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A "Leader" ofPumps for IndustryGruppo AturiaAUDOLI &BERTOLAARISCHIAPPA

A LONG HISTORY RICH OF IMPORTANT EXPERIENCES1927: Aturia starts its activity in Milano, operating in the field of centrifugal water pumps.1946: The availability of electric power and underground water in the Milano area givesAturia the opportunity to develop the submersible pumpsets.1960: Aturia improves the performance and the reliability of the submersible pumpsets andextends its market area from Italy to Mediterranean Countries, America, Asia.1990: With the aim of enlarging the production range, Aturia takes over the pumpsbusiness of “Rotos” and “Marelli”.2003: Acquires "Audoli & Bertola".2006: Aturia, in order to achieve more competence and to gain experience in highdemanding applications (Chemical, Petrochemical, Nuclear), acquires "Gruppe Rutschi".Rutschi, the "Pioneer" of Canned Motor Pumps, operates with two companies:Rutschi Fluid AG in Brugg (Switzerland) and Pompes Rutschi SA in Mulhouse(France).2009: Acquires the pump business of “Aris-Chiappa”.Gruppo Aturia: HISTORYAUDOLI &BERTOLAARISCHIAPPA1919: Rotos starts the production of electric motors, monobloc, single, multistage andvertical pumps in Milano. The company develops all water applications in the field ofagriculture, building and industry.1962: Rotos joins "Guinard Group" and becomes the “Development Center” of multistagepumps for the French Group. Gaining the Guinard experience, Rotos starts theproduction of cast steel pumps for the process industry (ISO 2858 and API 610).1978: The company moves to the plant located in Pozzo d’Adda (Milano).1980: Rotos enters the “Marelli Group”.2005: Start up of the Plant in Taglio di Po (Rovigo) dedicated to the Developmentand Production of Magnetic Drive Sealless Pumps.1891: Marelli is founded in Sesto San Giovanni (Milano).1898: It starts the production of electric motors.1905: Marelli starts the production of centrifugal pumps coupled to electric motors anddevelops different types of pumps for various applications: from agriculture to navy,from tool machines to chemical industries.1979: The monobloc pumpsets business is transferred to "Ercole Marelli Componenti" (EMC)and the business of vertical pumps with large flows and split case pumps aretransferred to the Engineering Company "Impianti Tecnologici Ercole Marelli" (ITEM).1984: GIEM (Gruppo Industriale Ercole Marelli) controls EMC,ITEM and ROTOS.1990: All pump activities of GIEM are transferred to "Gruppo Aturia".1890: Audoli & Bertola starts in Torino the production of vertical pumps for agriculture application.In the following years Audoli & Bertola develops the supply of "turn-keys" waterdistribution plants both in Italy and in other Mediterranean countries.1993: The "Gruppe Rutschi" acquires the company and improves the design of verticalpumps for heavy industrial applications (steel mills, cooling systems, power plants,marine) and Fire Fighting systems.2003: "Gruppo Aturia", in order to improve its presence in the industrial field,acquires "Audoli & Bertola". During the year the activities on the vertical pumps aremoved to Gessate (Milano), whilst the Fire Fighting business remains in Torino.1921: G.Chiappa Fonderie is set up in Torino and starts the production of castingsin bronze, aluminium and cast iron.1940: The company starts the production of centrifugal pumps for industrial applications1950: The name of the company is changed in A.R.I.S. (Acquedotti Ricerche Idriche Sottosuolo)1954: The company changes the name in Aris Chiappa1970: Aris Chiappa starts the production of vertical turbine pumps.In co-operation with gas turbine manufacturers (Fiat Avio, Nuovo Pignone) developsa range of lube oil pumps.2009: "Gruppo Aturia", with the aim to increase its production program in the Industrysector acquires the pump business of “Aris Chiappa”.

