A5-Hotel Weiland Prospekt-engl

Hotel Weiland Prospekt 2015 Engl.

Hotel Weiland Prospekt 2015 Engl.


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D-56112 Lahnstein/Rhein

The <strong>Weiland</strong> Family warmly welcomes you!<br />

Welcome in Lahnstein !<br />

Located in the heart of Lahnstein , where plenty of<br />

historical buildings, castles and fortresses invite you to<br />

discover and wonder, where the diversity of nature in the<br />

midst of the „UNESCO World Heritage“<br />

Upper Middle Rhine Valley<br />

enchants you, you will find the HOTEL WEILAND.<br />

Our hotel is conveniently located in the center of (Ober-)<br />

Lahnstein, in the immediate vicinity of the pedestrian<br />

zone , the Rhine facilities and the town hall.<br />

The train and bus stations are within walking distance.<br />

This traditional family business is conducted by us since<br />

1851 and invites you to linger and relax.<br />

We offer special arrangements for hikers, cyclists,<br />

cultural travelers, tour groups and so on.<br />

View from the<br />

Rhine<br />

Visit the „UNESCO World Heritage“<br />

Upper Middle Rhine Valley<br />

by foot, car, bike or public transport. HOTEL WEILAND is the ideal<br />

startingpoint for your excursions<br />

<strong>Hotel</strong> Lobby<br />

Conference rooms with equipment for meetings,<br />

presentations and gatherings are<br />

available for our business guests.<br />

Visit the many attractions in the World Heritage Upper<br />

Middle Rhine Valley by foot, bike, car or<br />

public transport. HOTEL WEILAND is the ideal starting<br />

point for your excursions.

Johann's<br />

Restaurant<br />

<strong>Weiland</strong>´s<br />

Coffeebar<br />

GASTRONOMY - You will like our gastronomic offers!<br />

Conference<br />

Room<br />

Our hotel restoration consists of our<br />

Restaurant Johann’s, the coffee bar<br />

and the wine cellar as well as the<br />

conference- and multipurpose rooms.<br />

In all of these rooms we prepare<br />

celebrations, meetings, conferences,<br />

birthdays, weddings and much more for you.<br />

We serve food and drinks, from<br />

regional to international.<br />

Wine Cellar

Coffee & Bar:<br />

Here we unite two concepts: Café on the day<br />

and hotel bar in the evening.<br />

Get inspired by the diversity of offer!<br />

We serve from A-Z here, from aperitif to draft beer,<br />

hot and cold drinks as well as coffee specialties<br />

and long drinks & cocktails in a wide selection.<br />

Be it inside or outside:<br />

Here you can meet nice people and finish off<br />

the day in a relaxed atmosphere.<br />

Our coffeebar can be found in the<br />

lobby next to the reception.

JOHANN’S<br />

Here we are in our hotel restaurant named after the founder of our house. We have<br />

combined the noblest cherrywood from the region with different shades of blue for<br />

the furnishing. We would love to serve food and drinks for you in this air-conditioned<br />

and light-filled space.

Approach us, we will<br />

advise you. for<br />

yourtraining<br />

courses,family<br />

reunions, class<br />

reunions, weddings<br />

and so on<br />

The Conference- & Multipurpose rooms<br />

… are versatile. Be it meetings, conferences, trainings,<br />

conventions, advanced training courses,family<br />

reunions, class reunions, weddings and so on: here<br />

you will find the perfect setting for your event. We<br />

keep the most modern conference equipment for you.<br />

Approach us, we will advise you.

Our culinary<br />

o f f e r i n g s<br />

i n c l u d e :<br />

Regional wines<br />

S p i r i t s<br />

" T r e a t s "<br />

of the rhenish<br />

c u i s i n e<br />

Delicious food<br />

like grandma's!<br />

<strong>Weiland</strong>´s WINE CELLAR<br />

This vaulted cellar served us for decades in making our own<br />

wine. Today we use this little gem in our home to arrange wine<br />

tastings, knight's dinners, family celebrations, birthdays and so<br />

on for our guests.

Design<br />

Plus<br />

Design<br />

Classic<br />

Ambiance<br />

Plus<br />


from Classik till Design<br />

Our house features modern and<br />

comfortable rooms in five different<br />

equipment variants. The<br />

guestrooms are spread over four guest<br />

floors and they are reachable via a<br />

generous staircase or the<br />

elevators. All rooms are equipped with<br />

shower / WC, safe, hairdryer, flat<br />

screen satellite TV, phone<br />

& Wi-Fi. Additionally, most of our<br />

guestrooms offer a unique view of the<br />

romantic Rhine.<br />


oom<br />

equipment<br />

Guestroom Classic<br />

... lots of equipment for a small price<br />

These rooms are our best seller and the entrance to<br />

our hotel world.<br />

This room lives up to its name!<br />

The classic rooms have all the amenities available<br />

a modern guest can expect.<br />

Room about 12m²<br />

Sound-proof<br />

windows<br />

Electric shutters<br />

Double or single<br />

bed<br />

(each as a "box<br />

spring")<br />

Shower / WC,<br />

hair dryer<br />

dressing and<br />

make-up mirror<br />

Deskaccomodation<br />

WiFi connection<br />

(extra charge if<br />

required)<br />

Safe Satellite TV,<br />

flat screen<br />

(24 inches / 60 cm<br />

diagonal screen size)<br />

Room telephone<br />

Locking system<br />

with keycard<br />

Energy<br />

management<br />

The rooms of this equipment variant<br />

are located in the original building.

