Multivac original spare parts
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Multivac original spare parts

Multivac original spare parts

Package products for longer – with confidence.

Original spare parts

Original spare parts for your Multivac.

Nothing beats the original. That‘s a maxim that applies not only to Multivac‘s packaging

solutions, but also to the spare and wearing parts needed by your high-quality machine.

Thought is given to MULTIVAC original spare parts even at the machine-development

stage, and they are adapted to your individual requirements. Their quality and functionality

not only guarantee error-free operation of your Multivac packaging machine; they also

fulfil the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

As you would expect from Multivac, even our spare parts supply can offer you innovation

and a range of individual solutions. Multivac, as a ground-breaking company within the

packaging industry, offers you a choice. As well as our tried-and-tested original

spare parts, which are always state of the art and manufactured using the latest

standards, you can choose the Premium Line: these spare parts are subjected to

additional refining, and their long lifespan sets new standards.



Perfect parts for every use.

Every machine that rolls off our production line has been designed with

the customer‘s individual requirements in mind. Spare and wearing parts

have not only been adapted to each machine type, but also to the intended

use. They fulfil strict functionality and lifespan requirements and are manufactured

with adherence to Multivac‘s exacting quality standards.

Optimum workmanship.

Multivac considers both a vertical and a horizontal range of manufacturing

to be important: many of our spare parts are manufactured directly by our

company, or we entrust the job to selected suppliers who work exclusively

for Multivac. This means that our customers benefit from innovative

manufacturing processes, even when it comes to spare parts. At the same

time, we guarantee always to supply you with the standard of quality that

you chose when you first purchased your Multivac machine.

Convenient online shop.

Whether you are looking for blades, chains or a sealing bar, the path to

the spare part you need is simple. As a Multivac customer, you can use

the online shop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to order and check the

availability of spare and wearing parts. Parts you need on a regular basis

can be saved easily as favourites, and you can also access previous online

orders. You can also select the delivery type and date in accordance with

your current requirements. Our fully developed logistics network ensures

that your desired part reaches you as soon as possible.

If you are unsure of the correct spare part needed, just call our service

staff, who will be happy to advise you.


Original spare parts

Perfect product safety guaranteed.

Companies that package large quantities of food or sterile medical products must put

safety first. Multivac can give you peace of mind in this respect, as its original spare parts

guarantee the operational reliability and output of your system. Perfect product safety,

maximum machine availability and long-term value retention ensure that your production

is as efficient as it can be, thanks to Multivac spare parts.


Standard and Premium

The choice is yours.

Our standard version is outstanding, and our premium version offers an

even longer lifespan. For a wide range of spare parts, Multivac offers

users a choice of different standards of spare-part quality. The products

in the premium programme have been designed for maximum performance

and lifespan, even in the most challenging environments.

Place your trust in the original.

When it comes to spare-part production, we don‘t leave anything to

chance. At Multivac, original spare parts are manufactured using the same

processes, the same machines and the same quality requirements as parts

intended for the production of new packaging machines. It goes without

saying that all of Multivac‘s quality-relevant processes are monitored in

accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, just to be certain. Don‘t leave

anything to chance when it comes to spare parts for your Multivac: place

your trust in the original.

Benefit from innovation.

Every improvement we make to our packaging machines as part of

continuous product development is immediately applied to our original

spare parts too. You can thus be sure that the products you receive

reflect the state of the art – spare parts that have been adapted optimally,

using our experience, to meet the needs of your Multivac machine.

Furthermore, the original spare parts are also inspected, piece by piece,

as rigorously as possible.

Up to date.

After years of reliable service, every machine begins to reflect the normal

effects of wear. But that doesn‘t mean that you have to go out and buy a

new Multivac straightaway. How about having the machine overhauled or

modified? All important components are checked and replaced. The

machine is then fully up to date once again and can give you many more

years of loyal service.


Original spare parts

Your spare parts are just a phone call away.

Sometimes time is of the essence, and occasionally parts are needed overnight. Our worldwide

sales and service network, comprising well-stocked spare-part stores in all subsidiaries

and the spare-part centre at the Multivac headquarters in Wolfertschwenden, guarantees

that you receive your spare parts as quickly as possible.

One call suffices: whether you require comprehensive advice, an answer to a technical

question or a spare part urgently, a team of experienced service staff will advise you quickly

and competently, and will take your order. Spare parts held in storage can be dispatched

within 24 hours. In addition, all Multivac service technicians also have a store of spare parts

at their service centres. They also have a range of the most commonly needed spare parts

on board their vehicle. The best logistics, working for you.


Original spare parts

Long-term availability, guaranteed.

You know from experience what a long lifespan Multivac‘s packaging machines have. This

is in no small part due to the long-term availability of original spare parts. You can rely on

Multivac in this regard: we guarantee that spare parts will remain available for at least ten

years after the date of machine delivery, and we store a large supply of parts for even older


We continue to develop – together with you.

Multivac is not just a producer; we also work continuously on development. It is our

ambition to make our products even better. Our experience and development ability are

also channelled into our spare parts, which unite the quality of new parts with the latest

standards of technology. After all, we want to make sure that you can keep using your

Multivac for years to come.

For safety‘s sake – preventive maintenance.

Regular, systematic maintenance and care of your packaging line increases its availability

and lifespan while guarding against malfunctions.

One of Multivac‘s three graded maintenance models is the right tailor-made solution for you.

Our highly trained service technicians are there to ensure that your machines always remain

in the best condition for tackling their daily work. You have a guarantee that your machines

are always in optimum condition, and you have complete control of your costs in the annual





MULTIVAC makes sustainable contributions to the success of its customers with innovative

and customised packaging solutions for foodstuffs, sterile medical products and industrial and

consumer goods.

We set standards with our all-encompassing packaging expertise, individual consultations and

our world-wide, first-rate service.

When it comes to spare parts, put your trust in the competence and performance that has made

us the world‘s market leader.

We call this dedication to your market success BETTER PACKAGING. When may Multivac

assist you in furthering your success?

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