Hometown Madison - November & December 2016

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Volume 3 Number 1<br />

nov/dec <strong>2016</strong><br />


____________________<br />

A Print-Worthy Pursuit<br />

____________________<br />



Tahya A. Dobbs<br />

CFO<br />

Kevin W. Dobbs<br />


Mary Ann Kirby<br />


Rachel Lombardo<br />

Kati Gaines<br />


Camille Anding<br />

Mary Ann Kirby<br />

Susan Marquez<br />

Shari Veazey<br />


Othel Anding<br />



Chris Todd<br />


Alisha Floyd<br />

Brenda McCall<br />


Daniel Thomas / 3dt<br />

Missy Donaldson / MAD Designs<br />

<br />

I was well aware that the phone call would come along with the questions of solutions from our<br />

newlyweds who are planted in Dallas. “What if we only get one day of vacation for Thanksgiving?<br />

How do we juggle time between two sets of parents at opposite ends of the states?”<br />

Those are some of the questions my daughter Camea has been dealing with as she and her new<br />

husband are suddenly faced with making traditions separate from their parents. It’s not an earthshaking<br />

problem when compared to the big picture of life, but it is another reminder that life is<br />

on a continual path of change. Some changes are wonderful–like finding the perfect mate. Other<br />

changes, like having to spend holidays away from family, are not so wonderful.<br />

I’m grateful that <strong>Hometown</strong> <strong>Madison</strong> Magazine helps to give us insight<br />

into change and how to make the best of it–thanks to our neighbors and<br />

friends that are highlighted within these pages. In every issue we feature<br />

people challenged with change in various areas of their lives as well as<br />

how they cope.<br />

We are all in the circle of life together. It’s important that we support<br />

each other throughout our journeys. We hope your holidays are filled<br />

with happiness and joy–even if in the midst of change.<br />

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/hometownmadisonmagazine<br />

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visit www.htmags.com<br />

Contact us at info@HTMags.com<br />

601.706.4059<br />

26 Eastgate Drive, Suite F<br />

Brandon MS 39042<br />

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material. All advertisements are subject to approval by<br />

the publisher. The production of <strong>Hometown</strong> <strong>Madison</strong><br />

is funded by advertising.<br />

In this issue Landscaper's Oasis ........................6<br />

Where Dreams Come True.................16<br />

Shopping Local ......................... 21<br />

Authentic Chamber Music. .............. 22<br />

A Print-Worthy Pursuit........26<br />

A Distinguished Career .....................36<br />

Holiday Gift Guide...........................44<br />

Never a Worry.......................... 48<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison3

I FOUND<br />



As soon as we arrived on the lush campus, I knew St. Catherine’s<br />

Village was where mom would find renewed purpose.<br />

Everything…from the protected, dignified surroundings to the<br />

familiar sensory experiences…kept her engaged in life. And<br />

satisfied me, knowing she would receive care through all stages of<br />

memory loss. You know what else I found?<br />

Living here was unexpectedly within reach.<br />

Intimate Living Spaces<br />



Private bedrooms with<br />

common living areas<br />

Stimulating, enriching<br />

activities<br />

24-hour nursing care and<br />

on-duty security<br />

Assistance with<br />

day-to-day activities<br />


LIFE CARE <br />

Independent Assisted<br />

Memory Skilled<br />

(601) 856-0160<br />

www.StCatherinesVillage.com<br />

Proudly CARF-CCAC<br />

Accredited<br />

Photo by<br />

Hull Portraits<br />

At Canton Academy<br />


2015-<strong>2016</strong> All Sports Award Winner<br />

www.CantonAcademy.org<br />

Join us for our<br />

First Bejeweled<br />

Snowflake Tea<br />

<strong>December</strong> 28, <strong>2016</strong><br />

11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.<br />

Reservations Available<br />

Christmas Tea Gifts<br />

Available Now<br />

7048 Old Canton Rd Ridgeland<br />

(769) 300-4948<br />

HighBiscuitsTea.com<br />

4Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>


We specialize in the construction and modernization of decks, patios, pergolas,<br />

cabanas, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. Fresh air never looked so good.<br />


Landscaper’s<br />

Oasis<br />

Camille Anding<br />

Palm trees loom over the dark-stained Jefcoat fence<br />

that encloses Michael and Ashley’s backyard oasis and<br />

tempt one to know its secret.<br />

For the family of Michael and Ashley Campbell and<br />

their three daughters, the secret is out. The major project<br />

undertaken by Michael Campbell, owner of Pro-Lawn<br />

Landscape, and John Hertel of ProVision Design is<br />

completed and in full entertainment mode.<br />

When Michael was hired for a landscaping job at a<br />

former customer of John Hertel’s and saw a cabana that<br />

John had designed and built, Michael knew what he<br />

wanted for his own backyard project. He called John,<br />

and the project began.<br />

6Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison7

The massive beamed cabana sits as the focal point and<br />

is anchored by a stone fireplace that offers a roaring fire<br />

or “backdoor” fire pit. The cabana is an entertainment<br />

center in itself with overhead TV, bar, and outdoor kitchen,<br />

complete with a Primo Grill. An inviting half-moon<br />

wicker couch seats family and guests on aqua upholstery.<br />

John’s wife, Allison, selects the appropriate colors and<br />

seating for their designs.<br />

Distressed, custom made Adirondacks by Larry Glass<br />

of Heartwood, provide leisure comfort around the fire pit.<br />

The atypical pool shape adds interest to the oasis and<br />

unique composition for the cabana, diving stone and water<br />

falls. The diving stone is from Morgan Stone as well as the<br />

other stone used throughout the design. Morgan Stone is<br />

located on Hwy. 471 in Brandon.<br />

A wonderful mixture of stamped stone and scored,<br />

stained concrete add to the overall surface of the renovated<br />

yard.<br />

From the landscaping by Michael to John’s architectural<br />

genius, a once typical backyard has been transformed.<br />

Michael calls it, “My happy place.” n<br />

8Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison9

Quality care backed<br />

by the Baptist<br />

Medical Center.<br />

Only Baptist gives you a network of clinics backed<br />

by the resources of the Baptist Medical Center.<br />

For same-day appointments, call or download<br />

our free app at mbhs.org/onlyatbaptist.<br />

The Following Is Not For Print/For Information Only<br />

Placement: <strong>Hometown</strong> <strong>Madison</strong>. 11/<strong>2016</strong>. 8” x 5”. Commissioned by Diane Martin.<br />

(CorpComm001/Layout A-L/Clinic/Ads/Only Baptist)<br />

10Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison11

Ladies Night Out<br />

First Baptist Church <strong>Madison</strong><br />

October 6, <strong>2016</strong><br />

12Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison13

14Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

Fa-lalalala<br />

in Love<br />


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice,<br />

Santa wants you to have what you<br />

deserve—Treat yourself!<br />

make your appointment today<br />

mention this ad for savings on<br />

injectables, skin care, and laser services<br />

Erica H. Bass, MD • G. Eli Howell, II, MD<br />

W. Dotie Jackson, MD • Emile A. Picarella, MD<br />

Somprasong Songcharoen, MD<br />


St. Dominic East Medical Tower | 971 Lakeland Drive, Suite 315 | Jackson, MS<br />

Colonnades at Baptist | 501 Marshall Street, Suite 502 | Jackson, MS<br />

601.981.2525 | www.mspremierplasticsugery.com<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison15

16Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

Where Dreams<br />

Come True<br />

Camille Anding<br />

Some simply “wish upon a star” for a life of vacations<br />

and celebratory holidays. Carolyn Laird doesn’t wish it.<br />

She, along with her family, experience it.<br />

Carolyn has been a Disney fan since she was a child. After marrying Hank, she inoculated him with that same<br />

fascination for Mickey and Minnie. Their son, Brian, became the next Laird to gravitate to Orlando for vacations. When<br />

Brian honeymooned with his new bride, Renee, their destination was Disney World. Now their son, Joshua, a sixth<br />

grader, makes the fifth family member to relish vacations with the Disney characters in their favorite theme park.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison17

Here’s the mind-boggling statistic:<br />

Carolyn and Hank have vacationed in<br />

Disney World 138 times since 1978 plus<br />

a “few” times in Disneyland. Carolyn,<br />

the art teacher at First Presbyterian Day<br />

School, laughs and says, “Disney World<br />

is our home away from home.” In fact,<br />

when Carolyn decides to retire, she and<br />

her husband plan to head straight to<br />

Orlando so they can live closer to their<br />

favorite destination.<br />

Records speak for themselves. The Laird’s<br />

name is inscribed on a brick in the Magic<br />

Kingdom, and their picture is displayed at<br />

the entrance of Epcot. The family usually<br />

travels to Disney World an average of four<br />

times a year. Their choice of travel is by car,<br />

and they always stay on the grounds of<br />

Disney World. Thanksgiving is Carolyn’s<br />

favorite time to visit because the Christmas<br />

lights are up and the crowds aren’t as large.<br />

Speaking of Christmas, Carolyn and<br />

Hank also love Christmas trees and begin<br />

decorating their own nineteen Christmas<br />

trees in September. They are displayed<br />

throughout their house, and no two trees<br />

are alike. Each full-size tree features its own<br />

theme. Along with the lighted trees are<br />

numerous Disney-themed decorations and<br />

impressive collectibles from Disney World.<br />

The reason is simple. If the Lairds can’t<br />

live in Disney World, they bring Disney to<br />

their home. They are also firm believers in<br />

making dreams come true!<br />

“Disney World is our home away from home.”<br />


<strong>Hometown</strong> madison19

Holiday<br />

Favorites!<br />

Chocolate Turkeys<br />


1220 E. Northside Dr., #380, Jackson, MS 601.362.9553<br />

Monday-Saturday: 10-6 www.nandyscandy.com<br />

Keepsake Advent Calendars<br />


Shopping LOCAL<br />

Shari Veazey, Executive Director, Mississippi Municipal League<br />

As we approach this year’s holiday season,<br />

our thoughts will naturally turn to shopping and<br />

the quest to find the perfect gifts for family and<br />

friends. Many people now do all or most of their<br />

shopping on the internet, while other shoppers<br />

will choose to shop at “big box” retailers.<br />

But this year, I would urge you to make it a<br />

point to shop at home and support your local<br />

retailers and businesses. Brick and mortar<br />

businesses are extremely important to cities,<br />

towns and our state as a whole. When you shop<br />

locally, you are supporting “mom and pop”<br />

businesses that, in turn, support the cities and<br />

towns where they are located.<br />

In Mississippi, 18.5% of sales tax paid by local<br />

businesses is diverted back to the municipalities<br />

where they are located. This revenue supports<br />

critical municipal services such as police and fire<br />

protection; water and sewer; parks and recreation;<br />

libraries; and street infrastructure. For many<br />

municipalities in the state, sales tax revenue is a<br />

significant contributor to their overall budget.<br />

A recent survey of the Mississippi Municipal<br />

League revealed that sales tax is often the largest<br />

source of revenue for many of the 299 municipalities<br />

located in the state.<br />

There are many other reasons to shop locally,<br />

though. Local retailers and other small businesses<br />

are more invested in the overall success of their<br />

communities and are more likely to play active<br />

roles in the betterment of their city or town.<br />

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration,<br />

in 2015, Mississippi housed more than<br />

242,000 small businesses making significant<br />

contributions to the state’s economy. These<br />

locally-owned companies support community<br />

events, local schools and sports teams, and often<br />

create partnerships with other small businesses,<br />

neighbors and residents.<br />

Small locally-owned businesses are the largest<br />

creator of jobs nationally, according to the Small<br />

Business Administration. As a general rule, local<br />

retailers can offer better customer service and add<br />

a more “personal” touch to the buying experience.<br />

Big-box retailers may have a larger physical<br />

footprint, but small retailers often have access<br />

to the same vendors and are more vested in<br />

satisfying your needs as a customer. They can<br />

order products that are not currently in stock,<br />

and because they are locally owned, they can be<br />

more flexible to extend a sale price, or offer a<br />

rebate to attract your business.<br />

Now, no one can dispute the convenience<br />

factor of ordering products online from the<br />

comfort of your home or office, but online<br />

retailers have an unfair advantage over our<br />

“Main Street” businesses that are working hard<br />

to grow, or sometimes just sustain, their clientele.<br />

These same businesses are contributing to the<br />

fiscal health of cities and towns, which ultimately<br />

benefits local citizens. Internet based businesses<br />

do nothing to contribute to these communities<br />

or to the state of Mississippi.<br />

The Mississippi Municipal League has been<br />

and will continue to be a strong advocate for the<br />

