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Download This PDF! - Melissa Data

NEWData QualityProfessionalServicesSee P 17.

Contact Data Verification Solutions - On Premise and in the CloudOnPremiseCloudWebSmart Data VerificationThe Data Quality Suite is comprised of four core objects: Address; Phone;Email; and Name. The Suite is available as APIs on a DVD, and as a collectivesuite of our WebSmart Services. They are easily integrated into rapid lookup,correction, and verifi cation routines for batch and realtime processing usingyour language of choice.1. Scrub & Enrich Delivery Addresses withAddress Object employs 4 interfaces:Address Check – verifi es addressesParse – splits out addresses into their component elementsStreetData – searches for address rangesZipData – provides geographic data for the ZIP Code• USPS ® CASS Certifi ed TM processing• Add ZIP + 4 ® , carrier route, delivery point• Verify non-USPS deliverable addresses• Enable quick ZIP & Street Search lookups2. Parse & Genderize Names with• Parses full, inverse, double, & mixed format names• Gender database includes over 190.000 multi-ethnic first & last names• Creates personalized & slug salutations• Detects company, suspicious, & vulgar words3. Validate U.S. & Canadian Phone Numbers with• Corrects bad, missing, & split area codes• Validates numbers at 7 or 10-digits, including toll-free numbers• Appends geographic data linked to phone number location• Identifi es numbers as business, residential, SOHO, cell, land line, or VOIP4. Verify & Correct Email Addresses with®®®® SUBMITTEDName ..... Mr John Wayne Brown, JrCompany ..... Melissa DataAddress ..... 22382 Emprisa 92688Phone ..... 7145895200Email ..... john@800miAL.conAddress Data ReturnedCompany ..... Melissa DataAddress ..... 22382 Avenida EmpresaSuite ..... 100City ..... Rancho Santa MargaritaCity Abbr ..... Rcho Sta MargState ..... CAZIP ..... 92688+4 ..... 2112Carrier Rt ..... C056Delivery Pt ..... 821CountyName ..... OrangeCounty FIPS ..... 06059Time Zone ..... PacificAddress Type ..... SLatitude ..... 33.6480Longitude ..... -117.6000Congress Dist ..... 48Delivery Indicator ..... BusinessName Data ReturnedFirst Name ..... JohnMiddle Name ..... WayneLast Name ..... BrownPrefix ..... MrSuffix ..... JrGender ..... MaleStatus ..... No VulgarPhone Data ReturnedArea Code ..... 714Prefix ..... 589Suffix ..... 5200Extension ..... 111New Area Code ..... 949Status ..... CorrectedEmail Data ReturnedEnsure all your contact data, including addresses, names, telephone numbers, and emails are valid, and then use your validateddata to acquire additional information to enhance your business and marketing initiatives. The WebSmart servicescan be integrated anywhere into your business chain to ensure the integrity of your database from real-time point-of-entrywith Web sites and call centers to batch processing your entire database.• WebSmart Address VerifierAddresses are parsed, standardized & verifi ed withUSPS ® CASS TM processing.• WebSmart Name ParserParses full names (first, middle, last, prefi x and suffi x),appends gender to first name, creates salutations, anddetects suspicious and vulgar words.• WebSmart Phone VerifierVerifi es and parses phone numbers up to 10-digitlevel, appends geographics, and identifi es number asbusiness or residential, cell, land line, or VOIP.• WebSmart Email VerifierParses and checks validity of email address. Syntaxcorrected, invalid characters removed, MalieXchangecheck.• WebSmart GeoCoderAdds latitude and longitude to 9-digit accuracy (ZIP+ 4), census tract and block, county FIPS and name.• WebSmart IP LocatorIdentifi es IP address, city, region, country, ISP, domainname, longitude/latitude.• WebSmart Street SearchProvides direct access to the National Data fi les for theability to generate street suggestions for undeterminableaddresses.NEW• WebSmart ZIP SearchSearches and matches geographic data to a ZIP Codeand city information that match a specifi c pattern withina state to correct misspelled city names in your list,improve address accuracy, geographic targeting, profi l-ing, and segmentation.Address InputRange LowRange HighRange Odd/EvenStreet NameStreet SuffixZip22382 EmpRancho Santa Margarita, CA2230022398EEmpresaAVDA92688Service• WebSmart PropertyBureauGet detailed property information on over 140 millionproperties in the U.S. by passing an address key (ZIP + 4)or the APN and County FIPS.NEW• WebSmart Delivery IndicatorIdentifi es delivery type as Business or Residential.Contact Data Verification• Verifi es 3 levels: Syntax, Local Database, MXLookup• Detects improper formats for common domains• Parses & standardizes complete email address• Connects directly to SMTP server for verifi cationTLD ..... comDomain ..... melissadataTLD Desc ..... Operated by VerisignEmail ..... JohnB@melissadata.comStatus ..... V*Highlights indicate added and/or corrected data.• SmartMover Change of AddressAppends change-of-address information in real-time toU.S. and Canadian customer records to save money onpostage and printing.See also: Global Address Web Service (page 10)ROI GUARANTEEIf you don’t see a 100% return on yourinvestment in 4 months or less, return theproduct for a full refund.Use our ROI calculator to see how much bad datais costing you at 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit 5

