Product Brochure - Sargent and Greenleaf
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Product Brochure - Sargent and Greenleaf

Gettotalvisibilityof cash depositsand withdrawals.TRAK*iT TM SafeManagement System

Cash losses cost retail business millions of dollars each year. The problem?Once cash is removed from the register, there is no way of knowing if it’sCash losses costretail businessmillions of dollarseach year.when or where the loss occurred.made it to the safe. Only when the cash reachesthe bank does any discrepancy appear – and bythat time, it’s often too late to determine exactlyIntroducing the TRAK * iT System: where RFID technology and real-timeinformation combine to help reduce cash losses.The TRAK * iT System, the future of asset tracking – from Sargent and Greenleaf.

TRAK*iT System Safe ManagementIn its most robust form, our groundbreaking TRAK * iT System harnesses the unparalleledtracking ability of RFID and the global reach of the Internet to safeguard your cash and letyou monitor the status of deposits, withdrawals and safe contents anywhere, anytime. The S&G ®TRAK * iT Data Manager keeps you informed – in real-time – with instant exception alerts andgives you 24/7 access to deposit status and historical transaction data.The complete TRAK * iT System is designed to be scalable, allowing you to choose models,configurations and accessories to meet your specific requirements – now and in the future.Receipt printer(optional)Camera(optional)TRAK*iTSystem PCand touchscreenTRAK*iTSystem eightcompartmentcube

The TRAK * iT System advantage:A Closer Look at TRAK * iT STrack every deposit – in real-time.The TRAK*iT System RFID technology enablesyou to monitor cash – from register to safe, evenat the bank – at all times. The TRAK*iT Systemmakes certain that all critical information – includingdepositor, time of deposit and amount – is recordedin real-time and visible to all authorized personnel.Now you can view audit trail activity 24/7 andreceive remote exception alerts when violationsto predetermined cash policy occur – includingdoor open time, number of openings in 24 hours,missing deposits and more.Reduce theft opportunities.The TRAK*iT System dramatically reduces opportunitiesfor theft. With cash tracked every step of the way,multilevel authentication for access to the safe anddetailed audit trail information, the TRAK*iT Systemprovides a range of powerful deterrents.Respond to issues immediately.When teamed with the S&G ® TRAK*iT Data Manager,the TRAK*iT System provides immediate notificationif a deposit is not received as scheduled, so your lossprevention team can respond right away. No morewaiting for the loss to be detected days later at thebank.TRAK*iT System and the TRAK*iT Data Managerkeep you in touch.• Secure deposit and withdrawal verification• Alerts enable you to take immediate action to resolve problems• Set escalation rules to ensure timely responses to issues• 24/7 access to historical transaction information

stem ModelsTRAK*iT BASICIf you need a powerful, PC-based, multi-door safe lockingsolution, the TRAK*iT BASIC System is the ideal choice.Standard features include color touch screen, multipleauthentication options and the ability to utilize S&G ®TRAK*iT Data Manager.As your business needs grow, adding to the TRAK*iT BASICSystem is simple – letting you create more functionality tomatch the level of security, information and convenienceyou desire.TRAK * iT CUBEWant positive verification that each deposit is made securely intothe safe? Need to monitor the status of deposits at all times?The TRAK*iT CUBE System uses proven RFID technology to ensurethat every movement of deposits into and out of the safe is capturedat the most accurate, detailed level possible. At the bank, you canconfirm deposits have been received, effectively closing the cashdeposit cycle.The TRAK*iT CUBE System includes a multi-compartment safeinsert equippedwith an RFID antenna in each compartment.When cash is placed inside TRAK*iT System RFID-enabled depositbags,the system records and transmits all deposit and withdrawalinformation in real-time via the TRAK*iT Data Manager – and sendsimmediate e confirmations and exception alerts to any PC ormobilehandheld he device.TRAK * iT BVThe TRAK*iT BV System adds bill validation for deposits made into thesafe, saving your staff time and ensuring an accurate count every time.Total count and bill denominations are automatically recorded andvisible to key personnel via the TRAK*iT Data Manager.New safes or retrofitThe TRAK * iT System ismodular, designed for newsafes or for retrofit intoexisting safes. The smalldimensions of the cubeallow it to fit easily intomost safes.POS integrationPOS integration to the TRAK *iTCUBE System is available.This allows a comparisonbetween POS data and thedeposit information on enteredinto the TRAK * iT System Syste’s bythe employee. If there’s ant.mismatch, alerts are sent.Bank integrationWith the TRAK * iT Cube System,your bank can elect to installa TRAK * iT System RFID readerand software in its branch.With this in place, the bankscans the RFID tag on thedeposit when received, andyou get instant confirmation nthrough TRAK * iT DataManager that the cashmade it to the bank.Authentication & eventrecording optionsThe TRAK * iT System supportsadditional authenticationoptions to ensure that onlythe right people have accessto the safe. These includebiometric identification,touch key technology,swipe card and proximity card.You can also add an optionalcamera for digital still imagecapture to visually captureevents at the

Solution GuideChoose the TRAK * iT System solution that best fits your needs:Color touch screenPC technologyDetailed audit logTRAK*iT Data Manager (1)Biometric authentication (2)Touch key authentication (2)Swipe or proximity cardauthentication (2)Digital image capture (2)Thermal printer (2)RFID trackingPOS integration (1)Bank integration (1)Counterfeit detectionMoney countingTRAK * iT BASIC System TRAK * iT CUBE System TRAK * iT BV System1. Additional fee applies.2: Optional items.About Sargent and GreenleafSargent and Greenleaf, a subsidiary of Stanley Security Solutions, is one of theworld’s leading manufacturers of medium and high security locks and locking systems.Since 1857, Sargent and Greenleaf has provided security solutions to financialinstitutions, commercial businesses, governments and consumers around the world.Delivered through an international network of distribution partners, Sargent and Greenleafproducts continue to set the standard for quality, value and technical innovation.Corporate HeadquartersOne Security DriveNicholasville, KY 40356859.885.9411859.885.3063European Headquarters9, chemin du Croset1024 EcublensSwitzerland41.21.694.3400www.sargentandgreenleaf.comwww.stanleysecuritysolutions.com630-8026/09© 2009 Sargent and Greenleaf, Inc.STANLEY, STANLEY in a notched rectangle, SARGENT AND GREENLEAF, S&G and TRAK*iT are trademarks of The Stanley Works or its affiliates.

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