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Cover photo of Cressbrook Dale by Graham Dunn - see page 20 to find out more

about Graham’s landscape photography.


Independent family Funeral Directors



Kenwood Hall the perfect

venue for your family occasions

and celebrations

A A personal family service at at all all times

We We will visit you in in your own home to to

make all all neccessary arrangements

Pre-paid funeral plans available

0114 274 5508


36 36 Abbey Lane, Sheffield, S8 S8 0GB

Whether you are booking a traditional wedding,

a christening or looking for a venue for any family

celebration, Kenwood Hall offers the perfect setting.

Set in 12 acres of grounds this stunning hotel caters

for all your special family events.

To discuss all our available packages contact our

Special Events Coordinator.

Kenwood Hall, Kenwood Road, Sheffield, S7 1NQ

Call 0114 258 3811

or visit www.kenwoodhallsheffield.co.uk

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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website: www.stchads.org

4783 Kenwood Hall 92x65.indd 1 05/12/2013 14:39

Regular readers of Impact will have picked

up a while ago that gardening isn’t really

my thing. Outside of the house we tend

to let nature run wild and inside the house

we kill almost every plant we own (the

one exception being my son’s cactus which is

surviving quite happily).

That isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy gardens –

particularly other people’s – and it’s even possible

that given the time I might be able to do a little

pottering about myself. Our favourite gardens

that we visit are those in Chatsworth, and not

just the magnifi cent grounds with the rocks, the

water features and the sculptures. The kitchen garden with its multitude

of different herbs giving off wonderful scents of rosemary, mint, sage etc.

are also a great favourite.

The garden that I know best is the one that I grew up playing in, in my

parents house on the outskirts of London. My parents bought a house

that was a wreck with a garden that displayed nature at its worst. The

bottom of the garden was a permanent marsh with water that regularly

fl ooded the concrete bomb shelter that was an unwanted feature of the

landscape. Neither the house nor the garden had been tended for a long

time and my father, displaying talents that I sadly never inherited, set

about improving both.

Over the course of some 25 years the bomb shelter was demolished to

make a patio, the marsh was drained and turned into a vegetable patch,

paths were put in, dead trees cut down, fl owers planted and the lawn

relaid. Neither house nor garden now display any sign of their previous


The love that many of us have for gardens comes, I think, out of the

knowledge that beauty comes at a cost. The pleasing lines and colours

that make up a good garden are certainly not “natural”; they are the

product of human imagination and initiative working with the raw power

and spontaneity of nature. Too much order and the landscape feels

artifi cial, too much spontaneity and it is simply fi lled with weeds.

If we do feel closer to God in a garden, as Dorothy Gurney’s poem

says, then I wonder if it is because in our own lives we recognise a

certain interplay of creative order and chaotic spontaneity.

I know that if I lived entirely according to my own selfi sh

desires I would be weed-ridden and unpleasant. I need

God to fashion me and be the gardener to my soul

bringing out the best of me and rooting out the worst.

And like all gardens, if I neglect my spiritual life for too

long, the weeds soon come back with a vengeance.

If we’re feeling messy and weedy then perhaps we

need to look to the Good Gardener to prune, weed and

nurture us?

Rev Toby Hole, Vicar,

St Chad’s Church, Woodseats

Closer to God in a Garden?

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

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7 Dale View Road, Sheffield S8 0EJ

‘Phone 0114 235 6002

Mobile 07853 350 085

Email mallornroofing@hotmail.co.uk

Specialists in...


Flat Roofing

Ridge Pointing

Replacing Damaged

Slates and Tiles


Storm Damage - Insurance Work


24 Hour Call-Out Service




Funerals, Parties &

Private Functions


Call the Secretary on 0114 236 9872

The Club House, Bradway Road, Sheffield, S17 4QR

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

A little boy was sitting

in his garden with his

mum when a lorry went

by loaded up with rolls of


“I’m going to do that

when I’ve got a garden,”

he told his mum.

“What’s that dear?” she


“Send my lawn away to

be cut!” he replied.

A man walked into

a fi sh and chip shop

with a salmon under

his arm.

He asked “Do you

sell fi sh cakes here?”

“No,” was the reply.

“That’s a shame, it’s

his birthday!”

Why do potatoes

make good


Because they keep

their eyes peeled!

What did the traffic

light say to the


“Don’t look, I’m


“We were told you only accepted

creatures on the ark in pears!”

Why did Cinderella

get dropped from

the football team?

She ran







to the

plant in

the maths


It grew



What’s brown

and runs round

the garden

A fence!

Why did the

tomato go out

with a prune?

Because he

couldn’t fi nd a


Why do fungi

have to pay

double bus


Because they

take up too


Fun and Laughs


All aspects of general home maintenance


Shower rooms, conversions and tiling,

no job too small.

Full service, all work guaranteed.

Qualified tradesman, 40 years experience.

Call now for your free estimate!

Telephone: 0114 235 274 9746 5061

Mobile: 0776 156 9068

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

What’s On

If you have an event you would like

to see included in our What’s On

section, email impact@stchads.org

Health Walks

•Mondays - 10am: Graves Park.

Meet outside the Rose Garden


•Tuesdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet at the Visitors

Centre at Abbeydale Industrial


•Thursdays - 10.30am:

Lowedges. Meet at the Gresley

Road Meeting Rooms, Gresley

Road, Lowedges;

•Thursdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet at the JG Graves

Discovery Centre off Abbey Lane.

) Call 0114 203 9337 for details

regarding any of the walks.

August 2

Dens and Fires Wild Play

Woodland Discovery Centre,

Ecclesall Woods

10am-12pm or 1.30-3.30pm

Children’s session with the Wildlife

Trusts. Price £5 per person.