implementation of internet sales tax as a<br />

mechanism to simply level the playing field. A<br />

local retailer in one of our member cities has<br />

told me of many instances of “showrooming”<br />

where customers come into his store to try on a<br />

coat or pair of shoes, and when questioned by<br />

a salesperson about making a purchase, they<br />

indicate that they are just trying on the item so<br />

they could make the purchase online.<br />

Determining the mechanism for collecting<br />

internet sales tax is not easy, but with all of the<br />

technology and software currently available, it<br />

can be done. The MML would support a method<br />

of taxing the product based on the destination.<br />

For example, if someone in a Mississippi city<br />

buys online from a company and the product is<br />

delivered to their home, then the state of<br />

Mississippi would collect the 7% sales tax on the<br />

purchase and then divert 18.5% back to the city<br />

where the online purchase was delivered–the<br />

same method used when purchases are made<br />

in a brick and mortar retailer.<br />

Closing the online sales tax loophole will give<br />

cities and towns in Mississippi more resources to<br />

invest in improving the business environment<br />

and the quality of life for our citizens. In the<br />

meantime, when you choose to shop locally,<br />

you are doing much more than helping one<br />

small business–you are supporting your entire<br />

community. n<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison21

Authentic<br />

Chamber<br />

Music<br />

Camille Anding<br />


hen Mississippi Supreme Court Justice<br />

Jess Dickinson steps from his chamber<br />

and into life away from the courtroom,<br />

he’s the true “music man.” The gifted musician, who<br />

plays thirty musical instruments (yes, thirty), credits his<br />

grandfather for introducing him to string music.<br />

Jess was a fourteen-year-old when his grandfather taught<br />

him how to play the guitar–the guitar he purchased by trading<br />

ten bushels of personally-picked peaches. In the years that<br />

followed, Delta musicians influenced his Charleston,<br />

Mississippi, upbringing and before graduating high school,<br />

Jess had formed his first band. College life at Mississippi<br />

State University included another band and a love for a<br />

musical career that led him to drop out of college and move<br />

to California.<br />

After a few years of rubbing shoulders with top musical<br />

talents, Jess’s love for music didn’t die, but his dream as a<br />

career musician faded. He moved back to Mississippi and<br />

completed college and law school.<br />

In the summer of 1989, Jess and his wife, Janet, vacationed<br />

through the Ozarks and stopped in Mountain View, Arkansas.<br />

Jess was immediately captivated by the Ozark musicians that<br />

gathered on the town square to play their guitars, fiddles,<br />

mandolins, bass fiddles, harmonicas, banjos, and dulcimers.<br />

From there the Dickinsons traveled to the Ozark Folk<br />

Center where Jess encountered his first hammered<br />

dulcimer. He immediately told Janet that he had to<br />

have one .<br />

For the next ten hours, Janet took the wheel of their van<br />

while Jess, with his new dulcimer, tuner, and twelve-page<br />

instruction booklet, rode in the back. When they pulled<br />

in to their Gulfport home, Jess had learned his first song,<br />

Send the Light, which he played the following Sunday in<br />

church. In <strong>November</strong> of 1990, Jess walked onto the stage<br />

at that same Ozark Folk Center and played three numbers<br />

on his hammered dulcimer. The packed audience gave him<br />

a standing ovation.<br />

Since 2002, Jess has served on the Mississippi Supreme<br />

Court but hasn’t forsaken his love of music. The Bluegrass<br />

Appeal is his third band, a talented group that’s performed<br />

on public radio’s syndicated show, Thacker Mountain Radio<br />

Hour, and twice on the University of Southern Mississippi’s<br />

Roots Reunion Concert. Jess also teaches dulcimer lessons<br />

and performs solo for festivals, weddings, and other events.<br />

With his judicial duties and nine grandchildren, Jess and<br />

Janet have busy days ahead and nine more opportunities to<br />

pass on their musical talents and of course his love for the<br />

beloved hammered dulcimer.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison23

Urology Associates<br />

of Mississippi<br />

Our physicians are highly skilled and experienced<br />

in treating a wide array of urology conditions<br />

Utilizing state of the art equipment and advanced treatment techniques,<br />

each of our board certified urologists have specific areas of urological<br />

expertise in addition to providing general urologic care to patients<br />

all over the state of Mississippi.<br />

<br />

Please visit us at our new location:<br />

<br />

601.936.4645<br />

24Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>



OCTOBER 7, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Benefitting the<br />

Alzheimer’s Association<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison25


Volume 3, Issue 2<br />

may/june/july <strong>2016</strong><br />

The Rock House<br />

_______________________<br />

Dancing Through Life<br />

_______________________<br />

The Lew Crew<br />

_______________________<br />

Teddy "We Care" Bears<br />

A Print-Worthy Pursuit<br />

Mary Ann Kirby<br />

A better name for this story may be “The Power of Serendipity”<br />

the definition of which means to find amazing things that you<br />

weren’t necessarily looking for. That’s what I found in Tahya Dobbs<br />

when God brought us together to form what has been an amazing<br />

working relationship, and better yet, an even better friendship.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison27

28<strong>2016</strong><br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> Magazines Staff: Alicia Floyd, Brenda McCall, Daniel Thomas, Rachael Lombardo, Mary Ann Kirby, Tahya Dobbs, Kevin Dobbs

