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The Dragon -Year6

Student magazine, special edition for primary school pupils who are coming to St George in September

The Dragon

Edition 2b: June 2017 The Dragon YEAR 6 Welcome to St George! By Stefan Jones Moving to a new school can be daunting. New teachers, more rooms and you’re no longer the oldest in the school anymore … But don’t worry! In this special edition of The Dragon, you will find everything you need to know to put your mind at rest and get you ready for Year 7. You have probably visited the school a couple of times already – or perhaps you have an older brother or sister who can tell you what it’s like – but if not, we are here to introduce you to some of the most fun and exciting things about St George as well as giving you some top tips about preparing for your new start. At St George’s, you can do anything – ranging from your favourite sports to learning a new language. With all the new activities to do, you will forget you’re in a new and unfamiliar school in no time. Here are some of our top tips for when you start in September: • Make a copy of your timetable in case you lose it • Be smart when handling homework – do it on the day you get it • Don’t be afraid to make new friends – a good school life is one with good friends Finally, we guarantee that everybody feels the same as you when starting a new school – so don’t worry and just enjoy it. For more top tips, see p6 and p7 ….

SPECIAL EDITION - St. George's School
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