December 2016 Annual Report

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<strong>2016</strong><br />

ANNUAL<br />

REPORT<br />

PERSECU ION.org<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Table of Contents<br />

3 Letter from the<br />

President<br />

4 Our Mission,Our<br />

Mandate<br />

6 <strong>2016</strong> at a Glance<br />

8 Persecution: Pervasive<br />

& Persistent<br />

26 Expanding the Church<br />

28 Rebuilding-Restoring<br />

Communities<br />

30 Strengthening Pastors<br />

32 Trips<br />

34 Finances & Distinctives<br />

10 A Year of Firsts<br />

12 Advocacy<br />

16 Shouting and Exposing<br />

18 Spiritual Fertilizer<br />

20 Rescuing Kids<br />

22 Rescuing Families<br />


International Christian Concern<br />

President’s Letter<br />

Dear Friend,<br />

As I reflect on the trials and victories of another year<br />

in the trenches with our brothers and sisters in Christ,<br />

I cannot help but wonder how our work has impacted<br />

eternity. As humans, we like to look back and take an<br />

accounting of our deeds.<br />

In <strong>2016</strong>, Christians suffered increasing persecution<br />

all around the globe. ISIS has ensured that ancient<br />

Christian homelands in Iraq and Syria are now mostly empty of believers, and yet we can still<br />

celebrate a successful year. Why? Because though we expose wickedness and seek justice for and<br />

relieve the suffering of the oppressed, our mission is not to end persecution - it is to love, comfort<br />

and grow the suffering body of Christ - orphan by orphan, widow by widow, church by church and<br />

community by community.<br />

How do you calculate the value of giving persecuted Christian kids an education that will break<br />

them free from a 1,400-year cycle of poverty? How do you calculate the value of the release of<br />

just one prisoner or the value of bringing the weight of the US Congress against a nation that<br />

persecutes? For me, these things are astronomically valuable.<br />

From the simple to the heroic, the mundane to the extraordinary, we are guided by one simple<br />

fact – that whatever we do for the least of these, His brothers and sisters, we do for Him. Your<br />

partnership, both financial and in prayer, makes us partners in doing the seemingly impossible and<br />

I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be your hands and feet to the persecuted.<br />

It is the great compassion of the Father that has seen fit to grow this ministry of “five loaves and<br />

two fish” to touch more lives than we ever could have dreamed of. The truth is, in the light of<br />

eternity, that’s about all we ever have to offer - and we like it that way.<br />

When you stand with ICC, your gifts will be used effectively, ethically, and efficiently in the mission<br />

of bandaging and building the persecuted Church. I promise!<br />

All God’s Blessings,<br />

Jeff King, President<br />

International Christian Concern<br />

Jeff King,<br />

President<br />

International Christian Concern<br />




Since 1995, ICC has relieved the suffering of the worldwide<br />

persecuted Church and helped it grow in strength and<br />

breadth by providing effective assistance, advocacy and<br />

awareness with integrity towards God and donors.<br />


The Father calls us to remember the prisoners (Hebrews<br />

13:3), to speak up for the voiceless (Proverbs 31:8), to seek<br />

justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, and plead<br />

for the widow (Isaiah 1:17). We bring the good news to the<br />

poor, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the<br />

captives, and open the doors of the prison (Isaiah 61:1). We<br />

leave the 99 to save the one (Matthew 18:12).<br />


Donors trust us for our efficiency and effectiveness since<br />

we aren’t focused on growing our organization, but rather<br />

on building and bandaging the persecuted Church. That<br />

trust has produced a long-term partnership with our donors.<br />

It has allowed us to continually expand to the point<br />

that we are operating in 85% of the 10/40 Window where<br />

most of the world’s persecution happens.<br />


Jeff King has served as ICC’s president since 2003 after<br />

serving 11 years with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) and<br />

