Clowns - The Oasis Shriners

Clowns - The Oasis Shriners

Veteran ClownsLewis James“Louie”Past CaptainCharlie Johnson“Gummy”Circus Clown of the Year—01Ted Kale“Scooter”Clown of the Year—’04Circus Clown of the Year—’96/’97Past CaptainJim King“Mr. Clean”Circus Clown of the Year—’93Past Captain

Veteran ClownsRon Lebold“Jazz”Clown of the Year—’08Gerald Loftin “Doodlebug”Circus Clown of the Year—’99/’’08/09Past CaptainVirgle McClure “Mac”Circus Clown of the Year—’94/’95Barry Winecoff “Toyo”Circus Clown of the Year—’98/’00/’03Past Captain

400 Meter Relay 800 Meter Relay1 Andrea Dobmeier, Amanda Peters South 50.14 1 Kiki Smith, Olivia Olson Wahpeton 1:46.68Missy Giesinger, Lisa SvalesonMarllee Greglore, Rae Peterson2 Mandan Mandan 50.63 2 Mandan Mandan 1:46.83 Century Century 50.65 3 Minot Minot 1:47.564 North North 51 4 North North 1:47.85 Bismarck Bismarck 51.2 5 Bismarck Bismarck 1:47.816GF Central GF Central 51.24 6 South South 1:48.357 Minot Minot 51.3 7 GF Red River GF Red River 1:49.258 West Fargo West Fargo 51.43 81600 Meter Relay 3200 Meter Relay1 Callie Raymond, Keneisha Hunter GF Central 4:03.89 1 Tonya Steinborn, Talli Schatz Jamestown 9:30.52Steph Garr, Erin BensonJessica Neva, Triah Steinborn2 Minot Minot 4:05.34 2 Century Century 9:30.83 Mandan Mandan 4:06.78 3 Dickinson Dickinson 9:33.564 Century Century 4:06.79 4 Mandan Mandan 9:41.475 Grafton Grafton 4:07.36 5 Minot Minot 9:45.526 Wahpeton Wahpeton 4:07.72 6 Graton Graton 9:50.657GF Red River GF Red River 4:08.91 7 GF Red River GF Red River 9:52.358 Dickinson Dickinson 4:09.59 8 Williston Williston 9:55.82High JumpLong Jump1 Crystal Cummings South 5‐4 1 Crystal Cummins South 18‐6.52 Amanda Borseth Williston 5‐3 2 Rae Peterson Wahpeton 18‐42 Tanya Salter North 5‐3 3 Lacy Hinzpeter Minot 18‐.754 Becky Nyberg GF Red River 5‐3 4 Jen Halstenson GF Red River 17‐2.55 Katie Reim Century 5‐3 5 Beckey Schmidt St. Mary's 17‐26 Sarah Neimann Bismarck 5‐2 6 Saddi Bouschee GF Central 17‐1.257 Stephanie Garr ?? 5‐2 7 Katie Leake GF Red River 17‐8 Leisa Mathwich Minot 5‐ 8 Andrea Dobmeier South 16‐78 Tracy Emerson GF Red River 5‐Triple JumpShot Put1 Crystal Cummings South 39‐4.25 1 Briona Reynolds GFRR 43-9.52 Tressa Ricks Minot 35‐10.5 2 Carrie Fleck MAN 43-3.53 Saddie Boushee GF Central 35‐8.75 3 Katie Staton FN 40-3.54 Amanda Ricks Minot 35‐5 4 Amber Gibbs GFC 39-9.55 Jen Halstenson GF Red River 35‐3.25 5 Beth Seymour GFRR 39-86 Jessica Viele Wahpeton 35‐1 6 Julia Pederson GFRR 39-2.57 Erin Pearson Dickinson 34‐9.5 7 Keela Neimeyer GFRR 39-28 Alisah Lewis Minot 34‐5.25 8 Scheryl Kottsick MAN 39-.5

Charlotte InternationalCar ShowShrine Bowl inSpartanburg, SCMecklenburg Shrine ClubSanta Day

Social EventsClown Unit Ladies Weekend in 2010, avisit to Charleston, SC. Included a visit tothe Citadel and a dinner cruise in theCharleston Harbor. In 2013 our weekendwas in Greenville, SC and includedvisits to the BMW plant and ShrinersHospital.

