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eritage <strong>Kaikoura</strong>By Bill Edwards<strong>Kaikoura</strong> has a rich combined Maoriand Pakeha heritage and this hasadded narratives to the landscape.The tangible physical remains ofstructures are glimpses into thesestories. This is a small guide to someof these places.Nga Niho pa can be viewed andentered from Scarborough Terraceon the peninsula. You will noticea ditch in front of the walls, thiswould have been much deeper inthe past and on top of the earthwalls would have been built timberpalisades to protect the defenders.This pa appears to have been builtbefore musket warfare because theinternal architecture of the pa hasstraight lines that were not good fordefending against muskets.When the first Pakeha settlersarrived, the Maori world waschallenged and changed. Thecolonisation of New Zealand meantthe dislocation of Maori from muchof their land. The Crown broughtlarge tracts of land from Maori atpaltry prices and then on sold it tothe new settlers at a substantialprofit. In 1997 the Crown gave aformal apology to Ngai Tahu, themajor South Island tribe, for failingto “preserve and protect Ngai Tahuuse of such of their land and valuedpossessions as they wished to retain”and “expressed its profound regretand apologised unreservedly”.Mackay’s Stool is a rock that issituated near the South Bay publiclaunching ramp and in front of wherethe Whale-Watch boats depart from.It is named after James Mackaythe Crown’s acting Land PurchasingCommissioner who rested here in1859. The prolonged negotiationswere enacted here, on behalf of theCrown, with Ngati Kuri (sub tribeof Ngai Tahu who control the wider<strong>Kaikoura</strong> area) over the purchase ofthe <strong>Kaikoura</strong> block of some 1,200,000acres, known as the Deed of the<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Puchase. Ngati Kuri weregiven £300.00 for this land.The first Pakeha settlers to comeinto the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> district were thewhalers, hunting the southern rightwhale from shore based whalingstations. Much of this whaling pastis hidden, but there are clues tothe whaling heritage of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>scattered around the town.The best preserved is Fyffe House,which is the oldest surviving buildingin <strong>Kaikoura</strong>. The earliest part isthe single storied wing, is built onwhalebone foundations. The Housewas built in the mid 1840’s for thecooper at Robert Fyfe’s Waiopukawhaling station. He made thebarrels in which the whale oil wastransported and stored. When RobertFyfe drowned in 1854, his cousinGeorge managed the whaling stationand farm. He built the kitchen in1857, and completed the House in1860 for his wife Catherine. It haschanged little since then, and it isowned by the New Zealand HistoricPlaces Trust and open to the public.The Garden of Memories is amemorial to those who died servingtheir country at war. The walkingpath has whale jawbones as arches.There are trypots across the roadon the lawn by the Memorial Hall;these were originally used at whalingstations in <strong>Kaikoura</strong> to melt down thewhale blubber for extraction of thevaluable oil.There are visible remains of theSouth Bay Whaling Station atMoa Point (Te Hiku o te Waeora)adjacent to Mackay’s Stool. Wadeand Fitzgerald began whaling herein 1844. The whaling station passedthrough several owners and stages ofdevelopment, from hand rowed boatsto motorised whale chasers. Thefactory closed in 1922 and with it,shore-based whaling in <strong>Kaikoura</strong>.There are heritage sites connectedwith transportation around the<strong>Kaikoura</strong> district.The Clarence River is approximately40 kilometres north of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Township; it was a major barrier topeople travelling along the coast. In1862 a ferry was established for safepassage across the river. The remainsof the accommodation house that wasestablished at the same time are onthe south bank of the river below themodern highway bridge. A cairn andinformation board mark the spot. Theferry ceased operation in 1897 whenthe first Clarence Bridge was built.The sea has been a vital transport linkin the development of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> andmuch of the freight and passengersoriginally went by sea. The OldWharf towards the seal colony wascompleted in 1881, replacing anearlier wharf built by George Fyffe.This was the port of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>,however with larger ships requiringdeeper water, the New Wharf wasconstructed nearer the town, openingin 1909.This meant that the Pier Hotel wasmoved, originally situated on the frontlawn at Fyffe House, it was built therein 1885 so travellers and locals couldenjoy refreshment and relaxation nextto the port. When the New wharf wasbuilt the hotel was moved in sections,on rollers up the road to its presentposition.This is just a sample of many sites ofhistoric interest in the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> area.The original Port of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, later replaced by the Old Wharf. The Pier Hotel can also be seen on it’s originalsite.Explore <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s cemetery for an interesting glimpse of past generationsTrypots, originally used to melt down whale blubber.Cellar Tastings~ A Wine Experience ~Amustdoexperienceforanyonewhowantstotasteandbuytheverybest New Zealand wines.At Cellar Tastings you can taste over 20differentNewZealandwinesinoneconvenientlocation as you relax in our wine bar.~CheesePlatters~OliveOil~OffLicence~~ International Freight ~29 Westend, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>T: 03 319 7520 E: info@boundaryrider.co.nzOpen Daily 11.30am – 8pm3505890AAPage 4 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 20113406010ABCALTEXCALTEX KAIKOURAOPEN7DAYS6am-10pmService Station andConvenience Store• Rental Cars •• Gas Bottle Fills •• Tyres • Hot Food •CALTEX55 Beach Rd, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Ph 319 54923465957AAare sure to have the gift you are looking forOpen every day47 West End – 03 319 5095email: genevieve1@xtra.co.nz•Souvenirs•Gifts•Jewellery•Watches•Babywear•Wool•Skin CareincludingManukuHoneyand muchmore...

ur seals entertain at Kean PointLone seals and pupsy Peter Langlandsur seals are one of the main features of any journeyhrough <strong>Kaikoura</strong>. With a recent population increaseiterally thousands of seals can be observed on theoastal drive along <strong>Kaikoura</strong>. Yet one of the mostnteractive sites, from either above, or below the water,o see fur seals is at Kean Point on the northeastern endf <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsula, where the coastal road ends.here is ample space in the car park that adjoins ontohe large, flat rock platforms from which the seals cane viewed. The rock platforms also provide, safe andheltered environments to snorkel in and around to viewhe seals in their element- the most exciting aspect ofll. Commercial trips are also available if you do notave your own wetsuit, or you want some “insidernformation” on these fascinating animals. Seals, whichOur path to becoming a sustainable destinationBut what does that mean? For <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, being asustainable Community means using keeping trackof and improve its impact on the environment.Environmental Certification allows us to keep checkof our environmental performance. This helps toachieve the aim of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> being a sustainabletourism destination. Green Globe is the environmentalcertification used, it is an international tourismstandard started after the 1992 United Nations EarthSummit to enable tourism operators and communitiesto measure the impact their operations have on theenvironment.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> has a stunning natural environment, the<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Community believe protection of thatnatural environment is important and by keeping acheck on the Community’s environmental impact,the Community can see where we need to improvein order to protect the environment for the nextgeneration. Green Globe is helping us do that. Ifwe don’t look after our natural environment, theCommunity and tourists will have nothing to enjoy.To become certified, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> first measured ourimpact, some of the things we measure are how muchenergy and greenhouse gas the Community used,how much waste the Community produced and otherindicators, (visit www.kaikoura.govt.nz/green_globe/benchmarked.htm for more details). Once we know<strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s impact, we are able to manage andimprove it by adopting programmes that will lead theCommunity toward reducing those figures. <strong>Kaikoura</strong>wants to reduce its impact to be more sustainable.We have programmes to help us achieve our GreenGlobe targets these include Zero Waste, Trees forTravellers program, Significant Natural Areas programand Enviroschools, for example.As well as the community as a whole, there are alsobusinesses in <strong>Kaikoura</strong> that adopt Green Globe andother environmental certification schemes, theseappear ungainly, and dare I say it stinky above the water,become transformed into elegant and slick animals underthe water.Adults and pups can be viewed throughout the year. Ifviewing the seals from the rock platform then keep arespectful 10 metres from the seals. If under the wateroften the seals will find you and they are very inquisitive.They will at times startle you, and on occasions yourheart my skip a beat!The type of fur seals seen are New Zealand fur sealsand only bred in New Zealand, making them a specialsight for visitors. Once hunted for their skins they camewithin a stones’ throw of extinction, but now thrive, withan estimated population of 30 000 on the South Island’sEast Coast. <strong>Kaikoura</strong> is New Zealand’s fur seal capital inmy opinion<strong>Kaikoura</strong> – New Zealand’s FirstSustainably Certified Community!include; Encounter <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, Anchor Inn Motel,Alpine Pacific Holiday Park, Driftwood Villa B&B,<strong>Kaikoura</strong> TOP 10 Holiday Park, Kincaid Lodge, Waveson the Esplanade, Wings Over Whales, YHA <strong>Kaikoura</strong>,Maui, Encounter <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, Hapuku Lodge, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Wilderness Walks, Maori Tours <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, The Fairwaysat Ocean Ridge, Whale Watch <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Ltd, MiharotiaHouse. Others are working toward certification, andothers practice sustainability without certification.If you want to know more about Sustainability pleasecontact <strong>Kaikoura</strong> District Council or visitwww.kaikoura.govt.nz.While seals are mostly seen at theirbreeding colonies and ‘haul out’ sites theycan come ashore anywhere along thecoast. Usually they are resting and will goto sea again when they are ready.If you see a wounded seal on the beach,don’t disturb it. Seals have a remarkableability to get well on their own, andeven deep wounds usually heal quickly.However, if the wound is severe and youare concerned about the animal’s welfare,contact your nearest Department ofConservation (DoC) office.Pups on their own are not necessarilyorphaned and should be left along. Theycan also inflict a painful and infectiousbite.If you come across a seal entangled inplastic strapping or other rubbish, or ifyou notice people or dogs harassing orinjuring seals, please let the local DoCoffice know as soon as you can.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsula RocksA walk around <strong>Kaikoura</strong>peninsula will reveal the area’sbreathtaking rock formationsthat date back many millennia.From marine sedimentary rocksin the cliffs to the one theshore platform that forms thepeninsula sea colony, these rocksbegan as sediment on the seafloor between 100 and 15 millionyears ago.During this long period, fourdifferent types of sedimentaryrocks (strata) were deposited onmuch older basement rocks.Since about 15 million years ago changingforces within the Earth’s crust began todeform and uplift the area.On the seaward side of the peninsulathe structure is complicated by folding inseveral directions and localised faults.On the shore platform in Spaniards Baythe limestone layers have been squeezedinto intricate folds, while towards thesouth side of Whalers Bay a continuousthin greenish layer can be found atthe base of the cliff and on the shoreplatform.The green colour is phosphate, whichformed around pebbles on the ancientsea floor during a long period where littlesediment was deposited.The intensely folded limestone rocksFolded rocks at Rhino Horn PointPhoto Brian Bettson the shore platform are one of themost striking features of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong>peninsula. The best place to see them ison the shore platform in Spaniards Bay atlow tide.These rocks are limestone, consisting ofthe shells of billions of micro-organisms.Their remains gradually accumulated asa limey mud on the floor of a deep oceanbetween 70 and 22 million years ago.Water was squeezed out between theweight of steadily accumulating sedimentand the mud slowly turned to stone.Then about 15 million years ago,compressional forces in the Earth’s crustbegan to buckle the flat limestone layers,eventually raising them above the sea toform the present coastline.~ Information courtesy of the Institute ofGeological and Nuclear SciencesThe Strawberry Tree Bar<strong>Kaikoura</strong> New World SupermarketGeneral GroceryWine/BeerSeafoodButcheryFlorist• Bakery• Fresh Fruit & VegesLocated on State Highway 1, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Open daily 7.30am–9.00pm3051305AB3298961ABFridayJam NightDiningandlive musicAlways somethinghappeningAward winningrecipesOne of the bestSeafood Chowderson the East CoastWest End Ph 319 6451Beer GardenLIVE SPORTTwo big screensExperience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 5

