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Escape To A World Of Travel And Adventure


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An Adventure

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An Island Built

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Dear friends,

I hope you have been enjoying Escapy thus far. Being an avid traveller,

I have been lucky to have the privilege to experience and see

many things; additional brownies for my knowledge pot. Travelling

offers so much value to life both mentally and physically.

Recently I went camping with some friends at a jungle by the city.

It is nice to spend time away from civilization and hang out with

friends with Mother Nature. This trip made me physically fitter

and I learnt how to cook brownies using bamboo.

See, travelling is good. Checkout this issue and plan a trip to visit

these places. As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a

dull boy.” Poor Jack.

Thank you for reading Escapy and do share Escapy with your



Phil Foo

Editor in Chief



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Contact: 016 202 2635



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An Adventure To

Ketam Island

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Adventure At

Pisang River Forest

Page: 136

Cyberview Resort

& Spa, Cyberjaya’s

Best Kept Secret

Page: 262

Café Lumière

Kuala Selangor

Page: 332

The Launching

Of GoPro HERO6


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Kuala Selangor

Nature Park

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Kembara Kraf;

Crafts From The


Page: 182

Sea Lion Hotel

Ketam Island

(Pulau Ketam)

Page: 312


Malaysia Launches

VR Roller Coaster

Page: 342


Dynamo 100


Page: 380

Lowepro DryZone

200 Backpack

Page: 386

6 Things To Do At

The Paddy Fields

Of Sekinchan

Page: 106

5 Iconic Mos ques

In Selangor

Page: 256

Sea Lion Homestay

Pulau Ketam

Page: 324

British Airways

Ready Malaysian

Students For UK

Page: 350

Ortlieb AIRFLEX 11

Page: 382

KL International

Arts Festival 2017


Page: 388

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Travel Digest


An Adventure To...

Ketam Island

Ketam Island is a fishing village built on stilts (planted

more than 10 metres deep) over a mangrove island

situated some 16.6km away from Port Klang, a

coastal town in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. This

village was founded back in the 1880s by the Teochew

and Hokkien Chinese.

Contents Page 9

Island On Stilts

Houses, shops, factories, stores, restaurants, etc. are

mainly built on wooden and concrete stilts connected

by wooden and concrete walkways. There are other

smaller islands that are linked to the main island by

bridges, except for one called Sungai Lima or Five River

(Five being the name of the river).

Contents Page

The Journey

The journey to Ketam Island begins in Port Klang.

There are two or three main operators that offer ferry

services to Ketam Island at the Ketam Island Jetty

(South Port). The best and most comfortable one as of

now (June 2017) is the Alibaba Cruises that operates a

larger and more comfortable ferry.

Contents Page 11


The journey to Ketam Island takes about half an hour

to forty five minutes depending on the tide. The journey

itself is an interesting one as the ferry sails past

mangrove island where birds, monitor lizards, etc.

roam about. It is like going on a little river safari.

Pic: Alibaba’s ferry - Cool and clean.

Contents Page

As the ferry nears Ketam Island it will make two stops.

The first stop is at Sungai Lima or Five River. This is

where residents of the Five River village disembark.

The next stop is at the main Ketam Island jetty. This

stop is where most visitors to the island disembarks.

Contents Page



On Ketam Island

Ketam Island being a fishing village

offers visitors a view into the fishing

industry with fish products being

produced on the island. The first

thing one will notice as one nears

the island are the numerous fishing

boats docked along wooden jetties.

There are more to see of course.

Contents Page

Exploring Ketam Island can either be

done either on foot, on bicycles, or

for the more relaxed traveller; battery

operated electric bikes. There

are no cars on the island which

means lesser air pollution. Bicycles

and electric bikes can be rented at

various places such as the Sea Lion

Hotel. Exploring the Island is easy.

Once can get a map too from and

be on one’s way.

Contents Page


Ice Factory

Ice is very important to the fishing industry. Ice is used

to keep fish caught fresh and frozen. There is an ice

factory here on the island that produces ice solely for

the fishing industry. Ice made here are not suitable

for human consumption as they have been laced with

additives to slowdown melting.

Contents Page

Fish Processing

As one walk along the wooden walkways of Ketam Island

one will notice quite a few fish processing “plants”

with rows and rows of fish, shrimp, squid, etc. placed

out to dry in the sun after being laced with salt. These

dried produce will later be packed and sent to shops

at the island’s town centre as well as to markets and

shops at mainland.

Contents Page 21

Pic: Very long fishing nets used by trawlers.

Contents Page


Boat Building Yard

With fishing boats being the main vehicles used by

fishermen here, boat building and repairing skills are

needed here and has since flourished with a few master

builders here. One can visit the boat building yard

where wooden boats from small boats to big trawlers

are built.

Contents Page


Pic: A fishing boat at one of the jetties.

Contents Page



Temples are a plenty on Ketam Island. Everywhere

one walks to one is bound to see temples. According

to the locals; since they live on a mangrove island

and the main industry is fishing, they pray often for

protection and safety.

Contents Page


Floating Fish Farms

Another interesting thing to do at Ketam Island is

to visit the floating fish farms. These farms are only

reachable by boat for a fee. Here visitors can see how

fish is reared. There are fish farms that allow anglers

to stay on them and partake in some fishing fun.

Contents Page


Town Centre

The town centre is the busiest place on the island.

It is where the locals conduct businesses, come for

their meals, etc. It is also a place where visitors go to

for meals and to purchase fish products. Like most

towns the town centre has banks with ATM facilities,

clinics, a police station, a fire station (volunteer), etc.

Contents Page


The fire station - Ketam Island.

Contents Page


Foodies Paradise

Ketam Island certainly is a foodies paradise. The seafood

here does not cost an arm or a leg and they are

fresh. There are a few restaurants and food outlets

around the island. Should one not want to indulge in

seafood, worry not. There are restaurants that serve

fried noodles and economy rice as well.

Contents Page

A few types of food not to miss other than the usual

fare of seafood are shaved ice dessert which is so

refreshing especially during a hot day, fried egg with

oysters, and the famous Ketam Island “nasi lemak” a

packed meal of fragrant rice served with egg, anchovies,

small prawns, and special chilli flakes.

Pic: Fried egg with oysters being cooked.

Contents Page 37

Haven For Photogs

Photographers will enjoy increasing their shutter

count here. There are plenty of things to shoot here

at Ketam Island. The muddy ground below the walkway

is home to a few species of crabs, sea snails, mud

skippers, etc. When the tide comes in fishes follow

and they too make for good photos.

Pic: A boat speeding past trying to get away from the rain.

Contents Page


There are lots of birds that fly about the place. Most

of them are crows. But pay attention and be observant

and one will see other birds as well such as sparrows,

kingfishers, eagles, water fowls, etc. All these

make for good photos and one will not need expensive

lenses to shoot them which makes this place

great for amateur photogs.

Contents Page


A crab with the face of Chairman Mao on its shell.

Contents Page


Fun Fishing

Pic: Some kids fishing at a boat ramp.

Contents Page 45

Being surrounded by water, fishing

certainly is an activity that can be

done here on the island. Local boys

can be seen fishing at certain places

of the island such as at the main

jetty when the tide comes in and at

a boat ramp near the fire station.

Pic: A local boy and his catch.

Contents Page 47

A Pinch Of History

Ketam is the Malay word for crab and Ketam Island

got its name from the abundance of crabs on the island.

According to one of the locals, many years ago

Hainanese fishermen came to the area to catch crabs

travelling all the way from Port Swettenham (now

called Port Klang) and they did so daily.

Contents Page 49

To improve efficiency of their operations they built

huts and started living there. As time went by more

families moved to the island and slowly the population

there grew. In the 1940s the Teowchew and

Hokkien Chinese from Taiwan and China came to the

island too; escaping the war back home as the Japanese

army invaded.

Pic: An old building at the town square.

Contents Page 51

At its peak Ketam Island boasted a population of about

20,000 people but has since declined as more of its

youth moved out of the island in search of better job

and business opportunities. Today Ketam Island has

a population of about 8,000 people.

Pic: A mural depicting the folks of Ketam Island.

Contents Page 53

Where To Stay

There are a few places to stay at. The most prominent

hotel that is right at the jetty is the Sea Lion Hotel

Pulau Ketam. It is the biggest hotel on the island.

Other places are Sea Lion Homestay, Home Motel,

Pulau Ketam Inn, etc.

More information About Sea Lion Hotel in this issue.

Contents Page 55

A shot from the jetty during blue hour.

Contents Page


Village scene as the tide goes down.

Contents Page


Getting There

Getting to Ketam Island is easy. All one needs to

do is to make one’s way to the KL Sentral station

and from there take a KTM train all the way

to Port Klang (final stop). Alight here and walk

about 3 to 5 minutes to the Ketam Island Ferry

Terminal (on the left by the sea).

Should you decide to go by car do click on the

Google Maps tab below:

For information on ferry services to Ketam Island,

do click the links below.