THE INTEGRATION OF FIVE FAMOUS COMPANIESGruppo AturiaAUDOLI &BERTOLAARISCHIAPPAGruppo Aturia relies on an important operative structure with 3 plants:- Gessate (MILANO): 20.000 m 2 (covered surface)- Taglio di Po (ROVIGO) : 3.000 m 2 (covered surface)- TORINO: 3.000 m 2 (covered surface)MILANOTORINOROVIGOVeneziaTORINOGessate (MILANO)Gessate (MILANO)Taglio di Po (ROVIGO)

SUBMERSIBLE MOTORSSUBMERSIBLE PUMPSETSGruppo Aturia: SUBMERSIBLERewindable Motors filled with water.Stator wound with copper wires sheathedwith thermoplastic material.Construction- Stator casing : Stainless Steel- Shaft : Stainless Steel- Support ends: Cast-Iron/Bronze/St.SteelSize :6”- 8”-10”-12”-14” 8” - 16”Poles : 2 4Power [kW] : 4 - 400 12 - 400Voltage [V] : 220 - 1000Frequency [Hz] : 50 - 60Special Construction:Water temperature : up to 70 °CPower: up to 1000 kWVoltage: up to 10000 VkW6005004003002001008060403020102 poles 4 poles2 poles-50 Hz 4 poles-50 HzCentrifugal multistage pumpsRadial and Mixed-Flow hydraulics.Shaft: with keys, fully protected by sleeves.Construction- Pump body :Cast-Iron/Bronze/Cast St.Steel- Impeller :Cast-Iron/Bronze/Cast St.Steel- Valve body :Cast-Iron/Bronze/Cast St.Steel- Suction casing: Cast-Iron/Bronze/Cast St.SteelSize : 6”-14” 14"-25"Poles : 2 4Capacity [m 3 /h] : 7 - 900 up to 2000Head [m] : 10 - 700 up to 150Power [kW] : 4 - 400 up to 400Voltage [V] : 220 - 1000Frequency [Hz] : 50 - 602 poles 4 polesH(m)700500300200100806040302036"8" 10" 12" 14"8" 10" 12" 14" 16"103 10 Q:(m 3 /h) 100 300 1000 2000

APPLICATIONSThe installation of submersible electric pumps,for more than 60 years, has allowedGruppo Aturia to acquire countless appliedexperiences in practically all fields in whichthese pumps are required.Submersible pumps, simply born to lift wellwater, have first replaceddeep well vertical pumps.Through the use of different materials suchas bronze, cast stainless steel and Duplexthey are now successfully used in heavyapplications where a high reliability is required,such as Mine, Off-Shore, Industry, Navy.The installation of submersible pumps insuitable vertical or horizontal cylindrical tanksallows silent- operating pressure liftingsystems in a more reduced space comparedto the traditional solutions with surface pumps.In order to offer customers hydrauliccharacteristics with best efficiency, the widerange of capacities and heads is covered byover five hundred types of submersiblepumpsets.In the last years, adopting a new design,Aturia has introduced a range ofmotors suitable for hot waters.

MONOBLOC PUMPSETSDIN 24255 - EN 733MONOBLOC PUMPSETS"IN LINE"Gruppo Aturia: SURFACECentrifugal pumpsets.Normalized dimensions DIN 24255-EN 733- Nom. Pressure [bar] : 10 / 16- Temperature [°C] : -10 / +130Construction:- Casing : Cast-Iron- Impeller : Cast-Iron/Bronze/St.Steel- Shaft : Chromium Steel- Seal : Mechanical- Electric Motor : IP55 - Class FSize [DN] : 25 - 100 25 - 200Poles : 2 4Capacity [m 3 /h] : 2 - 300 1 - 600Head [m] : 6 - 92 2 - 22Impeller Diam.[mm] : up to 250Power [kW] : up to 37 up to 22Voltage [V] : 220-240 / 380-415Frequency [Hz] : 50 - 602 poles 4 polesH(m)10080604030201086Centrifugal pumpsets "In Line"with single or twin versions.- Nom. Pressure [bar] : 10 /16- Temperature [°C] : -10 / +130Construction:- Casing : Cast-Iron- Impeller : Cast-Iron/Bronze/St.Steel- Shaft : Chromium Steel- Seal : Mechanical- Electric Motor : IP55 - Class FSize [DN] : 32 - 150Poles : 2 - 4Capacity [m 3 /h] : 1,5 - 210 1,5 - 300Head [m] : 4 - 68 2 - 22Impeller Diam.[mm] : up to 250Power [kW] : up to 37 up to 15Voltage [V] : 220-240 / 380-415Frequency [Hz] : 50 - 602 poles 4 polesH(m)1008060403020108644332 4 6 10 Q:(m 3 /h) 40 60 100 200 300 600 2 4 6 10 Q:(m 3 /h) 40 60 100 200 300

