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BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILECarnivores rejoice;argentinian steak isnotoriously tasty. If youdon’t specify, your meatwill be cooked a punto(medium).NUTS ABOUTBRAZILBrazil is an economicgiant, the onlyPortuguese-speakingcountry in the Americasand the world’s secondbiggest consumer ofplastic surgery.AVERAGE TEMPERATURES:Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecBuenos AiresFlorianopolisIguassu FallsRio de JaneiroSaltaSalvadorSan Pedro de AtacamaSantiagoChileSizzling! 32°C+ | 90°F+Feeling hot hot hot 24-31°C | 75-89°FPleasantly warm 17-23°C | 62-74°FArgentinaBrazilTake a jacket 12-16°C | 53-61°FChilled1-11°C | 33-52°FIce Ice Baby! 0°C- | 32°F-92VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

IN SEARCH OF IGUASSUBuenos Aires Rio De JaneiroFR$2,87917 DAYSHighlights• Tango the night away in Buenos Aires• Absorb the rich history of Colonia• Hang out in über-cool Montevideo• Experience rural life on an estancia• Gaze at Iguassu’s thundering torrents• Laze under the palm trees in Paraty• Snorkel in your own tropical paradise• Chill with a caipirinha on CopacabanaDepartures 2015JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec02 10 03 04 02 05 06 01 01 06 08 0406 16 09 07 09 11 11 03 08 12 13 0709 17 10 11 11 12 13 08 14 13 19 2212 21 16 14 16 18 18 10 15 26 24 2313 24 17 18 19 19 20 15 20 30 30 2716 28 20 21 28 23 25 17 22 3020 31 25 30 26 27 20 2623 28 31 30 30 312527InclusionsTrip Style: YOLO Service Level: BasicPhysical Grading: 3 Age Group: Exclusivelyfor 18-39s Accommodation: Simple hotels(12 nts), hostel (1 nt), estancia / ranch (2 nts,multishare), overnight bus (1 nt) Transport:Public bus, mini-van, taxi, plane, ferry Meals:7 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners Budget:Allow USD $480-520 for meals not includedGroup Leader: Chief Experience Officer (CEO),local guides Group Size: Max 18, Avg 14 TourCode: GAJBRMy Own Room Available: Fr $759BRAZILRío de JaneiroPARAGUAYSao PauloIguassu FallsIlhaGrandeARGENTINAParatyEstanciaURUGUAYColoniaBuenos Aires MontevideoYou might likeCustomise your tripIguassu Falls Boat Ride Fr $90Sandwiched between vibrant Buenos Aires and sexy Rio are some of Latin America’s gems.Get your tango moves honed in BA before cruising into Uruguay, passing colonial townsand thermal baths into the interior and on up to the mighty Iguassu Falls. Hopping over toBrazil you’ll stop off at tropical islands where you can soak up the sunshine, snorkel andsurf. Finally you’ll arrive into the City of God where white beaches and samba rhythms await.There are plenty of reasons this tour is one of our most popular, but don’t just take ourword for it - come and embrace South America for yourself.DAY01-020304-0506-0809-1011-1213-1516-17ITINERARYParaty, BrazilBuenos AiresArrive at any time and head out into this vibrant city which offers a touch of class and more than ahint of tango in the air. The city has a wealth of sightseeing options and you have the whole of Day 2to explore. Head over to the neighbourhoods of colourful La Boca, the boho chic of San Telmo, highclassRecoleta and party-central Palermo. Tango all night long, order a sumptuous Argentine steak orcheck out the football at La Bombonera (the chocolate box) - La Boca’s famed blue-and-gold stadium.Colonia del SacramentoCross the Rio de la Plata by ferry to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Stroll along the riverfront andup the cobbled streets as you explore Colonia’s unique culture, history and captivating architecture.Hire a golf buggy but beware of the motorised mayhem - road signs are few and far between andthere are no traffic lights! Rock up to the light house and unwind under a stunning Latin sunset.MontevideoTravel to Montevideo, Uruguay’s cool capital which is renowned for hosting Buenos Aires’ socialitesat the weekends at its hip beachside clubs. Creativity is a given in a city that combines art deco andneo-classical buildings along with the historic downtown district. There are several good museumsincluding the Carnival Museum, great beaches just outside the city and tasty street food. (B)Estancia StayLeave the city lights behind in favour of the Uruguyan rural life. Get your hands dirty at a workingestancia, or ranch, and explore the countryside on horseback rides or day hikes. If all this seems liketoo much effort, sit back with a glass of regional wine and indulge in a traditional barbecue. On Day8, you’ll board an overnight bus for the journey inland to Iguassu Falls. (3B, 2L, 2D)Iguassu FallsAwesome, epic and amazing, you’ll be lost for words as you breathe in the warm waterfall spray andhop over the border to Brazil to gain a different perspective on these magnificent cascades. Take theopportunity to ride under the huge torrents of thundering water on a speedboat.ParatySkipping a mammoth 15-hour bus ride, you’ll fly to São Paulo and head straight to the coast. Palmtrees and sandy shores await at Paraty, a quaint colonial town with a relaxed, friendly feel. Jump ona boat tour of the beautiful bay and nearby beaches or if you can tear yourself away from the ocean,visit a cachaça distillery to find out exactly how they brew this local sugar cane speciality. (B)Ilha GrandeTravel down the coast by bus then hop on board a ferry to take you over to the stunning island ofIlha Grande. You’ll be greeted by boats bobbing along the bay, an impressive lush green mountainousbackdrop and a real chilled-out attitude. There are over 100 beaches to choose from, so grab yoursnorkel, get your flippers on and head out into the surf. (B)Rio de JaneiroAt last you come to the gem of Rio de Janeiro, with the stunning white beaches of Copacabana andIpanema, sweeping views of the bright blue ocean from Christ the Redeemer’s shoulders and sunsetsfrom atop the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Using your centrally-located hotel in Copacabana as a base youcan explore the streets and soak in Brazil’s intoxicating colour and seductive samba soul. Spend yourlast night sharing a caipirinha or two with your newfound travelling buddies before heading off anytime on Day 17. (B)BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILE93

IGUASSU & BEYONDBuenos Aires Rio de JaneiroFR$2,4999 DAYSBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEHighlights• Dance the tango in Buenos Aires• Savour Argentine steak and wine• Feel the spray of the Iguassu Falls• Chill in the idyllic paradise of Paraty• Snorkel in crystal-clear waters• Hike to hidden coves and beaches• Shake some samba shapes• Sip caipirinhas on CopacabanaDepartures 2015STARTJan 02FINISHJan 10START FINISHMay 11 May 19Jan 12 Jan 20 May 17 May 25Jan 30 Feb 07 May 25 Jun 02Feb 01 Feb 09 Jun 05 Jun 13Feb 04 Feb 12 Jun 15 Jun 23Feb 17 Feb 25 Jun 21 Jun 29Feb 27 Mar 07 Jun 29 Jul 07Mar 09 Mar 17 Jul 03 Jul 11Mar 13 Mar 21 Jul 06 Jul 14Mar 16 Mar 24 Jul 17 Jul 25Mar 27 Apr 04 Jul 20 Jul 28Apr 06 Apr 14 Jul 31 Aug 08Apr 17 Apr 25 Aug 03 Aug 11Apr 20 Apr 28 Aug 15 Aug 23Apr 27 May 05 Aug 24 Sep 01May 04 May 12 Aug 30 Sep 07InclusionsSTART FINISHSep 07 Sep 15Sep 13 Sep 21Sep 21 Sep 29Oct 02 Oct 10Oct 04 Oct 12Oct 12 Oct 20Oct 23 Oct 31Oct 25 Nov 02Nov 02 Nov 10Nov 15 Nov 23Nov 20 Nov 28Nov 30 Dec 08Dec 07 Dec 15Dec 11 Dec 19Dec 14 Dec 22Trip Style: Classic Service Level: StandardPhysical Grading: 2 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Hotels (8 nts) Transport:Plane, private van, ferry Meals: 8 breakfastsBudget: Allow USD $225-275 for meals notincluded Group Leader: Chief ExperienceOfficer (CEO), local guides Group Size: Max16, Avg 12 Tour Code: GASAIBMy Own Room Available: Fr $809Iguassu FallsBuenos AiresARGENTINABRAZILRio de JaneiroSaoPauloParatyIlhaGrandeFrom the tango-tapping centre of Buenos Aires to the incredible power and sights of theIguassu Falls, stopping to appreciate the tropical waters of paradise in both Paraty andsecluded Ilha Grande, this short but sweet trip winds up in Rio – a party-goer’s heaven.Switch your iPod onto ‘samba shuffle’, catch some rays and meet some super-friendly locals.Learn how to dance the night away right on into dawn, witnessing a spine-tingling sunriseacross Rio’s tropical bays. You’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long to get here and will bebooking your next trip before you can say ‘caipirinha’!DAY0102-0304-0506-070809ITINERARYIlha Grande, BrazilBuenos AiresArrive into Buenos Aires and step out into the electric air of this cosmopolitan city which sharesmuch of its atmosphere with the glamorous cities of Europe. Head down to the neighbourhoods ofcolourful La Boca, boho chic San Telmo, über-cool Palermo (you might spot a movie star) and highclass,high-cultured Recoleta. Meet your Chief Experience Officer (CEO) and the rest of your groupthis evening, and then hit the town. Buenos Aires hums to the sound of the tango, so show off thosetwinkle toes on your first night out and perhaps enjoy an excellent steak, washed down with a glassor two of fantastic Argentinian vino.Iguassu FallsFly up to Iguassu Falls for two full days of exploration from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides.Glimpse the Falls from all angles and walk right up to the Devil’s Throat for photo opportunitiesof Mother Nature at her angriest and yet most beautiful. The Brazilian side is best for the grandoverview of this amazing spectacle, whilst you’ll be better placed to take a closer look from theArgentinian side. Take an optional trip on a high-powered speedboat to feel the spray right at thebase of the Falls. Or if you want to keep dry for a while then there’s also a nearby bird park to visit,filled with beautiful tropical birds of paradise. (2B)ParatyFly to São Paulo and continue by bus to the palm trees and sandy shores of Paraty. From this relaxedcolonial town you can take a boat excursion out into the bay to some of the nearby islands andbeaches. The area is absolutely stunning and a great place to snorkel through the clear, warm waterslooking out for all kinds of marine life. When you’re done with the sun, this is also your chance tovisit a cachaça distillery. This sugarcane liquor is the most popular alcoholic drink in Brazil, and formsthe base for all those caipirinhas you’ve been enjoying. It would be rude not to learn where the baseof all those exotic cocktails has come from. (2B)Ilha GrandeYou’ll continue by bus up the coast and take a ferry over to stunning Ilha Grande. King-prawn kebabin one hand, coconut in the other, you’ll be greeted by boats bobbing on the bay and a beautiful lushgreen mountainous backdrop. There are over 100 beaches to choose from, so it’s really not that hardto find a remote beach all to yourself. If all this beach time is giving you itchy feet, then there aregreat hikes to be tackled, or you can set out into the surf with your snorkelling gear. Whatever youdecide to do, two idyllic days of relaxation are assured. (2B)Rio de JaneiroAnother ferry will take you back onto the mainland and you’ll continue by bus on to Rio – Brazil’smost sparkling jewel in the crown. According to the Cariocas (local inhabitants of Rio) ‘God made theworld in six days, the seventh he devoted to Rio’. It’s not difficult to see why they feel this way, withthe stunning white beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, sweeping views of the bright blue oceanfrom Christ the Redeemer’s shoulders and sunsets from atop Sugar Loaf Mountain, reached by cablecar. Under all that colour and samba soul, Rio’s the perfect setting for a last caipirinha or a cheekygame of beach volleyball with your travel buddies. Good times. (B)Rio de JaneiroUnfortunately it’s time to head on to new adventures. At least you’ll have some new samba steps totake you off into the sunset feeling high on life, inspired and invincible. (B)94VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

