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MAY <strong>2017</strong><br />


Rejected<br />

Resilient<br />

Restored<br />

Remembering the youngest victims <strong>of</strong><br />

persecution and how they endure (pg 18)<br />

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President’s Letter<br />

Greater<br />

Love Has. . .<br />

The following is adapted from a chapter <strong>of</strong> a soon-to–be-released book from ICC’s president, Jeff King, entitled, “Last Words <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Martyrs.”<br />

The initial reports <strong>of</strong> persecution I receive are news-oriented, <strong>of</strong>ten<br />

only the cold hard facts; who, what, when, and how. Drill down<br />

with me on any attack to the individuals affected, their loved ones,<br />

their community, and their churches and you will see and feel the<br />

massive personal tragedy that each long prison sentence or murder<br />

represents.<br />

Over the years, I’ve been able to speak directly to Christians<br />

affected by persecution and I get very personal updates from our<br />

field staff. These are extremely helpful for me to keep in front <strong>of</strong><br />

me the true cost and emotional impact <strong>of</strong> persecution as it occurs.<br />

In March 2015, in Youhanabad, Pakistan, two suicide bombers<br />

simultaneously attacked two different churches with devastating<br />

effect. Nineteen were killed and another 80 were seriously wounded.<br />

One <strong>of</strong> my staff was just around the corner when the bombs went <strong>of</strong>f<br />

and rushed to the scene with his camera and recorded the devastating<br />

impact <strong>of</strong> the attack. Frankly, it was a scene out <strong>of</strong> a horror movie.<br />

The bomb’s shrapnel did its intended job and shredded anything in its<br />

path, whether concrete or flesh.<br />

One <strong>of</strong> his pictures haunts me. A mother was holding the body <strong>of</strong><br />

her dying son while her spared son sat next to her. Abishey, 10, lay<br />

on the ground, his lower extremities gone. His abdomen was opened<br />

up and he was bleeding out, barely conscious, and fading quickly.<br />

His mother was holding him with her face pointed to heaven, tears<br />

streaming down her face and she was crying out in a grief that you or<br />

I will probably never experience. The healthy son, his face also twisted<br />

by shock and grief, covered in tears, was looking left. The pain and<br />

incomprehension expressed were undeniable and heart-wrenching.<br />

Abishey died because he had left the church to buy candles to<br />

light during the prayer time. He was just outside the church when the<br />

bomb went <strong>of</strong>f.<br />

One <strong>of</strong> the priests from the church told us that horror was enough<br />

to drive some <strong>of</strong> his people mad.<br />

In contrast to the horror I saw in that picture was the story <strong>of</strong> heroics,<br />

courage, and sacrifice, demonstrated by two brothers from the<br />

church, Akash and Sikander. The Christian community and churches<br />

had been rocked by several suicide bombings and these two brothers<br />

from the church volunteered to act as security at the church gate<br />

to prevent any suicide bomber from entering. Another <strong>of</strong> the church<br />

security volunteers told us what these brothers had done.<br />

“When the bomber tried to enter the church gate, Akash and<br />

Sikandar threw the metal door (<strong>of</strong> the gate) closed and it hit the<br />

bomber. He fell down, but got back up and tried to enter through the<br />

gate again, but Akash held him, holding down his arms, and pulled<br />

him away from the church.”<br />

Akash held the bomber while Sikander slammed the heavy church<br />

gate closed again when the bomber ignited his bomb. Sikander was<br />

restraining him when the bomb went <strong>of</strong>f.<br />

The death and injury toll, while terrible, would have been incredible<br />

if the bomber had made it into the church.<br />

Radical Islamists celebrated this suicide bomber and all the others<br />

as martyrs for sacrificially killing so many “infidels” that fateful<br />

Sunday. Parents <strong>of</strong> suicide jihadists even comfort themselves with<br />

promises that their children received a martyr’s reward in eternity.<br />

The shock that the bombers must experience as they enter eternity<br />

<strong>of</strong>ten haunts me. I know they are murderers, but they are deceived<br />

and so sincere in their willingness to please Allah that they will<br />

extinguish their own lives and murder hundreds around them because<br />

their religion is telling them to oppose those who resist Islam. They<br />

didn’t just come up with this crazy idea but were taught this lie by<br />

Muhammad, Islam’s holy books, and his living adherents.<br />

So the bomber pays the ultimate price to gain paradise but after<br />

death awakes to reality and finds that everything he was taught about<br />

God was a lie and that he had been obeying Satan.<br />

Furthermore, he realizes that he has killed 19 innocents and that his<br />

fate is sealed; captured by Satan, he will be in torment for eternity.<br />

3 PERSECU ION.org<br />

MAY <strong>2017</strong><br />


President’s Letter<br />


Of course, the real martyrs are not the killers, but the victims, especially<br />

