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Issue 62 October 2017 Village Eye

Recycle right If it’s

Recycle right If it’s food waste... we’ll recycle it If you need more compostable liners, we’ve got a great offer! Visit: westberkshire to buy liners that are delivered direct to your door. Fruit and vegetables Tea bags/ coffee grounds Plate scrapings Bread and pastries Meat, fish and bones Thank you to everyone who recycles food and garden waste into compost, helping the environment! The following items are not accepted in your green bin: General household waste Packaging of any sort Soil, rubble, concrete and wood Animal bedding and waste/poo Oil, liquids and fats Coal and ash working in partnership 22 Issue 62 October D 2017(Paul).indd 22 19/09/2017 17:31

BOO It’s scary what we waste at Halloween! It’s not just ghosts and witches that can be scary at this time of year, but also it’s scary to think about all the extra rubbish that Halloween festivities can generate - including pumpkins sweet wrappers, packaging and costumes. Follow our tips to enjoy this late autumn tradition without creating so much rubbish and have a GREEN HALLOWEEN! 10 million pumpkins are sold in the UK every year and 95% of them are used to carve scary jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Most of these pumpkins end up straight in the bin after 31st October being completely wasted! Love Pumpkin Soup…Hate Waste! Don’t waste your pumpkin this Halloween…turn it into yummy pumpkin soup for the whole family to enjoy! Soups are a great way to use up any wrinkly vegetables you may have hiding in the back of the fridge! Don’t forget to help save Spud by mixing in some potatoes with your delicious, nutritious pumpkin. Worried about making too much? Soups can easily be frozen and make an easy warming meal for the busy days leading up to the holidays when you may not have time to cook.And don’t bin those pumpkin seeds you scoop out either; they can make a tasty snack or plant them to grow next year’s terrifying creation. When you’ve finished with your pumpkin don’t forget to recycle it in your green wheelie bin or compost it in your home composter. If your compost bin is dead and buried, visit or call 0844 571 444 to get a discount on a new one. Don’t be in the dark! While trick or treating, use rechargeable batteries in your torch. They will last much longer and reduce waste at the same time. Even better, try a wind up torch that doesn’t use batteries at all! Treats without the trick! Look for treats that are waste-free like fruit and homemade biscuits, or reusable toys like colouring pencils and puzzle books. For more information on recycling services visit www., contact Customer Services by email: or telephone: 01635 519080 To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email @villageeyemag 23 Issue 62 October D 2017(Paul).indd 23 19/09/2017 17:31

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