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page 61

Travel Digest



Kuala Selangor

Nature Park

Contents Page


The call of the wild has lured many travellers,

photography enthusiasts, and of course nature

lovers. The Kuala Selangor Nature Park (adopted

by Malaysia Nature Society of MNS) is a place rich

with wildlife and wild flora. It is one of the “must

visit” places in Kuala Selangor.

Contents Page


The Kuala Selangor Nature Park is made

up of secondary forests and mangrove

or wetlands; covering some 2.4 square

kilometres. Within its boundaries are 4

trails that one should go on to experience

the park better. These trails are:

Main Trail (550 metres)

Pangolin or Tenggiling Trail (988 metres)

- was inaccessible at time of visit.

Bund Trail (1675 metres)

Mangrove Walkway (1500 metres)

There are also extended wooden pathways;

one that leads to the mud flats

by the Straits of Malacca (was inaccessible

at time of visit).

Contents Page


Walking The Trails

The starting point of the main trail is just off the area

where the chalets are (more on them later). The main

trail starts with a bricked pathway that goes into the

secondary forest. Names of trees are placed along

the way sharing with visitors some information of

the trees. Here one will be able to see monkeys (macaques

and silver leaf monkeys), birds, insects, etc.

Contents Page 69

At the end of the main trail one comes to a bridge

that crosses a small river. Here one can observe the

river and its surroundings for fish, reptiles (we saw

a monitor lizard swimming here), birds such as kingfishers,

etc. Cross the bridge and one comes to Bund


Contents Page


Bund Trail

The Bund Trail goes around a manmade

lake that was made for birds

to roost and feed. This area is a safe

nesting area for some 155 bird species;

98 of which are resident birds

such as the great egret, magpies,

grey heron, collared kingfisher, and

brahminy kite; while 57 species of

them are migratory birds like Mongolian

plover, and blue-tailed beeeater.

Contents Page 73

The lake is also home to fishes especially mudskippers

with some growing as long as a person’s forearm.

These amphibious fish can be seen darting about on

the water’s surface as well as about the muddy banks

of the lake.

Pic: A mudskipper keeping an eye on me.

Contents Page


Watch Towers

To provide visitors of a better view

of the area; two watch towers have

been erected in the area. From these

towers one can try to spot birds, observe

the area, and take a few photographs

of the views as well as the

wildlife like birds.

Contents Page



Along the trails one will come across a few gazebos

(some of which are closed off for repairs). They are

good places to stop for a break. While taking a break

at these gazebos do continue to observe the surroundings

for wildlife.

Contents Page


View of the area from the tower.

Contents Page 81

Mangrove Walkway

Along the Bund Trail one will come to a mangrove

area and there lies a concrete walkway (Mangrove

Walkway) that goes through the mangrove area. This

is a trail that we highly recommend as the mangrove

is rich with wildlife. It is also home to 13 species of

mangrove trees.

Contents Page 83


Crabs are a plenty here adding colours to the muddy

mangrove forest creating a spectacle of colours. 15

species of crabs call this place home. Amongst them

include king crabs (horseshoe crabs), tree climbing

crabs, and the colourful fiddler crabs that can be seen

during low tides.

Contents Page


The mangrove forest is also home to prawns, mud

lobsters, clams, and fishes such as the banded archer

fish, puffer fish, etc. Birds too can be seen along the

trail especially when one has a sharp eye and pays

attention to the sounds that they make. A binoculars

will certainly come in handy.

*Here there is a walkway to the mud flats but it is inaccessible

at time of visit.

Pic: A mangrove clam.

Contents Page 87

Exiting the Mangrove Walkway, one returns to the

Bund Trail with about two thirds of the trail left to

walk. At the lake there are wooden jetties that one

can walk onto (with caution) for a closer look at the

wildlife. Mudskippers can be seen chasing each other

about. We saw two fighting. The Bund Trail ends back

at the bridge.

Pic: A wooden jetty at the lake.

Contents Page


Other Wildlife

There are plenty of other animals

that call this place home. They include

leopard cats, otters, various

snakes, lizards, dolphins, various

species of butterflies, beetles like

the rhinoceros beetle, spiders, various

molluscs, etc.

Contents Page


Photographing Wildlife

Photographers will have a lovely time here filling digital

space with shots of birds, crabs, insects, etc. There

are just so many subjects to shoot especially when

one takes one’s time and observe carefully. A good

zoom lens will provide for plenty of lovely shots, and

macro enthusiasts will certainly have a field day too.

Contents Page 93

Things To Note

a. Do take extra precaution when climbing up and

down the watch towers. These rickety wooden

watch towers may not be able to take too much

of a load.

b. Do bring along ample supply of drinking water

especially if you decide to walk the Bund Trails

and Mangrove Walkway.

c. Do not wonder away from trails or go into the

undergrowth as the area is also home to animals

that can pose a serious danger to you such as


e. Do not remove anything or leave rubbish on

the trails. Like the saying goes; “take nothing but

pictures (or memories) and leave nothing but


Contents Page

Pic: A lizard sitting on a palm fruit by the lake.

Contents Page



The Kuala Selangor Nature Park is a place that one

must not miss when one visits Kuala Selangor. Allocate

at least 3.5 hours for the park should you decide

to visit. The walk can be a tiring one especially on a

hot day. A battery fan will provide some respite from

the heat. Staying hydrated is important and a bottle

of drinking water is a must. If possible, go lightweight.

Pic: Dragonflies courting.

Contents Page 97

Entrance Fees


Children (below 17)

Students (below 17)

MNS Members

Senior Citizens (above 60)

: RM4.00

: RM1.00

: RM1.00

: RM2.00

: RM2.00

* MNS: Malaysia Nature Society

Contents Page

Pic: Lots of signages explaining the wildlife.

Contents Page


Pic: A dragonfly posing for the camera.

Contents Page



Basic accommodation is available for rent. There are

the basic “A” framed huts, wooden “kampung house”

(village house) type chalets, hostels, and dormitories.

Do call to check for availability and get as much information

as you need before deciding on staying there.

Pic: A kampung house type chalet.

Contents Page



A Frame Hut (2 pax per hut):

RM30.00 per night / RM25.00 for MNS members

Chalets (3 pax per chalet):

RM60.00 per night / RM50.00 for MNS members

** Comes with attached bathroom

Hostels (14 rooms; 7 pax each):

RM175 per room per night /RM140 for MNS members

Dormitories (6 units; 6 pax each):

RM220 per night / RM200 for MNS members

** Comes with attached bathroom

Note: Also available is a hall for seminars that can accommodate

up to 100 pax maximum.

Contents Page

Address & Other Information

Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Jalan Klinik, Kuala Selangor, 45000 Kuala Selangor,

Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact: +603-3289-2294


Open Daily: 9am to 5pm

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page


Travel Digest



Things To Do At The

Paddy Fields Of

Sekinchan, Selangor

Paddy Fields? You must be wondering

what on earth would one do at the paddy

fields. As it turns out the paddy fields

of Sekinchan is a place where visitors to

Kuala Selangor flock to during the weekends

and on holidays. Here are 6 things to

do when hanging out at the paddy fields

here in Sekinchan.

Contents Page


01 - Take Photos

Paddy fields do make for beautiful photos

be they landscape shots, romantic wedding

photos, creative shots, dramatic shots, and

plenty other shots that photographers can

think of. Paddy fields are vast fields and they

look nice.

Pic: A tripod always comes in handy when travelling.

Contents Page 3

When the paddy plants are green they showcase

vast rolling fields of green. When the

paddy is ready for harvesting the entire field

turns brown and with the sun at a certain

angle, they look like fields of gold. Even after

harvesting and what’s left are dried mud

and leftover paddy storks; nice photos can

be had.

Contents Page 111

02 - Visit A Paddy

Processing Factory

& Museum

Where there is paddy there will be paddy processing

factories. Not all allow visitors to enter

but the Paddy Processing Factory by PLS

Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd does. Here one gets

to learn about paddy and how it is prepared

for planting as well as how it is processed.

There is also a paddy museum that one can

visit for a small fee.

Pic: Paddy on the way to the factory.

Contents Page 113

Getting There


PLS Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Lot No. 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2, Selangor,

45400 Sekinchan, Malaysia, 45400 Sekinchan,

Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: +60 3-3243 6558

Open Daily: 9AM–6PM

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page

03 - Visit Ah Ma House

Ah Ma House is like a mini museum that showcases

a collection of antiques but it is really a shop selling

cakes and titbits, most of them coming in packages

resembling those from a time long passed. Coming

here certainly feels like one has stepped into a time

portal and stepped into the past.

Contents Page


Ah Ma House is famous for its traditional

cakes, biscuits, and tarts; baked using Ah

Ma’s recipe with roots to her village. Oh yes,

Ah Ma is grandmother in one of the local

Chinese Dialects, and Ah Ma House simply

means grandmother’s house.

Pic: The kitchen where tasty cakes are made.

