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Hydrolife Magazine February/March 2017 (USA Edition)

It is amazing how an event from almost 20 years ago can remain fresh in the mind. It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago that Canadian Ross Rebagliati rocketed down Nagano’s Olympic giant slalom snowboard course, ripping through the finish line to claim the first-ever Olympic men’s snowboarding gold medal despite starting the final run in eighth position. Since then, Rebagliati has become a cultural phenomenon and advocate of marijuana use, and it is no coincidence that since that foggy day on Mount Yakebitai near Nagano, how we perceive the use of marijuana in society has changed for the better. Hydrolife recently caught up with Rebagliati to talk about Nagano, his thoughts on marijuana, and the launch of Ross’ Gold.


grow EXPERIENCED GROWERS NEED by Kent Gruetzmacher ONLY APPLY: Translating Your Personal Cannabis Growing into Resume Format In decades past, the prospect of including your home growing experience on a resume was a fantasy, afterthought, or simple impossibility. However, times are a-changing. Here’s a guide on how to interpret your personal cannabis cultivations and previous work experience into language you can use to land a job. THE ERA OF THE MODERN PROFESSIONAL GROWER HAS ARRIVED Instead of remaining a secretive enterprise, cannabis cultivation is rapidly transforming into a legitimate and respected profession. Knowledgeable, disciplined, and versatile cannabis growers are highly pursued assets in the contemporary business world. Of course, cultivators ready to make the transition into hydroponic and cannabis industries require a solid resume to gain these employment opportunities. COMPETENCY-BASED HIRING AND RECRUITING When crafting a resume for a legitimate cannabis business, applicants can use the competency-based model of hiring and recruiting to generate an informative and up-to-date document. Instead of focusing on previous employment, this model highlights skills and knowledge obtained through practical experience—even if that experience was underground cannabis growing. For example, a familiarity with regulating climactic fluctuations in a greenhouse environment would be considered an occupational competency. This model also allows applicants to highlight behaviors that would contribute to success in the workplace. HOME GROWING IN RESUME FORMAT Constructing an informative resume for the hydroponic and cannabis industry is a different process than building a traditional resume. After all, this is a novel job market and most candidates do not have formal, commercial, cannabis growing work experience. As a result, hiring companies are most attracted to candidates who explain their cultivation talents effectively. Cannabis growers should be as specific as possible in their resumes to highlight applicable skill sets for any given position. This is because, according to the competency-based model, potential employers are most interested in specific previous actions that are applicable to future occupations and endeavors. For example, an experienced greenhouse cultivator interested in acquiring a head grower position in a commercial greenhouse setting should show that he or she has competent, in-depth knowledge concerning pest control. To elaborate, that he or she knows pest control in a cannabis garden involves both the foresight to avoid potential problems in the operation with sanitation, as well as the ability to effectively solve issues as they arise with effective spraying. 20 grow. heal. live. enjoy.

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