Decisions, Decisions

Let's choose right.

Let's choose right.


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<strong>Decisions</strong>, <strong>Decisions</strong>

Copyright free.<br />

Freely share as you are led.<br />

To God be all the glory.

Each day, from the moment we awake till we finally<br />

fall asleep, we get to choose – each choice<br />

determining whether we “win” or “lose.”

Do our good or bad decisions bring correlating<br />

consequences? Yes. No question.<br />

But the motivations behind decisions<br />

is what we should question.

Some choices<br />

seem small when<br />

they're not small at all.<br />

Some even lead to a<br />

terribly horrible fall.<br />

Like the one in the<br />

Garden of Eden –<br />

that “tiny” little decision<br />

to take that “tiny” little<br />

bite despite the warnings<br />

God had given.

When Eve wandered that fateful day<br />

to the forbidden tree alone,<br />

she suddenly found herself<br />

no longer alone.<br />

The devil disguised as a serpent<br />

caused her confusion.<br />

Eve's decision had not been made in isolation.

Her previous decision to stray from Adam<br />

some have called “rebellion.”<br />

Strolling near the tree, in curiosity,<br />

another decision.<br />

Another was to listen to a serpent's lies.<br />

The next was to answer that devil in disguise.

Considering his suggestion,<br />

his identity carefully<br />

hidden, led her to<br />

reaching for what<br />

was strictly forbidden.<br />

Last (but not least?)<br />

was the actual bite.<br />

Accepting darkness,<br />

thinking she's<br />

accepting “light.”

How often does the enemy<br />

use the same pattern –<br />

with whispers that confuse<br />

and words that flatter?<br />

From what we eat,<br />

to what we wear,<br />

how often do we fall<br />

into his snare?

When our eyes start opening<br />

each morning, we start deciding.<br />

First, to stay horizontal? Or be vertically standing?

Soon, while standing in<br />

the closet, we get<br />

to select:

Dress casual?<br />

Professional?<br />

Or pridefully, impeccably “decked”?

In the kitchen, there are different choices to make:<br />

puny<br />

or<br />

plenty<br />

sweet<br />

or<br />

savory<br />

cold<br />

or<br />

hot<br />

boil<br />

?<br />

or<br />


Each time we<br />

communicate,<br />

using our voices,<br />

we make many (and<br />

perhaps serious)<br />

mental choices.

We even decide,<br />

with each email and text:<br />

What words to type<br />

(or not type)<br />

would be best?

Will we listen to the devil<br />

through his mind-altering tools<br />

until he's taken over<br />

and daily rules?

Does the<br />

music you hear<br />

“madden the mind”?

Have<br />

immoral<br />

movies<br />

made<br />

your<br />

heart<br />


Has<br />

senseless<br />

games<br />

made you<br />

lose your<br />


Are you winning the game of<br />

or lost<br />

your<br />


Do filthy<br />

novels<br />

make<br />

you<br />

behave<br />


Has your spending<br />

put you in a<br />

financial bind?

If so, you've been deceived. Satan has lied.

But the Holy Spirit will guide. With Him abide.

In order to make<br />

wise decisions,<br />

we must stay<br />

close to Christ,<br />

praying to God for<br />

discernment, led<br />

forever by His light.

?<br />

?<br />

?<br />

?<br />

?<br />

?<br />

?<br />

?<br />

<strong>Decisions</strong>, decisions ...

Let's,<br />

every<br />

moment,<br />

choose<br />



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