aikoura — A great base for birdwatching<strong>Kaikoura</strong> is a great base for birdwatching with alpine environments right next to the ocean,the diversity of birds is amongst one of the highest in the New Zealand region. While muchof <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s bird life is viewed offshore on trips of a world class standard (Encounter<strong>Kaikoura</strong>) there are still some great land-based bird watching opportunities.East Head- An amazing vantage point over seabirdcolonies and ocean reefs.A distinctive, yet little known land mark on the end of<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsula, East Head, is well worth visiting ifyou are interested in bird life or just after spectacularsea views. The head, as its name suggests is situatedon the eastern end of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsula. It overlooksspectacular limestone reefs with their dramatic jaggededges jutting into the Pacific Ocean. A large coastallagoon is situated between the reefs and is a topsnorkelling spot. East Head itself is easy to walk up,with a well formed track, and the walk could be easilydescribed as a gentle stroll. From the top you getsweeping views south to the Huamuri Bluffs. Cray fishingboats are often seen bobbing up and down in the swell.Give its nature as a vantage point makes sure you take aRed-billed chicks.pair of binoculars along. Humpback whales pass by closeinshore in the late autumn and winter. Dusky dolphinscan often be seen splashing offshore.Over the spring and summer the sound from red-billedgull colonies, below the head is almost deafening. Oftenthere are also large colonies of white fronted terns,also known as sea swallows- a elegant seabird similarin colouration to a seagull but smaller. While walking toEast head you will almost certainly encounter the blackoystercatcher, with its piercing call. Large numbers offur seals haul up on the reefs and if the sea breeze isblowing the right way the smell is well, distinctive.Because much of the wildlife is sensitive to disturbanceit is best to stay on the track. East head is accessed bywalking along the Peninsula walkway, about one hourfrom either South Bay or the Seal Colony car park.TRAVELLERS SERVICESLAUNDRYTHE LITTLELAUNDROMATOpen 5am - midnightLIBRARYNewspapers/MagazinesLocal HistoryWord-processingInternet/EmailLaminatingServiceHouseboundTalking Books<strong>Kaikoura</strong> District LibraryWelcomes you Kia ora koutouOpeninghoursMonday-Friday9.30-5.30Saturday 10.00-1.00(Closedonallpublicholidays)DVDs / ChildrensHolidayProgrammesHomework HelpBooks for SalePhotocopying(Colour)Spread SheetingToy LibraryFax ServiceInter-LibraryLoanSchool VisitsWeeklyToddlerTimeBook Covering…andmuchmore96 West End, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Phone 03 3196280Fax 03 319 5258Email: kbchib@xtra.co.nzDIGITAL SERVICESServices:CD & DVD Burning, DVD Hire, Digital Printing,Photocopying,Laminating,PassportPhotos&MoreSales:DigitalCameras,Cards,Batts&Accessories.Gifts, Binoculars, Wood Crafts, Sunglasses & MoreWest End <strong>Kaikoura</strong> 03 319 650439 Beach Rdwww.dougsphotos.co.nz expresskk@yahoo.comVISITOR INFOKAIKOURA VISITOR CENTREWest End, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>We book tours, accommodation &transport all over NZ including ferry & railOPEN DAILY in the town centrePhone 03 319 5641 Fax 03 319 6819Photo Bev ElliottReef HeronReef heronBy Peter LanglandsThe <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Coastline is one of thefew remaining areas where a breedingpopulation of reef herons is left on theSouth Island’s east coast. The ruggedand exposed coastline, with numerousrocky offshore rock stacks, is one reasonperhaps why this stocky grey colouredheron survives here.While it is not known exactly how manyreef herons there are on the SouthIsland’s east coast, the population isprobably less than a 100, with themajority of the birds inhabiting the<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Coastline.The reef heron is wide spread throughoutNew Zealand, Australia and the PacificIslands, but the South Island population isat the edge of the species range.Reef herons are stock grey birds whichblend in perfectly against the rocksalong <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s coastline. They aredistinguished from the much morecommon white faced heron by theiruniform blue-grey plumage and the lackof a white face.Reef herons can be sighted throughoutthe <strong>Kaikoura</strong> region and are often seenBy Peter Langlands<strong>Kaikoura</strong> boosts one of the most diverseranges of albatross species in the world.Over 15 types of albatross have beensighted off <strong>Kaikoura</strong> comprising of seventypes of great albatross and eight typesof smaller albatross known also asmollymawks.Whatever the time of year or weather youare practically guaranteed the sighting ofan albatross, hopefully a large wander,and the largest species of flying birdknown.All viewable within half an hour of theboat ramp at South Bay.Most species of albatross come withinhands reach of the boat this can be alittle frightening when the bird in questionis a Snowy albatross, the world’s largestflying bird, weighing over nine kilograms.In contrast some of the smaller albatrosss weighs in at only 2.5 kilograms. ThePhoto Peter Langlandson the peninsula, either at South Bay,around the seal colonies ,or along thecoastline at Oaro. High tide is often thebest time to sight the birds as they arepushed up to roost, and the birds areoften spread out over a much are area atlow tide.Often their bight yellow feet , will givethem away as they are well coloured toblend in with the background.Reef herons are designed like tanks inthe heron world, for handling the rockyterrain, with short stocky legs and athick bill. When hunched up they havequite a broody expression about them,and remind me of the bird figures in BillHammond’s paintings. They actively chasedown small fish in rock pools and crabsat low tide. They also have a distinctivefeeding style of spreading their wings outto form an umbrella. Small fish are thentricked into thinking they are seekingsanctuary in a shady spot, until then theheron’s bill pierce them.Reef herons are just one species of over150 birds recorded from the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> inthe last ten years, but are very much adistinctive bird of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> region.Albatross capital of the worldBuller’s Albatross which only breeds inNew Zealand is the smallest albatrossspecies sighted off <strong>Kaikoura</strong>.The albatross seen at <strong>Kaikoura</strong> come froma wide range of breeding locations, somesuch as the yellow nosed albatross, as faraway as the South Indian Ocean. Otherssuch as the Snowy from islands close toAntarctica.The most frequently sighted species areGibson Albatross, a type of wanderingalbatross from the Auckland Islands,about 600 miles south of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>. Yetresearch by French scientists trackingalbatross with satellite transmitter’s showsthat the birds can fly up to 1000 miles aday, when soaring on westerly gales inthe southern ocean. For this reason oftendays when there is a stiff breeze you willsee the greatest number, and variety ofalbatross. Often on calm days the birdshave difficulty taking off!BANK SERVICESBNZ, Kiwi Bank, Westpacare all located at West End.ATM’s: There are 3 located atWest End and 1 atNew World Supermarket.3517260AAMUSEUMOPENDAILYPage 6 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Historical Society14 Ludstone RoadDistrict Museum& Archives10AM TO 4.30PM Monday to Friday2 to 4pm Sat & Sun Closed GoodFriday & Christmas DaySalvins Albatross (Mollymawk)Photo Scott Hammond

