December 2015/January 2016

Woodseats • Sheffield

Celebrate the wonder

of Christmas with us

Details of all our services inside

You are invited to...


at St Chad’s


Christingle Service at 4pm

A service with traditional Christingles especia ly for children


Carols by Candlelight at 6pm

A traditional carol service with music and readings


Pre-School Nativity at 10.30am

with crafts from 10am

An interactive service especia ly for younger children, with refreshments

Crib Service at 4pm

A family service especia ly for children

Midnight Communion at 11.30pm

A traditional service of Holy Communion


Family Worship at 10am

A Christmas Day celebration for a l ages


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats : www.stchads.org : 0114 274 5086

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Independent family Funeral Directors



Kenwood Hall the perfect

venue for your family occasions

and celebrations

A A personal family service at at all all times

We We will visit you in in your own home to to

make all all neccessary arrangements

Pre-paid funeral plans available

0114 274 5508


36 36 Abbey Lane, Sheffield, S8 S8 0GB

Whether you are booking a traditional wedding,

a christening or looking for a venue for any family

celebration, Kenwood Hall offers the perfect setting.

Set in 12 acres of grounds this stunning hotel caters

for all your special family events.

To discuss all our available packages contact our

Special Events Coordinator.

Kenwood Hall, Kenwood Road, Sheffield, S7 1NQ

Call 0114 258 3811

or visit www.kenwoodhallsheffield.co.uk

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Christingle Service at 4pm

Carols by Candlelight at 6pm

Pre-School Nativity at 10.30am

Crib Service at 4pm

Midnight Communion at 1.30pm

Family Worship at 10am

A service with traditional Christingles especia ly for children

A traditional carol service with music and readings

An interactive servic especia ly for younger children, with refreshments

A family servic especia ly for children

A traditional service of Holy Co munion

A Christmas Day celebration for a l ages

with crafts from 10am



St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, W odseats : w.stchads.org : 0 14 274 5086


good friend of mine was

once approached by a street

evangelist - the sect and religion

escapes me - who, in the course

of trying to engage him in

conversation said “wouldn’t the world be

wonderful if human beings didn’t exist.”

My friend understood the point that his

interlocutor was getting at - humanity has

so utterly devastated the planet that the

beauty of creation has, for a large part,

been drained from it. But, before he

hastily escaped, he made the point that

the world could not be wonderful without

humans because there would be no-one

to wonder at the world. A clever chap,

my friend.

December 2015/January 2016

Celebrate the wonder

of Christmas with us

Details of all our services inside

My friend’s riposte often returns to mind. Wonder seems such a human

emotion. Perhaps it isn’t. Perhaps other creatures also marvel at the

world in which they are placed, but somehow I doubt it. I am sure that

most of us, at some time or another, have had our breath taken away.

I can remember as a teenager seeing Mont Blanc for the first time. I

had never seen anything that big, that white, that magnificent. The

Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, a breaching humpback whale no doubt

also produce similar emotions. Seeing my first child born was also an

unforgettable experience (probably more so for my wife!) as this tiny and

yet complete human being, emerged from the birthing pool.

I believe that the human capacity to wonder is a God-given gift, and

that in our wondering at the world we can catch a glimpse of the wonder

of the creator God who fashioned us along with all creation. One of my

favourite poets, the Nineteenth-Century Catholic poet Gerard Manley

Hopkins, put it like this:

The world is charged with the grandeur of God.

It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;

It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil



You are invited to. Christmas

at St Chad’s

With Eyes of Wonder

He goes on to say that despite generations of

humanity treading and despoiling creation, yet “nature

is never spent” because God’s Holy Spirit remains

brooding over the world he has created.

Wonder is the next-of-kin to praise. To wonder at

the world can lead us to celebrate the Creator and,

hopefully, to strive to keep the world wonderful for

succeeding generations.

Rev Toby Hole,

Vicar, St Chad’s Church,


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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0800 328 0006

Weighed down by




Free debt counselling in your community




from an award winning charity

ll a friend about CAP Follow us on Twitter Visit CAP on Facebook

ll a friend about CAP Follow us on Twitter Visit CAP on Facebook




t: 01274 760720. e: info@capuk.org. Registered Office: Jubilee Mill, North Street, Bradford, BD1 4EW. Registered Charity No: 1097217.

Charity registered in Scotland No: SC038776. Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England and Wales No: 4655175.

Consumer Credit Licence No: 413528



debt help

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church facebook.com/CAPuk

Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield @CAPuk S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

What do

snowmen wear on

their heads?

Ice caps!

What happened

to the man who

stole an Advent


He got 24 days!

Why wasn’t Santa

allowed to land

his sleigh on the


Because of elf

and safety!

A great Russian tsar

named Rudolph stood

looking out of his window

one day.

“Look my dear,” he said

to his wife, “it’s started to

rain!” Without even looking

up she replied, “It’s too cold to rain. It

must be snowing.”

The tsar shook his head. “How can you

question me?” he asked. “Rudolph the

Red knows rain, dear!”

What do you

call Frosty



in July?

A puddle!

Which famous


was terrified of


Noël Coward!

Why did no one

bid for Rudolph

and Blitzen at the


Because they

were two deer!

Just for Laughs

“Here’s a gift receipt for the myrrh in case you

want a different perfume!”

Why is it

getting harder

to buy Advent



their days are



All aspects of general home maintenance


Shower rooms, conversions and tiling,

no job too small.

Full service, all work guaranteed.

Qualified tradesman, 40 years experience.

Call now for your free estimate!

