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New Shimmer One - Redken Professional Site


MORE WAYS TO SHIMMERNow, Shimmer One has expanded its uses in-salon! With the recently expanded uses, Shimmer Onecan be used in a multitude of ways, allowing you to have more options and give you more fl exibility:LEVEL-ON-LEVELUse a shade the same level as the natural level to add shimmering, rich color thatenhances and brightens, while staying on level.LEVEL-UPUse a shade one level lighter than the natural level to lift a level and add rich,shimmering color tone.NEW EXPANDED USES!LEVEL(S)-DOWNUse a shade 1-2 levels darker than the natural/existing level to deposit rich,shimmering color. It’s a great option for low lighting too.BALANCE AND TONEUse Shimmer One on previously lightened hair to gently lift residual pigmentsand cool, balance or enhance the underlying tone that has been exposedduring the lightening process.BRIGHTENUse a Level-Up technique with 30 volume Pro-oxide Cream Developer, in placeof 20 volume, to increase the visibility of the refl ect on levels 5 and below.NEW BLONDE BRILLIANCE5 new shades deliver bright, beautiful, blonde tones.8V10V9Na9Ng10Gb8VProvides cool violet tones to control warmth when lifting and tones pre-lightened hair with cool violetrefl ects, creating a cool light blonde.10VProvides cool violet tones to control warmth when lifting and tones pre-lightened hair with cool violetrefl ects, creating an ultra-light cool blonde.9NaProvides cool natural tones to minimize warmth when lifting and tones pre-lightened hair with coolnatural refl ects, creating a very light cool natural blonde.9NgProvides a muted gold tone to produce a soft warm result and tones pre-lightened hair with softenedgold refl ects, creating a very light natural golden blonde.10GbProvides softened beige blonde tones to add refi ned warmth while lifting and tones pre-lightened hairwith subtle blonde refl ects, creating an ultra-light champagne gold blonde.For details on new expanded uses, and how to prep, mix and process, please use the new Shimmer One Education Guide.February 2008 Promotions 3

BACDEFGSALON INTRODUCTORY OFFERPURCHASEAny 8 Shimmer One shadesRECEIVE FREEA 3 Shimmer One tubes 2.1 oz. (10V, 9Na, 10Gb)B 1 20 Volume Pro-oxide Developer 8 oz.C 1 Shimmer One Expanded Uses BookD 1 Shimmer One Blonde Brilliance and Expanded Uses Education GuideE 1 Shimmer One Blonde Brilliance and Expanded Uses Shade ChartF 1 Shimmer One Expanded Use Swatch CardG 1 Shimmer One Blonde Brilliance Swatch CardNEW ON 5TH

GET STARTED WITH SHIMMER ONE WITHA COLLECTION OR TRIAL KIT!Are you new to Shimmer One? Here’s the perfect way to try Shimmer One, or any other Redken Haircolorbrand — with Redken Haircolor Collection Kits! These Trial and Complete kits provide you with everything youneed to create amazing color. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience all of the great color brands Redkenhas to offer at a fantastic price.COMPLETE KIT28 Shimmer One 20 Minute Shine-InfusingColor Cream 2.1 oz.1 Pro-oxide Cream Developer liter(20 volume)1 Color Extend Shampoo liter1 Color Extend Conditioner liter1 Color Gear Applicator Bottle1 Color Gear Tint Bowl1 Color Gear Wide Brush/Long Bristles1 Shimmer One Swatch Box1 Shimmer One Blonde BrillianceSwatch Card1 Shimmer One Shade Chart1 Shimmer One Education Guide1 Shimmer One Business BuilderTips Sheet1 Shimmer One Expanded Uses Book1 Amazing Color DVD1 Amazing Color Window Decal1 Redken Haircolor Collection Kits Brochure1 Redken Haircolor & TextureCollection Guide1 Redken Retail BrochureTRIAL KIT8 Shimmer One 20 Minute Shine-InfusingColor Cream 2.1 oz. (4N, 6N, 7Ng, 8Gb,6C, 4R, 9Na, Clear)1 Pro-oxide Cream Developer, 16 oz.(20 volume)1 Color Gear Applicator Bottle1 Shimmer One Shade Chart1 Shimmer One Education Guide1 Shimmer One Business Builder Tips Sheet1 Redken Haircolor Collection Kits Brochure1 Redken Haircolor & Texture Collection Guide1 Redken Retail BrochureOPEN STOCKBRANDShades EQColor FusionColor GelsFebruary 2008 Promotions 5

