LIFE? or Death?

A death wish comes not from the Father of LIFE but the father of lies. But GOD loves you. Choose LIFE.

A death wish comes not from the Father of LIFE but the father of lies. But GOD loves you. Choose LIFE.


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<strong>LIFE</strong>?<br />

<strong>or</strong><br />


☺Copyright free.<br />

Freely share as you are led.<br />

To God be all the gl<strong>or</strong>y.

When faced with those options,<br />

our true preference is revealed<br />

by our daily decisions –<br />

good choices promoting health<br />

(and likely prolonging <strong>LIFE</strong> ),<br />

po<strong>or</strong> habits proving harmful<br />

(and often leading to death ).

Knowing that <strong>LIFE</strong> is a gift from<br />

our Creat<strong>or</strong>, who designed us<br />

to live f<strong>or</strong>ever, what (<strong>or</strong> who)<br />

would make any of God's<br />

children prefer death?

We're saddened by anyone's decease<br />

(even those who rebelliously rejected <strong>LIFE</strong>).<br />

But we're also maddened when death<br />

takes those who joyfully embraced <strong>LIFE</strong>.

The Grim Reaper seeks “vindication”<br />

by shifting blame to the innocent.<br />

A myriad of methods (from instant<br />

to lengthy) are employed to insinuate<br />

that each person's untimely demise<br />

was either God's fault <strong>or</strong> self inflicted.

The latter methods of lengthy and self<br />

have been the devil's preferred<br />

strategies in my <strong>LIFE</strong>.

When he and his evil angels couldn't<br />

destroy me instantly by a few external<br />

events during childhood, an eating<br />

dis<strong>or</strong>der sought to implicate me in<br />

my own murder – by slow suicide.<br />

Willingly succumbing to an<strong>or</strong>exia nervosa<br />

f<strong>or</strong> years (from a w<strong>or</strong>ldly teenage ballerina<br />

wanna-be to a 40-something missionary)<br />

made me the “prime suspect” in the crime.

When starvation didn't succeed, another<br />

“self-attack” ensued – an autoimmune<br />

dis<strong>or</strong>der. Diagnosed, I begrudgingly<br />

took the necessary measures to<br />

halt its insidious progression.<br />

The slow, inner destruction, while still<br />

recovering from years of malnutrition,<br />

left me further weakened. Satan was<br />

not satisfied that my service to God had

already been impaired by fragile health<br />

due to an<strong>or</strong>exia, but he also enjoyed<br />

making mockery of vegetarianism by<br />

falsely implying, through my frailty, that<br />

healthful living is somehow lacking.<br />

Those vict<strong>or</strong>ies kept him attacking.<br />

Later, another external event – a car-flip<br />

accident – further injured me physically.<br />

But, by God's grace, it didn't kill me<br />

<strong>or</strong> destroy me spiritually.

However, what the enemy<br />

devised next nearly did both.

Livid that I was still living (and not<br />

“merely living” but widely sharing<br />

the light of Christ), demons were<br />

strategically dispatched to lure<br />

me back into darkness.<br />

(I'll refrain from details.)<br />

But basically, being weakened<br />

physically, I had drifted into apathy.

Wandering (alone) till I found myself on<br />

Satan's playground, I didn't have the<br />

strength (within myself) to continue<br />

the proverbial “upstream swim.”<br />

I was thus a much-too-easy “prey”<br />

and was t<strong>or</strong>mented by evil spirits.<br />

I began to “pray” to die.

I prefer avoiding w<strong>or</strong>ds like<br />

“hellish possession” f<strong>or</strong> it frightens<br />

many people (including me); but I'm<br />

certain I was under “heavy oppression”<br />

during which I begged the L<strong>or</strong>d<br />

(m<strong>or</strong>e than a few times)<br />

to let me die … soon.

Thankfully, God doesn't answer every<br />

prayer with Yes (even prayers that include<br />

the w<strong>or</strong>d “please”), f<strong>or</strong> He knows such<br />

tearful impl<strong>or</strong>ings are often not from<br />

the heart of His children, but rather<br />

from the enemy of His children.

Now, years later, still battle-w<strong>or</strong>n from<br />

tug-of-war struggles f<strong>or</strong> my soul, I recently<br />

noticed symptoms of another physical<br />

malady – this time “copper toxicity”<br />

due to over-consuming of many<br />

copper-rich proteins.