Telephone: 0114 235 9746

Mobile: 0776 156 9068

Mon/Fri 9am - 12

Tue/Wed 9am - 2:45

Fri 12 - 3pm

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

What’s On

If you have an event you would like

to see included in our What’s On

section, email impact@stchads.org

Health Walks

•Mondays - 10am: Graves Park.

Meet outside the Rose Garden Cafe;

•Tuesdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet downstairs in Jack’s

Bar at the Beauchief Hotel;

•Thursdays - 10.30am: Lowedges.

Meet at the Gresley Road Meeting

Rooms, Gresley Road, Lowedges.

) Call 0114 203 9337 for details.

December 3, 10 and 17

Alpha Lunch

Beauchief Baptist Church


A light lunch followed by a short

discussion on the real meaning of


December 5

Christmas Fair

Church House, Abbey Lane


St Chad’s Pre-School Christmas Fair

with face painting, Santa’s Grotto,

crafts, refreshments and raffle. Entry

£1 for adults, children free.

December 6

Christingle Service

St Chad’s Church


Start the Christmas season with this

service especially for children.

December 6

Nether Edge Farmers’ Market

Traders and craftspeople sell their

wares in the streets around the old

Nether Edge Market Place.

December 7

Christmas M:eating Place

Luncheon Club

Beauchief Baptist Church


A Christmas meal with carols. Cost

£3.50 - everyone welcome.

December 8

Escafeld Chorale Christmas


All Saints’ Church, Ecclesall


Music, readings and refreshments

December 10, 11 & 12

Dore Male Voice Choir Christmas


Dore Parish Church


December 11

Every word you say…

Greenhill Library


From Jack the Ripper to Peter

Sutcliffe, what language can tell

you about crime. With crime writer

Danuta Reah

December 12

Book Sale

36 Crawshaw Grove, Beauchief


Good quality second-hand books

for sale in aid of the Alzheimer’s


December 13

Messy Church Christingle

Beauchief Baptist Church


Come dressed as a shepherd, angel

or king. Fun and games for all the


December 13

Carols by Candlelight

St Chad’s Church


A traditional carol service with

music and readings.

December 14

Come and Sing Messiah!

Dore Parish Church


Sheffield Bach Choir, conducted by

Mark McCombs with organist Simon


December 14

Fun Time Drop-in Session

Greenhill Library


A time for 0-4 year olds to play and

sing, and an opportunity for parents

and carers to meet.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

December 17

Sheffield Oratorio Chorus Carol




Mondays St Andrew’s – Church, 10am: Graves Psalter Lane Park.

Meet 7.30pm at the Animal Farm car park;

Tuesdays – 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. December Meet 19at Abbeydale

Industrial Journey Hamlet; to the Centre of the

Thursdays Christmas Pudding – 10.30am:

Lowedges. Beauchief Baptist Meet at Church the Community

Wing, 10am Lowedges - 12noon Junior School.

Leave Call 0114 your children 203 9337. to enjoy a

morning of fun and games for years

one to six with craft, activities,

National Council for Divorced,

stories, quizzes, games.

Single and Widowed

Tuesdays December 8-11pm 19

Norton Hallam Country Choral Club Society Christmas

Club Concert offering friendship and social

activities. St Andrew’s Church, Psalter Lane

7pm Call Magdalen on 0114


December 20

January Carols by 30 Candlelight - February 5









Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre





players compete

alongside Pre-School local Nativity Sheffield Service players.

St Call Chad’s 0114 Church 283 9900.

10.30am with crafts from 10am

February A fun and 5 interactive service aimed

Book at pre-school Sale children looking at

36 the Crawshaw Christmas Grove, story. Followed Beauchief by

10am-12pm refreshments.

Good quality second-hand books



sale in aid


of the Alzheimer‟s

Christmas Eve Crib Service

Society. Donations of paperback

St Chad’s Church



or biographies in good

condition Family service are welcome especially (but for not children

larger focusing books on the due nativity. to space


December 24

February Midnight 5 Communion

Free St Chad’s Environmental Church Activities

Millhouses 11.30pm Park


A traditional welcome to Christmas


Day as we







of Christ with a service of Holy

dipping activities for 8 - 13 year



Call 0114 263 4335.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Church, Tel: Linden (0114) Avenue, 274 5086 Woodseats

December 25

Christmas Day Family Worship

February St Chad’s Church 8-12

Jamaica 10am Inn

Ecclesall Join the celebrations All Saints Church with this Hall

7.30pm Christmas Day service for all ages.

A play presented by Ecclesall





Tickets: £5.

M:eating Place Luncheon Club

Call 0114 230 8842.

Beauchief Baptist Church


February A Christmas 12 meal with carols. Cost

Free £3.50 Environmental - everyone welcome. Activities

Millhouses Park


January 9

Nature Christmas quiz Tree trail, Shredding stream dipping

and Outside bug Abbey hunting Lane activities Schoolfor 8 - 13

year 10am-3pm olds.



the Christmas

0114 263




to an end, St Chad’s scouts will be

shredding Christmas trees outside


Abbey Lane


School. The charge is

Free £2 per Environmental tree. Activities

Ecclesall Woods Sawmill


January 11

Nature Fun Time quiz Drop-in trail, stream Session dipping

and Greenhill bug hunting Library activities for 8 - 13

year 10-11.30am olds.

A time Call for 0114 0-4235 year 6348. olds to play and

sing, and an opportunity for parents

and carers to meet.

