Appendix -1 BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Alison Morrison ...

Appendix -1 BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Alison Morrison ...

Appendix -1 BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Alison Morrison ...


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<strong>Appendix</strong> -1<strong>BIBLIOGRAPHY</strong><strong>BOOKS</strong><strong>Alison</strong> <strong>Morrison</strong>,"Entrepreneurship in the hospitality, Tourism, andMike Remington, and leisure industries"Claire Williams Butter worth - Heinemann (1999)Annie Phizacklea" Entrepreneurship ethnicity and Gender-Enterprising women"Rutledge, London 1988Anuradha Bhoite"Women Employees & Rural Employment"Gian Publishing house, New Delhi -1987Asok Mitra, " The Status of Women ...."Adhir.K.Siromani, La1it.P. Allied Publishers , Bombay , 1979.Berna .J.J.Bhanu Shali S.G"Industrial Entrepreneurship in Madras State"Asia Publishing house , Bombay 1960" Entrepreneurship Development "Himalaya PublishersNew Delhi 1987

Carry L Cooper" High pressure working lives of Womenand Marylyn. J. Davidson managers "Fontana paper backs 1982Chaudhary, Assim "Private Economic Power of India "People's Publishing House,. New Delhi 1974Chethana K.L. Bhag (Edit) "Policies and Plan strategies for womendevelopmentDiscovery Publishing House , New Delhi - 1992Edward MarzGaikwad .V.K & l'ripathi. R.NGopalaswarnyGupta. M.C."Joseph Schumpeter - Scholar teacher andPolitician"Oxford Uty,. Press," Socio Psychological factors influencingIndustrial entrepreneurship in rural areas"National institute of Community DevelopmentHderabad. 1970"GATTTIWTO TRIPS, TRIMS and Trade inServices"Wheeler Publishing ,New Delhi"Entrepreneurship in small Scale industries"An m01 Publications ,New Delhi 1987Jain . P.C. (Edit)"India's ~condmic Crisis- Diagnosis andtreatment"Concept publishing Company 1996Janct W. MacDonald" How to be a Successful Business Women"

Methuen, London, 1987.Kapur. K.D (Edit)"Dynamics of Indian Economy",Manak Publications. New Delhi -1998Khan. M.A"Entrepreneurial development programmes inIndia "Kanishka Publishing house Delhi 1998Kilby Peter"Entrepreneurship and Economic Development"Knight. F.NKranti Rana ( Edit)Maitreya DixitMargaret Henning A. JMcClelland.. D.CThe Free press, New York 1971"Risk Uncertainty and Profit"Baton, Houghton Mifflin 1921"Modem working Women and theDevelopment Debate"Kanishka Publishers New Delhi 1999"Women and Achievement Dynamics ofParticipation and Partnership"Kanishka Publishers new Delhi 1998" The Managerial Women"Pan Books, London 1979"The Achieving Society"Princeton, N.J.D. Van I, Nostrand, 1961

Napasri. .K.S.Paramjeet K Dhillan, (Edit )Pareek H.S"Women Executives"Rawat Publications,Jaipur 91977)"Kerala Economy for decades of development"Institute of Applied Economic Research, JohnMathaiFoundation , Thrisur 1994"Motives and characteristics of Successfulwomen Entrepreneurs"BlasC Publications and distributors, New Delhi1999" Financing of Small industries in a developingeconomy"National publishers 1973Peter. F. Drucker"Imovation and Entrepreneurship "UBS Publishers and Distributors New Delhi1985. Heinemh Landon"Kerala's Economic Development",Sage'publicationsNew Delhi- 1999"Keralathile Vyvassayangal " (Ma1ayalam)VolI & I1Kerala Bhasha Institute Thiruvananthapuram-1987

Rajendra Prasad JaiswalRamanamma. A and Usha BRose P.E. ( Edit)Ruddar Dutt and Sundaram. K.PSchumpeter. J.AShantha Koli Chandra" Professional Status of Women - Acomparative study of men and women inscience and technology"Rawat publications Jaipur 1993" Women in Indian Industry"Mittal Publications , Delhi 1987"Women in the occupational world (4'h edn)Random House.Inc., New York - 1977" Indian Economy"Sultan Chand & CO. 1998"The Theory of Economic Development-An enquiry in to Profits, Capital, interest andBusiness Cycle"Harvard university pressCambridge (1961)"A Study of women in Administration "Radha Publications New Delhi 1997Shanna R.ASharma, KumusTandon . I3.C."Entrepreneurial Change in India Economy"Sterling publishersJallandhar 1992"Women in Focus- A Community in search ofequal role"Sangaman Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 1984-"Environment and Entrepreneur"Chugh Publications, Allahabad 1975

