uploads/Kannan ethirajulu resume.pdf - BITS Pilani

uploads/Kannan ethirajulu resume.pdf - BITS Pilani

uploads/Kannan ethirajulu resume.pdf - BITS Pilani


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EthirajuluSenthamarai <strong>Kannan</strong>Ph.D NanotechnologyContact details:Assistant Professor, Department of Physics,<strong>BITS</strong> <strong>Pilani</strong> K. K. Birla Goa Campus, Zuarinagar, GoaEmail: kannanes@gmail.com andeskannan@goa.bits-pilani.ac.innPhone : 91-88057-58662 (mobile)91-852-2580458 (Office).Educational BackgroundName of the Degree Name of the University Percentage/CGPAPeriod of studySKKU Advanced Institute2006 (March) toPh.D Nanotechnologyof Nanotechnology,4.35/4.52009 ( June )Sungkyunkwan UniversitySuwon, South KoreaMaster of PhysicsBharathiar University,Coimbatore, India6.0/6.0 2001 (March) to2003 (April)Bachelor of PhysicsHigh SchoolBharathiar university,Coimbatore, India86% 1998-2001Kikani Higher SecondarySchool, Coimbatore, India 89% 1996-19981

Ph.D Thesis TitleMagnetotransport properties of AlGaAs/GaAs single and bilayer system with InAs quantum dots.Abstract of my thesisThe basic objective of my work is to study the electron transport in heterostructures inwhich the electrons in the quantum well and the quantum dots (QDs) are strongly coupled. In thisstudy we investigated (a) Coulombic interaction between the electrons in QDs and twodimensional electron gas (2DEG), (b) dynamics of electron tunneling between QD and 2DEG,and (c) charge trapping mechanism in embedded QDs. We also studied the interaction betweenthe edge states of two nearby 2DEG with different starting disorders. One focus was also on thecrossover from the insulating to quantum Hall liquid phase which develops from being apractical problem, i.e. switching the device from the ON to the OFF state, towards becoming anintriguing scientific problem.Career ObjectiveTo achieve core competency in chosen fieldResearch ExperienceMy field of expertise is low temperature magnetotransport studies of 2D electron gas inGaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure embedded with InAs quantum dots. After receiving my doctorate,I am working on fabricating graphene field effect devices. My task is to make graphene viachemical route i.e by chemical reduction of graphite oxide. I can personally handle liquid Heliumcryostat fitted with superconducting magnets. Currently I am actively involved in the installationof Helium-3 dilution refrigerator (Kelvinox) in our laboratory. This Helium-3 dilution fridge willbe combined with AFM-STM set-up with the objective to perform local spectroscopy studies ofphase-coherent quantum structures at low temperature (20 mK) and high magnetic fields. I haveexperience in operating FE-SEM, XRD and closed cycle cryostats as well.2

Domains1. Semiconductor and mesoscopic physics.2. Quantum Hall Effect.3. GaAs/AlGaAs and GaN and AlGaN heterostructures.4. Graphite oxide and graphene based devices.5. Semiconductor device fabrication (HEMT Processing)• Equipments handled1. Liquid Helium cryostat with superconducting magnet system.2. Closed cycle cryostat (range 400-4 K).3. Characterization equipment: SEM and XRD.4. Semiconductor characterization system (I-V and C-V).5. He3 Dilution fridge-Installation in progress.Academic awards and scholarship University Gold medalist - M.Sc Physics. University Gold Medalist - B. Sc Physics. Recipient of Kamarajar Endowment Merit Scholarship for undergraduate studies 1999. Recipient of Kamarajar Endowment Merit Scholarship for post graduate studies 2002.Extra Curricular Activities1. Won several awards in inter-school and inter-intra collegiate oratorical and debatingcontest.2. Awarded the best paper presentation in State level Seminar on “Einstein’s Theory ofRelativity” during the year 2005, the world year of physics.3. Won several other best paper presentation award in topics related to Shakespearean worksand bio-technology.4. Served in Indian National Cadet Corps (Air wing) for two years and underwent training inflying glider aircrafts.3

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research projects1. Project entitled “Possible Scenario for the Evolution of Solar system” was partiallycompleted at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research [TIFR Mumbai India] in associationwith Prof. Mayank Vahia, department of Astronomy and Astrophysics [2000].2. Project in Thin Films entitled “Electrical Properties of Vanadium Oxide Coated films”was partially completed for the fulfillment of M.Sc degree at Bharathiar UniversityCoimbatore [2003].Training programme Attended1. Undergone a training programme in Nuclear Physics for a period of twenty daysconducted By Department of Nuclear Science, Madras University during the month ofJune in the year 2002.Teaching Experience Worked as a teacher in physics at vivekanada Residential school from 2003-2004.Worked as a lecturer in physics at Nehru college of Engineering and Research Centre, Indiafrom 2004-2005.Worked as a lecturer in physics at KSR college of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India from2005-2006.Working Experience Postdoctoral Fellow in Industrial Application center of Sungkyunkwan University 2009-2010 Postodoctoral Fellow in Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory 2010-2012 Assistant Professor – Physics Department <strong>BITS</strong> <strong>Pilani</strong>. K. K. Birla Goa Campus – 2012onwards4