a previous career in banking. He has traveled to approximately<br />

50 countries and his inspiring stories and incredible<br />

life experiences, combined with his passion for the persecuted,<br />

make him an energetic and compassionate leader.<br />






Members of Congress<br />

USCIRF<br />

State Department<br />

White House<br />

Fellow Non-Governmental<br />

Organizations (NGOs)<br />

We work with those who<br />

hold the levers of worldly<br />

power to push back countries<br />

that persecute and free<br />

imprisoned Christians.<br />

ICC is working daily to make the<br />

secular and the Christian world<br />

aware of the suffering of persecuted<br />

believers.<br />

Persecution.org: Millions of annual<br />

visitors<br />

Social Media: 900,000 followers<br />

Newsletter: 50,000/month<br />

News Releases: 46 this year<br />

Press Interviews: 129 this year<br />

Building and Bandaging the<br />

Persecuted Church:<br />

• Assisting widows and children<br />

of murdered Christians<br />

• Smuggling Bibles<br />

• Caring for persecuted kids<br />

• Rebuilding communities devastated<br />

by large-scale attacks<br />

• Supporting church planters<br />

in the most dangerous areas<br />

• Broadcasting the Gospel into<br />

closed areas<br />


Persecution is holistic; the response needs to be as well.<br />

Persecution is a multi-dimensional problem<br />

which deserves a multi-dimensional<br />

response. ICC uses awareness, assistance,<br />

and advocacy to fight persecutors<br />

and to serve the persecuted Church.<br />

When an attack happens, we shout to<br />

the press to push persecuting countries<br />

to protect believers. We arrive on the<br />

ground to bandage and care for the hurting.<br />

Then, we work with the US government<br />

in Washington D.C. to use its power<br />

and influence to punish persecutors and<br />

free imprisoned believers.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

<strong>2016</strong> AT A GLANCE<br />


Afghanistan<br />

Algeria<br />

Azerbaijan<br />

Bangladesh<br />

China<br />

Egypt<br />

Ethiopia<br />

India<br />

Indonesia<br />

Iraq<br />

Kazakhstan<br />

Kenya<br />

Kyrgyzstan<br />

Laos<br />

Mali<br />

Mexico<br />

Niger<br />

Nigeria<br />

North Korea<br />

Pakistan<br />

Somalia<br />

Sudan<br />

Tanzania<br />

Turkey<br />

UAE<br />

Uzbekistan<br />

Vietnam<br />

Zanzibar<br />

Washington D.C.*<br />

*ICC Headquarters<br />



Bibles for the<br />

Persecuted: 10%<br />

Save Our Sisters: 4%<br />

Underground<br />

Pastors: 12%<br />

<strong>2016</strong><br />

Community Rebuild: 13%<br />

Kids Care: 9%<br />

Broadcasting<br />

the Gospel: 7%<br />

EGYPT<br />

Suffering Wives and<br />

Children: 24% Hand of Hope: 21%<br />



NEEDED<br />


H<br />

HOPE<br />

HOUSE<br />






KIDS<br />

CARE<br />

SAVE OUR<br />












& CHILDREN<br />







147 Government<br />

Meetings<br />

6 International<br />

Petitions<br />

107 NGO and<br />

Partner Meetings<br />

7 Christian<br />

Prisoners Freed<br />

NEPAL<br />


82 Congressional<br />

Member Signatures<br />

4 Congressional<br />

Letters<br />


Persecution: Pervasive & Persistent<br />

Persecution Is Spreading and Getting More Violent<br />

“Before I arrived at church, they called me to say we were<br />

under attack,” Pastor Kevin told ICC in <strong>2016</strong>. “I heard gunshots,<br />

people screaming, crying. It was like a horror movie.<br />

It was just like hell.”<br />

Unfortunately, Pastor Kevin’s story is not exceptional. In <strong>2016</strong>,<br />