Booking is essential on 0114 263


August 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31

Make your Own Wednesdays

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

10am - 12.30pm

Fun family craft activities.

Normal Hamlet admission

applies with a small fee charged

for crafts.

August 9

Butterflies & Bees Wild Play

Woodland Discovery Centre,

Ecclesall Woods

10am-12pm or 1.30-3.30pm

Children’s session with the Wildlife

Trusts. Price £5 per person.

Booking essential on 0114 2634335.

August 14, 28 and 29

Abbeydale Miniature Railway

Abbeydale Road South


The regular open days at

Abbeydale Miniature Railway.

August 16

Natural Art Wild Play

Woodland Discovery Centre,

Ecclesall Woods

10am-12pm or 1.30-3.30pm

Children’s session with the Wildlife

Trusts. Price £5 per person.

Booking essential on 0114 2634335.

August 19

An Elizabethan Wardrobe


Greenhill Library


A talk, demonstration and display

by Maureen Taylor. Learn about

men’s and children’s fashions,

social habits, hats, and more.

Tickets are £5 and will be

available from the library.

Anderson Tree Services

Bill Anderson

131 Holmhirst Road

Sheffield S8 0GW

Telephone: 0114 274 9101

Email: thujopsis@aol.com

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Send details of your event to impact@stchads.org or write to: Impact,

St Chad‟s Church Offices, 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB.

Lowedges. Meet at the Community

Wing, Lowedges Junior School.

Call 0114 203 9337.

February 12

Free Environmental Activities

Millhouses Park

National August Council 20 for Divorced, September 11 and 25


Single The Great and Widowed Greenhill Bake Off Abbeydale Miniature Railway

Nature quiz trail, stream dipping

Tuesdays Greenhill 8-11pm Library

Abbeydale Road South

Norton 2pm


Country Club


bug hunting activities for 8 - 13

Club Are offering you a star friendship baker? Take and social your

year The regular olds. open days at

activities. bakes along to Greenhill Library’s Abbeydale Call 0114 Miniature 263 4335. Railway.


Call Magdalen

altar to




judged by


Great British Bake Off contestant February September 1216

Howard Middleton. Not a baker? Free Pollyanna Environmental PickeringActivities

Then go along, sample the bakes Ecclesall Greenhill Woods Library Sawmill

January 30 - February 5

at a tea party and get a signed 10.30am-12.30pm



copy of




new book.


Nature Follow award-winning quiz trail, stream wildlife dipping


For details





ranked players compete

Leisure Centre

and artist bug Pollyanna hunting and activities her daughter for 8 - 13


year Anna-Louise olds. on their travels into

alongside Suggested local entry Sheffield donation players. £2. the Call Tibetan 0114 borderlands 235 6348. in her

Call 0114 283 9900.

quest to paint one of the most

August 23

February iconic of all 20 animals — the Giant

February Stick Man 5

Why Panda. Not Advance Try A Bike booking strongly

Book Woodland Sale Discovery Centre, Greenhil



36 Ecclesall Crawshaw Woods Grove, Beauchief


10am-12pm or 1.30-3.30pm September 18

Rediscover your cycling skills in

Good Children’s quality session second-hand with the books Wildlife Nether Edge Farmers Market

Greenhill Park. The rangers will

for Trusts. sale in Price aid of £5 the per Alzheimer‟s person. Nether Edge

provide a bike, helmet and

Society. Booking Donations is essential of on paperback 0114 263 12-4pm

instruction. Meet at the Bowls

novels 4335. or biographies in good Stalls and entertainment in the

Pavilion, Greenhill Park.

condition are welcome (but not streets around the old Nether Edge

Booking is essential.

larger September books due 11 to space

Market Place.

Call 0114 283 9195.

limitations). Farmer’s Market

Greenhill Library


February 5

Food and crafts from local

Free Environmental Activities

producers at Greenhill Library’s


third Farmers


and Artisan Craft

Beauchief Abbey Abbey holds holds a variety a



of variety services of services. and anyone For is more

Obstacle For details course see www.greenhilllibrary.org

activities for 8 - 13 year

and stream

welcome information to attend. see page For 29. more


details see the Abbey notice



Call 0114 263 4335.

t Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

hurch Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB New music Page shop 6 now

website: www.stchads.org

el: (0114) 274 5086

open selling Sheet

Music, Accessories, Gifts

and Instruments. Also

offering tuition in Piano,

Keyboard, Ukulele,

Guitar and Violin.

What’s On

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himself ther

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St Chads Church

Church Offices: 1

Tel: (0114) 274 5

10 Terminus Road, Sheffield, S7 2LH

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Capability Brown






Brown transformed the

gardens at Chatsworth in

1760 designed out of what

was then working farmland

– a challenge for the great

designer who often talked of

a garden’s ‘capabilities’ which

earned him his well-known


Born in 1716, he is

thought to have fi rst visited

Chatsworth in 1758.

This year the Capability

Brown Festival is celebrating

the 300th birthday of the

man seen as the ‘father of

landscape architecture’ with

a programme of events.

For more details visit the

websites capabilitybrown.org

or chatsworth.org

Painter & Decorator

DIY work also undertaken.

A professional service at an

affordable price.

Local, reliable & trustworthy

20 years of experience

No job too small

Fully insured

Contact Neal of Inspirations

0114 255 9205 or 07868 745980

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

In June 2014 the St Chad’s

Reshaping the Church project

was launched. You may

remember reading something

about it at the time in Impact.

At the time of the launch we

set ourselves the task of raising

£300,000 from the congregation,

from the sale of property and from

grants. Rather predictably, the

costs escalated quite considerably

and we have ended up raising

the remarkable sum of £430,000

which covers all the predicted costs

with the exception of VAT (most of

which we can reclaim under the

listed places of worship scheme).