The story of how she and I met is, indeed,<br />

serendipitous. In the fall of 2013, I had left<br />

my very corporate management position<br />

with a popular local magazine and had gone home to<br />

be a full-time mom. It was a bittersweet move in that<br />

I absolutely adored the magazine business along with<br />

the creative process, but corporate media had become<br />

extremely challenging and sometimes their vision and<br />

mine didn’t always align. I wanted to expand and they<br />

wanted to downsize. Bottom lines and budget cuts<br />

always won out.<br />

I could have ended my professional life then and<br />

there and felt as though I had accomplished pretty<br />

much everything I’d wanted. I’d had a successful career<br />

in broadcast and print media sales and management<br />

and felt like I was going out on a high note. The<br />

holidays were approaching and I proceeded to spend<br />

my first stress-free break at home with my husband and<br />

then-ten-year-old son. I was relaxed and present in<br />

a way that I hadn’t been in years’ past when precious<br />

allotted vacations days were being rationed out until<br />

the very end of the calendar year.<br />

The holidays came and went and my son had<br />

started back to school. I was beginning to settle into<br />

my “new” routine and operating at a completely<br />

different pace–and I liked it. One day I was out<br />

running some errands and got a call from one of my<br />

favorite former long-time clients. Noel Daniels called<br />

to tell me, “There’s a gal out here with this new<br />

magazine and I think you two need to meet. She’s<br />

a real go-getter and really has a good thing here.<br />

You could probably help her. It’s called <strong>Hometown</strong><br />

Brandon. Can I give her your number?”<br />

The irony was that just a couple of days earlier I’d<br />

noticed a new Facebook page that had been launched<br />

called <strong>Hometown</strong> Brandon Magazine. It had grown to<br />

over 2,500 likes within the first several hours of being<br />

created and how I happened to stumble upon it, out of<br />

all the things posted on Facebook, only God knows–<br />

but I did. And to be honest, it made me ache for the<br />

business I so loved. I told Noel to absolutely share<br />

my number.<br />

A couple of hours later my phone rang. “Mary<br />

Ann, this is Tahya Dobbs. Noel Daniels gave me your<br />

number so I hope you don’t mind that I called. Is this<br />

a good time?” That was in the spring of 2014.<br />

She was incredibly easy to talk to and we hit it off<br />

immediately in that very first call. It turns out that<br />

Tahya had recently had a career change, too. For years,<br />

she had been a homemaker and raised children–not<br />

just her own three, but four more from the foster<br />

system, as well. Her husband had a life in ministry and<br />

together they had hearts for the Lord and made lives<br />

of service to the church. She carpooled and catered<br />

and taught Sunday school. She was busy raising<br />

children and having a house full was fulfilling to her–<br />

but God had more to come.<br />

Once her kids were all in school, Tahya decided to<br />

explore her options outside of the home. She eventually<br />

took a job with the City of Brandon mayor’s office and<br />

fell in love immediately with all they did to promote<br />

Brandon. She said, “I couldn’t believe I was getting<br />

paid to actually promote the city! It was such a joy and<br />

I made countless friends and connections while doing<br />

it. We created events and partnered closely with our<br />

local merchants. It was truly a dream job.”<br />

That’s where the seed for the magazine got planted.<br />

Tahya recalls, “I’ll never forget one day when one<br />

of the ladies from the Brandon Garden Club came into<br />

our office with a stack of Desoto County publications<br />

and wanted to know what it would take for the City of<br />

Brandon to have its own magazine.” That’s when the<br />

bug bit. She went home that day and told her husband<br />

that she was going to do a magazine.<br />

“I literally felt convicted,” she went on to say. “I<br />

left my job at the mayor’s office and set up camp on<br />

my kitchen table as publisher of a yet-to-be-named<br />

publication. And while I knew nothing about the<br />

magazine business, I definitely knew what I wanted to<br />

do with it. I wanted to promote good things. I wanted<br />

to tell people’s stories–stories about our businesses<br />

and neighbors and give them a real presence.<br />

I went to Hederman Brothers, the locally owned<br />

and operated printer that now prints all our magazines,<br />

and they gave me the name of a freelance graphic<br />

designer that might be able to help me. Daniel Thomas<br />

and I met at McAlister’s in Brandon where I assured<br />

him I knew absolutely nothing about publishing but<br />

had already sold some ads and knew what stories<br />

would be in the first issue. I needed someone to lay it<br />

out and he quickly assured me he could do it.<br />

The magazine would be beautifully designed and<br />

made with high quality paper and would spotlight the<br />

people in our community that make it the wonderful<br />

place that it is. I confided with Jamie Wier, a local<br />

architect-friend, about my idea and he suggested I<br />

name it something that could work in the event we<br />

ever decided to expand. Expand? Crazy, huh? That’s<br />

how we came up with the name <strong>Hometown</strong>.”<br />

In July of 2013, Tahya’s parents retired and moved<br />

from North Mississippi where they had lived and raised<br />

their children. They wanted remain close to kids and<br />

grand-kids and decided to make Brandon their home.<br />

It was a mere three months later that Tahya would<br />

need both a writer and a photographer to help launch<br />

her new business. Tahya’s mom, Camille, had written<br />

for newspapers for over twenty years and her dad,<br />

Othel, was a professional photographer. Once again<br />

God was orchestrating His plan and revealing each<br />

piece of His extraordinary puzzle.<br />

The community welcomed Tahya and her new<br />

venture with open arms. All those contacts she’d made<br />

while working for the City were vital as she started<br />

knocking on doors and asking for support. People<br />

were blown away just a few weeks later when she came<br />

back to deliver her very first issue of <strong>Hometown</strong> Brandon<br />

Magazine. The quality surpassed all expectations and<br />

she’d managed to capture the very essence of their<br />

beautiful community and the people that make it<br />

special.<br />

Since then, <strong>Hometown</strong> has expanded. She and<br />

her husband Kevin have added <strong>Hometown</strong> Brookhaven,<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> Clinton, <strong>Hometown</strong> Rankin and <strong>Hometown</strong><br />

<strong>Madison</strong>. They publish 24 magazines a year with a<br />

circulation nearing 250,000 and have recently<br />

partnered with several area chambers of commerce<br />

to publish their chamber guides. They’ve moved off<br />

of the kitchen table and into an office space and it<br />

now takes a staff of ten to meet the demands of<br />

their ever-growing business. It’s been a remarkable<br />

homegrown success story that I’ve been blessed to<br />

witness, firsthand. And not only does she allow me<br />

to tinker with the magazines, once again doing what<br />

I love, but she’s become one of my dearest friends.<br />

But make no mistake, Tahya doesn’t take a bit of<br />

their success for granted. She and Kevin continue to<br />

honor God at every turn and believe deeply that “to<br />

whom much is given, much is required.” Much of the<br />

content that they publish is boldly faith-based and<br />

serves as a reflection of their core values–both in their<br />

lives at home and in their business.<br />

She goes on to say, “It never occurred to me that I<br />

could possibly fail. Thankfully, I didn’t know enough<br />

to know what all could go wrong. But I felt strongly<br />

that God was showing me favor and I owed it to<br />

Him to give it everything I had. I had to have faith.<br />

So, that’s what I did.<br />

It’s been really incredible. I can’t believe how far<br />

we’ve come–and how much I’ve grown, personally.<br />

And nothing gives me greater satisfaction than having<br />

a business owner that has supported me and entrusted<br />

me with their advertising dollars call and say, ‘Tahya,<br />

it worked.’” n<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison29

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diabetics have a far greater chance of cataracts, glaucoma<br />

and blindness.<br />

A comprehensive eye exam from Jackson Eye Associates<br />

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30Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison31

If you could have<br />

any job for one day,<br />

what would it be<br />

and why?<br />

AnnA Kennedy<br />

A chef in New York.<br />

I’ve always loved to cook<br />

and have always wanted<br />

to visit New York.<br />

Michele BrooKs<br />

Surgeon. This has been<br />

a dream of mine as a<br />

child because I love<br />

helping people.<br />

FrAnK Burnett, iii<br />

Exotic racecar driver.<br />

I like cars and the<br />

places they go.<br />

hunter VAughn<br />

Sports coach.<br />

I enjoy coaching kids<br />

and leading them in<br />

the right direction.<br />

nicole Mcelroy<br />

Pharmacist so that<br />

I can help people<br />

who are sick.<br />

32Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

cArol hArtMAn<br />

Ballet dancer with the<br />

New York City Ballet and<br />

dance in The Nutcracker.<br />

It has been a dream<br />

of mine since<br />

I was a child.<br />

Josh WAshington<br />

CEO of a bank so that<br />

I could make executive<br />

decisions and help people<br />

with their investments.<br />

BAylee gAughF<br />

Singer. Growing up<br />

watching American Idol,<br />

I always imagined myself<br />

on stage singing in front<br />

of Simon Cowell and<br />

hearing Ryan Seacrest<br />

say “The winner of<br />

American Idol is...<br />

Baylee Gaughf.”<br />

christy lArson<br />

Travel agent. Traveling<br />

is one of the best<br />

educational and relaxing<br />

things you can do.<br />

FrAnK Burnett<br />

Sports analyst so I could<br />

travel to all of the marquee<br />

collegiate venues, provide<br />

play-by-plays, interviews<br />

and insight. Then after<br />

the games, eat the fine<br />

cuisines and celebrate<br />

with the winning team.<br />

roBert hArrell<br />

Professional hunter<br />

because I would be<br />

working outside doing<br />

something I love.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison33

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34Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