Akash and Sikander. When Akash was killed, his soul was immediately<br />

taken to heaven where he received the crown <strong>of</strong> life, an eternal<br />

reward that will never perish, spoil, or fade. Akash’s mother spoke with<br />

ICC some time after the bombing and spoke to this point.<br />

“We [have] two feelings,” she said. “We are depressed because we<br />

have lost our son. But we are also proud <strong>of</strong> his sacrifice. He saved hundreds.<br />

I am happy that God has given him the crown <strong>of</strong> martyrdom.”<br />

Akash wasn’t a pastor, missionary, or saint. He was like you and me.<br />

He aspired to live like Jesus but probably failed miserably on a day-today<br />

basis. Yet, by laying down his life for others, he became Jesus to<br />

the many in St. John’s Church who lived that day because one deceived<br />

follower <strong>of</strong> Satan couldn’t get to them. Because <strong>of</strong> Akash’s sacrifice<br />

and death, they lived.<br />

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life<br />

for one’s friends” (John 15:13 NIV). While the suicide bombers died<br />

in the fire and violence <strong>of</strong> hate, Akash and the other security guard laid<br />

down their lives in one supreme act <strong>of</strong> selflessness and sacrifice.<br />


There’s a lot <strong>of</strong> propaganda coming from our government and echoed<br />

by uninformed sheep that Islam is a religion <strong>of</strong> peace. Most in the<br />

leadership <strong>of</strong> our government involved in fighting Islam know this isn’t<br />

true. Muhammad wasn’t peaceful. He personally led 35-70 raids where<br />

many were killed. He was preaching and evangelizing for a decade with<br />

only a few followers to show for it when he said that Allah gave him a<br />

new revelation. This revelation would radically change his religion and<br />

would cause the number <strong>of</strong> his followers to explode.<br />

What was this new revelation? He said Allah showed him that he<br />

could kill those who opposed him. He could also take their gold, their<br />

homes, their wives and their children and do anything he wished with<br />

them. He could make them his “wives” or sell them as slaves. This was<br />

Allah’s will that had just been revealed to him.<br />

Muhammad even had to urge his followers to attack and kill others<br />

since your average person doesn’t want to be involved in this<br />

kind <strong>of</strong> “worship.”<br />

“Fighting is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it<br />

may be that you dislike [something] that is good for you. Allah [knows<br />

best]” (Quran 2:216).<br />


The conundrum our leaders face is that they fear if they tell the<br />

truth and openly condemn Islam, it will only become more violent<br />

and millions more young Muslim men around the globe will stand<br />

up to defend their religion and flow into the ranks <strong>of</strong> Islamic terror.<br />

So they have come up with a very flawed and increasingly incongruous<br />

campaign to put a wedge between the moderates and radicals<br />

<strong>of</strong> Islam through sloganeering (“Islam is a religion <strong>of</strong> peace”).<br />

The only problem is that they are fighting against the holy books<br />

<strong>of</strong> Islam, Muhammad, as well as the Saudi and other Gulf states that<br />

have spent 200 billion dollars or more in the last 40 years radicalizing<br />

the world’s Muslims.<br />

When I get weary <strong>of</strong> the resulting massive flowing sewer <strong>of</strong><br />

Islam’s victims, when the countless stories <strong>of</strong> planned mass<br />

and individual murder and violence weigh me down (and<br />

they do), I take refuge in the fact that those who died for<br />

Christ have stood before our Father and cried out to Him.<br />

PERSECU ION.org<br />


“And I saw the souls <strong>of</strong> those who had been beheaded for their<br />

testimony about Jesus and for proclaiming the word <strong>of</strong> God.”<br />

- Revelation 20:4 (NLT)<br />

“ 9 I saw under the altar the souls <strong>of</strong> all who had been martyred<br />

for the word <strong>of</strong> God and for being faithful in their testimony.<br />

