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Selected Writings & Artwork by Harriett Copeland Lillard

Letter to my Free Spirit

Letter to my Free Spirit November 1988 99

Dear FS, November 1988 Ft. Worth, TX How are you? I haven’t heard from you in such a long time. I hardly remember how you looked or felt or spoke. It seems that we have been playing hide-and-seek these last few years. Once, a long time ago, I thought I had embraced you, but the embrace was only an illusion – a bittersweet breath of freedom! For a time after, you talked through my pen, writing long letters and poems and stories – things about lonely little girls and purple thistles and white cats and spilt milk. You gave me beautiful words, and I, fool that I am, believed that you were part of me, that those bright mind images would always light my path. Not so, for one day the light went out and you were gone. You were the part of me that was truly ME. If I pursue you, I fear that I will lose all that I cherish in this world. If I don’t, I fear that I will lose the best of myself. Is there no compromise, no middle ground, no way to negotiate a settlement? Maybe we can get together for lunch. I want you to come back for a visit if possible – or maybe I can come to you. I love you, Harriett Lillard Letter to my free spirit ˜ Harriett, 1986 100