PERSONAL DATAGender :Marital Status:Place of Birth:Date of Birth:Language(s):Mobility:Health:HobbiesMaleSingleCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu India10 th March-1982English and Tamil.HighExcellentPlaying chess, cricket, and listening to music.Research ContributionsJournal Publications1. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim, Sanjeev Kumar, I. Farrer, D. A. Ritchie, Jun Ho Son, Jeong MinBaik, Jong-Lam Lee, D. H. Youn, and Kwang-Yong Kang, Appl. Phys. Lett. 90, 152110 (2007).Topic: Short Range Scattering Effect of InAs Quantum Dots in the Transport Properties of TwoDimensional Electron Gas2. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim,_Jyun-Ying Lin, Jing-Han Chen, Kuang Yao Chen, Zhi-YaoZhang, C.-T. Liang, Li-Hung Lin, D. H. Youn, and Kwang-Yong Kang, and N. C. Chen, J.Korean Phys. Society 50, 1643 (2007).Title: Experimental Evidence for Weak Insulator - Quantum Hall Transitions in GaN/AlGaNTwo-dimensional Electron Systems3. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim, I. Farrer, and D. A. Ritchie, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 19,506207 (2007).Title: Transport hysteresis in AlGaAs/GaAs double quantum well system with InAs quantum dots4. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim, I. Farrer, and D. A. Ritchie, Physica E 40, 1442 (2008).5

Title: Self Assembled InAs quantum Dots to Investigate the Tunneling between Edge States inAlGaAs/GaAs Double Quantum Well System5. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim, I. Farrer, and D. A. Ritchie, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 20,455206 (2008).Title: Charge trapping in double quantum well system6. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim, I. Farrer, and D. A. Ritchie, Phys. status solidi 6, 813-816(2009).Title: Transport mechanism in the quantum well embedded with quantum dots.7. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim, and D. A. Ritchie, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 143506 (2009).Title: Memory Characteristics of InAs Quantum Dots Embedded in GaAs Quantum Well8. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Mohammad Reza Karamad, Gil-Ho Kim, I. Farrer, and D. A. Ritchie, J. Phys.Condens. Matter 22, 045802 (2010).Title: Crossover from negative to positive magnetoresistance in the double quantum well systemwith different starting disorder______________________________________________________________________________9. In-Yeal Lee, E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, and Gil-Ho Kim, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95. 263308 (2009).Title: Capacitance-Voltage and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Graphite Oxide Thin FilmsPatterned by UV Photolithography10. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Gil-Ho Kim, and D. A. Ritchie, J. Phys. D. Appl. Phys. 43 225101 (2010)Title: Charge trapping in quantum dot memory devies with different dot densities6

11. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, I. Bisotto, J.-C. Portal, R. Murali and T. J. Beck, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 193505(2011)Title: Photovoltage induced by ratchet effect in Si/SiGe heterostructure under microwaveirradiation12. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, J.-C. Portal, R. Murali, T. J. Beck and L. Jalabert, Nanotechnology 22, 245401(2011).Title: Microwave based nanogenerators using ratchet effect in Si/SiGe heterostructures13. In-yeal Lee, Jianwei Wang 1 , Gil-Ho Kim, Jin-Hong Park, E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, Ji-Hoon Jang,Young-Uk Kwon, J. Appl. Phys. 112, 033701 (2012).Title: Reduced graphene oxide produced by rapid-heating reduction and its use in carbon-basedfield-effect transistors14. E. S. <strong>Kannan</strong>, I. Bisotto, L. Jalabert, T. J. Beck, and J.-C. Portal, Applied Physics Letters 101,143504 (2012).Title: Energy Free Microwave Based Signal Communication Using Ratchet Effect15. Chang-Shun Hsu, E.S.<strong>Kannan</strong>, J.-C.Portal, C.-T.Liang , C.F.Huang , S.-D.Lin, Solid stateCommunication 156 45 (2013).Title: Probing the co-existence of semiclassical transport and localization in a two dimensionalelectron gas using microwave radiation7

Conference presentationsa) Oral presentation1. QD 2008 Conference:Topic : Transport mechanism in the quantum well embedded with quantum dots.2. Korea Physical Society Conference 2007:Topic: Magnetotransport in AlGaAs double quantum system embedded with self assembled InAsquantum dots.3 . ISPSA 2006 JEJU Korea:[Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices and Applications]Topic: Experimental evidence for weak-insulator quantum Hall transition in AlGaN/GaN twodimensional electron system.b) Poster presentation1. EP2DS 17-MSS 13 2007 (Genova Italy)i) Topic: Anomalous magnetotransport and novel magnetoresistance oscillation inAlGaAs/GaAs double quantum well system.ii)Topic: Self assembled InAs quantum dots to investiage the tunneling between the edgestates in AlGaAs/GaAs double quantum well system.2. Korea Physical Society Conference 2007:Topic: Anomalous magnetotransport in AlGaAs/GaAs double quantum well system.3. EP2DS 18-MSS 14 2009 (Kobe, Japan)8

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