BRAZIL & ARGENTINAON A SHOESTRINGSOUTHERNFR$2,299 EXPLORERFR$5,289Buenos Aires Rio de Janeiro 11 DAYS Santiago Rio de Janeiro15 DAYSCongress Square, Buenos AiresHighlights• Feel the tango rhythm in glamorous Buenos Aires• Catch a boat to the base of Iguassu Falls and gaze at its torrents• View Rio from atop Sugar Loaf and samba in the sun on CopacabanaLake Nahuel Huapi, BarilocheHighlights• Taste the best Chilean wines at their source in Santiago• Appreciate the beauty of the stunning Lake District• Get a splash from Iguassu Falls then party in CopacabanaBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEDAYITINERARYDAYITINERARY01-02Buenos AiresArrive into Buenos Aires at any time, Argentina’s glamorous capitalcity. Set out and explore this vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis withits distinctive European-style influences before hopping on a nightbus to Iguassu Falls on Day 2.01-02SantiagoAn included airport transfer will take you to your hotel from where youcan explore Chile’s capital city of Santiago. Visit the famous seafoodmarket, explore its museums, galleries and gorgeous green parks. OnDay 2, spend the whole day wine tasting at local wineries. (B)03-0607-0910-11Iguassu FallsExplore the jaw-dropping sight of Iguassu Falls from not one, buttwo different countries with numerous viewpoints from both theArgentinian and Brazilian side. Peer over the edge of the boardwalksand witness the incredible power of nature as the water plunges intothe vast canyon below. Explore the rainforest nature trails, the birdpark and countless shops, bars and restaurants available on bothsides of the border. Catch the night bus on Day 6 towards Paraty.ParatyWelcome to the heart of Brazil’s emerald coastline in the beautifuland well-preserved colonial city of Paraty, which has steep, forestedmountains that plunge into an island-speckled bay as its backdrop.Wander the cobblestone streets, head out on board an optionalschooner cruise of the bay or go for a stroll barefoot along the beachand feel the sand between your toes - heaven on earth. (2B)Rio de JaneiroRoll up into stunning Rio where you’ll stay at a centrally-locatedhotel in Copacabana. Take a spin around the city to soak up thesights and the sunshine, samba on the sand and sip caipirinhacocktails ‘til dawn. Alternatively, catch a helicopter sightseeing rideover Christ the Redeemer, ride a cable car to the top of the SugarLoaf Mountain, take a tour of the favelas or get into the competitivespirit at a football match. Your adventure wraps up on Day 11. (2B)03-0607-1112-1314-15Puerto Varas / BarilocheFly to Puerto Varas, set in the stunning Chilean Lake District andsurrounded by two snow-capped volcanoes. Visit the Angelmó fishmarket and the local community of Quillaipe to savour a traditional‘curanto’ meal. On Day 5, travel by bus to Bariloche in Argentina. Visitthe Petrohué Falls and enjoy the views on the ‘Cruce de los Lagos’,considered one of the most beautiful cruises in the world. (4B, L)Buenos Aires / Iguassu FallsCatch a flight to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and explore on anincluded city tour then opt for a tango dinner show or take a daytrip to Tigre Delta. On Day 10, fly to Iguassu Falls for two days ofexploration from both Argentine and Brazilian sides. Opt to take aboat ride to the base of the Falls or visit a nearby bird park. (5B)ParatyFly to Saõ Paulo then it’s on to Paraty, surrounded by mountains risingfrom an island-studded bay. Visit a nearby Afro-Brazilian communityfor unique cultural interaction then opt to visit sugar cane liquordistillery or take a boat excursion to nearby islands. (2B, D)Rio de JaneiroAnother flight will take you to Rio and your centally-located hotelin Copacabana. Explore the city’s gems then it’s your final night andyou’re in Rio - let the party start! Your trip ends on Day 15. (2B)InclusionsTrip Style: YOLO Service Level: BasicPhysical Grading: 2 Age Group: Exclusivelyfor 18-39s Accommodation: Simple hotels(7 nts), hostel (1 nt), overnight buses (2 nts)Transport: Public bus, mini-van, taxi Meals:4 breakfasts Budget: Allow USD $300-350for meals not included Group Leader: ChiefExperience Officer (CEO) Group Size: Max 18,Avg 14 Tour Code: GASAZDIguassu FallsBRAZILRío de JaneiroURUGUAYMy Own Room Available: Fr $519 My Own Room Available: Fr $1,959Buenos AiresDepartures 2015Jan-DecRegular departures, typically 3-4 timesper monthARGENTINAParatyInclusionsTrip Style: Comfort Service Level: UpgradedPhysical Grading: 2 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Comfort hotels (14 nts)Transport: Buses, ferry, plane, private vanMeals: 14 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinnerBudget: Allow USD $400-525 for meals notincluded Group Leader: Chief ExperienceOfficer (CEO), local guides Group Size: Max 16,Avg 10 Tour Code: GASSRDepartures 2015Jan-DecRegular departures, typically 1-3 timesper monthPERUBOLIVIAARGENTINABRAZILRio deJaneiroCHILEPARAGUAYIguassu FallsSão PauloSantiagoPuertoVarasBuenos AiresSan Carlosde BarilocheParaty95

ARGENTINA &BRAZIL EXPERIENCEWONDERSFR$3,939 OF BRAZILFR$3,599Buenos Aires Rio de Janeiro 10 DAYS Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro13 DAYSBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILESugarloaf Mountain, Rio de JaneiroHighlights• Explore the beautiful sites of sizzling Buenos Aires• Witness Iguassu Falls and feast on a Brazilian barbecue• Enjoy a boat cruise in dazzling Rio de JaneiroIguassu FallsHighlights• Marvel at Rio’s Christ the Redeemer then party in Copacabana• Snorkel with tropical fish through crystal-clear rivers in Bonito• Explore underwater caves and spot bizarre wildlife in the PantanalDAYITINERARYDAYITINERARY01-0203-0405-0607-0809-10Buenos AiresExperience the culture and diversity of this cosmopolitan city thenlearn all the tango tricks at a dance lesson and show. Later, step upthe pace, Buenos Aires-style and experience its pulsing and colourfulnightlife. Day 2 is yours to do as you please, perhaps catch a footballgame or pay a visit to the historic Gran Café Tortoni. (B, D)Iguassu FallsFly to Puerto Iguassu and then travel to the Brazilian side to see theincredible 275 cascades of Iguassu Falls. On Day 4, you’ll cross backinto Argentina and visit their side of Iguassu Falls. Tonight, tuck intoa tasty Brazilian barbecue with the group. (2B, D)BuziosTake it down a notch as you head to Buzios, with its white sand andendless beaches, for a couple of days of rest and relaxation. If you’reup for it, this is a great spot to try surfing or other activities likescuba diving. Otherwise simply sit back with a good book, explore thetown or just work on your tan with a cocktail in hand. (2B)Rio de JaneiroHome to the world’s largest Carnival celebration, Copacabana Beachand the bikini, get ready for awesome times in Rio de Janeiro. OnDay 8, take in panoramic views from the iconic Christ the Redeemerstatue, before touring one of the city’s favelas. (2B, D)Rio de JaneiroSpend the day exploring the fascinating sites of Rio, or chilling onIpanema Beach, then join your travel mates for a farewell dinner anda last night out. Your adventure ends after breakfast on Day 10,when it’s time to say ‘Tchau’ (goodbye). (2B, D)0102-0304-0607-0910-1112-13Rio de JaneiroArrive into Rio at any time. Order a beer beachside, take in the view,breathe in the sweet air, soak up the sun and get supremely excitedabout the next few days to come.ParatyYou’ll want to stay forever and a day in Paraty. Explore its beautifularchitecture and cobblestone streets, lie back on the region’s heavenlybeaches and beautiful natural surroundings and grab a cocktail madewith locally-distilled cachaça. (2B)Iguassu FallsTravel by van via São Paulo and then jump on an internal flight tospend two full days at Iguassu Falls, taking in the superb views fromboth the Argentine and Brazilian sides. Visit a nearby bird park or getclose to the Falls on a wet and wild power-boat ride. (3B)BonitoDay 7 is a travel day to the eco-tourism resort of Bonito. Exploreunderwater caves, hike to beautiful waterfalls, go rafting or grab yoursnorkel to discover the multitude of fish in the crystal-clear rivers. (3B)PantanalPantanal is one of the continent’s best places for catching life that’s aswicked as it is wild. Look out for capybaras, howler monkeys, caimans,river otters, anacondas, anteaters and Jabiru storks. (2B, 2L, 2D)Rio de JaneiroBased in the heart of the action in Copacabana, tour round the citytaking in the views from Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountainthen finish off with a bang in the party-central Rio de Janeiro! Yourlegendary trip ends on Day 13 and you can depart at any time. (B)InclusionsTrip Style: Discovery Plus Age Group:Exclusively for 18-35s Accommodation: Hotels(9 nts, twin-share) Transport: 2 local flights& transfers, private air con coach, mini-coachor van Meals: 9 breakfasts, 4 dinners GroupLeader: Trip Manager, English-speaking localguides Group Size: Max 30 Tour Code: COBARJDepartures 2015/16161616JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMar04 04 01 12 10 07 12 02 06 25 01 20 10 1411 08 19 17 14 09 27 22 1722 30 29 24Additional dates are available, please ask for detailsBRAZILIguassu FallsBuenos AiresARGENTINABuziosAirportRio deJaneiroInclusionsTrip Style: Classic Service Level: StandardPhysical Grading: 2 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Hotels (10 nts), tented roomwith hammocks (2 nts, multishare) Transport:Public bus, van, plane Meals: 11 breakfasts, 2lunches, 2 dinners Budget: Allow USD $325-350 for meals not included Group Leader: ChiefExperience Officer (CEO), local guide while inthe Pantanal Group Size: Max 16, Avg 10 TourCode: GASZWBMy Own Room Available: Fr $1,149Departures 2015Jan-DecRegular departures, typically 2-3 timesper monthCampo GrandePantanalBonitoIguassu FallsBRAZILParatySao PauloRio deJaneiro96VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

BRAZILBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEManausStep into a capoeiraschool & watch thedance-like sparringof this distinctiveBrazilian martialart for free. Think:contactless combatmeets breakdancing.VINOKnock back awardwinningcabernet &chardonnay at thevineyards of Vale dosVinehos. Wine buffs areraving about the 10/10vintages of southernBrazil.Brazil’s name comes frombrazilwood, a tree thatonce grew along thecoast. Brazil nuts, on theother hand, do not comefrom brazil.Amazon RainforestBonitoBrasiliaIguassu FallsVale dosVinhedosParatySão PauloSerra da Capivara N.P.Rio deJaneiroSalvadorRecifeDizzying São Paulo - or ‘Sampa’ as it’sknown - is culturally diverse and hometo Latin America’s largest openly gaycommunity. Think art-house cinemas,smart bistros, underground bars and24/7 clubbing.97

CENTROMARACANÃSTADIUMRIO DE JANEIRO7LAPA STEPSSANTO DUMONTAIRPORTAntônio Carlos JobimInternational Airport: 15KMTúnel Santa BárbaraBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILESANTA TERESATúnel Antônio Reboucas14FLAMENGO BEACHThere’s only one place to partyafter dark in Rio. Plastic pintsof street-mixed caipirinhas,loud samba beats & bohoBrazilians spilling onto theneon-lit cobbles & darkenedarches of Lapa.JARDIM BOTÂNICOCORCOVADO(CHRIST THE REDEEMER)HUMAITÁRua Jardim Botânico5BOTAFOGOPARQUE ESTADUALDA CHACRINHA3Avenida Lauro Sodré61LEMESUGARLOAF MOUNTAINBOTANICALGARDENSPARQUE NATURAL MUNICIPALJOSÉ GUILHERME MERQUIOR1COPACABANA1LEBLONLagoaLAGOA RODRIGODE FREITASIPANEMA211Rua Barata Ribeiro86Avenida AtlânticaCopacabanaBeachIn the battle for Rio’sbest beach, Copacabana’sgolden heyday glamourmay be faded but it stillwins on legendary status,souvenir kitsch, alarminglyskimpy swimwear & SugarLoaf backdrop.Avenida Vieira SoutoIpanema BeachMore suave than neighbouring Copacabana,Ipanema’s hip sands, surfer-strewn waters,stylish boutiques & all-night bars will keeptrendsters happy all day & night.Book accommodation & activitieson the go:STATRAVEL.com/appSOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN

RIO DE JANEIROthe girl from ipanemaWrapped in white beaches, rockypeaks and the outstretched armsof Christ the Redeemer – Rio strutsits iconic beauty like a carnivalshowgirl. Behind the tail feathers,there’s an equally famous gritthat brings dangerously good allnightersdancing on Lapa’s cobblesor in cool Ipanema clubs. Litteredwith icons, people-watch fromCopacabana’s unashamedly skimpysands, see a game at the Maracanãand worship the epic views fromthe mists of the Corcovado.BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEshoestringshoestringEL MISTI1 FRHOSTELS, 2COPACABANA, BOTAFOGO & LEME$26 DORMPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• Choose from six El Misti hostels in Rio• Located in popular neighbourhoods near attractions & public transport• Free Wi-Fi and daily breakfastMANGO TREEHOSTEL, IPANEMAPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• Stay in a charming,1930s colonial-style building• Safe and quiet area, one block from Ipanema Beach• Check out the weekly Sunday Hippie MarketFR$46FR$61DORMTWIN/DOUBLEEl Misti hostels are friendly, inviting and based in Rio’s mostdesirable locations - four in Copacabana, one in Botafogo and theirlatest addition, in Leme. Whichever you choose, you’ll find comfybeds, friendly staff and fellow travellers from all over the world.Ask about their properties in Salvador, Buzios and Ilha Grande too!Free Wi-FiRIOMCO/RIOEMR/RIOMIS/RIOSTI/RIOMIH/RIOMHLJust a block away from the world-famous Ipanema beach, theMango Tree offers guesthouse comforts with the warm vibe of abackpacker hostel. Choose from six-bed dorms or en suite privaterooms, all with air con. Hammocks, a well-stocked guest kitchenand small bar make this the perfect Rio hangout.Free Wi-FiRIOMTHshoestringSHOESTRINGCABANACOPA3 FR$344DORMHOSTEL, COPACABANAPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• Three blocks from Copacabana Beach and one block from the metro• Choose from clean and spacious mixed or female-only dorms• Hit the hostel bar or curl up with a read from the book exchangeSUN RIOHOSTEL, BOTAFOGOPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFASTFR$39FR$62• Choose from private double and twin rooms or dorms• On a budget? Rustle up wallet-friendly meals in the kitchen• Clean rooms decorated in warm colours with a Brazilian twist!DORMTWIN/DOUBLEHoused within a large, fully renovated colonial house, this hostelis all about the added (and included) extras: free Brazilian brekkieevery day, free drinking water, free luggage storage and Wi-Fiaccess at zero cost! On a budget? Enjoy barbecues in the backyard,you may well spot monkeys from the neighbouring national park!Free Wi-FiThis simple and friendly, no-frills hostel is located in the traditionalneighbourhood of Botafogo and within easy reach of the city’sbest beaches, bars, shops and attractions. Cook up a storm in thekitchen or chill out in the cosy communal areas. Relax with a DVDor surf online using the free Wi-Fi.Free Wi-FiRIOCOPSTAY 4 PAY 3 - 01MAY15-15JUN15 & 01AUG15-15SEP15RIOSRH99

glampacker rock solidBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEFR FROZTEL,$35 DORMBANDEIRANTES,$2005 FR 6FRBOTAFOGO$80 TWIN/DOUBLECOPACABANA$111PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• Surround yourself with bright colours and art on the walls• Get some downtime in the TV room or jump on the free Wi-Fi• Try all the cocktails on the menu (without falling off your stool!)Check out this hostel with a difference! It’s arty, funky and huge onstyle - gone are the days of slumming it when backpacking! Choosefrom fresh dorms or swanky private rooms, all with a unique twist.Relax in the ‘Sandwich and Cocktail Bar’ where they offer a widerange of amazing drinks including the yummy Oztel Cocktail.Free Wi-FiRIOOZTPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFASTSINGLETWIN/DOUBLE• Escape the beach crowds & use the beautiful outdoor pool• Keep beach-ready in the fitness room or work up a sweat in the sauna• Unwind with a massage or enjoy an aperitif in the lobby barCost-savvy travellers will love this cheap and cheerful hotel.Just two blocks from Copacabana beach, it’s the perfect base forrelaxing, sunbathing and partying the night away Brazilian-style!All rooms are en suite and come with cooling air con, fridges andInternet access. There’s also a great rooftop pool.RIOBANshoestring rock solid7 8RIO’SNICE HOTEL, LAPAPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• Just a five-minute drive from Flamengo Beach• Take a dip in the rooftop pool• Relax travel-weary limbs in the sauna or unwind on the terraceFR FR$114 SINGLECOPA SUL,$292FR FR$57 TWIN/DOUBLECOPACABANA$146PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFASTSINGLETWIN/DOUBLE• Bright, modern rooms all come with private bathrooms• Within walking distance of Ipanema Beach, bars and nightclubs• Tuck into the daily buffet brekkie of fresh bread, fruit, eggs & meatsLocated near the popular Lapa District, this budget hotel offersno-frills, modern accommodation with good facilities. Choosefrom comfy single, double or triple rooms, all with cooling parquetflooring, air con and fridges. There’s also an outdoor pool withterrace and sauna plus an onsite restaurant.One block from the famous Copacabana beach, the Copa Sul offersa safe and comfortable stay in a great location. Its restaurantserves great food and the American Bar is a good place to enjoyhappy hour. The contemporary rooms have cable TV and air con.Expect a warm welcome from its multi-lingual staff.Free Wi-FiERIORIRIOSULRIOSTARTER PACKAGEFR$235 RIOFR$6503 - 7 DAYS SURF CAMP4 DAYSThis is the perfect way to feel like a real Carioca (Rio local) in notime. Stay in a cool Copacabana hostel for two, four or six nightswhile you find your feet in this awesome city. As well as an airporttransfer and daily breakfast, also included is the popular ‘BigDude’ day tour. Witness the amazing Christ the Redeemer statue,trek through the Tijuca National Park, watch hang-gliders at SaoConrado beach, visit Santa Teresa and the colourful Lapa Steps.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Hostel (2 nts) Meals: 2 breakfasts Includes:One-way airport transfer & Carioca `The Big Dude’ tour Note: 4 & 6-nightpackages also available Tour Code: RIOCITBrazil is one the world’s top surf destinations, so check out thisbeachy package that includes two nights’ hostel accommodation,transfers, a hearty daily breakfast and four hours of surf lessons.Spend your first night at the sociable Cabanacopa Hostel, just afew blocks from Rio’s most famous beach, before transferring tothe surf camp in Macumba. Fun and with waves year-round it’s theperfect place to master the swells with two hours’ tuition a day.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Dorm at Cabanacopa Hostel (1 nt), Rio Surf‘N’ Stay, Macumba (2 nts) Meals: 3 breakfasts Transport: Rio airport pick-up &return transfer to Copacabana and Macumba included Tour Code: RIORSC100VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