Contact Data Enrichment SolutionsAdd these applications to your direct marketing andmailing operations to maximize savings, increaseresponse, and improve that bottom line!OnPremiseServiceBureauContact Data EnrichmentGeocode street addresses by adding multisourced lat/long coordinatesGeocoder provides exact latitude and longitude coordinates, plus other critical address information at the 11-digit (ZIP+4+2)rooftop level. Spatial data is incorporated from multiple private and government sources – a process called confl ation – todeliver the most accurate geopoints available with more matches and fewer false positives. Geocoder provides rooftopgeopoints for 95% of all U.S. addresses.• Rooftop coverage - 95% of all U.S. rooftops• Appends Census Tract & Block numbers• Appends County Name & County FIPS code• Link to Census CBSA (Core Based Statistical Data) to profi le customers• Provide dealer/store locator is recommended that prior to geocoding, you verify addresses and append ZIP + 4 codes using Address Object. AddressObject validates addresses to the actual point of delivery (DPV), and also appends the delivery point – enabling the precise11-digit geocoding Melissa Data provides.Data Quality Suite qualified mailings for postal discounts and save up to 35% in postageEasily design a custom program to automate yourcurrent mailing operations to postal presort anylist that has been processed with a current CASSCertifi ed TM engine for ZIP + 4 ® codes – like ourAddress Object (p 4).Presort Object is PAVE Gold certifi edby the USPS ® to presort letters, cards,and fl ats for the lowest rates possiblefor First Class Mail ® , Standard Mail ®and Periodicals.Example of Postage Savings at USPS ® Presorted Rates effective 4/17/11Weight up to 1oz FIRST-CLASS .44 STANDARD .44 NONPROFIT .44 POSTCARD .29LETTERS Rate Save / M Rate Save / M Rate Save / M Rate Save / M5-Digit $0.340 $100 $0.237 $203 $0.132 $308 $0.208 $823-Digit $0.365 $75 $0.255 $185 $0.150 $290 $0.223 $67AADC $0.368 $72 $0.257 $183 $0.152 $288 $0.220 $70MXD AADC $0.390 $50 $0.273 $167 $0.168 $272 $0.230 $60Saturation n/a n/a $0.182 $258 $0.110 $330 n/a n/aFLATS Single $0 .88 Rate Save / M Rate Save / M Rate Save / M Please note5-Digit $0.373 $507 $0.347 $533 $0.213 $667 Postage rates effective3-Digit $0.547 $333 $0.426 $454 $0.289 $591 4/17/11. Entry DiscountADC $0.605 $275 $0.482 $398 $0.345 $535 level is NONE. SavingsMXD ADC $0.725 $155 $0.492 $388 $0.355 $525 are per/1000 presortedSaturation n/a n/a $0.194 $686 $0.120 $760 pieces vs single piece.To download a .pdf of all current USPS postal rates: Data EnrichmentCloudBasic ZIP + 4 geocoding - see page 532.726814-117.153821IP Internet visitors’ locations with IP Locator ObjectIP Locator helps you identify an Internet user’s geographic location withoutinvading their privacy. Get the geographic data linked to an IP address.IP AddressLatitudeLongitude216.231.3.16633.4774-117.705ZIP92624San Diego Air & Space Museum2001 Pan American Plaza,San Diego, CA 92101-1636-01Provides exact latitude and longitude corrdinates to therooftop of the building• Prevent password sharing & service abuse• Reduce credit card fraud• Enable auto selection of country on Web forms• Geotarget for increased sales & click-throughsRegionNameDomainCity NameCountryCALIFORNIACOX COMMUNICATIONS INCCOX.NETDANA POINTUNITED STATESAbbreviationUS6Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit

Contact Data Integration ToolsContact Data Integration Data IntegrationExtraordinary merge-purge dedupingMatchUp fi nds matches in any combination of over 35 different components, plus any proprietary data components youspecify. Each combination of components is referred to as a matchcode, and you can specify up to 16 matchcodes at onetime, enabling millions of different combinations to fi nd, merge, and/or eliminate duplicate records across multiple fi les, tocreate a single, accurate view of your customers.• Process up to 50 million records an hour• Resolve data inconsistencies in large datasets• Eliminate excessive “rules based” matching from the database• Finds & links data despite content errors or omissions• Deduping is also provided as a Bureau service & GUI software program• Three modes to customize and implement merge-purge functions:1. ReadWrite Deduping - For batch processing single or multiple lists2. Incremental Deduping – For continual incoming records & real-time data entry3. Hybrid Deduping – For advanced customized controlMatchUp finds the not-so-obvious duplicatesSmith Jr., JohnAccounting Services, Inc.12 Main StAnytown, CA 92688Mr. J. SmitheTAXman ConsultingSuite 512 North Main StreetAnytown, CA 92688Turn jumbled, inconsistent data into organized informationRightFielder Object employs two specialized parsing engines to give you all the control, power, and fl exibility to standardizeinconsistently entered data, run-on lines of text containing multiple data types, or data with no structure at all.• Adds uniformity to fi les so they merge, sort & dedupe better• Reorganize badly fi elded data• Identify run-on fi elds where data entry was continued onto the next fi eld• Verify real-time data entry or Web form data where data was entered into the wrong fi eld, or entered into a single fi eldFielded ParsingRightFielder refi elds databases where data hasbeen inconsistently entered, reorganizing data intonew columns each with a single data type.Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 51 Joy Pars 12345 Main St 949-121-3323 917452 9823 Collette Ave 10098 232-132-2345 Kim Jones kim@yahoo.com3 800-800-1234 2238 Viam Way 92688 Bill WarnerName Address Zip Code Phone Email1 Joy Pars 12345 Main St 91745949-121-3323 joe@aol.com2 Kim Jones 9823 Collette Ave 10098 232-132-2345 kim@yahoo.com3 Bill Warner 2238 Viam Way 92688800-800-1234 bill@gmail.comContact Data IntegrationNEWNEWFuzzy Matching StrategiesCompares any data type of any length and detects abbreviations, acronyms, spelling errors, common keyboardmistakes, and long and short strings employing probabilistic and deterministic matching using 16 available state-ofthe-artfuzzy match algorithms.Geographic Proximity Matching StrategyThe physical distance between two records can beused to determine their likelihood of matching.“The customizable merge/purge criteriaallow us to fine tune duplicate identificationthat matches the business objectives.”-David Cass, President and CEO of Cass, Inc.Read more about this case study at FoundFreeForm Parsing:RightFielder’s powerful, intelligent entity recognitionand identifi cation algorithms analyze the inputdata, recognize where fi elds begin and end, andassigns the contents to the correct output property.Bud M Walker 123Main St MissionViejo CA 9495895200Melissa DataName 1:Company 1:Address:Address2:Address3:City:State:Postal Code:Country:Dept1:Phone1:Email1:URL1:SSN1:Bud M WalkerMelissa Data123 Main StMission ViejoCA926919495895200bud@melissadata.comData Types Recognized:RightFielder recognizes up to three lines of streetaddresses, city, state, postal code and country. Right-Fielder recognizes and extracts multiple instancesof these data types: personal names; company anddepartment names; email and Web addresses; andphone numbers.RightFielder also provides the fl exibility to defi ne andre-fi eld custom data types like social security numbers(SSN), IP addresses, dates, and proprietary accountnumber formats.8 Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit 9

Global & Enterprise Contact Data SolutionsTelco Solution ServicesContact Verification ServerSource-based, to-the-day, 411 business &consumer informationGlobal & EnterpriseSelf-Hosted WebSmart ServicesThe Contact Verifi cation Server (CVS) is a turnkey data quality appliance that incorporates WebSmart components forcontact data verifi cation and enrichment, including address, phone, and email verifi cation, name parsing, and geocoding.The server, built by Dell, delivers enterprise-level speed to verify more than 7 million records per hour. It can be clusteredtogether for increased scalability, throughput and redundancy.• Rapid deployment – you’re up & running inminutes• Fast – over 7 million records/hr• Distributed architecture for real-time failover• Physical appliance, VMWare server instance,or cloud-based server• Flexible protocols: SOAP, REST or XML• Award-winning support & mission-critical replacementOur Telco solutions give you access to more than 120 million residentialand business records. With over 1 million changes recordedeach month, you can appreciate the value of to-the-day accuracy toverify, add, or fi ll in the blanks of your contact data records.Telco SmartSearch Web ServiceAccess the Telco database 24/7 via real-time HTTP/S XML. There’s no better way to fi nd or verify business and consumercontact information, especially if you only have a name, phone number, or an address to start with - just run a reverse lookupto fi ll in the blanks to complete your records.