A Distinguished Career<br />

Susan Marquez<br />

Growing up in West Jackson in the 1950s,<br />

Kenny Windham probably never dreamed<br />

that he would spend over 50 years of his life in<br />

the broadcasting industry. Yet in October, he<br />

retired with 53 years of service under his belt.<br />

He began at WJDX radio when it was housed<br />

in the same building with WLBT-TV. His<br />

oldest brother Albert “Butch“ Windham is<br />

responsible for Kenny’s being in broadcasting.<br />

“My father died when I was six years old,”<br />

Kenny recalled. “He was a public information<br />

officer with the Mississippi Highway Patrol<br />

and he died suddenly of a heart attack,<br />

leaving my mother to raise four children on<br />

her own.” Butch started working at WLBT<br />

at night, answering the phone. He moved up<br />

to film editor and ran camera in the studio.<br />

When I was in the 11th grade, Butch called<br />

me at school and told me to come over to<br />

the TV station. Maurice Thompson hired me<br />

to answer the phone.”<br />

Kenny explained how in those days, the<br />

TV and radio station were the source of all<br />

information. “People called in to ask about all<br />

kinds of things,” he remembered. “We had an<br />

atomic clock and people called just to ask<br />

what time it was.” Butch taught Kenny how<br />

to edit film, which opened even more doors<br />

for him. “He was a hard, hard worker, but he<br />

wanted to be an agent too. He retired from<br />

the secret service in Escondido, California.”<br />

After graduating from Provine High<br />

School, Kenny went to school at Hinds and<br />

Mississippi College. “I never really got very far<br />

from home,” he laughed. He began his studies<br />

in pre-dental, but ended up earning a degree in<br />

sociology, all along working 46-hours a week<br />

at the station. “I came up learning all about<br />

broadcasting from the best – Alon Bee, Forest<br />

Cox, Joe Root, Woody Assaf and others. There<br />

were a lot of married couples working there<br />

at the time. It was like a big family.”<br />

He stayed on at the station after<br />

graduation, moving into radio sales. In 1974,<br />

WJDX moved to its current location on<br />

Beasley Road in Jackson. The station has<br />

been through a multitude of changes, with<br />

the station being bought and sold several<br />

times. Currently it’s part of the iHeart Radio<br />

group, which includes WJDX 620 AM, 105.1<br />

The River, Z106, MISS103, and Hallelujah 95.5,<br />

along with many other offerings available on<br />

the iHeart Radio app.<br />

Maggie Clark, owner of Maggie Clark<br />

Media Services, recalled meeting Kenny in<br />

1971. “I had just moved back to Jackson from<br />

Montgomery following the death of my first<br />

husband. I was hired to work as the traffic<br />

director for WJDX and WZZQ. Kenny had just<br />

gone from running camera at WLBT to sales<br />

at WJDX. His wife, Trish, and I were pregnant<br />

at the same time and Kenny was so kind to<br />

me. What impressed me about Kenny was<br />


<strong>Hometown</strong> madison37

that he would go after accounts that no one<br />

else would–boutiques and the like. He was the<br />

number one sales person right out of the gate<br />

for WZZQ. He managed to hang in through<br />

five ownership changes, surviving them all.<br />

I can’t think of anyone who has more honor<br />

and integrity than Kenny Windham.”<br />

Over the years, Kenny worked with many<br />

young sales executives, bringing them up in<br />

the business. One of those was Beth Ballard,<br />

sales director at SuperTalk. “I met Kenny<br />

Windham in 1993. He took a chance on a<br />

wide-eyed girl who was selling lipstick and<br />

perfume. I knew nothing about radio other<br />

than how to turn one on! He was a firm and<br />

fair boss and working for him was<br />

a pleasure. He influenced my love for radio.<br />

I appreciate that Kenny gave me the chance<br />

of a lifetime, and a career like no other!”<br />

Since January 1986, Kenny has served<br />

as president and market manager for the<br />

stations, all while sitting on several boards<br />

of directors for organizations like Mississippi<br />

Blood Services, Community Foundation of<br />

Greater Jackson, The Barnett Reservoir<br />

Foundation, Jackson State University Advisory<br />

Board and the Mississippi Association of<br />

Broadcasters.<br />

For 40 years, Kenny served in the U.S.<br />

Army Reserve, retiring as a full colonel. In<br />

January 2003, he was the deputy commander<br />

with the 3rd Personnel Command, and was<br />

sent to Camp Doha in Kuwait, just south of<br />

the Iraqi border. “I had four days’ notice to<br />

pack my bags and say my goodbyes,” he said.<br />

He ran the casualty-reporting branch with the<br />

G1 section of the coalition forces command<br />

headquarters from many countries. “We had<br />

a few attacks while I was there. But for the<br />

most part, I felt safe. It was a heck of an<br />

experience.” He spent eight months there<br />

and learned that war is a young man’s game.<br />

“It was hard.”<br />

“Kenny and I have been friends for over<br />

30 years,” said Dolphus Blackmon, a former<br />

sales executive for Z106 FM. “I have always<br />

admired him for his service to our country and<br />

his sincere dedication to so many non-profits,<br />

promoting their causes through our radio<br />

stations. If he committed to do something<br />

for any cause or anyone, you could consider<br />

it done. He was a friend to many.”<br />

Kenny was honored at a grand celebration<br />

at the Country Club of Jackson recently, and a<br />

host of broadcast veterans and community<br />

leaders attended, along with present and past<br />

station employees, advertisers, fellow soldiers,<br />

friends and family, including granddaughter<br />

Rainey, whom Kenny describes as “the love<br />

of my life.”<br />

What does someone who has been so<br />

involved in the community for so long do<br />

when he retires? “I certainly plan on taking<br />

some time off,” he laughed. Kenny will spend<br />

some quality time with his wife, Trish. The<br />

couple met at Hinds Community College and<br />

married in 1968. Kenny said he also looks<br />

forward to spending more time with Rainey.<br />

But he’ll still be involved with the organizations<br />

he has worked so tirelessly for. “This is my<br />

second time to chair the Mississippi Blood<br />

Services board of directors, and I’ll continue<br />

working with Dr. Elaine Anthony on JSU’s<br />

advisory board. I hope I’ve helped make her<br />

department into a college, which is something<br />

I have been proud to see happen.” Kenny will<br />

also continue to help with Mississippi<br />

Association of Broadcasters. “I just got trapped<br />

into my second tour of duty as the board chair<br />

there,” he laughed, but said he feels strongly<br />

about the organization and wants to see it<br />

continue to do well after the passing of the<br />

Broadcaster’s executive director, Jackie Lett.<br />

So even though I’m retired, I will keep busy!”<br />

Sadly, the week Kenny retired, his brother<br />

Butch passed away in California. Kenny is<br />

forever grateful to Butch for introducing him to<br />

the world of broadcasting so many years ago.<br />

Looking back on his long career in radio,<br />

Kenny said he feels so blessed to have been<br />

there with the people he was with. “There<br />

have been some really great folks working<br />

with us, and I’m excited about the future of<br />

those who are there now. iHeart Radio is<br />

doing so many neat things and with<br />

technology changing all the time, it’s only<br />

going to get better. Statistically, radio is as<br />

strong as ever, and I know I’ll want to stay<br />

involved in it somehow.” n<br />

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42Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>


Officer Pat Mack<br />


Why did you decide to be a policeman?<br />

I knew I wanted to be a police officer since I<br />

was 11 years old. I was watching female cop<br />

movies like Foxy Brown and Get Christy Love<br />

while my siblings were watching The Brady<br />

Bunch and Little House on the Prairie.<br />

How long have you been with the<br />

Flora Police Department?<br />

I was hired as a patrol officer for the Flora<br />

Police Department on October 2, 2006;<br />

so I’ve been with them for ten years.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

I have four children: two girls and two boys:<br />

My oldest daughter, Tyieashia Bell, is a crossing<br />

guard for the town of Flora and a process<br />

server for Mack’s Process Services, LLC. She<br />

has two daughters. My youngest, Erica is<br />

pursuing a career in fashion design. She has<br />

a 16-year-old son. My oldest son, Jimmy is<br />

a Callaway graduate and will be graduating<br />

from Jackson State in <strong>December</strong>. He also<br />

wants to pursue a career as a police officer.<br />

My other son, Joe, is a Callaway graduate<br />

and has worked at the Animal Emergency<br />

Referral Center while pursuing a career as<br />

a veterinarian.<br />

What is the toughest thing you have<br />

experienced in your job?<br />

On my first week, fresh out of the academy,<br />

I responded to a medical call. The elderly<br />

female was not breathing, and I had to<br />

preform CPR until rescue services arrived.<br />

Once CPR has started you cannot stop until<br />

someone else takes over. It was only a few<br />

minutes, but seemed like forever.<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing<br />

in your spare time.<br />

I love taking care of my developmentally<br />

delayed little sister on my off days. I also love<br />

designing wine glasses and watching my<br />

favorite television shows.<br />

What are three things on your bucket<br />

list?<br />

I would love to vacation in Australia and Las<br />

Vegas. I would also love to get married again!<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

I admire my god-sister Freddie Singleton with<br />

the Hinds County D.A.’s office. She’s very kind,<br />

funny, and smart. She has taught me a lot<br />

throughout her law enforcement career.<br />

When I have questions about a police<br />

situation, she always has great advice because<br />

of her 30-year career.<br />

Where do you see yourself 10 years<br />

from now?<br />

If it is the Lord’s will, I will be alive and retired,<br />

mentoring children who are in need. I want to<br />

be someone they can talk to when they think<br />

there is no way out of any bad situation.<br />

If you could give one piece of advice<br />

to a young person, what would it be?<br />

Go to school, finish school, go to college;<br />

get a degree! Get a career job so you can<br />

take care of yourself, and avoid a life of crime.<br />

What is your favorite childhood<br />

memory?<br />

My sisters and I used to walk through the<br />

country fields and pick blackberries.<br />

What is the biggest mistake you think<br />

young people make today?<br />

They try to fit in where they don’t belong just<br />

to gain friends and attention.<br />

What is your favorite thing about the<br />

City of Flora?<br />

I love protecting and serving all the Flora<br />

citizens. I love that they love me!<br />

What is your favorite thing about<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County?<br />