Contents Page 117

Getting There


Ah Mah House

Pekan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor,


Contact: +60 14-230 5753

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page

Pic: Ah Mah House, a replica of shops back in the day.

Contents Page 119


04 - Hangout At A Bus Cafe

So what can one do when one is feeling hot

after hanging out under the sun at the paddy

fields? Simply look for a bus that sits on top

of a cargo container, climb into it, order refreshments,

sit back, and just chill. This cafe

is simply called N.16 Cafe.

Contents Page

This air-conditioned cafe offers respite especially on a

hot day. Being a cafe built inside a bus, sitting is limited.

Sitting is also not free. One cannot simply order

a drink and enjoy the air-conditioning. There is a minimum

spending requirement at the tables. RM30.00

for the smaller tables that seats 2 comfortably and

RM50.00 for the large table that seats 4 comfortably.

The other option is to sit outdoors. Wherever one

chooses to sit the view is beautiful.

Contents Page

The food and drinks served here are limited. They serve

main meals and desserts, and I personally find them

to be delicious especially the grilled chicken chop set

where the skin is crispy the eat juicy. The drinks are

refreshing especially after being under the hot sun.

Contents Page 123

Getting There


N.16 Cafe

Kampung Parit Empat, 45400 Sekinchan,

Selangor, Malaysia.

Opens from Thursdays to Mondays. Closes on

Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Hours: 11am to 8pm

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page

Pic: Tasty chicken chop with a beautiful view.

Pic: A view so nice even chocolate Legoman can’t resist.

Contents Page


05 - Do Some Fun Fishing

For those that enjoy fishing paddy fields are

home to fish. The irrigation canals that run

alongside the paddy fields here are home to

a few species of fish such as lampam or tinfoil

barb, puyu or climbing perch, etc.

Pic: Good fun fishing at canals such as this.

Contents Page 127

Pic: An angler pole fishing at one of the canals.

Contents Page 129

During my trip there I saw two anglers fishing.

One of them was casting a spoon perhaps

hoping to catch brown snakeheads of

which are usually found in paddy fields; while

another angler was pole fishing using a stick

and line catching tinfoil barbs and tilapias.

Pic: The angler and his catch, a tinfoil barb.

Contents Page 131

06 - Nan Tian Temple

The Nan Tian Temple or the temple of the 9

Emperor Gods sits amongst the paddy fields.

It is a large Chinese temple and is considered

to be the main temple in Sekinchan. One can

visit this temple as the final stop around the

paddy fields of Sekinchan to worship (Buddhist)

or for some photographs.

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page 133

Enjoy The Paddy Fields

There you go, 6 things to do at the paddy

fields of Sekinchan should you decide to visit.

These activities and places to visit can easily

take up 4 to 5 hours of your day here. It

may take up more of your time should you

want to catch more fish. Catch and release is

highly recommended.

Contents Page 135

Travel Digest


Adventure At

Sungai Pisang Forest

Contents Page

It is nice to stay in luxury hotels and resorts during

the holidays, but once in a while it is good to leave

the urban live and go spend time with Mother Nature.

One of the places to do so when in Selangor is

the Sungai Pisang forest in a place called. Gombak.

Contents Page 137

Sungai Pisang forest is a thick tropical forest (jungle

actually) that is located somewhere between the foot

of Genting Highlands and Gombak in Selangor. Within

it are mountain streams, waterfalls, and rivers (one of

them being Sungai Pisang or Pisang River) that flows

all the way to Gombak River. Gombak River snakes all

the way into the heart of Kuala Lumpur City.

Contents Page

Jungle Trekking

There are a few campsites at Sungai Pisang. Some of

them are relatively easy to get to while some are much

further in. One will have to jungle trek to get to them,

crossing the river and stream several times. One will

have to do some climbing to get to the ones deeper in

and this is what we did.

Contents Page


We parked our cars just outside the security gate of

the SYABAS waterworks /or water gate. We had to

pay a few dollars to park our vehicles for a few days.

From there we crossed the main river and did some

climbing and made our way till we reached two tunnels

of which waters from Pisang River flows. Above

these tunnels is the Karak Highway, Malaysia’s most

haunted highway (believed to be).

Pic: Group photo at the carpark taken by Raymond.

Contents Page 141

We walked through the tunnels (a pretty cool experience)

and continued trekking the jungle stream.

We carried on our backs supplies that will last three

days, tents, and tools; a heavy load, thus we have to

be very careful as we had to walk on slippery rocks,

muddy banks, etc.

Pic: Trekking on a dried riverbed.

Contents Page 143

Pic: A refreshing waterfall where we took a break.

Contents Page

Lovely Waterfall

About halfway to our campsite is a waterfall, a

refreshing place to take a short break. Waterfalls

are said to add emit negative ions of which

is good for the body. Perhaps it is the negative

ions that is so refreshing. After a short break

here we had to do some climbing; perhaps the

hardest climb of this trip.

Contents Page


Pic: Teamwork is essential in the wild. Jeremy supporting

Norman as he secured the rope of our tarpaulin.

Contents Page


To cut a long story short; we arrived at our

campsite after about an hour and a half of trekking.

The camp site is on a higher ground by a

mountain stream. We setup camp, rebuilt the

kitchen, and relaxed in the stream. The cool

water felt so nice after all the hard work done.

Contents Page


Pic: Setting up camp.

Contents Page 149

Pic: When we run out of rope, vines will

have to do. They actually work really


Contents Page 151

Pic: Norman checking the tents to ensure that they are ok.

Contents Page 153

Pic: Arnold digging a drain around our

tents in preparation for the rain that

came at night.

Contents Page 155

Playing With Fishes

The Pisang River is home to lots of fish; mostly palm

size fish. There are tengas (river carp), catfish, barb,

etc. There are also shrimps that would swim up to our

feet. Shooting video of these fishes swimming about

in the stream was one of the things I did.

Pic: Lots of fishes in the river.

Contents Page


Catching Frogs

Some in our camping party decided to catch jungle

frogs. They went about searching the place at nights

using a torchlights. After about an hour they returned

with a few frogs including one the size of a grown person’s

palm. The frogs were then released back into

the stream.

Pic: A good size frog caught and released.

Contents Page


Cooking In the Jungle

Cooking in the jungle requires some creativity. Our

chefs cooked rice in bamboo and barbequed meat on

the rebuilt kitchen stove that is made of wood with its

bark removed. The fragrance of the wood made the

meat taste better. We even got to eat tasty brownies

cooked in bamboo with ginger leaves.

Pic: Preparing the fire for our kitchen.

Contents Page


Pic: Arnold cleaning wood for our kitchen stove.

Contents Page 163

Pic: Our meals being prepared.

Contents Page 165

Pic: Deshon, one of our chefs preparing lamb leg.

Contents Page 167

Truly Relaxing

With nothing much to do and with work not in my

mind, I spend lots of time sitting in the stream observing

nature. It is so nice to lean back onto some

rocks and let the flowing water do its massaging magic

while the mind slowly goes blank. Relaxing indeed.

No sound of cars. No one around other friends. And

the air so cool and fresh.

Pic: The “spa“ in the river. Natural massage available here.

Contents Page


Pic: Taking a leap into the deeper section

of a natural jungle pool.

Contents Page 171

Breaking Camp

After spending three days here it

was time to go leave. We dismantled

our tents and packed up our stuffs.

Before leaving we set about cleaning

the place, leaving it better than

the way it was. We also kept the unused

fire wood neatly stacked for

the next camping group. After a

short photograph session we headed

back out into civilization.

Contents Page


Things To Bring

I certainly had a lovely time here and recommend

anyone wanting to try camping in a jungle

here in Selangor to visit Sungai Pisang forest.

Here are some basic things that I recommend

bringing. Together with clothes and personal

items, do bring these...

I certainly had a lovely time here and recommend

anyone wanting to try camping in a jungle

here in Selangor to visit Sungai Pisang forest.

Here are some basic things that I recommend

bringing. Together with clothes and personal

items, do bring these...

Good rubber shoes

Insect repellent (no mosquitoes but there are

other insects)

Good quality garbage bags

Continue next page....

Contents Page

Torchlight (waterproof)

Waterproof bag

Knife / machete

Sleeping bag

Concentrated saltwater (to remove leeches)

Enough food to last your stay

Ropes and string

First aid kit

Contents Page


Things To Note

There are a few things to note when camping

out at Pisang River:

Safety first.

Be careful when walking on slippery rocks.

Don’t rush. Take your time when jungle trekking.

Team work is important.

Don’t take anything away from jungle.

Always cleanup before leaving.

Contents Page

Pic: Scaring off wild animals with fireworks.

Contents Page


Pic: Rice cooked in bamboo.

Contents Page 179

Pic: Group photo before leaving the camp site.

Back: Arnold Bond, Alan, Phil, Ben, Deshon.

Front: Raymond, Joel, Norman, Jeremy, Kelvin.