EventsMARCH6CHANTEUSES & SHOTGUNS TOUR 2011Laren Thomson & Tami Neilson singer-songwriters:Mayfair Theatre, 8pm12ARCHAEOLOGY ON THE LAWNFyffe House 10.30am-2.30pm. No charge.19SEAWEEK COMMUNITY DAYOn the lawn at Fyffe House11am-3pm19SCHOOLYARD MARKET9am-1pmLocal crafts, produce and bargains at the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Primary School Grounds,Esplanade20MY LYFORD CHALLENGE8am-2pm. For entry forms and race information go to: www.paardekooper.co.nz26 & 27KAIKOURA GOLF CLUB CENTENARY WEEKENDCheck clubhouse for details phone 319 562827CHRIS HAINSWORTH ORGANISTA musical banquet from Bach to Bacchus, Brahms to Liszt...of Byrds and B’s....St Paul’s Presbyterian Church,2pm. Tickets $15. Door sales onlyAPRIL3TUTUS ON TOURRoyal New Zealand Ballet,Featuring a new production of Pinocchio and a sparkling classical showpiece “VerdiVariations”Memorial Hall, 2.30pmTickets from <strong>Kaikoura</strong> PharmacyAdults $30. Children upto Year 13 $15.15FIRST SCHOOL TERM ENDS16SCHOOLYARD MARKET9am-1pm22GOOD FRIDAYPublic Holiday23SCHOOLYARD MARKET9am-1pm25EASTER MONDAY & ANZAC DAYPublic HolidayMAY2SECOND SCHOOL TERM BEGINSMOVIESLocal movie theatre on The Esplanade has regular screenings. See local paper ofdetailsQUIZ NIGHTSTuesday: The Adelphi BarWednesday: Strawberry Tree BarThursday: The WhalerMUSO’S JAM NIGHTFriday nights at Strawberry Tree Bar, 9pm onwards.Some instruments provided.Mauri Ora Holistic HealingMauri Ora Holistic Healing promotesthe awareness of universal spiritualconcepts and the benefits of holistichealing methods through professionalpractice, education, demonstrationsand publications. The aim for MauriOra’s founder Darlene Morgan is toprovide an inspirational and upliftingservice for clients that assists themon their own unique path of spiritualhealing.It all starts with Reiki, or ‘Universal Life Force.’Reiki Healing involves chanelling universal energythrough the practitioner to the client, which assists in thebody’s natural healing processes through deep relaxationand the relief and release of stress.“As physics has shown,” Darlene explains, “everythingis energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies.While everything includes the everyday physical objectsthat we can see, it also includes thoughts, feelings andeven words.“Reiki healing allows a higher energy frequency to flowinto the client to transform and balance negative energyand stress by allowing the body to deeply relax and goabout repairing itself naturally.”However while it allows clients some relief, Darlene alsosays there needs to be an understanding of what hasbeen causing the build up of stress and a willingness toaddress this through a process which can ultimately leadto self-empowerment and spiritual growth.Sessions last for around 50 minutes to an hour andthere is the opportunity for discussion and questionsafterwards.Follow-up healing sessions are often recommended overa period of time to allow the body, mind and soul to fullybenefit.“I have set moderate prices and have a discountedrate for those with community services cards,” Darlenesays. “For kaumatua (those who are elderly) only a koha(donation) is requested.”“I am currently focusing on Reiki Healing but am alsoundertaking a course on native Flower Essences andstudying the healing effects of Crystal Healing so hopeto incorporate these modes into my practice in the nearfuture.”“I also offer ‘spiritual life-coaching’ in conjunction withReiki for those who are seeking to understand their ownunique path in life.”Operating out of Symonde Laugeson’s Te Matauranga OHumarie on Beach Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, Darlene’s Mauri OraHolistic Healing is available on Monday’s and other daysby appointment.Darlene is also quick to add that working with Symondehas provided a supportive environment.“We are both passionate about making a differencein peoples lives and even though we have differentpractices, we are both essentially using the same healingprinciples.”Symonde Laugeson of Te Matauranga O Humarieand Darlene Morgan of Mauri Ora Holistic Healing3390491AAKAIKOURABAKERY3387617AAClean Restroomfor our customers• Specialty Breads• Hot Pies• Fresh Bread• Pizza• Cream Cakes• Paninis• Filled Rolls• Slices• CoffeeYOUR LOCAL BAKERYOPEN 7 DAYS69a Beach Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Phone 03 319 5200The Best Burgers andFish&ChipsinTown?Goodselectionof fish –freshlybatteredOpen7daystill 8pmThe Top Shop240 Beach Road,Phone 319 70 40Our Outdoor Department has it all!TentsPegs, PolesAirbeds, PillowSleeping BagsBarbequesPortable StovesGas, Cartridge & BottlesHeat BeadsCitronellaTravel AdaptorsFishing RodsReelsPlus All Fishing EquipmentBait, Knives3289257ABGear supplied by KK Mitre 10<strong>Kaikoura</strong>107 Beach Rd. Ph 319 5013Goggles & FlippersSnorkelsFish SmokersAmmoPlus General HardwareGift Vouchers3524706AATeMataurangaOHumarieThe Treasures of SerenityCome and experience our unique style ofHolistic massage with a touch of MaoriLightcolourtheraphyOutdoormassage room18 Beach Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Phone: 03 319 3178Email: temataurangaohumarie@xtra.co.nzS1KPMauri Ora HolisticHealingReiki HealingDarlene MorganReiki MasterStress Reduction, Relaxation& Natural Healing18 Beach Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Phone: 03 319 3178Emai: maurioraholistichealing@hotmail.co.nzExperience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 7

<strong>Kaikoura</strong>Art &CraftSCENEKaren James — Artist<strong>Kaikoura</strong>hasathrivingartisticcommunity and the art trail offersloversofartachancetoviewandmeet artisans working a variety ofmaterials including pottery, wood,bone,gold,ceramicsaswellaspaintings and drawings.From several galleries through tohome-based studios, the art trailgivesanyoneinterestedinartthechancetoviewworkinspiredbythe <strong>Kaikoura</strong> surroundings. Makesure you find time to hit the arttrail and take home a unique artsouvenir.1www.seawardnz.co.nzHomewoodHillArt Gallery 2Karen JamesArtist inOils,Acrylics&PastelState Highway 1,North(opp Hapuku Primary School)KAIKOURA 03 319 740011. SeawardPottery&AccommodationJuanita EdelmannOPEN:Mosthours,mostdays.Potteryandotherlocalartists15kmnorthof<strong>Kaikoura</strong>•Phone31957952. Homewood Hill Art GalleryKaren James OPEN: Most days, quality paintings, oils, acrylics, pastels, drawings.State Highway 1, North (opp Hapuku Primary School)Phone 319 7400 • www.homewoodhill.comPage 8 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 201123533626AAVersatile and talented local artist Karen Jamesis probably best known around <strong>Kaikoura</strong> for herteaching success, having taken numerous classesover the years. She has taught many differentpeople, from children and first-time painters, tomore advanced artists looking to improve a specifictechnique or branch out into something new.However Karen is still very much an evolving artistin her own right and keeps herself busy constantlyproducing artwork for sale and exhibition. Workingfrom her gallery at Homewood Hill, just north of<strong>Kaikoura</strong>, Karen finds it easy to draw inspirationfrom her beautiful surroundings. She uses a varietyof mediums and her subject matter is equallydiverse, however she has recently found herselfleaning towards her love of portraits.Her most recent accomplishment is a paintingclose to her heart – a portrait of her adopteddaughter Maureen, now aged 23. Karen isparticularly proud of this picture as, although shehas painted Maureen on numerous occasions, thisis the first one which shows her as an independentand confident young woman. Karen has capturedthe grace and natural beauty of her subject, usingpastels on top of a background created using teaand coffee, an effect which she likes and has usedon previous works.The painting is due to appear in the secondbiennial Wai Art Portrait Exhibition in Carterton2011, which calls for artists to recognize someoneinfluential and important in their lives.Later this year Karen will continue her foray intoportrait painting when she undertakes a large fullfigureportrait of friend and Christchurch hotelierTim Nicholls, a work with which she hopes to enterthe Adam Portraiture Award and Exhibition, themost prestigious portrait awards in the country.The biennial exhibition is held at the New ZealandPortrait Gallery in Wellington, and over the pastfew years Karen has entered three times and beenaccepted as a finalist twice, in 2004 and 2008.She is very much looking forward to the projectas her subject is a larger than life character witha colourful personality so he will make an equallycolourful and entertaining portrait to work on.Originally from Australia, Karen has beeninterested in drawing and photography for manyyears. She studied under a number of well-knownartists and has enjoyed a full-time career in thefield for some time, settling in <strong>Kaikoura</strong> andestablishing the gallery in 2000.As well as twice being selected as a finalist atthe Adam Portraiture Awards, Karen has wonnumerous other awards both here and in Australiaincluding Marlborough Artist at the 2004 PetersDoig Art Awards, and Best Portrait at the SouthernPastel Arts Exhibition in Invercargill in 2007. Herfirst New Zealand solo exhibition was held at theChristchurch Arts Centre in 2007.Karen works in oils, pastels and acrylics which areavailable for sale from the gallery, along with herartwork. Homewood Hill is well worth a visit, and isopen most days during daylight hours. The galleryis also part of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Art Trail and can befound six kms north of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> on State Highway1, opposite Hapuku School. For more informationon Karen’s work and the gallery, visitwww.homewoodhill.com

aikoura’s Dining GuideThe next 3 pages feature all our favourite places to eatBe Impressed by <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s Fresh Local Foods and WinesVisitors to <strong>Kaikoura</strong> are spoilt for choice with the vast array ofestaurants, cafes and takeaway bars in the town which offeroth indoor and outdoor dining. The range of food availablend the quality first class.ith a selection of vegetarian, organic, Indonesian, Indian,acific rim and seafood dishes on offer everyone should findomething to their liking. Most restaurants are licensed orYO (check the dining guide list on the next page) and carryselection of Marlborough, North Canterbury or <strong>Kaikoura</strong>ine.eafood has been part of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> since Tamatea-Pokaihenuathe great traveller stopped off here and lit a fire toook his meal of crayfish. This is how <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s name camebout, in full it is Te Ahi-kai-koura-a-Tamma-ki-te-rangi.ther specialities caught in the area are groper, blue nose,utterfish, cod, tarakihi, mussels and paua.Apart from being on the menu in local restaurants all theseeafoods are available from the local fish shop for those whoish to cook.aikoura can boast a large selection of locally made producencluding organic bread, high country honey, fresh fruit andvegetables, Harnetts sausages, olive oil and wine.NEW COMMERCIALHOTEL&MOTELSGood Kiwi MealsNoon2.00pm & 5.309.00pmEnjoy the friendly atmosphere inside or relax in ourlandscaped garden barBarbecues available bring your own foodor we can supplyChildren welcomeCnr Brighton & Torquays StsPhone 319 5087146 EsplanadeOpen from 5.30PH : 319 7145WHITE MORPH RESTAURANT<strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s Premium Dining Experience. Six Seven times times winner ofthe winner Hallmark of the ofHallmark Excellence of Lamb Excellence & Beef Lamb Award. & Beef Award.Fully Licensed. Reservations recommended.Open7daysfrom5.30pm.94 Esplanade, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Ph 319 5676www.whitemorphrestaurant.co.nzCOME TRY US...White MorphRESTAURANT • KAIKOURA3414409AA3532487AA3495353AA3516689AA3509738AAPh (03)319 6360We are open 7 daysfrom 5pm ‘til lateTakeaway and Delivery $5Gluten free pizza bases available“A little shop with a big menu”gourmet pizza, pastapuddings and moreOpen 7.30am-4.30pm every dayOur gallery/shop offers quality designer clothingand an interesting range of innovative gift ideasWholefoods Restaurant -Wine Bar & Function CentreA warm welcome awaits you at Hislops.Organic wine, coffee and food includingfresh meat, seafood and vegetarian cuisine.Function centre now availableOpen7daysfrom9.00amthrough to, and including, evening dining33 Beach Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Telephone 03 319 6971cafe@hislops-wholefoods.co.nzwww.hislops-wholefoods.co.nz3531562aa3509894AAA relaxed dining experience with majestic views.An exciting menu with NZ Beef and Lamb, a range ofAoteroa Seafood including locally caught fish, filletedand served the same day. Premium wine and beer12 Avoca Street. Phone 03 319 6666Dining out in KAIKOURAExperience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 9