We also now have all the

permissions in place from Sheffi eld

Council and the Diocese of

Sheffield. As I write, exploratory

work is taking place on the

foundations of the church with

full works due to start on July 4.

I hope that by the time that you

are reading this, work will be well


When the project has been

completed, the church will have a

new kitchen with facilities to feed

30 or so people, a new parish

office, more accessible toilets,

better-equipped meeting rooms

and a more attractive worship area.

We believe that the new building

will be of tremendous benefi t

not just to the regular Sunday

congregation, but also to the wider

community as the church will be

open longer for private prayer

and contemplation and there will

be greater opportunities for us

to extend Christian hospitality to

those in our neighbourhood who

need it most.

Hopefully you are already aware

that we have been worshipping

at Abbey Lane Primary School

since January where we are

holding our Sunday 9am and 11am

services. It has been

a great experience


in a different


and we are


grateful to the

governors of

the school and

the head teacher,

Maxine Stafford,

for allowing us to

use the school building.

Perhaps you’ve never been to

church before because the idea

of coming into a religious building

puts you off. If that’s the case then

come to the school and see what

Church outside of a church looks


Our friends at Woodseats

Methodist Church have very kindly

allowed us to use their building for

our regular Thursday 10am service

of Holy Communion, and we hope

that this will give us an opportunity

to share worship across Christian


What the building works do

mean is that we are unable to

conduct funerals and weddings

in the church until the project is

completed and any baptisms will

take place in the school and not the

church. We also do not yet know

what Christmas services we will be

able to hold as the completion date

for the works is set for February.

We apologise for any

inconvenience that the building

works may cause, but we are

confi dent that the new building

will be a wonderful asset to our

parish and we hope that as many

of the parish as possible will feel

encouraged to come along and

visit once the work has been


Rev Toby Hole

Reshaping the Church

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org


Licensed Waste Removal

A skip free alternative, we come - at a time to suit you - to clear your

home or garden of unwanted rubbish. Give us a ring today!

Need an area clearing?

Household or garden rubbish removing?

Property clearing?

Call us now on 274 9699 or 274 8208

Environment Agency


Alternatively, email: michaelthegardener@me.com

Are you looking for

a room to hold your

party or meeting?

St Chad’s Church has

two rooms available for

hire at 56 Abbey Lane

Call 0114 274 5086 for details

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

If you go down to the woods

today, you’re sure of a big

surprise! A well-known

line from a great children’s

song. Well, we’re hoping

this is true for our pupils at Abbey

Lane School as we embark on a

massive woodland project.

We are very fortunate to have a

large woodland area on our land,

one that the children love to go

to and experience nature, look

for mini beasts, bird-watch, build

dens – you name it. BUT there is

one drawback. The area offers no

shelter from the elements and is

quite overgrown.

Since I became a Governor,

the teaching staff and pupils have

mentioned how they would love to

be able to use this area more and

to really develop it and allow it to

become an extension of our school

buildings and classrooms. We

have spent many an hour talking

about how we could do this and

what we would like to achieve. The

Governors gave the teaching staff

a ‘magic wand’ and asked what

they really wanted, we also asked

the children how they felt we could

improve the woodland area.

Their replies involved a

classroom, a swimming pool, a

singing circle and a gardener’s

club! We vowed to try and make

their ideals a reality, minus the

swimming pool! And so, fast

forward a year and we have

started to fundraise for our

woodland classroom.

On Friday June 24 our staff,

Governors, parents and pupils

all took part in a sponsored walk

around Millhouses Park. Fancy

dress was encouraged and prizes

were awarded for imagination as

the children also took part in a

scavenger hunt along the way.

After the walk all participants

received a wooden medal and we

all enjoyed a picnic, stoned baked

pizza and a few games. It was a

lovely event, the children really

brought a smile to our faces as

they raced round the course.

We haven’t yet added up all the

sponsorship money as it is still

coming in, but we are very hopeful

we will have made a dent in our

£6,000 target!

Jemma Taylor

Chair of Governors, Abbey

Lane Primary School

Woodland Learning

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Photographing the


Landscape photography is a great

passion of mine. It had always

been a hobby and just over 10

years ago, when changing career

from surgery to photography,

I was fortunate enough that it could

become a large part of my work. Being

out in the landscape, for me, is so

inspiring, invigorating and revitalising –

something I aim to convey to the viewer

in my images.

Much careful planning is usually

involved in getting myself in the right

place at the right time – striving to

capture the landscape in all its glory

demands perseverance and patience.

Some images are captured quickly

whilst others require several visits –

often returning empty handed. It is easy

to become demoralised after failed

outings, but persistence is usually

rewarded and the rewards far outweigh

any downside.

There is nothing quite like the buzz

you get on the way back home when

you just know that you’ve got a cracker

in the bag!

For most of us, life is busy – a

continual rush from one place to the

next. Landscape photography can be a

much needed antidote to this. For me

to make meaningful images, I need to

slow down to absorb my surroundings

and to take careful note of the details,

before piecing together the composition.

For those viewing my work, I endeavour

to reveal those hidden details and most

transient of moments that are all so

easily missed as life passes us by.

Living in Sheffi eld, the Peak District

is just a stone’s throw away and is a

constant source of inspiration – what

a place to have on the doorstep! The

landscape is so varied, offering endless

opportunities throughout the seasons.

It is divided into two main areas, the

dark peak and the white peak. The Dark

Peak, with its gritstone plateaus and

edges, forms an upturned ‘U’ shape

which encases the White Peak to the

north, east and west. The White Peak,

which lost its gritstone cap during the

last ice age, offers a rather different

landscape – a gently undulating

limestone plateau interrupted by

spectacular dales and steep-sided

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org


valleys. Whether photographically

minded or not, it is well worth a visit.

