Tuesday 4 – Thursday 6 June 2013

Overseas Passenger Terminal | Circular Quay | Sydney Australia


Image of Sydney Opera House taken during Vivid Sydney from Overseas Passenger Terminal—the venue for SPARC 2013

Principal Sponsors

SPARC offers a unique opportunity to bring

the latest lighting technology to customers

and other stakeholders in the lighting industry

at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney,

Australia. The venue commands magnificent

views of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour.

The promotion of the event is aimed at attracting

the leading lighting designers, lighting

engineers, architects, interior designers,

developers and end users into a festival of

lighting. The attractions of premium speakers

from around the world and evening extravaganzas,

happening during Vivid Sydney, will

make for a true lighting gala event.

Companies wishing to display products which

meet the criteria (released to market within

18 months of the event) should apply as soon

as possible as space is limited.

For more information please contact:

E. organiser@sparcevent.org

F. +61 2 6162 3488

Venue: Customs Hall, Overseas Passenger

Terminal, Circular Quay, Sydney

From 15:00-19:00 on Tuesday 4 June, indoor

lighting displays will open for guests to

see, touch and experience the very latest in

lighting technology. This will be followed by

an Opening Ceremony at the Overseas Passenger

Terminal, looking across Circular

Quay to the spectacular Sydney Opera


On Wednesday 5 June, the lighting displays

will open for visitors from 12:00 to 21:00.

An educational seminar program featuring

invited international and local speakers from

different aspects of the lighting world will

run during the display opening hours, adding

value for all visitors.

On Thursday 6 June, the lighting displays

will open at 10:00 and run concurrently with

the educational seminar program til 16:00.

SPARC International Lighting Event


close with a sensational Gala Dinner at Sydney

Town Hall on Thursday 6 June.


The SPARC Display Package Rate is

AUD$8,000 per display space (incl GST) - or

AUD$7,500 if selecting a discounted pod. The

following is included in your display package:

50 admission tickets for customers/guests

Full digital presence at www.sparcevent.org

Full listing in the official SPARC CATALOGUE

3m x 3m display space

Octanorm Stand Package

Please note: Exhibitors will be quoted and

charged separately for any transport requirements.


One company sign per aisle frontage is

included along with a stand number.

Computer-cut vinyl, standard style lettering

(maximum of 30 letters – Pty Ltd

etc. deleted).


Lighting inclusions will be advised at a

later date.


1 x power point per stand. Each point

has a maximum loading of 1200 Watts

(5 amps).


White melamine infill panels with polished

aluminium frame. The Octanorm stand

system offers a unique clean white laminate

and polished aluminium appearance.


Polished aluminium fascia, 30cm deep on

all aisle frontages. Available in a choice of

4 standard infill colours.


The exhibition will be held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay, Sydney with

magnificent views of Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour.

The venue has excellent vehicular access for exhibitors via a ramp from Hickson

Road (shown by red line) . Note that at the time of preparing this document no

ship is scheduled to be docked during SPARC 2013.

SPARC 2013 will incorporate approximately

72 display pods of 3x3 metres. Each exhibitor

is restricted to one pod (for Australian companies

determined by an Australian Business


Exhibitors will be allocated a unique Display

Queue Number according to time of receipt of

a deposit of AUD$4,000 and acceptance of

the Terms and Conditions for Participating in

Display. In due course you will be eligible to

select a Display Pod according to your position

in the queue determined by your Display

Queue Number.


SPARC International Lighting Event 2013



By signing and returning these terms and conditions the signatory is accepting the terms of participation and responsibility for the

payment of display fees. The signatory is also liable for their display personnel’s compliance with the terms of participation.


One of the objectives or SPARC is to showcase the latest lighting technology. Products displayed should have been released to the

market within 18 months of the commencement of the event. We ask you to design your display with this objective in mind. Acceptance

of exhibitors is at the discretion of the organisers and the organisers retain the right to have full control over approval of

exhibitors. A legal claim to approval does not exist. After payment by the exhibitor, a tax receipt along with a written confirmation

of acceptance will be issued. With this written confirmation the exhibitor and the organiser have entered into a contract.


