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The Call of the Messiah 2
Concept of the Jinn in Islam By Dr Jawad Ahmad 3
Maulana Nur ud Din and the birth of Jesus By Dr Zahid Aziz 7
The Causes of Extremism By Yahya Saqib 9
The Lost Tribes of Jews in India By Tamara Zieve 11

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The Call of the Messiah 2

Concept of the Jinn in Islam 3

By Dr Jawad Ahmad

Maulana Nur ud Din and the birth 7

of Jesus

By Dr Zahid Aziz

The Causes of Extremism 9

By Yahya Saqib

The Lost Tribes of Jews in India 11

By Tamara Zieve

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I Shall Love All Mankind.

February 2017 The

The Call of the Messiah


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam


The Promised Messiah and


Do not be satisfied with fables

Allah exists even now as He did in the past.

His powers, too, remain the same as they were

in the past, and He is still as capable of showing

signs as He was before. Then why should

you be satisfied with mere stories and fables.

That religion which contains nothing more

than stories of miracles shown in the past is

dead and destroyed, and dead also are those

people on whom Allah does not descend in

grace and mercy and whom the Divine Hand

itself has not come down to purify.

As a man is drawn towards the joys of this

world when he sees its attractions with his

own eyes, similarly is he drawn towards Allah

A religion which

contains nothing

more than

stories of miracles

shown in

the past is dead

when he comes to

know with perfect certainty

that the spiritual

joys are even sweeter.

The magnetism of

Divine beauty exercises

such a power on his

mind that everything

else appears to him to have no more value than

mere trash.

Man is freed from sin only when he comes

to know with perfect faith of the power of Allah

and the certainty of Divine retribution. Ignorance

is the root of every boldness and no

one will be found devoid of the fear of Allah

even to the least extent if he partakes of Divine


When a householder knows that a dangerous

flood is rising towards his house or that it

has been surrounded by fire on all sides, he

will at once flee from it. Then, how can you

dare to leave your ways of life unaltered if your

belief in the existence of Allah, in Divine retribution

and reward, has solidified into a firm,

Light 2

I Shall Love All Mankind.

unshakeable conviction? Therefore, open your

eyes and carefully study the law of Allah which

operates throughout the universe. Do not be

like rats which only continue digging and descending

deep into the earth; be like a dove

capable of soaring to the heavens - a dove

which feels happy only when it is flying in the

pure air of the loftier regions.

After taking the baiat of repentance at my

hand, make sure that you do not remain shackled

to your former sinful ways. Do not be like a

snake that remains as much of a snake after it

has shed its skin as ever it was before. Remember

death which approaches you every

moment, though you remain unaware. Do your

best to purify yourself, for a man can attain

nearness to the Source of purity par excellence

only when he himself becomes pure to the limit

of his capacity.

The way to attain purity is through

prayer offered in true humility of spirit.

The most important question is how to win

these blessings. To this question, Allah Himself

has given the answer. He says: Seek help from

Allah with prayer and perseverance (2:153).

What is salah? It is a prayer addressed to

Allah in true humility of spirit and with the

fullest awareness of His purity, His praiseworthiness;

His holiness, coupled with a burning

desire on the part of the devotee for Divine

forgiveness, and for blessing on the Holy

Prophet (s). Therefore, when you stand up for

prayer, do not, like ignorant people, limit yourself

to the prescribed Arabic text, for the prayer

and the istighfar (prayer for forgiveness) of

many people are only formal, with no substance

in it. Over and above the prayers found

in the Qur'an, which is the Word of God, and in

the Hadith, which is the word of the Holy

Prophet, address your petitions to the Lord in

your own language, with heartfelt humility

which should leave a lasting effect on your


(Noah’s Ark - continued)

After taking the baiat of repentance at my

hand, make sure that you do not remain shackled

to your former sinful ways.

February 2017 The

Concept of Jinn in Islam

By Dr Jawad Ahmad

(Text of talk delivered at the monthly

meeting at the UK Lahore Ahmadiyya

Centre, London on 5 February, 2017)

"And surely, We created man of sounding

clay, of black mud fashioned into shape. And

the jinn, We created before of intensely hot fire.


"And He created the jinn of a flame of fire.

Which then of the bounties of your Lord will

you deny?" (55:15,16).

Light 3

into the religion.