February 20





Try A Bike

Greenhil Book Sale Park

10am-2pm 36 Crawshaw Grove, Beauchief

Rediscover 10am-12pm your cycling skills in

Greenhill Good quality Park. second-hand The rangers books will

provide for sale in a bike, aid of helmet the Alzheimer’s and

instruction. Society. Donations Meet at of the good Bowls condition

Pavilion, paperback Greenhill novels or Park. biographies are

Booking welcome is (but essential. not larger books due to


Call 0114 283 9195.

Beauchief Abbey Abbey holds holds a variety a

of variety services of services. and anyone For is more

welcome information to attend. see page For 29. more

details see the Abbey notice


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What’s On

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Book o






email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

email: office@stchads.org

St Chads

Seven Wonders of the

If you are of a certain age you will

probably be able to recall at least

four of the seven Wonders of the

Ancient World; the Great Pyramids

at Giza, the Hanging Gardens of

Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia,

The Colossus of Rhodes and so on…

The number seven is a very significant

number in the world order; seven days of

creation, seven days of the week, seven

sacraments, seven deadly sins, seven

virtues, seven voyages of Sinbad and so

many more.

From biblical times the number seven is

identified with something being “finished”

or “complete.” From then on, that

association continues, as seven is often

found in contexts involving completeness

or divine perfection.

So for us today what is the meaning of

wonder? The dictionary describes it as 1.

a feeling of amazement and admiration,

caused by something beautiful,

remarkable, or unfamiliar, 2. a person or

thing regarded as very good, remarkable,

or effective.

Seven Wonders of the Modern


We’ve all probably experienced one or

more of these and, like millions before us,

have been blown away by their incredible

beauty, presence and for many spiritual

significance. They all tell a great story in

their own way of human vision, creativity,

skill, engineering and determination.

All the official new Seven Wonders of

the World are equal and are presented as

a group without any ranking.

They have been elected by more than

100 million votes to represent global

heritage throughout history.

The top pictures above are, in my

Pictured are Christ the Redeemer; Taj Mahal 1 ;

Chichén Itzá 1 ; and the Colosseum 1.

opinion, of three of the most significant

wonders of our beautiful world. The

seven are Christ the Redeemer, Rio

de Janeiro, Brazil; Great Wall of China;

Machu Picchu, Peru; Petra, Jordan;

Pyramid at Chichén Itzá, Yucatan

Peninsula, Mexico; Roman Colosseum,

Rome; and the Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

In all, the number seven is used

in the Bible more than 700 times. Of

course, not every instance of the number

seven carries a deeper significance.

Sometimes, a seven is just a seven, and

we must be cautious about attaching

symbolic meanings to it. However,

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org


Anderson Tree Services

Great Wall of China; Machu Picchu 1 ; Petra 1 ;

1: photos by Dennis Jarvis

there are times when it seems that God

is communicating the idea of divine

completeness, perfection, and wholeness

by means of the number seven, and

there is nowhere greater than our New

Wonders of the World that displays this


Creation is a wonderful thing – however

we believe it was formed – and our

daily wonder can be found not only in

these great seven wonders of our world

but also in the everyday things we see

around us in nature and our common


Robin J Lockwood

Telephone: 0114 274 9101

Email: thujopsis@aol.com

Bill Anderson

131 Holmhirst Road

Sheffield S8 0GW

New music shop now

open selling Sheet

Music, Accessories, Gifts

and Instruments. Also

offering tuition in Piano,

Keyboard, Ukulele,

Guitar and Violin.

10 Terminus Road, Sheffield, S7 2LH

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

The Wonder of the Nativity


wonder what you make of

the Christmas story?

Of all the tales of Jesus’

life, it is possibly now even

more famous than his

death. But familiarity can breed

boredom, if not necessarily

contempt. I don’t think that the

Christmas story is something

we really treasure, or inspires

wonder. But one of the recurring

themes of the Bible’s story of

the birth of Jesus is that “Mary

treasured all these things.” And

with good reason. The story is

highly unusual. After a thoroughly

unusual conception and visions

in pregnancy, Joseph and Mary

are forced onto the road by

governmental diktat. The baby is

born far from home, in thoroughly

unsanitary conditions.

The first visitors aren’t friends

or grandparents, but a gang of

local unskilled labourers. An

old man in the temple scoops

up the baby to sing songs, and

Eastern astrologers claim that

the stars have guided them to

the baby. Their gifts are not the

usual ones for a baby; they’re far

more suited to either a funeral or

a coronation than a birth. Then

political machinations leave lives

in danger,

and the poor family must flee as

refugees to a foreign land.

But the Christian claim is

that the birth of Jesus is far

more significant than merely an

emotive story of a vulnerable

young family. The purpose of the

unusual birth was to point to an

even more unusual truth: that

Jesus is God become human

being, the creator becoming a

creature. God himself, stepping

down, to save a world that had

rejected him.

No Christmas carol sums up

this truth more eloquently than

Wesley’s famous hymn, ‘Hark!

the herald angels sing’. Wesley

writes, “Veiled in flesh the

Godhead see! Hail, the incarnate

Deity! Pleased as man with man

to dwell, Jesus, our Immanuel.”

The crying, nursing, helpless

infant, laid in a feeding trough,

is the God of the universe. The

creator of all that is has become

a creature to save his world.

“Peace on earth, and mercy mild,

God and sinners reconciled,”

writes Wesley.

No wonder the herald-angels

sing, “Glory to the new-born

king!” But I wonder, will you

wonder afresh this Christmas?

Rev Duncan Bell


of the


by Gerard



depicts the

wonder of

the nativity

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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website: www.stchads.org

Will you




in your

home this Christmas?


December small plastic

angels will be placed

around our area in

Woodseats, Beauchief

and Chancet Wood.