Display pods are allocated on a preferential basis according to receipt of Initial Payment. Exhibitors at the inaugural SPARC 2011

paying a deposit before 31 October 2012 receive first choice of display pods. In the event of any dispute, allocation of space shall

be referred to the Displays Director whose decision shall be final. The organiser reserves the right to adjust the size, shape and

location of the display space to the extent to which special circumstances create a substantial interest in such adjustments for the

organiser. The exhibitor shall receive immediate notice of such measures, and the organiser will use best endeavours to assign an

equivalent display space to the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall also accept changes to the arrangements of the surrounding display

spaces, the entrances and exits of the display space as well as changes to the display floor plan that may have occurred between

the time of registration and the commencement of the event. Claims based on such changes shall be excluded. The exhibitor shall

not exchange their assigned display space with other exhibitors or let the assigned display space either in part or in its entirety to

third parties without the organiser’s prior written approval.


The exhibitor will be issued with a GST invoice for display space. All invoices submitted by the organiser must be paid on the due

date indicated in the invoice. The organiser reserves the right to dispose of the display space if any valid invoice is not paid or not

paid in full, or if the rent is not paid in time. The exhibitor has no claim to the use of a display area which has been re-assigned due

to the exhibitor’s default of payment. The conditions stipulated in section 6 of the terms of participation also apply to the costs



The exhibitor’s rights are not transferable to third parties (companies or persons). Exhibitors shall not turn over the entire assigned

display area or part thereof to third parties either against consideration or free of charge without prior written consent by

the organiser. Expenses arise for each sub-exhibitor. Sub-exhibitors are all companies or persons representing their business in a

display space in addition to the main exhibitor. The main exhibitor is liable to the organiser for all incurred costs associated with

the main and sub-exhibitors. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the contract with the exhibitor without notice and have

the display space cleared at the expense of the exhibiting tenant, in case the exhibitor sublets display space to third parties without

prior approval. Having overstepped their authority, the exhibiting tenant forfeits all rights based on unlawful and capricious

activity. In such a case, damage claims by the exhibiting tenant are excluded.


A registered exhibitor is not entitled to cancel or rescind the contract with the organiser. In case the exhibitor cancels participation

in the event, and provided the organiser is able to lease the display space to another party, the organiser is entitled to rightfully

charge the original lessee a flat fee to cover expenses in the amount of 25% of the agreed rent for the display space. In case the

organiser must accept a lesser than the originally agreed amount when letting the display space to another party, the original lessee

is also liable for this monetary damage independent of other charges. For the sake of a better optical effect, the organiser may

assign a relinquished booth space to another exhibitor without achieving a financial gain. Such assignment shall not imply a new




The exhibitor shall be responsible for assessing their own position regarding public liability risk. Please request endorsement from

the underwriters of your company’s insurance policy. We recommend that you also extend coverage to include the property you

intend having on-site in particular losses due to damages, theft, etc. Whilst security will be provided and the utmost care taken,

Lighting Council Australia, IESANZ and Harbour Masters Pty Ltd, cannot and will not accept responsibility for exhibitors’ property.

The Overseas Passenger Terminal will be securely locked outside of display hours. It is important for you to note, however, that no

responsibility is taken by the organisers or the venue for stolen, lost or damaged property.


The exhibitor shall take care of the necessary documents and permits in a timely manner. This pertains to forms and permits for

the construction of the booth and exhibits as well as the advertising material, customs and operating permits in addition to visas

and work permits.