Page 10 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011This month’s feature restaurants . . .White Morph Restaurant Donegal HouseFlukes CaféDining out in KAIKOURA94 EsplanadeThe tastefully decorated White Morph Restaurant is set ina 100-year old bank building with commanding views ofthe Pacific Ocean and <strong>Kaikoura</strong> ranges.While our extensive menu specializes in seafood, wealso offer beef, lamb, venison & chicken – so there issomething for everyone. Our seafood includes crayfish,local fresh fish, prawns, scallops, mussels, calamari andcrab.We might look formal but inside is relaxed andcomfortable and you’ll be made to feel welcome by ourlocal staff.Awarded the lamb and beef Hallmark of Excellence forthe past seven years, the White Morph is <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’sleading restaurant.Open seven nights a week we can cater for individualtravellers or groups of 80. We are fully licensed and nonsmoking.Don’t be disappointed, reserve your table tonight.3269840ABDAILY SPECIALSOPEN 7 DAYS 8am till late13A West End. Phone 319 5221Situated at Jimmy Armer’s Beachon the way to the Seal Colony‘The Taste of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’Exciting new menuGreat coffee, great atmosphereOpen fire, warm friendly staff70 West End, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>(Opposite car park)Phone 319 6027WE BOAST TO HAVE THEMOST SUCCULENT FRESHLYCOOKED CRAYFISHCRAYFISH MORNAYSEAFOOD CHOWDERFREE glass of house wine withevery Fish & Fries (after noon)SHEARER’S BREAKFAST withFREE flat white until noonROAST OF THE DAYOCEAN BOUNTY PLATTERwith a range of succulent, freshlycaught seafood delicaciesincluding whole crayfishON THE BEACHSchoolhouse RoadYou don’t have to be Irish to appreciate the atmospheredispensed at this <strong>Kaikoura</strong> landmark. “Anyone whoenjoys a good party will feel right at home” says HostMurray Boyd. Donegal House, begun humbly with a barin Murray’s family living room twelve years ago. It is nowa thriving, popular location for visitors and locals alike,offering; bar, restaurant, accommodation and functionfacilities.Outdoor dining overlooks an idyllic garden setting andlake and with <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s most prominent landmark, MtFyffe, as a background – the view is magical.The restaurant sources its produce from the localMarlborough district to present a varied menu of localdelicacies … fresh fish, crayfish, premium steak, chicken,pasta and vegetarian dishes accompanied by qualityMarlborough wine. Served in a fun musical atmosphere, iswhat makes this restaurant fill all chairs.As well as meals for in-house guests, Donegal House isopen to the public 7 days a week for lunch, dinner andprivate functions.Enjoy our freshly caught crayfishand seafood meals* Specialising in Seafood platters *Our Crayfish is served with fries and salad*DAILY SPECIALS*We boast to have the most locallycaught seafood3367553AB 3297576AB3327053ACWine tastingTerminologyAstringency: Applies tothe finish of the wine andis caused by tannins thatproduce a mouth puckeringsensation and coat the teethwith dryness.Chalky: A sensation on thefinish, extremely dry.Cloudy: A fault in winewhich is caused bysuspended solids that makeit look dull.Length (long): The measureof registration of flavour inthe mouth (the longer thebetter).Sappy: A herbaceouscharacter that resembles sap.• Whole CrayfishScallops • Mussels• Crayfish Fritter• Paua Patties• Grilled Fish• Seafood Chowder• Garlic Prawns• Cold Drinks3525051AAThe Whaleway StationWhen visiting <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, make sure you take the time torelax, enjoy the sunshine and soak up in the incredibleview for Flukes Café and Wine Bar.Situated right on the seafront at the Whaleway Stationnear the town centre, Flukes is <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s best keptsecret, offering a relaxed atmosphere with one of thebest views in town.Do some dolphin spotting or just take in the spectacularmountain scenery while enjoying an early breakfast orcasual lunch on the beach at Flukes. Our breakfast menuis on offer until 11am daily – try the hearty Skipper’sChoice, a full cooked breakfast of bacon, free range eggs,sausages, tomatoes and hash browns. Lighter optionsare available including toasted muesli with fruit salad andyoghurt.Our popular signature dishes have been a winner withlocals and visitors alike – a piping hot creamy seafoodchowder served in a sourdough cob loaf and Fish of theDay using sustainably sourced Blue Cod. Or just come inand enjoy a cup of freshly made coffee and sample thehomemade cakes and savoury items.Flukes is open daily from 6.30am till 5pm over thesummer months. Wheelchair access available.3301826ABBARRESTAURANT. Extensive lunch anddinner menuACCOMMODATION. B&B, 30 ensuite roomsPRIVATE FUNCTION FACILITIESTRANQUIL GARDENS AND LAKESSchoolhouse RoadPhone 03 319 5083www.donegalhouse.co.nzAs featured in Lonely Planet, Air NZ Inflight Movie and manyother publications. Phone 027 376 3619OutdoordiningatJimmyArmer’sBeachonthewaytotheSealColony2289881AA

3106960AB3517794AANAME ADDRESS MENU SPECIALITY PHONEALLURE CAFE &GALLERYAROMASCAFE & BAR11 West End Special Blackboard Selector13a West EndPrintedBlackboard &SpecialsBAYSIDE BLUE CAFE 146 Esplanade A la carteCAFÉ ENCOUNTERDONEGALHOUSEFLUKES CAFE96 EsplanadeSchoolhouseRoadThe WhalewayStationPrinted, a-la-carte,blackboard specials andinteresting cabinet optionsA la carteAll day cabinet selection andblackboardEnjoy great coffeeTasty cuisineUnique ambienceCrayfish Mornay.Free flat white with everyShearer’s Breakfast319 7402319 5221Mediterrean style using freshlocal products 319 7145Breakfast, lunches andall day snacks - freshlyprepared dailyExtensive lunch & dinnermenu. Rib-eye steak, localfresh fish & crayfish319 6777319 5083Coffee. Seafood Chowder.Cabinet food selection. 319 7733GREEN DOLPHIN 12 Avoca Street Printed New Zealand Cuisine 319 6666HISLOPSCAFÉEating out in KAIKOURAKAIKOURA SEAFOODBBQLOBSTER INNTAVERN & RUMBARNEW COMMERCIALHOTELSTRAWBERRYTREETHE BLACK RABBITPIZZA Co.THECRAYPOTTHE PIERRESTAURANT/BARTUTISRESTAURANT/BARWHITE MORPHRESTAURANT33 Beach RoadFyffe Quay,Jimmy Armer’sBeach115 BeachRoadCnr Brighton& Torquay St21 West End17 Beach RdNext to Coriander’s70 West End1 Avoca Streetby new wharf35 Beach RdGreet, seat, relaxed service,day & night printed plusspecialsPrinted & BlackboardBlackboard &PrintedOrganic - Fresh fish, meat &vegetarian food. 319 6971Crayfish, Paua Patties,Scallops, Prawns, Fish 0273763619Local seafood andfresh NZ cuisineLobster Inn319 5743Rumbar319 7037Printed Family meals 319 5087Printed &BlackboardPrinted &BlackboardPrinted &BlackboardA la carte blackboardspecialsPrintedA la carte96 Esplanade A la carteThe Restaurant @ The PierFresh Seafoods and SteakCrayfish a specialityAwesome viewsDay Meeting RoomsGroup bookings recommendedOpen 12 noon til late1 Avoca St, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Ph 03 319 5037email: thepier@xtra.co.nzwww.thepierhotel.co.nzTAVERN/SPORTS BARBistro Menu - variety and valuefor moneyFull TAB facilitySeparate gaming roomPool tableBig screen viewing plus 6 largeTV’s for perfect viewing<strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s local barGreat entertainment - greatatmosphere - open 7 daysGood food all night.Great atmosphere 319 6451Fresh local wildgourmet takeaway 319 6360Crayfish specialists300gm steak 319 6027Fresh seafood/steak, creativelocal cuisine, fresh crayfish.Lunch and dinnerFresh local seafood.Premium Steak. Indonesian/Singaporean CuisineLicensedBYOVegetarianGlutenFree3195037319 3370Fresh NZ cuisineand local seafood 319 5676RUM BARNew upstairs dining above theLobster Inn Tavern.Separate entryA la Carte menu - relaxeddining atmosphere overlooking<strong>Kaikoura</strong> township, coast andmountainsLadies happy hour night5 - 7pm every FridayGreat functions venueQUALITY AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATIONStudio, family and new deluxe units. All units non smoking.Camping facilities avail. - power sites. Quiet & convenient location.Guest laundry. Solar heated swimming pool (seasonal). Conferencefacility. Ample parking. Corporate and seasonal rates apply.Cafe by dayrestaurantby nightOpen for lunch and dinnerfrom 11am til lateCheck out our excitingmenu which includes freshcrayfish, local seafoodand premium steak,Indonesian/Singaporeanand NZ cuisine.All food freshly prepared3130218AB35 Beach Road - <strong>Kaikoura</strong> - New ZealandTelephone 03 319 3370 www.tutis.co.nzDining out in KAIKOURAExperience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 11