For example, people who still believe in the

coming back of Jesus Christ will look at the

heavens with pity and will never be able to

benefit from the reformation of the founder of

the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. Look what

has happened with the incorrect belief of Jihad,

which has caused so much of disrepute to Islam

and disruption in the rank and file of Muslims.

If belief and conviction is not present

then none of the prayers, religious ceremonies

or mosques will be able to bring about the

change that religion demands as is evident

around the world.

Belief is the foundation

Concept of Jinn

Belief is everything. Belief really is everything.

Without belief, nothing could be

achieved. We’d still be living in caves! Why?

Because, if we don’t believe, we don’t act! Simple

as that. And that can be a self-fulfilling


Think about it: If you didn’t believe your

company was going to pay you, would you go

to work in the morning? If you didn’t believe

the medicine was going to do you good, would

you take it? Similarly, in religious matters belief

holds a very important place and correct

belief with the right actions

leads to a virtuous

life that brings about

change in humans that

Allah wants and results in

a harmonious and peaceful

society in accordance

with the Laws of Allah

which are laid in the Qur’an for the Muslims.

So, correct belief and actions lead to peace

and harmony in this case. In any religion, belief

is the foundation of the building and if there is

a problem in the foundation the structure cannot

sustain itself and will ultimately collapse.

We are fortunate to be in the Jama’at of the

Reformer of the 14th century, and the role of

the Reformer is to purify the original and pristine

teachings of Islam and get rid of the false

concepts and doctrines which find their way

I Shall Love All Mankind.

There are many issues that we could discuss,

but today I will focus on the concept of

Jinn. It is a difficult concept to grasp as there

seems to be no clear-cut understanding surrounding

the topic.

Throughout history man has a deep attraction

for the supernatural and the unseen. The

existence of a world parallel to our own has

always fascinated people. This world is commonly

referred to as the spirit world. For some

people, these spirits are no more than the souls

of dead people - or ghosts. For others, spirits

are the forces of

In any religion, belief is the foundation

of the building and if there is a

problem in the foundation the structure

cannot sustain itself and will

ultimately collapse.

good or evil - both

battling against one

another to gain influence

over humanity.

However, both

these explanations

are more in tune with folk tales and fantasy.

The true explanation of such a world comes

from Islam. Like every other way, Islam also

claims to explain the realm of the unseen. The

Islamic explanation of the Jinn provides us

with so many answers to modern day mysteries.

So, who or what are the Jinn?

Are the Jinn beings created and living on

earth in a world parallel to mankind. The Arabic

word Jinn is from the verb ‘Janna’ which

means to hide or conceal. Thus, they are phys-

February 2017 The

Light 4

ically invisible from man as their description

suggests. The general concept about the Jinn

prevalent among the Muslims can be traced

from the Quran and the Sunnah.

Allah says: “And surely, We created man of

sounding clay, of black mud fashioned into

shape. And the jinn, We created before of intensely

hot fire.” (The

Quran, 15:26-27)

Thus, the Jinn were created

before man. As for

their physical origin, according

to a saying of the

Holy Prophet, “The Angels

were created from light and

the Jinn from smokeless

fire.” (Sahih Muslim)

Thus, in discussing Jinn it is generally said

that as they were created from fire, their nature

is fiery and if somehow, they are harmed

they enter into the human body and disturb

humans. If we study other verses of the Qur’an,

we get a different picture of a jinn as somewhat

similar to a being. Let us go through the verses

and see what picture of jinn emerges.

Chapter 6 verse 112: “And thus did We

make for every prophet an enemy, the devils

from among men and jinn, some of them inspiring

others with gilded speech to deceive

them… and the heart of those who believe not

in the hereafter may incline thereto.”

Then further on the Qur’an says in verse

128: “And on the day when He will gather

them all together: O assembly of jinn, you took

away a great part of people. And their friends

from the people will say: Our Lord, some of us

profited by others and we have reached our

appointed term which You appointed for us.

Allah will say: The Fire is your abode…”

And still further on in verse 130 of this

chapter the Qur’an says: “O community of jinn

and people, did not messengers come to you

from among you, relating to you My messages

and warning of the meeting of this day of

yours? They will say: We bear witness against

ourselves . . .”

I Shall Love All Mankind.

Maulana Muhammad Ali in his comments

on these verses says (Quote): ‘By the people

and Jinn here are apparently meant ordinary

people and the leaders, suggesting to each other

varnished tales of falsehood.