It's a quiet, peaceful place to live.<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison43

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<strong>Hometown</strong> <strong>Madison</strong><br />

READER<br />


Faith Stuart<br />

Why did you decide to make <strong>Madison</strong><br />

your home?<br />

I had just gotten my real estate license and<br />

this great “fixer upper” came on the market,<br />

on the water in Natchez Trace Village. My<br />

husband and I had already redone three<br />

homes in Jackson so we jumped on it. We<br />

loved the big, waterfront lot and eventually<br />

made the house our own.<br />

How long have you lived in <strong>Madison</strong>?<br />

Since 1999.<br />

Tell us about your family.<br />

My husband of 32 years is Jim. We have<br />

one son, Matthew, who is a freshman at<br />

Mississippi State. My mother-in-law,<br />

Caroline, also lives with us. The family is<br />

completed by two adorable mini dachshunds<br />

and one large rescue dog that we adore.<br />

What is your favorite memory of living<br />

in <strong>Madison</strong>?<br />

There are two: We helped start a new church,<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Heights in 2005. The early years<br />

were a challenge but now it is thriving. Also,<br />

youth rec. sports at Liberty Park. My son<br />

played baseball and soccer for many years.<br />

We LOVED every minute of it. We made<br />

lasting friendships from those days.<br />

Where are your three favorite places to<br />

eat in <strong>Madison</strong>?<br />

Georgia Blue, Bonefish, and Kristo’s.<br />

What are some fun things to do in<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> on the weekends?<br />

We are really homebodies and do not get<br />

out much except to meet friends for dinner.<br />

I do enjoy shopping at some of the great new<br />

stores!<br />

Share some things you enjoy doing in your<br />

spare time.<br />

I love to read. I also volunteer at church and<br />

other places. Until this year, we were always<br />

going to ballgames where my son was playing<br />

baseball.<br />

What are three things on your bucket list?<br />

Wow, this is hard. I never thought about it<br />

before. I guess maybe travel to the coast of<br />

Maine, watch Dak Prescott play in the NFL<br />

and hold a grandchild one day.<br />

Where do you see yourself ten years<br />

from now?<br />

With my husband, in a small patio home<br />

somewhere close to our son’s family. I will<br />

be selling real estate ’till I’m 70. I absolutely<br />

love my job.<br />

Who is someone you admire and why?<br />

I will have to say my aunt Hazel Dunnam.<br />

She has been a community leader in <strong>Madison</strong><br />

for decades. Everyone that knows her says the<br />

same thing, “she is an amazing woman with<br />

a big heart.” Having her as family, the thing<br />

I have always admired the most about her is<br />

that she is the consummate southern lady<br />

and also is so strong. She has beautiful<br />

manners, she is an incredible hostess, and<br />

always looks beautiful. She never tires of<br />

helping others and does it with a smile.<br />

Personally, the biggest lesson I have learned<br />

from her though is strength. Strength of<br />

character, strong faith to get her and her<br />

family through hard times–all the while<br />

marked by an unmistakable ladylike dignity.<br />

What is your favorite childhood memory?<br />

Everything you expect from growing up in a<br />

small town. The white clapboard house,<br />

riding bikes all over town with friends, the<br />

local Dairy Freeze, never locking the doors.<br />

My hometown, Mt. Olive, was like Mayberry<br />

in the 1960s when I was a child.<br />

If you could give us one encouraging<br />

quote, what would it be?<br />

“God can and God cares” - Chuck Frost,<br />

Associate Pastor, <strong>Madison</strong> Heights Church<br />

What is your favorite thing about<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> Magazines?<br />

My favorite part of <strong>Hometown</strong> Magazines<br />

are the stories about local people. <strong>Madison</strong><br />

has some amazing people with great stories<br />

to tell. n<br />

46Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

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<strong>Madison</strong>, MS 39110<br />

Jackson Location:<br />

Mon Ami Spa & Laser Center<br />

Highland Village<br />

4500 I-55 North, Suite #128<br />

601.366.7721<br />

601.790.9821<br />


48Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong><br />


Susan Marquez

Gayle Kramer is the kind of person people want to be around. An infectious smile<br />

and jubilant personality makes all who are around her feel joy. “I want to make<br />

other people happy. I want them to be OK, and I want them to know that I’m OK.”<br />