Finally, when a photograph comes

together successfully, it can be tempting

to take all the praise and glory. But in

reality I am merely recording glimpses

in time of the wonderful creation we

find all around us.

For more information about my

work and the prints and workshops

I offer, or to see a larger selection

of images please visit www.

grahamdunn.co.uk or telephone

07957 166937.

Graham Dunn

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Places available this September at

St Chad’s Pre-school

Directly opposite Abbey Lane

School with a large outside

space to grow strawberries and

run to your heart’s content, St

Chad’s Pre-school is a

small and friendly setting that

has been running for over 25


Providing a warm and

caring environment, the

‘Aunties’ support children

between the ages of twoand-a-half

and fi ve, helping

them to grow and develop.

Here are just a few quotes from

satisifi ed parents:

“The outside space is brilliant - my

son goes out every day. The aunties are

pretty special too, always putting your

child fi rst and offering a lot of love and

numerous cuddles!”

“Esme has settled in quickly and

really enjoys her time there. The

aunties are wonderful, very

caring and attentive, and have

many years of experience.”

“The many years of

experience make for a

welcoming, happy and fun-fi lled


Call us on 0752 6100 755 for

a chat or to arrange a visit, or email

stchadspreschool@gmail.com. We look

forward to hearing from you!*

St Chad’s


St Chad’s Church House

56 Abbey Lane Sheffi eld S8 0BP

We are open from 9am until 12noon

Monday to Friday (term time only)

We provide sessions for children aged 2½ to primary school age

A fun and exciting environment awaits your child all with the

support of experienced and qualifi ed staff

Children learn through play to help them reach their full potential

We offer free early learning funding to eligible children

Why not call in to see us and collect an information

pack or contact us for further details?

Telephone 07526 100755

Our setting is registered with Early Years Ofsted

We are also a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

What sort of soil are

you? It’s a funny

question to ask,

but one that Jesus

asked of people. He

is well known for his parables –

the teaching stories that he told.

Since the surrounding society

was predominantly agrarian,

he commonly used examples

involving the landscape and

environment. One of his most

famous parables is called the

Parable of the Soils.

Jesus imagines a farmer

sowing seed. He scatters the

seed liberally and it falls on four

different kinds of soil. The first

is the path. Fields in Israel were

separated by paths where the

ground had been trodden hard

by generations of feet. The seed

cannot grow here, and the birds

eat it up. The second is on rocky

places, where the bedrock is just

below the surface of the ground.

The plants grow quickly, but

because they can’t put down good

roots, they soon wither. The third

soil is among thorns, which choke

the plants and stop them being

fruitful. The final soil is the good

soil, where the plants can grow

and bear a healthy crop.

Jesus explains to his disciples

that the parable is about how

people hear his message. Some

people hear the message, but it

bounces off. Others hear it and

think that what Jesus says is

great. But when hard times come,

they don’t have any root and give

up on following Jesus. Others

are like the seed sown among

thorns, and although they hear

the message of Jesus, things in

their lives just get in the way. But

the good soil is for people who

hear the message of Jesus and

respond, and go from strength to


I think back over my last two

years here in Woodseats, and

I think I’ve met all four groups

of people: People for whom the

message of Jesus just seems

to bounce off; people who are

enthusiastic, but don’t want it to

cost them anything; people who

are interested, but then life gets

in the way; but wonderfully also

people who respond to what

Jesus has said and have their

lives transformed.

So what sort of soil are you?

Jesus has shaped our society

more than anyone else in all

history, so I think that all adults

should take the time to think

about the claims he made and

what he said and did. Sadly

all too many people live their

lives with no more knowledge

of Jesus than that which they

picked up at school. Why not join

us on a Sunday morning to hear

more? Whether you’re a sceptic

or a seeker, all are welcome.

Rev Duncan Bell

The Parable of the Soils

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Services at St Chad’s

During our Reshaping project, our

services are being held in different

venues. Full details are listed below...

Sunday Services

Held at Abbey Lane School

Sunday Abbey Lane, Services

Sheffield S8 0BN

The The 9am 9am Service service







• Traditional in style

● Includes


Holy Communion, a


sermon &



• Includes Holy Communion, a sermon and hymns

● • Includes

Includes Includes refreshments afterwards

Sunday refreshments Services afterwards

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Taken taken from

from from Common

Common common Worship:

Worship: worship Holy

Holy holy Communion



The 9am Service

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Lifted the

– the 11am

11am Service


● Includes Holy Communion, a sermon & hymns

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and ● Includes relaxed refreshments




style afterwards

• Informal ● Taken and relaxed from Common in style Worship: Holy Communion

● • An

An An emphasis emphasis on

on on families

families families

● • Includes

Includes Includes music,

music, music led

led played by

by a


band by a band

● •

Refreshments Refreshments Lifted,


served the served 11am from

from from




to 10.45

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A joint service

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at 10am




being held on the first Sunday of

● Includes music, led by a band

most months – see our website or the banner outside Abbey

● Refreshments served from 10.15-10.45am

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• Traditional in style




Holy Taken


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hymns Communion

• Taken from common worship Holy Communion

Includes Holy Communion, a sermon & hymns

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the Holy Lady

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the a sermon back



of and church

church hymns

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Prayer and Praise

Prayer and Praise

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a c










it w














There are more than 50

mentions of gardens in

the Bible; in the very first

chapters of Genesis we

are in the Garden of Eden,

planted by God. At its heart

grows the tree of life.

