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2017 03 The Light March 2017

Contents The Call of the Messiah 2 Concept of the Jinn in Islam By Dr Jawad Ahmad 3 Maulana Nur ud Din and the birth of Jesus By Dr Zahid Aziz 7 The Causes of Extremism By Yahya Saqib 9 The Lost Tribes of Jews in India By Tamara Zieve 11

2017 03 The Light March

ْ م ِ اہللِ‏ الرَّْحم ٰ سب ِ ی م الرَّحم ن ِ The Light International Organ of the Centre for the worldwide Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam 2017 April 2016 March The only Islamic organisation upholding the finality of prophethood. Webcasting on the world’s first real-time Islamic service at Editors Shahid Aziz & Mustaq Ali – UK; Zainib Ahmad – USA; Gowsia Selim - India Contents The Call of the Messiah 2 Concept of the Jinn in Islam 3 By Dr Jawad Ahmad Maulana Nur ud Din and the birth 7 of Jesus By Dr Zahid Aziz The Causes of Extremism 9 By Yahya Saqib The Lost Tribes of Jews in India 11 By Tamara Zieve Broadcasts (UK time) 1. Skype Urdu lecture: Sunday 09:00 2. Live on ‣ Friday Sermon 13:00 ‣ First Sunday of month lecture 15:00. 3. Radio Radio Virtual Mosque Websites 1. International HQ 2. Research and history 3. The Woking Mosque and Mission 4. The Berlin Mosque and Mission 5. Quran search 6. Blog Our Recent English Broadcasts ‣ Man is The Best Of All Creature. Talha Adnan looks at the man’s (and woman’s) position amongst the creation. ‣ The Demand that UK Government Consider Lahori-Ahmadis as Muslims. In South Africa the Sunnis withdrew from Ismael Peck v MJC because a non-Muslim court could not decide who is a Muslim. Now they are asking the UK government to do that! ‣ Western Theory of Constitutional Law is Based in Islamic Principles. We discuss the origin of the Constitutional theory and show that its fundamental principles are found in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. ‣ Is the Holy Quran Only For Muslims? We read out an extract from the writings of the Promised Messiah to show that the Holy Quran was revealed for the guidance of the whole humanity and not just Muslims. Interesting external links ‣ British Parliament Research Alcohol Harm. ‣ British MPs Debate Alcohol Harm. ‣ Nun Receives Death Threats for Saying Mary May Not Have Been a Virgin. ‣ Why Trump is Wrong About Islam? ‣ Is lying Permissible in Religion? ‣ Hate Breeds Hate. I Shall Love All Mankind.

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