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Government Security News MARCH 2017 DIGITAL EDITION Photo: U.S. Air Force Nellis AFB to add second large solar plant. This 14-megawatt solar project at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., made news in 2007 as the largest solar photovoltaic array in the United States. Now there are plans to expand solar power production at the base. The Air Force recently signed a lease with NV Energy to add a 19-megawatt solar array. Together, the projects will provide up to 42 percent of the energy needed to power Nellis AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo) – Page 18 Also in this issue: IC Realtime develops silent, rapidly deployable aerial surveillance solution – ideal for Law Enforcement, Border Security, Emergency Management and Public Safety – Page 10 North Korea used binary form of “VX”, “VX2” in assassination of Kim Jong-nam – says Chemical Security Professor George Lane – Page 12

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