Adam and Eve are placed in

this garden, to enjoy it, to look

after it, to harvest their food

from it.

In the evenings God joins

them, walking in the garden.

Amazing! But disobedience to

God sees Adam and Eve driven

from their garden and denied

access to the tree of life. Death

now enters the world, bringing

a sense of futility to human


But this is only the start of the

story, not the end.

Old Testament prophets Isaiah

and Jeremiah promise that if we

trust in God our lives can become

like a well-tended, well-watered


Jesus told stories about

gardens, even saying that if we

believe in him we become like

branches growing from a vine;

like a gardener, God will prune us

(Ouch!) to make us more fruitful.

Jesus went to the Garden of

Gethsemane to pray on the night

he was betrayed; John’s gospel

tells us he was crucified and

buried in a garden.

So the first thing he saw after

rising from death was – a garden.

In fact he fitted into it so well, his

friend Mary mistook him for the


In the final chapters of the Bible

we’re shown a new earth, with

everything harmful removed from


At its heart is the new

Jerusalem: down its central street

flows a river, the water of life. On

the banks grows the tree of life.

Everything humanity lost in

Eden is now restored; death itself

is abolished, we can live forever

with God.

If we want to enjoy this garden

of God in the future, we need to

let God into the garden of our

lives now.

I know from experience that

a garden will produce weeds,

brambles and thistles very easily if

left untended.

Growing anything beautiful or

fruitful requires a lot of work, and

a certain ruthlessness.

Brambly, prickly attitudes and

weedy, pointless ideas grow all

too easily in my life, and I need

to let God prune and weed as he

sees fit.

I need to allow his Spirit to

change me, producing the fruit

of love, joy, peace, patience,

kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

gentleness and self-control

spoken of by Saint Paul.

Ken Goodier


Gardens in the Bible

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

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Do you have a few hours spare to support our

lovely clients in Sheffield to remain independent

within their own homes?

More about the role:

• Part Time Hours to suit you (2-20 hrs. p/w)

• Full Induction training with Office Support

• No previous care experience necessary

• We welcome applicants of all ages!

An open heart and warm smile is all you need to

become a Care Companion at Home Instead

*Car Driver Desirable

Apply Now! Call 0114 250 7709

Or visit www.homeinstead.co.uk/sheffield

6 Shirley House, Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YL

Our Tuesday and

Thursday Toddler

Groups are currently

closed while work

takes place on our

church building

Designing t

When I was 14, my parents

bought me a book on

garden design written by

John Brooks MBE. They

knew that I was creative

and enjoyed the outdoors so assumed

that garden design might spark an

interest. Spark an interest it did! The fact

that you can change and infl uence the

world around you, whether for nature,

for play, or for people’s physical and

emotional well-being was a revelation. A

revelation that led me to choose A levels

that would ultimately guide me to study

Landscape Architecture at the University

of Sheffi eld.

Following over 16 years in practice as a

landscape architect and garden designer,

I fi nd myself continually reaffi rming my

belief that the importance we attach to

the landscape around us is well placed.

Whether it be a windswept moorland,

rolling farmland, a public park or, on

a much smaller scale, our gardens,

the landscape infl uences our mood,

our health, the value we place on our

environment and the way we interact with

it and with one another.

A recent study by the Royal

Horticultural Society (RHS) titled

Gardening Matters: Urban Gardens

notes that 85 per cent of the population

live within urban environments and that

between 22 per cent to 27 per cent of our

towns and cities comprise of gardens,

which in turn represents broadly half of all

the urban green space available today.

Given this statistic it is unsurprising that

owning a garden can add signifi cantly to

the value of our homes. One of the many

reasons people employ me to work with

their gardens is a desire to increase its

value. According to moneywise.co.uk

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Page 18

email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

the Landscape

and Jan Hytch, (president of the National

Association of Estate Agents), a welldesigned

and maintained garden can

add up to ten per cent onto the value of

your property and can positively influence

its sale. I always hope, however that my

involvement helps to broaden my clients’

understanding of the wider benefits

that gardens provide. Gardens connect

us with nature, they promote physical,

psychological and spiritual wellbeing, as

well as adding value to our houses.

Every garden has the potential to

provide valuable habitat for local wildlife.

Flowers provide nectar sources for bees

and butterflies, trees and large shrubs

provide opportunities for birds to nest and

forage, and a woodpile or pond (however

small) provides a home to invertebrates,

amphibians and reptiles. According to the

RSPB, gardens may provide a breeding

habitat for at least 20 per cent of the UK

populations of house sparrows, starlings,

greenfinches and blackbirds, and without

people regularly feeding birds in their

gardens their numbers would significantly

decline. My wife regularly restocks the

feeders and the sighting of a bull finch or

jay always sparks delight.

Gardens help us exercise

and avoid stress. Gardens

have been credited with

improved cognitive function,

alleviation of attention deficit

disorder (ADD), improved

relaxation and an ability to

cope with trauma. Colour

and fragrance in gardens

can help dementia suffers

reconnect with memories

and provide stimulus for

those with severe learning

difficulties such as autism.

Furthermore, gardens provide space for

us to grow our own food and recycle our

kitchen waste. The use of edible plants in

gardens is a particular interest of mine.

My son Thomas is a regular visitor to the

strawberry patch and likes nothing more

than running about and stealing peas or


Gardens can provide important

space for prayer and meditation.

