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Winter/Spring Quarter 2013

Message From John Tower


The Cyclical Nature Of The

Property Market

Landlord Protection Insurance 7

Residential Sales 8-17

Residential Leasing 18-21

Landlords need to find good


commercial tenants

to compliment their investment

property and

provide reliable returns on their


Commercial Sales 23-25

Commercial Leasing 26-27

Our Offices 28


A quarterly magazine

published by

Tower & London


The Cyclical Nature Of The Property Market

Along with other forms of investment; it is widely recognised that property follows a predictable cycle.

The property cycle, if unimpeded, has thee recognised recurring phases of boom, bust, and recovery;

this is a consistent cycle which can be accurately assessed. The property cycle must have a ‘free market’

where ownership is attainable by citizens without significant Government restrictions, or any form of



When the Boom phase

commences, most people

don’t think it will last because

they do not have the context

of understanding the property

cycle. It is not until prices have

increased to a noticeable level

that the number of buyers start to

overcome the number of sellers,

this margin increases rapidly as

prices are pushed higher in the

fierce completion, culminating in

a final and short spike in values

just before a collapse. There are

number of factors that fester the

right environment for a boom,

these factors start well before

the boom and some expire

during the boom. These are the

signs that the astute investors in

property pick up and make their

decisions whether to buy, sell or



Before, or the commencement of the boom:

-Rents rise, usually putting pressure on tenants.

-Vacancy rates reducing.

-Interest rates start to fall, or the economic

environment is such that there is strong likelihood

of falling.

-property is becoming in short supply, not many

new development projects on the horizon.

During the boom:

-Property sells very quickly.

-Property prices are noticeably rising.

-New developments get underway; off-the-plan

selling is back on.

-Finance is easy to obtain.

-Yields fall as property values increase and tenants

start buying.

-Rents stabilise or start to decrease.

-Media hype fuelling the property boom.

-Property seminars competing for investors.

-Everyone is buying property as financial

institutions take advantage of the boom, lending

to the masses and taking rising values of existing

property as equity for new purchases.


Generally, the longer and the bigger the preceding

boom, the longer and the harder is the subsequent

bust. Although bust period is a lengthy time, it

comes rather suddenly. When the hype of buyers

gets to ridiculous levels: bust is about to happen.

Those that can see the signs, sell quickly, but the

majority are caught, typically those that bought at

the peak of the boom. Bust periods are typically

long and arduous periods and there is usually too

much supply and very little buyers’ apetite. Values

remain stagnant for years after the initial decline,

the decline in values is often repeated, interrupted

by lengthy periods of stagnation.

Just before the bust:

-Property value spike.

-Vacancy rates rise.

-Governments start to look for ways to subdue

buyer enthusiasm.

-Increase in number of mortgage providers and

lending schemes.

During the Bust:

-Increased vacancy rates and decrease

in rental values.

-Interest rates rise due to economic conditions

or as part of subduing the market.

-Property values fall.

-the time to sell property lengthens markedly.

-Increased number of forced sales, (mortgagee

in procession)

-Property finance is difficult to obtain.

-Media ‘doom and gloom’ further affecting

market sentiment.

-Many properties coming into the market

increasing supply, whilst the demand is weak

at best.


The recovery is shorter that the boom or bust

phases; this phase is determined by a number

of improvements factors following better signs


during the end of the bust phase; the very early

signs are:

-Increased rents and vacancy levels lowering.

-Property prices begin to increase or stop falling.

-Uncertainty in the media as to whether the bust

is over, or if it is just a short reprieve.

-Buyer are generally uncertain and hold off.

The property market, as explained above, is highly

cyclical. One important factor, not covered above,

is that the property market is segmented: that is

divided into mini markets, and the segments get

smaller and more specific; these segments are

defined by the use of property, such as residential

or commercial; and within these uses, are the

main various cities, and then regions within these

cities and the types of properties within these

smaller regions.

The overall cycle of say the residential property

market in Sydney may be counter cyclical to the

residential market in Perth, for example: as we

have seen in recent years, when the Perth housing

market was booming due to the mining investment

phase, the Sydney housing market was in the

doldrums; and this year, it’s in almost the reverse.