Contents Page 181



Arts and crafts are where the

creative minds stand out. Arts

& crafts is also an attraction

that pulls travellers. I for one

am attracted to arts and crafts.

Recently I embarked on an adventure

called Kembara Kraf Selangor

- Crafts From The Hearts

that was organized by Selangor

State Economic Planning Unit

(Tourism Sector) and Gaya Travel.

Contents Page


Stop 1:

FS Design Furniture

You’ve heard of recycle. What about

up-cycle? Up-cycle is the use of unwated

materials, turning them into

useful items. Our first stop was the

factory of FS Design Furniture in Hulu

Langat, Selangor. FS Design Furniture

up-cycles unwanted industrial materials,

woods, etc. turning them into

quality furniture.

Contents Page 185

FS Design Furniture is the brain child

of Fazli Shah Simpon and his wife

(and business partner); Ilmi Shukri

bt Khodori. They both have a “green”

mission and that is to reduce waste;

one method to help with conservation

efforts. As entrepreneurs they turned

their mission into a budding business

starting FS Design Furniture back in


Contents Page


They use quality wood from various countries like

Canada for example; the Douglas fir. They also use

local hard wood like meranti, and discarded wood

from certain industries such as discarded wood cartons,

old doors and windows, iron frames, etc.; going

through a process that includes cleaning the wood,

shaving and stamping them; before using them to

build good quality modern designed furniture.

Contents Page


Pic: Light trails created during a grinding process.

Contents Page 191

Pic: A table made of quality wood.

Contents Page 193


Address: No. 23A-1, Jalan Seri Mas 1,

Taman Seri Emas, 43100 Hulu Langat,

Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +60390211400

Mobile: +60176361202



Click For Google Maps

Pic: Table with a solid wooden top.

Contents Page 195

Stop 2:

Arts & Crafts At Boustead Cruise Centre

What is a cruise centre doing here in an article focused

on arts and crafts, you may ask. The Boustead

Cruise Centre in Port Klang has a few mini galleries

exhibiting arts and crafts from within Malaysia. Here

are some of the galleries.

Contents Page 197

Orang Asli Gallery

The Orang Asli Gallery showcases various

wood carvings that they are famous

for. Orang Asli, the aborigines

of Malaysia have for decades made

wood sculptures using wood found in

the jungles they live in and every type

of sculpture tells a story. These stories

teach lessons to their younger ones

and have been passed down through

many generations.

Contents Page 199

Being animists they believe in spirits

good and bad. These wood sculptures

reflect these spirits giving a physical

body to these invisible entities. They

are also very famous for their wooden

masks of which are used during ritualistic


Contents Page


Bank Negara Museum & Art Gallery

Bank Negara is the Malaysian central bank established

back in 1959. Having served the country for

so many years it certainly has its own collection. At

their gallery they showcased old coins, items used as

money in the earlier days, as well as art pieces.

Contents Page 203

Pic: Old weights to measure the value of money.

Contents Page 205

Malaysia Art & Craft Gallery

Contents Page


The Malaysia Art & Craft Gallery

showcases art drawn by local

(Malaysia) artists; 6 well know

artists. Four of them are from

the east coast being Terengganu

and Pahang, while two of

them are from Selangor.

Contents Page 3

These works of art are inspired by a

variety of things from nature such as

flowers, fishes, etc. to village life, as

well as mythical creatures. These are

pieces are for sale and they are priced

from as low as RM200.00 (about

USD48.00) to RM8,000.00 (about


Contents Page 211

Department Of

Museums Malaysia’s


The Department Of Museums Malaysia

showcases some of the history of

Malaysia from its people, culture, etc.

to its changing landscape. It shares a

brief history of Malaysia on printed

display boards.

Contents Page 213

Boustead Gallery

Of course Boustead too has a

gallery here. This is where they

share a brief story of Boustead

group, the industries that they

are in as well as some statistics

of the Boustead Cruise Centre

such as the ships that has docked

here and the numbers of passengers

that have it has served.

Contents Page 215

The Sense Of It

Why have galleries in a cruise

terminal? Well, it makes sense.

Cruise ships dock here for hours

per visit allowing its passengers

to disembark and visit the nearby

towns and cities. These galleries

are attractions that provide

some information about the culture

and heritage of Malaysia.

Pic: A duty free shop at the terminal.

Contents Page 217

Other than these galleries there are shops

that sells clothing, souvenirs, etc. for visitors

to shop at. Boustead is doing its best to attract

more retailers to its cruise centre offering

more products to visitors.

Contents Page 219


Boustead Cruise Cente Sdn. Bhd.

4th Floor, Boustead Cruise Centre,

Persiaran Pelabuhan Barat,

Bandar Armada Putra, Pulau Indah,

P.O. Box 278, 42009 Port

Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel: +60331011333







Click For Google Maps

Contents Page 221

Stop 3: Artjamila

(Art Jamila)

This here is a very special story.

Jamila is a 15 year old teenager who

creates beautiful works of art. One

can say that nature moved her towards

art. Jamila is autistic (diagnosed

at age 4) and has difficulty

in verbal communication and social

interactions. She knows everything

that is going on but she just cannot

communicate. One can only imagine

how frustrating that gets.

Contents Page


To communicate, Jamila started

drawing. She drew to communicate

her feelings of sadness,

anger, happiness, etc.

Since then she has honed

her talent drawing countless

amounts of art. She has also

gotten training from her mom

who used to be an architect,

and a local famous artist.

Contents Page


Jamila’s drawings have garnered

positive attention and

she has art collectors following

her work, purchasing her

creations. She has also taken

on community art projects

working with other famous

Malaysian artists.

To know more, visit her website


Contents Page


Stop 4:

Amaze Creative

Amaze Creative is the brainchild of

Mr Chang Wan Sang and Ms Yee.

Amaze Creative helps the deaf and

mute make a living by teaching them

how to paint thus creating artists.

Here they paint canvas shoes, purses,

and bags of which are then sold.

Proceeds from the sale are then

shared between the company and

the artists.

Contents Page


These works of art are painted

using waterproof paint or colours

making them ideal for daily

use. These beautiful work of art

can be viewed and purchased

online at:

They also have outlets at KLIA 2

(L2-42, Level 2), Midvalley Megamall

(North Court), & Sunway

Pyramid (LG2).

Contact: +60341429984

Mobile: +60123292068

Contents Page 231

Stop 5:

Queen LS Crafts

Have you hear of an art form called

‘Kimekomi?’ ‘Kimekomi’ is a Japanese

art form where cloth is used

to create art by interlocking them

to each other on a piece of board

without the use of glue. In English it

is called ‘easy tuck.’

Contents Page 233

Queen LS Crafts creates beautiful

art pieces using this method.

The idea came about when

Ms Latifah Hamzah and her

husband visited Japan. They

found this art genre interesting

and decided to bring the

idea back home with them to

Malaysia. They did adding to

this art form some Malaysian


Contents Page


Queem LS Crafts not only creates

such beautiful art pieces. They

also teach those interested the

art of ‘Kimekomi’ with students

from Malaysia as well as overseas.

Should you be interested to learn,

do contact them.

Contact: +60188747712



Pic: Ms Latifah Hamzah showing how

it is done.

Contents Page


Stop 6: Artsis Studio

Contents Page 239

“A family that paints together, sticks together,” is

what Dato’ Haji Mohd Yusoff Jaafar, a talentef artist

and former Chief of Police for Sarawak, said. His

family holds the record here in Malaysia for having

the most artists in a family.

Dato’ Haji Mohd Yusoff Jaafar has 7 children; five

ladies and two gentlemen all of whom are artists.

The five sisters came together and started Artsis

Studio in USJ 9 Subang Jaya, Selangor. They started

this studio to provide something positive for their


Contents Page 241

Pic: The sisters with some of their works.

Contents Page 243

Artsis Studio provides art lessons

for those interested in art.

During our visit, children were

learning how to paint bubbles

using acrylic paint and oil pastels.

Artsis Studio also does art

workshops during the holidays.


+60183270902 (Whatsapp)


Click For Google Maps

Contents Page


Stop 7: Heritage Inspired

Heritage Inspired makes handmade

purses and bags. This craft is something

that Ms Hanisah Izzati, a teacher,

learnt and has the passion for. She is

self taught and now makes beautiful

handbags and purses using cloth of

traditional designs, hence the name

Heritage Inspired.

Contents Page 247

Cloth such as ‘songket;’ a type of

cloth with gold, silver, and other

colour threads embroidered, is

an example of one of these cloths.

Traditionally used to make elegant

dresses, the use of ‘songket’

makes for elegant looking bags

and purses too. Other cloths

used include batik (floral design

prints), as well as modern cloths.

Contents Page


Pic: Work in progress. Ms Hanisah working on a beg.

Contents Page


Fortunately for Ms Hanisah, the

internet brought about globalization

and materials that were

once difficult to get here in Malaysia

can now be purchased online.