We would like to

encourage you to look

out for these angels

and, when you find one, please

take it home as part of your

Christmas decorations.

We would also welcome any

‘selfie’ photographs of where

you find your angel or where you

display it.

If you send your photos by

email to impact@stchads.org we

will then publish them in a future

edition of Impact and on St Chad’s

Church website at www.stchads.


This is a fun way of

remembering the angels’ part in

the Christmas story, spreading

their message and wishing you all

a very happy Christmas.

Find the Angels

Painter & Decorator

DIY work also undertaken.

A professional service at an

affordable price.

Local, reliable & trustworthy

20 years of experience

No job too small

Fully insured

Contact Neal of Inspirations

0114 255 9205 or 07868 745980

F urniture R epolishing S ervices


Old or modern furniture restored to as-new condition

From a coffee table top to complete dining suite

No job too small - free collection and delivery

Insurance work undertaken - any colour or finish

Call Dan for a FREE no obilgation quote

Tel: 07789 804852

Email: danandjane@hotmail.com

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

150 Years

Beautiful gifts made with love

5 Meadowhead, Woodseats,

Sheffield S8 7UA

0114 327 4270


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

► Gifts

► Jewellery

► Homeware

► Soft furnishing

Page 12

In 1865 an Anglican cleric published

a children’s book that would never

go out of print, would inspire

countless future books and films

from Doctor Suess to The Matrix

and would be adapted many times to

theatre, animation and film - media that

the young Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

(Lewis Carroll, to you and me) could

never have dreamed of.

That book was of course Alice in

Wonderland, followed up six years later

by the less popular sequel Through

the Looking Glass and what Alice

found there. The two Alice stories

are remarkable works. Like all good

children’s books they speak equally well

to old and young, meaning that parents

get pleasure from reading them for the

first time to their children. Carroll’s

imagination was unparalleled and his

prose witty and simple without ever

being condescending. The books were

well served by the brilliant illustrator,

John Tenneil, whose brilliant drawings

ensured that, despite Walt Disney’s best

efforts, Alice remains

in our imagination

as the young

Victorian girl

with a flowing

locks and

a billowing


The story

behind Alice’s


is well known.

The dean of

Christ Church,



email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

of Wonderland

One of the pictures from Alice’s

Adventures in Wonderland

Oxford, Henry Liddell, had a young

family and became close friends with

Carroll. Lewis Carroll would frequently

go on rowing trips with them and tell

engaging stories. One such trip took

place on July 4,1862 when Carroll,

perhaps noting the large number of

rabbit holes where they sat, told a story

of a white rabbit, a young girl and an

amazing adventure underground. Alice

Liddell was entranced by the story and

begged Carroll to record it in writing.

The rest, as they say, is history - or as

Carroll would have probably preferred

- fantasy. Lewis Carroll’s fecund

imagination soon produced an array

of unforgettable characters - the mad

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Page 13

hatter and his companions, the Queen of

Hearts, the Cheshire cat to name a few.

Queen Victoria was reputedly a great

fan (presumably not seeing the Queen

of Hearts as in anyway based on the

reigning monarch!) and Carroll’s name

was made.

Lewis Carroll himself remains a

controversial character. He was, like so

many Victorian churchmen, extremely

intelligent and emotionally complex. He

was a brilliant mathematician as well as

a creative genius. He had a particular

interest in early photography, from which

the most controversial aspect (to modern

eyes) derived: namely, his obsessive

photographing of young girls. This has

led the Alice books, as well as his other

writings, to be read with some suspicion

by modern literary critics. What are we

to make of a man who, 150 years later,

could have been arrested for some of

the images that he took? It is rarely a

helpful exercise to transport our minds

into a culture and time so different to our

own. The Victorians as a society were

obsessed with children and innocence

– hence the booming sales of Alice –

and Carroll was by no means the only

Victorian writer to spend more time with

young children than we might expect


Whatever the deeper readings that can

be found in Alice, it seems to me that the

best of way of reading the book is surely

the way that Carroll intended it on that

July riverside ramble. It is about magic,

wonder and the possibilities that arise

when you take your eyes off the day-today

practicalities of life. As a far lesstalented

Anglican cleric, I can only say

that I wholeheartedly agree.

Rev Toby Hole

email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Wonder of Healing

Healing Rooms

Woodseats is part of an

International Association,

found in 62 nations of

the world and 61 towns

in the UK. The team is usually

made up of people from different

church denominations.

The Healing Room is set up

under a very specific training, so

that whichever one you go to, you

may expect a similar safe


We begin each

session with the

team taking part

in worship of God

and in prayer

before we open.

Then we have

a team of three

people in each

room, and the prayer

will last for 10- 15

minutes. At the Big Tree

pub we use room dividers to create

prayer rooms. We also have a

coffee lounge where people can

wait for prayer.

Anyone can come for prayer.

You may believe in God or have no

belief in God. We welcome anyone

from any background.

We pray with people who are

physically ill. However, folk ask for

prayer for traumatic life events, or to

find a job, get over depression, etc.

We can’t do anything at all apart

from God’s power, but amazingly,

as we offer simple prayer, God

really turns up. People always feel

better in some measure.

We have people coming back

with wonderful stories. Many start to

pray to God themselves. For some

this encounter with God on the

High Street is their first step to

visiting a local church.

One town has a

Healing Room in a

Costa Coffee shop.

Jesus said, “Go

into the world and

let them know the

good news that

there is hope in Me.”