Usha JumaniVasant DesaiVijai Joshi , 1.M.D.LittleVysalu Poornima"Self -Employment for Poor women"Sage publications , New Delhi 199 1Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development andmanagement" .Himalaya Publishing house, Mumbai 1997"India's Economic Reforms 1991 -2000"Oxford university press Delhi. 1998"Credit reach for women enterprises -policypractice gap,"AWAKE, Ban galore 199 1Yujiro Hoyami" Towards an alternative path of development"EDI- learning Resource - SeriesThe World bank (1998)

JOURNALSBritish journal ofSociologyBusiness LineChina ReportDevelopment andChangeEconomic and PoliticalWeeklyFinance IndiaForum newsIndian Economic JournalIndian Journal ofEconomicsJournal of Developmentand PlanningVol No 24 No. 3Special issue on -"Sociological and Psychological aspects ofIndian Entrepreneurship"Sept -Nov 19731.Jan. 11,20012.Praxis V012 issue 4 Nov. 19993.Report of Seminar on "Implications of WTO forIndian Small and medium Industries" May 8,20004."Globalisation , Liberalisation and SSIs of Kerala""Dece 16 2000Sage publications, New DelhiJan-Feb 1998Blackwell publishers, UKV0130 No 4 Oct 1999Sarnmeksha Trust, Mumbai.1. Vol no 7 No. 48,19722. Vol No 24 NO 8 Feb 25 19893. Vol XXXV No 15 April 8 2000Indian Institute of ~inanc'e, new Delhi, Dece. 1999.Asia Pacific Forum for Women law and Development,Chiangmai, Thailand1. Vol 12, No. 2 August 19992. Vol 13 , No 1 April 2000Indian Economic Journal , Mumbai,Vol No 47, No.2 Oct -Dece. 1999-2000Uty. Of Allahabad,Vol LXXIX No 3 12 July 1998Vol No 18Special issue on ' Entrepreneurship and EconomicDevelopment' 1988

Journal of Development Franc Cass LondonStudies V0136 No. 3 Feb 2000Kerala CallingDepartment of Public RelationsGovt. of KeralaVol 18 No. 7, may 1998KurukshetraLaghu Udyog SamacharProductivityMinistry of Rural Development, Govt. Of India, New DelhiApril 2000Ministry of SS1 & AI , Govt. of India, new Delhi1. Jul- Sept 19992. Jan- March 2000C.B.S publishers & Distributers, Daryaganj, new Delhi,1. Vol No 34 No 2 July - Sept. 19932. V0135 No 2 July 19943. V0140 No. 1 April- June 1999The Asian Economic Indian Institute of Economics,Review Vol No 41 No 2 Aug 1999VaanijyaMinistry of commerce & Industry, Govt. of India, new Delhi.YojanaMinistry of Information and broadcasting, GOI, New DelhiV0143 No 3 March 1999

Almana Aisha MohammedAlphonsa .M.JAnna .VArun. A.VAmnashree P RaoBabu. PHarikumar . VLehrer Sara Key Steinberg"Economic Development and its-Impact on the Statusof women in Saudi Arabia"University of Colorado 198 1Educated Unemployment in Kerala''PhD thesisDept. of Economics , Uty. of KeralaWomen entrepreneurship in the industrialmanufacturing sector of Kerala "PhD thesis ,Dept of Applied Economics,Uty. of Science and Technology, Cochin 1989Productivity of Small Scale industries in ruralk areas ofKerala "PhD thesisOsmania uty. Hyderabad. 1995" Organisational involvement of women indevelopment Projects" unpublished thesisColumbia University 198 1"A Study on Sociological Characteristics of SmallScale industrialists"PhD thesis- dept of SociologyUty. of Kerala, 1978" A study on sickness in Small Scale industry in KeralaPhD thesisUty. of Kerala 1994" Effect of conference on Participants attitude towardsWomen's role in Society"Uty. Of Southern Mississippi 198 1

