London Deep TV proposal

TV series



The climate upgrade failed.

Rival police forces for kids and grown ups

compete to keep the peace!


All citizens are implanted with an age chip at birth.

The APD (nicknamed the ‘dult' police) are responsible for over 16s. The

YPD (youth police department) police the under 16s.


• Overview

• The Climate Upgrade

• Characters: The YPD

• Characters: The APD

• Characters: Father Thames/ the Mercs

• Adaptation

• Episode Guide

• Animation Approach

• Themes

• Contact details

Contact: Robin Price


• Dystopian triology set in a

Call: +44 (0)7740929404

flooded future where kids

police kids, and grown ups

police grown ups!

• Rule breaking risk taker

Jem teams up with officious

YPD agent Nick to track

down eco-criminal gang

Father Thames.

• Three graphic novellas for

screen adaptation.

Strange areas of dark water are appearing...


London Deep

London Deep is set in the not too distant future in a flooded

world where rival police forces for kids and grown ups

compete to keep the peace. At the heart of the story is a

memorable concept: kids police kids and grown ups police

grown ups. Follow the adventures of unlikely YPD recruit

Jemima Mallard as tries to do the right thing in a sunken

world - brimming with secrets and lies.

London Deep is packed with memorable characters (both grown ups and

kids) who’ll lead you through a mixed up world of coexisting communities.

The series starts with a mystery... all over the river Thames, areas of dark

polluted water have started to appear....

Pollution like this has

not been seen since the

Climate Upgrade!

Is the banned group

Father Thames


Rule-breaking teen

Jemima Mallard

must find out...

In the flooded future...

Kids blame grown ups for what they did

to the planet.


What’s special about London Deep?

• Kids police kids and grown ups police grown ups

- society is divided along age lines.

• It’s packed with unlikely pairings and choices:

rebellious teen Jem must team up with the

obsessive ‘details freak’ Nick.

• London Deep Author Robin Price has imagined

the series for a TV audience, drawing on some of

the best elements of the three books and filling in


• Each of the 26 episodes is packed with drama but

no more scary or violent than the average Doctor

Who episode.

• Rooted in reality, the lack of magic and

‘unbelievable’ elements and the cool visuals let

younger viewers feel like they are crossing a

boundary into something more ‘grown up’ than

the typical animated programme.*

• The story lines are age appropriate for children

as young as 9 years old but many adults will also

enjoy them too.

*In his MIP Junior 2015 presentation, David

Kleeman at Global Trends noted an ‘urge to age

up’ and called it ‘innocent transgressive boundary


The Climate Upgrade

A catastrophic event known as ‘The Climate

Upgrade’ caused mass flooding. Now London

is drowned.

Two police forces

The APD (nicknamed the ‘Dult police) are

responsible for anyone over the age of 16

years. The YPD (headed up by their ‘Mander)

are responsible for anyone under the age of

16 years.

At birth every citizen is ‘chipped’ with an Age

ID tag. These can be read by a detector.

However, as we find out, it is possible to hack

these age chips.

Gun taboo

Since the Climate Upgrade guns have

become taboo. Anyone caught with one is

cast adrift outside the Barrier.

The police carry non-lethal electric guns -

(‘zaps’) but these are very expensive to fire

and are slow to recharge.

Father Thames ISBN: 9781906132040

London Deep ISBN: 9781906132033

Threadneedle ISBN: 9781906132057

‘A terrifically atmospheric page-turning

adventure... with contemporary issues of

climate change and the environment in an

original and provocative way but without

sounding patronising. It’s a rattling good

read and one in which you are sure to be

drawn in to Jemima’s exploits of survival.’


The Adaptation

The TV series starts with Jem joining the YPD. (This is the big

revelation at the beginning of the second book - Father Thames

- but it has been brought forward for the TV adaptation). With

Jem a cop in the YPD from episode 2, the scene is set for

a futuristic cop thriller. Serial rule breaker Jem is teamed up

with methodical details freak Nick. A question mark hangs over

Jem’s motives. Is she bought into the YPD or will she be swayed

by the tempting chaos of her mother’s secretive organisation

Father Thames?

• Environmental themes are explored without preaching.