millions of Christians around the world faced persecution.<br />

In Nigeria, Christians continue to face brutal attacks from<br />

Muslim Fulani militias and Islamist terror group Boko Haram.<br />

Together they have killed more than 20,000 Christians during<br />

the last 15 years.<br />

In Iraq and Syria, ISIS has almost completely driven Christians<br />

from where they have lived for 2,000 years. In India, the rise<br />

of Hindu nationalism has resulted in attacks against the country’s<br />

Christians rising to unprecedented levels.<br />

From Nigeria’s turbulent northeast, to ISIS’s caliphate, to<br />

the prison camps of North Korea, Christians continue to<br />

pay dearly for following Jesus and face intense persecution<br />

for their faith.<br />


Opposite Page: A Christian farmer in rural Nigeria<br />

shows ICC where the Fulani Islamic militants came<br />

from when they attacked his village.<br />

Top Left: Pastor Kevin relives the Sunday morning<br />

when his church was attacked by three gunmen<br />

from Al-Shabaab who killed six members of his<br />

congregation.<br />

Lower Left: Because of intense persecution, the<br />

Church in Afghanistan gathers secretly to worship.<br />

Top Right: Christian and Yazidi families have<br />

faced intense persecution from Islamic extremist<br />

groups like ISIS. Many communities have been<br />

forced into internally displaced people (IDP)<br />

camps throughout northern Iraq.<br />

Lower Right: A scar runs the length of Samuel<br />

Kangethe’s abdomen as a result of an Al-Shabaab<br />

attack on his rural village in Kenya.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

A Year of Firsts<br />

In <strong>2016</strong>, God Allowed ICC to Reach Four Long-Term Strategic Goals<br />

The Bridge<br />

Christianity is under massive attack around the world and is facing<br />

intense political and cultural threats in the US. Christians<br />

can no longer afford to operate in silos. The Body must come<br />

together and bridge theological, organizational, and societal<br />

divides.<br />

This past summer, after years of planning, we launched The<br />

Bridge (www.thepersecutionconference.org) where we bring<br />

all sectors of the Church (laypeople, pastors, government<br />

leaders, politicians, and ministry leaders) together to fight<br />

persecution in a united front. The Bridge is not an ICC conference,<br />

but a conference for the Church to come together to<br />

fight persecution.<br />

Hope House<br />

Persecution is much more complicated than martyrdom and<br />

imprisonment. For instance, many countries intentionally restrict<br />

Christians’ access to education so that they are trapped<br />

in multigenerational poverty and are permanent residents of<br />

the lower class.<br />

In <strong>2016</strong>, we launched Hope House to address these needs. One<br />

Hope House program trains promising Christian kids in English<br />

and computer skills after school. In a few short years, they can<br />

rise to the top of the employment pool. We also provide access<br />

to microfinance for promising and driven young Christians so<br />

that they can purchase simple businesses, with a commitment<br />

to finding and training other Christians to push the Christian<br />

community forward.<br />


International Christian Concern<br />

Pastors’ Trip<br />

“My trip with ICC changed my life,” said one pastor about our<br />

first pastors’ trip. We took several pastors to the Middle East so<br />

that they could directly experience the reality of Christians living<br />

under intense Islamic persecution for 1,400 years and to see<br />

how we are making a difference in their lives.<br />

We introduced them to the families of martyrs, had them<br />

preach sermons in small churches, showed them the launch of<br />

a Hope House, and showed them the effect of persecution on<br />

Christian kids. The Church may be asleep about persecution,<br />

but any pastor who comes with us to see the persecuted firsthand<br />

will be changed forever.<br />

Congressional Testimony<br />

In <strong>2016</strong>, ICC was called for the first time to testify before<br />

Congress on the horrific persecution of believers taking place<br />

in India under the Modi regime. Speaking in a packed room on<br />

Capitol Hill, ICC’s president, Jeff King, clearly explained the rise in<br />

persecution, telling the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission,<br />