Many of England’s best loved gardens

such as Chatsworth include walks for

contemplation, labyrinths (also known as

prayer paths) and planting which seeks to

reflect the Garden of Eden. Many of the

country’s finest kitchen gardens belonged

to former monasteries and cloisters, and

more recently a trend for ‘quiet gardens’

or gardens of remembrance is growing in


Whether your garden extends to acres

or is restricted to a small balcony with a

few pots, my years in practice have shown

me that for every penny spent, and for

all the time passed in our gardens, they

are always rewarding and their real value


Nathan Edwards

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Our own Environmental


Don’t worry if you have

never heard the term

‘environmental up-cycling’

– I just made it up! Having

had your attention caught

by the headline though, you may

decide that the term isn’t so far off

the mark.

There is an entrance to the

Woodseats Allotments site off Abbey

Lane down a narrow track between

numbers 118 and 120. If you have

ever gone down the track and

walked past the allotment tenants’

car park to gain access to the

cemetery, you will have noticed a

large area of very overgrown land to

the right hand side. Over the years

the boundary fence has collapsed

under the weight of fallen branches

from the massive cypress trees that

border the cemetery. Sycamore

saplings, brambles, nettles and even the

dreaded Japanese Knotweed colonised

the area which became a magnet for fly

tippers and, worst of all, plastic parcels of

dog excrement.

Then along came Richard Lee, a

Woodseats Allotment Society tenant and

committee member, with a plan to turn

this dreadful eyesore into a community

orchard and picnic area. His first task

was to consult with the Allotments Office

and, through them, the council’s ecology

team, to gain the necessary approvals for

the project. His next task was to fund the

project without impacting on the limited

funds of Woodseats Allotment Society.

He applied to the Skipton Building

Society who run a national competition

for their Grass Roots Giving Awards. Only

projects that benefit the wider community

are chosen to go through to a public vote.

Successful projects are those with most

This picture of an allotment tenant’s children

helping clear ivy on the site, won a national

competition for amateur photographer and

keen gardener Sarah Peet

Woodseats Allotments Society would like

to thank the following for their help:

zzThe council’s Woodlands team who cut

down the unsafe trees;

zzThe Allotment Ranger who removed

rubbish, helped chip tons of brush wood

and replaced the boundary fence;

zzVolunteers (including children) who

cut up and removed logs, helped remove

bigger tree stumps and helped cart

countless barrows of wood chippings.

zzAnderson Tree Care who provided

enough chippings to mulch much of the

one-acre site!

zzSarah Reynolds who donated two metal

gates and an ornamental archway to go

over a third.

zzThe council allotments department which

is committed to eradicating Japanese

knotweed on the site and has been very


zzSkipton Building Society’s Sheffield

branch for its interest and support.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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votes. In November 2015 Richard

heard his bid for a £500 Grass

Roots Giving Award had been

successful. Then the serious work


Six months later, and following

a lot of hard work involving

allotment tenants, local residents

and family members, Richard’s

vision to improve the space,

was achieved. What was once

a heavily overgrown no-go area

is now a community orchard and

picnic area and a safe play area for

the children of allotment tenants.

The project was officially opened

on July 10 by Allison Edgeler,

manager of the Sheffield branch of

the Skipton Building Society. Allison was

the first to make a wish on the ‘Wishing

Tree’ and to place a memory on the

‘Memory Tree’. Allison’s daughter, who is

eight years old, was the first to follow the

‘fairy trail’.

Three picnic benches have been

located towards the bottom end of the

site. We hope that people living in the

area will come to appreciate this new

green-space and enjoy it. In a year

or two there will hopefully be fruit for

people to harvest and enjoy – unless the

squirrels get there first of course!.

There is sufficient money in the funds

to replace the three fruit trees that did

not survive the winter. Eventually Richard

would like to populate the entire site with

fruit trees to leave a legacy for future

generations. Hopefully, an overgrown

eyesore of a site will, in time, become

an attractive and productive area for the

benefit of all. Environmental up-cycling at

its best don’t you think?

Sue Lee,

Woodseats Allotment Society

Glynn Parker

Electrical Installations

17th Edition

Lights - Sockets - Rewires


Home: 01246 410 621

Mobile: 07986 174 125

71 Oakhill Road, Coal Aston, S18 2EL.


If you would like to advertise in

call 0114 274 5086 or

email impact@stchads.org

“Thank you so much for the work you did in totally renewing my bathroom,

I am so very pleased with the overall result. You were 100% professional,

it was a pleasure to have you working in the house. I have no hesitation of

recommending you to my friends and neighbours.” Stella Stacey, S8

t: 0114 220 3299 or 07908 898 827

e: chrisshephard@blueyonder.co.uk


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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What to do With an Untidy Corner

What do you do

with a very untidy

corner of your back

garden? The other

corner has a shed

in it. It may be full of junk but,

outwardly, with the door shut, it

looks okay. However, its partner

across the other side is a mess.

Old flower pots; broken children’s

toys; assorted rocks; ladders. You

name it, it’s there.

We thought we would have

a summer house but they are

expensive and we wouldn’t have

used it anyway, there being very

little sun in S8 let alone in that

dark spot. While we decide, I

am happy to allow some weedy

foliage to hide the problem.

To make more room, I have

decided that our old conifer is too

tall and straggly and will have to

go. I have started that process by

cutting off all the lower branches

and burning them in my new

toy, a garden incinerator. I can

recommend these highly. If you

have had a stressful day, cut a

few branches and have a burn-off.

Feel all your troubles vanish as

you stoke and burn.

When that tree has gone, and

there is nothing left to burn, the

question remains – how to fill that

corner. The latest idea is to

have a covered double seat,

with floral arrangements

around it. Perhaps a bit of

decking and a raised bed.

Once the conifer has gone,

the apple tree will spread

and prosper.

Some people have

gardens that are too neat

and regimented. Perhaps

a garden reflects its owner.

I like disorder, with wild

flowers and piles of old wood

which attract insects. However,

some folk go the other way, with

sofas and old tyres littering the

place. Colour is essential so you

must tend to your borders, keep

the grass cut and prepare some

hanging baskets.