Even though she’s just finished six-anda-half<br />

weeks of daily radiation following a<br />

lumpectomy procedure for breast cancer,<br />

Kramer continued living her life each day<br />

like nothing in the world was wrong. “I didn’t<br />

have time for cancer,” she exclaimed. “I needed<br />

to keep working!”<br />

Kramer’s journey with cancer began with<br />

a regular checkup and routine mammogram<br />

earlier this year. “I hadn’t heard anything<br />

about the results after two or three days, so<br />

I called the doctor’s office and said I knew<br />

everything was fine, but I thought I should just<br />

check in.” After reviewing the results, Kramer<br />

was told by her doctor that no, something<br />

didn’t look right, and she needed to go for a<br />

biopsy. “Even then, I wasn’t concerned. I just<br />

thought it was something they had to do, and<br />

that they’d realize after the biopsy that I was<br />

just fine.”<br />

But she wasn’t fine. Kramer had breast<br />

cancer and she had to go home and tell her<br />

husband, Larry. I sat my daughter and him<br />

down and told them and I also told them<br />

they’d better not worry about me, because<br />

I was going to be fine. I told them that the<br />

Lord and I had this!”<br />

Kramer likes information, and before she<br />

made any decisions on treatments available<br />

to her, she did her research. “I Googled all I<br />

could, and talked with friends who had had<br />

cancer, and their friends who had had cancer.<br />

I made appointments to talk with a plastic<br />

surgeon, a radiologist and an oncologist. They<br />

were all within the Baptist Medical system,<br />

so they all talk with each other. It took a lot of<br />

time, but I’d recommend that anyone having<br />

to make decisions about their own healthcare<br />

or that of a loved one to be informed. I like<br />

information.”<br />

She met with her surgeon, Dr. Scott Berry<br />

at Baptist, and he explained all the options<br />

available to her. “He talked about a full<br />

mastectomy and a lumpectomy. In the end,<br />

I chose the lumpectomy and radiation, along<br />

with oral hormone-blockers.”<br />

Her faith, her friends and her family all<br />

kept Kramer going when she wasn’t the one<br />

to keep their spirits up. “I’ve been through a<br />

lot in life. I had to go through a divorce and a<br />

move to the Jackson area about 15 years ago.<br />

Lots of folks in my family have had any number<br />

of heart problems, but no one had ever had<br />

cancer, so this was a total shock. But for some<br />

reason, it never really bothered me.”<br />

With an attitude like Kramer’s, one has to<br />

wonder if anything bothers her. “I know that<br />

each day you can wake up and make choices in<br />

life about anything from finances to relationships.<br />

But the fact of the matter is that I didn’t<br />

make a choice to have cancer. I’ve always had<br />

such a dark and burdensome feeling come<br />

over me when someone I love is diagnosed<br />

with cancer, but when it was on my end of the<br />

equation, I didn’t feel that way, so I made it<br />

my mission to make sure others didn’t feel<br />

bad about my situation either.”<br />

Kramer is a native of Memphis and her<br />

husband is from Yazoo City. The couple lives<br />

in Yazoo County and attends the Blackjack<br />

Baptist Church. “It’s 203 years old!” She<br />

commutes to work at The Blake in Ridgeland<br />

each day where she is the activities director.<br />

“My job can be stressful, but it’s more rewarding<br />

than anything.” When she first moved to the<br />

Jackson area, Kramer had to go back into the<br />

work force. She rented apartments for Kane<br />

Ditto, then sold residential real estate. From<br />

there she went to work at Embassy Suites in<br />

Ridgeland. One day she walked over to The<br />

Blake, thinking they were apartments. “They<br />

hired me right away as the concierge, but I had<br />

a hard time sitting still!” She said the Lord<br />

spoke to her heart and told her to just be still<br />

for a while, and although it was hard, she did,<br />

and after a year her boss offered her the<br />

activities director position. “I love it! It’s the<br />

perfect job for me.” But because she sees the<br />

residents daily and she’s so involved with their<br />

lives, she sat down with them and explained<br />

her situation. She didn’t want them to get<br />

wind of it or worry about her. “I figured if they<br />

knew what was going on and they saw me<br />

here every day, they would know all was OK.”<br />

At this point, Kramer said she is healed<br />

from cancer. “I have to go back every so often<br />

to get checked, but I am not going to worry<br />

about it.” Her doctor put her name in to be a<br />

model in a fashion show with other cancer<br />

survivors at Mistletoe Marketplace. “Joan<br />

Lunden will be the special guest, so I guess<br />

I’ll be up there modeling for her!”<br />

Kramer said she’s seen a diagnosis like<br />

cancer or other life events really make people<br />

stop in their tracks. “You have to keep moving<br />

forward. To me, the best medicine ever is to<br />

bring joy to other people. When you know<br />

you’ve made someone happy, you can’t help but<br />

be happy, too.” The one thing she suggested<br />

anyone do for those going through cancer is<br />

to send a card. “I used to feel so helpless, but<br />

when I was going through treatment, I got<br />

so many cards. That really lifted my spirits.<br />

Now I know to send lots of cards to anyone<br />

who is going through cancer!” n<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison49



PARTY<br />

In honor of Gayle Kramer<br />

October 18, <strong>2016</strong> / The Blake Ridgeland<br />

50Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison51

Alah Clark, Tom Flowers Allan Wall, Hunter Arnold Beth McBride, Walter Michel Beth Morton, Brenda Ferguson<br />

Danny & Rachel Bolanos<br />

Ridgeland Under the Stars<br />

“Sassy Jones Reunion”<br />

September 29, <strong>2016</strong> / Country Club of Jackson<br />

Bill Bethany, Robby Carr, Allan Wall<br />

Bill Hollingsworth, Fred Cerami<br />

Faye Santangelo,<br />

Chuck Bryan, Linda Keng<br />

Chris Parker, Nessa Braswell<br />

Celeste Carby,<br />

Stephanie Eldridge<br />

Tammy & Van Brun<br />

Cindy & Michael Chandler<br />

Cindy Barth, Linda Williams<br />

Debi Green, Linda & Billy Brunt<br />

Dianne Herrin, Maria Garrison,<br />

Mary Lea Hagan<br />

Jill Fair, Bob Brassfield, Carol McLellan<br />

Dylan Bryan, Kelley Gay Leigh Kelly, Donna King, Mary Jackson George Ates, Honey Ates, Robert Scott<br />

Jimmy Franks, Kimberly David<br />

Leo & Jean Cheng Lydia & Austin Moore Greg Nowell, Thomas Howard<br />

52Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

Tony Webb, Brandy Manning, Kellie Rogers<br />

Tom & Debbie McCollum<br />

Thomas & Latresa Robb<br />

Susan & Tracy Bailey<br />

Vic & Nell Wyatt, Rita Martinson<br />

Shayna & Jonathon Holmes<br />

Sarah Gayden & Andy Hammond<br />

Samantha Moore, Troy Johnston,<br />

Lucien Bourgeois<br />

Allan Wall, Addy Keith, Bill Bethany, Martha House<br />

Beth Morton, Bill Boutwell, Melvin Chaney, Laurie Browning<br />

Raphael Semmes, Ginny Weilenman,<br />

Mark Weilenman<br />

Nevada Hollingsworth,<br />

Candi Galloway Mike & Enjoli Nolen<br />

Michael & Lori Wolfe Marlene Wilson, Vanessa Young Jeff King, David Jackson<br />

Marc Petro, Brooke Howard, Stephanie & Kirby Keith<br />

John Dorsa, Debi Green, Karen & Maur McKie<br />

Keith Ferguson, Beverly Mahaffey<br />

Rosa McIntyre, Maria Garrison<br />

Ric & Erin Martinez, Paula Payne Ray & Rita Satcher Lynn Wells, Rick Dowdy<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison53

The Nutcracker<br />

<strong>December</strong> 2 • 7:30pm<br />

<strong>December</strong> 3 & 4 • 2:00pm<br />

Thalia Mara Hall<br />

Front: Robby Carr · Back (L to R): Justin Gauthier, Daniel Barham, Johnny Beck<br />

Featured Artist<br />

Lisa Busby<br />

balletms.com • 601.960.1560<br />


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Up to 10 checks per day for a total amount of $5,000.<br />

Up to 50 checks per rolling 20 business days for a total amount of $15,000.<br />


54Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>


of <strong>2016</strong><br />

At Jackson Academy, learning involves more than<br />

classroom instruction. Together, faculty and students<br />

create amazing experiences, like those occurring in<br />

JA’s new Learning Commons. This central hub brings<br />

the best of progressive educational tools into one<br />

multifunctional space, where students are eager to<br />

study, think, collaborate, relax, and fellowship.<br />

Student responses? Comfortable. Easier to learn.<br />

Quiet spaces. Convenient for homework. Awesome<br />

green screen and Expo marker walls! Relaxing, but<br />

not distracting. I can get my work done. Perfect.<br />



THE<br />

WAY<br />






808 LAKE HARBOUR DRIVE // RIDGELAND // 601.856.0789<br />


©<strong>2016</strong> BUFFALO WILD WINGS, INC. BWW<strong>2016</strong>-4063<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison55



Germantown<br />

Germantown High School crowned Amber Young as their<br />

<strong>2016</strong> Homecoming Queen. Amber is the daughter of Keith<br />

and Camille Young.<br />

12th grade: Hailey Gray, Amber Young, Emma Simpson, Khaki Peets,<br />

Jesseca Bass, Molly Crocker<br />

11th grade: Candace Barlow, Kylie Cockrell, Mary Morgan Agostinelli,<br />

Allie Wilcox<br />

10th grade: Hailey Soper, <strong>Madison</strong> Smith, Emme Walker, Grayson Amis<br />

9th grade: Destiny Ewing, Nicole Easley, Mary Blair Carmody, Iris Ball<br />

56Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong><br />

Submissions provided by local officials from each individual district and not to be considered editorial opinion.