FREE HAIRCARE LITERSAND PACKETTESThe first step to any successful haircare or retail business is sampling.Sampling, combined with Redken haircare offers the opportunity to reachconsumers and encourage future full size purchases. Don’t miss this chanceto take advantage of this great opportunity! Keep the free liters at the backbarto use on clients and if they seem reluctant to make a retail purchase, sendthem home with a free Redken haircare packette.RETAILSAMPLETREATCABSALON OFFERBIZTIPSPackettes are a valuable toolto not only initiate a purchasebut are also a great way to getthe client to come back. Offersome type of savings on futurepurchases when the clientreturns to the salon with anempty packette — this canbe an effective strategy toencourage a purchase duringtheir next visit.PURCHASE6 Shampoo 10.1 oz.6 Conditioner 8.5 oz. (of the same brand)CHOOSE FROMAll SoftColor ExtendExtremeSmooth DownRECEIVE FREEA 1 Shampoo literB 1 Conditioner literC 1 Box of 25 packettes(Corresponding to the same brand purchased)Be sure to check out the March issue of New on 5th forStep Two in the Haircare Success process — Retail!NEW ON 5TH

NEW REDKEN FOR MEN INVIGORATING SYSTEMNow he can start off the day or cool down at night with an energizing chill. Redken For Men’s new InvigoratingSystem strengthens hair, stimulates the scalp with cooling sensations and helps respect its natural balance.With daily use, hair becomes stronger; dandruff and itchiness are addressed with dedicated treatment. Teamthe shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment to maintain hair in mint condition!SALON INTRODUCTORY OFFEROPEN STOCKPURCHASE6 Mint Clean Shampoo 10 oz.6 Cool Finish Conditioner 10 oz.4 Chill Blast Daily Antidandruff Leave-in Treatment 5 oz.RECEIVE FREEA 1 Mint Clean Shampoo literB 1 Cool Finish Conditioner literC 2 Black liter pumpsD 1 Education guide with cutting techniquesE 12 Consumer brochuresF 1 Invigorating Line shelf talkerG 1 Lifestyle look bookH 8 Mini Chill Blast .5 oz.I 18 Mint Clean/Cool Finish Duo PackettesABPRODUCTMint Clean ShampooMint Clean Shampoo LiterCool Finish ConditionerCool Finish Conditioner LiterChill Blast Daily AntidandruffLeave-In TreatmentGSIZE10 oz.1 Liter10 oz.1 Liter5 oz.FECDHIJanuary 2008 Promotions 7