Melbourne is beginning to stagnate mainly due

to the over development of apartments, while

Sydney is on a growth path of new construction.

Segmenting the Sydney housing market further

and concentrating on regions, such as the Lower

North Shore, provides valuable information to

property investors; as the cycle of this segment

might not follow the general Sydney residential

cycle. Because timing is at the core, and three

months could make a notable difference in values,

the changes in the nuances of the market from

recovery to boom must be noticed and considered

in order to capture the full benefit of a particular


The two graphs, on the previous pages, have

been part of this column for many years, highly

segmented, covering the three main local

government areas on Sydney’s lower North shore

and cover the past five years. Here is an example

that within on local council area of say Mosman,

divided further to a segment on houses in Mosman

and one on units: for the past five years Mosman

houses have hovered around $2 million; whereas

units have increased from $460,000 to $675,000;

an astonishing increase of 46%.

In writing this article, I was inspired by ‘100 years

of Real Estate values in Chicago’; Homer Hoyt.

New York : Amo Press, 1970 (c1933). Dr. Hoyt was

a property valuer and a Land Economists and was

the first pioneer of studying property cycles, he

had an amazing career that incorporated work

as a real estate consultant, an investor and in

academia. Other contents of this article are drawn

from the quarterly Property Profile; Real Estate

Institute of NSW (March 2013)

John Tower

M.D. Tower & London

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Registered Property Valuer


Landlord Protection Insurance

Why do landlords need insurance?

Most people are familiar with insurance – you buy

an expensive product then you buy insurance to protect

it in case of loss or damage. Think of your car, your mobile

or laptop. It is the same when it comes to investment

properties. Most landlords do not want to think about

damage to their investment properties, tenants who do not

pay the rent or people sustaining an injury on their property,

but unfortunately these things do happen.

Landlords’ protection insurance is designed specifically

for landlords in these situations.

What does it cover?

-Malicious Damage– covers deliberate and intentional

damage by tenants in the property.

-Your liability as a landlord– covers claims made against

you by a tenant or visitor to the property

-Rent Default– if your tenant defaults on rent, leaves the

property before the end of the rental period or is legally

evicted, the policy can provide cover for lost rent until

the property is re-let.

Without insurance, the landlord would be paying for the

above listed items out of their own pocket.

What is not covered?

Most landlords’ insurance doesn’t cover what’s called tenant

neglect or general wear and tear. This could include cigarette

burns in the carpets, scuff marks on the walls from moving

furniture and damage caused by pets.

How much does it cost?

Landlords’ insurance is priced for affordability – around $345

per annum for every property in NSW.

Landlord insurance VS building Insurance

Many landlords are confused between landlord insurance

and building insurance, to assist in understanding

the differences please see the below case study.

Case study

In January 2011, the owners and their property

manager accepted a professional couple to be tenants

in a property. In December 2012, the tenant stopped making

rental payments and the property manager terminated

the tenancy based on ‘non-payment of rent’. When the

keys were returned, the property manager viewed the

property and found that there had been numerous instances

of malicious damage throughout the property. The tenant

also owed six weeks of rental payments.

If he had a building policy…

A standard building policy does not cover:

-rent default when the tenant leaves without notice

-Loss of rent when the property cannot be rented out

-Damage caused by the tenant or their visitors

The owner learns this when he submits his claim.

Unfortunately, the bond is not enough to cover the six

weeks of rental payments as well as the cost of making the

apartment presentable for re-letting and the loss of rent

between tenants.

If he had a landlords’ protection insurance policy…

A landlord’s insurance policy covers events not usually

recoverable under standard building and/ or contents

policies. This includes malicious damage, loss of rent and

rent defaults. In the above scenario, the owners claim

would have been accepted by his insurer.

Sophie Wang


Tower & London


Residential Sales

53 Wheeler Parade, Dee Why

AUCTION- Onsite 14th September 11am

Grandstand Panoramic Views

A rare opportunity to acquire a unique parcel of land on the apex of the Dee Why/ North Curl Curl peninsula.

We are offering a very comfortable full brick home circa 1950’s with the opportunity to further develop the home by the

addition of a second storey or a full demolition and redevelopment of the site, subject to council approval.