RIO CARNIVAL PACKAGEWITH SAMBADROME TICKETSFR$1,869Rio Rio 7 DAYSHighlights• Enjoy the ultimate carnival experience and the city’s best street parties every night• Includes six nights’ hotel accommodation in the heart of the action• Parties galore, tickets to the Sambadrome Parade plus a smattering of culture - perfect!InclusionsDeparts: 13 Feb 2015 Accommodation: Budget/3*hotel on twin-share basis, with en suite Meals: 6 buffetbreakfasts Includes: Organised group escorts to streetparties, Sambadrome tickets, pre-carnival parties withsome drinks, city tour, favela tour, fancy dress party withfree caipirinhas & beers Tour Code: BERIOCSTHedonists will love this party package that includes: six nights’ accommodation, guideson-hand 24/7, group escorts to the hottest street parties, Sambadrome Parade tickets,daily pre-carnival parties plus some drinks and a fancy dress party on your final nightwith complimentary caipirinhas and beers thrown in for good measure! Bed down incentral accommodation in Rio’s nightlife hub, Lapa, plus there’s a hearty buffet brekkieeach morning to mop up the hangover. When you’re not raving/recovering, take a cityand a favela tour or brush up on your Portugese language skills with included lessons.Want to enjoy Rio’s carnival vibe on a more limited budget? Ask your STATravel Expert about our accommodation-only packages including breakfast.FR$584RIOBCABRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEBE PART OF RIO CARNIVAL:SAMBA SCHOOL EXPERIENCEFR$687 THE BIGFR$74FULL DAY DUDE TOURFULL DAYExperience the carnival spirit and passion firsthand, dancingin elaborate costume with a real samba school as part ofthis incredible performance. Having learnt the easy routine inthe school’s warm-up session, you’ll take to the 700-metreSambadrome, led by your ‘ala’ co-ordinator for 60 minutes ofshimmying glory. There’s no age limit or special skills required -just plenty of enthusiasm and bags of sass!Departs: 14 Feb 2015 Meals: No meals included Includes: Carnival costume(you can take home after show), warm-up dance session, 45-60 mins of dancingin parade, entry to Sambadrome, guide escort to take you from your hotel to themeeting point Tour Code: BERIOSSEThis five-hour tour covers Rio’s top attractions including the iconicChrist the Redeemer statue (AKA The Big Dude). First stop, SanConrado beach to watch hangliders landing before driving throughTijuca National Park and arriving at 30-metre high Big Dude.Moving on to the historic neighbourhood of San Teresa, stop forlunch (not included) then visit the brightly tiled Lapa Steps. Finishup at Sugar Loaf Mountain in time for sunset, or opt to be droppedback at your accommodation. Includes transfers, entrance fees andguide. Departs daily (except Sunday).RIOCARSAMBADROMECARNIVAL TICKETSFR FR FR$76 COOK$134 FAVELA$45HALF DAY IN RIOHALF DAY TOURHALF DAYSo you’ve booked your carnival package- now buy your tickets to this spangledsamba spectacle! This entry ticket offersone night’s admission to the enchantingCarnivale Sambadrome parade with a choiceof which sector you sit/stand/dance in.Take your pick from: allocated seats, GrandStand steps or best value Bleachers.Cook up a Latino storm in this fun,four-hour cooking class where you’ll learnnew recipes and gain a mouth-wateringintro to Brazilian culture. Create and tasteclassics including feijoada or moqueca(delicious Portugese stews) all washeddown with zingy caipirinha and creamybatida de coco cocktails.See a different side to Rio firsthand in oneof the largest favelas in South America -Rocinha. Accompanied by a local guide,wander through its small, winding streetsside-by-side with locals. Interact withthe community and visit an artist’s studioand cultural school. End with a refreshingcoconut water at Pepino Beach.BALSTC RIOCKR RIOLOF101

BRAZIL BEACH BREAKSBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILENo shirt, no shoes, no worriesThe birthplace of coloured rubberflip-flops and itsy-bitsy-teenieweenieswimwear (let’s call itdental floss) life in Brazil really is abeach. As beach-time is a nationalpastime, comb a coastline strewnwith barefoot bounty islands,sunset surfers and icy Brahmabeers. Hit jungle-covered IlhaGrande for long white beaches andbackpacker island charm; Paratyfor quaint colonial cobbles andsunkissed snorkel trips; and Floripafor surf comps and sand dunes.ILHA GRANDE EXPERIENCERIO & ILHA GRANDEFR$5864 DAYSCOSTA VERDE EXPLORERRIO, ILHA GRANDE & PARATYFR$6225 DAYSThis fantastic little package which includes accommodation, hasall the ingredients for a chilled out beach escape. Head to thebeautiful Ilha Grande where you’ll find fab beaches, clear bluewaters and a whole host of activities on offer such as diving,snorkelling, trekking or simply swimming in the sea. The onlymeans of transportation on this island is by foot so go beachhoppingin search of secluded spots for some major down time.Departs: Daily from Rio Accommodation: Hostel or pousada (3 nts) Meals: 3breakfasts Includes: Return transfers from Rio, Lopez Mendes day trip & BlueLagoon day trip Tour Code: BERIOIGEDepart from Rio to the paradise beach locations of Ilha Grandeand Paraty. Spend time enjoying tropical scenery, snorkelling andchilling on stunning beaches. Day 2, take a trip to the white beachof Lopez Mendez before it’s off to the colonial town of Paraty onDay 3 to explore its bustling markets and sugar cane plantations.The following day, take a schooner boat ride where you’ll relaxwith some new mates before arriving back in Rio on Day 5.Departs: Daily from Rio Accommodation: Hostel or pousada (4 nts) Meals:Daily breakfast Includes: All shuttle transfers to/from Rio, Lopez Mendez daytrip, schooner boat trip Tour Code: BERIOBCVJERICOACOARABEACH RETREATFR$4014 DAYSFLORIANOPOLISBEACH BREAKFR$5654 DAYSThe small fishing village of Jericoacoara, located in an area ofenvironmental preservation, maintains a rustic feel with sandystreets and no streetlights - a refreshing retreat from thetourism infrastructure. Sit back and tune out, with three nights’accommodation at the 24-room Blue Jeri Pousada. Explore thenearby National Park, try your hand at some wind or kite surfingor simply chill on the beach, mere steps from the hotel.Departs: Daily from Fortaleza Accommodation: Blue Jeri Pousada hotel roomwith air con & hot shower (3 nts) Meals: 3 breakfasts Transport: Includes 6hrreturn transfer by shared, air con vehicle from Fortaleza Tour Code: FORJBRLocated on Santa Catarina Island, sunny stunner Florianopoliscomprises small beach communities, a sprawling lagoon andpreserved ruins of forts dating back to the colonial period. Theperfect getaway for some R&R, this lazy beach break includesairport transfers and three nights’ hotel accommodation. Locatedslapbang on the sands, Costa Norte Ingleses has a charminggarden and panoramic restaurant serving freshly caught seafood.Departs: Daily from Recife Accommodation: Costa Norte Ingleses Hotel roomwith en suite & air con Meals: 3 breakfasts Transport: Return private airporttransfer from Recife Airport Tour Code: RECFBB102VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

SOUTH PANTANALfishing for piranhasThe world’s largest wetlandsapproximately the size of GreatBritain, this natural wonder ishome to everything from alligatorsto armadillos. South America’sbest place for wildlife-spotting,expect a mix of ecosystems,superb nature walks, rafting,night safaris, piranha fishing andcapybaras - giant guinea pigs thesize of an average family dog!Oh and don’t forget your poncho- the Pantanal gets an averagerainfall of 1,400 mm a year.BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEPANTANAL LODGEPASSO DO LONTRAFR$1,005 PANTANALFR$1,6873 DAYS & BONITO EXPERIENCE6 DAYSFrom Campo Grande you’ll transfer by bus and car to the Passodo Lontra Lodge situated in the Pantanal Abobral. This welcoming,family-run lodge will be your base for the next couple of days.Enjoy a variety of nature walks, ecological safaris and night tours.Head into the countryside on a horse or down river by boat orcanoe. Accompanied by a well-trained, English-speaking localguide, they will teach you about fascinating local flora and fauna.Departs: Daily, Campo Grande to Campo Grande Accommodation: Lodgeapartments (2 nts) Meals: 2 breakfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinners Note: 4-day optionavailable. Activity options depend on weather & time of year Tour Code: CGRPANMade for nature lovers, combine the unique wildlife of the world’slargest wetlands with the natural wonders of Bonito. Travel by busand 4WD from Campo Grande into the Pantanal, spending Days1-3 at a wetlands lodge. Activities abound, opt to horse ride, fish,hike and night safari in search of caiman, capybara and, if you’relucky, jaguars. Day 4, transfer to Bonito, with Day 5 free to explorewaterfalls, caves and lakes. Return to Campo Grande on Day 6.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Pantanal lodge (3 nts), Bonito hostel (2 nts)Meals: All meals in Pantanal Transport: Return public bus from Campo Grande,jeep, boat Includes: All activities at Pantanal Lodge Tour Code: BECGRBPBPANTANAL, BONITO &FOZ DO IGUACUFR$1,389Campo Grande Iguassu Falls 8 DAYSHighlights• Enjoy the mix of ecosystems in Pousada Farm and try one of the many exciting activities• Explore the pristine forest, waterfalls and crystalline caves of beautiful Bonito• View the raging torrents of Iguassu Falls on both the Brazil and Argentine sidesInclusionsDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Hammock (2 nts),hotels-twin share (4 nts), night bus (1 nt) Meals: 2breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners Transport: Bus TourGuide: English speaking guide Tour Code: CGRPB7Spend eight action-packed days in the Pantanal Abobral appreciating the great varietyof fauna and flora within the mix of ecosystems - fields, wetlands and forests. Boarda bus from Campo Grande and head towards Pousada Farm, where you’ll spend twonights. Try some of the many activities including nature walks, horseriding, boat andcanoe trips, ecological safaris and night tours. Transfer by bus to beautiful Bonito for afuther two nights. Here, the pristine forest, waterfalls and crystalline caves offer greatrafting, rappelling, diving and fishing. A day (and night) bus will deliver you to IguassuFalls, part of the largest group of falls in the world, where you’ll arrive on Day 6. Viewthe raging torrents and discover one of the best preserved native forests in the countryon your free days here. Bid farewell on Day 8 as you head off to your next adventure!103

AMAZONBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEWelcome to the jungleOver 55 million years-old, theAmazon is the world’s greatestrainforest. Home to some of theplanet’s wildest adventures, theotherworldly creatures and exoticflora are only part of the Amazon’sstory. Home to an estimated 500indigenous tribes, some that havenever had contact with the outsideworld, the forests are shrouded inancient shaman tradition and tribalmythology. Uncover Amazoniansecrets and the way of life withlocal village and community visits.rock solid rock solidNEGRO RIVERCRUISEFR$1,3214 DAYSHighlights• Stay in a comfy cabin onboard a clipper• Jungle walks to learn about plant uses• Swim with pink river dolphinsHOLIDAY INNMANAUSPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHTRising high into the city’s skyline, this greatvalue property is located in Manaus citycentre - perfect for exploring the Amazonand beyond. With an outdoor pool, fabviews from the sundeck, a gym and anonsite restaurant serving regional cuisine,you won’t want to spend much time in yourroom despite the free Wi-Fi and LCD TV.FR FR$153 SINGLETROPICAL $248FR FR$77 TWIN/DOUBLE MANAUS HOTEL $124Free Wi-FiEMAOHISINGLETWIN/DOUBLEPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFASTBased in the heart of the Amazon forest,this resort resembles a small townsurrounded by dense rainforest. All roomsare modern and there are tons of activitieson offer as well as a large pool, spa andevening entertainment. Meander junglepathways, check out the orchidarium ormarvel at wildlife in the onsite zoo.Free Wi-FiMAOTMHStarting in Manaus, navigate down theNegro River staying in a comfy cabin whilelearning about the Amazon and its ecology.Take evening canoe trips to search forcaiman, night hawks and snakes and earlymorning trips to see the amazing birdpopulation. On a jungle walk, you’ll learn offruits and woods and visit an indigenouscommunity. Swim with pink river dolphins,navigate through the Anavilhanas NationalPark, one of the world’s largest fresh waterarchipelagos, and enjoy fantastic wildlife atthe Lago January Ecological Park.MAO3RCAMAZON MANAUSJUNGLE ADVENTUREFR$694Manaus Manaus 5 DAYSHighlights• Explore the jungle on foot and by canoe• Learn about traditional jungle life from an indigenous family• Sleep in a hammock, awaking to sounds of the rainforestInclusionsDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Hostel (2 nts), Homestay(1 nt), Camping (1 nt) Transport: boat, car, canoe Meals:4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners Tour Code: BEMAOAMJThis authentic Amazon experience gives you two nights at a jungle hostel, one night atan indigenous village and a night’s camping in the jungle. Guides at the hostel will takeyou piranha fishing on Day 1 (you may also see pink river dolphins) and on a moonlightexpedition to spot alligators and other nocturnal animals. Day 2, learn about medicinalplants on an eco-logical jungle walk, learn rainforest survival techniques and explorethe river by canoe. The following afternoon, visit the home of a native ‘Caboclo’ family.Gain a fascinating insight into the preservation of their traditional way of life. Learnabout local farming techniques and how communities have lived for thousands of yearsin the rainforest without destroying it. Sleep each night in a hammock, awaking to thesounds of the jungle!104VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

AMAZON CLIPPER:AMAZON RIVER CRUISEManausManausHighlights• Includes accommodation, all meals and an English-speaking guide• Explore forests of manioc plantations & fruit and rubber trees• Fish for sharp-toothed piranhas aboard canoesFR$9703 DAYSTake three days out of heaving, Brazilian city life and swap forthe quaint and quiet waters of the Amazon. A clipper will be yourbase for exploring the river by canoe – watch for birds and sweetpink river dolphins on early morning, daytime and evening paddles.Stride into the forest to meet local inhabitants and try piranhafishing. Visit the mysterious flooded forest and the ‘Meeting ofthe Waters’; a spectacle where the brightly coloured water of theAmazon and the dark water of the Negro flow side by side withoutmixing for many miles. Spend your nights star-gazing and spottingnocturnal wildlife.AMAZON VILLAGETAMANDUAManausManausHighlights• Laze in your bungalow’s hammock at an eco-lodge• Learn about jungle life at an indigenous village• Savour delicious, fresh local cuisineFR$9764 DAYSThe Amazon village is an eco-pad nestled within the Amazon jungle- the world’s largest and most dense rainforest. Stay in one of the21 bungalows surrounding the central open-air lodge, completewith a veranda hammock. After a transfer from Manaus, you’llenjoy the first of many delicious, local meals before heading outto spot caiman by moon and torch light. Spend your days trekkingthrough the jungle with a guide to teach you about the differentspecies and their uses. You’ll visit an indigenous village whereyou’ll learn about their way of life and have a go at fishing. Returnto Manaus inspired by your jungle adventure.BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEDeparts: Mondays from Manaus Accommodation: Clipper cabin with en suite (2nts) Meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners Transport: Hotel to pier transfer,river boat Tour Code: MAO2RCDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Jungle bungalow (3 nts) Meals: 3 breakfasts, 2lunches, 3 dinners Tour Guide: English speaking guide Tour Code: MAOAVTAMAZON TURTLE LODGE:ACAI PACKAGEManausManausFR$8503 DAYSJUMA AMAZON LODGE:ARARA ESCAPEManausManausFR$1,0943 DAYSHighlights• Learn jungle survival techniques in the Amazonian rainforest• Stay in lakeside, sustainable lodge accommodation in the tropics• Encounter an abundance of Amazonian wildlifeHighlights• See the ‘Meeting of the Waters’ en route to the lodge• Try piranha fishing and go alligator spotting• Spot pink river dolphins while on canoe tripsA nature lover’s dream this flora and fauna-steeped packageincludes all meals plus two nights’ accommodation at the ecofriendlyAmazon Turtle Lodge; a blend of traditional, native housingwith modern decor, including a bar and panoramic restaurant.Transfer by speedboat and van/bus on Day 1 to your Amazonianbase, spotting river dolphins, monkeys, sloths and giant water liliesen route. Next morning, take a sunrise and bird-watching tourfollowed by an exciting jungle trek, piranha fishing and alligatorspotting. Day 3, gain a fascinating insight into native customs andculture with a trip to local’s house before returning to Manaus.The journey to Juma Amazon Lodge is an adventure in itself;travel by boat, road and canoe deep into the jungle. Enroute you’llspot wildlife and may even be so lucky as to see endangered pinkriver dolphins. You’ll also stop to see the amazing ‘Meeting ofthe Waters’. During this package you’ll live in the treetops withincredible wildlife at your door. Daily activities will be arranged insmall groups, designed to have minimal impact on the forest andprovide a truly unique and personalised experience. Go swimming,canoeing, alligator spotting or piranha fishing. A highly skillednaturalist will accompany you on nature walks into the jungle.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Amazon Turtle Lodge double/twin room withbathroom (2 nts) Meals: Full board Transport: Speedboat, bus/van returntransfers included, motorised canoe Tour Code: MAOTLADeparts: Daily Accommodation: Jungle lodge (2 nts) Transport: boat, van,canoe Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners Tour Code: MAOARA105

ARGENTINABRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILERinged by Andean peaks, glaciallakes, forests & valleys, gorgeousBariloche offers tons of activities.Ski, fish, hike, mountain bike orbrush up your Spanish skills at oneof its many language schools.IguassuFallsCórdobaRosarioMendozaBuenosAiresBahia BlancaLeafy Mendoza isthe perfect base forvineyard tours &synomous with wine.Wash down a juicybife de chorizo withone of the province’saward-winningmalbecs or syrahs.Puerto MadrynBarilocheRemote & rugged archipelago, TierraDel Fuego really is the end of the world;far-flung & isolated, it’s also a Meccafor adventure-seekers. Explore scenicglaciers, soaring peaks, verdant forests& dramatic coastlines.Make like a gaucho & Tryyour hand at cattleherdingat a workingestancia - an authenticargentinian institution.El CalafateUshuaiaUshuaiaTANGOis intrinsically linked toBuenos Aires but hugelypopular country-wide,some argue becauseof its reflection of theArgentine psyche, a mixof nostalgia, resignation& unrequented passion.106VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

BUENOS AIRESJORGE NEWBERYDOMESTIC AIRPORTNWhen you’re all shopped and boppedout, follow the worn-out weekendPorteños 45 minutes out of the cityto cruise by the lush greenery, stiltedhomes and houseboats of theTigre Delta.villa crespo45BERNARDINORIVADAVIA NATURALSCIENCES MUSEUMPLAZA SERRANOPALERMOVisit porteños’ (locals)favourite barrio, Palermo.Split into three areas,head to Palermo ‘SoHo’for achingly cool bohobars, ‘Hollywood’ formedia brunches and ‘Chico’for grand museums andexpensive pooches.1CARLOS THAYSBOTANICAL GARDENALMAGROAv del LibertadorAv CórdobaAv CorrientesMUSEO NACIONALDE BELLAS ARTESRECOLETABALVANERALA RECOLETACEMETERYTHE OBELISK2Carlos Pellegrini2RETIRORETIROSTATIONFLORIDASTREETSAN NICOLASCASAROSADABRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEPARQUERIVADAVIABA’s oldest barrio, sip coffee in SanTelmo’s crumbling cafés, scour thecolonial cobbles for antiques, watchtango in the plazas and shop for vintageat the famous Sunday flea market.BOEDOAv IndependenciaSAN CRISTOBALARGENTINENATIONAL CONGRESSMONSERRATCONSTITUCIONAv 9 de Julio13SAN TELMOPLAZADORREGOBUENOS AIRESECOLOGICALRESERVEPUERTOMADEROAv 25 de MayoHome to the paintedshopfronts of thecity’s most famousstreet, the colourfulCaminito, swing by LaBoca for a sidewalkcarnival of artistsfigurines, dancers andsouvenirs.LA BOCAAv Amancio AlcortaRIACHUELO RIVEREZEIZA MINISTRO PISTARINIAIRPORT: 25KMBook accommodation & activitieson the go:STATRAVEL.com/app

BUENOS AIRESBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEparty like a porteÑoA city with true soul, Argentina’scapital is a world-renownedseductress. An aloof mix ofold-world European eleganceand gritty urban bohemia, proudPorteños (as the locals are known)party all night knowing there’snowhere better on the planetto do it. Get a taste for theeclectic barrios (neighbourhoods),unbelievable steak and fashionshowbrunches and you’ll beselling your worldly wares to stayand become a BA dog-walker.SHOESTRING GLAMPACKER / SHOESTRINGFR FRART FACTORY$18 DORMMILHOUSE HIPO &$221 FRHOSTELS, 2FRSAN TELMO & PALERMO$36 TWIN/DOUBLE MILHOUSE AVENUE HOSTEL$45PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• Choose from boho San Telmo or trendy Palermo• Quality, one-of-a-kind hostels, perfect for independent travellers• Great facilities and communal areas, ideal for socialisingPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• Both hostels occupy stunning 19th Century, colonial-style houses• Fab location in the heart of downtown BA• Ideal for social butterflies; let your hair down & make new mates!DORMTWIN/DOUBLENew, avant-garde and created and decorated by internationalartists and designers, these bohemian hostels are perfect forcreative types. Friendly and uniquely art-themed, their spaciousprivate rooms feature huge murals, high celings and hardwoodfloors. Choose from two great locations; San Telmo or Palermo.Free Wi-FiThese awesome hostels have fresh and funky decor, free Wi-Fi,kitchen, TV and games rooms, café/bar and lockers. Entertainmentis organised every day of the week; try Tango dancing, hit thehottest clubs in town or catch a football match. Chic rooms, greatatmosphere and friendly staff all make for a great stay.Free Wi-FiBUEHAFSTAY 4 PAY 3 - 01APR15-30JUN15 & 01SEP15-31OCT15BUEMIA/BUEMIHrock solid GLAMPACKER a-listFR FR FRBOHEMIAN $81 SINGLEPOP$77 SINGLEOWN$1883 FR 4 FRBOUTIQUE HOTEL, SAN TELMOTWIN/DOUBLE HOTEL, 5FR$41 PALERMO $39 TWIN/DOUBLE HOTEL, PALERMO $94PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFASTRecently renovated, this welcoming andhomely hotel is quaint and comfortablewith light and airy rooms featuring cableTV, Wi-Fi and minibar. The breakfast roomis charming - don’t miss the delectablepastries with your morning coffee andwhen there’s some sunshine, grab a tableoutside on the garden terrace.This uber-cool budget, boutique hotelserves up bright, modern rooms with multifunctionalfurniture and sleek design. Graba snack in the F&B Lounge, relax with amagazine in the Library Lounge or settledown with a flick in the Movie Lounge.Choose from single, twin or double roomsall with en suites and air con.SINGLETWIN/DOUBLEThe epitome of urban style, Own hosts itsown contemporary art gallery and boastsfresh and super-classy decor throughout.Its rooms come with en suites, crispEgyptian sheets, complimentary smelliesand free Wi-Fi. Enjoy a tipple in theNY-style cocktail lounge and don’t miss outon the free, delicious, daily brekkie.BOOK A PRIVATE TRANSFER WITH THIS HOTELAND RECEIVE A FREE BUENOS AIRES CITY TOURFree Wi-FiFree Wi-FiFree Wi-FiBUEBOHBOOK A PRIVATE TRANSFER WITH THIS HOTELBOOK A PRIVATE TRANSFER WITH THIS HOTELAND RECEIVE A FREE BUENOS AIRES CITY TOUR BUEPOP AND RECEIVE A FREE BUENOS AIRES CITY TOUR BUEOWN108VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