The word jinn is derived from janna, meaning,

covered, concealed or hidden. In the

Quran, the class of beings that come under the

term jinn are described as

evil spirits or beings that

The Arabic word Jinn is from the invite man to evil. Jinns are

verb ‘Janna’ which means to hide therefore presented as opposites

to the angels, who

or conceal. Thus, they are physically

invisible from man as their

invite to good, both are

description suggests.

however invisible to human

eye. But there is a wider use

of the word jinn in Arabic

literature as well as in the Qur’an.

One signification of the word is explained

under 72:1 where the word jinn is applied to

powerful leaders who, through their importance

and detachment from the masses,

remain distant or “hidden from their eyes”.

Verses 129 -131 show that jinn here means the

human leaders of evil.

This point has been further explained in v.

130, where by calling ‘the jinn and people a

single community’, the Qur’an makes it clear

that the jinn and people are not two different

classes of beings. Since the only messengers

spoken of in the Qur’an and other reliable histories

of prophets are those who belong to

mankind, it follows that the jinn spoken of here

belong to mankind, and not to any other class

of creation.’ (End of quotation)

When I tried to see, what is there on

Google about what Muslims generally believe

about Jinns, I found some really funny notions,

such as: Jinns can be Muslims or non-Muslims.

However, due to their fiery nature majority of

them are non-Muslims. All these non-Muslim

Jinns form a part of the army of the most famous

Jinn, Satan.

Consequently, these disbelieving Jinns are

also called devils. Jinns can also become Muslims,

as they did in the time of the Holy Proph-

February 2017 The

Light 5

et when a group of them were amazed by the

recitation of the Quran. This is mentioned in

the Qur’an as the following: “Say (O Muhammad):

It has been revealed to me that a group

of Jinn listened, so they said: ‘Surely, we

have heard a wonderful Quran, guiding to

right way - so we believe in it. And we shall

not set up anyone a partner with our

Lord’.” (The Quran, 72:1-2)

The word Jinn in Quranic verses has

caused much confusion in understanding

its real meaning. According to Taj al-Arus,

nafar-an min al-jinn means a group of

three to seven people. Authentic traditions

narrate that it was a group of seven

Jews from Nasibain who asked the Holy

Prophet to meet him at a secret place at

Nakhla in the outskirts of Makkah where

they listened to the verses of the Qur’an. They

went back to their people and informed them

of the wonderful teachings of the Qur’an. It is

also mentioned that the next morning the Holy

Prophet showed his companions the marks of

their halting places and fire pits where they

had lit their campfires at night.

Dr Basharat Ahmad, on explanation of jinn

in Surah Nas in the Anwar-ul-Qur’an, writes:

Jinn are hidden beings. Any being or thing that

is hidden in Arabic is called Jinn.

According to the dictionary, it is a class of

spirits, lower than the angels, capable of appearing

in human and animal forms and influencing

humankind for either good or evil.

Elites or celebrities are also called Jinn as

they are not usually seen among the common

people and live a secluded life. People who live

in jungles and mountains are also called Jinn.

Germs and microbes are also termed as Jinn as

they are not visible to the naked eye but rather

need microscopes to be seen. Similarly, all

those inherent forces endowed to humans

which instigate animal passions are also

termed as Jinn as they are not visible.

It may be pointed out that man combines

in himself animal and angelic passions. Animal

passions include love, anger and other related

I Shall Love All Mankind.

forces etc. These motivational forces cause all

sorts of human activities.

On the other hand, intelligence, conscience

and high


create in

man the





right and

wrong to


his activities


make him

conscious of the accountability for his actions

in this life as well in the Hereafter.

Elites or celebrities

are also called Jinn

as they are not usually

seen among the

common people and

live a secluded life.

Consider animal passions as the engine for

the invisible powers within man that propel

the human engine to move and perform activities.

These invisible powers in the terminology

of the Qur’an are called Jinn. When the Qur’an

says that the jinn is created from fire, it means

to say that it creates energy which moves the

engine and it starts working. So conscience,

moral values and intelligence are used like

brakes to keep the engine on the right track

and regulate its speed so that it does not cause

an accident. These brakes in the terminology of

the Qur’an are called angels. However, when

the motivational forces cross their limits and

ignore control and instructions, in the Quranic

terminology these very powers - metaphorically

called Jinn - become Satan. So, Jinn when it

works in the right direction is Angel and when

it goes off the track and leads man to evil and

destruction becomes Satan.