Children blame adults for what they did to the world.

• The two teenage leads are in the driving seat, in positions of


• However, with empowerment comes responsibility as they

are encounter new dilemmas in each episode.


• We’re flexible about formats - e.g. 26 x 22 mins or 13 by 22

mins are options.

• There are 4 books and a detailed world to draw upon.

• ‘Propulsive serialization’ techniques are used - where a new

story line develops every 3 or 4 episodes.

• Each episode resolves so you can still watch them in any

order - but ideally when you watch them sequentially them

you’ll be gripped as the story progressively unfolds.



The daughter of a high ranking APD inspector,

Jemima Mallard is a serial rule breaker.

Impulsive and intuitive, she often puts herself

into risky situations in order to satisfy her

curiousity. Jem has a passion for fairness.

She must choose between the infl exible forces

of law and order and the glamour of Father

Thames - her mother’s outlawed organisation.

At fi rst Jem is attracted by Father Thames ‘s

arguments. They are right to protest about

society’s fl aws but like many extremists before

the Climate Upgrade - they put their cause

above the needs of people. Over the series -

Jem and Nick will see how this is wrong.

Jemima Mallard


Nick is the opposite of Jem - a details freak who gets enraged by law breakers - however

petty the law. Nick likes investigations to proceed in an orderly manner and becomes

infuriated when Jem goes diving in and muddying the waters. Despite his nerdy attention

to detail, Nick has a strong physical presence. He’s great with boats and ropes. Years of

training mean he can handle himself in any situation. Behind his obsession with arrest

statistics, a caring and cool person may be waiting to come out. Nick does not know it at

the beginning, but he’s secretly falling for rule breaking Jemima Mallard.

The Dult Police (APD)


DCI Mallard is Jem’s father. After a long career in the APD

he starts the series ‘sailing a desk’ (close to retirement)

but gets mixed up in Jem’s adventures. Mallard always

comes to Jem’s aid when she’s in trouble. This plain

talker gets some of the best lines in the series especially

when he starts arguing with Jem’s mother.



The YPD love their jargon:

‘Mander’ is short for commander.

The Mander is the chief officer

in the YPD. This charismatic

leader is a great presenter and

a clever negotiator.

Rumour has it that his age

ID might have been ‘chipped’

and he’s older than 16.



Haig is the Mander’s ruthless second in

command. He recruited Jem to the force,

perhaps in order to set her against her

father (and the APD). Haig wrote the book

on treachery - and the put the book on the

‘banned’ list!

The YPD (continued)


At the age of 17 a YPD officer must hand back their badge and leave the force. This

means the YPD are constantly recruiting new members. They’ll need them too -

what with the ‘black holes’, threadneedle, Father Thames, the Mercs and ‘drift by’

crime on the rise.

One of Jem’s

cases brings her into contact with these

reenactor droids from the Pastkeeper’s

Palace. (Art by Sumit Sarkar)


Jem’s mother heads up the banned

organisaion Father Thames. She is

a volatile contrast to Jem’s ‘down to

earth’ father. She cured herself of the

Threadneedle disease but refuses to

share the vaccine with Mallard.


Harfleur (‘Fleur’

for short) is from

the Stormfather

island. Despite her

strangely ‘distant’

personality she

becomes the

object of Nick’s


The Mercs

Meet the Mercs: part merchants, part mercenaries. Despite their ‘code’, not

all Mercs are as honourable as their leader Hass (with the moustache). Mercs

have access to pre-flood technology like ‘fabbing’ (fabricating spare parts).

Father Thames

Not everyone agrees with a world divided

along age lines. The name Father Thames

is whispered by dissenters. Jem discovers

that Father Thames is not a person:

it’s an organisation led by Jem’s brilliant but

volatile mother.


Father Thames informant and graffiti

scrawling ‘coder’ who is rescued by

Jem. He has connections with Father

Thames and The Mercs.


This technological genius

and lover of forbidden snacks is the

co-founder of Father Thames.


Shami is River’s right hand in Father

Thames organisation. She’s a mole

in the YPD, working for Father

Thames. Shami was orphaned at a

long age and she’s jealous of Jem’s

relationship with River.