• Straight Search: for exact queries to match exactly. Ideal for reverse number lookups• Smart Search: takes the query parameters (last name, house, street, city, ZIP, state) to fi nd the closest matching record• Progressive Search: to fi nd the current location/phone or expired listing using historical data matched to a search queryContact Data TelcoThe CVS is particularly benefi cial to industries where securityand privacy need to be rigorously safeguarded. Meet and exceedHIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, and other privacy and compliance guidelinesby enriching, scrubbing, and validating customer data completelyin-house, safely and securely.Telco SmartSearch Batch File & Phone Append ProcessingUpload batch fi les containing an unlimited number of searchable records to an FTP server to verify and correct informationabout your customers. Melissa Data picks up the fi le, processes the data, and returns the results to the FTP site for retrieval.ServiceBureauWebSmart Global Address Verification• Address: append published Telco addresses• Phone: verify phone number accuracy• DNC: verify National Do-Not-Call phone numbers• Cell Phone Identifi cation: possible cell phone results are fl aggedCorrect address data for more than 240 countries and territoriesCloudServiceBureauTelco Directory SolutionsNEWWebSmart Global provides users with the ability to transliterate, parse, correct and enrich addresses from over 240 countriesand territories in any language. Choose the 24/7 Web service or our Data Service Bureau where you can submit yourfi les in most formats for batch processing and fast turnaround. Using WebSmart Global you will achieve increased levels ofaddress quality whether your data spans the globe or is from your hometown.• Addresses formatted to the postal standardsof respective country• Correct spelling mistakes & append missingelements & postal codes• Unicode Standard: Any character set or language• Speed data entry time by up to 40%• SOAP Based• Real-time or batch processingGenerate new revenue streams and provide more value toyour customers with access to the most affordable databaseof accurate residential, business, and government listings.Customize and maintain your own database to satisfy thedemands of a variety of business cases including interactivedata validation, data appends, a source for new connects,or as a complete solution for the telecom directory serviceindustry. Improve your level of service with:• Daily updates include new services, changes & disconnects• Over 150 million listings in all 50 states• Over 16 million listings in all 13 Canadian provinces/territories• Built-in redundancy for reliable performance10 Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit 11

Data Quality Components for SSIS and Pentaho Data Integration that deliver total data qualityData Integration PlatformsThis premier collection of Melissa Data’s powerful data verifi cation and enrichment tools provide a wide range of datatransformation, cleansing and enrichment functionality within SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Pentaho DataIntegration (PDI) – facilitating the success of ETL, BI, MDM and data governance initiatives.Data Enrichment and Verification Components:Contact Verification – Parse, validate, correct and geocodecontact information including U.S. and Canadian addresses,phone numbers, email addresses and full names.SmartMover – Detect movers and update your database withnew moved-to-addresses using USPS NCOALink and CanadaPost NCOA data.Data Matching and Cleansing Components:Data QualityComponentsfor SSISData QualityComponentsfor Pentaho Data Integration“Melissa Data has leveraged the extensibility of the SSIS platform to create components that supportData Quality and master data management (MDM) including the address verification that MelissaData is known for. This is an excellent example of how our partners enhance the value of SSIS, allowingcustomers to access best-of-breed functionality seamlessly integrated with SSIS.”