This elevated, near level block has driveway access and is surrounded by modern homes justifying substantial further

investment in the site.

Enjoy a casual 600 metre stroll down to the vibrant Dee Why beachfront bar and restaurant scene or if the surf is up at North

Curl Curl, it’s just on a kilometre away.


Residential Sales




$690 per quarter

$2,241 per quarter

4 2 2

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com



Residential Sales

4/36 Milner Crescent, Wollstonecraft


Spacious Townhouse


This property lies hidden in the midst of leafy trees, in a collection of

distinctive townhouses in beautiful Wollstonecraft. With a totally separate

front door this townhouse feels just like a freestanding house. Featuring

three bedrooms on the top floor, all with leafy green outlooks; the main

boasting an ensuite.

The downstairs level is surrounded by sliding doors with timber shutters,

separating the wraparound courtyard and garden from the spacious internal

areas. The property also includes a Lock-up garage.

3 2

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com




4/45 Chandos Street, St Leonards

For Sale $875,000

Residential Sales

Winter Garden


Reminiscent of Renzo Piano’s designs; this apartment is flanked by a full

width sunroom with floor-to-ceiling louvered glass panels creating a shelter

for light and warmth. Combined, but distinctly positioned, are the dining

and lounge areas, each with its own opening to the sunroom; the master

bedroom, also opening to the sunroom, has a superb ensuite and a fitted

walk-in wardrobe; the second and third bedrooms are both with wardrobes,

the former is larger. The main bathroom has two areas separated by a timber

framed glass door, a fitted laundry and a magnificent and fully equipped open

plan kitchen with German made fixtures, finished with stone benches. This

near new apartment is in a medium rise block of four to a floor apartments

in an enviable position near St Leonards plaza, station and just a short walk

to Crows nest cafés and restaurants.


3 2 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com


Residential Sales

54/7-17 Sinclair Street, Wollstonecraft

For Sale $450,000

Art Deco With City Lights

This unique modern two level apartment was recreated in one of the north

shore’s famous Art Deco buildings, On the corner of Sinclair and Rocklands

road and opposite the Mater Hospital; it is stone’s though away from public

transport and a short stroll to Crows Nest Café’s and shops; the living room,

fully equipped kitchen and laundry are on the entry level, and the bedroom

and bathroom are on the upper level. This is a security building with

underground parking space. This compact but well-designed unit is priced at

a realistic level for the discerning owner occupier to investor.

1 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com




47/94-96 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

For Sale $950,000

Residential Sales

Northern Winter Sun In Every Room


This sizable apartment is in one of Milsons Point popular buildings, Portofino;

next to the historic church building. Positioned on the eighth floor and on

the northern and eastern side of the building capturing lovely harbour views

and abundant winter warmth. Internally the apartment is of typical size for

the 1990’s era, being about ten squares. Although the lounge and dining

area are in one room, they are adequately separated to their own side of

the elongated living space, both sharing the side northern balcony with

its expansive glass doors framing the church steeple, only slightly covered

by the classic timber shutters allowing sunlight to be controlled, while the

lounge itself also opens to the semi-circle balcony at the front taking in the


2 2 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com



Residential Sales

6 Waiwera Street, McMahon Point

AUCTION- Onsite 18th October

Classic Terrace With Harbour Views

Commanding position, on the east side of the peninsula, set high above

street level is this fine property in a row of beautiful terraces. The classic

architectural features have been preserved over time; renovations were

made some time ago leaving room, and the opportunity, for the new owners

to further improve and put their mark on the property. Accommodation

on the entry level comprises formal lounge and dining rooms, leading to

kitchen and family room and opening to the rear courtyard. The 2nd level

accommodates two bedrooms, the main with an amazing view of the harbour

and the Harbour Bridge, and the rear bedroom is of fine propositions, and

two good bathrooms. Stairs leading to the upper most floor with an enclosed

third bedroom or study. This terrace has a lock-up garage at the front and a

front courtyard area above it.