A mine has broken free from the M25: the ancient

minefi eld that encircles London.


At the risk of going all ‘deep’ on you - the series explores

some of the following issues:





Jem’s mother becomes infected with the ‘threadneedle’disease:


Tensions rise as rival police forces for grown ups and kids compete

to keep the peace in a flooded world. The APD (adult police - or ‘Dult’

police) are responsible for citizens over 16 and the YPD police anyone

under 16.

Series One

Episode One: Strangetown

Jemima Mallard’s houseboat gets sunk by masked raiders. Jem’s father (an Inspector

in the APD) chases the jet skiers - but they are clocked as ‘under age’! The Dult police

are powerless to arrest them. Jem ‘borrows’ a nearby taxi boat and pursues the raiders

(breaking multiple laws in the process). When the raiders get away, Jem returns to find

her father trying to talk YPD boss Haig out of arresting her for stealing the taxi. Haig

offers her a deal: join the YPD or face punishment in The Bloody Tower, (the YPD’s

infamous floating prison).

Episode Two: Sinker

Rule breaker Jemima Mallard is horrified to find herself a rookie YPD officer. Her new

patrol partner Nick is equally horrified to have a raw recruit as a partner. Their first case

is a weird one. Someone is sinking boats for fun. Attacks are centred on the Bargers: a

secretive minority community led by a disciplinarian called The Ferryman. Jem and Nick

discover that the Ferryman’s son knows more about the sinkings than he is letting on.

Episode Three: Fab

YPD officer Nick is worried because his arrest rate has slowed since he teamed up with

new girl Jem. YPD boss Haig is threatening to take away Nick’s beloved launch - The

Aqua - unless the pairs’ arrest stats improve. Jem agrees to go to the only place that

can get Nick’s stats up: a ‘sink’ estate near the Isle of Frogs. Things get ‘choppy’ when

the duo run into an illegal powerboat shop. Motors need to be licenced and ‘fabbing’

(fabricating) engine parts is a ‘three bar’ offence. Unbelievably, the fabber is over age

and the YPD can’t arrest her! Has someone hacked her ‘unhackable’ age ID chip?

Episode Four: Drift by

Jem and Nick are sent to investigate a ‘drift-by’ robbery near Shard island. On top of

the ruined Shard building is Nelson’s Column. Architects used to be ‘creative’ before

the Climate Upgrade. On route, Jem and Nick pass a whirlpool of polluted water. These

mysterious black holes are said to be toxic but Jem dives in to investigate. Running out

of air, she is rescued by Nick - who risks his life. But when Jem discovers that her reserve

air tank has been disconnected, she suspects the YPD of sabotage.

Episode Five: Water rats

The city is battened down, preparing to face a freak wave. Jem overhears a distress

call: an old woman has fallen off her barge in the rat infested Canary swamp area. Rats

(and adults) carry the incurable threadneedle disease, which only affects young people.

Nick decides to ignore the call - there’s no ‘stats’ for saving a grown up. Infuriated, Jem

ditches Nick and speeds to the rescue. She saves the old woman but when a wave hits

her boat, she falls in and is carried downstream by the fast current. Reaching out, she

clings onto the first thing she finds. This turns out to be a ‘Keep’ - a floating holding cell

for YPD prisoners. But the plague rats have spotted it too!

Episode Six: The Bloody Tower

Commander Haig orders Jem to go undercover to track down the criminal Father

Thames. Jem’s ID chip seems to be malfunctioning. She is picked up by a YPD patrol.

Their galley is on route to their infamous prison - The Bloody Tower. Jem discovers

a mysterious calling card in her pocket. Jem learns from fellow prisoner Saul that her

‘scratcher’ card carries a code that will allow her to connect with Father Thames. At

the gates of The Bloody Tower Jem’s boat is rescued by her father (DCI Mallard). He

might be in the ‘Dult police - but he’s got a submarine full of ration packs to trade for his

daughter’s freedom. How did Mallard find Jem? Mallard explains that Nick made the

call. Jem is forced to reassess her opnion of her YPD partner.

Episode Seven: Shark’s tooth

Nick and Jem are back on the beat together. Jem’s attitude towards Nick seems to

have softened. But Nick misinterprets this lack of open hostility for deeper feelings.