V tuur (taktid 1-16)Taktid 1-4. Säilitades poolringjoone,liiguvad tüdrukud, käed seelikus, kaheksahüpaksammuga poistele veidi lähemale, kuidotsmised tüdrukud tantsivad paigal. Poisidtaganevad kaheksa hüpaksammugatüdrukute vahekohtadele, oma paarilisevasakule küljele (joonis 12). Pihkseongvallandatakse juba 2. takti algul ja käedjäävad vabalt alla. Kõik alustavad liikumistvasaku jalaga.Taktid 5-7. Käed ühendatakse rippseongus, otsmistel tantsijatel on vabakäsipuusal. Alustades vasaku jalaga, tehakse kolm luiskhüpakut.Takt 8. Kõik tantsijad laskuvad päkkadele täiskükki, põlved on koos. Käedjäetakse ühendatult alla.Takt 9. Kõik tõusevad järsku üles varvastele ja viivad käed väravateks üles.Takt 10. Korratakse 8. takti tegevust.Takt 11. Korratakse 9. takti tegevust.Takt 12. Käed on väravatena ülal. Alustatakse vasaku jalaga, tehakse paigal kolmrõhksammu.Taktid 13-14. Tantsuvõte vallandatakse ja tantsijad jooksevad rivitult tantsukohakeskmesse kuhelikku, esipool keskme suunas.Takt 15. Tantsijad on läbisegi kuhelikus ja teevad kaks sammu ummishüpet (taktiI ja II osal). Samal ajal lüüakse sirgete kätega pea kohal kaks plaksu.Takt 16. Korratakse kaks korda kiiremini eelmise takti tegevust, s.t. tehakse neliummishüpet.VI tuur (taktid 1-16)Taktid 1-8. Leitakse endale kiiresti paariline.Alustades parema jalaga, käed rippseongus,liigutakse hüpaksammudega ja ette-tahakätependeldusega vastupäeva pärispidiseleringjoonele. Juhtpaariks võib olla sama paar kuitantsu alguseski. Kuhelikust väljutakse eest(joonis 13). Iga paar, kes kuhelikust väljub, järgnebjuhtpaarile ja ühendab enda ees liikuva paarigakäed rippseongus. Kuhelik rullub lahti spiraalitaoliselt. 8. takti lõpuks on moodustunudpäripidine sõõr.Kipsadi kõpsadi kooliteel

SPLIT CASE PUMPSFMVERTICAL TURBINE PUMPSFMGruppo Aturia: SURFACEHorizontal centrifugal pumps,double suction.- Nominal pressure[bar] : 10 / 25- Temperature [°C] : -10 / + 130Construction:- Casing : Cast-Iron / Nodular Cast-IronCarbon Steel / St.Steel / Duplex- Impeller : Cast-Iron / Bronze /Stainless Steel / Duplex- Shaft : Steel- Seal : Packing / MechanicalAvailable with ATEX CertificationSize [DN] : 150 - 600Capacity [m 3 /h] : 200 - 4000Head [m] : 10 - 200Impeller Dia [mm]: up to 650Power [kW] : up to 9002 poles 4 poles 6-8 polesH(m)40030020010080604020108Factory Mutual6100 200 Q:(m 3 /h) 600 1000 2000 4000 6000Radial, Axial and Mixed-Flow pumpsVertical sump /Tank type- Nominal pressure [bar] : 6 / 64- Temperature [°C] : + 60Construction:- Casing : Cast-Iron / Nodular Cast-IronCarbon Steel / St.Steel / Duplex- Impeller : Cast-Iron / Bronze /Stainless Steel / Duplex- Seal : Packing / MechanicalAvailable with ATEX CertificationSize [DN] : 100 - 2000Capacity [m 3 /h] : 10 - 25000Head [m] : 3 - 600Impeller Dia [mm] : up to 1350Power [kW] : up to 1000H(m)500400200100604020106422 poli/poles 4 poli/poles 6-8 poli/poles110 20 40 100 Q:(m 3 /h) 1000 4000 10000 40000