Jesus healed

everyone who came to

Him. The story of Jesus

in the gospels of what Jesus

did is just amazing. He told us to lay

hands on sick people and they will


We have been open now in

Woodseats for nine years. We

have seen healings of depression,

anorexia, sleeplessness, migraine

and asthma pain – the list goes on.

I was healed of 40 years of

migraine needing four medicines.

I have been migraine-free for nine

years. People come back reporting

remarkable things have happened

after prayer. One person was

taken to the operating theatre but it

was found they had already been


There are miracles all around

us every day in creation. The sun

comes up, the trees grow. There

is air to breathe. God is amazingly


Janet Bassindale

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Last night I surprised

myself by being awake

for about two hours

in order to watch the

eclipse of the moon.

I stood in the darkness of

my garden watching as

gradually the white moon

disappeared. But it was

not what I was seeing that I

wondered at most; it was the

fact of what was happening.

The earth was passing between

the moon and the sun. My nonscientific

mind found this too

difficult to imagine and understand.

The sky was filled with stars and I

even saw a shooting star! I could

not but wonder at what I believe to

be God’s creation.

This night reminded me of my

first night in Mozambique. There

was no light of any kind other

than that of the stars. I felt I could

reach up and pluck one out of the

sky; they appeared so close to

me. Thousands of stars up there!

I never got fed up with being filled

with wonder at such a sight.

I will always remember an event

which took place some years ago

when I was visiting the squatter

camps in Soweto. I sat in a room

with Maria drinking tea. Tears ran

freely down her cheeks. I asked her

why. A look of great amazement

mingled with her tears “You are

white and you are drinking out

of one of my cups in my house. I

never thought that could happen”.

There is so much to wonder at; to

be amazed by. I watched as a yet

unborn baby moved around in its

mother’s womb. Soon a little child

will appear. I have a very small

nursery in my garden. I cut off a

piece of hydrangea a few weeks

ago. It was simply a bare piece of

stem. Today it has five new leaves

shooting off it and I watch them

grow larger day by day.

I wonder at the incredible

generosity of a stranger we met

on a snowy day at Lake Tahoe

in California. We began to talk

and I said that we had did not

have our camera with us and the

sights were so utterly stunning. He

immediately lifted his own large and

very expensive camera from his

shoulder and handed it to us. He

told us where he lived and invited

us to bring it back when we were

finished with it.

Isn’t it often the simple things of

life which cause us to be filled with

wonder? The colour of the trees

in the autumn sunshine; the smile

and serenity of someone who is

terminally ill; the joy of being made

to feel welcome; a book, a film or

a piece of music which fills us with

unexpected emotion; the sound of

the organ filling the space of the

cathedral. Simple things in one way

but things which overwhelm us with

wonder and cause us to think about

our own humanity.

The words of Welsh poet,

W.H.Davies sum this up so well:

“What is this life, if, full of care

We have no time to stand and


Mary Thomas

Photo By John Purvis

Gazing in Wonder

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67 Dalewood Avenue, Beauchief, Sheffield S8 0EG

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07889 229013

“Thank you so much for the work you did in totally renewing my bathroom,

I am so very pleased with the overall result. You were 100% professional,

it was a pleasure to have you working in the house. I have no hesitation of

recommending you to my friends and neighbours.” Stella Stacey, S8

t: 0114 220 3299 or 07908 898 827

e: chrisshephard@blueyonder.co.uk


December 12 and 15 mark the 75th

anniversary of the Sheffield blitz

when over 2,000 Sheffielders

were killed or injured and 40,000

were left homeless. Almost 3,000

properties with blown to pieces and a

further 82,000 damaged.

Everyone knew Sheffield ‘had it coming’

sooner or later because of the steelworks;

but because there has been so many

false alarms and it was so near Christmas,

many had begun to ignore the sirens and

stay in places of entertainment rather than

air raid shelters. That Thursday evening

the city was bathed in a full moon, a real

‘bomber’s moon’. “If they’re coming at all it

will be tonight,” said some. And come they

did. The sirens sounded at 7pm and by

7.10pm Norton Lees and Gleadless were

alight within incendiary bombs. By 7.30pm

Moorhead, the city centre, Abbeydale

and Woodseats were ablaze - a glowing

red mass against the moonlit sky. There

followed nine hours of high-explosive

bombing. Many gas and water mains were

destroyed. Burning trams lay severed in

half amid their mangled lines and rubble

from falling buildings.

People ran from cinemas into the cellars

of Marples Hotel, not knowing that at

11.44pm the building would receive a direct

hit and around 70 people would die. The

exact number was never known as the

seven storeys above collapsed like a pack

of cards leaving a heap of rubble 15ft high.

Redgates, the toy shop, where many

Christmas gifts awaited collection, was

reduced to blazing rubble along with all the

department stores on the Moor.

At 4.17am the all clear sounded and

folk emerged from shelters to an alien yet

strangely beautiful landscape. Frost and

broken glass glittered in the moonlight and

shattered buildings stood in stark relief

against a blood-red sky.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Blitz – 75 Years On

Christmas of 1940 was probably the

bleakest in Sheffield’s history. Church bells

were silent and could only be rung if the

enemy invaded. Food was rationed, weekly

amounts being 4oz bacon/ham, 6oz butter,

2oz tea, 8oz sugar, 2oz cooking fat and

meat to the value of 1s 10d.

Christmas that year, it seemed, was a

non-event. Only Christmas Day was a

holiday; the banks were open on Boxing

Day and most people went back to work.