Myers Frederic AllenResia BegamOomman . M.A" Effect of economic pressure on employment ofmarried women"Florida university USA 198 1" A Study of the Problems of women entrepreneurs inKerala "PhD thesis, Uty. of Kerala 1993"Small Scale Industries in Kerala "PhD thesis Uty. of,KeralaREPORTS AND PAPERSAnne D BruinEconomic Review.Gerry Finnegan, KatrineDanielson"The Role of women Entrepreneurs "Paper presented at the APEC Study Centre ConsortiumConference, Auckland ,31" may - 2nd June 1999State planning board, Kerala,Annual reports 1991 to 2000"Promoting the development of women entrepreneurs "Paper presented at the First Inter cultural Management andEntrepreneurship Development Summit Colombo Sri Lanka28th Aug 1997 ILO- SAAT- www.ilo.orgHuman developmentreport (UNDP)Jose. A.M . Abdul AzizKarin .RMathew. P.MRenjini Agarwal"IRDP and SClST beneficiaries " - Paper presented in theAll India Seminar on Development programmes for SCISTDepartment of Applied Economies, Walter, A.P 1985ILO Seminar on "Key Success factors for womenentrepreneurs '' Turin ,4-8 September 2000www ilo . org.Business @ Kerala .corn Dece. 16 2000, March 15 2001"Development of Women entrepreneurship in India"

Report on Currency and Vol 1 1996-97Finance (RBI)w.rbireport.orgReport of the Fourth Beijing Sept. 4-15 , 1995World Conference on www.undp.orgWomenPaper presented in the First plenary Session, OECDconference on "women entrepreneurship in SMEs"www.oecd.orgReport of The Second AllIndia Diagnostic Survey( 1995-96)lleport of 51" roundNational Sample SurveySamll Industries Development OrganisationMinistry of SS1 and AI , GO1 New DelhiReport No 433(51/2.2/1) Aug. 1998, National SampleSurvey Organisation, Govt.Of India. New Delhi.Wim Vizverberg " Profits from Self Employment "A Case Study of Cote d IvoireLSMS, Working paper No 43The World bank, Washington, USAWorld bank Country Study " Gender and poverty in India "The World bank, Washington -1991World Employment Report , ILO, 1998, www.ilo.org.

www.atlanticonline.orgwww. censusindia .orgwww ilo.org.

<strong>Appendix</strong> -11Institutional Agencies for the Development of WomenEntrepreneurship in IndiaFollowing are the main division of institutional agencies, which areengaged in the promotion women entrepreneurship in India.1. Small Industries Extension Training Institute, Hyderabad.,(SIET)2. National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small BusinessDevelopment (NIESBUD), New Delhi.,3. Indian Council of Women Entrepreneurs (ICWE), New Delhi.,4. National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship DevelopmentBoard,(NCTEDB) New Delhi.,5. National Standing Committee on Women Entrepreneurs6. Small Industries Development Orgkision ( SIDO)7. National Small Industries Corporation for the Developmentof Entrepreneurship.8. Small Industries Service Institute( SISI)9. Small Industries Development Organisation10. National Institute in Entrepreneurship Development11. National Research Development Corporation of India(NRDC)12. Khadi and Village Industries Commission (K&VIC)13. The Central Social Welfare Board14. Small Industries Development Bank of India15. Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFC)

16. National Scheduled Caste and Scheduled TribeFinance and Development Corporation17. Lead Banks18. State Bank of India19. Bank of India20. Indian Overseas BankIndustry Associations:1. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)2. Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)3. PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI)4. Associated Chamber of Commerce & industry of India(ASSOCHAM)5. Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation ( FIEO)6. World Association for Small & Medium Enterprises ( WASME)7. Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India ( FASII)8. Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India (CWEI)9. Laghu Udyog Bharati (LUB)10. Indian Council of Small Industries (ICSI)Women Entrepreneurs' Associations in EntrepreneurshipDevelopmentAt international level1. .Associated Country Women of the World( ACWW)2. .World Association Of Women Entrepreneurs ( WAWE)

