BEYOND Budapest

BEYOND Budapest


Dear Readers

I would like to welcome you to Budapest, a city which not only greets its

guests with a rich history and unique cultural heritage, but also where we,

the residents, can witness day by day its resurgence. That tourism is one of

the most important economic branches of Budapest is evident in the rise in

the number of tourists visiting the capital, and the growth of the quantity

and quality of tourism services. Year on year several new hotels spring up

in Budapest, numerous old buildings are reconstructed, and new cultural

and tourism establishments are born. The capital is made all the more

attractive for being renowned as the location of one of the most beautiful

World Heritage sites, and only Budapest can say of itself that it has

Europe’s largest Parliament, largest functioning synagogue and the

continent’s first underground railway. The visitor will find side by side the

remains of fortresses and buildings from Roman times, still operating

Turkish baths, Gothic and Baroque buildings, and the incredibly rich Art

Nouveau architectural heritage. Not only is Budapest worthy holder of the

title “Queen of the Danube”, but in fact there is not one other capital city

in the world with close on 100 thermal springs and 12 medicinal baths

within its boundaries, where 19 million gallons of thermal water rise to the

surface each day.

Despite the spectacular development, Budapest has preserved its old

charm and magic. It is a city where the pleasing harmony of different

architectural styles and superb structures, the cafés, baths, the gastronomy

and culture, combined with legendary hospitality blend into an

unforgettable experience for visitors. Besides popular programmes and

festivals staged each year the capital’s tourism selection is further enriched

by new, high standard events each season. Tourists can stroll down the

“Pest Broadway”, now taking on a new lease of life, and enjoy a

programme in one of the atmospheric, unique repositories of music calling

to all ages, since there is a choice ranging from live music in the pubs to

the repertoires of the Opera House and the recently rebuilt, magnificent

Operetta Theatre.

So I warmly commend this publication to you, and trust you will find

yourself using it frequently. After careful preparation we compiled it with

great pleasure in the hope that it will allow you to discover what is best in


László Fekete


BTH Budapesti Turisztikai Szolgáltató Kht.

(Tourism Office of Budapest)

BTH Budapesti Turisztikai Szolgáltató Kht. (Tourism Office of Budapest)

µ H–1364 Budapest Pf. 215 • ≥ (+36-1)266-0479 • ¥ (+36-1)266-7477 • E-mail:

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