3 2.5

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com



11/1 Harbourview Crescent, Milsons Point

For Sale $1,700,000

Residential Sales

Mirvac on Lavender Bay


Away from the bustle of Milsons Point, opposite Clark Park there is an icon

in the area: Helmspray, is one of the original quality buildings in Lavender

Bay/Milosns Point area developed by Mirvac, arguably, Australia’s best

development company; a relatively small well-built block, substantially

owner occupied, with another access form the side lane to Milsons Point

station. Unit 11 is perfectly positioned to capture pleasant views of Lavender

Bay and the tranquil sounds of ropes ringing the boat masts. Accommodation

comprises three bedrooms with ample hanging storage, two superbly

renovated bathrooms, a quality kitchen with breakfast area, semi enclosed

dining room, lounge and all the bedrooms are wrapped in balconies, laundry

and storage.

3 2 2

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com



Residential Sales

709/2 Dind Street, Milsons Point

For Sale $1,350,000

Spectacular Harbour Views From The Pinnacle


The Pinnacle is a luxuriously appointed modern building in prime location in

Milsons Point, with first class amenities and 24 hour concierge. Set in midlevels,

this superb 2 bedroom apartment enjoys sweeping harbour views

from every room; the harbour bridge, in full view, is prominent from every

window; like a post card from the living room. Two marble bathrooms, the

master is lavish; and a delightful kitchen with quality fittings and stone

benches. The balcony, accessed from the living room and the main bedroom,

is private, sheltered and capacious with a great view. Not just car space, but

a separate lock-up garage on title.

2 2

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com




507/2 Dind Street, Milsons Point

For Sale $1,000,000

Residential Sales

A Quintessential Milsons Point Apartment


The Pinnacle has been described as “the benchmark in Architectural

Excellence this level of quality certainly ranks it as one of the best buildings

in Milsons Point; ideally positioned at the edge of the high-rise precinct, with

resort like facilities including a lap pool and a great gym. This elegant two

bedroom apartment has a massive living area finished with solid parquetry

timber floors spanning 8.4 meters, on one end is the kitchen on the other a

large window with diagonal views of the western end of the harbour. Two

fully fitted bedrooms with ample storage, the second is larger than most;

two marble bathrooms that only pictures do justice; the kitchen is a delight

with quality appliances, a square useful balcony and a lockup garage.

2 2 1

Details and Viewing:

John Tower

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: john@towerlondon.com



Residential Lease


14/1 Harbourview Crescent, Milsons Point

For Lease $1,100pw

Elegant & Spacious Furnished

Apartment with Stunning Views.

Situated on the 5th floor of the ‘Helmsprey’ building,

this apartment comprises three bedrooms with plenty

of storage, two superbly renovated bathrooms, a quality

kitchen with breakfast area, semi enclosed dining room,

open lounge and internal laundry. The property also

features an over-sized wraparound balcony perfectly

positioned to capture stunning views of the city and part

of the Harbour Bridge whilst also boasting tranquil views

over Lavender Bay.

3 2 2


65/94-96 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

For Lease $1,100pw

Breathtaking Views Across the


This sizable apartment is in one of Milsons Point popular

buildings, Portofino; next to the historic church building.

Positioned on the 12th floor and capturing lovely

harbour views and abundant winter warmth. Featuring

3 bedrooms, the master with a walk in robe and ensuite

as well as storage in the other 2 bedrooms plus 2 carspaces.

The property has recently undergone major refurbishment

including a brand new kitchen, new timber flooring, carpet,

wardrobes, blinds and a fresh coat of paint throughout.

3 2 2



20/7 Highview Avenue, Neutral Bay

For Lease $750pw

Sweeping Sydney Views

Residential Lease

Perched high atop Neutral Bay, this spacious two

bedroom apartment enjoys panoramic views of the CBD,

Harbour Bridge, harbour and North Sydney. Internally,

the apartment boasts generous living areas, totaling

102sqm. The property has 2 bedrooms, both with built in

storage, a large bathroom equipped with bath and shower,

internal laundry and a great kitchen with amazing views.

In addition, the property also features a large wrap-around

balcony and parking for 2 cars in tandem.