10<br />

They shouted to the Lord and said, “O Sovereign Lord, holy<br />

and true, how long before you judge the people who belong to<br />

this world and avenge our blood for what they have done to us?<br />

11<br />

Then a white robe was given to each <strong>of</strong> them. And they were<br />

told to rest a little longer until the full number <strong>of</strong> their brothers<br />

and sisters—their fellow servants <strong>of</strong> Jesus who were to be martyred—had<br />

joined them.”<br />

- Revelation 6:9-11 (NLT)<br />

These are the last words <strong>of</strong> the martyrs we see in the Word and if this<br />

was the end <strong>of</strong> the story, I would take some comfort in the fact that they<br />

were heard and were to be rewarded from the ultimate source <strong>of</strong> justice<br />

but I would still be naturally left wanting.<br />

Our souls are wired to desire justice and we have been left wanting in<br />

our culture. One day, justice will be delivered completely and in full by<br />

our hero. He will save the day and all evil will be defeated and judged.<br />

All tears will be wiped away and death and evil will be swallowed up<br />

(Revelation 21:4).<br />

The most important last words for martyrs like Abishey, Akash, and<br />

Sikander, though, will not be the words they speak but rather the ones<br />

they will hear. . .<br />

“Well done, good and faithful servant … Come and share your<br />

master’s happiness!”<br />

- Matthew 25:23 (NIV).<br />

Jeff King<br />

President<br />

International Christian Concern<br />

www.persecution.org<br />

Jeff King, President<br />

International Christian Concern<br />


News<br />

2<br />

7<br />

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3<br />

5<br />

6<br />

4<br />

Sudan Orders<br />

Church<br />

Demolitions<br />

Christians fleeing the violence in El-Arish.<br />

Christians Flee Sinai after<br />

Violent Attacks<br />

1 | EGYPT On February 22, the bodies <strong>of</strong> two Coptic<br />

Christian men were found behind a school in El-Arish,<br />

Egypt. Saad Hakim Hanna was found with a bullet wound<br />

to the head, while his son, Medhat, appears to have been<br />

burned alive. A local priest reported that three masked<br />

men showed up on the doorstep <strong>of</strong> the father and son’s<br />

home, before killing them and burning the house.<br />

Unfortunately, this is only one incident in a string <strong>of</strong><br />

several attacks against Christians in El-Arish. A trader<br />

was killed in his shop in front <strong>of</strong> his wife and son. A veterinarian<br />

was shot in the head. A Christian plumber was<br />

shot multiple times in front <strong>of</strong> his wife and five children.<br />

The killings were revealed to be part <strong>of</strong> a militant hit list.<br />

In response to the violence, more than 150 Coptic families<br />

have fled the city in a state <strong>of</strong> panic, worried that their<br />

family may be next. These families are now rebuilding<br />

their lives from nothing as they attempt to protect their<br />

loved ones from execution.<br />

Pastor Wins Discrimination Lawsuit<br />

2 | UNITED STATES In early February, the State <strong>of</strong><br />

Georgia agreed to pay Dr. Eric Walsh $225,000 to<br />

settle his religious discrimination lawsuit. Dr. Eric Walsh<br />

was hired in <strong>May</strong> 2014 as a district health director for<br />

Georgia’s Department <strong>of</strong> Public Health. One week after<br />

his hire, he was asked to submit sermons to his employers,<br />

which he had previously delivered during his time as<br />

a lay-pastor. Only two days later, he was fired.<br />

After Walsh lost his position, First Liberty Institute filed<br />

a lawsuit on his behalf against the Georgia Department <strong>of</strong><br />

Public Health in a religious discrimination case, arguing<br />

that he was fired on account <strong>of</strong> his faith. After three years<br />

<strong>of</strong> legal battle, the matter was finally put to rest when the<br />