“The silence of Modi and government authorities is deafening.”<br />

This testimony capped off six months of exceptional progress in<br />

uncovering persecution throughout India.<br />

In this “Year of Firsts,” ICC efforts also led to four Member<br />

Letters (a joint letter from numerous senators and congressmen<br />

pushing foreign governments to take action on persecution<br />

in their country).<br />


Top Left: ICC’s President Jeff<br />

King testifies before Congress<br />

in June <strong>2016</strong> at a hearing on<br />

the persecution of Christians<br />

in India.<br />

Lower Left: The hearing was<br />

scheduled by Congress to coincide<br />

with a visit from India’s<br />

prime minister to the US.<br />

Right: ICC’s advocacy director,<br />

Isaac Six, testifies on the<br />

plight of Christians in Mexico<br />

at a briefing for congressional<br />

staffers.<br />

Advocacy<br />

Working with Government Officials to Fight Persecution<br />

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, a radical Hindu,<br />

came to power in May of 2014. We immediately saw the<br />

leash come off of his fundamentalist followers across<br />

the country as attacks against Christians increased in<br />

breadth and intensity.<br />

In late 2015, we conducted an investigation into one<br />

of India’s most dangerous areas, the Bastar District.<br />

Interviews with dozens of victims uncovered rampant<br />

persecution, and even the outright banning of<br />

Christianity in 50+ villages. Our advocacy team then<br />

launched a major initiative to educate members of<br />

Congress in regards to Indian persecution.<br />

As a result, in February of this year, 34 congressional<br />

members, including eight senators, wrote to India’s<br />

Prime Minister Modi to halt the persecution of religious<br />

minorities in Bastar. CNN, Fox News, Vice News,<br />

The Economist, Times of India, and many others reported<br />

on the letter. Then, in June, ICC’s president,<br />

Jeff King, was called to testify before Congress on the<br />

subject as Prime Minister Modi arrived in the US for a<br />

historic visit. Thanks to this effort, the plight of hundreds<br />

of Christian families went from near obscurity to<br />

a major international issue. ICC continues to push for<br />

more action in their case.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


International Christian Concern<br />

Advocacy cont’d<br />

In 2015, ICC’s president personally went to Mexico with<br />

Christian Solidarity Worldwide to investigate persecution.<br />

Upon his return, he tasked ICC’s advocacy department<br />

with informing and educating members on Capitol<br />

Hill about the persecution of Christians in Mexico. While<br />

the Mexican government isn’t the main cause, they consistently<br />

refuse to arrest or prosecute perpetrators (impunity).<br />

This year, ICC’s advocacy efforts on Mexico paid<br />

off with unprecedented pressure on the Mexican government<br />

in regards to persecution. A nationally known<br />

politician initiated multiple conversations with the<br />

Mexican government about the issue. On ICC’s recommendation,<br />

the State Department sent an investigative<br />

team to Mexico and followed that up with the first-ever<br />

visit to Mexico by the ambassador for religious freedom.<br />

This sent a strong signal that the US is now seriously<br />

concerned about persecution taking place just over the<br />

border.<br />

In <strong>December</strong>, seven Christians in Chiapas, Mexico, were<br />

released from jail after ICC raised their case with the<br />

State Department.<br />

Top Left: ICC’s President Jeff King<br />

meets with government officials in<br />

Chiapas, Mexico, to discuss ongoing<br />

cases of persecution.<br />

Middle Left: Based on gathered<br />

stories and testimonies, ICC<br />

informs key congressional offices<br />

such as Rep. Pitts.<br />

Lower Left: After meeting with ICC<br />

about Mexico, Rep. Pitts grabs Rep.<br />

Garrett to impress on him the need<br />

to be involved in this issue.<br />

Above: ICC worked in the background of Congress to<br />

initiate four different “Member Letters” (a joint letter<br />

signed by multiple congressional members on a specific<br />

issue). Those letters garnered 82 signatures from members<br />

in <strong>2016</strong>. The letter above is in regards to persecution<br />

in Mexico, calling for the protection of Christian<br />

communities and the prosecution of persecutors.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Shouting and Exposing<br />

With the Press Being Uninterested in Persecution, Our Role of Exposing Persecution is Vital<br />

