, M, L, XL, XXLBlackMEINL logo, smallMEINL logo, bigtraining JacketHood ShirtSizesColorFrontBackS, M, L, XL, XXLBlackMEINL logo, smallMEINL logo, bigSizesColorFrontS, M, L, XL, XXLRedMEINL CYMBALS AHEADJOHN BENGTSSON(SONIC SYNDICATE), SWEDENM73M47Equipped with a circularred-glowing fluorescent tubeArmy CapsLanyardNeon ClocksBar StoolsM20M21BlackOliveM22Mnc-euMnc-us230V110VMbs24Size 24"Mbs30Size 30"

Merchandise91Throw on some MEINL swag andshow off on stage!Michael Schack,(SQUARELECTRIC), Belgiumwww.meinlcymbals.com/merchandise

92 MEINL artists in the spotlightMeinl Artistsin the spotlightAlex RudingerThreat signalOne of the latest artists to join the Meinl Cymbalfamily, Alex Rudinger is an extremely talented andferocious young drummer from Frederick, MD.Currently Alex splits his time between three differentbands, Threat Signal, Ordinance and Fleshwrought(fellow Meinl Cymbal artist Navene Koperweis ofAnimals as Leaders plays guitar in this project). Inaddition, Alex is very active on his channel on youtube.com where he consistently posts professional videosof his drumming, garnering him a very loyal anddevoted.22" M-Series Medium Ride20" Mb20 Rock China19" Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash13" Soundcaster Fusion Medium Hihat10" Soundcaster Fusion Splash12" Generation X Filter China13" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat19" Mb10 Medium Crash22" Soundcaster Fusion Powerful Ride18" Mb20 Rock China

MEINL artists in the spotlight93Christian ComaBlack VEIL BRIDESChristian Coma and Black Veil Brides are on a roll. Recenthonors include landing the “Best International Newcomer”award from Kerrang Magazine and the “Best New Band”award from Revolver Magazine’s Golden Gods Awards.Check out the band this summer on the VANS Warped Tour.14" Byzance Brilliant Medium Hihat16" Mb10 Medium Crash8" Soundcaster Fusion Splash10" Mb10 Splash17" Soundcaster Fusion Medium Crash14" Byzance Traditional Thin Crash18" Mb10 Heavy Crash17" Byzance Brilliant Thin Crash22" Mb20 Heavy Bell Ride18" Byzance Brilliant CrashAustin ThorntonWoe, Is MeStraight out of Atlanta, GA, Austin Thornton andsuper technical heavy-weights Woe, Is Me havebeen turning heads with their 2010 debut release“Numbers.” Check out Austin and the band thissummer on the VANS Warped Tour.14" Soundcaster Fusion Medium Hihat19" Mb10 Medium Crash8" Classics Bell Effect Cymbal (on top)21" Mb10 Heavy Crash8" Classics Bell Effect Cymbal (on top)18" Mb20 Rock China

94 MEINL artists in the spotlightAllen BlickleBaronessAllen Blickle and fellow exploratory metal warriorsBaroness ended an amazing 2010 touring withMetallica in Australia! Allen and Baroness are nowin Philadelphia writing their next album which theyhope to release in early 2012.15" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat18" Mb20 Heavy Crash22" Byzance Traditional Medium Ride22" Mb20 Heavy Bell RideSpencer SmithPanic! At the DiscoWith “Vices & Virtues,” Panic! at the Disco’s firstalbum as a duo, drummer/percussionist SpencerSmith and frontman/multi-instrumentalist BrendonUrie have proven that their best ideas are juststarting to get realized—and the disc not onlymarks the beginning a new era for this Grammynominated,Las Vegas-based rock act but in manyways also rings in a new period of musical andemotional growth that shows no signs of subsiding.The band has been out on the road in the US on asold out tour. Look for more dates to come in 2011.15" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat18" Mb20 Heavy Crash22" Byzance Traditional Medium Ride22" Mb20 Heavy Bell Ride

MEINL artists in the spotlight95J eff Gi lbertKutlessJeff Gilbert and modern rock/CCM band Kutless have beendoing huge things over the last two years. With their sixthstudio album, the Dove Award-nominated “It Is Well” beinghailed as a major success, Jeff and Kutless have been onthe road touring non-stop to support it, including a slot onthe extremely popular CCM tour package Winter Jam 2011.The band will continue to hit the road all throughout thesummer of 2011.17" Generation X China Crash20" Mb20 Medium Heavy Crash14" Mb20 Heavy Soundwave Hihat12" Byzance Traditional Splash22" Mb20 Heavy Ride22" Byzance Brilliant Heavy Ride18" Mb20 Rock ChinaRyan GuanzonNew MedicineFormed in 2009 in Minneapolis, MN, New Medicine havebeen blazing a hard trail down the road since their debutalbum (produced by Meinl Cymbal artist and legendarypunk drummer Bill Stevenson of Black Flag and Descendentsfame) was released in late 2010. Drummer RyanGuanzon and the band have been on killer tour after killertour with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbedand Stone Sour. Summer 2011 find the band out on theroad.15" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat19" Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash24" Byzance Traditional Medium Ride20" Byzance Traditional Medium Crash18" Byzance Brilliant China