Those who didn’t helped with the clearing

up and the children played dangerously

on bomb sites which were regarded as

adventure playgrounds. The new school

term soon put a stop to this. Although many

schools, including Woodseats, were taken

over as rest centres for the homeless,

education continued in undamaged

houses or anywhere that could be utilised

as a classroom. Because they were out

in the country, both Sheffield’s open air

schools continued as normal. Gerald Roe

Photos courtesy of the Sheffield Star

High Storrs School rest centre on

December 12, 1940

Sheffield following the blitz

remembers breaking his leg in a fight and

looking forward to a few weeks off school.

Much to his annoyance, the school bus

made a detour every morning to collect


So, Sheffield picked itself up, dusted

itself down and carried on. Denis Ward

remembers the upper floor of his home

being destroyed by an incendiary bomb,

but within six months it had been rebuilt

and was ready to live in again. Bomb sites

turned into gardens of wild flowers in which

we children played hide and seek among

the purple spikes of willow herb and red

corn poppies.

Few alive today were adults during the

Blitz and only we, the children of the war,

survived. Now we are old but we love to tell

our war stories and we don’t ever want you

to forget what happened for, because of

it, the world was, for a while, a kinder and

happier place.

Graham Kendrick understood when he

wrote these lines:

Peace to the killing fields, scorched earth

to green

Christ for the bitterness, his cross for the


From Beauty for Brokeness by Graham Kendrick 1993

Sylvia Bennett

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Specialists in...


Flat Roofing

Ridge Pointing

Replacing Damaged

Slates and Tiles


Storm Damage - Insurance Work


24 Hour Call-Out Service

New chapter at the


As we reported earlier this year, a

new library and medical centre

is being built in Woodseats and

is expected to open around

Christmas 2016.

To enable this to happen, the current

library will close on November 21.

While the library is closed, you can

access services in several different ways.

There will be extended opening hours from

January at Ecclesall and Highfield libraries

and, again from the new year, a book

drop-off service is planned at Woodseats

Medical Centre. For more details, speak to

a member of staff at the library.

An artist’s impression of the new library




Funerals, Parties &

Private Functions


Call the Secretary on 0114 236 9872

The Club House, Bradway Road, Sheffield, S17 4QR

Get involved in


Girlguiding is the leading charity

for girls and young women in the

UK – and the units at St Chad’s

are looking for more people to get

involved as volunteers.

Help is needed with the Rainbows,

Brownies and Guides which meet

throughout the week.

To find out more or to get in touch and let

us know you’re interested, visit the website

at www.girlguiding.org.uk and click on Get


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Help for the


Children from Abbey Lane School

along with young people

from our Kingdom Kids

group at St Chad’s sent

gifts of love to children

caught up in the refugee crisis.

The youngsters took part in

Project Paddington – a Sheffieldbased

scheme set up to send

teddies and messages of love and

support to refugee children in Europe and

further afield. In total 14 sacks of teddies

and other cuddly toys were sent, thanks to

the children and a team of willing helpers.

A total of £265 was also raised to

support Project Paddington through a bun

sale at Abbey Lane School and a stall at St


Volunteers with some of the toys

Tim and Emily Hopkinson, who

organised the appeal at St Chad’s

and Abbey Lane, said: “We were

thrilled by people’s support and want to

thank everyone who got involved in any

way. It’s great that so many children and

families will be helped by the kindness and

generosity of people in our community.”

• A produce stall at St Chad’s Have A Go

Show raised over £335 for Tearfund, which

is working with refugees in the Middle East

and Europe.

Are you looking for

a room to hold your

party or meeting?

St Chad’s Church has

two rooms available for

hire at 56 Abbey Lane

Call 0114 274 5086 for details

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Celebrating in Mexico

Christmas in México has

a variety of traditions

and customs, such as

Posadas and Three Kings

Day, as well as traditional

Christmas dishes like tamales,

buñuelos, churros, menudo,

ponche, and champurrado. I am

going to tell you a little about

how Christmas is celebrated in

Monterrey, México where I come


In December we have craft

markets and fairs all over the

country, at which Christmas

decorations, piñatas, candies,

Christmas trees and seasonal fruits

like oranges, apples, mandarins

and guavas are for sale.

The traditional flower that

decorates Mexican homes over

Christmas time is the Noche Buena

flower – known in England as the

poinsettia. The origin of Noche

Buena flower comes from México

and Central America and it means

Vida Nueva or New Life.

Nine days prior to Christmas Day

from December 16 to 24, Mexican

culture celebrates ‘Posadas’.

These festivities recall the journey

that Mary and Joseph made from

Nazareth to Bethlehem, looking for

a place to await the birth of Jesus.

These nine Posadas symbolise

the nine months of pregnancy of

Mary. Mexicans take part in a brief

pilgrimage with candles and sing

traditional hymns paying tribute to

the Virgin Mary. These pilgrimages

end at the Basilica of Guadalupe –

one of the larger church buildings

in northern México. Posadas are

celebrated on the street and in

people’s houses. People gather

together to pray the Rosary with

candles and sparklers. They also

celebrate with traditional food

and a piñata in the shape of a

seven-sided star. A piñata plays an

important part of these festivities,

each side represents a capital sin.

The piñata is stuffed with candies

and fruit. To get the goodies inside

the piñata, it is necessary to hit

it with a wooden stick with eyes

closed, which represent blind faith.

In México, Christmas Eve is

called Noche Buena and on this

day we gather together as a family

to celebrate Jesus’ birth. A feast

is served which includes turkey,

gammon, mashed potatoes, brisket,

spaghetti, tamales, menudo,

baguettes and gravy. Christmas

Eve is a formal party when we

dress up for the occasion and enjoy

family time late into the night.