<strong>Kaikoura</strong>TidesFor more information on how to interpret these tides, visit: www.linz.govt.nz/hydro/tidal-infotide predictions are not official tide tables asspecified in Maritime Rules Part 25 Nautical Chartsand Publications (pursuant to Section 36 of theMaritime Transport Act 1994). © LINZTidesTheseNB:Tides data supplied by Land Information New Zealand.2 MarWednesday4 MarFriday6 MarSunday8 MarTuesday10 MarThursday12 MarSaturday14 MarMonday16 MarWednesday18 MarFriday20 MarSunday22 MarTuesday24 MarThursday26 MarSaturday28 MarMonday30 MarWednesday1 AprFriday3 AprSunday5 AprTuesday7 AprThursday9 AprSaturday11 AprMonday13 AprWednesday15 AprFriday17 AprSunday19 AprTuesday21 AprThursday23 AprSaturday25 AprMonday27 AprWednesday29 AprFriday1 MaySunday3 MayTuesday5 MayThursday7 MaySaturday03:54 1.9m 10:07 0.3m16:12 1.8m 22:26 0.3m05:24 1.8m 11:35 0.4m17:43 1.8m 23:55 0.4m00:37 0.4m 06:46 1.8m12:58 0.4m 19:08 1.7m01:59 0.4m 08:08 1.7m14:20 0.4m 20:31 1.7m03:24 0.5m 09:35 1.6m15:46 0.5m 21:57 1.7m04:56 0.5m 11:08 1.6m17:15 0.5m 23:28 1.7m00:17 1.7m 06:35 0.5m12:44 1.7m 18:51 0.4m02:00 1.9m 08:18 0.3m14:25 1.8m 20:38 0.3m03:48 2.0m 10:03 0.2m16:13 2.0m 22:31 0.2m05:37 2.0m 11:52 0.1m18:06 2.1m01:20 0.1m 07:30 2.0m13:44 0.1m 20:01 2.1m03:13 0.2m 09:26 2.0m15:37 0.2m 21:56 2.0m05:09 0.2m 11:22 1.9m17:31 0.2m 23:51 2.0m00:48 1.9m 07:05 0.3m13:15 1.8m 19:24 0.3m02:35 1.8m 08:50 0.4m14:57 1.8m 21:10 0.4m04:09 1.8m 10:20 0.4m16:29 1.8m 22:43 0.4m04:32 1.7m 10:43 0.4m16:55 1.8m 23:08 0.4m05:54 1.7m 12:05 0.4m18:17 1.7m01:12 0.5m 07:20 1.6m13:30 0.5m 19:42 1.7m02:41 0.5m 08:52 1.6m14:58 0.5m 21:11 1.8m04:17 0.4m 10:28 1.7m16:34 0.4m 22:49 1.8m05:59 0.3m 12:08 1.8m18:18 0.3m01:28 2.0m 07:43 0.2m13:55 2.0m 20:12 0.2m03:18 2.0m 09:32 0.1m15:48 2.0m 22:07 0.1m05:11 2.0m 11:25 0.1m17:44 2.1m00:57 0.1m 07:07 2.0m13:19 0.2m 19:37 2.1m02:49 0.2m 09:02 1.9m15:10 0.2m 21:28 2.0m04:41 0.3m 10:53 1.8m16:59 0.3m 23:18 1.9m00:10 1.8m 06:26 0.4m12:36 1.7m 18:46 0.4m01:48 1.7m 08:01 0.4m14:11 1.7m 20:26 0.5m03:16 1.7m 09:27 0.4m15:40 1.7m 21:56 0.5m04:40 1.7m 10:50 0.4m17:04 1.8m 23:20 0.4m01:29 0.4m 07:37 1.6m13:44 0.4m 19:57 1.8m© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2011Design andInstallation service:• John Guest UnderfloorHeating• Hynds EnvironmentalWaste Water Systems• Irrigation and pumping• Water conservation• Filtration and watercoolers• Hotwater solutions:Gas, Electric, Solar3515293AA00:02 0.4m 06:05 1.6m12:15 0.4m 18:28 1.8m3 MarThursday5 MarSaturday7 MarMonday9 MarWednesday11 MarFriday13 MarSunday15 MarTuesday17 MarThursday19 MarSaturday21 MarMonday23 MarWednesday25 MarFriday27 MarSunday29 MarTuesday31 MarThursday2 AprSaturday4 AprMonday6 AprWednesday8 AprFriday10 AprSunday12 AprTuesday14 AprThursday16 AprSaturday18 AprMonday20 AprWednesday22 AprFriday24 AprSunday26 AprTuesday28 AprThursday30 AprSaturday2 MayMonday4 MayWednesday6 MayFriday8 MaySunday04:40 1.8m 10:52 0.3m16:58 1.8m 23:12 0.4m06:05 1.8m 12:17 0.4m18:26 1.8m01:18 0.4m 07:27 1.7m13:39 0.4m 19:49 1.7m02:40 0.5m 08:51 1.7m15:03 0.5m 21:13 1.7m04:09 0.5m 10:21 1.6m16:30 0.5m 22:42 1.7m05:45 0.5m 11:56 1.6m18:02 0.5m01:08 1.8m 07:26 0.4m13:33 1.7m 19:44 0.3m02:54 2.0m 09:10 0.2m15:18 1.9m 21:34 0.2m04:42 2.0m 10:57 0.2m17:09 2.0m 23:27 0.1m00:23 0.1m 06:33 2.1m12:48 0.1m 19:04 2.1m02:16 0.1m 08:27 2.0m14:41 0.1m 20:58 2.1m04:11 0.2m 10:24 1.9m16:34 0.2m 22:53 2.0m06:08 0.3m 12:19 1.8m18:28 0.3m01:43 1.9m 08:00 0.3m14:07 1.8m 20:18 0.4m03:24 1.8m 09:36 0.4m15:44 1.8m 21:58 0.4m04:51 1.8m 11:02 0.4m17:12 1.8m 23:26 0.4m05:13 1.7m 11:24 0.4m17:36 1.8m 23:49 0.4m00:30 0.4m 06:36 1.7m12:47 0.4m 18:59 1.7m01:56 0.5m 08:05 1.6m14:13 0.5m 20:25 1.7m03:28 0.5m 09:40 1.6m15:45 0.5m 21:59 1.8m05:08 0.4m 11:18 1.7m17:25 0.4m 23:41 1.8m00:34 1.9m 06:51 0.3m13:01 1.9m 19:14 0.2m02:23 2.0m 08:37 0.2m14:51 2.0m 21:10 0.2m04:14 2.0m 10:29 0.1m16:46 2.1m 23:04 0.1m00:01 0.1m 06:09 2.0m12:22 0.1m 18:41 2.1m01:53 0.2m 08:05 2.0m14:15 0.2m 20:33 2.0m03:45 0.2m 09:58 1.8m16:05 0.3m 22:23 1.9m05:35 0.3m 11:46 1.8m17:53 0.4m01:01 1.8m 07:15 0.4m13:25 1.7m 19:37 0.5m02:33 1.7m 08:44 0.4m14:56 1.7m 21:12 0.5m03:58 1.7m 10:09 0.4m16:22 1.8m 22:38 0.4m05:22 1.7m 11:32 0.4m17:46 1.8m00:45 0.4m 06:50 1.6m12:59 0.4m 19:12 1.8m02:15 0.4m 08:25 1.7m14:31 0.4m 20:44 1.8mCOASTAL PLUMBINGKAIKOURA LTDPlumbingGasfitiingDrainlayingGreg Hunt or Dave Lewis PH 319 6699Page 12 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011North of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Waima BeachBy Peter LanglandsThe coastline to the north of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> offersa range of locations to stop for a beach walk.Often few people stop as they are moving ontheir way north to Picton. If you have a sparehour or so there is a range of beach walksworth checking out.One such walk is situated about 40 minutesdrive north of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>. Just south off theWaima River is a small settlement of Wharanui.A short gravel road, sign posted, off StateHighway One, leads down to sand dunes. Parkat the dunes and it is a short walk out onto thebeach. Immediately to the south of the accesspoint is a series of spectacular limestoneoutcrops, which are best viewed at low tide.The snow-capped mountains of the Seaward<strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s form a spectacular background.You can walk north from the access atOn State Highway 1 at Wharanui, halfwaybetween <strong>Kaikoura</strong> and Blenheim, there is apicturesque small stone church, St Oswald’s.St Oswald’s was built in 1927 by Wharanui landowners Charles and Selina Murray in memory oftheir son, Charles junior.Charles junior had been ill and had gone toSwitzerland in hope of finding a cure, but sadlydied in Geneva in June 1924 aged only 19.The stone for the church was quarried from asmall nearby stream, and the Anglican Bishop ofthe Nelson Diocese, the Right Reverend Sadlier,dedicated the building on February 20, 1927.The church, which belongs to the Nelson AnglicanDiocese and is part of the Awatere Parish, is keptopen for the passing public to visit.It has beautiful stained glass windows donatedby Wharaniu area residents in memory of familymembers.Services are still held in the church from timeto time along with weddings and the occasionalchristening.A small cemetery behind the church containsthe graves of the Murray family and other localresidents.St Oswalds at Wharanui is an attractive stonebuilding built to honour a loved family memberand today is a place for passing travellers to lookthrough and reflect.Wharanui to the Waima Rivermouth, whichtakes about 30 minutes. The walk is relaxingand a wide range of wildlife can be sighted.Black oystercatchers are often seen on thebeach, with gannets often seen flying offshore.The beach is also excellent for surf castingbetween the offshore reefs and is a prime spotto catch blue moki and other types of reef fish.The beach and associated reefs are also worthsnorkelling for pauas, crayfish or spear fishingfor butterfish when sea conditions clear. Attimes shoals of kahawai can be seen swimmingalong the beach.The beach is also ideal for a relaxing picnic.So take some time out for some fresh air.There are other beach walks, along gravelbeaches in the region, with a refreshing walkout on the beach nearby at Kekerengu.Wharanui on the Coastal Route NorthA vast marine food chain lies beneaththe surface of the sea near the <strong>Kaikoura</strong>peninsula.It begins with microscopic plants calledphytoplankton.The subtropical waters drifting southwards,east of New Zealand, meet northwardmovingsubantarctic waters, rich in nutrients,near <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, and there, phytoplanktonthrive and multiply on the nutrient supply.These organisms are fed on by manydifferent kinds of small animals calledzooplankton, which in turn provide food forschooling fish and seabirds.The food chain finishes with larger fish, suchas sharks and marine mammals such asseals, dolphins and whales.Another factor contributes to the variety ofmarine life at <strong>Kaikoura</strong>.From far offshore a submarine chasm calledthe <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Canyon extends towards thecoast just south of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> peninsula.Only three kilometres from land, it isnearly 1000m deep and its proximity to theSt Oswalds church which is situated between Kekerengu and Ward, about 65kmnorth of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Vast food chain beneath the oceanpeninsula means that there is a great range inthe depth of the sea close to shore.As a result deepwater feeders such as spermwhales surface in coastal waters alongsidedolphins, seals and orca.This makes <strong>Kaikoura</strong> one of the best places inthe world to see an abundance and variety ofmarine mammals.