-Denise Draper, unit manager for SSIS, MicrosoftEasy to use with intuitive interface and drop/drop functionality enables business users and databaseadministrators to deliver data quality routines without writing code.SSIS & PentahoFuzzy Matching – Use multiple fuzzy matching algorithms tolink or merge related records within or across datasets.MatchUp – Identify duplicate records for merge/purge effortsusing 35 different matchcodes.Six Steps to Managing DataQuality with SQL ServerIntegration ServicesValidation, Cleansing and Normalization – Correct datavalues, trim white spaces, and remove invalid charactersData Profiling and Monitoring Components:Profiling Components – Gather statistical information andpattern values in the data and identify quality issues that requireimmediate attention.Download this white paper a free trial for Data Quality Components for SSIS a free trial for Data Quality Components for Pentaho more information about these products, proof of concept (POC)development, or consultation, call 1-800-635-4772, opt 3. Also seepage 17 for Data Quality Professional Services.12Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit

Empower custom applications for optimum performance with raw source dataReference DataEmpower your custom applications with the raw data from one of these resourcedatasets to create resourceful, time-saving look up, verifi cation, and enrichmentroutines. Catch data entry errors, reduce keystrokes, plus pinpoint and profi lecustomer locations and clusters.ZIP*Data contains U.S. source geographic marketing data to validate, correct, andstandardize addresses, and enrich with geographic and demographic data.• Provide customers with closest dealer information• Append lat/long & 46 census data variables• USPS® ZIP Code directory includes county name, FIPS code, CBSA, & time zone$395/yrMonthly updatesPrices subject to change.Download product sheet to view all fields returned at*DataZIP ..... 92688City ..... Rancho Santa MargaritaState ..... CAZIP Type ..... StandardFIPS ..... 06059Latitude ..... 33.6375Longitude ..... -117.6038Area Code ..... 949Finance Code ..... 057878Last Line ..... LFacility ..... Community NamePMSA Code ..... 5945MSA Code ..... 4472CBSA ..... 31100ZIP / CBSA FileZIP ..... 92688CBSA ..... 31100DIV ..... 42044ZIP / County FileZIP ..... 92688FIPS ..... 06059Percentage ..... 100.00Count ..... 2518DSTGeoCoder(DeliveryDataStatistics)ReturnedFileZIP ..... 92688# Residential Addresses ..... 6024# Res. PO Box Addresses ..... 421# Business Addresses ..... 638# Bus. PO Box Addresses ..... 324# Group Delivery Addresses ..... 0# Gen. Delivery Addresses ..... 0City Name Name Data Abbreviation ReturnedFileGeo*Data provides latitude/longitude coordinates to use with mapping and distance applications for precisionmarketing strategy, dealer location lookup programs, and customer modeling applications.• Append lat/long & census tract/block to ZIP + 4 level• Calculate distance between any two locations• Enables search of records that are nth miles from a central point$1990Single updatePrices subject to change.$2990/yrQuarterly updatesDownload product sheet to view all fields returned at Geo DataGeo*DataZIP+4 ..... 92688-2112County FIPS Code ..... 06059Latitude ..... 33.6468Longitude ..... -117.6002Census Tract ..... 032026Census Block ..... 1002Reference DataFONE*Data provides the most up-to-datephone number information for U.S. andCanada to maintain the accuracy of yourtelemarketing database and link phonenumbers to marketing and location data.• Automatically correct & update area codes• Cross reference area codes & ZIP codes• Adds Core Base Statistical Area (CBSA)codes$395/yrQuarterly updatesPrices subject to change.Download product sheet to view all fieldsreturned at*DataArea Code (NPA) ..... 714Prefix (NXX) ..... 589New Area Code ..... 949City ..... Rancho Santa MargaritaState ..... CACounty FIPS Code ..... 06059Latitude ..... 33.6375Longitude ..... -117.6038ZIP Code 1 ..... 92679ZIP Code 2 ..... 92688ZIP Code 3 ..... 92692Country ..... U (USA)MSA ..... 4472PMSA ..... 5945Overlay ..... 0Cell ..... 0LATA ..... 730Phone Number History FileArea Code ..... 714Prefix ..... 589New Area Code ..... 949City ..... Rancho Santa MargaritaState ..... CAStart Date ..... 04/18/1998End Date ..... 10/17/1998County Name FileSee ZIP*Data return chart on the rightMSA FileSee ZIP*Data return chart on the rightZIP ..... 92688City ..... Rancho Santa MargaritaAbbreviation ..... RCHO STA MARGMSA FileMSA Code ..... 4472Name ..... Orange CountyPopulation ..... 2,410,556Type ..... PMSACMSA ..... 79County Name FileCounty FIPS Code ..... 06059State ..... CACounty Name ..... OrangeTime Zone ..... 8 (Pacific)Type ..... ACounty Seat ..... Santa AnaCounty Seat Elevation .....1102.73County Population ..... 2,846,289County Type ..... C# Households ..... 935,287Persons Per Household ..... 3.04Square Miles ..... 790Est. White Population ..... 1,844,652Est. Black Population ..... 47,649Est. Hispanic Population ..... 875,579Avg. Household Income ..... $50,986Ave. House Value ..... $250,300Census File (46 Total Variables)ZIP Code ..... 