Types of Propaganda

Types of Propaganda

Types of Propaganda


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<strong>Types</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Propaganda</strong>Directions: Use the definitions and basic examples given to determine what you alreadyknow about the basic types <strong>of</strong> advertising propaganda. Fill in the “Info I know” and “Myexample” sections using items and products that you have observed in use. (Do not justthink <strong>of</strong> television ads. Think about magazines, radio jingles, billboards, etc.)Bandwagon:Assertion:Card stacking:GlitteringGeneralities:Lesser <strong>of</strong> TwoEvils:Name Calling:Pinpointing theEnemy:Plain folks:Testimonial:Transfer:Definition Basic Example Info I know My ExampleTo join in becauseothers are doing soA statementpresented as a fact,although it is notnecessarily true.Only presentinginformation that ispositiveThe use <strong>of</strong> wordsthat have positiveconnotationsTheir idea is theleast <strong>of</strong>fensiveoptionUse <strong>of</strong> negativelanguage todescribe an enemySimplify a subject,by presenting onecommon enemyTo reflect theneeds and desires<strong>of</strong> the “commonperson”An attempt toconnect famouspeople with aproductLinking one ideato anotherVerizon Wirelessand their growingnetwork“The best part <strong>of</strong>waking up isFolgers in yourcup.”“Nytol will helpyou get yourZzz’s”. (They donot tell sideeffects.)Any ad that useswords like “safety,security, ordemocracy”“Subwaysandwiches haveless calories thanBurger King’s”See any politicalcampaignWartime ads- suchas the “War onTerror” or the“Hunt for BinLaden”Billboards forCracker Barrel thatdiscuss the “home”and “relaxing”“Look who we’vegot our Hanes onnow.” (MichaelJordan, KevinBacon, MatthewPerry, ChristinaApplegate)“Choosy Mom’schoose JIF”-linking peanutbutter with goodparenting

<strong>Types</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Propaganda</strong> ActivityDirections: Look through a magazine and/or newspaper and try to find an example <strong>of</strong>each type <strong>of</strong> propaganda as it is being used. Once you have found an example <strong>of</strong> each,focus on a completely different product. Find a product that you would really like topurchase. You may choose anything, within reason, that you currently want to buy.Remove, by cutting or tearing the page out, that item from the source. Glue or tape thatadvertisement onto the bottom <strong>of</strong> the page. Underneath or on the back <strong>of</strong> this paper, makea list <strong>of</strong> reasons that you would like to buy this product. Then, answer the followingquestions as well:A. How do you know the information in the ad is true?B. Why might ads not always tell the truth?C. How can you find out whether ads are true or not before you buy a product?D. If you were in charge <strong>of</strong> the advertising for this product, how would youmarket your item? (Which type <strong>of</strong> propaganda would you use and in whatway?)

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