State <strong>of</strong> Georgia agreed to the settlement. Senior Counsel<br />

for First Liberty Institute, Jeremy Dys, stated, “This is a<br />

clear and resounding victory for religious freedom.”<br />

Thankfully, Walsh’s case came to a positive conclusion,<br />

but others in similar<br />

cases have not been<br />

so fortunate. While<br />

Christians in the United<br />

States certainly do not<br />

face persecution to the<br />

same degree as those<br />

in many other countries<br />

do, we must stand up<br />

for all Christians who<br />

are losing their rights<br />

to practice their faith<br />

freely, or religious freedom<br />

will slowly begin<br />

to chip away.<br />

3 | SUDAN It is no<br />

secret that the government<br />

<strong>of</strong> Sudan<br />

is seeking to keep<br />

Christians from freely<br />

practicing their<br />

faith. Through a<br />

series <strong>of</strong> imprisonments,<br />

church demolitions,<br />

and countless<br />

incidents <strong>of</strong> harassment,<br />

Sudan rightfully<br />

earned its designation<br />

as a Country <strong>of</strong><br />

Particular Concern<br />

by the US State<br />

Department.<br />

Most recently,<br />

authorities in Sudan<br />

ordered the demolition<br />

<strong>of</strong> at least 25<br />

Christian church<br />

buildings near<br />

the capital city <strong>of</strong><br />

Khartoum. The<br />

government issued<br />

a letter detailing the<br />

names and locations<br />

<strong>of</strong> the churches designated<br />

for destruction.<br />

While the letter noted<br />

that the churches<br />

were built on grounds<br />

designated for other<br />

purposes, local<br />

Christian leaders<br />

stated that mosques<br />

built in the same<br />

area didn’t face the<br />

same repercussions.<br />

The churches that<br />

were targeted cover<br />

a broad spectrum <strong>of</strong><br />

Christian denominations<br />

and the majority<br />

are located in residential<br />

areas.<br />

5 PERSECU ION.org<br />

MAY <strong>2017</strong><br />


China and Christianity<br />

Despite China’s persecution<br />

<strong>of</strong> Christians, it is expected to<br />

be the world’s ‘most Christian<br />

nation’ within 15 years.<br />

Christian Woman in China Accused <strong>of</strong> Cult Activity<br />

4 | CHINA A Christian woman from China, Tu Yan, has been accused <strong>of</strong> “using an evil cult to undermine law enforcement” for her involvement in<br />

ministry. She was initially arrested last October and continues to be detained, despite mass outcry from the public. Under the guise <strong>of</strong> a crackdown<br />

on cult activity, the Chinese government continues to persecute and imprison China’s growing Christian population.<br />

Christian in Coma After Mob Attack<br />

5 | INDIA In India, a Christian evangelist named Dr.<br />

Kusuma Anjeneya Swamy slipped into a coma shortly<br />

after being harassed by a group <strong>of</strong> Hindu radicals. Dr.<br />

Swamy was distributing New Testaments in a park,<br />

when he was surrounded by the group <strong>of</strong> radicals who<br />

were shouting violent threats. The mob then led Swamy<br />

to the police station where he endured further harassment<br />

from the authorities. Although there was no visible<br />

evidence <strong>of</strong> physical violence, Swamy suffered a brain<br />

hemorrhage and slipped into a coma shortly after leaving<br />

the police station.<br />

Since the rise to power <strong>of</strong> Prime Minister Narendra<br />

Modi (pictured) in 2014, Christians in India have experienced<br />

a sharp uptick in persecution due to the impunity<br />

that Hindu radicals enjoy.<br />

President Modi <strong>of</strong> the right-winged BJP party.<br />

PERSECU ION.org<br />


New Law<br />

Could Protect<br />

Christians<br />

6 | VIETNAM A<br />

recently ratified<br />

law in Vietnam,<br />

which will go into<br />

effect in 2018, could<br />

potentially protect<br />

Christian groups.<br />

The law will give<br />

religious organizations<br />

the opportunity<br />

to obtain legal status,<br />

which Christians<br />

hope will also give<br />

them legal protections.<br />

However, until<br />

the law is fully implemented,<br />

its impact<br />

remains unclear and<br />

there could be both<br />

positive and negative<br />

ramifications. Yet<br />

Christians are hopeful<br />

that this is a step<br />

forward for religious<br />

freedom in Vietnam.<br />

Congress Demands Release <strong>of</strong><br />

Christian Pastor Held in Turkey<br />

7 | TURKEY On February 15, 78 members <strong>of</strong><br />

Congress, including 37 senators, wrote a letter to the<br />

president <strong>of</strong> Turkey on behalf <strong>of</strong> Andrew Brunson,<br />