Dolphin Encounterourists provide the entertainment for charming <strong>Kaikoura</strong> localsBy Kim Triegaardt“Welcome to my office,” says Daveith a wide grin as he arms sweepcross the sea, sky and toweringeaward <strong>Kaikoura</strong> ranges.As if on cue a dusky dolphin leapsrom the water beside the boat androceeds to dance across the waterlapping his tail.“He’s obviously the show off in thegroup,” says Dave.The former marine biologist turnedolphin Encounter guide patientlynswers the most common question heets from scores of tourists. “So whyo dolphins jump?”“Well, we actually don’t know forsure,” he says. So not all that helpful,but to be honest nobody really caresbecause after a 30 minute boat tripsouth from <strong>Kaikoura</strong> we’ve arrived ata site near Goose Bay to be greetedby a pod of nearly 200 dolphins. Thedesire to jump in the water and swimwith the animals is palpable, almostfrantic. “Wait for the horn to sound,”warns Ed. He’s already given us thesafety briefing and the horn means theengines are off and its safe to get offthe boat and into the water.We’re a mixed bag that’s signed up forthis morning’s swim-with-the-dolphinsexperience. I’ve dragged along mydaughter, Victoria because I alwaysneed someone I can make do thingsso I can take photos of them. We joina big group of French, German andEnglish tourists eager to don wetsuits,masks and fins to brave the 16 degreewater and get up close and personalwith some of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s more enduringresidents.Dolphin Encounter runs three tours aday in summer starting at 5:30am andgoes out twice a day in winter betweenMay and October. Their permits allowtwo boats to do three trips a day andone boat eight trips a week and with16 swimmers a piece and a handfulof spectators, that’s 800 swimmers aweek.I look closely to see if Ed’s smile isfixed in place and listen for Dave tosound bored but it isn’t and he doesn’t.In fact both guides cheerfully exhortthe swimmers to make more noise,swim around in circles and dive downbelow the water.Bobbing up and down slowly on thesurface of the sea triggers a wave ofseasickness for poor Victoria and sheheads back to the boat for a bit. Butwhen Ed spots a group of dolphinsheaded our way he encourages herback into the water and a dolphinswims up to her. For a couple ofminutes they swim around and overand under each other.* A two-hour Dolphin Encounterexperience costs $165.00 (adult) and$80 if you are just watching. Pricesinclude the use of mask, snorkel, finsand wetsuit. Visit dolphinencounter.co.nz for more information.Fins ahoy - Victoria Triegaardt dives underwater to entertain a friendly duskydolphin3517161AA<strong>Kaikoura</strong>Golf Club• 18 hole scenic links course• Watered greens andfairways• Superb scenery• Modern clubhouse facilities• Club and trundler hire• Motorised cart hire• Green fees...$20 affiliated members(NZ Only)$40 non-affiliatedOPEN 7 DAYSMain South RoadPhone/Fax 03 319 5628info@kaikouragolf.co.nzwww.kaikouragolf.co.nz3466054AAABOVE: There were scores of baby dusky dolphinsin this 200-strong pod.LEFT: Dusky dolphins enjoying the entertainingspectacle of black rubber clad land-lubberssplashing around.3085807AB1/2 hour scenicflight operatingall year roundPRICESADULTS $165CHILDREN $75Looking For ADVENTUREExperience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 13

Whales<strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s coastline is a mecca for marine mammalsmaking observation of the fascinating world of whalesrelatively easy. When the first whaling station was setup in <strong>Kaikoura</strong> in 1842 the humpback and right whaleswere keenly sought after but now sperm whales are morepredominant around <strong>Kaikoura</strong>. Nowhere else in the worldare sperm whales so accessible.This is mainly due to the fact that the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsularovides a meeting place for the strong ocean currentshat converge in deep water canyons enabling the richarine ecosystem to thrive and form the ideal feedinground for the whales.Kayak KayakingSealShop Online atwww.kaikourakayaks.co.nz19 Killarney StreetBOOKINGS FREEPHONE 0800 452 456gilil,ScKayak School, Hireol, HireKayak and Fishing3297484ABSperm whales are large whalesthat dive very deeply – up to threekilometers – to feed on squid and fishwith a dive taking up to two hours.The males grow to eighteen metresand females can grow up to twelvemetres. The average life span is sixtyto seventy years while the youngadolescent males from the age ofabout twelve years onward leave theirfamily group to make their way to<strong>Kaikoura</strong> where they form bachelorherds. On the other hand the femaleslive within the family group.Other whales such as Orcas, oftenregarded as the predators of thespecies are seen from time to time.Over a twelve-month period fourteenspecies of whales would pass throughon their migratory routes. TheHumpback whale can be observedduring the spring and autumn period.Blue whales – huge slender whalesthat can grow to a maximum of thirtythreemetres are not very often seennow because their numbers weredramatically reduced in the early daysof whaling, have also been known topass through in June or July.Observing whales has becomeimportant to <strong>Kaikoura</strong> replacing theearly hunting operations of the past.A popular option to view the whales isby air – something the early whalerscould never have imaged.There are regular 30 minute flights byplane or several boat trips availabledaily.Play a roundof golfVisitors to <strong>Kaikoura</strong> who enjoy playing the game ofgolf will enjoy <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s picturesque golf course,nestled between the mountains and the ocean the 5353metres (5853 yards) links course has one of the mostspectacular mountain backdrops one could wish to see.Situated 5 minutes drive south of <strong>Kaikoura</strong> township. Thewonderful 18-hole golf course offers something for everygolfer, from beginner to the low handicapper.The course hosts many local tournaments and for thepast couple of years has hosted one of the largest proamtournaments in New Zealand, which is held annuallyin October.Visitors are welcome to play at the course,which is open daily. Green fees are very reasonable - $20per round or part round for affiliated members (NZ only)and $40 for non-affilated, with club hire from $20.Golf carts are also available for golfers to get around thecourse and trundlers are also for hire. The clubhouse isopen daily and offers food and refreshments as well as alicensed bar.A round of golf,while you take inthe spectacularviews and walkthe irrigatedfairways is theultimate wayto wind downduring your stayin <strong>Kaikoura</strong>.An adventure for everyone<strong>Kaikoura</strong> is an adventure enthusiast’s paradise, offeringmany opportunities to explore the ocean and the wonderfullife within it and surrounding countryside and the wonderfullife within it.Either participating or watching, there is an opportunityhere to complete your <strong>Kaikoura</strong> experience.Whale watching: By boat 3.5 hours; by plane orhelicopter from 30 minutes;Dolphins: Three hour trip to swim with or view duskydolphins.Fishing: Surface, deep sea, game fishing or crayfishing.Two hour or full day cruises.Bird watching: Boat trips to view seabirds, albatross.4-Wheeler Adventures: Ride through beautiful hillcountry farmland with spectacular views of the coastline,mountains, beaches and wildlife.Golf: The picturesque <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Golf course if a full 18-holecourse with magnificent views from every fairway.Guided Wilderness Walks: 2 or 3 day guided walks throughPuhi Peaks Nature Reserve.Horse Trekking: Ride through scenic farmland and accessparts of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>’s unique environment.Kayaking: Seal Kayaking, Kayak School, Kayak Hire. Enjoythe <strong>Kaikoura</strong> coastline with experienced, qualified guides.No experience necessary.Surfing: Surfing lessons available for beginners or moreadvanced. Lots of packages.Mountain Biking: <strong>Kaikoura</strong> and its surrounding areasprovide opportunities for all levels of experience.Pilot-a-Plane: Learn to fly, no experience necessary.Diving: Learn to dive or just have a go. Qualified diveinstructors will show you an amazing undersea world.Llama Trekking: Have your own llama to carry your food& drink.Archery: All weather archery range and mountain kart lugeSkydiving: Experience tandem skydiving over <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Contact the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Information Centre if you requiremore information on any of the above activities.3505792AALearn to Surf withprofessional NZQASNZ surf coach and NZBody Glove team riderDave Lyons!Beginner to advancedsurf coaching. 3 Hourguided surf tours andhire, group packages andprivate lessons.3387488AAPage 14 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011BOOK NOWFREEPHONE0800 787 3523506091AAboardsilly@clear.net.nz3HourSurfTourOnly$80Stand-Up Paddle Boarding2Hour Paddleboard Tour Only $60

ilot-a-Planehat’s it like to fly a plane?ant to experience the freedom of flight whileontrolling the aircraft?t the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Aero Club you can do just that, under theble guidance of a professional flight instructor. Situatedt <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Airport, the Aero Club offers Pilot-a-planeights on demand for a very reasonable cost $120 for20-minute flight. Bring a friend (or 2) for just $30 pererson.n arrival, your instructor will greet you and put you atase while answering any questions you may have. Youill receive a 10-minute briefing which explains how the3526722AAxperience the thrill of piloting a plane…DEEP SEA FISHINGwith KAIKOURA FISHING CHARTERSFISH WITH OUR EXPERIENCED TEAM ABOARD THE 11.6 M TAKAPUBlue cod, sea perch, groper and many other species. NZ rock lobster (crayfish) pulledup in pots. Fabulous views of the famous <strong>Kaikoura</strong> mountains, local bird populationand sea life provide excellent photographic opportunities.So remember your camera, its easy to take great pictures!Ph: 0800 225 297 —– 03 027319 2379410 6888fishingcharters@paradise.net charters@paradise.net.nz – — www.kaikourafishing.co.nzaircraft stays in the air and how it is controlled by thepilot (you!) during flight.Walking out to the aircraft, a little nervousness is natural,but once you are strapped into the pilot’s seat with yourinstructor reassuringly beside you, the excitement takesover. After engine-start, the radios are tuned-in and thepreflight checks are done. Time to go flying!As you line-up on the runway, your instructor will get youhold the controls lightly while he increases power for thetake-off roll. A few seconds later, the ground seems todrop away as you soar into the air. The aircraft climbsaway. You find yourself relaxing and stop holding your3517139AAbreath. Glancing at yourinstructor, you notice hisarms are folded – you areflying the plane!His voice is reassuring ashe guides you throughthe climb and level-outat about 2000ft over thebreathtaking vista of the<strong>Kaikoura</strong> district. Nowyour airspeed is about100 knots (180 kph) butthe Earth slides slowlybeneath you while you getthe feel of the controlsand start to experiment.You track to Hapuku Riverthen turn back toward thepeninsula, learning thebasic skills of flying.You descend the aircraftand fly around thepeninsula and overheadthe township at 1000ft,all the while looking atthe amazing 360-degreepanorama of mountains,peninsula and ocean.All too soon, it is time toreturn to terra firma. Prelandingchecks are done,radio call made and soonthe aircraft is trackingto the airport as you tryto absorb the final fewminutes of the experience.Your instructor takescontrol and the landing isas light as a feather. Assoon as the engine goesquiet, you hear the soundof birds and reflect on howlucky they are to be bornwith wings.Your reverie is broken bythe instructor offering awell-deserved handshake,and then it’s back tothe Clubrooms wherehe will issue you with acertificate, explaining thatthis flight counts towardyour Private Pilot Licenceshould you decide to takeup flying as a hobby. Nowthere’s a thought – butbeware: flying is addictive!The <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Aero Cluboffers the Pilot-a-planeexperience, flight trainingand whale-watch flights.So, if you have dreamedof flying, or would like togive someone an originaland unforgettable gift,this experience providesa unique and wonderfulthrill.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Aero Club,trading as Air <strong>Kaikoura</strong>.Ph: 03 319 6579.Email: info@airkaikoura.co.nzWebsite: www.airkaikoura.co.nzFyffe View Ranch Adventure ParkHorseTrekking,MountainKartLuge,Indoor Archery and Wildlife Centre.Phone (03) 319 506982 Chapmans Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Open 10 am till 5 pm dailyBookings Essentialwww.itsalltalkuntilyouvedoneit.comAIR KAIKOUaero clubRNEW ZEALANDAWHALE FLIGHTStail!a just thanwhalea to more TheresCustomise your flight.Whales, coastal viewsor mountain flights.Option to see Dolphins.Talk back headsetscommunicate withthe PilotPILOT A PLANE required instructor with youall the way30 MINUTE FLIGHTSIf you have a pilots licence askabout conditions for aircraft hireKAIKOURA AEROCLUB 03 319 6579aeroclub.kaikoura@xtra.co.nzwww.airkaikoura.co.nz3534315AA3505468AAON PRESENTATION OF THIS ADVERT* DIRECT BOOKINGS ONLY$10 DISCOUNTLooking For ADVENTUREExperience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 15