The word shaitaan stems from shayt,

meaning destruction, and Shattan meaning

distance. Thus, the jinn which instigates human

emotions is called satan when it fails to

control it and allows it to destroy itself and

guides it away from its right course.

February 2017 The

Light 6

On the other hand, if the Jinn or invisible

forces or motivational energy are kept under

complete control by intelligence, conscience

and high morals then it will submissively follow

the right way and as such behave like a

The human brain not only works in mysterious

ways but sometimes, due to some disease

or shock, starts behaving in mysterious ways.

Scientific advancement in the field of medicine,

surgery and psychology etc. have found cure

for so many such diseases, but there are still

many which need cure.

The relevant

point is that all

forms of most ancient

bacteria draw

their energy directly

from heat. This is a

tribute of no small

magnitude to the

Quranic declaration

made over fourteen

hundred years ago.

Muslim. That is why it is mentioned in the hadith

that the Holy Prophet (s) said: “My Jinn has

become a Muslim.”

Unusual things are taken as magic

Unusual and mysterious things are usually

ascribed to magic or to the jinns. As we see

unusual feats of Prophet Solomon have been

taken to be the jinns who used to perform extraordinary

activities such as understanding

the language of the birds, causing unprecedented

speed of his merchandise, flowing of

molten brass, designing of huge synagogues,

manufacturing bowls as large as water-troughs

and huge cooking pots etc.

These feats in the days of Solomon must be

considered magical in those days, but we find

them happening in our times. Even the Holy

Prophet (s) because of his extraordinary intelligence,

impressive talk and unusual bravery

was called a magician and is even considered

by majority of Muslims as superhuman who

could see in every direction without moving

his head, did not have a shadow etc. In ordinary

parlance, anybody who is unusual in efficiency,

intelligence and strength is called a jinni.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

Ignorance leads to myths

And it is recorded in an authentic hadith

mentioned in Tirmidhi, that the Holy Prophet

(may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon

him) said: “Do not clean yourselves with dung

or bones for they are food for your brothers

among the Jinn.”

Abu Hurairah reported: “The Apostle of

Allah said: When any one of you wakes up from

sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his

nose three times, for the devil spends the night

in the interior of his nose.” (Muslim, vol. 1, no.

462 concerning Satan living in one’s nose).

The relevant point is that all forms of most

ancient bacteria draw their energy directly

from heat. This is a tribute of no small magnitude

to the Quranic declaration made over

fourteen hundred years ago.

According to the accepted scientific studies,

direct heat from fire had to play a vital role

in the creation and maintenance of pre-biotic

organisms. This, in fact, was the only mode of

transfer of energy for the consumption of organized

forms of existence during this era. As

they multiplied during their uninterrupted

proliferation lasting over billions of years, their

death must have polluted the oceans while

they decayed and fermented turning the

oceans into the primordial soup.

The human mind has created marvels in

present time. This shows in how many dimensions

the human mind can manifest its tremendous

power. The modern man does not

need any Alladin’s lamp to help him in doing

feats. Allah has created a human being to use

his faculties for the good of human beings.

This is the meaning of the word ya’budoon

in the verse: “And I have not created the jinn

and the people except that they should serve

February 2017 The

Light 7

Me.” God’s way to rule the world is by being

Beneficent and Merciful. And if human beings

instead of being ‘submissive’ becomes ‘obsessive’

like a jinni, then he will be thrown away

like the devil. That is why the Holy Qur’an has

warned the human being to remain within the

limits of a ‘servant’ and should not try to be the

Master: “O assembly of jinn and men, if you are

able to pass through the regions of the heavens

and the earth, then pass through. You cannot

pass through but with authority” (55:33). The

final authority lies only with the Almighty Allah.

The meaning being that man cannot escape

the laws and judgement of God whether

on the earth or anywhere beyond it.

Hazrat Maulana Nurud-Din’s


on the Birth of Jesus

Compiled and translated by Dr. Zahid Aziz

Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din wrote a book

entitled Nur-ud-Din in refutation of a book

Tark-i Islam (‘Leaving Islam’) written by a former

Muslim who left Islam to become an Arya

Samaj Hindu. In the book Tark-i Islam the author

had listed a large number of objections

against the Quran which, he said, were the

cause of his leaving Islam.

One of his reasons for leaving Islam (no. 74

in his list) was that it teaches that:

“A woman can give birth to a baby without

ever having seen a man, as happened in the

case of the birth of Jesus.”

