Picaroon Poetry - Issue #2 - May 2016

Welcome to our second issue of Picaroon Poetry, where we have sideshows and mussels, taxidermy, the many facets of aging, ancient history and current political commentary (albeit in an eerie, off-kilter setting). Featuring work by Mark J. Mitchell, Angela Croft, Stephen Bone, Kiley Creekmore, Beth McDonough, Demi Cybulski, Kymm Coveney, Kate Hodges, Hilary Hares, Finola Scott, Carol Gloor, Charles W. Brice, AE Stueve, Stephen Daniels, Jovan Jakic, Pru Kitching, Mab Jones, Mary Imo-Stike, Holly Magill, Marilyn Francis, Joanne Key, Faye Boland, Laurie Kolp, Bethany Rivers, and Broc Riblet.

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