Germantown<br />

Germantown High School held a Community Pep Rally<br />

Thursday, September 22, as part of their homecoming festivities.<br />

The homecoming court was recognized on the field during<br />

this event.<br />

9th grade: Justas Bowers, Destiny Ewing, Holden Grimes, Mary Blair Carmody,<br />

Nicole Easley, Easton Wynn, Iris Ball, Isaiah Wilson<br />

11th grade: Kyle Holmes, Mary Morgan Agostinelli, Tondra Green,<br />

Candace Barlow, Kylie Cockrell, Ben Bell, Allie Wilcox, Noah Greenwood<br />

10th grade: Eli Thurman, <strong>Madison</strong> Smith, Carson Fisher, Hailey Soper,<br />

Grayson Amis, Reid Lott, Emme Walker, Will Fairly<br />

12th grade: Jay Michael Cooper, Molly Crocker, Owen Ivan, Hailey Gray,<br />

Trey Buckley, Amber Young, Emma Simpson, Dean Damon, Jesseca Bass,<br />

Keairee Ealey, Khaki Peets, Cody Dinkelacker<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison57



Mannsdale<br />

Mannsdale Elementary second graders just held their annual “Fairy<br />

Tale Ball.” Students read fairy tales (even fractured ones), fables<br />

and folktales during this unit. In music, students learned songs and<br />

dances to correspond with the literature. They put what they<br />

learned together and performed for their parents.<br />

58Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong><br />

Submissions provided by local officials from each individual district and not to be considered editorial opinion.

<strong>Madison</strong> Station<br />

Elementary<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Station Elementary is celebrating its 25th birthday this year.<br />

On September 23rd, it was <strong>Madison</strong> Station night at the <strong>Madison</strong><br />

Central football game against Clinton. The MSE honor choir sang<br />

before the game and each MSE student was given a balloon to<br />

release as they ran across the field at the beginning of the game in<br />

honor of the 25th birthday! Happy Birthday MSE!<br />

MRA<br />

The American Cancer Society hosted their 22nd Brunson<br />

Memorial Golf Tournament at Annandale Country Club. This<br />

year’s tournament honored one of our very own, Missy Hollis,<br />

1st grade teacher and patron of MRA, who is a five-year colorectal<br />

cancer survivor. Missy is an inspiration and shares her passion for<br />

getting the message out about colorectal cancer.<br />

On September 29th, MRA partnered with the American<br />

Cancer Society to have “Missy Hollis Spirit Day” and raise funds<br />

through this meaningful event. Each student could make a<br />

minimum donation of $5 and dress in their school “spirit day”<br />

attire. With every dollar raised, we were able to help support<br />

those affected by every cancer in every community, including<br />

those who are currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis, those<br />

who may face a diagnoses in the future, and those who may avoid<br />

a diagnosis altogether because of education and risk reduction.<br />

MRA is happy to announce that we collected a total of<br />

$11,0003.75 for this amazing cause!<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison59



Ann Smith<br />

The second grade Pathways students recently visited the Nissan<br />

Training Center in Canton in preparation for the construction of<br />

their VEX IQ robots. In addition to their visit, they are working<br />

on coding and learning to think sequentially which will be a must<br />

in programming the robots successfully! Upon completion, they will<br />

compete with other <strong>Madison</strong> County Schools as they maneuver<br />

their robots through a series of challenges. Their teacher is Mrs.<br />

Lynda Flynn.<br />

Camden<br />

Elementary<br />

Students in Mrs. Lindsay’s 2nd grade class wore surgical caps and<br />

masks to perform “Text Feature Surgery” from articles read in<br />

Scholastic News.<br />

Students in Mrs. Bynum’s and Ms. Griffin’s 3rd grade classes visit<br />

Judge Will Longwitz to learn about the government.<br />

Canton Academy<br />

Mrs. Dawn Lampkin’s Canton Academy K-3 class finished a unit<br />

on the letter “D” by celebrating Doughnuts with Dad. Each<br />

student invited their dad to class for breakfast. A fun time was had<br />

by everyone! Pictured are Kenner and Bo Purvis, David and Eli<br />

Brock, Bobby and Autumn Martin, Chris and Beau Bitner,<br />

Jonathon and Aiden Broome, Morgan and Jolene Belote.<br />

Walk to school day<br />

60Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong><br />

Submissions provided by local officials from each individual district and not to be considered editorial opinion.

St. Anthony<br />

Father Albeen joined us for our Annual Pet Blessing! It was a<br />

beautiful morning for our four legged fur-babies, a fish, some crabs,<br />

a few reptiles, a frog, and a turtle who were received with prayers<br />

and sprinkled with holy water. We all had fun getting to know our<br />

animal friends, and it turned out to be a purr-ific morning.<br />

Another happy tail in the books!<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison61



Christ Covenant<br />

Christ Covenant School celebrated our Fall Into Fun Festival on the<br />

school campus on October 6th. This annual festival is the largest<br />

school fundraiser with fun events for the entire family and includes<br />

games, sweet treats, inflatables, laser tag, rock climbing, creative<br />

competitions, and a silent auction.<br />

62Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong><br />

Submissions provided by local officials from each individual district and not to be considered editorial opinion.

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Deviney Rental & Supply<br />

www.DevineyEquipment.com<br />

2173 Hwy 51 / <strong>Madison</strong>, MS 39110 / 601-859-0020<br />

www.kubota.com<br />

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64Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

MoreThan<br />

<br />

<br />

Meets THE Eye<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

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<br />

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<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<strong>Hometown</strong> madison65

Camille Anding<br />

The Time Coin<br />

Martha absolutely loved Christmas.<br />

It was a package of so many joys!<br />

There were two entire weeks<br />

of vacation from school and those dreaded<br />

timed multiplication sheets. There were<br />

presents to wrap and hide, cookies to make<br />

and share, boiled custard to drink and weeks<br />

of smelling fresh pine and cedar in the house.<br />

Only one thing hung a veil over Martha’s Christmas joy. It was the<br />

Christmas play that her mother always planned for the Christmas Eve<br />

program at their church.<br />

Since the cast was usually small in their rural fellowship, Martha<br />

knew her mother wanted every child to have a speaking part. “That will<br />

please their parents,” she would tell Martha, but Martha found no<br />

pleasure in saying anything in front of crowds.<br />

She pleaded with her mother to let her skip the play or hold a spot<br />

light, but Martha’s mom was insistent that her daughter do her part.<br />

“I’ll give you your lines early so you’ll have plenty of time to learn<br />

them. It’ll be verses from the Christmas story. It won’t be hard, Martha,”<br />

she would say in consoling tones.<br />

The 24th came, on time, and Martha, the shepherd girl, stood in<br />

bath robe and sandals with a sweaty staff clenched in her nervous hands.<br />

Her heart pounded as she tried to keep her eyes on the baby doll Jesus<br />

and blend in with the other shepherds.<br />

She knew that she knew her verses but<br />

would they come out on cue? Suddenly she<br />

heard her voice, “And, lo, the angel of the Lord<br />

came upon them, and the glory of the Lord<br />

shone round about them, and they were sore<br />

afraid.”<br />

Martha halted! Her mind went blank and<br />

white like her face as she experienced the “sore<br />

afraid.” Her body and speech were paralyzed. She tried swallowing,<br />

but her mouth felt starchy and dry. She heard her mother whisper a<br />

prompt, “And the angel said,” but she needed more.<br />

She took a shepherd’s step toward the stage wing and tripped the<br />

cord that lit Baby Jesus. The manger went dark. Hysteria was ready<br />

to pounce! Martha wished for all the lights to go out so she could hide<br />

under the church.<br />

Suddenly a heavenly voice spoke. It was the rest of her lines and in<br />

her brother’s calm and clear words. Martha beamed through tear-filled<br />

eyes as her older brother shepherd, her good shepherd that night,<br />

continued, “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the<br />

heavenly host praising God, and saying. . .”<br />

Martha’s heart suddenly flooded with the Christmas spirit. She<br />

stepped closer to her brother that she loved with renewed brotherly<br />

love and joined in, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace,<br />

good will toward men.” And Martha meant it with all of her heart. n<br />

66Nov/Dec <strong>2016</strong>

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