BUENOS AIRESWELCOME PACKAGEFR$2684 DAYSMILHOUSE ESTANCIAPACKAGEFR$1413 DAYSTight on time? This nifty arrival package, showcases the very bestof BA in just four days. Upon arrival into Ezeiza InternationalAirport, you’ll be whisked by shuttle transfer to your downtownhostel. Spend the next two days exploring South America’s mostsophisticated and vibrant capital, enjoying a half-day city tourcovering its top neighbourhoods. Round off your trip with a tangoshow and dinner, transferring back to the airport on Day 4.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Choice of downtown hostel/hotel (3 nts)Meals: 3 breakfasts, 1 dinner Transport: Shuttle transfers to/from EzeizaInternational Airport included Tour Code: BUEWPKGet acquainted with true Gaucho lifestyle! Spend two nights inBuenos Aires and a day exploring the Argentine Pampas. On arrivalinto BA, check into Milhouse Hostel and receive a welcome drinkbefore spending the day at your leisure exploring. The next dayyou’re off to a beautiful ‘estancia’ (estate house), where you’llget to experience an Argentine barbecue, drink good wine, watchdancing, listen to some folk songs and even try horse riding!Departs: Daily Accommodation: Hostel (2 nts) Meals: 2 breakfasts,1 lunchTransport: Return transfers to Estancia Note: Airport transfers not includedTour Code: BUEMEPBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEGLOBOSTUDYLANGUAGE SCHOOLFR$6711- 48 WEEKSULTIMATEBUENOS AIRESFR$6408 DAYSThis language school in the buzzing cosmopolitan city of BuenosAires is the perfect introduction to a journey through colourfulArgentina! The school is based in a historic building right in theheart of the city and has 24 bright, spacious classrooms, a roofterrace, computer room with free Wi-Fi, library and a studentlounge. Small class sizes allow you to interact more with your tutorand fellow students and get the most of your lessons.Departs: Mondays (arrival day Sunday) Accommodation: Homestay or sharedapartment Meals: Half board or self-catering Tour Code: GLOBOThe ultimate way to experience Buenos Aires! Discover the city’spassion through its colonial architecture, enjoy the thrill of anArgentine football match and chill to live music. Learn Spanish inyour mornings then cruise around on a bike tour, stroll through LaBoca and see colourful street art on a Graffiti Tour. Learn to tango(the free wine and food helps), try Argentinean asado and dancethe night away with your included nightclub tickets. Perfecto!Departs: Daily Accommodation: Hostel dorm/private room (7 nts) Meals: Dailybreakfast, 1 dinner & wine on Tango night, barbecue Includes: Transfers, 10hrs’ Spanish lessons (every level), 3 x nightclub tickets, football tickets, bike,walking & graffiti tour Tour Code: BUEUEXBUENOS AIRESCITY TOURFR FR FR$21 ARGENTINA EXPERIENCE $134 TANGO SHOW$116HALF DAY COOKING CLASSHALF DAY WITH DINNERHALF DAYDiscover the capital’s landmarks on thisleisurely, three-hour tour. Check out SanTelmo - the birthplace of tango dancing -meander through the barrio of La Boca withits colourful Caminito artists’ street andsoak up views of the National Congressand Buenos Aires’ main opera house, theresplendent Colón Theatre.Get cooking and tuck into an indulgentthree-course steak dinner with unlimitedwine as part of this interactive diningexperience. Make your own traditionalempanada, tuck into grilled provoletacheese and homemade chimichurri andprepare alfajores; a dreamy biscuit, dulcede leche chocolate dessert for afters. Yum!Hunker down with locals for a night offine dining and signature Argentinianperformance. Enjoy a delicious, traditionaldinner with wine at the rustic ‘La Ventana’in San Telmo. Accompanied by two liveorchestras, enjoy a fiery Tango showincluding folklore groups, singers anddancers.BOOK THIS TO RECEIVE A FREE CITY TOUR -BUECTY BUEICE 01APR15-30JUN15 & 01AUG15-30SEP15 BUETSD109

IGUASSU FALLSBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEthree countries, one waterfallLegend has it that an enraged godsliced the Iguassu River in half,condemning the woman he wasset to marry and her lover to aneternal fall - Iguassu Falls. Eitherthat, or a huge volcanic eruptionleft a vast crack in the Earth.Whether you believe in legend orscience, the thundering waters,rising spray and hazy rainbowsof this cascading natural wondershould be right at the top of yourSouth American hit list. It’s mistical(sorry, we couldn’t help that).Shoestringrock solidHOSTEL INNIGUAZU, ARGENTINAPRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST• A hostel with an outdoor pool - what more could you want?• The buzzing bar is the perfect place to meet fellow travellers• Catch some Tango in a showFR FR$22 DORMJARDIN$237FR FR$41 TWIN/DOUBLE DE IGUAZU, ARGENTINA$119PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFASTSINGLETWIN/DOUBLE• Soothe sore muscles in the outdoor pool complete with hydro-massage• Unwind with a few drinks in the 24-hour bar• Tuck into a complimentary, daily buffet brekkieLocated between the falls and Puerto Iguazu, this place is by farthe nicest hostel around. As well as boasting an enormous pool -perfect for a cool dip after your trundle around the falls - there’sa lively bar, two pool tables, and all sorts of fun activities andentertainment. Tango show, anyone?Free Wi-FiIGRHOSThis charming hotel offers unique personality and decor, coupledwith modern facilities. Only a short drive from Iguassu Falls, itswell-designed rooms are pleasantly decorated with tiled floors,clean bathrooms and comfy beds. After a long day, unwind at thebar, take a dip in the pool, or crank up the air con to cool down.Free Wi-FiIGRJARIGUASSU FALLSON A SHOESTRING, ARGENTINAFR$188 IGUASSU FALLSFR$4024 DAYS EXPERIENCE, ARGENTINA4 DAYSGet up close to both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides of thefalls on this thundering tour! See the scenic Iguazu National Park,starting at the local museum. Continue on to view cascading fallsand beautiful landscapes whilst admiring the rich flora and faunaalong the way. Walk the Upper Trail to the majestic San Martin Fallbefore finishing up on a catwalk to the spectacular Devil’s Throat,where the descending water gives the illusion of magic rainbows.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Hostel (3 nts) Meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 dinnerIncludes: Return transfers to airport/bus station, full day tour to falls’Argentina side & half day tour to falls’ Brazilian side Tour Code: IGRPA3This gem of a package is the perfect way to witness the sheerpower of Iguassu Falls. Staying at the delightful Posada LaSorgente, relax poolside inbetween sightseeing trips. A full daytour to the Argentinian side of the falls is included; cameras on theready! For a view of the falls from yet another angle, you’ll spendhalf a day on the Brazilian side. With airport/bus station transfersincluded, this is the easiest way to visit Iguassu Falls.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Hotel (3 nts) Meals: 3 breakfasts Transport:Transfers from airport included. Pick-up & drop-off to/from the Brazilian sidecan be arranged Tour Code: IGRPLS110VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

PATAGONIA & REGIONAL ARGENTINAstories from the edge of the earthBruce Chatwin famously describedPatagonia as “the farthest placeto which man walked from his placeof origin.” Virtually untouched,Patagonia’s colossal glaciers andremote rugged landscapes arelike nowhere else on the planet.Impassible during winter, parks suchas Torres del Paine usually openbetween Nov-Apr. For year roundsnow-capped beauty and alpinecharm, head to Argentine favouriteBarriloche, or Puerto Madryn forwild marine and Welsh adventures.BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEBARILOCHE:MOUNTAINS & LAKESFR$300 MENDOZA TREKKINGFR$2624 DAYS & WINE TASTING4 DAYSExplore Bariloche’s stunning Lake Nahuel Huapi, beautiful PlayaBonita beach and majestic Mount Campanario. Travel to thesummit’s tearoom terrace and sip a cuppa for knock-out views!Day 3, choose from a Tronador multi-trek or an Isla Victoria andArravanes forest excursion. See lakes and waterfalls, sail to theincredible Arravanes forest or visit Patagonia’s only black glacier!Transfer to the airport/bus station on Day 4 where your tour ends.Departs: Daily from Bariloche Accommodation: Hostel (3 nts) Meals: No mealsincluded Includes: Airport/bus station transfers, Mt Campanario & Circuitoexcursion & Tronador multi-trek or Isla Victoria navigation Tour Code: BRCML3Wine production is one the Mendoza area’s main industrieswith the city providing the ideal base for exploring the region’shundreds of wineries. Taste some of the best Cabernets andMalbecs in the world, visit nearby Aconcagua Park and hike to LakeHorocones for spectacular, panoramic views of the Andes Range.You’ll also get to take a city tour of Mendoza, visit the village ofUspallata, the ski resort of Penitentes and the Inca Bridge.Departs: Daily from Mendoza Accommodation: Hostel (3 nts) Meals: 3breakfasts Includes: Airport/bus station transfers, half day wine tour, full dayAconcagua Valley tour Tour Code: MDZMENPUERTO MADRYNWHALES & PENGUINSFR$287Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn 4 DAYSHighlights• Spot colonies of elephant seals, sea lions, penguins and orcas swimming offshore• Opt to take a whale watching trip to get close to Southern Right Whales (seasonal)• Choose to visit a penguin colony and take tea in the Welsh-Patagonian town of GaimanInclusionsDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Choice of hostel orhotel (3 nts) Meals: No meals included Includes: Returntransfers from bus station or Trelew airport, PeninsulaValdes day tour Optional: Whale Watching (1 Jun - 30Nov), Penguin Excursion on Day 3 (1 Sep - 30 Mar) TourCode: BRCPM3Halfway up Argentina’s wild Atlantic coast, the Peninsula Valdes is a marine lover’sparadise. On Day 1, you’ll be collected from Puerto Madryn bus station or Trelewairport and transferred to your hostel or hotel. The next day, embark on a full day tourof the peninsula. Learn of the area’s flora, fauna and geology before travelling alongthe coast to colonies of sea lions, elephant seals, penguins and hopefully spot orcas.One of the best places in the world to get close to endangered Southern Right whales,between Jun - Nov it’s possible to add in a 1.5 hour whale watching trip. Day 3 is freeto explore or between Sep - Mar, add in a day trip to one of the continent’s biggestpenguin colonies, spot wild ostriches, foxes and hares, and soak up the Welsh heritagein the town of Gaiman. Transfers to the airport or bus station are included on Day 4.111