With these tools a world of

new possibilities has opened up

for her to share her creations;

inspired by culture and heritage,

to the world.




Pic: Ms Hanisah explaining how its


Contents Page 253

Crafts From The Hearts

Kembara Kraf Selangor 2017 - “Crafts From The

Hearts” was a successful event and one thing that I

personally learnt from visiting these talented artists

is that participating and feeding one’s passion brings

joy adding meaning to one’s life, hence why they create

art from their hearts.

Contents Page 255


Tourism Selangor



Eid Al Adha (Hajj celebration day), is a festival

that is celebrated across the world in Islamic

communities and occurs towards the culmination

of the Hajj pilgrimage every year. It’s the

second most important festival in the Islamic

calendar which marks the end of Hajj.

Immerse in awe-inspiring Islamic architecture

of beautiful domes, majestic mosque structures

and learn more about Islam in Malaysia’s

most developed state. Here are the top 5 most

iconic mosques in Selangor.

Contents Page


Also known as the ‘Blue Mosque’, it is the largest in

Malaysia and also in Southeast Asia. It is situated beside

the Raja Lumu Lake in Shah Alam. For details:

Tel: +603 55199988 / +60379667977


GPS: 3.078940, 101.519824

Contents Page



The mosque’s architecture is of Western Art Deco and

Neoclassical styles. Attractions are the Tangga Diraja

(royal stairs) from Istana Alam Shah and a royal mausoleum,

mesmerizing stood in Klang. For details:

Tel: +60333716044


GPS 3.03477, 101.45052

Contents Page


Built in Kampung Bandar, Kuala Langat in 1924 by

Almarhum Sultan Suleiman Shah, this mosque was

inspired and inaugurated by HRH in 1926. Once the

Selangor State Mosque, HRH often read the Friday

sermon here. For details:

Tel: +603 5519 0050


GPS 2.85791, 101.44299

Contents Page



The Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque or better known as

KLIA Mosque is situated close to the Kuala Lumpur International

Airport. For details:

Tel: +60383190200 or +60383190300


GPS 2.78782, 101.67645

Contents Page


It is the district mosque of Kuala Selangor. Located at

the city centre, the mosque was completed in 1985 and

opened by the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.

It was named after the 18th century ruler of Selangor,

Sultan Ibrahim Shah, who reigned from 1778 to 1826.

For details:

Tel +60332891439 / 6331

Website: I GPS 3.32833, 101.25798

Contents Page





People take vacations for various reasons

but most do so to relax and let one’s hair down;

forgetting about work and other work related

responsibilities, and to rejuvenate one’s soul.

It is when one’s mind is relaxed and when one

finds that inner peace that one’s mind is free

to imagine and think at a higher less cluttered


Contents Page 263

A Relaxing Holiday

Recently my family and I visited the Cyberview Resort

& Spa in Cyberjaya, the Silicon Valley of Malaysia. Despite

being in the hub of technological start-ups an

businesses, the resort sits in a quiet place surrounded

by nature. It felt like we were holidaying far from


Pic: The Bistro Cascata Italian Restaurant.

Contents Page 265

Fragrance Of Flowers

Walking into the lobby one is mesmerized by the fragrance

of flowers (jasmines); a soothing aroma that

relaxes. It brought about a feeling of calmness as I

sat for awhile at one of the sofas with my eyes closed

enjoying the sound of the water fountain while I waited

for my wife and kid. Soothing and relaxing indeed.

Pic: The lobby.

Contents Page 267

Well Designed


After checking in we drove to our

room; a Superior Chalet. The room

has a contemporary modern plus retro

look and is well designed. It comes

with a walk-around wardrobe that is

uniquely placed slightly off middle of

the room acting as a divider between

the beds and the vanity area.

Pic: The wardrobe and vanity area.

Contents Page


The bathroom comes with an

egg shaped bath tub made of

ceramic with a faucet that looks

more like part of a water feature

instead of just a tap, bamboo ladder

designed tower rack, glassed

shower area with rain shower,

and a wall with holes that allows

light from the sun to come in. Of

course these holes are blocked

by something that does not allow

any voyeur a peek inside.

Pic: A lovely bathtub.

Contents Page


Pic: I went retro too with my trusted

old Iphone 3GS that has since

taken on life as an Ipod. This room

comes with an Ipod / Iphone dock

(old adapter head).

Contents Page


Comfortable &


Our room came with a king size

bed and a single bed. If you like

softer beds, you’ve found heaven.

The beds are soft and comfortable.

They feel plush; like

sleeping on a huge teddy bear.

The pillows I believe are filled

with goose downs giving one the

ability to adjust it to one’s liking.

If you do not know how that is

done; try getting the feathers to

one side of the pillow and giving

the flat area of the pillow a few

folds. Now you have a harder pillow

with a higher setting.

Contents Page


That night, with the air-conditioning simulating the

temperatures in the highlands during the rain, I slept

very well on the comfortable and plush huge “teddy

bear,” with my head resting snugly on the comfortable

pillow. I woke up well rested.

Pic: The entertainment wall of the room.

Contents Page 277

Delicious Food

We had our meals at the Verandah

Restaurant a Pan-Asian restaurant

& Xing Zhu, a restaurant that serves

Chinese cuisine. There are other

outlets like the Bistro Cascata that

serves Italian cuisine, and Karma Bar

& Lounge but we did not dine there.

Perhaps on a future trip.

Contents Page




The Verandah Restaurant serves a

mixture of local, Asian, and Western

cuisines. There are lots of food

here that I like but these are the few

that I love most. I loved the streaky

beef bacon and had them for breakfast

every day during our stay. It was

cooked really well remaining juicy

and not too salty. It goes really well

with scrambled eggs.

Contents Page


The cold dish; fresh prawns and mussels

served on ice, is yummy. Fresh

crunchy prawns and mussels eaten

without seasoning gives one the natural

flavours of their meat. This can

only be served with fresh seafood

and Verandah has it. Lovely.

Contents Page


Japanese cuisine is another thing that I like. Unfortunately

I have been told by my doctor to stay off white

(rice included) due to health reasons. But I could not

resist sushi rolls. Instead of devouring lots of them, I

decided to devour “not so lots” of them.

Contents Page 285

Pic: Lots of delicious desserts.

Contents Page 287

They have lots of other foods too including

the very delicious beef stew

with tender beef cuts, ayam masak

merah (spicy chilli chicken) that is really

tasty, ikan bakar (grilled fish) with

tasty chilli paste, Indian food such

as roti canai, noodles with soup, etc.

There are also lots of delightful desserts

like chocolate cakes with macaroons,

yummy cream puff, etc.

I ended every meal here fruit ‘rojak’

a fruit dish in a sauce made of prawn

paste mixed with chilli and sugar. Not

everyone will agree to the taste of ‘rojak’

sauce as it is pungent. But those

who do will be floating on cloud nine

here at the Verandah Restaurant.

Pic: I love rojak.

Contents Page


Dim Sum And More Dim Sum

Another type of food that I love

is dim sum. We had dim sum

buffet at the Xing Zhu Restaurant.

I have eaten ‘halal’ dim

sum at many places but these

here certainly beats them all.

Xing Zhu serves the best ‘halal’

dim sum (to me). The meat

is juicy and tasty with its flavours

well wrapped up within.


Pic: The Xing Zhu Chinese


Contents Page 291

While all of them are delicious

my favourite is the ‘siew mai’

or ‘shumai’ is juicy and tasty.

The texture of the chopped

meat is tender and nice. Mushrooms

that are part of the mix

helps give it some additional

flavours creating a lovely ball

with flavours that explodes in

the mouth. Oh, so delightful.

Contents Page 293

Another very delicious dim

sum dish is the steamed chicken

wings. The wings are marinated

and steamed in some

tasty sauce until they are they

are soft and moist. They taste

so very good that I ordered lots

of them.

Pic: Delicious ‘shumai.‘

Contents Page 295

Fun In The Sun

Cyberview Resort & Spa has a very lovely swimming

pool that flows down two levels into a wading pool.

This is one of the hot spots for those who like swimming

and splashing in water. I do too but I needed

to stay away from the sun as my skin was still raw

from a bad sunburn sustained during a fishing trip

two days earlier.

Pic: The lovely swimming pool.

Contents Page 297

Other activities that one can participate in include

fishing at the resorts fishing pond, cycling about with

the ‘O-bikes’ that can be rented via a mobile app, or

just simply taking a stroll with a camera around the

resort’s gardens.

Pic: Fishing at the resort’s pond. Lots of tilapias here.

Contents Page 299

Fun Away From The Sun

If like me, you need to be away from the sun; there

are games that one can play such as board games,

traditional games one a very nice antique looking

congkak (pronounced chong kak) board, and for the

more macho; working out one’s muscles at the gym.

Pic: Beautifully carved congkak board.