Children are key to how a

garden looks. If you have kids it

is a waste of time trying to keep

your garden neat and a waste of

money buying too many plants.

Keep everything in the borders

and yell frequently at them to keep

off, or else! When the children

grow up and leave (if ever) then

you can devote some time and

expense on making the garden

look colourful and interesting.

One last tip. If you have a small

patch of grass, either at front

or back of your house, get rid

of it and convert the space with

pebbles. They don’t cost much

and once you have put them down

they are low-maintenance. They

look good and you can move pots

on and off as you like.

Happy gardening.

Son of the Soil

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

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0800 328 0006

Weighed down by




Free debt counselling in your community




from an award winning charity

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Tell a friend about CAP Follow us on Twitter Visit CAP on Facebook




t: 01274 760720. e: info@capuk.org. Registered Office: Jubilee Mill, North Street, Bradford, BD1 4EW. Registered Charity No: 1097217.

Charity registered in Scotland No: SC038776. Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England and Wales No: 4655175.

Consumer Credit Licence No: 413528



debt help









With over 30 years experience in both residential and commercial

ground maintenance, we pride ourselves in providing a first-class

service. References available.

Landscaping Pruning Lawn cutting

General tidy-up Maintenance Fencing

Authorised Chemical User Weeding Patio cleaning

Licensed Waste Removal


Telephone 274 9699 or 07855 422 334

michaelthegardener@me.com www.sheffieldgardener.co.uk

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Digging up Gardens’ H


took a stroll through the Botanical

Gardens recently with a friend who

works as a volunteer there and I

learned a great deal. For instance,

did you know that the gardens

cover approximately 19 acres, that they

were the result of a locally-organised

petition in 1833 to create an open and

healthy space for the people of Sheffield

to enjoy, and that farmland was bought

with £7,500 raised by selling shares?

There was a competition to design the

gardens’ layout and the judges chose

Robert Marnock’s design. He was

the gardener at Bretton Hall, now the

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and became

the first curator with an annual salary

of £100. Victorians liked to plant trees

on ‘mounds’ allowing their roots to

be exposed. Marnock favoured the

fashionable ‘carpet bedding’ – formal

areas planted to resemble the intricate

patterns and colours on Indian carpets.

When the gardens were first

opened, admission was restricted to

shareholders and annual subscribers,

the general public only being allowed

access on four gala days a year, with

tickets costing 2s 6d. During four days

in 1836, more than 12,00 people came

through the turnstiles, only one of which

remains at the Botanical Road entrance.

I often wondered why it was there!

Over the next 150 years, the Botanical

Gardens had its share of ups and

downs – financial difficulties, changes

of ownership, rival attractions in the

shape of new ‘free-entry’ city parks and

considerable World War Two damage.

Sheffield Town Trust, a group dating

back to 1297, still owns the gardens

but the council manages them. By the

1980s the pavilions were in danger of

The Botanical Gardens

collapse and the gardens were beginning

to look rather dilapidated.

FOBS (Friends of the Botanical

Gardens Sheffield) was created in 1984

and fundraising began in earnest. Nine

years later volunteers began to work

in the gardens – today there are only

five full-time staff but approximately

30 people who give several hours a

week to help maintain the gardens. In

1996 FOBS set up a trust in the hope

of getting grants for restoration. The

Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant

of over £5million and, after much hard

work and the incredible generosity of the

University, the Town Trust, the council,

local businesses and individuals, the

magnificently-restored gardens were

officially opened in June 2007.

There are 12 specific areas of

botanical interest including Himalayan,

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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F urniture R epolishing S ervices


Old or modern furniture restored to as-new condition

From a coffee table top to complete dining suite

No job too small - free collection and delivery

Insurance work undertaken - any colour or finish

Call Dan for a FREE no obilgation quote

Tel: 07789 804852

Email: danandjane@hotmail.com

Rock and Water, Woodland

Mediterranean and Evolution gardens.

New projects, subject to successful

fundraising, are planned for the future


So if, like me, you haven’t visited

the gardens for a long time, why don’t

you take a trip there? You won’t be

disappointed, I can promise you that!

You can just wander around at your

leisure or, better still, call Kay Keeton on

01246 418355 to book a tour (minimum

ten people). You’ll not only enjoy the

ambience, you’ll also hear stories about

the people who created the gardens,

learn fascinating facts about the trees

and plants, and maybe even discover a

latent interest in gardening. Who knows

… you might even join the ranks of

happy volunteers one day!

Chris Laude

Here’s how little it costs

to advertise in

Adverts are priced

at the following rates for

one year (six editions):

1/8 page: £110

1/6 page: £155

1/4 page: £225

1/2 page: £445

Full page: £915

Call St Chad’s Church office on

0114 274 5086

or email


for more information

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Hitler’s Canary

by Sandi Toksvig

This book tells how,

during the Second World

War, ordinary Danish

people tried to save their

Jewish countrymen from

deportation to Germany. It was

inspired by the author’s father’s

experience during the German


The story begins as Bamse,

aged 10, is living in a fl at in

Copenhagen with her actress

mother, artist and set designer

father, older brother and sister

Orlando and Masha, uncle Max

and Thomas the wardrobe master.

They are a happy-go-lucky family

living in a fantasy world. In the fl at

above lives Anton, Bamse’s friend,

and his family who are Jewish.

In April 1940 German planes

fl ew over the city destroying

the air force on the ground.

Thousands of troops were

transported in by sea and, within

days, the government had

surrendered and the occupation

had begun. At fi rst nothing much

changed. Not all German troops

were unfriendly; the population

made fun of them and played

pranks which were tolerated.