Replying to this, Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-

Din wrote:

“(1) The Islam taught to us by that Scripture

of human nature, the Holy Quran, does not

say anywhere that Islam requires you to believe

that Jesus had no father.

(2) The Holy Prophet has not said that it is

a part of Islam to believe that Jesus had no father.

(3) Our beloved holy Companions, our four

leaders of jurisprudence, and other great

I Shall Love All Mankind.

The Islam taught to us by

that Scripture of human nature,

the Holy Quran, does

not say anywhere that Islam

requires you to believe that

Jesus had no father – Hazrat

Maulana Nur ud Din.

Imams, have nowhere instructed us that it is an

essential of Islam to believe that Jesus had no

fa ther.

(4) Our respected Sufi saints have not exhorted

us anywhere in their teachings that, in

Islam, to attain the ranks of Divine nearness, to

accomplish self-reform, and to acquire noble

morals, it is obligatory to believe that Jesus had

no father.

(5) Besides Jesus, there have been numerous

prophets, messengers and appointed ones

of Allah. Is the genealogy of any one of them

recorded in the Holy Quran? In fact, Allah says,

‘None knows the hosts of thy Lord, except He’.

So it is not necessary to know of the existence

of everyone, let alone how they were born.

Then in the Christian religion, the birth of

Jesus without a father is not an evidence of his

Divinity, because they believe that Melchizedek

and Adam were also born without a father. As

this teaching is not a part of Islam, how did this

make you leave Islam? This is one of those issues

which are matters of general investigation.

I myself, even though Islam is my faith

and my life, held this view for a long time, but I

do not hold it now.” (p. 181–182)

The full title of this book is Nur-ud-Din bajawab

Tark-i Islam, and it was published from

Qadian in 1904. News of its publication was

announced in Badr, 1 March 1904 (p. 8). In the

book itself, the Maulana writes on p. 184: “Today

is 11th December 1903”. According to

Badr, dated 24 February 1904, the name of this

book as Nur-ud-Din was chosen by Hazrat Mirza

Ghulam Ahmad (p. 7).

February 2017 The

Light 8

It is abundantly clear from this extract that

its writer, Maulana Nur-ud-Din, believes that it

is not a prescribed doctrine of Islam, anywhere

at all, that Jesus was born without a father.

However, Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan,

the prominent writer and scholar of the Qadiani

Jama‘at, writes as follows in his

biography of Maulana Nur-ud-Din:

The birth of Jesus without a father

had been a somewhat controversial

question. Maulawi Nur-ud-Din had

held the view that Jesus had a father.

The Promised Messiah, in his book

Mawahibur Rahman, announced that it

was part of his doctrine that Jesus had

been born without a father. On reading

this Maulawi Sahib discarded his view

and fell into line with the view propounded

by the Promised Messiah. He frankly

confessed this change of view in his book Nurud-Din.”

(Hadrat Maulawi Nur-ud-Din, second edition,

2006, p. 100)

Sir Zafrullah appears to draw this conclusion

from the Maulana’s words in the above

quotation: “I myself, even though Islam is my

faith and my life, held this view for a long time,

but I do not hold it now.” But his conclusion is

plainly and obviously wrong, as we show below.

The objector gave it as a reason why he left

Islam that, as a Muslim, he was required to believe

that Jesus was born without needing to

have a father. The Hazrat Maulana replied that

there is no authority in Islam which requires a

Muslim to hold this belief as a part of Islam.

Therefore, he asks the objector: How can you

give it as a reason for leaving Islam? He goes on

to say that this issue (whether Jesus was born

without a father) is a matter to be determined

by research and not on the basis of any religious

doctrine. Now after telling the objector

all this, it would be quite absurd for the Hazrat

Maulana to add that he himself used to believe

that Jesus had a father but now he holds

that Jesus was born without a father.

I Shall Love All Mankind.

If the Qadiani Jama‘at’s conclusion is correct,

it would mean that Hazrat Maulana Nurud-Din

is saying that he no longer considers

his points number (1) to (5) to be true. If so,

then why is he putting them forward in the

first place? And why does he not then say that

he has now found such and such authorities in

The Islam taught to us by that

Scripture of human nature, the

Holy Quran, does not say anywhere

that Islam requires you

to believe that Jesus had no father

– Maulana Nur Ud Din.