Sudan is one of the world’s worst persecutors<br />

of Christians. As the Gospel spreads, Sudan<br />

continues to arbitrarily detain Christian leaders,<br />

often without official charges or a release<br />

date. The key to Sudan’s persecution is secrecy.<br />

As long as Sudan can hide its egregious<br />

human rights abuses, the government will<br />

continue to arrest, persecute, and mistreat<br />

Christians.<br />

There is a clear inverse relationship between<br />

awareness and persecution. To put it simply,<br />

our job is to turn on the light so the roaches<br />

will scatter. By raising our voices, we pierce<br />

the darkness and expose their deeds (persecution)<br />

done in secret (John 3:20).<br />

Whether through our website, magazine, social<br />

media, news releases, interviews, videos,<br />

or speaking engagements, we have seen how<br />

“shouting” opens the prison door.<br />

In August, we celebrated the one-year anniversary<br />

of Sudanese pastors Yat Michael Rout and<br />

Peter Yein Reith’s release from prison. These<br />

pastors were arrested and faced potential death<br />

sentences, but were freed after an onslaught of<br />

international outcry motivated the Sudanese<br />

government to reconsider the penalty. While<br />

God ultimately opened the prison doors, ICC is<br />

privileged to serve as His mouthpiece for not<br />

just Pastors Michael and Peter, but for many<br />

persecuted Christians around the world.<br />


International Christian Concern<br />

Website<br />

13.9<br />

Million<br />

Website Hits in <strong>2016</strong><br />

Social Media<br />

900K 4<br />

People<br />

Following ICC<br />

Biggest Week<br />

Million<br />

People Reached<br />

Far Left: A Fox News article on<br />

Christian persecution in India. Fox<br />

interviewed ICC’s President Jeff King<br />

about the situations investigated by<br />

ICC.<br />

Left: An OpEd written by ICC President<br />

Jeff King in The Washington Examiner<br />

regarding the presidential candidates<br />

and religious freedom.<br />

Top: Social Media platforms continue<br />

to grow as some of ICC’s main<br />

communication tools.<br />

Middle: Some of the news organizations<br />

that ICC has been published in<br />

or interviewed by as ICC continues its<br />

media outreach.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Spiritual Fertilizer<br />