Bamse and Anton enjoyed some

escapades. Bamse’s father

disapproved but Orlando joined

the Resistance saying that

Denmark was Hitler’s canary

locked in a cage singing to Hitler’s


Over the following years things

got tougher, food was short,

restrictions tighter and some Jews

were deported.

Some funny incidents

happened, not least the local taxi

driver kept his car going by using

methane gas from cows on with

the resulting smell. However

the Jews became increasingly

restricted and some were rounded

up. The family

and the taxi

driver were


in daring

schemes to

hide them and

transport them

in coffi ns to

the hospital



family staged

a theatrical


for the

Germans in

their home

with many

Jews hidden

behind a

false wall.

In these and other rescues,

not all Germans were bad nor

Danes good. Many German

soldiers including Masha’s friend,

turned a blind eye and saved

lives while some Danes betrayed

their friends. Uncle Max had been

a collaborator but helped in the

end. Thomas sacrifi ced his life

to save some Jews from being


In all, some 7,220 escaped the

to Sweden by sea and only two

per cent of the population was


I enjoyed this book which was

originally written for children of

how a family living in a fantasy

world based reality and played a

key role in the war.

Mary Diskin

St Chad’s Third Age Book


Book Review

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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power of




all these,

since the



rities who


n fasted for


chance to

ible; his


To be

ible would


s and


fast and

g Yun a



the Bible.


fasted for 72 days, having no food or

water, living only by God‟s grace.

During this fast Yun was repeatedly

tortured, humiliated and beaten by

Prison Guards and fellow prisoners. In

prison violent and dangerous men

observed Yun‟s faith and obedience

Registers 2016

to God. They realised that he was not

a criminal, just a committed Christian

and came themselves into a deep and

loving relationship with Jesus.


Miraculous and loving interventions

May helped Yun for example jumping over

22 a ten Deni foot Eden wall; Forster walking through the

open doors of a high security prison

unobserved and walking after his legs


were so severely broken (he was told

April he would be crippled for life after this

28 punishment). Caroline Depner

Whatever Yun experienced, God

repeatedly demonstrated his


faithfulness never leaving him or his

May family to cope alone. We will

12 probably Craig Turton never experience this kind of

persecution Nathan Edwards but this book is testimony

to Rupert the incredible Allen power of God and his

Holy Katy Spirit. Watt

Sian Mann


At Church House

(56 Abbey Lane)

10am to 12 noon

On the last Saturday of each month.

Bring & Buy (new items)

Handicrafts Home Baking

February 27

Wild Designs: Pyrography

Ecclesall Woods Sawmill


Learn how to create designs in

wood using a pyrograph (heated

needle). Booking is essential.

Call 0114 283 9195.

March 6

Junk Boat Race

Millhouses Park


Using your engineering skills, some

For Weddings

and Funerals

You don’t have to be a churchgoer

to have a wedding in church or

be ‘religious’ to have a dignifi ed and

meaningful funeral service at St Chad’s.

If you live in the Woodseats or

Beauchief area, St Chad’s would be

delighted to help you, whether it is

planning the Big Day or saying goodbye

to a loved one.

For weddings please contact St Chad’s

church offi ce. For funerals please tell

your funeral director that you would like

to have a church service.














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• If you have had a new baby and would

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

like to celebrate that baby’s birth with

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a service in church then please come

to one of our thanksgiving and baptism

mornings at St Chad’s.

The morning will explain the difference

between the two services and give

parents an opportunity to ask any


Please call the church offi ce on 0114

274 5086 if you are interested in


Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 7

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Services & Opening times

During August & September 2016

Holy Communion 11.00am:

Sun 7th 14th & 28th August

Sun 4th 11th 25th September

Evensong ( third Sunday)3pm:

Sunday 21st August

Sunday 18th September

Heritage Open Days

....come & explore this hidden gem

9th & 10th Sept 11am - 4pm

11th Sept 1pm - 4pm

The Abbey will be open

on the first Thurs of every month

4th August 4th September & 6th October

between 9am - 11.00am

Quiet & Reflective Prayer

View of Beauchief Abbey & Cottages,

Beauchief Abbey Lane S8 7BD

All Welcome

Our Services are based on the Book of

Common Prayer & Refreshments

are served afterwards

email info@beauchiefabbey.org.uk


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org




Term time offi ce hours:

Mon - 10am-1pm; Tues - 9.30am-1pm;

Thurs - 9.30am-1pm; Fri - 9am-11am

Church Offi ce Administrator Helen Reynolds email: offi ce@stchads.org

Please note: The church offi ce has been relocated during our building works – please contact us via telephone

or email during this time

Vicar Toby Hole (Vicarage) 274 9302

email: toby@stchads.org

Curate Duncan Bell 274 5086

email: duncan@stchads.org

Assistant Minister for the elderly Yvonne Smith 274 5086


Daren Craddock, Amy Hole, Pauline

Johnson and Yvonne Smith 274 5086

Youth Worker Nick Seaman 274 5086

email: nick@stchads.org

Besom in Sheffi eld

Steve Winks and

Darren Coggins 07875 950170

Impact magazine Tim Hopkinson 274 5086

email: impact@stchads.org

Church Wardens Ann Firth 274 5086

Ann Lomax 274 5086

Deputy Wardens Linda McCann 274 5086

David Green 274 5086

Uniformed Groups

Group Scout Leader Ian Jackson 235 3044

Guide Leader Jemma Taylor 296 0555


56 Abbey Lane

Bookings Helen Reynolds 274 5086

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.stchads.org

PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of advertisements in Impact in no way means the

advertiser is endorsed or recommended by St Chad’s Church.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

764 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, S8 0SE

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: office@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

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