Islam which do require Muslims to believe as a

part of Islam that Jesus had no father?

On the other hand, the Qadiani Jama‘at may

say that the Hazrat Maulana still regarded his

points number (1) to (5) to be valid, but he had

personally come to realize that Jesus had no

father. But this means at least that, according

to the Hazrat Maulana, it is allowed in Islam to

hold the belief that Jesus had a father. Why

then does the Qadiani Jama‘at constantly raise

it as an objection that the Lahore Ahmadiyya

Jama‘at holds the belief that Jesus had a father?

The meaning of the Hazrat Maulana’s

words “I myself, even though Islam is my faith

and my life, held this view for a long time, but I

do not hold it now” is, in fact, the opposite of

what the Qadiani Jama‘at has suggested. He

clearly means that he used to believe that Jesus

was born without a father, the belief which has

driven the objector out of Islam, and that he

saw no inconsistency in holding this belief

with being a Muslim, but he does not hold this

belief now. Despite Islam being his faith and his

life, he has come to believe that Jesus did have

a father.

Some years later, when Hazrat Maulana

Nur-ud-Din was Head of the Ahmadiyya

Movement, in one of his Quran teaching sessions

he said:

February 2017 The

Light 9

There is another debate, as to whether the

Messiah was born without father or not. I say:

Did 124,000 prophets have fathers or not? The

Shariah has not laid upon us the obligation to

make investigation about the mothers, fathers,

sisters and brothers of prophets. These matters

are not a part of your spiritual progress.”

(Ḥaqā’iq-ul-Furqān, under ch. 19, verse 38

of the Quran, vol. 3, p. 67; taken from Badr,

24th August 1911)

It is clear from this again that the view of

Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din is that Islam does

not require Muslims to believe that Jesus was

born without a father.

The Causes of Extremism

By Yahya Saqib

Text of talk delivered at the UK Lahore

Ahmadiyya Centre, Wembley, London

on 5 February 2017

My lecture today is one which isn’t an ideal

topic, but unfortunately, as this continuously

rears its head, from the hatred spewed by

some media outlets, and now even the socalled

leader of the ‘free’ world that has tried

to ban entry into the USA for those from Muslim


I’d like to share with you a narrative I

found online which explains extremism in

words better than I could have

“A key common question is why do they attack,

and why some Muslims in the West join

such extremist groups, so we compiled several

key factors that can push them to extremes and

can help explain their perspective.

1. Death of Muslims

Muslims have been witnessing the continual

slaughter of their brothers and sisters by

opposing forces in their lands. Instead of such

incidents abating with time, every few days a

new headline in some newspaper conveys the

death of more anonymous Muslim civilians.

This can encourage Muslims to sometimes

make quick and irrational decisions, often

I Shall Love All Mankind.

leading to innocent civilians being killed on the

other side. An actual quote from a reformed

extremist during his time spent as a terrorist

plotter - “We can’t just sit and watch them get

butchered while we sit comfortably behind our

screens. We have to do something!”

2. Attacks from The West

Some extremists may see the Western

world as their primary enemy because of their

attacks, invasions, support of oppressive regimes

and their killing of thousands of civilians

in Muslim lands in the last century. From the

invasion of Iraq to the military endeavours in

Afghanistan, from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo,

from the “War on Terror” to the “Patriot Act”, it

can become easier to convince an impressionable

mind into accepting the West versus Islam

paradigm (as if these two entities can be surgically

and neatly separated and defined). It’s not

hard for some Muslims to feel strong resentment

towards the West and this resentment

can push some to go to the extreme in retaliation,

consequently justifying taking the lives of

civilians on the opposing side. They killed our

people, so we should be able to kill theirs is a

common argument they use. (Jihadi John mentions

similar rhetoric before executing an aid


3. With Us or Against Us

Among extremist groups, you will see Muslims

who have adopted a very simplistic,

black/white view of the world. Either you are

on their side (side of these extremist Muslims)

or on the side of the disbelievers (the kuffars).

When they come across Muslims who have

condemned their group/actions (such as ourselves),

they will be quick to dismiss their arguments,

saying that they are “aiding the

kuffar”. They see their condemnation as them

betraying their own Muslim brothers and sisters

who are suffering in other countries.