Spreading the Gospel in Creative Ways<br />

Above: ICC installed an underground<br />

printing press in a Muslim country.<br />

This year, it printed 70,000 Bibles!<br />

Scripture is God’s fertilizer for the Church.<br />

Wherever it goes, the Church grows and its<br />

roots deepen. In <strong>2016</strong>, ICC used a variety of<br />

exciting ways to provide access to Scripture.<br />

In one country, USB drives with Scripture<br />

and various types of literature are smuggled<br />

in through remote-controlled drones. In the<br />

same country, hunger is a major issue, so<br />

the Gospel and small portions of Scripture<br />

are put into bottles filled with rice and floated<br />

down river! Who knew a “message in a<br />

bottle” approach could be so successful?<br />

Occasionally, we also install underground<br />

printing presses in countries where it is too<br />

difficult to smuggle in Bibles. We installed<br />

the press above in late 2015 and it started<br />

printing Bibles this past year for the growing<br />

underground community in one Muslim<br />

country. This printing press will provide<br />

Muslim-background believers (MBBs) with<br />

unprecedented access to the Gospel.<br />


Top Left: If countries block or<br />

suppress the spread of Bibles,<br />

we will move them in. We provide<br />

for the printing of Bibles in<br />

major languages as well as local<br />

dialects. They are printed in<br />

massive quantities before they<br />

come off the ship.<br />

Top Right: They are then taken<br />

to an “underground” warehouse<br />

until they can be distributed.<br />

Middle Left: Then, they are<br />

packed into small loads of hundreds<br />

and taken across borders.<br />

Middle Right: The end result?<br />

Bibles in the hands of believers<br />

and those searching for life.<br />

Lower Left: We also love to fund<br />

new and innovative ways to<br />

move Scripture into the toughest<br />

places like North Korea.<br />

Here, bottles filled with rice<br />

and Scripture are dropped into<br />

a river that will take them into<br />

North Korea.<br />

Lower Right: These are massive<br />

“church in a box” kits on<br />

DVD that we send into an Asian<br />

country which include Bibles,<br />

songs, slideshows, literature,<br />

etc.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Rescuing Kids<br />

Saving a Generation Physically and Spiritually<br />

James 1:27 commands us to look after the orphans in<br />

their distress because this world has a way of ignoring<br />

and exploiting the weakest members of society.<br />

ICC serves persecuted kids with short-term relief<br />

projects to put a band-aid on immediate needs, but<br />

most of our work with kids involves long-term projects<br />

to protect and restore their lives. These longterm<br />

projects include Egypt’s Hope House and our<br />

orphanage in India for children who lost their parents<br />

during the massive anti-Christian violence in<br />

Orissa, India (2008).<br />

In short, our projects focus on ensuring that persecuted<br />

kids receive a quality education, food,<br />

medical assistance, and discipleship to give them<br />

the best shot at a second chance in life. The more<br />

we work with persecuted kids, the more we realize<br />

that God has gifted them with a powerful hope to<br />

continue living and loving in spite of tragedy. ICC is<br />

grateful to help them do just that.<br />

Top Right: Children in an internally displaced<br />

people (IDP) camp in northern Iraq<br />

receive treats as their families are given<br />

coats and blankets from ICC to keep them<br />

warm through the cold winter.<br />

Middle Right: A boy receives a blanket<br />

from ICC in a Christian community in<br />

India that has faced discrimination and<br />

persecution.<br />

Middle Far Right: Children who lost a parent<br />

when Islamists bombed their church<br />

receive an education through a joint ICC-<br />

Voice of the Martyrs project.<br />

Lower Right: Children at a church in India<br />

receive new reading material from ICC<br />

after a radical Hindu broke in and burned<br />

all of the church’s books.<br />


21<br />

International Christian Concern

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Ten families, including this one<br />

(below), that lost their homes to<br />

ISIS have been living in tents and<br />

tarps (right) in Iraq for the last two<br />

years. ICC and a partner church<br />

in Philadelphia provided 10 new<br />

micro-homes (lower right) with<br />

electricity, water, and plumbing so<br />

they can start a new life.<br />


International Christian Concern<br />

Rescuing Families<br />

After Two Years in Tents, 10 Iraqi Families Receive Homes<br />

Persecuted Christian families are constantly forced to restart their lives. Whether they are<br />

driven from their homes or experience the loss of their husbands and fathers to persecution,<br />

they are often vulnerable and in need of rescue. ICC regularly rescues the wives and children<br />

of these martyrs, but we also rescue intact families that have suffered devastating loss due to<br />

persecution.<br />

ISIS has displaced more than 100,000 Christians in Iraq from Christian communities that are<br />

thousands of years old. This year, ICC moved ten of these displaced families from tents that<br />

they had lived in for two years to new micro-homes (below). In addition to housing, ICC frequently<br />

provides affected families with small businesses so that they can support themselves<br />

as a family and the kids can continue in school. Whether it’s a bee farm, transportation business,<br />

goats, mechanic shop, beauty salon, or sewing factory, ICC has provided reliable income<br />

opportunities for thousands of Christians.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