On Christmas Day children open

their presents from Santa Claus.

Christmas Day is a relaxing day

to spend at home and to enjoy

leftovers from Noche Buena.

In the north of the country, little

ones believes in Santa Claus, they

will receive presents from him if

they have behaved properly during

the year. Further south, the tradition

is to receive presents from the Three

Wise Men on January 6 (Three Kings


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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glance at a Bible; his

family were concerned

for his sanity. To be

found with a Bible would

have meant serious

consequences and

punishment. God

honoured this fast and

prayer sending Yun a

Bible. He immediately

read and memorised

chapters from the Bible.

With few resources

unobserved and walking after his legs

were so severely broken (he was told

he would be crippled for life after this


Whatever Yun experienced, God

repeatedly demonstrated his

faithfulness never leaving him or his

family to cope alone. We will

probably never experience this kind of

persecution but this book is testimony

to the incredible power of God and his

Holy Spirit.

Sian Mann

There is nothing like Christmas in

México. From early December the

festivities start all over the country. The

Posadas are the most significant festivities

of the month but not everybody celebrates

posadas in a religious way. For example,


At Church House

(56 Abbey Lane)

10am to 12 noon

On the last Saturday of each month.

Bring & Buy (new items)

Handicrafts Home Baking

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 22 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

companies throw Christmas parties called

Posadas, these events are the size of a

wedding! Just imagine, fancy decorations,

a sit-down meal, fancy clothes, live music,

and raffles. All employees are invited and

the bigger the company, the bigger the

party. Christmas presents are not a big

deal between grown ups, these are for the

little ones that wait excitedly for Santa’s


The most important thing over Christmas

is to spend time within family and friends

remembering the birth of Jesus.

In my family, we celebrate Noche Buena

(Christmas Eve) at my grandma’s house

with a nice evening meal. I have a big

family. In total, I have 41 cousins – so

being together is always fun.

Remembering Jesus and celebrating

with fireworks, sparkles and food are the

centre of our Christmas.

Cecilia Sutcliffe

Cecilia is orginally from Mexico but now

lives in Sheffield and attends St Chad’s


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Year of Wonders

by Geraldine Brooks

Fact and fiction blend

together in this fascinating

story told through the eyes

of Anna Frith, a young

widow of 18.

Anna’s husband died working

in the lead mines, leaving her

with two young children. This

was a tragedy in itself but worse

was the come, for the village

where Anna lived was Eyam in

Derbyshire. Her impoverished

home was where George Vickers,

the journeyman tailor, came to

lodge, bringing with him fabric

from London. Unbeknown to him,

and everyone else in the village,

he also brought the Black Death,

hidden in the damp, flea-ridden


As the story unfolds we are

get to know many of Anna’s

neighbours as they struggle

with the hardships of rural 17th

century life. We gain insight

into the harrowing experience of

working down the mines. The hill

farmers can barely scratch a living

above ground. We experience

their fear, and then their sorrow,

as family members and friends

succumb to the plague. We learn

about their superstitions. Some

put their faith in herb lore, which

leads to accusations of witchcraft

and sorcery with devastating

results. There is religious tension

within the community, too, and

physical violence as some begin

to lose their grip on reality. Whilst

several families decide to flee,

the charismatic vicar persuades

the remaining villagers to accept

voluntary isolation in the hope

of containing the plague. Those

who know the true facts will no

doubt find the

ending of the

novel more than a

little fanciful, but

remember that

this is a novel

after all – a blend

of fact and fiction.

The title Year of

Wonders comes

from Dryden’s

poem, Annus

Mirabilis in which

he describes the

terrible year of

1666, marked

by the Great

Fire of London, the

Great Plague and the war against

the Dutch. Anna Frith, a woman

with a deep faith, no doubt held

fast to the words, “God moves in

mysterious ways, His wonders

to perform”, which gave her the

strength to support and strengthen

others. Despite its subject, the

book is not depressing.

It is a poignant story of love

and lasting friendship, of personal

loss and selfless bravery. The

characters are beautifully drawn.

The true story of Eyam challenged

author Geraldine Brooks and it is

a challenge for us, too. A former

war correspondent, she has seen

other communities face impossible

situations – in the Balkans, the

Middle East and Africa. In the

Afterward, she writes, “What

would it be like to have to make

such a choice (as the villagers

of Eyam did) and to find that,

in consequence, two thirds of

your neighbours were dead

within a year? How would faith,

relationships and social order


Chris Laude

St Chad’s 3rd Age Book Group

Book Review

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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The Wonder of ‘Obama’s


can’t be the only person who

remembers singing ‘You are

the sunshine of my life’ or ‘I

just called to say I love you’ at


It’s testimony to Stevie Wonder’s

talent as a musician and performer

that these simple, synthesised

tunes remain so catchy and

singable decades after they were

first recorded. Yes, there’s a certain

cheesiness about them, but they

bear testimony to his consistency and

longevity in a fickle industry where

many come and go.

Incredibly, Stevie Wonder has been

Stevie Wonder

Photo by Antonio

Cruz/ABr - Agência

Brasil.. Licensed

under CC BY 3.0

br via



going strong, swaying behind his

trademark dark glasses, ever since

his remarkable talent as an 11-yearold

was spotted. The young Steveland

honed his musical skills by singing

in the church choir, listening to blues

and jazz on the radio, playing on the

neighbour’s piano and performing on

street corners with a friend.