4. Economic Frustration

Extreme frustration with the economic situation

of many of those involved in such

groups, coupled with a lack of hope in alleviating

their dismal situation. Years of poverty, op-

February 2017 The

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pression, unemployment, and greedy political

leaders in the Muslim world can push many of

the youth to take the matter into their own

hands. For those with no hope, fanaticism and

over-zealousness gives them some hope. When

there is no alternative, extremism becomes


5. Lack of Islamic Knowledge

A very common trait among extremist

fighters is that they are largely composed of

young, overzealous recruits that are relatively

new to Islam or have a very superficial understanding

of the faith. (Two arrested extremists

admitted to buying “Islam for Dummies” and

The Koran for Dummies”. You could not ask

for better evidence to bolster the argument

that the 1,400-year- old Islamic faith has little

to do with the modern jihadist movement). A

quick read of the Quran and exposure to the

first Muslim group you encounter can easily

lead you to think that this group is on the right

Islamic path. The more Islamic knowledge you

have, the easier it is to recognize heretical

groups and movements and to avoid making

ill-advised choices.

6. Unwelcomed in the West

With each new terrorist attack, Muslims

living in the West prepare themselves for more

backlash from their community. Right after the

Charlie Hebdo incident, 50 anti-Muslim incidents

were reported in France in just

1 week. And many Muslims expressed

the difficulty they have experienced

with their neighbours after

9/11. Young Muslims may feel like

that they can never belong in the

West and may even question whether they

should be supporting the other side.

7. Distrust:

I Shall Love All Mankind.

You can find those who support these

groups online talking about how we should not

trust mainstream media on the topic of Muslim

terrorists, because of the previous lies these

sources have told us. There are those who honestly

believe that the extremist group they

support are in the right that they are only attacking

to prevent further harm. They will disregard

any source that counters these claims

despite how strong the evidence is against

their group.

8. Lack of Unity:

Religious leadership among Muslims is

disunited today; every loud voice can potentially

become a leader merely by shouting loud

enough. Anyone can potentially take on the

lead without understanding Islam and the contemporary

world or start takfiri 1 preaching

further dividing the Muslims into more smaller

segments. Since there is no official Caliphate,

you can find some smaller segments coming up

with their own pseudo-Islamic state or their

own pseudo-caliph. Lack of unity makes it hard

for actual Muslims to voice their condemnation

against any particular extremist group because

they cannot have an official opinion on a matter.

9. Misunderstanding Jihad:

The concept of jihad is a legitimate concept

if applied properly in Islam; and it can be a

type of terrorism if misunderstood and misapplied.

It is like a loaded weapon: it can be used

for good and to defend, and it can also be misused

for harming others. Many other faiths do

not have such a concept. Because Islam does, it

can and will be misapplied.

Religious leadership among Muslims is

disunited today; anyone can potentially

take on the lead without understanding

Islam and the contemporary world . . .

10. Silence on Jihad

Muslim teachers in the West are restricted

from speaking about physical jihad or have

classes where Muslims can learn the proper

context of battles in Islamic history, the conditions

for fighting, etc. Because of this silence,

young Muslims can be duped by extremist recruiters

into accepting the alternative view and

the permissibility of fighting with modern militant

groups. Someone can easily show them

1 Calling each other heretics.

February 2017 The

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hadith of the rewards of jihad while being

completely unaware of the major contextual

differences in our time and can convince them

of the greater good in fighting. When the only

voices that address issues of concern are the

voices of radical militant jihadis they find on

the internet, it is only natural that young and

impressionable minds will gravitate to these


11. The Media

The media empowers terrorist groups. The

more attention they

get, the more powerful

their threats become

and the more newrecruits

they can potentially

secure. Violent

groups, no matter how

small, will always get

more attention than

peaceful groups. We

can see this from both

sides of the American

election where both

extreme left and extreme

right groups

have been making

headlines for their attacks on one another.

Hundreds of Muslim scholars can condemn

terrorism, 10,000 Muslims can protest for

peace, but the 1 Muslim who blows himself up

or beheads a civilian, will be the person who

receives more attention in this age, and more

attention gives him a better chance for more

people to join his cause.

12. Scholars Are Ignored:

Muslims already supporting extremist

groups will ignore Muslim Scholars who comment

on their groups. Calling them “sell-outs”

or saying that they are “aiding the kuffar” because

they are condemning a Muslim group.

You cannot criticize those Muslims fighting! At

least those Muslims are doing something while

you are just living comfortably in your home.