Rescuing Families cont’d<br />

Upper Left: ICC helped many<br />

ISIS victims who lost their homes<br />

and livelihoods in Iraq, including<br />

these brothers. ICC purchased a<br />

tuk-tuk (a three-wheeled vehicle)<br />

that is used as a taxi and delivery<br />

vehicle and also purchased<br />

mechanic tools for this group of<br />

believers (upper right) who were<br />

able to start a mechanic shop.<br />

Lower Left: ICC set up 20 families<br />

with a beekeeping business<br />

in Ethiopia after they<br />

were forced out of a Muslimdominated<br />

area due to constant<br />

persecution.<br />

Above: ICC built a small garment<br />

factory for the families of<br />

a group of martyrs in Egypt. We<br />

brought in trainers and worked<br />

with them for months to get up<br />

and running. The factory is now<br />

fully operational and has several<br />

large orders!<br />



International Christian Concern<br />

Top Left: A couple of years ago,<br />

a donor gave ICC $1,000,000<br />

which we used to start a 24/7<br />

satellite TV channel in one of the<br />

world’s most strategic Islamic<br />

countries. However, we don’t<br />

just broadcast. We also follow<br />

up with those on the ground<br />

who listen to the broadcasts and<br />

ask for Bibles and discipleship.<br />

Lower Images: ICC provided the<br />

resources to rebuild this church<br />

in Indonesia after it was attacked<br />

and severely damaged.<br />

Above: We love to broadcast the<br />

Gospel, but we really love the<br />

combination of broadcasting<br />

and being able to follow up with<br />

those touched on the ground.<br />

Expanding the Church<br />

Building and Rebuilding the Physical and Spiritual Body<br />

Muslims remain among the world’s most unreached<br />

peoples. Radical Islamists attack and kill<br />

effective missionaries and church workers in the<br />

most fundamentalist countries, so the traditional<br />

missionary method to expand the Church doesn’t<br />

work very well. In these countries, ICC uses radio<br />

and satellite TV to “jump over the fence” that Islam<br />

erects to keep the Gospel out.<br />

Through ICC’s Broadcast Fund, ICC created a 24-<br />

hour satellite TV channel that broadcasts the<br />

Gospel into one of the world’s most dangerous<br />

countries. We don’t just broadcast, but in <strong>2016</strong>,<br />

we continued to meet with those touched by the<br />

programming to build the Church in the toughest<br />

areas of the world.<br />

The bottom line? We love to bandage the persecuted,<br />

but just as importantly, we are on the front<br />

lines of Church expansion through building the<br />

Church in the toughest places in the world.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Top Left: A Christian community in northern<br />

Nigeria receives two-way radios which they<br />

use to warn neighboring villages when they<br />

are under attack by Fulani militants.<br />

Upper Middle Left: When a Christian community<br />

was attacked by Fulani militants,<br />

this man was shot in the leg; ICC helps with<br />

his medical expenses.<br />

Lower Middle Left: Families of the kidnapped<br />

Chibok girls (#BringBackOurGirls)<br />

receive seed and fertilizer from ICC.<br />

Top Right: A Christian community in Mali displaced<br />

by Islamic attacks receives agricultural<br />

seed from ICC to help with this year’s crop.<br />

Upper Middle Right: A church community in<br />

Pakistan carries in new carpeting supplied<br />

by ICC after a man broke in and set fire to<br />

their building.<br />

Lower Middle Right: A group of Christians<br />

in Nigeria gathers to receive agricultural<br />

aid from ICC after Boko Haram attacked<br />

their community.<br />

Lower Left: Victims of a bombing attack on<br />

a Christian community in India receive food<br />

aid from ICC.<br />

Lower Right: A Christian family in Kenya is<br />

given food and supplies by ICC after their<br />

father was killed by Al-Shabaab.<br />

Rebuilding-Restoring Communities<br />

We Stay Behind After the Headlines Pass<br />

ICC supports entire persecuted communities by<br />

rebuilding after attacks. We also seek to prevent<br />

attacks. In Nigeria, for example, ICC recognized<br />

that Islamic militants were easily attacking one village<br />

after another because there was no efficient<br />

method for villagers to warn each other of current<br />

attack. So, ICC provided radios and training so villages<br />

can alert each other when attackers come.<br />

When targeting Christian communities, attackers<br />

seek to devastate Christians in the long run. In<br />

farming villages, attackers will eliminate the villagers’<br />

crops to drive them off the land. ICC frequently<br />

delivers immediate food assistance coupled with<br />

long-term community rebuilding assistance like<br />

seed and fertilizer to help them stay in their villages.<br />

As one African villager noted, “By ourselves we<br />

couldn’t make it…We needed ICC’s help.”<br />


29<br />

International Christian Concern

<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Strengthening Pastors<br />

Working with the Leaders of the Flocks<br />

At the front lines of persecution, pastors face extraordinary<br />

pressure. They are targeted by radicals and terrorists<br />

with everything from legal threats to the threat of losing<br />

their lives and families. Often, there is no community of<br />

Christians to support them as they go to the front lines of<br />

persecution, so their financial support is often very weak.<br />

ICC provides pastors with the finances, tools, and support<br />

they need to build the Church in the most dangerous places<br />

in the world. We also stand with them when they are<br />

attacked by paying for their medical expenses so that they<br />

can return to ministry. This year, ICC gave a motorbike to<br />

an Indonesian pastor frustrated by his inability to access<br />

underground believers in remote areas. In disbelief, the<br />

pastor exclaimed, “Now we can evangelize the unreached<br />

people group and disciple the underground believers in<br />

more places where there is no public transportation. Our<br />

leaders can go to these villages without having to stay<br />

which would put their life in jeopardy. Praise the Lord!”<br />


International Christian Concern<br />

Top Left: An especially effective pastor in<br />

Indonesia receives an ICC-supplied motorcycle<br />

that greatly increases the number of<br />

people he can disciple and reach with the<br />

Gospel.<br />

Center: Pastors on the front lines often<br />

have no community to support them. ICC<br />

supports pastors with finances or livestock<br />

to allow them to work in the toughest<br />

areas.<br />

Lower Left: A pastor in Zanzibar talks with<br />

a Muslim-Background Believer he led to<br />

Christ and disciples.<br />

Right: An Indian pastor in the hospital<br />

recovering from an attack by Hindu radicals.<br />

ICC provided his medical care.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Trips<br />