Contents Page 301

Sembunyi Spa

With relaxation being high on the offering, the Sembunyi

Spa is a must visit. We did that and had an amazing

relaxing time. The area is cosy and inviting, giving

in a true spa environment. The fragrance of essential

oils fill the air as one enters the room for one’s treatment.

Pic: Flower bath.

Contents Page 303

Pic: A lovely pool at the Sembunyi Spa.

Contents Page


Remember earlier I wrote about decluttering the

mind; my mind when into a “Zen” state and felt like

I was floating on air. Relaxing in the Jacuzzi for a few

hours and wading amongst the bubbles in the warm

water was so refreshing. I returned to my room and

my thoughts were clearer being somewhat stress


Pic: The lovely jacuzzi pool at the Sembunyi Spa.

Contents Page 3

Saying Goodbye

All good things must come to an end and I felt that my

stay here was too short but I have other trips planned.

I will certainly be back again for another holiday and

bring along some of my foodie friends to savour the

delicious food here, especially the delightful dim sum.

Pic: The gymnasium.

Contents Page 309

Other Information

Cyberview Resort & Spa was built for the purpose of

hosting the APEC Summit back in 1998. The resort has

a few luxurious and lovely suites that were designed

to house heads of states that stayed there during the


I visited some of these suites and I recommend them

to those who want to be pampered like royalties. They

come with quality wooden furnishing, plush 4 poster

beds, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom with 360 degree view

of the garden outside, and more.

Pic: Plaques honoring heads of states at the gardens.

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page 311


Philemon Foo

Sea Lion





Ketam Island is

an island built

on top of a mangrove


The biggest hotel in Pulau

Ketam, the Sea Lion Hotel

Pulau Ketam is the first hotel

to greet visitors to Ketam

Island or Crab Island.

It is built right at the main

jetty making it a prime

property at Ketam Island.

Contents Page 313


The Sea Lion Hotel Pulau Ketam offers simple rooms in

5 categories with a total of 42 rooms. All rooms come

with basic amenities such as air-conditioning, proper

toilets and bathroom, television, comfortable beds,

etc. are provided ensuring guests a comfortable stay.

Contents Page

General Amenities & Facilities

These days WiFi is one thing that many travellers look

for. WiFi is available at the hotel. There is a recreation

area at the back of the hotel that provides for karaoke,

BBQ, etc. It is also a lovely place to just sit back and


Contents Page 315


Guests can rent fishing equipment and do some fishing.

One can fish at the hotel’s recreation area when

the tide is high. The jetty is too is a good place to fish.

Another place that the locals fish at is at a ram beside

the island’s volunteer fire department..

< The lighted area on the left is the hotel’s recreation area.

Contents Page 317

Rental Of Electric


Should one want to check out the island; a less

tiring way to do so is to rent an electric bicycle.

Electric bicycles are available for rent at the hotel’s

lobby. Do practise first at the square near the

jetty to get a feel of what riding an electric bicycle

feels like. An electric bicycle will allow one to visit

many parts of the island with ease.

Contents Page 319

Boat Tours

The hotel provides boat tours (mainly for groups)

such as Sea River Cruise that brings visitors around

the island and to the nearby fish farms. These services

cater mainly to groups. More information is

available at the hotel.

^ A fish farm near the island.

Contents Page 321

Produce Shop

For convenience sake the hotel has its own produce

shop offering seafood or fish products such as dried

anchovies, dried shrimps, dried oysters, Ketam Island’s

famous chilli flakes, titbits, ice cream, etc.

Contents Page


Address: S3, Jalan Merdeka, 42940

Pulau Ketam,

Contact (8am to Midnight):

+603-3110 4121 | +603-3110 5121

+603 3119 4072

Mobile: +6012-2648052 (Mr. Cha)

+6013-6723614 (Ms. Lim)



Click For Google Maps

Contents Page 323

Sea Lion Homestay Pulau Ketam

Should you prefer not to stay in a hotel but to go stay

at a homestay, Sea Lion has a homestay too at Ketam

Island. Sea Lion Homestay is further in, some 15 to 20

minutes walk away from the Sea Lion Hotel. Should

you not feel like walking so far, transportation is provided.

Contents Page

Rooms & Amenities

The Sea Lion Homestay Pulau Ketam has air-conditioned

rooms in four categories for couples to family

rooms, of various configurations. It is a good place for

group of friends to stay at as they have outdoor amenities

such barbeque pits, outdoor hangout area, etc.

Contents Page 325

Barbeque pits ready for a barbeque party.

Contents Page 327

Pathway to pretty cool hangout areas.

Contents Page


There is a long pathway with two landings or perhaps

gazebos that ends at a small river where river flows

through during the high tides. These gazebos are good

places to sit back and relax as well as to fish at.

Contents Page 329



+6012-2648052 (Mr. Cha)

+6013-6723614 (Ms. Lim)



Contents Page 331


Philemon Foo






One will have to

savour the daily


Contents Page

When in Kuala Selangor, seafood normally

comes to mind since Kuala Selangor is famous

for its fishing industry and fresh hauls from the

sea. Just go to the seafood area of Kuala Selangor

during dinner and one will see how packed these

restaurants get especially during the weekends.

That is dinner. For other meals there are cafes

to visit and one of the latest is Café Lumière.

Contents Page 333

Nice Place To Relax At

Café Lumière is one cosy place to have a meal and

hangout at. It’s relaxing ambience makes this place a

good place to relax especially if one gets to sit on the

sofa section of the cafe. Part of its contemporary decor

are big light bulbs that hangs down from the ceiling

providing some warm lighting to the place; perhaps

from these bulbs comes the name “Lumière” of

which is Light in French.

Contents Page

Western Cuisine

Gerald and wife, Vivian; started Café Lumière in April

or May 2017 and have been hands on preparing and

serving tasty food with the objective of serving up

healthier meals to their dinners. Both Gerald and Vivian

has been in the hospitality industry for many years


Contents Page 335

The concept of Café Lumière is one where they only

serve what is on the menu (main course) that day and

nothing else. During our visit we enjoyed lasagne,

cream of pumpkin soup, and spaghetti Bolognese prepared

by Gerald using only fresh herbs without any

premixed seasoning.

Contents Page

As for desserts Café Lumière serves delicious cakes

that are not too sweet but yet sweet enough. The cakes

come from the coastal town of Klang in Selangor instead

of nearby bakeries as Gerald and Vivian wanted

them in a certain way being tasty yet not too sweet.

Contents Page 337

Contents Page

Eat And Relax

When in Kuala Selangor and in search

for a place to sit back and relax after

visiting the sites, look no further. Head

to Café Lumière for a tasty meal and

relax, allowing time to go by as you

chill out with family /and friends.

Contents Page 339

Contents Page

More Information

Address: No. 50, Jalan Stesen, 45000

Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

Contact: +6018-2912799

Click For Google Maps

Contents Page 341

Travel News


LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Launches the World’s First

LEGO® Virtual Reality Roller


Themed “The Great LEGO® Race”, the Refreshed

Ride Will Immerse Families in a New

Exhilarating Experience Together

Ready, Set, LEGO®! Prepare to embark on the wildest

LEGO ride as LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort will be the

world’s first LEGOLAND park to launch the LEGO virtual

reality roller coaster in November 2017, followed by

LEGOLAND Florida Resort and LEGOLAND Deutschland

Resort in 2018.

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Combining cutting-edge virtual reality technology

with roller coaster thrills, the new attraction was

developed under the supervision of Merlin Magic

Making – the company’s global creative division that

designs and develops attractions for Merlin sites

around the world. The Great LEGO Race will transform

three existing “Project X” roller coasters into

an exciting, highoctane experience that puts kids

and parents alike in the driver’s seat and asks, “Are

you brave enough to face, race and beat the best of

the best in all of LEGO world?”

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“The Great LEGO Race was inspired by the way kids

play with LEGO toys at home,” said Candy Holland,

senior creative director for Merlin Magic Making,

which designs and develops attractions for Merlin

sites around the world. “It’s a unique LEGO adventure

that lets kids enter an epic imaginary world

made entirely from LEGO bricks, featuring a host of

different themes and fun LEGO characters, all mixed

up together.”

Featuring a colorful lineup of racers drawn from the

ranksof the popular LEGO Minifigure mystery assortments,

The Great LEGO Race builds a universe

of imagination that will unleash the inner child of

everyone. It pits riders in a rollicking race against

wild, brick-built contraptions driven by Trendsetter,

Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, Wizard and Pirate Captain, including

a rocket-powered surfboard and a stylish

scooter fueled by espresso. Wearing VR headsets,

guests will experience the action from every direction

– up, down, forward, backward and all points in

between – in a spectacular environment completely

made of LEGO bricks.

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General Manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort,

Kurt Stocks added, “We’re honoured to be the first

LEGOLAND park to launch this experience in the

world. Fuelling this launch is our commitment to

consistently deliver refreshing experiences and attractions

so that every visit here is a new experience

for our guests. This November’s launch will further

testify to that commitment as guests visiting LEGO-

LAND Malaysia Resort will be among the first in the

world to embark on The Great LEGO Race and lose

themselves in a virtual world with captivating storyline

suitable for adults and children alike”.