His first album for Motown (as

‘Little Stevie Wonder’) came out in

1962. The following year, the album

‘The 12 Year Old Genius’ rocketed to

No.1 in the charts. The singles and

albums which followed covered a

range of musical styles, from those

synthesised love songs, to pop (‘Part

time lover’) and the seriously funky

(‘Signed, sealed, delivered’). They’re

not all suitable for school choirs, but

there are a lot of good tunes in there.

Naturally, it’s not only his music

but the fact that he’s been so

successful even though he’s blind

that fascinates people.

He hasn’t seen his blindness

as a particular handicap,

however. In an article for

Rolling Stone Magazine, his

then assistant remembered

being in Puerto Rico on a sunny

day and Wonder saying it was

going to rain. “He said he could

smell the moisture in the air, and

we were all laughing at him. Three

hours later, sure enough, it came. A


Wonder himself has observed:

“Being blind, you don’t judge books by

their covers; you go through things

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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that are relatively insignificant, and

you pick out things that are more


In fact, he never felt while growing

up that he lacked anything because

of his blindness. Instead, comments

from early on in school “made me

feel like because I was black I

could never be or would never be”.

It’s perhaps not surprising that he

subsequently led the campaign for

Martin Luther King Jr Day to be

officially recognised, penning the

single ‘Happy Birthday’ in honour of

the civil rights activist.

For many today, Martin Luther

King is part of Black History. But

for Wonder he was part of his life.

He was 18, and already well into

his musical career, when King was


During the campaign in 1981 he

referred to King’s “great vision both

challenging and inspiring us with his

great dream. People have asked,

‘Why Stevie Wonder, as an artist?’

Why should I be involved in this

great cause? I’m Stevie Wonder the

artist, yes, but I’m Steveland Morris,

a man, a citizen of this country,

and a human being. As an artist,

my purpose is to communicate the

message that can better improve

the lives of all of us.”

He succeeded. Martin Luther

King Jr Day became law in 1983.

Perhaps fittingly, Barack Obama

today counts Stevie Wonder as his

favourite artist.

Amy Hole

Here’s how little it costs

to advertise in

Adverts are priced

at the following rates for

one year (six editions):

1/8 page: £110

1/6 page: £155

1/4 page: £225

1/2 page: £445

Full page: £915

Call St Chad’s Church office on

0114 274 5086

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St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Registers 2015



11 Gracie Leigh Tyler

Georgie Mae Tyler

Freddie David Owen



3 Annie Cerys Evans



5 Richard Thomas Marvin and

Louise Rebecca Field



30 Doris McPherson (91)


1 Alfred Carr (74)

For Weddings

and Funerals

You don’t have to be a churchgoer

to have a wedding in church or

be ‘religious’ to have a dignified and

meaningful funeral service at St Chad’s.

If you live in the Woodseats or

Beauchief area, St Chad’s would be

delighted to help you, whether it is

planning the Big Day or saying goodbye

to a loved one.

For weddings please contact St Chad’s

church office. For funerals please tell

your funeral director that you would like

to have a church service.

Do you have a few hours spare to support our

lovely clients in Sheffield to remain independent

within their own homes?

More about the role:

• Part Time Hours to suit you (2-20 hrs. p/w)

• Full Induction training with Office Support

• No previous care experience necessary

• We welcome applicants of all ages!

An open heart and warm smile is all you need to

become a Care Companion at Home Instead

*Car Driver Desirable

Apply Now! Call 0114 250 7709

Or visit www.homeinstead.co.uk/sheffield

6 Shirley House, Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YL

• If you have had a new baby and would

like to celebrate that baby’s birth with

a service in church then please come

to one of our thanksgiving and baptism

mornings at St Chad’s.

The morning will explain the difference

between the two services and give

parents an opportunity to ask any

questions. Please call the church office

on 0114 274 5086 if you are interested in


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Weekly services are held at Beauchief Abbey

1st,2nd&4th Sundays Holy Communion 11.00am

3rd Sunday Evensong 3pm

5th Sunday Matins 11.00am

Our church services are based on the Book of Common Prayer

and refreshments are served afterwards

All welcome

29 November 11.00am Advent Sunday

Christmas Eve Carol Service 7pm

Christmas Day 10.30am

Seasons Greetings

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org


Woodseats • Sheffield

Church Office 9 Linden Avenue 274 5086

S8 0GA

Term time office hours:

Mon - 10am-1pm; Tues - 9.30am-1pm;

Thurs - 9.30am-1pm; Fri - 9am-11am

Church Office Administrator

Helen Reynolds

email: office@stchads.org

Vicar Toby Hole (Vicarage) 274 9302

email: toby@stchads.org

Curate Duncan Bell 274 5086

email: duncan.j.bell@gmail.com

Assistant Minister for the elderly Yvonne Smith 274 5086


Daren Craddock, Amy Hole, Pauline

Johnson and Yvonne Smith 274 5086

Youth Worker Nick Seaman 274 5086

email: nick@stchads.org

Besom in Sheffield

Steve Winks and

Darren Coggins 07875 950170

Impact magazine Tim Hopkinson 274 5086

email: impact@stchads.org

Church Wardens Jimmy Johnson 274 5086

Linda McCann 274 5086

Deputy Wardens Ann Firth 274 5086

Ann Lomax 274 5086

Uniformed Groups

Group Scout Leader Ian Jackson 235 3044

Guide Leader Jemma Taylor 296 0555

CHURCH HOUSE 56 Abbey Lane 274 8289

Bookings Helen Reynolds 274 5086

Visit our website: www.stchads.org

PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of advertisements in Impact in no way means the

advertiser is endorsed or recommended by St Chad’s Church.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

764 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, S8 0SE

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

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