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MEISSEN Joaillerie Selection - english


1739 ROYAL BLOSSOM COLLECTION Grace & ELEGANCE of a LOVE STORY King Augustus III (1696-1763) wanted to surprise his consort Maria Josepha with a particularly special gift. Thus it was that, at his monarch’s behest, MEISSEN ® master modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775) created the first tableware service with the famous “Snowball Blossoms” in 1739. Almost 300 years on, the royal blossoms now lend a mesmerising touch to today’s modern princesses and queens in the form of intricately elegant items of jewellery. 2

PENDANT hand-painted MEISSEN PORCELAIN ® , mounted in 750 yellow gold, also available in platinum/750 white gold, without chain MPJ20BL00300 RING 1 blossom made of MEISSEN PORCELAIN ® , size M, 750 rose gold 3.3 g, pistil with 1 white diamond 0.01 ct MPJ10BL12400 EARRINGS 2 blossoms made of MEISSEN PORCELAIN ® , size S, 750 rose gold 2.0 g, pistils with 2 white diamonds 0.01 ct MPJ50BL11400 3