96 MEINL artists in the spotlightRodney HolmesThe incredibly musical and talented Rodney Holmeshas been as busy as ever. The projects that haveconsistently taken up the bulk of his schedule arehis very own Rodney Holmes’ LITHIUM TREE band,Jim Weider’s Project Percolator and the RandyBrecker Group. In addition, Rodney has been backand forth between his home in the US and Russiaand points in Europe, as he is constantly hired forsession work and live gigs with international artists.For updates and live info about Rodney, head torodneyholmes.com.14" Byzance Dark Spectrum Hihat17" Byzance Traditional Thin Crash22" Byzance Dark Spectrum Ride14" Byzance Traditional China13" Byzance Dark Spectrum HihatM i ke MooreKid CudiHouston, TX drummer Mike Moore is out onthe road all summer long backing up thepopular Hip Hop/R&B artist known as Kid Cudi.17" Byzance Brilliant Medium Thin Crash18" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash13" Byzance Brilliant Fast Hihat16" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash6/10" Generation X Attack Stack Effect Cymbal10" Generation X Jingle Filter China10" Mb10 Splash22" Byzance Traditional Heavy Ride17"Generation X China Crash12" Generation X Safari Hihat18" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash17" Generation X Kompressor Crash

MEINL artists in the spotlight97Jean Paul GasterClutchLong time Meinl Cymbal artist Jean Paul Gaster has been on the roadand/or in the recording studio with his band, the groove mastermindsknown as Clutch basically since the band’s formation in the mid-90’s.Recently the band has been out on the road in support of their latestalbum “Strange Cousins from the West.”15" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat20" Byzance Jazz Sweet Ride22" Byzance Dark Spectrum Ride22" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Ride

98 MEINL artists in the spotlightBen HarclerodeWhitechapelBrand new to the band, Arizona native Ben Harcleroderecently filled the vacated drum chair for East Tennesseeextreme metal titans Whitechapel. Be sure and check outBen and WC this summer on the extreme metal tour of alltours – Summer Slaughter.14" Mb10 Heavy Soundwave Hihat18" Mb20 Rock China18" Mb10 Heavy Crash10" Mb10 Splash14" Byzance Traditional China12" Mb10 Splash18" Mb10 Heavy Crash22" Soundcaster Custom Mega Bell Ride18" Mb20 Rock ChinaSpencer PetersonBl ack CardsSpencer Peterson has been heavily involved inBlack Cards, an experimental electro pop bandformed in 2010, as Fall Out Boy’s bassist PeteWentz’s new main project. Spencer and BlackCards have been releasing singles through socialmedia sites and intend to release a debut full lengthalbum at some point in summer 2011.15" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat20" Byzance Brilliant Medium Crash24" Byzance Brilliant Medium Ride17" Generation X China Crash14" Byzance Brilliant China (on top)17" Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash (on top)20" Byzance Brilliant Medium Crash17" Generation X China Crash

MEINL artists in the spotlight99Jason JamisonTenth Avenue NorthWith past Dove awards for Song of the Yearand New Artist of the Year, as well as a Dovenomination for Pop/Contemporary Album ofthe Year for their 2011 release “The LightMeets the Dark,” CCM artists Tenth AvenueNorth and drummer Jason Jamison have beengoing non-stop since early 2011. Thebeginning of the year also saw the bandrelease “Tenth Avenue North Live: Inside andIn Between - The Shows, The Songs, TheStory,” a live DVD/album featuring videofootage of concerts and live recordings oftheir biggest hits thus far. The end to the roadwork doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sighteither, as the band is still going strong withdates throughout the rest of 2011.14" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat20" Mb20 Medium Heavy Crash22" Byzance Traditional Medium Ride19" Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash21" Byzance Traditional Medium CrashMatt HalpernPeripheryExploring the complex uncharacteristic rhythmsand technical precision of math rock with thebrutality of progressive metal Matt Halpern andPERIPHERY have defied the boundaries ofconventionality. With a new EP under their belts,entitled “Icarus Lives,” Matt and the band arehitting the road non-stop this summer with a tourdown under in Australia as a highlight.10" Mb10 Splash22" Byzance Traditional Heavy Ride17" Generation X China Crash12" Generation X Safari Hihat18" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash17" Generation X Kompressor Crash

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communicate www.ccwa.deFLO DAUNER (DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER)LIVE IN NUERNBERG GERMANY ON NOVEMBER 27, 2010All features are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographic errors. No part of this catalog may be reprinted, reproduced or included in any online-services in any form in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of MEINL cymbals.

Explore professional range cymbalsby getting started with the newClassics Custom Series from Meinl.Professional sounds offered at amoderate price make it easy to findyour own creative musical voice.RECOMMENDED STYLESAlternative | Pop | RockHard Rock | Heavy MetalExtreme Metal | PunkFACTS• Made in Germany• B10 bronze alloy• Outstanding sound qualitiesand brilliant lookMeinl Professional Cymbals are onlyavailable at authorized stockingdealers. Find your dealer atmeinlcymbals.com/dealersderek roddy(serpents rise), usa

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