oom<br />

equipment:<br />

Room about<br />

18m²<br />

Sound-proof<br />

windows<br />

Double windows<br />

Electric shutters<br />

More exclusive<br />

equipment<br />

Individual<br />

furniture<br />

Shower / WC,<br />

hair dryer<br />

dressing- and big<br />

make-up mirror<br />

Desk & sitting<br />

accomodation<br />

WiFi connection<br />

(extra charge if<br />

required)<br />

Safe<br />

Satellite TV,<br />

flat screen<br />

(32 inches / 80 cm<br />

diagonal screen size)<br />

Room telephone<br />

Locking system<br />

with keycard<br />

Energy<br />

management<br />

Guestroom Ambience<br />

… if you desire a bit more of everything.<br />

We recommend this equipment variant if you want<br />

it to be a bit more luxurious. These well-lit<br />

rooms have individual equipments, each room is<br />

unique. Again, this room lives up to its name!<br />

Our ambience rooms in the main building have the<br />

specific luxury that excites the demanding guest.

oom<br />

equipment:<br />

GuestroomAmbience Plus<br />

… if you desire even more of everything.<br />

These rooms in our main building each have, apart from their<br />

individual equipment and in addition to the Ambience<br />

equipment, a special equipment feature such as for example a<br />

winter garden, air conditioning or a jetted tub. Their size as<br />

well makes them a<br />

. . .“R e s i d e n c e“ . . .<br />

We are surethat you will hardly get a better offer<br />

in this price range.<br />

Room about<br />

25m²<br />

Sound-proof<br />

windows<br />

Double windows<br />

or window front<br />

Electric shutters<br />

More exclusive<br />

equipment<br />

Individual<br />

furniture,<br />

designer beds<br />

Shower/WC,<br />

hairdryer<br />

Big dressingand<br />

make-up<br />

mirror<br />

Desk & sitting<br />

accomodation<br />

WiFi connection<br />

(extra charge if<br />

required)<br />

Safe<br />

Satellite TV,<br />

flat screen<br />

(32 inches / 80 cm<br />

diagonal )<br />

Room telephone<br />

Locking system<br />

with keycard<br />

Energy<br />


oom<br />

equipment:<br />

Room about 22m²<br />

Special room design<br />

Sound-proof<br />

windows & doors<br />

Floor-to-ceiling<br />

windows<br />

Electric shutters<br />

Individual furniture<br />

Designer bed<br />

Sliding door<br />

wardrobe<br />

Designer bathroom<br />

with bathtub or<br />

allglas shower,<br />

WC, glass basin,<br />

rain shower,<br />

hairdryer<br />

Dressing-,<br />

make-up mirror<br />

Desk & sitting<br />

accomodation<br />

WiFi connection<br />

(extra charge if<br />

required)<br />

Laptop-Safe<br />

Satellite TV,<br />

flat screen<br />

(32 inches / 80 cm<br />

diagonal screensize)<br />

Room telephone<br />

Locking system<br />

with keycard<br />

Energymanagement<br />

Guestroom Design<br />

...not only great, absolute excellent.<br />

These guestrooms in our new building are a "highlight" when it comes<br />

to equipment and design. Large well-lit rooms with designer<br />

equipment, balcony, designer bed, big sliding door wardrobes,<br />

desk, bathroom with wash basin, all-glas<br />

shower or bathtub each with rain shower. All<br />

of these rooms were given a special color<br />

design by our architect. Whether you are<br />

traveling for business or pleasure,<br />

here you will feel comfortable.