an American pastor imprisoned in Turkey who leads<br />

a church in the coastal city <strong>of</strong> Izmir. The bipartisan<br />

letter requested that Pastor Brunson be “immediately<br />

released and deported” on account <strong>of</strong> a lack <strong>of</strong> evidence<br />

in his case. The letter was sent four months<br />

after Brunson and his wife, Norine, were arrested<br />

after being accused <strong>of</strong> terrorist activities. Norine was<br />

released after 12 days <strong>of</strong> detention, but, at the time<br />

<strong>of</strong> writing, her husband remains in jail, despite the<br />

absence <strong>of</strong> evidence supporting his imprisonment.<br />

Andrew Brunson and wife, Norine.<br />


News<br />

3<br />

2<br />

6<br />

1<br />

5<br />

4<br />

“God changed<br />

the heart <strong>of</strong> the<br />

judge and he set<br />

me free.”<br />

Supreme Court <strong>of</strong> Pakistan. Wikimedia photo.<br />

Prosecutor Offers Imprisoned Christians<br />

Freedom if They Convert to Islam<br />

1 | PAKISTAN In March, ICC learned that a deputy district<br />

prosecutor in Pakistan was blackmailing 42 Christians<br />

who have been imprisoned since 2015. The prosecutor<br />

<strong>of</strong>fered the Christians their freedom on one condition: that<br />

they abandon their Christian faith and convert to Islam.<br />

When this deal initially came to light, the prosecutor<br />

denied ever making such an <strong>of</strong>fer. However, once it was<br />

revealed that the accused had video evidence <strong>of</strong> him making<br />

the <strong>of</strong>fer, he changed his story. He then stated that he<br />

was simply <strong>of</strong>fering them a choice. Worse still, this is not<br />

the first time that he has <strong>of</strong>fered such a deal. The prosecutor’s<br />

<strong>of</strong>fice attempted to blackmail the Christians in the<br />

same way six months prior. However, the Christians clung<br />

tightly to their faith and refused the <strong>of</strong>fer. According to a<br />

human rights activist involved in the case, one prisoner<br />

went so far as to say that he would rather be hanged than<br />

convert to Islam.<br />

Adding to the injustice <strong>of</strong> the case, many <strong>of</strong> the 42 men<br />

had been arbitrarily detained following a biased inves-<br />

tigation and shoddy<br />

police work. ICC has<br />

investigated and interviewed<br />

several people<br />

involved in this case<br />

and it is evident that<br />

there are several innocent<br />

people suffering<br />

in prison, solely<br />

because they are not<br />

a part <strong>of</strong> the Muslim<br />

majority.<br />

With a government<br />

bent on pushing their<br />

own religious agenda,<br />

Christians in Pakistan<br />

are <strong>of</strong>ten denied<br />

the justice that they<br />

deserve as authorities<br />

ignore the rule <strong>of</strong><br />

law and overstep due<br />

process procedures.<br />

Prisoners should not<br />

have to fear whether<br />

or not they will receive<br />

an impartial investigation<br />

simply because <strong>of</strong><br />

their religious identity.<br />

Unfortunately, as<br />

authorities continue<br />

to prioritize their religious<br />

beliefs above<br />

the law, religious<br />

minorities, including<br />

Christians, will continue<br />

to suffer the<br />

consequences.<br />

Syrian Man Gives Testimony <strong>of</strong> ISIS<br />

Kidnapping and Torture<br />

2 | SYRIA As ISIS continues its campaign <strong>of</strong> violence<br />

throughout the Middle East and beyond, personal stories<br />

<strong>of</strong> violence and abuse continue to pour out <strong>of</strong> the<br />