Investigate, Document, Assist<br />

“It is good that you came here,” a persecuted<br />

Christian leader from rural India shared during a recent<br />

trip. “Now you can get the real picture and understand<br />

what is going on.”<br />

ICC continually sends our staff to the world’s hotbeds<br />

of Christian persecution. From places like<br />

Nigeria to Egypt to India, these teams were able to<br />

meet face-to-face with Christians experiencing intense<br />

persecution.<br />

Through these trips, we are able to assess the<br />

needs of persecuted Christian communities, record<br />

and share testimonies from individual Christians<br />

affected by persecution, and collect vital data regarding<br />

persecution in order to advocate on behalf<br />

of those Christians who have been rendered voiceless<br />

by persecution.<br />


Top Left: An ICC regional manager speaks to<br />

Christians driven from their homes by Boko<br />

Haram in Nigeria.<br />

Top Middle: The view along the way in Africa.<br />

Top Right: An ICC representative checks in on<br />

a community we previously helped in India.<br />

Lower Left: ICC field staff documents an official<br />

tribal area in Pakistan.<br />

Lower Middle: A bush village in Kenya visited<br />

by ICC staff.<br />

Lower Right: ICC gathered some of its field<br />

staff for training in January.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />



An increasing number of individuals, churches, foundations, and other ministry partners<br />

supported ICC during 2015 with record giving to our projects, and for general ministry support.<br />

ICC always seeks ways to wisely use the Lord’s money for ministry to the persecuted<br />

Church, and to maintain our administrative expenses at an absolute minimum. Our General<br />

and Administrative Expenses and Fundraising Expenses as a percentage of Income was 9%<br />

of our total income this past year.<br />

A comparison of ICC’s financial results for the past five years follows:<br />

Fiscal Year 2015 * 2014 2013 2012 2011<br />

Income $2,732,166 $2,488,287 $2,131,624 $1,491,855 $1,234,958<br />

Program Expenses ** $2,124,117 $2,050,614 $1,940,119 $1,299,477 $1,149,480<br />

General & Admin. $181,009 $140,015 $146,019 $120,602 $96,193<br />

Fundraising $72,910 $49,162 $55,728 $47,816 $33,974<br />

Total Expenses $2,378,036 $2,239,791 $2,141,866 $1,467,895 $1,279,647<br />

*2015 figures based on internal review until audit is complete.<br />

**Program expenses are funds we are spending to do ministry.<br />

ICC is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt<br />

corporation organized in 1995 in<br />

the State of Maryland.<br />

All gifts to ICC are fully taxdeductible.<br />

Our latest IRS Form<br />

990 is available on our website at<br />

www.persecution.org. Copies of the<br />

latest independent financial audit<br />

or IRS Form 990 are available for<br />

cost of reproduction and postage.<br />

Requests should be directed to us,<br />

in writing, at 2020 Pennsylvania<br />

Ave. NW, #941, Washington DC<br />

20006-1846.<br />











Established in 1995<br />


General and administrative<br />

expenses kept around 10 percent<br />


Many organizations only have a general<br />

fund. ICC gives you options to<br />

specifically target your donations, so<br />

your money goes where you want.<br />


in expertise, impact, and<br />

finances<br />


from Charity Navigator.<br />

Only 10 percent of all non-profits<br />

receive this rating.<br />


We adhere to industry financial<br />

and ethical standards and we are<br />

audited by independent accountants<br />

to ensure our compliance.<br />




icc@persecution.org<br />

1-800-422-5441<br />

2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW #941<br />

Washington, DC 20006-1846<br />

www.persecution.org<br />

www.facebook.com/persecuted<br />


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