November pages 6-7 - the Ravenna School District

November pages 6-7 - the Ravenna School District

November pages 6-7 - the Ravenna School District

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SPONSORSVFW of <strong>Ravenna</strong>Veterans of Foreign Wars of<strong>the</strong> United States WesternReserve Post Number 10556000 NewMilford Road<strong>Ravenna</strong>,OH(330)-296-9546Have a safeand happyschool year, RHS!Larry A. Trombka,D.D.S.Gentle Dental CareHours By AppointmentPhone: (330) 297-9100983 East Main Street<strong>Ravenna</strong>, OH 442667176 State Rt.Call (330)-298-2222 or (800)-824-1868Downtown Betty’s Salonand Gallery120 N. Chestnut St.<strong>Ravenna</strong>, OH 44266(330) 297-1170“Love of beauty is taste. The creation ofbeauty is art.” - Ralph Waldo Emersonwww.downtownbetty’s.com6 <strong>Ravenna</strong> High Times <strong>November</strong> 2010

Triangle Pharmacy219 West Main Street<strong>Ravenna</strong>, Ohio 44266(330) 296-8508Fax: (330) 296-5284Andrew Drnjevich, R. Ph.James L. Coll, R. Ph.HuggingIncriminationThe hallways of <strong>Ravenna</strong> High <strong>School</strong> are filledwith hugging students. But, is it appropriate? Some hugsare appropriate, o<strong>the</strong>rs: not so much.According to <strong>the</strong> RHS student handbook page30, rule #22 students, demonstrating affection for oneano<strong>the</strong>r includes touching, fondling, kissing, hugging orany o<strong>the</strong>r conduct that may be considered sexual innature will be subject to disciplinary action. 95 percent of<strong>the</strong> RHS student body said that administration shouldabolish <strong>the</strong> hugging rule in school.There are girls hugging girls, girls hugging guys,and occasionally guys hugging guys (most of <strong>the</strong> time asa joke). “There are many different kinds of hugs. Thereare side, one arm, tapping on <strong>the</strong> back (when you don’twant to hug <strong>the</strong>m), I love you and I’m only hugging youbecause I have to,” says Junior Chelsea Mrazik. Thereare many ‘hug-o-holics’ in RHS. Mrazik admits that she isone of <strong>the</strong>se people.Sometimes people just need a hug for supportor some different personal reasons. Junior Jesse Hodgessays, “I give everyone a hug that wants one”. •They could be written up if <strong>the</strong>y werenot careful. Dylan Young and CaseyPaulus embrace quickly during hallexchange.Victoria Smithstaff writerNEWSClimate Control: Help! Students are FreezingVictoria Smith & Ashley Moserstaff writersStudents need to make sure to keep ahood ie here at school in <strong>the</strong>ir locker just in case<strong>the</strong>y get cold. This is a new pol icy that teachersare tell ing <strong>Ravenna</strong> High <strong>School</strong> students.Ever since <strong>the</strong> new RHS build ing was built, it hasbeen heated by a geo-<strong>the</strong>rmal heating system.“Geo-Thermal is when <strong>the</strong>re are wellsdrilled into <strong>the</strong> Earth where water pushedthrough <strong>the</strong> pipes is kept at a constant 55° F,which is cooler than summer, but warmer thanwinter wea<strong>the</strong>r,” states RHS project architectBob Steiner.In RHS however, <strong>the</strong>re have been somecompl ications. In a survey conducted byAmanda Seward, Journal ism one student, 80percent of <strong>the</strong> students at RHS say that in somerooms it is too cold and in o<strong>the</strong>rs it feels l ike it’stoo hot. If students or teachers are too hot <strong>the</strong>ybecome tired and it’s hard to pay attention. Accordingto a survey conducted by Thomas Hayden,Journal ism one student, 55 percent of <strong>the</strong> studentsat RHS say that with <strong>the</strong> classrooms being d ifferenttemperatures fromroom to room itaffects <strong>the</strong> way <strong>the</strong>student learns.Cl imate control isvery important inhigh school. •Classrooms are so frostythat students are forced towear mulitiple layers.Illustration by JournalismOne student, Shelby Burson<strong>November</strong> 2010 <strong>Ravenna</strong> High Times 7

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