Meanwhile, Illegal powerboats have been reported near the Thames Barrier Reef. The

‘Dult police are first on the scene but a shark rams Mallard’s boat. Luckily - Jem is handy

with a harpoon gun and scores a direct hit. Jem is given a tooth from the shark as a

souvenir. But the shark has been ‘augmented’ with technology. This kind of pre-flood

hi-tech is ultra rare and illegal. Mallard suspects the shark was made by ‘Mercs’ - shady

traders who are part merchant, part mercenaries.

Episode Eight: M25

Two floating mines have drifted past the city defences. The first mine explodes and the

second floats menacingly onwards. Little is known about technology from before the

Climate Upgrade. The mines have come from the M25 an ancient minefield surrounding

London. Mallard calls a Pastkeeper from the museum, who agrees to come and help.

Nick tries to explode the mines with a ‘hell’ bomb, but the fuel just burns on the surface

of the mine. Jem is not impressed with Nick for creating a floating fire bomb!

An fat man arrives in a Hong Kong style junk. He deactivates the second mine, saving

the floating market and leaves before anyone can thank him. Moments later, the real

expert from the museum arrives. Who was the mysterious fat man? Jem is amazed

when her shark tooth pendant vibrates and reveals a message.

Episode Nine: Two Swords

Sub-mander Haig gives Jem and Nick a rare day off. Jem decides to spend her day

diving into the flooded waxworks of Madame Two Swords. Nick decides to ‘tag’ along.

Jem doesn’t want him to come but he just can’t read the signs. As they arrive at a place

called Toad Island, a masked figure swings onto the boat and knocks Nick into the water,

leaving him stranded. When she removes her mask, Jem is amazed to find discover

that the masked raider is her own mother - River. Jem’s father warned her to ‘let still

waters be’ - her mother is brilliant but volatile. River tries to recruit Jem to join Father

Thames. But Jem decides to go back to rescue Nick from the poisonous inhabitants of

Toad Island.

Episode Ten: Return of the Argonaut

The sole survivor of a hand picked crew returns to London in his boat The Argo. The

survivor claims to have discovered an entire new continent. Jem and Nick are sent to

investigate, they find that the new land mass is a huge floating island of waste plastic.

As they leave, they encounter the Mercs (part mercanaries - part merchants). Things

look bad for the YPD pair until the leader of the Mercs spots Jem’s shark tooth necklace.

Episode Eleven: Threadneedle

When Jem and Nick investigate a house boat theft, Nick saves Jem from a booby trap

but becomes infected with the ‘threadneedle’ disease. This only affects young people.

Adults (and rats) are the carriers of the disease. Jem is shocked to learn that the Mander

is banishing the ‘threadies’ to a ‘safeguarding’ area outside the barrier. Nick is stripped of

his badge and taken away. Jem seeks out her mother’s help. But will River help save the

life of an officer in the hated YPD? River agrees and Nick’s record is alterted to indicate

a false positive.


Episode Twelve: It’s a gas

The mystery of the black holes is finally revealed! Father Thames have been mining the river bed

for methane gas - which they are storing in a giant underground tank. But what do the outlaws want

with all that gas? The YPD and APD hold a conference of war. Would Father Thames really use gas

against the inhabitants? Jem thinks not but Mallard wouldn’t rule it out. Jem and Nick are despatched

to destroy the tank - but Shami - a double agent in the YPD - is determined to stop them.

Episode Thirteen: Subversion

The Mander sends Nick and Jem to infiltrate Father Thames’s base - an abandoned submarine.

Nick is amazed when the leader of Father Thames is revealed to be... Jem’s mother! The one who

treated him for threadneedle and hacked his medical record to conceal it. Not convinced by River’s

extremist arguments, Nick escapes and shoots the Fat man with a non-lethal ‘zap’ gun. Tragically,

the fat man’s pacemaker fails and he dies. Nick is distraught when he recognizes the fat man as the

hero who defused the floating mine that threatened the market. Should he reveal the truth to Jem?