AwardsTom AclamClown of the Year—2012Clown of the Year1995—French Harvey and Ralph Stevenson1996—Sam Garrison1997—Jim Stanner1998—Fred Bowles1999—Robert Bickel2000—Sam Garrison2001—Ted Shriver2002—Jim Stanner2003—Robert Bickel2004—Ted Kale2005—Ted Shriver2006—Joe Killough2007—Ted Shriver2008—Ron Lebold2009—John Farris2010—Al Clegg2011—Truett Harrelson2012—Tom AcklamMark MurphyCircus Clown of the Year—2012Circus Clown of the Year1991—French Harvey1992—Bob Dye1993—Jim King1994/95—Virgil McClure1996/97—Ted Kale1998—Barry Winecoff1999—Gerald Loftin2000—Barry Winecoff2001—Charles Johnson2002—Same Garrison2003—Barry Winecoff2004/05/06—Robert Bickel2007—Al Clegg2008/09—Gerald Loftin2010—John Farris2011—French Harvey2012—Mark MurphyRed Nose Award1999—Steve Chachoff2000—John Farris2005-Mark Murphy2007—Joe Killough2008 –Ted Shriver2009—French Harvey2010—Truett Harrelson2011—Tom Acklam2012—Jim Beggs

A Letter to New Nobles:Congratulations on becoming a Noble of the Mystic Shrine and joining the fellowship of OasisShrine in 2013. You will find that being a Shriner has many personal rewards as you work forthe cripple and burn child.One of the best ways to get fulfillment out of being a Shriner is to become a member of aunit and/or club. I would like to bring to your attention one of the most active and colorfulunits in our shrine center, the Oasis Shrine Clowns.One of the greatest feelings in the world is to bring happiness to others. There is no othervocation that I know of that causes someone to smile automatically when they meet aclown. Even our senior citizens love clowns because it reminds them of the youth. To knowhow important shrine clowns are to our philanthropy, the next time you are visiting theGreenville, SC Shriners Hospital, notice the wall on the second floor dedicated solely toshrine clowns!You too can enjoy these blessings. Our clown unit is seeking new members.What do we do? Well most of our activities are entertaining the public at parades, bothshrine ceremonial parades and public parades throughout the Oasis jurisdiction. Many ofour parades are during the holiday season. We also make appearances at various local carshows at which we receive donations for the hospitals. However the most unique activitythat we have is to perform at the Oasis Shrine Circus each year. We are the only unit that isactually a part of the circus program each year. The circus producers these days do not employa group of clowns anymore so they rely on us. We mingle with the audience before theshow and during intermission and then during the show perform a skit.We have monthly meetings, generally on the first Friday of each month except July and August.Our wives have formed a wives group that also meets the same night as ourgroup. They also schedule some special functions for themselves throughout the year. InFebruary, we host a big social event in honor of wives. In 2010, we held it in Charleston, SC,in 2011 in Savannah, GA , in 2012 in Myrtle Beach and in 2013 in Greenville, SC and had agreat weekend.Each of our clowns has a unique makeup and costume. Don’t worry; we have nobles that

have been a clown for many years that share their talents with our new members. Fortunately,there is a local costume shop that has most of the makeup supplies that weuse. Some of our clowns make their own costume (with or without their wife’s help) andsome purchase professionally made costumes from costume dealers. The cost to belong; believeit on not, we are relatively inexpensive compared with other units. There is no smallvehicle, musical instrument or expensive uniform to buy. We do have some modest annualdues.Our unit would encourage you to consider joining us. We have a lot of fun and most importantly,bring a lot of joy and happiness to others. I can tell you from personal experiencethat you will never forget when one of “our” kids come up to you and gives you a big hug becauseyou brought joy to them.Feel free to call me if you have any questions or call our Secretary, Rick Bean, for a petition at980-581-0401.Fraternally yours,French “Patches” HarveyCaptain704-840-8076COME JOIN US FOR “FUN” AND“FELLOWSHIP”!For information on joining the Oasis Shrine Clown Unit, contact Secretary Noble Rick Bean at 980-581-0401 or email This web page was crested by Captain French Harvey. Photographswere provided by Nobles C. L. Abernathy, Steve Jordan, Mark Murphy, Ted Kale, Barry Winecoff , AlClegg and French Harvey.

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