Extremists are emotional and impatient, and

will not bother to take the time to read/listen

to the entire message of Muslim scholars who

often critique both sides and can explain to

The media empowers

Terrorist groups. The

more attention they get,

the more powerful their

threats become and the

more new-recruits they

can potentially secure

I Shall Love All Mankind.

extremists about their flawed understanding.

I would like to thank you all for listening to

what I have shared with you today, and would

like to summarise with this. The Muslim world

today is in an entirely different economic and

political context than the Western world. The

Muslim world lacks unity, suffers from poverty,

oppression, unemployment, greedy political

leaders, and have been subjected to witnessing

the continual slaughter of other Muslims by

opposing forces in their lands for decades.

These factors, along with others, can push

some to join extremist

groups. But I would like

to leave you with this

final message.

Our jamaat has always

promoted peaceful

living and integration

with other religions

and cultures.

Even in our own small

jamaat, we have different

walks of life, maybe

different political

views, different habits,

and different backgrounds.

But we are all

brought together for our love and appreciation

of our peaceful Islam and for one another. The

propagation, and expansion of our Islam can

only be a positive — not only for ourselves but

for the entire world. It is our responsibility to

do just that.

It seems that many passionate Muslims are

eager to die for the sake of Allah, but how

many are willing to live for the sake of Allah?

The Lost Tribe of Jews in India

By Tamara Zieve

(Attributed to www.jpost.com February

14th, 2017, this news item shows that the Jewish

religious authorities have accepted that

thousands of years ago, Jews migrated to India.

This is what The Promised Messiah said over

100 years earlier. Jesus had been sent by Allah

to preach to all the tribes of Israel. It follows

that if some Jewish tribes had migrated to In-

February 2017 The

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dia, Jesus would have gone to search for them

to complete his mission. History, once again,

proves the truth of what Hazrat Mirza Ghulam


Over 100 members of Indian ‘lost Jewish

tribe’ to make aliya this week.

Thirty members of India's Bnei Menashe

Jewish community were set to land in Israel on

Tuesday evening, the first in a group of 102

due to immigrate to Israel this week. The aliya

is being facilitated by the Jerusalem-based

non-profit organization Shavei Israel, which

works to strengthen ties between the Jewish

people and descendants of Jews around the


The 102 new immigrants arriving this

week all hail from the north eastern Indian

state of Mizoram, which borders Burma and

Bangladesh and is home to the second-largest

concentration of Bnei Menashe in India after

the state of Manipur.

This week's aliya marks the first time since

January 2014 that Bnei Menashe will be emigrating

to Israel from Mizoram. The olim plan

to make their homes in Nazareth Illit, Israel,

following in the footsteps of other members of

the Bnei Menashe community who have already

made the move.

Among those arriving this week is Mizmor

Sharon and her two children. Sharon’s husband,

Shomron, died two weeks ago, after a

long battle with cancer. “My children and I are

heartbroken that their father didn’t live to see

his dream of making aliya come true,” said

Sharon. “But we are excited to be making this

journey and to honor his legacy by building our

new lives in the Jewish homeland. I am sure

that he will be with us in spirit with every step

that we take on the holy soil of Israel.”

Shavei Israel Founder and Chairman Michael

Freund said this week's arrivals mark the

launch of Operation Menashe 2017.

“Over the course of the coming year, with

God’s help, we will bring a total of more than

700 Bnei Menashe immigrants to Israel — the

largest-ever airlift in a single year," Freund

added. “After 27 centuries of exile, this lost

tribe of Israel is truly coming home. But we

will not rest until all the remaining Bnei

Menashe still in India are able to make aliya as


The claim of the Bnei Menashe as descendants

of the tribe of Manasseh, exiled from the

Land of Israel more than 2,700 years ago by

the Assyrian empire, has stirred controversy in

Israel over the years.

The Chief Rabbinate initially did not consider

the Bnei Menashe to be Jewish, and their

immigration was halted at the beginning of the

21st century amid contention. But in 2005,

then-Sephardi chief rabbi Shlomo Amar formally

recognized the Bnei Menashe as descendants

of one of the Ten Lost Tribes, though

still requiring them to convert to Judaism.

In 2012, the government lifted a freeze on

aliya from the community and so far some

3,000 Bnei Menashe have made aliya with the

assistance of Shavei Israel. According to the

organization, another 7,000 Bnei Menashe remain

in India, and Freund hopes to eventually

bring them all to Israel.


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