region. Meghrik (name changed for security) recently<br />

came forward with a testimony <strong>of</strong> such abuse.<br />

Meghrik was stopped by militants at a checkpoint<br />

while travelling by bus. Meghrik is a Christian name;<br />

however, he never pr<strong>of</strong>essed to be a Christian or<br />

believe in the religion <strong>of</strong> his parents. Unfortunately<br />

for Meghrik, his name was enough to condemn him<br />

in the eyes <strong>of</strong> these ISIS militants and they forced him<br />

<strong>of</strong>f the bus.<br />

An ISIS judge sentenced him to death and he was<br />

later told that he would be spared only if he converted<br />

to Islam. With a struggling faith, Meghrik called out<br />

to God in desperation. After ten days <strong>of</strong> death threats,<br />

torture, and forced conversion, he was finally released<br />

and permitted to return<br />

home. According to<br />

World Watch Monitor,<br />

Meghrik proclaimed,<br />

“God changed the<br />

heart <strong>of</strong> the judge and<br />

he set me free.” As<br />

statistics and news<br />

updates continue to<br />

flood our news stations,<br />

let us not forget<br />

to pray for the individual,<br />

such as Meghrik<br />

who reclaimed his<br />

faith in the most horrendous<br />

<strong>of</strong> circumstances.<br />

7 PERSECU ION.org<br />

MAY <strong>2017</strong><br />


Boko Haram Attacks Near Christian Town <strong>of</strong> Chibok<br />

3 | NIGERIA In February, Boko Haram carried out yet another attack near the Christian town <strong>of</strong> Chibok, Nigeria. The attack killed one and seriously<br />

injured another, a young boy whose hands were broken. Boko Haram has targeted Chibok several times in their violent campaign to rid<br />

the region <strong>of</strong> Christianity. In April 2014, Boko Haram militants carried out a mass kidnapping, abducting more than 270 primarily Christian<br />

schoolgirls, most <strong>of</strong> whom are still missing.<br />

Boko Haram militants in Nigeria<br />

60+ Churches Destroyed in Myanmar since 2011 Christian Teen Remains Imprisoned in Pakistan<br />

4 | MYANMAR According to reports from Christian Solidarity<br />

Worldwide, at least 66 churches have been burned down in Myanmar<br />

since 2011, in addition to hundreds <strong>of</strong> villages being destroyed. In<br />

2011, the Burma Army broke a longstanding ceasefire and more<br />

than 100,000 have been displaced by the ongoing conflict. Although<br />

their constitution promotes religious freedom, the government openly<br />

favors Buddhism, leaving religious minorities, including Christians,<br />

vulnerable to conflict in an already tense environment.<br />

5 | PAKISTAN In September 2016, Nabil Masih, a Christian teenager in<br />

Pakistan, was accused <strong>of</strong> blasphemy for “liking” a photo on Facebook<br />

that allegedly blasphemed against Islam. Masih’s supporters report that<br />

this is impossible because Masih is illiterate and does not use social<br />

media, suggesting that the account was fake. Although Masih maintains<br />

his innocence, reports suggest that police assaulted the teen until<br />

he confessed. At the time <strong>of</strong> writing, Masih has been denied bail and<br />

continues to suffer in prison.<br />

Iranian Christian Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike<br />

6 | IRAN Two Iranian Christians, Hadi Asgari and Amin Afshar, went on a<br />

hunger strike following six months <strong>of</strong> imprisonment without charge. The<br />

Christians are victims <strong>of</strong> the Iranian authorities’ all too common practice <strong>of</strong><br />

indefinitely detaining prisoners <strong>of</strong> conscience without adequate medical care<br />

or legal attention. While the men suffer in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, their<br />

families have been rejected any attempt to learn more about their loved ones’<br />

cases. In previous cases, similar periods <strong>of</strong> confinement have caused prisoners<br />

lasting physical and emotional damage. Meanwhile, the accusers are granted<br />

more time to gather false evidence to condemn the already detained prisoners.<br />

Unfortunately, one <strong>of</strong> the prisoners fell seriously ill. Finally, after receiving<br />

promises <strong>of</strong> better medical aid and attention to their case, the men decided to<br />

end their strike.<br />

PERSECU ION.org<br />


Hadi Asgari (left) and Amin Afshar<br />


You Can Help Today!<br />

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or part <strong>of</strong> this publication is granted provided<br />

attribution is given to ICC as the source.<br />

International Christian Concern (ICC) is a nonpr<strong>of</strong>it 501(c)(3) (all donations tax-deductible).<br />

ICC makes every effort to honor donor wishes in regards to gifts. Occasionally, situations<br />

arise where a project is no longer viable. ICC will then redirect those donated funds to the<br />

fund most similar to the donor’s original wishes. ICC uses 7.5 percent <strong>of</strong> each restricted<br />

donation to carry out the mission <strong>of</strong> its segregated funds.<br />

facebook.com/persecuted<br />


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