Series Two

Episode Fourteen: King coder

Rumour has it that Father Thames is offering a one million joules prize for anyone who can ‘code’

Nelson’s column. ‘Coding’ slogans on boats and buildings is a ‘three bar’ offence for which the

punishment is three years in the YPD’s prison (the infamous ‘Bloody Tower’). YPD officer Nick thinks

this is a fair punishment: scaling the tops of sunken towers to deface them is a dangerous offence.

But a boy called Saul is determined to get his hands on the prize.

Episode Fifteen: Dultnappers

A gang of youths is kidnapping adults. Relations between the YPD and the APD are at an all time low

and the ‘Dult police are powerless to stop the attacks. Mallard reluctantly asks Jem and Nick to help

him bring the youth gang to justice. Nick wins Jem’s respect when he risks everything in order to help

her father. Does Jem really have feelings for her YPD partner or is it strictly business?

Episode Sixteen: Shark city

Someone has been using a device to drain the city batteries. They are sapping the power to the

Barrier (a chain of security buoys that protect the city waters from sharks and deadly ‘beastfish’). In

the course of her investigation, Jem discovers a secret: the power has been down for weeks. Only

a line of baited hooks stands between the public and the former wildwater zone called ‘Sharkopolis’.

Should Jem blow the whistle or would the truth spread panic?

Episode Seventeen: Power jack

The YPD’s weapons are out of power. Saul has a proposition for Jem.The boy suggests going to the

Mercs to buy a ‘top up’. Nick disagrees - arguing that you shouldn’t buy power when you don’t know

where it comes from. However without their non-lethal zap guns, the YPD will have to use force to

make arrests and people will get seriously hurt.

Episode Eighteen: Wavebombers

Whenever the winds and the tide combines, the Thames Barrier reef can be a dangerous place.

What better place for the exciting craze of ‘wavebombing’. Under orders to put a stop to it, Nick is

about to break the surfer’s boards. Meanwhile, Jem is impressed by Remi - a charismatic surfer.

She persuades Nick to let the wavebombers off with a verbal warning. Later, when Remi’s younger

brother goes missing in storm surge conditions, Jem borrows a board and rides to his rescue.

Episode Nineteen: The Ferryman

Someone is using a device that creates whirlpools - to draw attention away from their criminal

activities: an illegal powerboat race. The Mander suspects Father Thames: but the answer lies with a

feud at the heart of the Barger community who must choose a new ‘Ferryman’ to lead them.

Episode Twenty: Pastkeeper’s palace

Jem and Nick arrive at the Pastkeeper’s Palace - a private museum - to find a three metre high hole

in the wall. Three war re-enactment robots have busted out. But it can’t be possible... everyone

knows that robots aren’t intelligent enough to unplug themselves.

Episode Twenty One: Wounded siren

Jem and Nick are told to investigate incidents of boats being ‘drawn’ onto the rocks by a mysterious

call and wrecked! But this is London, not ancient Greece! At the heart of the mystery is a box made

by a pre-flood security corporation called Greenwheel.

Episode Twenty Two: Tribute

A ghostly ship sails right through a hole in the Barrier. Nick and Jem try to intercept the vessel but the

crew are formidable fighters. Defeated, both police forces decide to negotiate with the intruders. Their

leader - Thorlkeld, looks like he’s just stepped out of a Viking long ship. Haig offers him solar panels

and food. But Thorkeld delivers an ultimatum.Thorkeld’s leader - The Stormfather - is demanding a

tribute of people.

Episode Twenty Three: The Stormfather wants you!

Jem and Nick follow Thorkeld’s ship to a tiny windswept island. Nick swims ashore to find the leader

of the islanders: a madman known as Bad Mask - who is working for the mysterious Stormfather.

Jem discovers that The Stormfather is an ancient wind turbine. (The faded manufacturers nameplate

reads: Stormfarmer II).The pair rescue Mallard, free up the sails and make the Stormfather turn

again. Nick can’t understand why Fleur isn’t elated. With this much renewable electricity from the

wind - the islanders are rich. However, Mallard warns that power always corrupts.