At National level1. Women Entrepreneurs Wing of National Alliance of YoungEntrepreneurs2. National association of Women Entrepreneurs and Executives3. Self-Employed Women's Association4. Indian Council of Women Entrepreneurs5. Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE)6. Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka7. Federation of Societies of Women Entrepreneurs8. Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India ( CW E I )Institutions for women entrepreneurship development in Kerala1. Small Industries Service institute (SISI)2. District Industries Centres ( DICs)3. Centre for management Development (CMD)4. Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development ( (STED)5. Technical Consultancy Organisation ( KITCO)6. Women Development Corporation7. Khadi & Village Industries Board8. Nationalised Banks and Other Institutions

Registration No:INTERVIEW SCHEDULEProduct Group1. Name and address of the unit2. Name and address of the entrepreneur1 entrepreneurs :3. Category of the Unit: 10 SS1 2 0 Ancillary 3 13 SSSBE4. Year and month of commencement of business:5. Age of the entrepreneur at the commencement of the unit:6. Educational qualification: 1 0 School. 2.0 College 3 q Technical / Professional8. Religion : 0 Hindu Christian q Muslim 0 Others9. Whether any of your relatives have business and you have involvement in theconduct of the business1 0 No (First Generation)2 0 Yes (Second Generation)10. Marital status at the time of starting the business:l 0 Married 2 OUnmarried 3 0 Widow11 Previous Experience, if any: 1 U Yes 2 ,O No12 Whether the employment/ experience was in the same line :l U Yes 2 No13. If Yes to l1 or 13, Number of years:14. Monthly Income of Family at the time of Commencement of business Rs.15. Why you have selected this location for your business1 0 Nearness to market 2 q Availability of Raw material3 Availability of skilled labour 4 0 Allotment of a plotlshed5 0. Existence of Ancillary/parent units 6 0 Nearness to native place7 3 Own building 9 0. Any other (specify):16. While selecting the location did you consider cost or market advantage1 0 Yes 2 No17. The type of your organization-, :a) at starting:10 Sole . proprietor . 2 Partnership 30Co-op. society 40 Joint Stock. Companyb) at present :18. If it is a Partnership, the number of partners in the Firm:19. Relationship with the partners1 0 Cordial 2 q Satisfactory 3 Problematic20. If 'problematic nature of the problem1 q Financial matters 2 OPersonal &understanding3 0 Dishonesty 4 Participation/role in the firm5 0 Any other (specify)21. Who undertake the day to day managerial functions1 0 Paid manager 2 q Male members in the family3 Self 4 q more than one22. Do your family members help you to run the business?10 Yes 20 No23. If Yes,The nature of help1 Tackling Problems2 Procurement of Inputs3 Marketing4 Production process5 in all aspectsl PercentageI 0-20. 20-40 40-60 60-8080-1000 0 0 0 0 o0 0 0 0 o0 0 0 0 0 o0 0 0 0 0 n0 0 0 0 0 D24. How many employees are there in the unit:a).At the time of commencement ... Male ........... Female .......... Total ...........b) At present Male.. .. .... ... Female . . .. ... . . ..Total. .... ... ...

c) Nature of employees: i. Skilled Male ....... Female ......... . Tot al...ii. Unskilled: Male ... Female .......... Total .........25. Relation with the employees:1 q Cordial 2 q Satisfactory3 0 Problematic26. If not 'cordial' , the reasons:1 0 For higher wages 2 0 For better facilities3 U Unionism 4 Political reasons27. Do you think that it is difficult for women to control and motivate employeesIOYes 2 ONO28. Why you have selected this project10 Easv to set UP 20 Advice .-..- of ~ familv - - members~30 Experience in the line 40 Availability of Govt. benefits50 Profitability of the product 60 Demand in the market70 Acquired qualificationjskill 80 other reasons ( Specify)29. Did you prepare a project report? 10Yes 20No30. If yes, who have prepared it10 Self 20 By professional agency30 Govt. agencies 40 Financing agencies50 Obtained a ready to use project31. If No, the reason:1 U The project was simple 2. It was familiar 30 It was not compulsory32. Do you think that project report and project study are useful :10 Yes 2 ONO33. Did you study the project1 0 Yes q No34. Did you find any difficulty to start the unit?lOYes 20No35. If Yes , which of the following:10 Delay in sanction of loan 2 q Delay in supply of machine30 Compliance of formalities 4 0 Failure to bring own fund5.0 Delay to get power connection 6 O other reason (specify)36. Do you believe that business plan is necessary for a small scale business unit?10 useful 20 essential 30 not necessary .37. The main Product of your unit:q At commencementq At present:38. Why you have selected this product :10 Experience in the line 2 0 Skill or Qualification3.0 inherited property 4.0 advice of fkmiiy members5. Demand in the market 6,Profitability of product70 success of similar units 8 q any other reason ( specify)39. Nature of Production1.0 Continuous 20 Job order 30 Senice40. Did you make any change in the product / product line after commencement?1 0 Yes 20No4 1. If yes the reason10 Change in market conditions 20 Change in production environment30 Margin of profit 40 other reasons (specify)42. Did you make any improvement in the product after establishment?10 Yes 0 No43. Do you consider that product modification is essentiallti for better profit 20 for long survival 3 to market the product.