The organiser reserves the right to cut the exhibition or shorten, close, relocate or cancel the exhibition or an event either in part

or in its entirety based on significant grounds (e.g. force majeure events, labour disputes, etc.). In case the organiser has reason to

doubt the economic soundness of the event, the organiser further reserves the right to withdraw from organising the exhibition at

their own discretion, while exercising due care and diligence to satisfy the valid interests of the exhibitors. The organiser’s respective

letter of cancellation relieves the parties of the contractual obligations. The parties shall not derive any rights to damages or

compensation for already incurred expenses from the truncation, shutdown or cancellation of the exhibition or event. The above

notwithstanding, the organiser shall refund all payments made by exhibitors for not yet performed services at the time of the cancellation.

In case the exhibition or event is rescheduled, this contract shall be valid for the newly scheduled event, unless the exhibitor

objects to it in writing within one week. The truncation of the exhibition or event shall not reduce the agreed payment obligations.


The exhibitor shall strictly comply with the terms and conditions of use and the regulations for commercial tenants. Overnight

stays in the display space are prohibited. The exhibitor shall be mindful of other event participants, shall not break the rules of

acceptable conduct and shall not misuse the event to disseminate ideologies or pursue any other agenda. The exhibitor shall not

create a nuisance by way of extreme use of floor space or broadcast offensive material or transmit loud audio material. The exhibitor

shall not erect any part of the display outside the allocated display area.


Well in time before planning the display space, the exhibitor shall obtain information on the structural conditions of the assigned

exhibition space (columns, fire protection devices, etc.) from the organiser. The booth construction must be completed on the last

construction day at the time mentioned in the exhibitor manual to leave sufficient time for the proper cleaning before the display

opens. In case exhibition space is not occupied at 3.00pm on the opening day, the space is otherwise assigned to maintain a pleasing

overall exhibition environment. The organiser can either assign the unoccupied space to another exhibitor or in other ways fill

or decorate the unoccupied exhibition space. In such a case, the (absent) renter/exhibitor shall carry the rent and the already incurred

costs. The renter/exhibitor is also liable for the costs of designing or decorating the unoccupied space. In such cases, damage

claims by the renter are excluded.


The exhibitor s personnel must be present at the display throughout the event as well as during the bump in and bump out times

of the exhibition. If the exhibitor does not fulfil this obligation and/or leaves the assigned display space unoccupied the organiser

reserves the right to close this display space, decorate it or rent the space to someone else.


The exhibitor shall not remove their exhibits from the display space before 7.00pm on the final day of the event. Should the exhibitor

be in contravention of this provision they will receive no preferential treatment or privileges accorded to exhibitors in terms

of space allocation at the next SPARC International Lighting Event. Furthermore, the exhibitor shall return the assigned display

space in its original condition. The exhibitor shall completely remove all spent materials, without damage to the floor or space.

Otherwise, the organiser shall have the right to have the removal/repair work done at the expense of the exhibitor. In case any


materials or merchandise is not removed on the date set for the bump out, the organiser reserves the right to remove the remaining

items and place them into storage with a freight forwarder at the expense of the exhibitor and under exclusion of liability for

loss or damages of any kind.


The exhibitor shall submit to the trade show organiser all information for the obligatory catalogue listing. The organiser shall instruct

the exhibitor in a timely fashion how to create and submit the individual catalogue entry. The organiser does not guarantee

the accuracy or completeness of the listing entry. The exhibitor is solely responsible for the timely submission of the reserved entry

in the specified format and in particular for the admissibility of the submitted advert in terms of the applicable competition

protection act.


If the exhibitor needs additional passes they shall inform the organiser who will then advise if any additional charges are applicable.

The exhibitor passes are non-transferable.


The exhibitor may only advertise the exhibited merchandise using their assigned display space exclusively. Trade show advertising

outside the rented display space is only permitted with prior approval by the organiser or as separately arranged advertising campaigns.

Exhibitors shall use moving optical displays and acoustic advertising media or product presentations only to the extent to

which they do not annoy neighbours or drown out the public announcement system.