APPLICATIONSGruppo Aturia offers a wide range of surfacepumps answering to the needs of manifold andimportant productive fields.Monobloc pumps are used in building such aswater distribution systems, heating, airconditioning.Single stage and split case pumps are usedin pumping stations, Fire-Fighting service andindustry for clean water when large flows andlimited heads are required.Multistage pumps are used in pumping stations,as well as for artificial snowing, for reverseosmosis and for more sophisticated dutiessuch as boiler feed.Vertical pumps are used in recirculationsystems for industrial water, in power plants,insteel mills, in drainage systems and in fishfarming installations.

SINGLE STAGE PUMPSISO 2858, ISO 5199PROCESS PUMPSAPI 610Gruppo Aturia: PROCESSCentrifugal pumps for aggressive liquids,Horizontal with base-plate and coupling.-Nominal pressure [bar] : 16 / 20-Temperature [°C] : - 50 / + 200Construction- Casing : Stainless Steel / Duplex- Impeller : Stainless Steel / Duplex- Shaft : Stainless Steel- Seal : MechanicalSpecial Construction : Other AlloysAvailable with Magnetic Drive couplingAvailable with ATEX CertificationSize [DN] : 32 - 100 32 - 300Poles : 2 4Capacity [m3/h] : 5 - 330 3 - 1300Head [m] : up to 140 up to 100Impeller dia [mm] : up to 315 up to 570Power [kW] : up to 200 up to 3152 poles 4 polesH(m)20010080604030201086435 10 Q:(m 3 /h) 40 60 100 200 400 600 1000Centrifugal pumps for heavy duty,Horizontal with base-plate and coupling.- Nominal pressure [bar] : 50- Temperature [°C] : -100 / +450Construction- Casing : Steel- Impeller : Stainless Steel- Shaft : Steel- Seal : MechanicalOthers material follow API 610Vertical barrel construction for low NPSH services.Available with Magnetic Drive coupling (API 685)Available with ATEX CertificationSize (DN] : 1 1/2" - 14"Poles : 2 4Capacity [m 3 /h] : 8 - 1500 4 - 1300Head [m] : 10 - 350 5 - 130Impeller dia [mm] : up to 520 up to 610Power [kW] : up to 1500 up to 700H(m)40030020010080604030202 poles 4 poles1010 Q:(m 3 /h) 40 60 100 200 400 600 1000 2000

VERTICAL SINGLE STAGE PUMPSISO 2858VERTICAL PUMPS IN BARRELVertical centrifugal pumps for aggressiveliquids. Construction for Tank installation.-Nominal pressure [bar] : 16 / 20-Temperature [°C] : - 50 / + 200Multistage Vertical Pumps in Barrel for Dutywith low NPSH value.Radial or Semiaxial hydraulics.- Nominal pressure [bar] : 25 / 40- Temperature [°C] : -50 / +200Construction:- Casing : Stainless Steel / Duplex- Impeller : Stainless Steel / Duplex- Shaft : Stainless Steel- Seal : MechanicalAvailable with ATEX CertificationSize [DN] : 32 - 100 32 - 300Poles : 2 4Capacity [m3/h] : 5 - 330 3 - 1300Head [m] : up to 140 up to 100Impeller Dia [mm]: up to 315 up to 570Power [kW] : up to 200 up to 200Construction:- Casing : Cast-Iron / Nodular Cast-IronCarbon Steel / St.Steel / Duplex- Impeller : Cast-Iron / Bronze / St.Steel / Duplex- Shaft : Alloyed Steel- Seal : Mechanical- Barrel : SteelOthers material follow API 610Available with ATEX CertificationSize [DN] : 6"-18" 6"-28"Poles : 2 4Capacity [m 3 /h] : up to 200 up to 1000Head [m] : up to 350 up to 250Power [kW] : up to 200 up to 3502 poles 4 polesH(m)20010080604030201086435 10 Q:(m 3 /h) 40 60 100 200 400 600 1000Radial Pumps :2 polesMixed-flow Pumps: 2 poles 4 polesH(m)50040020010060402010642110 20 40 100 Q:(m 3 /h) 400 1000 4000