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The adventure begins the moment guests approach

the ride’s bold new entry portal enveloped in the

sounds of roaring engines fill the air. Nearby, the

coaster’s queue will resemble a pre-race space

where pit crews for each of the five LEGO racers

prepare for the competition, including interactive

and hands-on elements to entertain riders in the


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During the ride, Bluetooth technology will sync the

virtual visuals with the roller coaster’s twists, turns,

drops and climbs, creating an all-new experience

filled with thrills, spills, surprises and humor – done

in LEGOLAND’s brilliance.

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The Great LEGO Race can be ride with or without

the VR headset, and is suitable for children ages 6

and up. For further information on promotions and

activities, visit LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort’s official

website and stay connected

with the resort via social handles (Facebook & Twitter)

to find out more.

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Travel News


British Airways prepares

Malaysian students for their

new journey in the UK

Get on board with British Airways’ exclusive

69kg baggage allowance student offer

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Britain has long been a favourite study destination

for Malaysians, with approximately 18,000 Malaysians1

currently studying at UK universities. To

help Malaysian students quickly familiarise with their

study environment, British Airways has handpicked

a number of popular student hangouts in various

university towns in the UK.

British Airways has a long history of supporting Asian

students who wish to study in the UK. In August, British

Airways partnered with the British Council to host

a pre-departure briefing session in Malaysia, preparing

students for studying in the UK for the first time.

During the session, students learnt about English

culture, what to prepare before the trip and tips for

travelling in Europe.

British Airways is also announcing special student

fares for Malaysian students, with a generous double

baggage allowance of up to 46kg for a checkedin

baggage and a one-piece hand baggage of up to

23kg per person per trip. Furthermore, students can

also enjoy the flexibility to change travel dates at no

charge, and make an onward connection to one additional

city within the UK or Europe* at no extra cost.

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British Airways’ special student offer is valid for one

year. Students from Malaysia are urged to take advantage

of this exclusive offer by booking with British

Airways’ preferred travel agents.

Vivian Tan-Loh, British Airways’ country manager

for Malaysia, says: “Britain has long been a favourite

destination for Malaysian students because of its

rich heritage. British Airways is pleased to be working

with British Council to help UK-bound students

to quickly familiarise with their study environment.

“British Airways has always supported students with

special offers that allow them to save more. This

year, we have also put together a list of places that

students can explore during their down time. These

popular university community hangouts are sure to

offer Malaysian students abundant opportunities to

get inspired, meet new friends and discover new interests!”

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1. London, England

If you are studying arts, culture, or film in London,

the BFI Reuben Library (pic.) located inside the British

Film Institute Southbank is definitely heaven sent.

Just fill up a simple form and you will have access to

the best collection of resources in the film and television

world. The Library has individual workspaces

where you can read and revise. When you get tired

of studying, there is also a theatre where you can

relax and watch some great movies – all in the name

of research! The library is closed on public holidays,

Sundays and Mondays.

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If film is not your cup of tea, head out to The Southbank

Centre located next to the BFI Reuben Library.

The Centre offers a panoramic view of London’s popular

attractions, like the London Eye, Thames River

and even the House of Parliament, making it a grand

place to study or enjoy some leisure reading. If the

view is too “distracting,” head over to the Royal Festival

Hall within the Centre where there is a study

space complete with tables and chairs – and free Wi-

Fi – to help you focus.

2. Belfast, Ireland

Sometimes a change in scenery can do wonders for

your power of concentration. If you are a student in

Belfast, head out to the Belfast City Hall Grounds for

some outdoor studying, especially in the summer

months. You may set up your “study station” on the

grass, or sit on the available picnic benches.

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If you prefer to study where movie stars studied, go

to the quaint Linen Hall Library located opposite the

City Hall. Brad Pitt once stationed himself in the Library

for three days researching for his movie, The

Devils Own. You can also go on a historical tour of

the Library as it is one of Belfast’s most popular attractions.

Pic: Belfast City Hall (credit:

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3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland since at least the

15th century, is a historical and cultural city that offers

the quintessential learning-living experience.

Students looking for a less conventional place to

study can try the Balcony Café inside the National Museum

of Scotland. It is a marvelous spot to view one

of Scotland’s most spectacular spaces – the Grand

Gallery (pic.: Copyright National Museums Scotland),

with its soaring pillars and light-filled atrium. Definitely

an inspirational and peaceful venue to tackle

your hectic semester!

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Pic: Artisan Roast Cafe.

For nights where you are cramming for exams and

need some great coffee to keep you awake, try the

Artisan Roast on Broughton Street. Some say they

serve the best coffee – and brownies – in Edinburgh!

This perfect combination of comfort food would certainly

sweeten up a stressful exam period. An interesting

highlight is a sign displayed in the Café, which

reads “J.K. Rowling never wrote here” with a handwritten

response “And I never will” right below the

sign on the wall, written by J.K. Rowling herself!

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4. Glasgow, Scotland

If you are a student in Glasgow, look no further than

the Mitchell Library, one of Europe’s largest and most

renowned public libraries. So quiet that you can literally

hear pins drop, the Mitchell Library allows you to

shut out the world and be totally immersed in your

books. A definite gem for all serious students.

Pic: The Mitchell Library (credit:

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For those who want to nourish stomach and mind

at the same time, head out to Wilson Street Pantry,

located right in the heart of the City. The eggs benedict

and coffee here come highly recommended and

once you have your fill, you can work on your assignments

in the café’s relaxed and comfortable setting.

5. Manchester, England

One of the most student-friendly cities in the UK,

Manchester boasts of many nooks and crannies for

students to study and feed themselves. Ziferblat,

with its book-shelved walls, will undoubtedly give you

Hogwarts vibes. For eight pence per minute, you can

eat and drink all you can at Ziferblat while researching

using their free Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can find

yourself a quiet corner at the Nordic-inspired Takk

café in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

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For those who prefer libraries, the Manchester Central

Library offers soft seating throughout the building

where you can curl up with a book or use your

laptop. The Reading Room is ideal for a cosy read,

but there are also plenty of cubicles for some desk

work. Other libraries available in Manchester are the

Chetham’s Library and John Ryland Library.

Pic: The Manchester Central Library.

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British Airways currently operates a daily service between

Kuala Lumpur and London. All flights from

Kuala Lumpur arrive at the airline’s state-of-the-art

home at London Heathrow Terminal 5. Exclusive to

customers of British Airways and its sister airline

Iberia, Terminal 5 offers stress-free onward connections

to over 20 cities in the UK and 40 European

countries. For more information and booking, please


Terms and conditions:

Special Student fares are available from BA-appointed

travel partners only.

Additional UK and European cities applicable to selected


Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions

or discounts.

Other terms and conditions apply.

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GoPro Hero6





Pic: Cohen Summers, Senior Manager Global Education &

Training at GoPro; introducing the HERO6 during the launch

at Sunway Pyramid mall.

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Should you be in the market for an adventure

camera to shoot stunning videos

of adventures, and only the best will ever

do for you; look no further. GoPro has a

new Hero in town and it comes with the

number 6.

In an adrenaline and fun-filled road show

at the Sunway Pyramid mall, FunSportz

Sdn Bhd – the exclusive importer and distributor

of GoPro equipment from the USA

unveiled HERO6 Black, the most powerful

and convenient GoPro, yet.

Powered by GoPro’s custom-designed GP1

processor, HERO6 achieves an entirely new

level of performance including stunning

4K60 and 1080p240 video and the most

advanced video stabilization ever achieved

in a GoPro. Additionally, GoPro introduced

new mounts and accessories plus a new

Follow mode for its Karma drone. GoPro

also launched Fusion, its bar-setting waterproof,

mountable 5.2K spherical camera.

Fusion will be made available in Malaysia

at a later date to be announced by


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GoPro’s founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman, introduced

the HERO6 Black and Fusion cameras to

an international audience at the California Academy

of Sciences in San Francisco, California. Watch a

replay of the live event in the video or click the Youtube

tab below to watch on Youtube.

“HERO6’s next-level image quality, video stabilization

and three times faster QuikStories performance

makes it a powerful storytelling extension of your

smartphone,” said Woodman. “It’s never been easier

to live it, then share it…using a GoPro.”


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The All New HERO6 Black

With stunning 4K60 and 1080p240 video packed into

a rugged, waterproof, go-anywhere design, HERO6

Black and the GoPro App automatically transform your

adventures into cinematic QuikStory videos you can

share with the world. HERO6 also has dramatically

improved dynamic range and low-light performance

to really make things pop, and an added digital zoom

just to get crazy.