2 1 2


709/2 Dind Street, Milsons Point

For Lease $1,200pw

Spectacular Harbour views from

the Pinnacle- Furnished

The Pinnacle is a luxuriously appointed modern building

in prime location in Milsons Point, with first class

amenities and 24 hour concierge. Set in mid-levels, this

superb furnished 2 bedroom apartment enjoys sweeping

harbour views from every room. Two marble bathrooms,

the master is lavish; and a delightful kitchen with quality

fittings and stone benches. The balcony, accessed from the

living room and the main bedroom, is private, sheltered

and capacious with a great view. Not just car space, but a

separate lock-up garage.

2 2 1


Residential Lease

809/8 Glen Street, Milsons Point

Featuring a spacious modern design, with high ceilings and flowing living

areas, this furnished one bedroom unit offers an unsurpassed level of

style and comfort. Perfectly positioned in one of Milsons Point’s most

contemporary buildings ‘Azure’, this property is a short walk to cafes,

shops, public transport & North Sydney’s CBD.

1 1 $600pw

301/227 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst

Situated in the iconic “Top of the Town” apartment complex, this one

bedroom furnished apartment, is ideally located close to the Eastern

Suburbs best cafes, restaurants and bars. The large open-plan living room

features a foldaway bed hidden behind a built in bookcase and can be split

in half by hidden doors to form a private second bedroom when needed.

1 1 $600pw


34/20 Carabella Street, Kirribilli

Beautifully renovated spacious studio with harbour views from the

balcony. Featuring brand new carpet in the living areas and new flooring

in the kitchen. Property includes a generous balcony off the living room

to enjoy the harbour views.

1 1 $400pw


702/12 Glen Street, Milsons Point

This beautifully presented furnished one bedroom offers a quiet home for

the busy exectutive. Light & bright living area with large balcony offering

views over Lavender Bay, polished floor boards and a well equipped

kitchen. The spacious bedroom is freshly carpeted & offers generous

wardrobe space and access to the ample balcony.

1 1 1 $650pw



Residential Lease

202/38 Alfred Street, Milsons Point

Located in the landmark building Port Jackson Tower this apartment

features a large living area with timber floors, and floor to ceiling glass

capturing pleasant views across to Bradfield Park with glimpses of the

Harbour. Two spacious bedrooms, modern kitchen and bathroom, sunny

balcony with Internal laundry & one security parking.

2 2 1 $750pw

51/21 Elamang Avenue, Kirribilli

This fabulous 2 bedroom unit is positioned in a quiet & bright corner of the

building capturing tranquil water views over Careening Cove. It features

built-in wardrobes in both bedrooms, & bathroom equipped with shower

over bath. It is located in a security building which offers an external

swimming pool.

2 1 $600pw



5/67 Kurraba Road, Neutral Bay

Well presented one bedroom apartment located in the heart of Neutral

Bay. Renovated kitchen, bedroom with built in wardrobe as well as one

car space.

1 1 1 $400pw

703/30 Glen Street , Milsons Point

This prestigious three bedroom apartment boasts serene harbour views over

Lavender Bay captured by the long balcony that stretches the length of the

property. The apartment offers a beautifully modern kitchen with hardwood

floors, gas cooking, stainless steel Bosch appliances & plenty of storage as

well as an internal laundry.

3 2 2 $1,100pw



Landlords need to find good commercial tenants

to compliment their investment property and

provide reliable returns on their investment

Landlords need to take a long term view

of where they want their investment property

to be positioned as a desirable location for

tenants to occupy and do business. Landlords

need to find tenants that can run successful

businesses and demonstrate the desirability

of occupying their property and attract other

robust and profitable tenants who are able

to pay the rent.

Commercial leases usually create lengthy

terms of occupation and the landlord

has to plan a strategy which provides

an harmonious tenancy mix, competitive

lease covenants providing for rental growth

and the opportunity for capital growth.

Tenant mix

The right anchor tenant will attract

a complimentary mix of tenants which should

have the right fit with other minor tenancies

in the building. Anchor tenants usually

require exclusivity of use as part of the lease

negotiation process.

Buildings without anchor tenants require

the landlord to seek out complementary

tenancies which in some cases can compete


for particular patronage. A good example

of this is the fast food industry where outlets

of popular brands such as McDonalds,

KFC and Dominos co exist profitably and

become a sought after centre for fast food

in the locale.