MAGNETIC DRIVE SEALLESS PUMPSMAGNETIC DRIVE SEALLESS PUMPSGruppo Aturia: PROCESSMetallic, Magnetic Drive Centrifugal (ISO2858) and Turbine Pumps for aggressiveand corrosive liquids-Nominal pressure [bar] : 16 / 25-Temperature [°C] : - 50 / + 200Construction- Casing : Stainless Steel- Impeller : Stainless Steel- Shaft : Stainless Steel- Bearing : Silicon carbide- Thrust Bearing : Silicon carbide- Magnetic Drive: CoSmSpecial Construction: Incoloy825-Hastelloy(C)Available with ATEX CertificationDischarge nozzles : 32 up to100Poles : 2 4Capacity [m 3 /h] : 8 - 200 3 - 100Head [m] : up to 90 up to 25Max.Pressure [bar] : 25Max.Temper. [°C] : 300H(m)10080604030201086432 poles - 50Hz2 poles - 50Hz 4 poles - 50HzPlastic, Magnetic Drive Centrifugal andTurbine Pumps for strong chemicals,acidsand very corrosive liquids-Nominal pressure [bar] : 10 / 16-Temperature [°C] : - 40 / + 100Construction- Casing : PP and PVDF- Impeller : PP and PVDF- Shaft : Alumina or Silicon Carbide- Bearing : PTFEC or Silicon Carbide- Thrust Bearing : PTFEC or Silicon Carbide- Magnetic Drive: FeBNeAvailable with ATEX CertificationDischarge nozzles : 32 up to 80Poles : 2 4Capacity [m 3 /h] : 1 - 100 1 - 60Head [m] : 4 - 45 1 - 11Max.Pressure [bar] : 10Max.Temper. [°C] : 100H(m)6040302010864322 poles - 50Hz 4 poles - 50Hz2Q:(m 3 /h)6 8 10 20 40 60 100 200 40011 Q:(m 3 /h) 4 6 8 10 20 40 60 100 200

APPLICATIONSROTOS, thanks to the longexperience gained working in the"Guinard Group", operates in fieldscharacterized by extremely heavy duties,requiring high-tech pumps according tointernational standards foreseen for suchapplications.Pumps manufactured in compliancewith API 610, ISO 2858 and ISO 5199standards find their natural application inthe most important chemical andpetrochemical installation aswell as in oil refineries.Magnetic Drive pumps, manufactured incompliance with API 685 andISO 2858 standards where the utmostreliability and safety is required whenpumping dangerous chemical(inflammable, toxic) products.“Barrel pump" versions are studied for anefficient pumping of liquified gasesand volatile liquids.Other special fields such as geothermy,reverse osmosis, off-shore, cryogenic fluidsand so on, will find in the ROTOS range thesuitable pump to satisfy any particularapplication need.

FIRE-FIGHTING PUMPING SYSTEMSVertical PumpsGruppo Aturia: FIRE FIGHTINGWith "Audoli&Bertola" Division, Gruppo Aturia operates in the Fire-Fighting field assupplier of water fire fighting packages fully in compliance with the EuropeanStandards (EN 12845 e EN 12259-12) and the American Standards (NFPA 20).Audoli&Bertola technical skill allows to easily operate in building and industrial fieldsand to meet the hardest specifications required by refineries, petrochemical industries,off-shore, platform and on-shore plants.Audoli&Bertola has developed a product range for explosion proof areas: a lot ofpackages have been realized with diesel engines and gas engines suitable to operatein EExd II B or C Atex classification area.Gruppo Aturia offers a wide range of centrifugal pumps for fire fighting application,both in vertical and in horizontal construction.Audoli&Bertola is the only European Pumps Manufacturer to have obtained from"Factory Mutual" the approval for:- Vertical Turbine Pumps: from 500 GPM to 4000 GPM, at 50 and 60 Hz.- Split-Case Pumps: from 750 GPM to 2000 GPM, at 50 and 60 Hz.Split Case Pumps

