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GBA Newsletter - Spring 2017 Welcome Welcome to the spring edition of the GBA newsletter Welcome to GBA’s first Newsletter of 2017. Let me wish all of you and your families a Happy New Year. 2016 was GBA’s most challenging year in the 29 years since I started business in 1987. As I have shared with you many times the impact of the Brexit uncertainties, the weak European economy and the increased levels of competition meant that we have all had to work harder and smarter than ever just to keep standing still. Last year our UK company was the same size as 2015, however the great news is that our Polish and Austrian companies grew strongly which means that GBA as a European group will grow around 10%. I fully recognise the efforts in every country, every depot and every department and I want to thank you for the Dedicated hard work you have done over the last 12 months. You all know that I am an optimist by nature. GBA could have never grown to the size it is without us seeing opportunities in every challenge. This value of “Enterprising” will be especially needed in 2017. I want to challenge each of you to find new opportunities every day. This could be a way to sell a new service to an existing customer, or a new customer lead to pass to Sales department, or a quicker way of processing paperwork that cuts out duplication. Everyone has a part to play in our Profit Improvement Plan that will bring long-term job security for us all. We have recently had good news with the Sales team bringing in some new contracts and the depots finding new ways to generate revenue from our current customers. But one swallow does not make a summer, and I want us all to work more closely together to build on this positive start. This year we will celebrate our 30th birthday under the name of GBA. I am extremely proud of this achievement and I want to mark the occasion with some type of celebration as our funds allow. I would like this to be the year when our Family value really shines through and helps us stride towards our 2020 Vision. David J Birkbeck Managing Director 2017 is now firmly with us, it has been a strange start to the year. Article 50 will soon be invoked, Brexit negotiations will commence. President Donald Trump is at his desk in the Oval office at the White House. I can’t remember another year starting like this one, with so much discontent and disharmony throughout our Nation and the USA. The world for us all is changing I hope it will be for the better, but we do face a voyage into the unknown. In the Gospel of Matthew 6 verse 33 & 34 Jesus says “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things (your needs) shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Jesus was not telling us that we shouldn’t plan for the future, but rather we shouldn’t waste energy by worrying about things that may or may not happen. In GBA we are continually planning for the future, there is a team who are looking into the potential markets that the changes in the UK’s relationship with the global communities will bring to us, and as part of the wider team I pray that you will join me asking for God’s wisdom and guidance as we grasp the opportunities that will be coming our way, both personally and as a Company, as Brexit implications becomes clearer and our relationship with the USA and the many other new markets develop. With every blessing for the coming year. Looking forward with hope and anticipation, with no time for worry. David W Birkbeck Chairman 2

GBA Newsletter - Spring 2017 2020 Vision GBA 2020 Vision GDP PHARMA ROAD TIME CRITICAL AIR HIGH SECURITY CONTRACT LOGISTICS “By December 2020 GBA will be the largest UK Time Critical provider” This is the summary of GBA’s 2020 Vision and in the last Newsletter we shared with you an update on how we are progressing with our plans. Since the last Newsletter many of you will have been briefed by David Birkbeck on the challenges the company is facing. We want to re-iterate that our long-term vision and long-term plans will not be changed because of the current economic uncertainties. We have had substantial growth over the last 5 years going from a £10M company to a European group of over £30M. There is no intention of letting Brexit and a weak European economy get in the way of our plans. The Senior Management Team (SMT) have implemented new profit improvement projects and accelerated others; for example: • We now have a wide-range of fuel management technologies in place. Fuel is one of our biggest costs and this will really give our drivers the tools to help them control fuel consumption. By the time you read this article many drivers will have received the RIBAS training. • Our new Quotation module is in place and is helping us understand where we are winning, and more importantly losing quotes. • The Quote to Win training course has been fully rolled-out (see Page 9) • Our marketing team are working hard to refresh our branding, website, brochures and promotional material to really help customers understand our service portfolio. We are starting to see some positive signs; we have strong expectations of winning some new large contracts and trading in November and December was slightly better than forecast. We must however still continue with our strong cost control measures to ensure that GBA is fit and ready for the challenges of 2017. As always the biggest impact will come from our people living our values, displaying our Dedicated, Enterprising and Family values, from exceeding customers’ expectations, from delivering on-time every time and having a positive attitude when they come to work every day. £10m 2015£30m £30m company european group 2009 2010 £10m2012 2011 2013 2014 2015 £30m2017 2016 2018 Dedicated Enterprising Family Values 3

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