Walking tracksShort Walks<strong>Kaikoura</strong> PeninsulaOkiwi BayThere are a variety of walks available at Okiwi Bayuitable for different abilities.ookoutacific Lookoutatutu via Patutu Routealfmoon Bayeaward Valley10 mins1hr 20 mins4½ hrs6 hrs6 hrshau WaterfallTime: 10 min returnThe track entrance if found from the main highway athau Point 30km north of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>. Follow the track uphe stream to a spectacular waterfall.Cliff Top WalkTime: 1 hour (one way)This walk from the Peninsula car park to South Bayfollows the limestone cliff top, giving magnificent viewsof the shoreline below and mountains to the west.Information panels across the recently upgraded trackgive you details of the history and geology of thisfascinating area.South Bay – <strong>Kaikoura</strong> WalkTime: 45 min (one way)This walk links South Bay with <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Township,passing through Nga Niho pa/fort, built around 1820.Continue along Scarborough Street, then downDempseys track into Torquay Street.uhi Puhi ValleyTime: 30 min loopThis picnic area and track accessed from the Puhi PuhiValley Road. A well marked loop track winds through aemnant pocket of native forest. Lookout points alonghe way provide views of Puhi Puhi Stream.yffe-Palmer TrackTime: 1hr 45 mins (return)This track starts from the end of the Mt Fyffe Road.The track initially meanders through farmland and thenhrough regenerating forest. There is a picnic area alonghe track with excellent views.Link TracksA number of other tracks allow for a round trip of ThePeninsulaOmihi TrackTime: 1 hour (return)The track starts opposite the Omihi camp ground, onekilometre south of Goose Bay. The track climbs throughlow coastal forest to a lookout point providing greatviews of the coastline.inau TrackTime: 45 minThis track also starts at the Mt Fyffe car park. It is aentle loop through a remnant forest containing a largeumber of hinau trees. The track is well formed anduitable for families.Picnic area, Puhi Puhi ValleyWalking across the many link tracks on the PeninsulaSHUTTLES & SIGHTSEEING TOURSKAIKOURA SHUTTLES PROVIDES TRANSFERSTO / FROM:• Seal Colony• Donegal House -• <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Winery country Irish pub• Lavender Farmand garden• Cushchine Animal Farm • South Bay• Peninsula Lookout Plus many more...• CavesDAY CHARTERS AVAILABLEFor a comfortable trip in a 12 seater mini bus...3496353AA03 319 6166 kaikoura.shuttles@xtra.co.nz www.kaikourashuttles.co.nzPage 16 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 20113110207AB• UP-TO-DATE RELEASES• REASONABLE PRICESSituated on the EsplanadeFOR UP TO DATE MOVIEINFORMATION - PHONE 319 5859The Hinau Walk –A Walk For The Whole Family<strong>Kaikoura</strong> has a range of walking tracksideal for exploring the great outdoors.One such track is the Hinau Track, whichis situated at the west end of Mt Fyffe,where the road leading to the summitleaves the Kowhai River flat.This track is a 45-minute loop througha forest with a large number of hinautrees. There are also many other speciesof trees, including mahoe, putaputaweta,broadleaf, tree fuchsia and pigeonwood.Classified a tramping track, the HinauTrack is well formed and suitable forfamilies, and a lookout provides aperspective of the flood-prone KowhaiRiver.3289212AAOver the past 100 years the river hasbroken its banks repeatedly and flowedthrough <strong>Kaikoura</strong> township, the mostrecent flood being in 1993.Riverside reserve areas were set aside asearly as the mid-1860s to protect nearbyfarmland. One of these reserves, theKowhai Bush, has become a popular placeto see a variety of native forest birds,most notably the South Island robin.More information on the Hinau tracksand other <strong>Kaikoura</strong> walks can beobtained either from the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> VisitorInformation Centre on the West End,or the Department of Conservation’s<strong>Kaikoura</strong> field centre on Ludstone Road.IAN WALKEREdmund AvePh: 319 5944 or Mobile: 0274 334 283•WOF•TYRES•LUBES • TUNEUPSENZED-HOSE & FITTINGSAUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICINGDIESEL AND PETROL REPAIRSALL MECHANICAL REPAIRSSPECIALISING IN A WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES24 HR SALVAGE TRUCK PLUSCAR TRANSPORTER

aikoura Peninsula WalkwaysJutting out from the coast, with a backdrop of ruggedmountains, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> peninsula is a major scenic andwildlife attraction. Its relatively young rocks have beenworn into many interesting forms by the pounding sea.The Peninsula Walkway reveals the geology, wildlife andhistory of the peninsula. All are suitable for families,providing an easy half or full-day trip. Strong shoes andwarm, windproof clothing is recommended.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Town Centre to Point Kean Car Park(50min, 4.4km)From the town centre, follow the footpath and roadverge along The Esplanade, Avoca Street and Fyffe Quayto Point Kean. On the way, look out for the interpretationsigns on The Esplanade opposite Brighton and MargateStreets, telling stories of ‘Life on the Edge’, a communityliving by the sea – the land, the sea and the people.At Avoca Street, the sign takes you back to 1909, whenthe new wharf was built.Near Fyffe House, a sign details the early Europeansettlement in <strong>Kaikoura</strong> and at nearby Armers Beach, thestory tells of the importance this site holds for the localcommunity, both past and present, for the shelter itprovides.As you approach Point Kean car park, you will noticeseveral signs warning that seals are likely to be presentin the surrounding area. Most of the seals in the car parkare males.They may appear to be harmless; however, they arecapable of becoming aggressive if disturbed and caninflict a nasty, infectious bite. The seals on the rockyplatforms out from the car park are females and theirpups. These females have recently begun breeding atthis location. For the safety and to avoid disturbing theseals, please remain 10 metres from any seal in thevicinity of the car park. Along the rest of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Coast, 20 metres is the recommended distance to keepaway from a seal.There are no toilets in the car park. The nearest toilet isat Armers Beach.Point Kean Car Park to Point Kean Viewpoint(5min, 200m)A walk up the hill from the car park takes you to alookout platform. This platform, designed in the shape ofa waka, affords an excellent view of both the sea and themountains. Here, interpretation panels provide stories ofthe land, the sea and the people who lived here.From the car park when the tide is low, you are able toexplore the open tidal platforms. You may see wadingbirds, such as oystercatchers and reef herons, feeding onthe platforms. Shags are common also and blue penguinsmay be seen bobbing just offshore.Just off the tidal platforms is an excellent diving area forthose who want a closer look at the marine life.Seaweeds, both small and large, thrive in the nutrientrichwaters of the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> coastline. In the manyrock pools, shellfish, anemones, shrimps, triplefins androckfish can be seen, although the fish may be hiding toavoid stalking birds.This is also an excellent snorkelling are for those whowant a closer look at the marine life.You may notice patterns on the rock surface, as if amini water-blaster has been at work. These are left bylimpets grazing on algae when the tide is in, or at night.One species always returns to the same place to awaitthe tide’s return. Over time it modifies the rock to fit itsparticular shell-shapes, thus minimising water loss.Point Kean Viewpoint to Whalers Bay Viewpoint(25min, 1.5km)Beyond the lookout platform, follow the track alongthe cliff top for superb views of rugged cliff formations,tidal platforms and the Seaward <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Range. Aninterpretation panel on this section of the Walkwayexplains that, hundreds of years ago, the Peninsula wasforested with many species of native New Zealand treesand plants. Most of this vegetation was removed duringsuccessive waves of human development, leaving small,remnant outcrops of hardy shrubs and plants clinging tothe steep cliff faces.Seabirds, seals, walkers, divers, crayfish floats andfishing boats all lend their own flavour tothe view. Out to sea, you may see scoresof seabirds feeding frantically on smallfish herded to the surface by bigger fishor dolphins.Interpretation panel on the cliff topoverlooking ‘The Sugarloaf” describes thepoint below as ‘Bird City’ – the largestred-billed gull colony in the South Island.From here, whalers kept a vigil over thesea, looking out for their quarry. Aroundthe corner in Whalers Bay was thelauching point for the whalers’ boats.Whalers Bay Viewpoint to South BayViewpoint(20min, 1.1km)On the sea cliffs near this section of thewalkway, DOC is working to establish anew colony of Hutton’s shearwater. If youwalking this section in summer, you maysee large rafts of these birds sitting onthe water. At nightfall, these birds, afterfeeding at sea all day, return to theirbreeding colonies high up in the Seaward<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Ranges. An interpretationpanel further explains the work beingundertaken to establish a colony on the<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Peninsula.path that leads to an informationshelter and toilets at South Bay. Beforedescending to South Bay, linger toview the tidal platforms and the viewsouth. The interpretation panel herehas a landscaped profile identifying themountain peaks and Goose Bay.South Bay to <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Town Centrevia Scarborough Street(1h5min, 3.9km)From the South Bay shelter, return to<strong>Kaikoura</strong> town centre by following themarker posts along the coast towards themarina. Follow the marker posts to SouthBay Parade and cross to South Bay Track,walk up the hill, cross Scarborough Streetand walk down Toms Track to return toThe Esplanade.South Bay Viewpoint to South BayCar Park(15min, 600m)From the South Bay viewpoint, thewalkway descends to a fully accessibleInformation shelter and entrancefrom South Bay carparkLookout platform at Point Kean ViewpointKAIKOURA COFFEE CART3497979AAC4 COFFEEJimmy Armers BeachKapiti Ice Cream - Cold DrinksTip Top Ice CreamOpen DailyLIMESTONECAVE (Maori Leap Cave)Sea-formed limestone lave, over2 million years old, discovered 1958• Stalactites • Stalagmites • StrawsPhotography permitted6 TOURS DAILY10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm,1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pmTours 40mins durationTours depart from:Caves Restaurant, 2km Southof <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, State Highway 1Minimum tour 2 peopleMaximum tour 15 peopleBookings advisedPhone/Fax03 319 50233315394ABTe AoWhekere“Worldof theGods”2356976AAinfo@kaikourawilderness.co.nzwww.kaikourawilderness.co.nzFREEPHONE 0800 945 337Join usOn the path of discoveryinto the world of the GodsThe Walk2/3 day options.Fully guided andluggage transportedShearwaterLodgeEco friendly Lodge at1000m nestled by thebush edge, this is theultimate retreat to relaxand rejuvenate.PO BOX 177, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>64 + 3 319 6966Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 17