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Powered by GoPro’s Custom-Designed

GP1 Processor

4K60 and 1080p240 Video

QuikStories Enabled, GoPro App Compatible

GoPro’s Most Advanced Stabilization of

any HERO camera

All-New Touch Zoom

3x Faster Offload Speeds via 5GHz Wi-Fi

Waterproof to 33 Feet (10m)

Compatible with Karma and Existing Go-

Pro Mounts

Improved Dynamic Range and Low-Light


RAW and HDR Photo Modes

Voice Control in 10 Languages

GPS, Accelerometer and Gyroscope

WiFi + Bluetooth

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Developed from the ground up to maximize

a GoPro’s capabilities, GP1 enables

twice the video frame rates, improved

image quality, dynamic range, low-light

performance and dramatically improved

video stabilization over previous HERO

camera generations. Importantly, GP1

automates all of these benefits, allowing

users to capture vibrant videos and stunning

photos without messing around

with complex image settings. GP1 also

advances GoPro’s capabilities in computer

vision and machine learning, enabling

HERO6 to analyze visual scenes and sensor

data for improved automated QuikStories.

HERO6 Black is now available in Malaysia

through authorized dealers.

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QuikStories is an app feature that makes it easy to

share short videos of your adventures. HERO6 is

optimized for QuikStories with 3X faster WiFi. This

means your footage will rapidly transfer from your

GoPro to your phone where the GoPro App will automatically

create QuikStory videos for you.


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KARMA – Tags Along

Karma is ready for HERO6 Black and features two new

auto-shot paths: Follow and Watch. Using GPS, Karma

can now automatically follow the Karma Controller

while you’re on the go, keeping you framed in the shot.

The Watch auto-shot path will keep Karma hovering in

place while it rotates, keeping the Karma Controller

in frame wherever it goes. Other new Karma updates

include an expanded Cable-Cam auto-shot path and

“Look Up” camera tilt capability.

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Now HERO6 Black compatible

Follow - Follows the Karma Controller, framing

you in the shot

Watch – Automatically keeps the Karma Controller

in frame while hovering in place

Cable Cam – Set up to 10 waypoints for more complex


Look Up Tilt – Allows camera to tilt upwards to

look above the horizon

Current Karma owners may unlock new features

via firmware update, available today.


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Other New Products

The Handler – An updated floating

handgrip with a quick-release

mounting feature.

Shorty – The ultimate pocketable

extension pole and tripod,

perfect for any activity.

Click tab for more information


Bite Mount + Floaty– A versatile

bite mount with an easy-to-spot float,

ideal for POV.

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GoPro Fusion



For more information,

call : +603-7733 8939,



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GEONAUTE Dynamo 100


Designed for athletes seeking a spare rechargeable

torch to keep within reach.

The Geonaute torchlight is water resistant up to IPX4

meaning that it can take splashes but not submersion

in water. It is a great spare torchlight to carry on fishing

trips especially those that last for days just in case your

main torchlight runs out of juice. No more batteries

needed with this Dynamo 100 torchlight.




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Ortlieb AIRFLEX 11

The first trip will prove it: this backpack makes your

life lighter! Compact design and 11 liter packing volume

make the AirFlex 11 a full featured yet sleek and

waterproof pack with convenient roll closure. The Flex-

Wire system with comfortable padding offers real carrying

comfort. The adjustable compression cord serves

for fixing a bike helmet or light jacket. Two outer pockets

(not waterproof) offer space for small items which

should be quickly accessible. Two reflectors ensure

good visibility in the dark. The AirFlex 11 also features a

fixing loop for a rear light.


+ removable valuables pocket

+ snap hook for keys

+ space for optional hydration system

Note: May not be available in certain markets

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HydroActive Waterproof


With the in-ear stability of Swimbuds Sport headphones

and the ease of use found in HydroHarmony

headphones, HydroActive headphones bring together

the best of both worlds. Competitive swimmers looking

for easy to use, stable, and secure headphones need

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones. HydroActive

comes with four different kinds of ear-buds, each particularly

suited for a different activity.

Note: May not be available in certain markets

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Lowepro DryZone 200

DryZone is the world’s first totally waterproof, softsided

camera backpack. Even fully loaded, it floats, so

your gear is always protected. The inner drypod with

patented, waterproof TIZIP zipper provides 100% watertight


Water-tight, patented TIZIP® EasySeal zipper

Waterproof rubber-covered nylon drypod with sealed


Separated, padded camera compartment with adjustable

divider system

Ergonomic backpack harness with CollarCut straps,

waistbelt and sternum strap for custom fit adjustments

Tuck-away tripod holder

Self-draining outer mesh pockets

Inner mesh pockets

Soft rubber handle molded for carrying comfort

SlipLock attachment loops for expanded carrying

Note: May not be available in certain markets


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Coming Soon


The KL International Arts Festival 2017 (KLIAF 2071)

closes this week with some exciting performances

by both local and international artistes including the

much-awaited Percussion Paradise by the Hands Percussion

who will be celebrating their 20th anniversary;

the Helpmann® Award nominee Wolfe Bowart’s Letter’s

End, which will make its Malaysian premiere at

the end of the month; and The Breath of Dragons, an

interactive children’s theater production.

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Free Admission to watch Wolfe Bowart in a workshop

with Drama and Theater students who will be able

to gain some insights and learn additional skills from

this physical comedian, actor and playwright who has

also co-written several motion picture and television

screenplays, in addition to guest-starring in multiple

US TV programmes including ABC, CNBC and the Disney


5:30 p.m. | Auditorium DBKL, Jalan Raja Laut

Google Maps


For the third year, poets from the Nusantara and ASE-

AN countries will come together to showcase their

works and ultimately demonstrate the very essence

of harmonious ASEAN literature. Meanwhile, the synergy

of “Syair” writers / composers and singers relive

the heritage of Malay traditional poems.

8:30 p.m. | Rumah PENA, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kua

la Lumpur

Google Maps

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Poets from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines,

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam engage

in a forum to discuss the Struggle of the Nation

through poetry, culminating with a “Puisi Akrab ASE-

AN” performance.

8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. | Balai Seminar Dewan Baha

sa & Pustaka, Jalan Dewan

Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur

Google Maps


Renowned in the drumming and percussion circle,

Hands Percussion Malaysia shares its 20th anniversary

celebration of different and creative art forms

with the community through a collaboration with

Sisu Percussion from Norway, Tan Su Yin and Moto

Guo from Malaysia.

3:00 p.m. & 8:30 p.m. | Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur

Convention Centre, Kuala

Lumpur City Centre, 50088

Kuala Lumpur.

Google Maps

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A culmination of a two-day presentation of ASEAN

prose with well-known poets from the region including

Shafa’atussara Silahudin @ Syafa and Rusmawani

Ishak from Malaysia; Idawati, M.A., Nelly Alie, and

Juspebgo Setiawan from Indonesia; Afi Hanafi from

Singapore; with guest artists Mardiana Alwi and Zaidi


8:30 p.m. | Auditorium Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka,

Jln Dewan Bahasa, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.

Google Maps


The “Konsert Gemilang 50 Tahun Panggung Anniversarii”

concert is geared to excite bringing the sweet

nostalgia of Panggung Anniversari’s glory days into

the hearts of music fans of all ages. Combining “evergreen”

favourites by stars of the 70s with new artists

of the current generation, audiences get experience

Malaysia’s unique musical journey through time.

8:30 p.m. | Panggung Anniversari, Jalan Cenderawa

sih, Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

Google Maps

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Theatre de la Cour and The Jumping JellyBeans bring

you a trilogy of dragon stories articulated in an interactive,

theatrical style, using masks, wayang kulit and

life-sized puppets. Children and the young at heart will

get to interact with The Dragon from Terni, The Child

and the Dragon and The Nuraghi’s Dragon performed

in different theatrical styles that will no doubt delight

children and adults alike.

11:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. | Twenty20Two, 20 Jalan SS

4D/14, Taman People’s Park,

47301 Petaling Jaya

Google Maps

30 Sep & 1 Oct - LETTER’S END

Acclaimed theatre clown Wolfe Bowart, who made

his Malaysian debut at KLIAF16 with the enchanting

LaLaLuna, returns with the Helpmann Award-nominated

Letter’s End. Weaving together his signature

mix of physical comedy, illusion, shadow puppetry

and interactive film, Bowart leads audiences of all

ages on a dream-like journey down a most magical

memory lane.

11:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. | Auditorium DBKL, Jalan Raja

Laut, Kuala Lumpur

Google Maps

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Launched in 2015, the KL International Arts Festival

(KLIAF) is building a reputation as a major annual international

celebration of the Arts. Held in the third

quarter of the year, KLIAF presents multidisciplinary

artistes in more than a dozen venues throughout Kuala

Lumpur. Performances are also complemented by

educational workshops and activities.

The KLIAF is produced by DiverseCity, a non-profit organization

that receives its funding from the government,

box office sales as well as sponsorships and donations

from corporations, individuals and charitable

foundations. DiverseCity gives equal opportunity to

renowned artistes as well as budding talents of tomorrow,

both local and international, balancing tradition

and contemporary showcases.

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