REDKEN EXCHANGE SESSION CALENDARExpand your vision and challenge your talents at the Redken Exchange in NYC! For the complete 2008 calendar,to register or for more information call 1.800.545.8157 or log-on to's site for salon professionals.NAME OF SESSION TUITION DATECOLOR & KNOW WHY $ 900 MARCH 3 - 6CUT & KNOW WHY $ 900 MARCH 3 - 6DESIGNING BEHIND THE CHAIR $ 900 MARCH 10 - 12EVERYTHING’S INCLUDED $ 950 MARCH 10 - 12COLORING OUT OF YOUR MIND $ 900 MARCH 17 - 19CUTTING OVER THE TOP $ 900 MARCH 17 - 19DIAGNOSTIC DESIGN NEW SESSION! $ 650 MARCH 24 - 25EVERYTHING’S INCLUDED 2 $ 950 MARCH 24 - 26DRESSING THE BRIDE SPECIALTY SESSION $ 1100 MARCH 31 - APRIL 2CUTTING WITH SAM & CHRIS SPECIALTY SESSION $ 1100 MARCH 31 - APRIL 1APRILEVERYTHING’S INCLUDED $ 950 APRIL 7 - 9PLATFORM ARTISTRY SPECIALTY SESSION $ 1250 APRIL 7 - 9REDKEN COLOR CERTIFICATION $ 495 APRIL 11 - 13COLOR & KNOW WHY $ 900 APRIL 14 - 17CUT & KNOW WHY $ 900 APRIL 14 - 17ALL ABOUT RAZORS SPECIALTY SESSION $ 950 APRIL 21 - 23EVERYTHING’S INCLUDED 2 $ 950 APRIL 21 - 23COLORING OUT OF YOUR MIND $ 900 APRIL 28 - 30CUTTING OVER THE TOP $ 900 APRIL 28 - 30MAYEVERYTHING’S INCLUDED $ 950 MAY 5 - 7SESSION SKILLS & PHOTOWITH NOAH SPECIALTY SESSION $ 1500 MAY 5 - 7NAME OF SESSION TUITION DATEDESIGNING BEHIND THE CHAIR $ 900 MAY 12 - 14DON’T SWEAT IT ... FIX IT! $ 900 MAY 12 - 14COLORING OUT OF YOUR MIND $ 900 MAY 19 - 21CUTTING OVER THE TOP $ 900 MAY 19 - 21JUNEEVERYTHING’S INCLUDED 2 $ 950 JUNE 2 - 4START WITH THE FINISH SPECIALTY SESSION $ 900 JUNE 2 - 4EVERYTHING’S INCLUDED $ 950 JUNE 9 - 11MANHANDLING $ 650 JUNE 9 - 10COLORING OUT OF YOUR MIND $ 900 JUNE 16 - 18CUTTING OVER THE TOP $ 900 JUNE 16 - 18REDKEN COLOR CERTIFICATION $ 495 JUNE 20 - 22COLOR & KNOW WHY $ 900 JUNE 23 - 26CUT & KNOW WHY $ 900 JUNE 23 - 26EVERYTHING’S INCLUDED 2 $ 950 JUNE 30 - JULY 2MIXING IT UP FORMULATIONS WITH PATRICK MCIVOR $ 900 JUNE 30 - JULY 2JULYEVERYTHING’S INCLUDED $ 950 JULY 14 - 16FULL ON CURLS NEW SESSION! $ 800 JULY 14 - 15COLORING OUT OF YOUR MIND $ 900 JULY 21 - 23CUTTING OVER THE TOP $ 900 JULY 21 - 23COLOR & KNOW WHY $ 900 JULY 28 - 31CUT & KNOW WHY $ 900 JULY 28 - 31DRESSING THE BRIDELOG-ON TO EXPERIENCE THENEW REDKEN.COM!GIOVANNI GIUNTOLI, TISHA HALL AND JAYSON MORGANAT THE REDKEN EXCHANGE, MARCH 31 – APRIL 2, 2008It’s all about the ring, the gown, and of course, the hair! Bridestoday expect a lot from their hairstylist and plenty of attention toeven the smallest detail on their special day. New York-basededitorial expert and “bridal miracle worker” Giovanni Giuntoli,along with Tisha Hall and Jayson Morgan, will share styling tipsand photo shoot secrets to enhance your talents and attract thosealmighty nuptial dollars! On day 3, your creation will be digitallycaptured to add to your bridal portfolio. To register, log-on or call 1 800 545 8157.ACCESS NEW RESOURCES ON THE SALONPROFESSIONAL SITE TO HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS.REGISTRATION IS FREE!ALL OFFERS ARE AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. All rights reserved. 50003083 12/07

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