The current commercial market, particularly

on the lower north shore, has been largely

driven by a rash of company downsizing

and economy measures. Today’s tenants

are well aware of the regime of incentives

being almost universally offered by landlords

to attract tenants. Landlords need to know the

marketplace and set an achievable balance

of rental income versus incentives to get

a result which is beneficial to both parties.


Improvement to the presentation

of commercial space is one really positive way

improving the desirability of the premises

to potential tenants. We recently leased

space to a prominent architectural firm who

were given the opportunity of input into the

make good of the outgoing tenant and the

design of the reception area to create an ideal

Commercial Sales

layout for their practice. They could of leased

cheaper space but preferred this option.


Specific direct marketing approaches still

generate good tenancy inquiry however ask

yourself where you would look for commercial

space and invariably you come back to the

internet as the preferred advertising medium.

Sites such as www.realcommercial.com.au

and www.commercialview.com.au now offer

broad coverage of the commercial, industrial

and retail markets at a fraction of the cost

of print media.

What we’ve covered here is just a brief outline

of sound reasoning on the current market.

If you’d like to talk to us about finding good

tenants, or if you are a tenant looking for

your ideal office space, please give me a call

on (02) 9922 7007 or Email me, John Wood,


John Wood

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Commercial, Industrial and Retail

Shop 1/144-150 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst

For Sale $550,000 + GST

Prime Street Frontage Retail

•Busy Precinct

•50 Metres From Oxford Street

•Good Exposure and Signage

•Approximately 30 sq metres

This is a great opportunity for the switched on retailer to

capitalise on this inner city location. Busy yet friendly with

an eclatic mix of bypasses and neighbours.




Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com


Commercial Sales

23 Awaba Street, Lisarow- For Sale or Lease

Offers Over $2,000,000 + GST

Budget Price Point Industrial Freestanding

Buildings For Sale or Lease

Building A:932 sq metres with offices and amenities

Building B:1639 sq metres with offices and amenities

$75 Per sq metre per annum + gst net

Clearspan warehousing plus loading docks

Low outgoings

Secure on site parking

Walk to lisarow station

SMSF’s note will show positive cash flow

Opportunity knocks for the astute purchaser or tenant to secure good

industrial premises in a central location offering easy access by public








Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com


9/9-11 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove

For Sale Realistic Offers Considered

Commercial Sales

High Tech Industrial Unit- Hugely Motivated

Vendor- Security Estate

Modern high tech industrial unit located in the Lane Cove Industrial area. It

consists of ground floor warehouse area (104 sqm) and mezzanine level air

conditioned office space (88 sqm). The total strata plan area is 248 sq metres

inclusive of car parking - 4 car spaces in total.

Chaplin Drive is a precinct of modern, recently developed industrial buildings

and has easy access to the Gore Hill, M2 & M7 freeways. All major Sydney

industrial areas are serviced by this network



192sq 4

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com


Commercial Leasing

302/161 Walker Street, North Sydney

For Lease- Realistic Market Expectations

Sharp Fit Out - Sharp Pricing

•125 sq metres approximately

•Internal Kitchen



•General Office Area

•2 Offices/Meeting Rooms

This 125 sq metre office has a lot to offer with a very versatile layout. Walker

House is conveniently located near Berry Street. Security car space in

basement of building.



125sq 1

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com


Shop 4/59-67 Strathallen Avenue, Northbridge

For Lease $48,000 + GST

Commercial Leasing

Main Road Retail With All Day Parking Retail

Exposure At Office Rental

•91 sq metres

•Central location

•10 minutes to the 3 cbds

•Modern refurbished centre

•Look at the rent only $48000 pa + gst

Looking for exposure and client parking??

Look no further!!



91sq 7

Details and Viewing:

John Wood

Phone: 9956 6500

Email: commercial@towerlondon.com


Our Offices


38 Alfred Street,

Milsons Point, NSW 2061

Sydney, Australia

Phone: (612) 9956 6500

Fax: (612) 9956 6522


6/F Luk Kwok Centre,

72 Gloucester Rd,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 2918 8788

Fax: (852) 2918 9808

•Executive Leasing

•Property Sales

•Property Management

•Property Refurbishment




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