oom<br />

equipment:<br />

GuestroomDesign Plus<br />

... a "class of its own"<br />

These guest rooms in our new building are another "highlight" of<br />

equipment and design. Largewell-lit rooms with exquisite equipment,<br />

daylight bath with all glass shower or bathtub each with rain shower,<br />

glass basin and so on. All rooms feature a<br />

designer- or waterbed, an open terrace and,<br />

depending on the size of the window fronts, air<br />

conditioning as well. These rooms were given<br />

a special color design by our architect. Whether<br />

you want to use these rooms for business or<br />

pleasure, for vacation or business trip,<br />

here you will enjoy the stay.<br />

Room about 25m²<br />

Special room design<br />

Sound-proof<br />

windows & doors<br />

Floor-to-ceiling<br />

windows ( more than<br />

one window)<br />

Electric shutters<br />

exclusive equipment,<br />

indiv. furniture,<br />

Designerbed,<br />

sliding door wardrobe<br />

Daylight bath<br />

with bathtub, WC,<br />

designer glass basin,<br />

Rain shower Hairdryer<br />

Dressing-, makeup<br />

mirror<br />

Desk & sitting<br />

accomodations<br />

WiFi connection<br />

(extra charge if<br />

required)<br />

Laptop-Safe<br />

Satellite TV,<br />

big flat screen<br />

(32 inches / 80 cm diago<br />

nal screen size)<br />

Room telephone<br />

Locking system<br />

with keycard<br />

Room with big open<br />

terrace*<br />

Some of the rooms are<br />

equipped with air<br />

conditioning *<br />

* equipment can vary<br />

based on the position<br />

of the room in the<br />


The family hotel with a long tradition<br />

HOTEL WEILAND Family-owned since 1851<br />

Our hotel was opened by Johann <strong>Weiland</strong> in the year of 1851.<br />

Since those days, our house is, within<br />

the meaning of the rhenish hospitality, passed on from<br />

generation to generation, from father to son. The first few<br />

decades, or house was conducted as a hotel, hall firm and wine<br />

restaurant with its own vineyard cultivation.Over the last 70<br />

years, pure hotel management<br />

came to the fore. In the year of<br />

1980, our family was able to<br />

acquire its northern neighbor and<br />

thus successively double the<br />

capacity of our enterprise. In the<br />

year 2001, we then acquired the<br />

southern neighbor building,<br />

formerly <strong>Hotel</strong> Einhorn. We<br />

needed this area to finally give our<br />

Green Environment!<br />

Helping to save the world<br />

In the past few years a significant part of our work has been energy-efficiently<br />

revamping our hotel utilizing ecologically useful conversions. Consequently we have<br />

installed a energy management system in the hotel that fully automatically controls<br />

temperature and energy use in public areas and guestrooms.<br />

The following measures were taken:<br />

Installation of insulating glass and sound insulating windows,<br />

insulation of roof areas, subceilings and frontages<br />

Almost all light sources in the hotel have been converted from<br />

incandescent light bulb to LED or energy saving lamps<br />

All TV devices were swapped and replaced by flat-screens of<br />

consumption class A. The oil-fired heating system was shut<br />

down and replaced by a much more effective and ecofriendly<br />

gas condenser system. A solar power system was constructed<br />

on the station building and the hotel roof so we can<br />

ecofriendlily produce a major part of our power demand on<br />

our own without emissions.<br />

Tradition since 1851<br />

hotel a nice entrance again. It was<br />

not until 2013 when we were able<br />

to finally open our new building<br />

after overcoming many obstacles,<br />

after the acquisition of the<br />

opposite station building and the<br />

construction of a bridge, thus<br />

significantly expanding our offer.<br />

HOTEL WEILAND 1911<br />

HOTEL WEILAND heute<br />

Dear Guest, please help us save energy, because only<br />

saved energy is energy that does not burden<br />

the environment.<br />

Further fully automatic procedures were integrated:<br />

The heat supply of the radiators is adjusted automatically<br />

upon opening the windows.The current supply in the<br />

guestrooms are controlled by keycards switches. For the<br />

future we plan toshape our hot water supply even more<br />

energy-efficient by installing another solar array (to<br />

preheat our non-potable water through sun energy) and<br />

expansion with a block-unit power station.

<strong>Hotel</strong> view<br />

south<br />

Bürgerm.-Müller-Str. 3-7<br />

D-56112 Lahnstein/Rhein<br />

Tel. 02621/188088-0<br />

Fax. 02621/40919<br />

Info@<strong>Hotel</strong>-<strong>Weiland</strong>.de<br />

www.<strong>Hotel</strong>-<strong>Weiland</strong>.de<br />

Location & Arrival<br />

Take a car, bike or bus on the motorway (A61, A3 or A48) to Koblenz.<br />

Then switch to the B42 towards Lahnstein/Oberlahnstein. Now follow<br />

the signage „Rhein tal“ (Rhine Valley) across the great Lahn bridge,<br />

through the tunnel below the castle Lahneck. Afterwards, turn left into<br />

the exit Oberlahnstein. At the roundabout, take the first exit and follow<br />

this road to the pedestrian zone. Turn right again in front of that, then<br />

to the left at the next junction. Now follow the signage to the train<br />

station and the Rhine ships and you will find HOTEL WEILAND exactly<br />

opposite of the train station.

Bürgerm.-Müller-Strasse 3-7<br />

D-56112 Lahnstein/Rhein<br />

Tel. +49/2621/188088-0<br />

Fax. +49/2621/40919<br />

info@<strong>Hotel</strong>-<strong>Weiland</strong>.de<br />


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