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Product Catalogue 2017 | Mahn Medizinprodukte GmbH



X-RAY PROTECTION 19 Our catalogue for X-ray protection is partitioned in different segments such as products for protection of patients and operators and their environment. The protective clothing is made from extremely soft and flexible lead rubber sheets based on natural rubber caoutchouc. It is very pliant and thus comfortable to wear. A washable textile cover allows an easy cleaning and disinfection. Bright and friendly colours have a positive effect on the operator and patients. The sophisticated design and first class manufacturing quality guarantee many years of operation. The employment of high quality and state-of-the-art raw materials assure a consistent high radiation protection throughout the entire product life time. Our protective clothing is manufactured according to DIN EN IEC 61331-3, the EU Directives 89/686/EEC for personal protective equipment respectively 93/42/EEC for medical devices, RöV standards and is marked CE-0123. Our main products are X-ray protective clothing as well as storage racks, benches in all types, sizes, protective panels and lead glass. The products are characterised by their simple design and handling to allow an easy use. Furthermore an important point is the protection of the patient against X-rays. In this case, we can supply different dosimeters. PERSONEL X-RAY PROTECTION 20 Front Apron 20 ECO Apron 20 Protective Skirt + Vest 21 Double Apron 21 Surgeon Apron 22 Wrap Around Apron 22 Stretch Belt 23 Spine Belt 23 Thyroid Shield 23 PATIENT X-RAY PROTECTION 24 Children Front Apron 24 Children Double Apron 24 Dental Apron 24 Dental Apron OPG 24 Half Apron 25 Ovarian Shield 25 Ovarian Shield – Standing Position 25 Flexible Gonad Shield 26 Flexible Gonad Shield – Standing Position 26 Solid Gonad Shield 26 Patient Cover 26 Protective Cap 27 Breast Protection 27 Hygienic Pouches 27 Protective Winding 27 ACCESSORIES FOR X-RAY APRONS 28 Cleaning Set – 500 ml 28 Embroidered Name 28 Protective Sleeve 28 ACCESSORIES FOR PERSONEL X-RAY PROTECTION 28 Protection Mask 28 Protective Spectacles Panorama 28 Protective Spectacles Design 29 Protective Gloves 29 Radiation Reducing Gloves 29 APRON STORAGE RACKS 30 Wall Rack 30 Mobile Rack 30 Clip On Hanger 30 Hooks For Skirt+Vest 30 CT PROTECTION 31 Grayshield CT Eye Shield 31 Grayshield CT Thyroid Shield 31 PERSONEL DOSIMETER 31 Dosimeter Bleeper sV 31 PROTECTIVE SHIELDING SYSTEMS 32 Protective Panel 32 Protective Triple Panel 32 Protective Glass 32 Protective Window Frame 33 Protective Lead Rubber 33 Lead Foil 33 Mobile Vertical Shield 33 Mobile Lower Body Protector 34 Mobile Protective Shield 34 Ceiling Suspended Shield 35 Stationary Lower Body Protector STATUS: NOVEMBER 2017

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