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New York Congressman

New York Congressman Nadler blasts Trump budget as “Absurd” Continued from page 33 takes the lazy route of completely ending funding for arts and humanities programs and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which make up less than 0.01 percent of the federal budget, not to save money, but as part of an ideological obsession with ending federal support for the arts and culture. “Furthermore, the Trump budget frivolously ramps-up military spending in a chauvinistic show of force that won’t make our country any safer and may well provoke friend and foe alike. It makes devastatingly unrealistic cuts to the State Department, which would cripple our diplomatic efforts to prevent and solve conflicts peacefully thereby reducing the need for military force. “Everyone should oppose this budget, which doesn’t even achieve Republicans’ long-stated goal of deficit reduction, but does threaten the lives of every single American. “It’s time to wake up to the malignant lies of the Trump Administration before he turns this country into an autocratic state that sacrifices the health, safety, and security of American families in favor of an agenda fueled by nationalist propaganda.” GSN’s 2017 Airport/Seaport/Border Security Awards Now Including Cybersecurity Solutions for Airport, Seaport, Border Security Markets All Winners in this program are entitled to a Full-Page Advertisement (8.5” x 9.0”) in your choice of GSN’s Digital Magazine or Leaderboard in any edition of the Airport, Seaport, Rail, Border Security Weekly Newsletter. Adrian Courtenay Managing Partner, CEO Government Security News 917-696-5782 NEW IN 2017: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT ENTRIES All Finalists are entitled to a Half- Page Advertisement (8.5” x 4.5”) in your choice of GSN’s Digital Magazine or Leaderboard in any edition of the Airport, Seaport, Rail, Border Security Weekly Newsletter. Steve Bittenbender Managing Editor Government Security News 502-552-1450 Gerry O’Hara Designer OHDesign3 203-249-0626 42

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