Episode Twenty Four: Shami through the looking glass

Mallard breaks bad news. Despite their oath of secrecy, the Mander has got wind of the new ‘electric

island’ where the streets are paved with electricity. Jem suspects that Shami is the ‘mole’ but Nick

discovers that Shami is a double agent: she’s been working been working for Father Thames all


Episode Twenty Five: Harfleur

Bored of waiting for Jem, Nick has fallen for Harfleur. On a mission to a second Stormfarmer wind

turbine, the pair encounter rats carrying threadneedle disease. Nick is already infected - and as

he drives the creatures away he is bitten again. When Harfleur finds out, she abandons him in a

dangerous situation.

Episode Twenty Six: Renewables

The YPD decide to leave London because of the threadneedle epidemic. However, Mallard suspects

that they want to take over the Stormfather island (now an important strategic ‘asset’ due to its

renawable power source). As the YPD fleet head for the Island, Harfleur and the Islanders must

decide whether to accept the newcomers. Meanwhile the Mercs have also learned of the power

source and they want their share. They’ve brought an ancient robot back to life. As the rival forces

converge on the island, Jem must decide where her loyalties lie - and whether her rocky relationship

with Nick is ‘renewable’ too.

What the reviewers say...

The first London Deep book was a Recommended

Read for World Book Day in 2011. There are three titles

in the series.

‘Robin Price’s writing is quirky with a bit of an edge to it that greatly

adds realism to this dystopian version of London… Add in the

gritty illustrated comic panels by Paul McGrory and you find this

is indeed something quite new, not only in plot, but in style. It’s

not just an illustrated novel, nor is it quite a graphic novel. It is

a hybrid between the two… As such, it works quite well for the

younger market. Children aged 9 and above who are reluctant to

read but love comics will find the shorter full text sections easy

to get through, with the comic panels adding punctuation to the

action occurring within that part of the chapter.’

‘London Deep is a really amazing story about a twelve year old

girl called Jemima Mallard. She lives in a flooded London of the

future!! … This book is a very enjoyable read with lots of drama

action and fun. The comic pics are very enjoyable to look at and

they fit well with this kind of story.’

Abigail – (aged 10).

‘Is this part graphic novel, part standard text, or is it a story with

illustrations…? It made my head ache, but my eleven year old

loved it and seemed to have no trouble cutting backwards and

forwards between the two…’

Rachel Ayers Nelson – School Librarian Magazine

(Father Thames) ‘Unusual in style and fast-moving, the writing

ensures the reader is totally absorbed in the book and the people

and places spring to life. The format is perfect for encouraging

reluctant readers and they will be well rewarded by this exciting


The Books

‘This is a terrifically atmospheric page-turning adventure

told through words and comic art. Set in the near future, in a

flooded London where rival police forces – one for adults and

one for kids – compete to keep the peace, it intertwines the

story of Jemima, daughter of the Chief Inspector of Police, with

contemporary issues of climate change and the environment

in an original and provocative way but without sounding

patronising. It’s a rattling good read and one in which you are

sure to be drawn in to Jemima’s exploits of survival.’

‘Through pace and narrative power, both admirably sustained,

the book avoids becoming didactic. This is no campaign

document on climate change…

The characterization, especially of Jemima and Nick, is forceful

and convincing. They capture the reader’s interest and carry

the narrative forward…’ Armadillo Magazine

“...the detailed world depicted in Father Thames (has) familiar

landmarks transformed since the ‘Climate Upgrade’ – including

the Thames Barrier Reef, Trafalgar Swamp and the remains

of the London Eye, now known as ‘the Socket’. Children will

also revel in the mysterious invaders, who are part pirate and

part Viking warriors. Father Thames is half book, half graphic

novel, with Japanese ‘manga’-style illustrations, which serve as

excellent rewards for continued reading. The masked invaders

are particularly chilling. The book contains references to fairly

tricky themes such as terrorist cells, but action-loving readers

will lap this up.’ Scholastic Education

For more information contact:

London Deep ISBN: 9781906132033

Father Thames ISBN: 9781906132040

Threadneedle ISBN: 9781906132057

London Deep is a registered trademark.

Copyright Mogzilla 2015. All rights reserved. Artwork by Paul McGrory

except ‘robots’ by Sumit Sakar. Colouring by Jess Swainson, Rachel

De San Croix, Rebecca Davy . Text by Robin Price.

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