USHUAIA PACKAGETHE END OF THE WORLDUshuaiaUshuaiaFR$5414 DAYSHighlights• Explore - quite literally - the enchanting world’s end on this off-the-beaten-track tour• Hike and canoe through Tierra del Fuego National Park• Includes three nights’ accommodation plus return airport transfersBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEInclusionsDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Hostel/hotel (3 nts)Meals: 3 breakfasts, 1 lunch Note: Entrance feesfor National Parks are not included. Tierra del Fuegoexcursion operates without canoes 01May-31Jul TourCode: USHPACTierra del Fuego is the southern-most tip of the Americas and as close as civilisationhas got to the snowy desert of Antarctica. Touching down in Ushuaia, you’ll be whiskedto your accommodation on Day 1. Next morning, take a full-day tour (included) toParque Nacional Tierra del Fuego - the only Argentine national park that combines sea,mountains and forests. Meander along 1,000 year-old paths, canoe along the LapataiaRiver and marvel at the abundant wildlife along the Beagle Channel coast - red foxes,woodpeckers, beavers, condors, steamer ducks and eagles, to name just a few. Day3, it’s an early start for a half-day sea lion colony trip (also included). Departing fromthe local port, sail to a series of islands, snapping away at sea lions, fur seals andcormorants. On Day 4, transfer to the airport where your tour ends.EL CALAFATE& EL CHALTENEl CalafateEl CalafateFR$4104 DAYSHighlights• Spend a full day at UNESCO Mankind Heritage, Los Glaciares National Park• Trek through icy landscapes, past glaciers and lakes• Includes all accommodation and transfersInclusionsDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Hostel/hotel (3 nts)Meals: Daily breakfast Includes: Return transfers, tourto Los Glaciares National Park & Perito Moreno GlacierNote: El Chalten tour (valid Oct-Apr only) Tour Code:FTEEAEEL CALAFATE &TORRES DEL PAINEEl CalafateEl CalafateIf you’re short on time, this nifty four-day package will take the hassle out of your visitto Patagonia. After airport pick-up on Day 1, your second day is spent at the PeritoMoreno Glacier, a natural phenomenon that attracts people from all over the world.One of the world’s few moving glaciers, explore its magnificent streams, stunningice formations and crevasses. It’s another early start on Day 3, for a day tour to ElChalten. Take the mythic Route 40 skirting Argentino Lake, passing a canyon andcontinuing along Lake Viedma. Enjoy magical views of glaciers and hidden lakes. Onarrival, equipped with a map, follow the myriad of clearly marked tracks to viewpointsof the impressive Mount Fitz Roy and Mount Torre. Return to El Chaltern and back to ElCalafate. Day 4, transfer to the airport where your Ice Age tour comes to an end.FR$3855 DAYSHighlights• Wander the now busy and bustling little town of El Calafate• Admire the mind-blowing 60m high ice walls of the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno Glacier• Stroll along a short trek to find the best views of beautiful parks in Torres del PaineInclusionsDeparts: Daily between 01Sep-30Apr Accommodation:Hostel/hotel (4 nts) Meals: 4 breakfasts Includes: Airportpick-up, Perito Moreno Glacier tour, Torres Del Painetour Note: Entrance fees to the national parks are notincluded Tour Code: FTEELCHead off to the wilderness for five days in the spectacular surroundings of LosGlaciares and Torres del Paine National Park. Spend your first day taking in thesights and sounds of this once-quaint little village. On Day 2, wrap up warm for youradventure to the jaw-dropping Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the world’s only movingglaciers. Gawp at the sheer magnitude of 60 metre-high ice walls and, if you’re lucky,get to see bits of blue ice tumble into the waters below. Next day, stop at LagoSarmiento and grab your camera for some stunning snapshots before you’re whiskedoff to Torres del Paine National Park. Take a short trek to find the best views of itsbeautiful parks and imposing peaks; a dramatic background to vast, coloured lakes andvegetation. Kick back and relax on Day 4 before you depart the following day.112VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

PATAGONIANORTH & SOUTH EXPLOREREND OFFR$4,999 THE EARTHFR$4,599Buenos Aires Buenos Aires 14 DAYS Buenos Aires Buenos Aires15 DAYSTorres del Paine N.P.Highlights• Soak in the stunning natural beauty of the Chilean Lake District• Hike the unbelievably scenic trails of Torres del Paine National Park• Visit the remote port of Ushuaia, which sits at the end of the earthPerito Moreno GlacierHighlights• Go trekking in Glacier National Park and Torres del Paine• Witness the force of Perito Moreno Glacier calving into a lake• Hang out with the penguins at Otway then party in Buenos AiresBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEDAY01-0304-0708-1112-14ITINERARYBuenos Aires / BarilocheArrive into sexy and lively Buenos Aires (your airport transfer isincluded). Enjoy the city then on Day 2, fly to northern Patagonia andBariloche, located in one of the most stunning settings imaginable.Take in the views on a circuito chico tour with stops at local artisanproducers specialising in chocolate, beer and jams. (2B)Puerto Varas / Tores del Paine N.P.Take a bus and ferry to get to Puerto Varas, located in the incredibleChilean Lake District. Enjoy the stunning views as you take the‘Cruce de los Lagos’ ferry which is considered one of the most sceniccruises in the world. On Day 5, opt to visit Chiloé Island or justenjoy a stunning backdrop of snowcapped volcanoes. Arguably SouthAmerica’s finest national park, Torres del Paine will hit you withfull-on wow power on Day 6. Next day, enjoy the views as you takea full-day hike with an expert guide or just relax at your mountainlodge soaking up the fantastic surroundings. (4B, L, D)El Calafate / UshuaiaEnjoy the beautiful scenery en route to El Calafate. On Day 9, take aguided tour to Perito Moreno, one of Patagonia’s most spectacularnatural wonders. Opt to take a boat up to the front of the glacieras it calves into the lake. On Day 10, take a flight to Ushuaia, at theend of the earth, and next day visit the magnificent Tierra del FuegoNational Park then enjoy free time to explore this unique city. (4B)Buenos AiresFly back to singing and dancing Buenos Aires and explore the city ona guided tour. Enjoy the thrill of a professional tango dinner showthen toast your final night with your group in this vibrant city. Yourtour ends on Day 14. (3B, D)DAY0102-0304-0506-0910-1314-15ITINERARYBuenos AiresArrive into stylish Buenos Aires at any time and head out to explore.El Chaltén / Glacier National ParkFly south to El Calafate before transferring to El Chaltén. Enjoy a fulldayhiking to the Laguna Torre and Laguna de Los Tres among thespectacular granite pinnacles of Glacier NP. Appreciate majestic CerroFitzroy/Chaltén (3,441m), and other magical peaks and glaciers.El Calafate / Perito Moreno GlacierReturn to El Calafate then take the spectacular drive west to theMoreno Glacier. During the trip you may spot condors, rheas, eaglesor flamingos - but the real star of the day is the glacier itself.Puerto Natales / Torres del Paine National ParkContinue south along an unpaved road to the Chilean border. Spend arelaxing evening in Puerto Natales before the trip to Torres del Paine.Get close to this striking nature by camping out and taking day hikesto check out rugged mountains, sparkling lakes, waterfalls, glaciersand amazing wildlife. Return to Puerto Natales on Day 9. (4B, 2L, 2D)Punta Arenas / Ushuaia / Beagle ChannelPunta Arenas is Chile’s southernmost city, looking across the Straitsof Magellan to Tierra del Fuego. Explore the charming city and paya visit to the thriving penguin colony at Otway Sound. Cross intoArgentina by bus to travel to picturesque Ushuaia, your base for amarine wildlife cruise of the Beagle Channel. (4B)Buenos AiresFly back to Buenos Aires, and perhaps head out to an optional tangoshow for finish your trip in style? Trip ends any time on Day 15. (B)InclusionsTrip Style: Comfort Service Level: UpgradedPhysical Grading: 3 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Comfort hotels (13 nts)Transport: Bus/van, plane, boat Meals: 13breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners Budget: AllowUSD $350-450 for meals not included GroupLeader: Chief Experience Officer (CEO), localguides Group Size: Max 15, Avg 10 TourCode: GASAXPDepartures 2015START FINISH START FINISH START FINISHNov 18 Nov 21 Nov 28 Dec 11 Dec 22 Jan 04Nov 19 Dec 02 Dec 09 Dec 22 Dec 31 Jan 13CHILEBarilochePuertoVarasPunta ArenasARGENTINABuenos AiresTorres delPaine N.P.El CalafateUshuaiaInclusionsTrip Style: Classic Service Level: StandardPhysical Grading: 3 Age Group: Any ageAccommodation: Hotels (12 nts), camping (2 nts)Transport: Public bus, van, plane, boat Meals: 9breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners Budget: AllowUSD $360-475 for meals not included GroupLeader: Chief Experience Officer (CEO), mountainguide in Torres del Paine, local guides Group Size:Max 15, Avg 12 Tour Code: GASAPEMy Own Room Available: Fr $1,959 My Own Room Available: Fr $1,039Departures 2015Jan-Mar &Oct-DecRegular Saturdays & MondaysCHILEEl ChalténARGENTINABuenos AiresEl CalafateTorres delPaine N.P.Puerto NatalesPunta ArenasUshuaia113

CHILEBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEAricaCalamaSan PedroDe AtacamaChile’s northernskies are the mosttransparent in thesouthern hemisphere.Play astronomer andvisit Mamalluca’sobservatory for someexcellent star-gazing.MamallucaSantiagoPuerto VarasSample regional food, gourmet winesand chica (sweet wine) at a CentralValley rodeo championship. Yee-ha!The epitome of naturaldiversity, chile offersparched dunes, lushvalleys, volcanoes, ancientforests & massive glaciers.Leisurely cruise the grand fjordsof the southern coastline, takingin steep-sided cliffs, glaciers andpristine channels.Torres Del PainePunta ArenasTAPATIGet involved in EasterIsland’s vibrant Februaryfestival. Expecttraditional dancing,woodcarving & surfingcompetitions. All amidthe mysterious Moaistone statues.115