44. Do you possess any product/ production advantage over your rival producers inthe market?lDYes 20No 3 0 Do not know45. Capacity UtilisationItem199 199 199 199 199 199Maximum CapacityActual ProductionCapacity utilizationL" - I l I I I I I46. What is your Break-Even Point as a percentage of production capacity1 0 Below 40%. 2 0 40-50%3 050-60% 4 Above 60%5 Don't know47. If the capacity is under utilized reasons for under utilization;1 O Shortage of raw materials 2 Shortage of skilled labour3 0 Shortage of Working capital 4 U Break down of machinery5 O Power failure 6 Lack of demand for your product7 0 General economic recession 8 0 Any other ( Specify148. Whether you have maintained proper accounts1D Yes 2 0 No49 If Yes Do you have the practice of analysing the results10 Yes 2 0 No50. If No why ?1 No legal obligation 2 Not necessary for a small business 3 No skill51 .Details of Project cost and Financing-ltemsLand 8s BuildingPlant and MachineryWorking CapitalPreliminary expensesTotalCost as perProject Report52. Total capital employeda. Owner's Share Rs:b. Borrowed. Rs. :i. Long term Rsii. Short term Rs.53.. .From where you have borrowed1 Development banks 2 0 Commercial Banks3. U Private money lenders 4.. 0 Friends and relatives54. Are you prompt in repayment of loanl Oyes 2 ONO55. Amount of loan1. borrowed at commencement2. pending to repay at present56. Investment in Plant and Machinery. Sufficiency of investment as %57. Working Capital required58. Working capital available59. .Basis of your sales ;1 ? Cash sales only 2 0 Credit 3 0 BothActual Costwhile setting up the Unit

60. If on credit , average period of credit1 q One week 2 U Two weeks3 G One month 4 • More than one month61. Total Amount Receivable as on 31-3-2000: Rs.62. Basis of purchases1 Cash 2 U Credit3 0 Both63. If on credit, average period of credit10 l week 2 q 2 weeks3 D l month 4 U More than 1 month64. Total Amount Payable as on 31.3.200065. Do you find any financial problem1 Yes 1 ONO66. If Yes, nature of the problem/problems10 Shortage of working capital 2 0 Shortage of funds for expansion3 O Repayment of loan 3. Other ( specify)67. Do you feel that it is too difficult for Women to get loan from institutions1. Yes 2.0 No68. Do you feel that you can independently manage the financial affairs of your firm1.0 Yes 2. q No69. Did you make any market study before you select the product1 Oyes 2 ONO70. Nature of market for your product:1 0 Local 2 q National 3 International71. What is the present system of marketing?1 Direct marketing 2 0 Marketing through wholesalers/ Agents3 0 Selling to retailek 4 q Selling to mother unit5.0 More than one source72 Do you collect information from market1 Oyes 2 ONO73 .Source of competition for your productq Other S.S.1 Units in the same area0 SS1 units in the same districtsO SS1 units outside the state U MS. or LS industry in KeralaL.S or M.S out side Kerala74. How you canvass business in times of competitionq Reduce the price0 allow creditMore advertisementU improve qualityG Other Specify75. How the selling price for your product is fixed1. Myself with a mark up 2. q Selling at the prevailing market price2. 0 Dealers or agents / mother unit 3.0 Do not know76. What advantage you can claim over the rival producers in the market1 0 high quality product 20advanced techno 30 Nothing7. 77. Do you think that marketing is the unique problem10 Yes 20 No78. What is essential for marketing?10 lower price 20 better quality 30 market awareness79. What is your opinion about competition?10 is ruining 20 is smart 30 is everywhere80. Which of the following are the most frequent problems you have to face in5running the unit? (Any three and give preference)1 3 Shortage of Raw Materials 2 0 Shortage of skilled labour