Knowing that God designed foods<br />

perfectly, one realizes that the devil<br />

uses modern manipulations along with<br />

intemperance to cause imbalance so<br />

that the <strong>or</strong>iginal diet of man, lovingly<br />

provided by our Creat<strong>or</strong>, would seem<br />

imperfect, and even harmful.

Satan thus hopes that those currently<br />

contemplating the pure Garden of Eden<br />

diet (as well as those already<br />

adhering to it) might reject it.

My obvious symptoms of copper toxicity<br />

(including copper-col<strong>or</strong>ed fingernail stripes)<br />

caused me to further investigate.

Some websites reassure readers<br />

that nothing is wrong; some scare us<br />

into thinking we're almost dead.<br />

F<strong>or</strong> some reason, I felt better<br />

perusing the latter kind.<br />

But from where (<strong>or</strong> whom) does<br />

this preference f<strong>or</strong> death come?

The thought of having a deadly disease<br />

didn't seem to faze me. W<strong>or</strong>ds like<br />

“potentially fatal” would catch my eye;<br />

and this puzzled me, f<strong>or</strong> I thought I was<br />

years ago done with desiring death,<br />

especially being a b<strong>or</strong>n-again<br />

Christian who loves <strong>LIFE</strong>!<br />

At least I thought I did! So who was<br />

planting “death wishes” in my head?

I think I already knew. But I preferred<br />

interpreting the pervading “serenity” as<br />

a gift from Divinity – the “peace of God,<br />

which passeth all understanding”<br />

{Philippians 4:7} combined with His<br />

strength to fearlessly face the future.<br />

F<strong>or</strong> we're encouraged:<br />

“... as thy days, so shall thy strength be”<br />

{Deuteronomy 33:25}.

But I couldn't help wonder,<br />

'Was I being tranquil <strong>or</strong> tranquilized?'<br />

'Had I been hypnotized?'<br />

'Was I numbed by a false sense<br />

of peace – from someone<br />

besides the Prince of Peace?'

Thankfully, God knew that a program<br />

online contained concise answers<br />

to those silent questions.<br />

So He impressed me to search the<br />

BetterLifeTV.tv archives where He led me<br />

to a 2006 Time Out program – an interview<br />

with cancer-surviv<strong>or</strong>-friend Carolyn Sutton.

Though I listened intently,<br />

happy f<strong>or</strong> her recovery,<br />

I couldn't silence the<br />

awkward wish that<br />

cancer would<br />

strike me too,<br />

and m<strong>or</strong>e<br />


Two statements made during Carolyn's<br />

candid testimony jolted me out of deadly<br />

apathy and confirmed that seeking an<br />

early grave was not prompted by the<br />

heavenly Father – The Giver of <strong>LIFE</strong> –<br />

but likely were wicked whispers from<br />

“the father of lies” who wants me<br />

(and all of God's children)<br />

to die … soon.<br />

And f<strong>or</strong>ever.

Carolyn had transparently confessed<br />

on the program that, in moments of<br />

cancer anguish, she too had prayed<br />

to be quickly laid to rest.

She then shared God's precious reply:<br />

Carolyn, aren't you interested in<br />

knowing what I want f<strong>or</strong> your future?<br />

A death wish usually doesn't come from<br />

My throne. Do you want to play so easily<br />

into the enemy's hands? Remember,<br />

I am the One Who has promised to<br />

be with you and never leave you.”

God spoke volumes to her with<br />

those heart-searching w<strong>or</strong>ds;<br />

they spoke to my heart too.<br />

I am thankful to the L<strong>or</strong>d, all of Heaven,<br />

Carolyn, and Better Life Television f<strong>or</strong><br />

inspiring, producing, airing, archiving,<br />

and leading viewers (including me)<br />

to the powerful program.

Determined to never again<br />

“play so easily into the enemy's hands,”<br />

I encourage all to hon<strong>or</strong> our Creat<strong>or</strong><br />

by not giving up on living but<br />

by giving up on dying … soon.

F<strong>or</strong> heavenly inspiration<br />

and health inf<strong>or</strong>mation<br />

(and m<strong>or</strong>e thoughts to ponder),<br />

visit: HeavenAndHealth.info

Choose <strong>LIFE</strong>.

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