A FLEXIBLE AND INTEGRATED CYCLE :Gruppo Aturia: PRODUCTIONThe product cycle begins in the"Engineering Department", where itstechnicians collect all inputs directlyfrom the other managers.Starting from a large data baseincluding more than one thousandhydraulics, Aturia can find alwaysthe best solution.Stress and seismic analysis ondeveloped construction and selectedmaterial can be easily carried outusing modern software (basedon 3D modelling and FEM).Thanks to its long experience,Gruppo Aturia can today designpumps for special fluids with powerup to 1000 kW, pressure up to150 bar, low NPSH, with and withoutseal and temperature up to 500°C.The three units of Gruppo Aturia focuson the following business:- Milano: Manufacturing of pumpswith mechanical or softpacking seal- Rovigo: Production ofsealless pumps- Torino: Design, assembling ofFire-Fighting systems.The different steps of themanufacturing process take place ina Single Production Unit: this helpscoordination from marketing toengineering and from manufacturingto final testing.A scheduling system guarantees theefficient management of materials andoperating resources.

FROM ENGINEERING TO FINAL TESTINGsala proveTorinoTo meet market needs, which requiredeliveries in shorter and shorter times,Gruppo Aturia invests in a large stockof components.The quick assembly of componentsassures a prompt delivery of the pump.Furthermore the large availability ofstocked components guarantees atimely supply of any spare partrequired.At the end of the production cycle, thepump can be painted according toCompany standards or to Customer'sspecifications.The packing, always carefully made,will efficiently protect the product andguarantee its perfect conditions atdelivery.In the last years Gruppo Aturia hasinvested a lot to equip each locationwith adequate test room.Today, Milano and Torino plants areprovided with large test beds with thefollowing characteristics:- Pumpsets up to 650 kWwith frequency converter andvoltage up to 6 kV- Capacity up to 8000 m 3 /h- Pressure up to 120 bar- Min NPSH 0.5 mTorino test bed can easily install aGenerator-Set up to 6 MVA.The Rovigo test bed is sized forsealless pumps for chemicalapplication:- Power up to 50 kW- Capacity up to100 m 3 /hBesides the periodic tests on standardproducts, performance tests arecarried out in presence of Customersand Certified Bodies.

QUALITY SYSTEMGruppo Aturia constant commitment to pursue the target of qualityimprovement has been recognized through the certification of its QualitySystem by Lloyd's Register.QUALITY CONTROLProduct Quality is guaranteed by "Total Control" of all components.Pumps Performances are verifed by "Test Room".Gruppo Aturia: QUALITYDrawing in INTRANETGruppo Aturia cabled with optical fibres allfactory areas. Today all information (data, drawings,photos) run in INTRANET.The operator can quickly obtain the drawings ofcomponents, always updated to the latest edition.Numerical Control MachinesGruppo Aturia has a wide range of N/C machines,subject to a constant maintenance program.The operator can easily obtain the requiredprecision in components machining.Metrologic LaboratoryGruppo Aturia equipped a metrologic laboratory forthe periodic calibration of the measure instruments.The operator can always relay on calibratedinstruments to control the components.TraceabilityGruppo Aturia manages a system for collecting ofmachining data.The operator can easily find the informationconcering all components (supplier, tool machineand employee)Qualified Human ResourceGruppo Aturia invests in qualified human resources,and takes care of its staff’s specialization with regulartraining courses.The operator acts in autonomy and in security onmachines tools operations, drawing analysis andcomponent’s control.

Gruppo Aturia: PRODUCTS

Gruppo Aturia20060 Gessate (MILANO), Italy /Piazza Aturia,9 - Tel. +39-0295423200 / Fax +39-029542320245019 Taglio di Po (ROVIGO), Italy / Via dell'Industria, 410156 TORINO, Italy / Corso Romania, 501/18www.gruppoaturia.com09-09/920-GB

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