92688Population ..... 2,410,556Geographic Area ..... 4 VariablesRace ..... 6 VariablesHispanic/Latino ..... 875,579Age ..... 23 VariablesEducational Level ..... 7 VariablesHH Income ..... $58,820Per Capita Income ..... $25,826House Value ..... $250,300Canadian Geo*Data contains over 766,000 records to provide the information you need to link Canadian postalcodes to corresponding geographic data and use with mapping applications.• Instantly verify municipality/province/postal code• Append lat/long, time zone /DST• Update area codes & overlays$150Single updatePrices subject to change.Canadian*Postal DataPostal Code ..... E7P2M4Municipality ..... HartlandProvince ..... NBLatitude ..... 46.300949Longitude ..... -67.510246Time Zone ..... 4 (Atlantic)DST ..... YArea Code ..... 506Overlay ..... No$395/yrQuarterly updatesDownload product sheet to view all fields returned at Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit 15

We make development EASY!We’ve got all the resources you need to build data quality into your custom andWeb applications.Melissa Data Professional ServicesWe understand the challenges of tackling complex data quality and data integration projects with limited resources andbudgets. Let us help bring together your development and data management teams with our data quality experts to realizeimmediate ROI and accelerate adoption.Rapid Application DevelopmentNavtive SupportProduct TrainingData Quality Tools Overview• Free Trials (• Free, Unlimited Technical Support (1-800-MELISSA, Opt 4)• Free Sample Source Code (• Product Support Forums (• Easy-to-Use Manuals & Quick Start Guides• ISV Reseller Program (• 120-Day Guaranteed ROI ( & Scalable• SSL 128-Bit Encryption• 99.99 Web Service Uptime• Redundant Distributed Server FarmsCanby, OR.Rancho SantaMargarita , CA.Dallas, TX.Scituate, MA.Richmond, VA.Operating Systems:LinuxSolarisHPUXAIXWindowsInterfaces:Java.NETPerlPHPPythonRubySample Source Code:AccessASPC, C#, C++ColdFusionDelphiJavaJavaScriptFoxProOracle FormsPERLPHPPythonRubyMSSQL Stored ProcedureVisual BasicVB ScriptWeb Service Protocols:RESTSOAPXMLMelissa Data offers in-depth product training on all of our Data Quality tools and services. Start with the basics andprogress to more advanced topics. Our product training sessions are conducted at our headquarters in Rancho SantaMargarita, CA, or at our Scituate, MA offi ce, online, or at our regularly scheduled regional information sessions.Proof-of-Concept (POC) DevelopmentFor projects that require an upfront technical feasibility report, Melissa Data analysts are here to assist with mentoringor leading of POC initiatives.Data Quality, Governance and Integration ConsultingResolve complex data quality issues - if you need to develop complex data transformations and data quality processes,why not bring in a professional?Custom Development ServicesLeverage the expertise of Melissa Data’s 26 years of development experience to create custom data, or customprogramming in and around data quality.Technical Solutions• Install and confi gure SSIS or Pentaho PDI• Setup a source to target mapping, schemas, and engineconfi guration for SSIS or Pentaho PDI• Assist in defi ning Data Quality steps and procedures• Assist with high-level design of a Data Quality regimen• Engage Change of Address, Address Verifi cation, Cleansingand Validation• Engage Data profi ling to understand common pitfalls anddata problems• Understand Fuzzy matching and application of matchingalgorithms for data quality• Resolve names or un-fi elded contact Data from legacy systems• Deploy Web services throughout the organization• Use reference data to enrich applications• Assist with application testing and deployment• Develop custom datasets for specifi c purposes such asElections, Demographics, Target Marketing, Mailings• Custom development of wrappers, code, scripts, andtransformationsProfessional Services16Call 1-800-MELISSA, Option 3 or visit

Get your FREE Contact Data Quality Score !Discover the data quality issues that could be eroding your bottom line.Melissa Data will run a sample of your contact databasethrough our data quality tools for address, phone,and email verifi cation, address updating, and duplicaterecord check – and provide you with a data qualityscore and our findings, including:• Number of Addresses Corrected• Number of Suite/Apartment Numbers Added• Number of Rural to City Conversions• Number of Invalid Addresses• Number of Vacant Addresses• Number of Individuals, Families, or CompaniesThat Have Moved• Number of Duplicate Records DetectedFor more information,contact us at1-800-MELISSA (635-4772)

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