Page 18 — Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011Accommodation GUIDE3510190AAAccommodationWeb Site GuideB&BsAwatea Country Bed & Breakfastwww.awatea.co.nzPacific Palmswww.pacificpalmskaikoura.co.nzDonegal Housewww.donegalhouse.co.nzHOTELSDonegal Housewww.donegalhouse.co.nzMOTELSAspen Court Motelwww.aspencourt.co.nz/kaikouraBlue Seas Motelswww.blueseasmotel.co.nzColonial Court Motelwww.colonialkaikoura.co.nzNorfolk Pine Motelwww.nzmotels/norfolk.pinePanorama Motelwww.panoramamotel.co.nzMOTOR INNSThe White Morphwww.whitemorph.co.nzMOTOR LODGELobster Innwww.lobsterinn.co.nzUNITSRoom with a Viewwww.room-with-a-view-kaikoura.co.nzBACKPACKERSwww.albatross-kaikoura.co.nzSituated half way betweenChristchurch and Picton, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>offers an extensive range ofaccommodation ranging from motels,motor inns apartments, self containedunits and bed and breakfasts to backpackers and camping grounds. You12229 Skevingtons RoadRD1, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>info@awatea.co.nz7B&BPh 03 319 5857B&B with private entrance & en suite.Self-contained cottage.Spectacular views.218 Esplanade, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>email: pacificsea@xtra.co.nzwww.pacificpalmskaikoura.co.nzBACKPACKERSCyclistSpecials!AlbatrossBackpacker Inn <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Summer BBQ’s! Jam Nights! Art Corner!Ph: 0800 222 247 www.albatross-kaikoura.co.nzwill find in our guide, accommodationwith spectacular sea views, majesticmountain views, rural retreats or closeto town.Bookings are recommended,especially in the busy summer monthsor public holidays.115MOTOR LODGELOBSTER INN MOTOR LODGE6327 quality Motel Units, 30 site campingground, solar heated swimming pool115 Beach Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Ph 03 319 5743 Fax 03 319 6343Reservations Free phone 0800 562 783Email: stay@lobsterinn.co.nzwww.lobsterinn.co.nzHOTELThe little Irish Hotel in the countryAccommodation 30 private B & B roomsSchoolhouse Rd, 3k north of <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Phone 03 319 5083Emial: donegalhouse@xtra.co.nzwww.donegalhouse.co.nzUNITSBellbird CottageSelf contained 2 bedroom cottagein quiet rural settingAwake to birdsong, lovely gardens.Complimentary breakfast. Sleeps four.Only 5 minutes from townPhone 03 319 5086Your friendly hosts Barry & Jenny DunnettRoom with a ViewSelf-contained apartment on the <strong>Kaikoura</strong> PeninsulaStunning sea and mountain viewsPrivate deck and outdoor bathPhone 03 319 7055www.room-with-a-view-kaikoura.co.nz

Experience <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, March 9, 2011 — Page 19MOTELS1104Trevor Sheldon & Michelle Neill160 Esplanade, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Ph/Fax 03 319 5622sierrabeachfrontmotel@xtra.co.nzReservations Freephone0800 474377NEW COMMERCIAL HOTEL & MOTELSQuality motel units, budgetaccommodation plus . . .backpacker dormPHONE 0800 468 357Cnr Brighton & Torquay Sts, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>FREEWirelesInternetFreephone 0800 743 537STATION RDPick upavailableemail:stay@colonialkaikoura.co.nz Website www.colonialkaikoura.co.nzTo help find your accommodationcheck the number in the cornerof each advert and locate on themap below.1205 Beach Road23TITOKI DRMOTELS MOTELS94Norfolk Pine MotelPhone 0800 106 706 • Fax 03 319 6405• Studios, one and two bedroom apartments• Fabulous views• Five minutes walk to town centre• Sky TV, breakfastEmail: norfolkpine@xtra.co.nzwww.nzmotels/norfolk.pine13122705523AA7DRIVESHEAR WATERONWATERFRONT22 fully self-contained units on the seafront each with magnifi cent viewsReservations freephone 0800 288 299266 Esplanade, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Email: panoramamotel.co.nzwww.panoramamotel.co.nzLocated on the Esplanade withbeautiful sea views.Beachfront studio with spa, family andstudio units.Continental breakfast available.Ample parking for boats and trucksResident Hosts: Carol and Geoff Pollard - 222 Esplanade, <strong>Kaikoura</strong>Ph (03) 319 5441 FREEPHONE: 0800 50 70 77 (Reservations Only)Email: blue.seas@xtra.co.nz Web: www.blueseasmotel.co.nz5 68OCEANRIDGESUBDIVISIONSEAVIEWSUBDIVISIONKERSAGEDROCEAN RIDGE BVD910TOMS TRACK5118FREE internet - Luxury Shower CapsulesClean, comfy and affordable!Aspen Court Motel154 Beach Road, <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Ph 0800 835 245www.aspencourt.co.nz/kaikourakaikoura@aspencourt.co.nzMOTOR INN141312Waterfont LocationHydro-therapy SpaRestaurant & Bar on Site0800 803 666Whitemorph.co.nzSOUTH BAY TRACKOaroDEMPSEYS TRACK3561445AA© 2009 <strong>Kaikoura</strong> Information & Tourism Inc.info@whitemorph.co.nz92 Espalade,KAIKOURAWALKINGTRACK15POINT KEANPENINSULA WALKWAYMap not to scaleAccommodation GUIDE

n Alpine Pacific TriangleJust 45 minutes north of Christchurch,the Alpine Pacific Triangle is the perfecttouring route, unfolding a rich tapestry ofexperiences for every traveller, whateveryour interest.The Alpine Pacific Triangle combinessome of New Zealand’s premier touristattractions, all within 2 hours drive ofeach other. Beginning in the Waipara WineRegion, the Alpine Pacific Triangle headsalong the coast to the eco-tourism meccaof <strong>Kaikoura</strong>, or inland to New Zealand’sleading thermal resort – Hanmer Springs.At 370 km in length the route is bestexplored over a number of days with<strong>Kaikoura</strong> and Hanmer Springs the obviousstop over points.Waipara Wine RegionThe start of the Alpine Pacific Triangleis representated by the Waipara Valley,a wine region of considerable acclaim.Take some time out on a wine tastingtour and visit the many fine vineyardscontributing to New Zealand’s growingwine reputation.Hurunui, Waikari & CulverdenHeading inland you will encounter anumber of fascinating rural towns, aswell as the lovely Weka Pass – home ofancient Maori rock paintings. Waikari, onthe northern side of the pass, is a greatplace to stop and enjoy the delights of atraditional New Zealand ‘tea-room’. Theserural style cafes specialise in hearty bakedgood and not surprisingly, a good cup oftea (or coffee).Heading north you will encounter the ruraloutposts of Hurunui and Culverden. Ofspecial note is Hurunui’s historic pub – afine specimen of pioneering stone-work.Hanmer Springs Alpine ResortFrom Culverden head further inland tothe alpine resort of Hanmer Springs. Apopular tourist destination for over acentury, the heading properties of thesenatural springs are well-known. Set asidea good few hours to relax in the naturallyheated sulphur pools. While you’rereclining, the kids can enjoy themselveson the hydro slides or in the fresh waterswimming pools. You can even indulge ina wine, poolside or dine at the complex’sown restaurant. Private pools, saunas andspa facilities are also available.Hanmer Springs is a mecca for outdoorrecreation. Many great walks can befound in the area, which is carpeted inheavily forested pine plantations andnative bush. Mountain biking trails arepopular, and the more adventurous visitorcan even embark on some jet boating,whitewater rafting or bungy jumping.<strong>Kaikoura</strong> Eco-TourismOn the coastal side of the triangle youwill discover the eco-tourism mecca of<strong>Kaikoura</strong>.Cheviot & Gore BayOther highlights along the coast includeone of New Zealand’s best kept secrets –the secluded holiday village of Gore Bay.With a fantastic swimming beach andsome great surf, the town’s many holidayhomes are in hot demand during thesummer months. This is a great place totake the kids for a day by the sea – justhead towards the coast from Cheviot.With so much to do along this diverseroute you’ll need to set aside a fewdays to truly explore the region, but theexperience will be truly worth your while!Touring the TRIANGLE3095280AC

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