~ ~3 0 Labour unrestlstrikes 4 Power failure/ shortage5 0 Govt. policies 6 Shortage of funds7 0 Competition 8 q Any Other ( specify)81. Do you think that you can solve these problems without any external help1 Oyes 2 ONO..,82. Do you find any problem particular to women entrepreneurs?1 Oyes 2 ONO83. If yes specify:84. Do you have any advantage over other rival units in marketing10 Yes 2.0 No85. If Yes1 Experience 2.0 personal contacts of self / Family members3 0 low price 4 0 liberal credit 5 U High quality86. Do you have the confidence to lead the business in to a success at the presentcondition?l Oyes2 ONO1 1 1l . .Year Sales Gross profit ( Operating costs I de87. Details of working results for the last five yearslver pro111preciation)l l I I88. Have you received any subsidy or incentives from the Government1 Oyes 2 ONO89. If yes the details of benefit you have received:1 Name of Institution / Agency1. Financial assistance (Subsidy etc.) I2 Training3 Assistance for marketing (such aspreferential purchase)4 Technological advice/ assistance' 5 Allotment of shed/ plot etc6 Any other (specify)Loss beforedepreciation90. Did you find any difficulty in getting such assistance?10 Yes 20 No9 1. If yes Nature of the difficulty1 0 Delay in getting 2 0 Formalities3 o Corruption of officials 4 Apathy of department staff5 0 Any other (specify)92. What is the impact of liberalization on your business1 U Favourable 2. O Unfavourable3 l1 No Effect 4 q Don't know93. Did you attend any EDP1 0 Yes 20 No94 .If 'No' Reasons1 @not aware about such programme 2 0 did not get a chance3 U believed that such programmes are not useful 3 ONot compulsory95. Your Evaluation about the programme :1 17 highly beneficial 2 0 Beneficial 3 0 Not beneficial

96.Do you believe that EDP have enhanced your ability to manage the enterprise1 Wes 2 ONO97. What is your opinion about present policies/incentives of the Government?1. Adequate 2. q Inadequate98. What changes you have to suggest for effective govt. support1 O Give more subsidies and incentives ,20 Liberal loans at lower rate3 D More assistance for marketing 4 q Exemption from formalities5 0 Assistance for information 6. Any other (specify)99 What is your opinion about new economic policies1 0 Favourable 20 unfavourable3 0 Neural 3.0 Do not know,100. Your awareness on Govt. schemes \1 O Fully aware (know the schemes and fofmalities)2 Not fully aware (aware but do not know the formalities)3 0 Not aware (neither the schemes nor the formalities)101. Which of the following factors motivated you in conceiv~g the ideato start a unit of your own (specify any 4 and the order of priority)0 To gain higher economic/ social status0 Independent employmentn Encouragement by father/ Husband0 To make money3 Subsidies and incentives offered by the Government.D Motivated by seminar/ EDP attended0 Any other (specify)102. Why you have decided to start this businessAcquired professional / technical qualification13 Success stories of other entrepreneursq Experience in the fieldD Profitability of the productq High demand in the market103. Are you satisfied with the present functioning of the business?1 Mes 2 mo104. If No Reasonso Financial Problems o Continuous loss o Legal formalitieso Apathy of departme~t staff o Dual roles &Apathy of family memberso Internal problems Labour problems5. lMes105. Did your family life adversely affected by the businessl Oyes 2 ONO106. In your opinion what is the key to success of a small business10 Business awareness 20 Market awareriess 30 awareness of management107. What 1s most important for a small business?10 Experience in the field 20 hard work 30 sufficient capital108 Whom you trust the most10 My employees 20 My customers 30Myself109. How many hours are you ready to spend for the businesslo 10- 12 hours a day 20 whole the time I can spare30 any time required by the business

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