SANTIAGO & BEYONDBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEain’t no valley low enoughMany cities are described ashaving a stunning backdrop, butif it’s true of anywhere, it’s trueof Santiago! Chile’s capital hasa quirky personality, bohemianbarrios, a bustling café culture andsits in the shadow of the majesticAndean mountains that form thespine of this pencil-thin country.Take in the sweeping views fromParque Metropolitano, bathe in hotsprings and taste your way aroundthe new-world boutique wineriesof nearby coastal Valparaiso.shoestringSHOESTRING / rock solidrock solidSANTIAGOBACKPACKERSFR FR FR$22 DORMLA CASA$26 DORMHOTEL IMPERIO $69FR FR FR$37 TWIN/DOUBLE ROJA$42 TWIN/DOUBLE SUITES$35PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFAST PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT PRICES ARE PER PERSON PER NIGHT INCLUDING BREAKFASTLocated in a beautifully restored 100 yearoldhouse in the Bella Artes neighbourhood,this hostel has bucketloads of characterand is within walking distance of the mainattractions. Enjoy a huge living room withsatellite TV, spacious dorms, a communalkitchen, free Wi-Fi, two backyards,barbecues, daily activities and free brekkie.Centrally situated in the Barrio Brazilquarter, this social hotspot serves up bars,live music nights, wine tastings, outdoormovies and themed parties. Housed in abeautifully restored scarlet mansion, there’san outdoor pool with swim-up bar, prettygardens, a Jacuzzi, free Internet, loads ofcommunal areas and a funky atmosphere.SINGLETWIN/DOUBLEThis downtown hotel offers big, brightrooms, all with en suites and Wi-Fi access.Each also has its own kitchenette, completewith cooker and microwave - perfect forcost-savvy travelling. Prefer to feastal freso? Stoke up the rooftop terrace’sbarbecue and take in the city views fromthe swimming pool.STAY 7 PAY 6 - 01JAN15-31DEC15Free Wi-FiFree Wi-FiSCLSBP SCLCRO SCLIMPSANTIAGOWELCOME PACKAGEFR$118 CROSSING THEFR$3933 DAYS SALT FLATS3 DAYSA great intro to Chile, this welcome package includes two nights’hostel or hotel accommodation, a daily brekkie and half-daySantiago bike tour so you can really get to grip with your bearings.Pedal through the streets with your guide, discovering the city’sidiosyncrasies, multi-culturalism and street art. Stops will includehistoric Plaza de Armas, La Vega Market, Pablo Neruda’s house,Bella Artes Musueum and Forestal Park.Departs: Daily Accommodation: Hostelling International Santiago Hostel (2nts) Meals: 2 breakfasts Includes: Half-day bike tour, optional Santiago airportarrival/departure transfer Tour Code: SCLSWPStart with a steep ascent out of San Pedro taking the 4,400-metrepass to enter Bolivia at ‘Hito de Cajones’. Transfer into a Bolivian4WD and take a dip in the Termas de Polques hot springs. Day 2,pass the colourful Laguna Colorda through rugged Andean terrainto see the Arbol de Piedra. The Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flatin the world, is your spectacular finale on Day 3. Continue on to asalt hotel (yes, made entirely of salt!), ending your tour in Uyuni.Departs: Daily, San Pedro de Atacana to Uyuni Accommodation: Hostels (2 nts)Transport: Bus, train Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners Group Leader:Local guide Note: This tour is with a Spanish speaking guide Tour Code: FVISAL116VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

MAGIC OFEASTER ISLANDHanga RoaHanga RoaHighlights• See Moai half cut from the volcanic rock• Marvel at Moai watching over Easter Island• Visit the magical ‘Navel of the World’FR$7224 DAYSArrive in Hanga Roa and settle into your hotel. Next morning,begin your exploration of the secrets of Rapa Nui’s culture,visiting Moai platforms, Rano Raraku (an extinct volcano) andAhu Tongariki. You’ll also visit ‘The Red Navel’; a large smoothround stone, supposedly with magical powers. Last stop beforereturning to your hotel is the beach at Anakena. During the halfday excursion on Day 2, you’ll discover Orongo, the ceremonial sitefor the Birdman Cult. Emerging after the collapse of Moai culture,the cult was focused on fertility rites and the Birdman competition.After your fill of tales, transfer to your hotel for a last night.SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMAHIDDEN TREASURESSan PedroSan PedroHighlights• Watch the sunset over the Valley of the Moon• Marvel at boiling jets against the sunrise• Take a dip in natural hot springsFR$7254 DAYSArrive into San Pedro, head to Death Valley and, later, MoonValley. Tour past the bizarre natural rock and salt formations inthe middle of the valley’s barren, sandy landscape. Hike up a giantsand dune for breathtaking valley and Licancabur Volcano views.Day 2 is an early start in order to experience the El Tatio Geysersand there’s the option to warm up from the morning chill in naturalpools created by the hot springs before returning to San Pedro.Day 3, take a guided city tour then leave for Salar de Atacama.Observe several flamingo species and return to San Pedro. Yourtour comes to a close after breakfast on Day 4.BRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Hotel (3 nts) Meals: 3 breakfasts GroupLeader: Guide throughout Includes: Airport transfers, 2 full day excursionsTour Code: IPCMAGDeparts: Daily Accommodation: Hostel (3 nts) Meals: 3 breakfasts GroupLeader: English speaking guide Tour Code: FVIHIDGREY GLACIERW TREKPuerto NatalesPuerto NatalesFR$5595 DAYSBETWEEN ROCKS & ICEGLACIERS & TORRES DEL PAINEPunta ArenasPunta ArenasFR$9664 DAYSHighlights• Breathtaking views of the Grey Glacier and Rocky Moraine• Panoramic valley views, glacier lakes & a pristine National Park• Includes four nights’ accommodation & roundtrip transportHighlights• Take a trip to the Otway Penguin colony• Visit Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers• Marvel at Lake Grey and Grey GlacierSpend five days exploring Chile’s magnificent Torres del PaineNational Park. Visit stunning Lake Nordenskjöld and the hangingglacier on Almirante Nieto mountain on Day 2. Trek throughancient Lengua forest and stand in awe at the base of majesticTorres del Paine with amazing views of the glacier lake. Day 4,hike along rolling trails to Paine Grande lookout where you can seeanother hanging glacier and possibly some small avalanches. Onyour last day, hike along rolling trails past breathtaking mountainsand the incredible Grey Lake and Glacier. Take a cataraman to meetyour bus back to Puerto Natales.Arrive into Punta Arenas Airport and head to the penguin colonyat Otway accompanied by your English-speaking guide. Day 2,enjoy a full day’s boat excursion to the glaciers Serrano andBalmaceda on the Fiord de Ultima Esperanza. Day 3 is an earlystart to get a full day inside Torres del Paine National Park. Walkthrough the stunning scenery of the Torres Massif, Lake Greyand Grey Glacier. Short hikes will allow you to reach the park’smost scenic viewpoints, before returning to Puerto Natales lateafternoon. On your final day, a private transfer will take you to thebus terminal, from where you’ll travel back to Punta Arenas.Departs: Daily 01Oct-30Apr Accommodation: Dorm-style refugios (mountaincabin) or camping with sleeping bag (4 nts) Meals: No meals inc Transport:Return transportation inc catamaran Tour Code: BEPNTGG4Departs: Daily from October to March Accommodation: Hotel (3 nts) Meals: 3breakfasts Group Leader: Bilingual guide on excursions Tour Code: PUQBRI117

PACHAMAMA BY BUSBRAZIL, ARGENTINA & CHILEWhy Pachamama?Flanked by the Andes on oneside and the Pacific Ocean on theother, you’ll witness a world ofdiversity in Chile from bone-drydeserts and deserted beaches inthe North to alpine utopias andvolcanic landscapes in the South.Pachamama’s Hop on Hop offnetwork makes it easy to explorethis amazing country!What SHOULD I EXPECT?Route OptionsChoose from the Northern ‘AtacamaDesert’ route or the Southern ‘LakeDistrict’ route. Or, combine theseand explore the entire country orjust pick certain sections.departuresAtacama Desert RoutesDeparts North from Santiago everySaturday and reaches San PedroDe Atacama every Wednesday. Thebus leaves Atacama that Friday andreturns to Santiago on the Monday.Lake District RoutesDeparts South from Santiago everyThursday and reaches Puerto Varason Monday. The bus leaves PuertoVaras every Tuesday returning toSantiago on the Wednesday.Exclusive StopsYou’ll be taken to places accessibleonly by car or small van. Off themain roads, take the scenic routesto discover, stopping often forphotos hikes and beautiful sights.BUSES & GuidesPachama has its own fleet of buses,each seating up to 13 people, withenough room for all your bags.Each bus has its own guide, allspeak English and Spanish. Theywill provide you with as little oras much support as you requireand can also help you book youraccommodation, excursions andonward travel plans.Accommodation optionsThere are accommodated** (pickfrom a dorm or private room) andnon-accommodated* passes tochoose from, giving you the freedomto stay where you want. Pachamamaalso provide camping equipment andsleeping bags free of charge.Where to goATACAMA DESERT ROUTESReturn:Santiago10 DaysSantiagoOne Way North:Santiago San Pedro De Atacama6 DaysOne Way South:San Pedro De Atacama4 DaysLAKE DISTRICT ROUTESReturn:Santiago7 DaysSantiagoOne Way North:Puerto Varas Santiago2 DaysOne Way South:Santiago Puerto Varas5 DaysGO EVERYWHEREReturn:Start & Finish Anywhere19 Days* Non Accommodated Price** Accommodated Price (Dorm)SantiagoOne Way North:Puerto Varas San Pedro De Atacama10 DaysOne Way South:San Pedro De Atacama Puerto Varas11 DaysFR$282FR$478*FR$810**FR$348*FR$533**FR$282*FR$394**FR$152FR$324*FR$545**FR$152*FR$190**FR$259*FR$407**FR$499FR$802*FR$1,467**FR$499*FR$834**FR$541*FR$911**San pedro de atacamaPuerto MonttPuERTO NATALESPERUPan de AzucarNational ParkBahia Inglesa BeachHumbolt PenguinNational ParkLa SerenaCharmed Valley7 Lakes RoadTorres del PaineNational ParkRaftingCHILEWineryPUCóNPUERTO VARASBOLIVIA (UYUNI)Mamalluca ObservatoryPisco Elqui DistillerySANTIAGOVillarica Lake andVolcano Hot SpringsMoon ValleySalt CavesAtacama Salt FlatArgentinaArgentina (BARILOCHE)2 Nights stopOvernight stopPoint of interestOptionalConnectionArgentina (Calafate)Punta Arenas118VISIT WWW.STATRAVEL.COM

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