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Your work life is mainly

Your work life is mainly focused on your outside appearances, but what about Laura Julie on the inside, what are you passionate about? I am really interest in aesthetics, in people and the human body. I would love to become more knowledgable about art, aesthetics, the body and the human being – physically and mentally. I would love to learn a lot more and be able to help the people who are not doing well, as well as the environment. Do the little things that I can contribute with in this World. I would love to attain more knowledge within the science of health and what the body and brain is capable of doing. What has been the most memorable experience you have had through your work as a model? Oh, that was a hard one. It must be the development that I have gone through myself and the relationships that I have gotten through my work. We are a couple of girls who traveled and lived together during the international fashion weeks – it is extremely hard work, but the fact that we had each other helped us a lot and made us very close. Everything that I learned during my very first fashion week, I would never wanna be without, even though it was tough and exhausting as well. Not a lot of people understand what it truly implies. Dress M Missoni 6095kr, boots Toga Pulla 3075kr