Only persons authorised by the organiser or eligible persons with the appropriate permit may shoot videos or photographs or create

drawings and videos inside the display space. Creating photographic or other images of other display spaces is prohibited. The

organiser reserves the right to confiscate recorded image materials created in violation of this restriction. The organiser reserves

the right to obtain photographs, drawings, movies and videos of displays and displayed merchandise and to use this material for

advertising purposes or general press releases.


The exhibitor shall honour the intellectual property rights of others. In case the exhibitor is properly advised that their display or

offer of products or services or a promotion or other action violates the property rights of third parties, the exhibitor declares in

advance their willingness to remove those items from the display space.


Defects, such as a defective exhibition booth or display space, shall be reported to the organiser in writing immediately after taking

ownership of it. Such reporting must be on the last day of constructing the exhibit at the latest, to give the organiser the opportunity

to remedy the defect. Later claims for defects shall not be considered, and the organiser shall not be liable for those

claimed damages.


All claims of exhibitors against the trade show organiser in the context with display space rentals and all relating legal relationships

are subject to a limitation period of twelve (12) months. The limitation period starts with the beginning of the year following

the year in which the damages were incurred. Objections to invoices must be submitted in writing within the set cut-off period of

fourteen (14) days.


Any and all oral agreements, including permits given to individuals and special arrangements, go into effect only after written confirmation

by the organiser.


In case one or several individual provisions in this contract turn out to be void, the remaining provisions and the remainder of the

contract, respectively, remain in force. In such a case, an invalid provision shall be replaced by a new provision, which as closely as

possible reflects the original economic purpose of the contracting parties. For all else the organiser assumes liability only in case


they or their representatives or auxiliary personnel have caused damages intentionally or the damages are the result of gross negligence

the organiser’s liability for damages resulting from negligence is limited to foreseeable typical damages. The legal nature

of a damage claim notwithstanding, the organiser excludes any and all liabilities other than and beyond the liabilities explicitly

assumed under the conditions stated above. A claim to a reduction of the agreed payment obligations shall only exist in case the

display space has been proven defective and the organiser has failed to remedy these defects or the organiser has not attempted

to remedy the defects even though a reasonable grace period was set.

23. Payment terms

Initial Payment: AUD$4,000

Instalment Two: AUD$4,000 (or $3,500 for a discounted pod) due 14 December 2012

Note: An invoice for the Initial Payment will be issued as soon as practicable after receipt of this form.





Important information

1. Each company is eligible for one display pod (for Australian companies determined by a unique ABN).

2. A small handful of display pods have a pillar obstructing part of the entrance and/or a lower ceiling height. These

pods will attract a $500 reduction in cost. Your choice of these two different categories of display pod may be made

later when selecting your pod location and will be subject to availability.

3. The total cost of a display pod is AUD$8,000 for a regular pod, or AUD$7,500 for a discounted pod (GST included).

4. Only companies from whom a deposit of AUD$4,000 and signed acceptance of Terms and Conditions are received

will be allocated a Display Queue Number and be eligible to choose a display pod.

5. The balance of AUD$4,000 (or AUD$3,500 if a discounted pod is chosen) is due on 14 December 2012.

Name of company: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...

Name of company’s authorised representative: ………………………………………………………………………………...

Signature of authorised representative:…………………………………………………………………………………………..

Contact email:…………………………………………………………..Tel:............................................

Please return completed form to sparc@lightingcouncil.com.au (preferred); or

fax +61 2 61623457; or

PO Box 7077, Yarralumla, ACT, 2600 Australia.

Deposit payment AUD$4,000 (includes GST)

Cheque (Australian companies only)

Cheque payable to Lighting Council Australia Ltd. Send to PO Box 7077, Yarralumla, ACT 2600.

Direct Deposit



Account Name: Lighting Council Australia

BSB: 032-719

Account Number: 425655

Please forward a remittance advice.

Credit Card

Card Type:

Card No:

Expiry Date:

Card Holder:



Visa or Master Card




AUD$ ____________



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