Research report covers the Non Fusion Spinal Devices Market share and Growth, 2015-2025

Spinal implants are devices used to treat disproportion of spine, provide stability and strengthen the spine of patients. These devices are broadly segmented as fusion and non-fusion spinal devices. Non-fusion technologies into spinal surgery has improved outcomes by providing patients to retain at least some movement and flexibility in the spine. Non fusion spinal technologies and disc diagnostic devices are used for the patients who are suffering from the problem of gradual disc damage, degenerative disc disease often results in disc herniation and chronic back or neck pain. According to WHO, back pain affects people of all ages, from children to the elderly, and is a very frequent reason for medical consultations. It is difficult to estimate the incidence of back pain as the incidence of back pain is already high by early adulthood and symptoms tend to recur over time. The lifetime prevalence of non-specific (common) back pain is estimated at 60% to 70% in industrialized countries.

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